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Shy Lolita

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Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 46: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== The train ride downtown vibrated with high tensions. Arnold and Ed were still filled with the ecstasy of the previous evening's activities. They had planned on an abbreviated workout at the gym that morning, but found they couldn't resist driving just as hard as they usually did. Now they were seriously pumped up and felt an incredible energy flowing between them. They both confessed to a desperate need for some kind of physical release before meeting Ivan, but Arnold felt the heightened energy level would serve them well downtown. Taking showers was exquisite agony. They washed each others' backs, massaging and digging into the huge plates of muscle that covered their bodies. Their cocks swung heavily back and forth between their legs like anglers, teasing a fish. Fortunately (or unfortunately) another man joined them before they could succumb to their overflowing desires. They made small talk, reflected on the results of that day's session and left the third man fighting very hard not to get an erection before they left the room. Had he only known how perfectly okay that would have been with these two young studs. . . They had packed an extra change of clothes to wear downtown. Their outfits had been chosen carefully. Provocative, but unostentatious. The major dilemma had been deciding what kind of underwear, if any, should be worn. Neither of them had interviewed for a sexual position before. They decided to go au natural. If nothing else it made them feel very sexy and self-assured. If they got an erection, so what. Their shirts were tailored, form-fitting, left open only to the second button. The sides hugged the lats, the front clung seductively to the broad curves of their pectorals. The arms sat nicely over the caps of their deltoids but hung loosely around the upper arm, only becoming too marvelously tight when the lower arm was in any way contracted. Pants were just not a problem. Both of them only had one really good pair, so they agreed that what they had was just fine. If the promise of money was good, then new pants, new shirts, new cars, yachts, mansions with complete gyms and don't forget the Olympic size swimming pool and. . . They were getting silly. Arnold had a good pair of shoes, but Ed had arrived with only his gym shoes. They showed their unity in canvas and soft soles. Their freshly pumped bodies attracted a great deal of attention on the train. Most of the seats were taken so they opted to strap-hang. The bulge in Arnold's pants proved to be too much for the man attempting to read his newspaper. He finally set it down in his lap and simply stared at the sight. A woman standing on the other side of Ed kept "having trouble" dealing with the stopping and starting of the train at each station and would constantly bump into him. Several times her hand would slip from her own strap and she would have to grab onto the nearest solid object (i.e.: Ed's finely shaped and bulging bicep) to keep from falling. Each incident was followed by profuse apologies and a sincere attempt to involve Ed in polite conversation. Finally Ed got so fed up with her contrivances he turned to Arnold and asked if they could switch places for a while; it was his turn to be fallen on. The woman took offense and jumped ship at the next stop. The boys' energies were high. They joked, laughed, pulled pranks and raised spirits all the way downtown. By the time they got off they had raised almost as many spirits as laps. They double-checked their directions with the woman in the token booth and headed down to the street. This was, aside from occasional outings with Mary and David, their first time in the city. And this was a part of the city that they doubted they would have seen had they stuck with Mary and David. Shopfronts crowded the sidewalk, huddling beneath the suspended tracks that ran over the street. People of every description and many curious occupations hung about doorways and leaned against the cars that were parked two and three deep along the curbs. The boys attempted to put on an air of knowing where they were going, but they both knew they couldn't help but appear out of place in this bustling, crowded, exciting neighborhood. Their senses were working overtime. Strange Shy Lolita smells and sights attacked them from every angle and they became aware of the attention they were gathering. Some could, of course, be attributed to their uncommon appearance, uncommon in any environment. But they soon got the feeling they were being targeted. So it was with great relief that they finally saw the gaudy, flaked and pitted, painted sign mounted on the side of an old theatre marquee jutting out over the sidewalk announcing their arrival at "The Capital of Body building on the Near East Side", the bastion of health and center for the seamier side of that industry that was near and dear to those with a propensity to pump: The Body Works. Huge plates of glass, coated with years of filth and grime, covered the front of this building which seemed to be the lobby and street-front offices of the old theatre. They tried to look inside without seeming like they were looking inside but were foiled by the glare of the sun. A group of very large men hung around the door. They positioned themselves so as to force a confrontation with anyone who tried to enter. Ed and Arnold glanced at each other, shrugged their acceptance of the situation and forged ahead. Sure enough, they hadn't gotten past the first two men in the group before they found their way hindered. "You girls looking for something?" "Ivan told me to tell you to go fuck yourselves." There was a bold, beautiful moment when all the motion on the street seemed to come to a halt in expectation of. . . what? Ed had no idea Arnold was going to say that and his jaw tried very hard to scrape itself on the pavement. Arnold locked eyes with his assailant, a good-natured smile on his face, an easy, relaxed stance to his body. The moment froze. Held. Suspended. Time began to creak with the strain of being reined in. Slowly, imperceptibly, and then more quickly and finally brightly and warmly a smile grew and spread across the other man's face. He laughed with a large, booming voice, stepped away from the door to the Shy Lolita building and motioned Arnold and Ed to enter with a low, sweeping bow. "Right this way, my beauties. Up the stairs, second door on the left. It's good to see Ivan's taste is taking such a wonderful turn for the better." "Thanks. What's your name?" "My name? The beauty wants to know my name. Is this just being sociable or do you have less honorable intentions?" "Just social, for now." "He's such a tease. I'm Howard. And I hope you, no doubt, are from the IRS." "I'm Arnold. This is Ed. Some friends of mine recommended I come and talk to Ivan." "No doubt. Well. Things are certainly getting interesting around here. What have your friends told you about our dear Ivan?" "Nothing much. This is more of a casual interview." "Honey, nothing about Ivan is casual. You just make sure you don't get yourself in over your head." One of the other men in the group spoke up. "Fer chrissake, Howard. Leave the chickens be. They'll find out soon enough. Quit fuckin' where you ain't supposed ta." "Ah. Arnold. Ed. Allow me to introduce you to Manny. Manny is, how should one say, a past employee of Ivan's. The parting was not on the best of terms. Now Manny hangs around here hoping to see Ivan get his comeuppance. Darling, don't be such a dishrag. These two ravishing creatures seem intelligent enough to smell a raw deal." He turned back to Ed and Arnold. "Just don't sign anything until you've read it all. And say yes to nothing that isn't in writing." "Howard, you're full of shit. Ain't no fucking contracts. Hell, Ivan never writes nothin' down." "I get your meaning." Arnold offered his hand to Howard. "We'll be careful." Howard took the proffered hand like it was some beautiful, rare artifact. He stroked it with his other hand and then raised it to his lips and kissed the back of it. Arnold reversed the grasp and pulled Howard's hand to his own mouth, returning the gesture. Howard flapped his free hand about like a fan. "Ma, oh ma. Ah do believe Ah will swoon, Mistah Butlah. Buelah, palease. Wheh ah ma smellin' salts?" "Please, Howard. You're embarrassing me. I didn't think I had such an effect." "You, sir, may have any affect you want. Now be on your way. Remember: If it starts getting too strange, just click your heels three times and say 'There's no place like home.' Now run along and try to stay out of trouble." Ed and Arnold entered the now unobstructed doorway. They found themselves in a large vestibule which had a wide, slanting stairway leading up from it straight ahead and two doorways, one to the right, one to the left. The one to the left was closed. The one to the right was opened and looked into the gym. It was unlike any gym Arnold had ever seen. Ed's experience with places like this was far more limited, but even he sensed the unorthodox nature of its appearance. Long rows of hooded fluorescent tubes hung across the space from a fourteen foot ceiling. They illuminated a large selection of equipment, most of which would have been described as archaic at best. One or two pieces of chrome-plated Nautilus were scattered throughout, sparkling ridiculously in the naked light, looking so out of place that most of the occupants of the room chose to steer clear of it. Use of these marvels of modern body building technology would have felt pretentious among all the other dinosaurs of weightlifting equipment. Several dozen men and women were pressing huge amounts of weights in different directions and their shouts and moans filled the room, competing with the clanking Shy Lolita of the iron plates. The far wall was lined with eight foot tall mirrors. Each of the huge panels was cracked in some way. One looked like someone had shot a bullet at it; a hundred fracture lines radiated from a central point like a spider web. The smell was overpowering. It seemed no air had moved through this room since the building was built. Fifty or sixty years of sweat and other only slightly recognizable smells hung in an almost visible cloud. "Hey Ed. Over there." Ed looked at Arnold and saw his gaze locked onto something across the room. He traced his line of sight to two old men, in their fifties or sixties, maybe. Or seventies. Who could tell. One was on his back on the bench lifting a bar with several hundred pounds on it while the other spotted him. The man moved with a deliberate slowness. He had done this a billion times before. His body was covered with veins, the skin slightly loose. His pecs heaved up with each lifting of the bar and he never made a sound. He just did it again. And again. And again. His partner watched with the calm of someone who expects nothing out of the ordinary to happen. Ever. "That's us in forty years." "Hey, Arn. Let's worry about us in forty minutes, huh?" "What's the matter? Place gives you the creeps?" "No shit, Sherlock. What the hell were you trying to do back there, get our asses handed to us?" "Ivan told me how to handle the situation. Besides, I could tell they were only there to filter out the riff-raff. This is some place, isn't it?" "Not very inspiring." "My guess is that you'd have to be very inspired to get anything accomplished here. I guess we're just spoiled." They studied the space for a few more minutes. Then Ed noticed something. "Arn. You notice how no one has looked at us once?" "Yeah. Everyone minds their own business. Like they don't want to know anything else. 'No officer, I never saw these two young men come into the place. It's a shame, they had such promise.'" Ed pushed him towards the stairs. "Come on. Let's get this over with, okay?" They started up the stairs which leaned to the left and creaked dangerously. They were filled with the conflicting need to get off the stairs as quickly as possible and yet not move too fast or too heavily for fear of causing its collapse. "You go ahead, Arn. If this thing caves in, it'll be your fault we're here. I'll run right back to David and Mary's and call an ambulance. I promise." They reached the top and Arnold started down the hall to second door on the left. About halfway there he realized that Ed was not following him. He turned to find him leaning against the wall at the top of the stairs, his gaze fixed on his shoelaces. Arnold returned to his friend and took the same position opposite him. He waited. Ed was working through something and needed a little time. He waited. After a few minutes Ed's gaze began to raise. It got as far as Arnold's shoelaces and stopped. Arnold clicked his heels together three times. Ed laughed. He raised his eyes to meet the other's. There was never a time when he gazed upon the face of his friend that his heart didn't feel like melting. Arnold was so beautiful. Inside and out. Ed knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if he turned around and walked down those stairs right now that Arnold would be right there with him. At least as far as the station. But he also knew that Arnold really wanted this. He had to be right. He had to know that this was going to work out okay. He always did. And, as he had said earlier, this was only a casual interview. They could bail out at any time. Ed smiled. Arnold grinned. Ed laughed. Arnold chuckled. Ed turned and walked down the hall to the second door on the left. Arnold followed. Ed knocked on the door. The answering voice was thick with excitement and expectation. "Come in. Come in. Please. Come in." The door swung in and both boy's mouths fell open in amazement. Of the several billion sights that could have met their eyes through this door, none could possibly have been less expected than that which did. A medium height man in a white suit and white patent leather shoes extended his arm into the space beyond in a gesture of welcome. When the boys did not respond to this subtle entreaty he dropped his arm in mock frustration and gave the two of them a look which had the effect of saying 'What's the matter? Have you never seen a beautifully appointed Shy Lolita office with thousands of dollars of furniture and video equipment and works of art hung on every wall and standing in every corner on the floor above one of the cheesiest and most run down gyms in a five state area?' "Boys? Boys? Hello? Either you come in now or you'll have to wait for the next tour which doesn't begin until four o'clock." Arnold and Ed both shook themselves out of their state of shock and moved towards the door. Before they knew what was happening they were unwittingly performing their "after you, after you" routine. The man watched in amusement and interest. A great deal of interest. His friends had described this boy well. Though not nearly well enough. His build was much thicker, more muscular, more advanced than Tom and Judy had let on. He had obviously been hard at work since his arrival in town. Eventually Arnold and Ed figured out that they were not going to fit through this man's doorway at the same time no matter how hard they tried. Arnold backed up and let Ed precede him because it was his turn. Ed acknowledged the gesture with an off-hand, haughty expression and moved into the space. Arnold followed him but stopped before passing their host. "Hi. I'm Arnold. The sightseer is Ed." He stuck out his hand and the man joined him in a handshake. "You must be Ivan." "Yes. Ivan. That's right. Ah, do you boys always treat each other so?" "Oh, you mean. . ." "Yes. The bit at the door." "We have our moments. Just a bit of clowning. Sorry if it bothered you. It's just that we're both a little anxious about this and with your welcoming committee downstairs and all. . ." "Then you've met Howard." "And the rest." "The rest?" "Yes. There seemed to be a rather large group guarding the drawbridge." "I trust you were able to run the phalanx unscathed." "'Tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church-door; but 'tis enough." "He quotes The Bard. Be still my beating heart. Is your friend equally inclined to the theatrical?" "I don't know. Hey, Ed. Did you do any plays in school or anything?" Ed had continued to wander and was busy trying to make sense of some of the artwork positioned around the room. He had been completely oblivious to the conversation and barely heard his name mentioned. Before him was a small piece of art; a sculpture made out of some kind of metal. It appeared to be several figures entwined around each other. There was no way to discern the end of one and the beginning of the other. Try as he might, Ed couldn't figure out what was supposed to be happening, but the overall effect of the piece gave him a wonderful buzzing feeling in his groin. Ivan and Arnold both watched Ed try to unravel the mystery before him. Arnold had never thought Ed to have much interest in the Arts department. But then they really hadn't been in an environment that lent itself to such evaluations. Arnold realized now that Ed's ability to appreciate the more delicate qualities of their lovemaking and the essence of their intense relationship in the gym should have been proof enough of his friend's sensitivities to man's finer endeavors; for wasn't their friendship such a work of art. As each day had passed Arnold had felt less like he was "taking care" of Ed; that the moment to moment running of their lives had become completely mutual. Arnold now realized what this visit to Ivan's office meant to their relationship. Arnold was calling this shot. If Ed didn't come along, Ed would end up feeling responsible for destroying their bond. This would have to be played very carefully. Ed would have to be as much a part of this decision as Arnold. He turned attention outward again and saw that Ivan had moved across the room to Ed and was studying him studying the sculpture. "What do you feel?" "Huh?" "Does it do something to you?" "Well. . ." "You may be blunt. We are all friends here." "Gives me a hard-on." "You're very perceptive. It's Ed, right?" "Huh? Oh, yeah. Hi." They shook hands. "You're Ivan, right?" "Yes. Ivan. Would you care for something to drink, Ed?" Ed glanced back at Arnold but was answered with a look that spoke of Ed's autonomy in the matter. "Sure. What've ya got?" "Why don't you step over to the bar and help yourself. I'm sure you'll be able to find something to catch your interest. Hard stuff is in the cabinet above, cold in the refrigerator below. Arnold?" "I'll take whatever you're having, Ed." "Two whatevers coming up." Ed moved to the indicated wall unit and began to search through the well-stocked fridge. "Arnold. Why don't you make yourself comfortable over here." He indicated a long, sweeping sectional unit that wrapped around the perimeter of one quarter of the room, a thick glass coffee table its focus. Arnold walked over, but waited until Ivan had seated himself before taking a position one section further away than he thought Ivan would have preferred. Ivan's eyebrows raised at this, but accepted the gesture of territory. Both their gazes turned to Ed as he came over to them, two glasses of ice and a couple of bottles of water in his hands. He set them down on the coffee table. "Mister, er. . ." "Ivan." "Ivan. You care for anything?" "Please, be seated. I didn't drag you all the way down to this God-forsaken hole so you could wait on me. Please forgive my rudeness at having made you serve yourself. As you can see, the larder is quite well-stocked. It's more of nuisance to run through the list of available beverages than to just let my guests fend for themselves." "No problem." Ed sat down on the opposite side of Arnold from Ivan. There. Lines had been drawn. Ed indicated the sculpture he had been admiring. "What's the name of it?" "'Laoco�n'. Not the original, of course. This is an interpretation by a contemporary artist of a sculpture found in Rome in the late fourteen-hundred's and dating back to the time of Caesar. The original depicts a father and his two sons being slayed by a serpent. This one, according to the artist, shows the three men involved in a far more intimate relationship. That you were able to grasp the erotic qualities of the work is credit to both you and the artist. Where are you from, Ed?" "A little town about two hundred miles south of here." "Are you a corn boy." "Yeah." Ed blushed and hung his head. Was it all that noticeable? "I'm from down that way, myself." "Yeah?" The surprise and relief in Ed's voice lifted the mood of the room to an almost joyous level. "Yup. Couldn't stand the thought of plowing under one more row. I left thirty years ago and never looked back." "I don't think I'll be doing much looking back, either." "Not surprising. It's a tough life. The one's who stick it out ought to get some kind of medal. It was never in me. I always thought I had been switched at birth with someone from a farm. I never felt like I belonged." Ed shook his head. "I felt like I belonged too much. That's what scared me. I saw me standing in the middle of my ol' man's field forty years from now." "Well, welcome Shy Lolita to the big city. Do you think you made the right choice?" "If I hadn't met up with Arnie, here, I don't think I would have been around to answer that. A right choice and some real good timing. It's been great, so far." "Ah. So far. And now the fates have grabbed hold of you and spun you into my sphere of influence. What will the future hold for you?" "I guess that's for you to answer." Arnold chuckled at the man's sense of the theatrical. "And what about you, Arnold? Tom and Judy tell me your from the west coast. Is this your first time east?" "It's my first time anywhere. I left town the day after my graduation." "What could possibly have possessed you to leave the world of sun and fun behind for the dingy midwest?" "I have some friends of a friend who live here and offered me a place for the summer. I didn't know anyone else, anywhere else, so I jumped at the chance." "And what did you hope to find in your journeys?" "Do you mean the meaning of life or fun, fame and fortune?" "Two sides of the same coin, aren't they?" "For some, I guess." "And you?" "Kind of hard to say, right now. I've been kind of focused inward, trying to get myself ready." "Ready?" Ivan's voice dripped with anticipation. "Yes. I don't really know what for, but everything seems to be leading in a certain direction. I seem to have certain, ah. . . gifts. Talents." "Yes." The 's' flowed like hot oil from Ivan's mouth. He sounded like a snake luring his prey. "My scouts were especially impressed with your, ah. . . gifts. Talents. In fact, it looks like you've been working quite hard to improve the packaging of them. You're much more well-developed than Tom and Judy had led me to believe." "Like I said, I've been working. We've been working. Ed's actually made more progress than I have. He wasn't nearly as developed as me when we met. Now look at him." "How could I help but notice. . ." Ed was feeling a bit uncomfortable at the sudden attentions. "Arnie worked up this great system that's made us both get real big." "I bet you both get real big." "Yeah. . . er, whaddya mean?" "I think he's talking about our cocks, Ed." "Oh, yeah. We get real big." "You two gentlemen seem to be some kind of a team. Are you partners?" "We work out together." "We also sleep together, if that's what you're asking." "Thank you for being so forthcoming, Arnold. That particular point is usually a little touchy. Yes, that was exactly what I was asking. So you both are into men." "And women. I don't think it has anything to do with the person's sex. It's just a matter of wanting to be with someone or not, no matter who they are." "Is this the way you feel, Ed?" "I haven't quite worked it all out yet. I know I like it with both, especially with both, but when I'm with a guy it feels like it's really right, ya know. And when I'm with a girl, it feels just as good. Just as right. So I don't know." Ivan moved his gaze back and forth between the two boys. The bigger one, Arnold, was incredibly beautiful. He had a presence that commanded attention far beyond just what his physical features could demand. And then there were the physical features. If those two kids down south were accurate about only half of what this stud had done with them, he was going to be quite a sensation. He seemed especially open to the adventure of it all. The other lad was a bit of a puzzle. He seemed to be coming into his own, certainly had the physical attributes that would make Shy Lolita him interesting to Ivan's clientele, but there was something missing. Ivan felt without Arnold, Ed would not be quite as interesting. There was a definite spark that jumped between the two boys, and they would make a remarkable pair. But how far was Ed willing to go with Arnold? And how far was Arnold willing to go without Ed? "I think it's about time you told us what this is all about, Ivan." Arnold's steel blue eyes burned into Ivan's, as if trying to extract the information by force. The eyes were so bright, clear, deep, penetrating. . . lulling. . . beautiful. . . Ivan shook his head, trying to clear away. . . what? The gorgeous boy had asked a question. What was it? Oh yes. Why were they here? Where to begin? "I'm sorry, Arnold. I usually know the people I bring up here a little better and so am better prepared to approach this. I'm not quite sure. . . " "Let's try straight and honest. It'll save us all a lot of time. We both know we're not here applying for a job at a supermarket. Tom and Judy and I had sex. Incredible sex." "So the report goes." "You haven't asked for my high school transcripts so it's probably safe to assume academic achievement is not a qualification." "Not necessarily so, but I'll accept your point. Continue. You're doing quite well." "My guess is that you have some way of hooking up people who want to have sex with people like Ed and I. Tom mentioned lots of money. And fun. Right now that's what I'm looking for. Especially fun." "Ed?" "What?" "Are you along for the ride, here, or should we let you off at the next stop, now that you know what bus you're on?" "I knew what we were coming here for. Fact of the matter is, and I've been doin' some thinking on this, Arnie, that us two are probably the hottest thing to hit this city in many years." "Modesty becomes you, Ed." "It's true, Arnie. Look at what we've done the last few months. Look at us. We're both built like brick shithouses and got more cock between us than half a football team. We fuck like maniacs, cum forever, get it on with anyone that's got the guts to get naked with us and really, really enjoy it. Christ, Arnie. Folks'd pay big bucks just to see that big cock of yours." Ivan looked uncustomarily shocked. He had grossly misjudged this "corn boy." Apparently so had his friend, if the blank look on Arnold's face was any indication. Ed had lit up. He became animated and excited, a warmth and joy shooting out of his body and infecting the room. Ivan had a very serious policy of not messing around with the folks he dealt with, but the sharp stirring in his loins called powerfully. Would he get a chance to see these two boys in action today? Would he, perhaps, allow himself a bit of play as well? "So, Arnold. Are you on the same bus as our ebullient friend, here?" "I don't believe I would have spread all our cards on the table on the first ante, but yes. That's pretty much how I see it." Arnold turned to Ed with a look of mock anger. "Remind me not to play poker with you." "Just following through on what you said, Arnie. Honesty, openness. Let's put it all out there." "So, I guess it's my turn, " Ivan said. "Your suspicions are correct. I do, indeed, arrange for certain people to meet gentlemen so endowed as yourselves, as well as women. I have several ways to do that. The first is along the lines of the more traditional one-on-one meeting. Commonly known as prostitution. I tend to think of it as a very exclusive dating service. The second is through a series of theatrical events where certain people pay money to watch other certain people entertain them with their bodies. The unusual part about all this is that everyone that I deal with is exceptionally well-endowed. Either physically, like yourselves, or financially. Very well-endowed." Arnold and Ed looked at each other and shrugged. No surprises there. They both felt that there had to be more, though. "I can't speak for Ed, though I think he'd agree, that I'm not interested in finding a date. I've been working on this body for a couple of years now. The main reason was to make people want to look at me. At it. I've had a few experiences these last few months that have involved people watching me. That's what I want." Ed was silent. Ivan thought the jury might still be out. "Very well, although I have to tell you that many of the people who work for me find it quite satisfying, financially, to do entertaining on a more intimate level. But we'll leave that for now. I can see you're both stage-struck. Everyone wants to be a star. Fine. My theatrical productions involve anywhere from one to thirty-five or forty people. We act out fantasies in front of an audience. A very exclusive, very private, very rich audience. During the course of the entertainment certain events are offered. Sometimes the audience is offered the opportunity to persuade the actors to initiate these events through financial contributions. If the amount is satisfactory to the person or persons on stage, then they make it so. The money is split among the actors involved. The more sensational the event, the more evocative, the more the money pours in. Tipping after the event is also encouraged." "What kind of money do your 'actors' take home?" "The amount varies greatly, as you can imagine. The average is around six hundred to one thousand dollars an event. The most any single person came away with was just slightly over seventeen thousand." Ed jumped to his feet. "Seventeen thousand? Dollars?" He realized what he was doing and sheepishly sat down again. Arnold grinned. This was just what he had hoped it would be. "Would it be okay to ask what that person did to make that kind of money?" "No. I'm sorry, but it wouldn't. It was a private performance and the dealings between a client and actor are strictly confidential. I will say, though, and this is only to ensure that I snare you in my little trap, Arnold, that this person could not hold a candle to you. I'm quite excited to have you here. As you have probably surmised, I do not do this just for the love of it. I take a flat ten percent of all money exchanged. All money. Even tips that are given on the side. There have been several who thought they could walk away with a few hundred that was stashed in the waist of their pants on the sly. Ivan knows all, sees all. Ten per cent is not a lot. Most agents today get fifteen. I just require honesty." "And in return?" "In return you have complete protection. My people work only under the safest and cleanest of conditions. I have many friends in high places. Many. And they all owe me. Should one of my clients mistreat one of my people, they will find it very difficult to do any kind of business with anyone in the world. People who cross me have a way of finding themselves in precarious financial situations. Fortunes have been accidentally misplaced by people who have messed with one of my crew." "I assume that your clients come under the same protection from any overzealous employee." "You assume absolutely correctly. Only financial ruin is not as effective with an unruly employee. I sometimes find it necessary to turn a person over to 'other authorities' who are more in the habit of dealing with disloyalty." A brief pause and knowing look at the two boys assured them of his meaning. Arnold and Ed squirmed perceptively on the sofa. "I am not in this business to hurt anyone or get anyone hurt, unless that's what they want to do. Everyone I deal with comes away with exactly what they want. I charge very high fees. Only the very rich can afford my services. And they all know my reputation for operating completely above the boards. Everyone, and I mean everyone, gets what they pay for." "So how do you see Ed and I fitting into all this?" Ivan stared at the two youths. Images and fantasies flooded his brain so quickly he couldn't sort them. What couldn't this gorgeous boy do? All he would have to do is stand naked on stage and the money and orgasms would come rolling in. Perhaps he could start these two as a doubles act. They seemed very comfortable with each other. He had a private function happening the following evening, he could stick them in as a warm-up, just to get them some experience. "Several things come to mind. Immediately, there is a performance tomorrow night which I would very much like to involve the two of you in, if you are so inclined. The main act is already booked, but if you would like to do a Shy Lolita little warm-up, get the clients juices flowing, I could arrange it." "What would we have to do?" "That would be up to the Shy Lolita two of you. What are you willing to do in front of people? I will tell you that the way this is set up, you won't have any contact with the clientele. In fact, you won't even be able to see them. Most of the performances are like that." "Ed?" "I'm game, Arnie. Go for it." "How much time do you want?" "I never put a crimp on creativity. If things get too slow or self-indulgent I just turn the lights off and get the next act on. Usually the cast wears themselves out before anyone starts loosing interest, though." "Could we have a few things to work with?" "Props?" "Yeah. Some weights, some gear?" "Certainly. You tell me what you need and it'll be there." "Ed?" "Same as last night?" "That's what I was thinking." Arnold turned back to Ivan. "A bench press, two bars, four dumbbells, two thousand pounds in tens, twenties, fifties and hundreds, a couple of mats and drinking water." "Your wish is my command. Now I must back up here, just a bit. I'm afraid, with all the exuberance and joie de verve floating around here I seem to have gotten a little ahead of myself. I'm not in the habit of buying product sight unseen. If you know what I mean." Both boys knew just what he meant. Ed surprised the other two by getting to his feet first. He removed his shoes and socks, walked to the center of the room, turned his back to the sofa and began to unbutton his shirt. He pulled the two sides of it apart and slowly let it slip off his shoulders. As it lowered it revealed the deep, convoluted muscles of his back. His shoulders were capped with huge bulges of deltoid that spread out and wrapped around under the bulk of his arm muscles. The triceps swelled on the backs of his arms. He lowered them to his sides and allowed the shirt to slip to the floor, revealing the rest of his highly developed back and the lats that flared along his sides, tapering from broad shoulders to a narrow, muscular waist. He just stood there for a moment, ever so slightly moving this or that muscle on his back, causing it to leap and jump. His pants clung tightly to his ass, made all the more desirous because it was still covered. He slowly turned around towards his audience. Ivan sucked in air. Arnold smiled. Ed had a hard-on that was making its presence known down his right leg. The belt was unbuckled and the long tongue of leather, hanging flaccidly from the loop next to the fly of his pants, served to accentuate the length of flesh outlined against his pant leg. Ed's chest and abdomen were rippling with strength. The workout of the last two days, coupled with their strategic pump this morning had stayed well with him. Deep cuts divided the various plates of muscle. The belly of his pecs rode high, hovering over his tight, rigid abdomen. His nipples were hard and erect. He brought his hands to his pecs and pressed them into the wonderful muscles. He moved them down across the nipples, pinching the hard nubs of flesh roughly as he passed, and then along his sides. They crossed the boundary of his belt and his right hand continued down until it was moving right along the edge of the outline of his cock. He stopped when he got to the head, looked at Ivan, who nodded enthusiastically, and then violently grabbed the thick shaft of flesh and squeezed it as hard has he could. Shy Lolita A look of ecstatic agony erupted on his face as though he couldn't stand it a second longer but would not be able to stop. Ivan actually moaned. He caught himself and stifled it, but not before both boys had heard. Ed dropped the agony bit like a dead fish and flashed Arnold a quick smile and a wiggle of the eyebrows so playful and out of context with the seeming agony he had just been in that the other two men burst out laughing. When they recovered they saw that Ed was again in his "it hurts so good" act. He began to rub the still encased cock harder, with ever-increasing urgency, until it seemed quite obvious that he was about to cum. At the last possible moment he stopped and crooked his finger at his friend. Arnold stood and walked to the center of the room to join him. Ed grabbed him and turned Arnold's back to Ivan. As he began unbuttoning Arnold's shirt he got very close to him and whispered, "Try not to get hard. I've got a plan." Arnold chuckled. "Too late. You should have thought of that before. You almost made me cum a second ago." "Well, try. Work with me on this, okay?" "Whatever you say, C. B." Arnold was trying very hard not to laugh, but the whole thing had taken on such a surreal quality that he was having a hard time. He knew Ivan would take this all very serious, though. This was his bread and butter. Arnold took several deep breaths and calmed himself, thinking soft thoughts. Ed had finished unbuttoning Arnold's shirt. For just a moment he stopped to drink in the sight before him. The huge pecs, the hard, flat abdomen with thick slabs of muscles running across. The thick neck that flared out to wonderful, wide shoulders that were capped with melon shaped mounds of rock hard muscles. He pushed his hands up under Arnold's shirt and squeezed those huge piles of flesh and sinew. Then back down and to the plates of strength that adorned his chest. Ed rubbed his hands over their surface and then grabbed each of Arnold's nipples and pinched them hard. Arnold's head flew back and a groan of agony rumbled from his chest. Ed released his friend, placed his hands on either side of the boy's face, pulled Arnold to him and pressed their lips together in a deep, hungry kiss. When he released him, he glanced over Arnold's huge shoulder at their single audience member. Ivan was staring rapt while pressing the palm of his hand firmly into his groin. His hips were making small, circling motions against the pressure. Ed winked at Arnold and whispered, "We're rich." He grabbed Arnold's belt, undid the buckle and then pulled his friend's shirttails out of his pants and let the material fall free. He then reached up to Arnold's shoulders again and pushed the shirt off and to the floor Ivan was met with the sight of this youth's muscular, broad back. It was etched and divided with a definition that came from plenty of hard, agonizing work. Arnold raised his arms and did a full bicep shot, crunching down on the muscles of his back and making them leap. He then slowly, tensely, lowered his arms to his side and flexed his shoulders and lats, expanding the girth of his back to huge proportions. A sigh from the couch signaled approval. Ed stepped to Arnold's side and began to unfasten the fly of his own pants. He got down to the last inch of zipper and stopped, his gaze locked on Ivan's eyes. He would not move until Ivan gave the proper response. Ivan was in great physical agony. His own substantial cock was trying hard to escape. He had never allowed himself to be seen in such a state, but the two boys before him were more than he had been prepared for. Usually new people would drop their clothes, show their stuff and get directions to the gig. These boys were hot. Plans and fantasies raged in his head as he tried to concentrate on the antics of these two studs. He suddenly realized Ed was staring him right in the eye. What? What was he supposed to do? He was obviously waiting for something. Should Ivan take off his shirt, too? He started to unbutton, but Ed's head shook a subtle "no." What? Oh, Shy Lolita shit. Of course. Money. Nothing happens without money. He had said it himself. How much did these boys want? And how far would they go? He reached into his back pocket and took out a billfold. It was very thick; all his transactions were handled in cash. He removed two twenties and laid them on the glass table. Ed snorted in derision. He had been insulted. Ivan chuckled at the boy's audacity, took back the twenties and produced a hundred. A small but disdainful smile spread across his lips. Ed had already decided that a hundred would not buy much. One cock. Maybe two. He finished unzipping, reached into his pant leg and slowly, agonizingly pulled his thick, aching cock up out of its confinement. It was dark and vein-covered. He shivered as he felt the hot tube of flesh travel up his leg. It hurt to bend it like that to get it out of his pants, but he knew that Ivan would know that as well, and appreciate the point. It bent, it twisted, it finally had to be coaxed up under the pocket and out from across his Shy Lolita hip. When it sprang into view it was aching and rigid, thick and dark. He grabbed it with one hand and squeezed it, watching the head swell. He glanced once more at Ivan and then gave a little squeeze to the head. A small pearl of juice appeared at the upper end of the slit. He took his index finger and wiped the droplet onto it. He began to raise it to his mouth but then stopped and offered it to Ivan. The man nodded slowly. Ed's gaze flashed to the hundred on the table. Ivan quickly pulled the two twenties back out of his billfold and threw them next to the other bill. Ed thought for a second, shook his head and moved his hand back towards his mouth. Ivan quickly dug out another twenty out and tossed it to its mates. Ed shrugged and slowly walked across the room until he was standing across the coffee table from Ivan, his beautiful, thick cock swinging back and forth before the excited man. Ed's finger extended and Ivan leaned forward, his tongue extended, until he could just barely reach his target. Ed held, making the man lean in even further, awkwardly. Ivan's tongue touched the end of Ed's finger and slowly licked the tiny bead of juice from its tip. Ed held his position and Ivan's tongue flicked again. And again. He placed his hands on the table and leaned in further, taking a little of the finger into his mouth. He began to suck it as though it were a cock, all the time his eyes were locked on the real thing that hovered just before his eyes. Ed squeezed his bladder and rectal muscles and his cock leaped up and down hypnotically. A second drop of juice appeared in the slit. Ivan's eyes shot up to Ed's. How much? Ed shrugged. Name a price. Ivan's wallet opened and a second hundred joined the pile. Ed moved around the end of the table and stopped just out of reach of Ivan's hungry mouth. Ivan began to reach for the thick shaft of manflesh but Ed quickly backed away. No hands. Ivan's hands went back to the table and he leaned further towards the wonderful cock Shy Lolita before him. Just as he was about to touch the tip of his tongue to the swollen head if Ed's cock, Ed flexed again and a second jewel appeared, this time in the bottom of the slit. Ivan looked up. Would the deal have to be re-negotiated? Ed shrugged and thrust his hips towards the man's mouth. Ivan quickly flicked his tongue across the boy's cock, lapping up the two precious droplets. Ed held his position for a few more seconds and allowed the man to brush his lips across the fat mushroom-shaped bulb of flesh. He then stepped back, pushed his pants to his feet and stepped out of them. He was now completely naked. The sight of him, his muscles, his tight, firm ass, Shy Lolita his hard, jutting cock, were more than Ivan could bear. He quickly undid his own pants and pulled them off, flinging them off the end of the sofa. His briefs quickly followed, along with shoes, socks, shirt, tie, undershirt and jacket. He was nicely hung, had good muscle tone and a light covering of hair over his body. His cock looked very close to orgasm and he immediately began to grasp and stroke it. He sat back down on the couch and waited for the next round. There was still this huge stud with the reportedly eleven-plus inch cock. Could he hold off that long? Ed had already done a pretty good job of getting him all heated up. Ed returned to Arnold, who had stood patiently with his back to the proceedings. He knew nothing of the money on the table or how it had been earned. He had apparently succeeded in thinking soft thoughts because, although his cock seemed to be trying to escape down his pant leg, it didn't appear to be too inflamed. Ed undid the button at the top of Arnold's fly and quickly pulled down the zipper, making sure that Ivan could hear the sound. The man was now working his cock with one hand and rolling his balls back and forth with the other. Ed dropped to his knees and slowly ran his hands down the length of Arnold's shaft, pressing the material of the pants hard against the other boy's leg so the shape of it could be discerned from behind. He made of point of rubbing the head to indicate the extent to which it reached. Arnold moaned as the hot length of flesh pressed against his massive thigh. He was getting very horny and wanted very much to have someone pay a lot of attention to his cock. He wondered who it would be. Ed peered between Arnold's tree trunk-like legs and saw that Ivan could, indeed, tell what he was handling. Ed grabbed Arnold's feet and signaled that he should remove his shoes and socks. Arnold complied and Ed tossed each item away as he removed it. Now came the moment. The pants started to slide down. The waistband cleared the top of Arnold's ass, the crack just showing. With deliberate slowness more and more of Arnold's phenomenal body was revealed. The cheeks of his ass were striated with sinews of muscle. They bulged and jutted firmly, deliciously, seductively. As the waistband reached the bottom curve of those two sensuous mounds of flesh, Ed paused. From his side he could see the base of Arnold's cock. No matter how often he saw it, it still filled him with awe. So thick, even in its flaccid state, it was now a frightening object to contemplate entering any orifice of one's body. He stuck his head around to the side. Ivan was frozen in anticipation. His hand held the shaft of his cock in suspended animation. His breathing was short and expectant. But he wasn't ready yet. A bit more of a tease. The pants dropped another few inches and the back of Arnold's scrotum came into view, the two huge testicles hanging low. Another inch and then the shaft of his cock appeared beneath the curvature of the balls in their sack. Two more inches and the shaft continued down the pant leg. The waistband was already halfway to Arnold's knees and still the cock continued. Ed reached through and cradled the huge balls in the palm of his hand, hefting them, his cock leaping to even harder erectness as he contemplated sucking each of the huge egg-sized balls into his mouth. He glanced around Arnold and saw that Ivan was in the process of fishing more bills from his wallet. Several pieces of green paper fluttered to the glass, at least one of them, and possibly all, was a hundred. The pants continued their downward journey. When the entire length of Arnold's magnificent cock was exposed Ed quickly pulled the pants down and off his friend's legs and Arnold stepped out of them. Ed leaned into the huge cock and licked the head, making sure that Arnold's legs were spread sufficiently to allow Ivan to barely see. The man had renewed his attentions to his own cock and was intent on bringing himself to orgasm. He was out of control. Ed stood up, his own cock sticking forward between Arnold's legs, running through beside the massive organ and the accompanying sack of eggs. He thrust his hips forward and the end of his cock emerged just below the crack of Arnold's ass. Ivan groaned. Arnold groaned. "If you don't do something real quick I'm going to have an orgasm without even getting hard," he whispered. "You are very sexy." "Thanks," whispered Ed. "We've already made over four hundred dollars." "What?" "Shh. Just stick with me." "Lead on, MacDuff." Ed backed up, reached out and grasped the end of Arnold's cock. He held the boy's shoulder with his other hand to signal that he should not turn around and then began to walk around to his side, pulling the length of flesh with him. The head of Arnold's cock appeared on his hip, fat, thick, and still slightly flaccid. Ed marveled at his friend's self-control. He rubbed the head against Arnold's hip. A small pearl of pre-cum oozed from the slit. Then another. And another. The flow increased and Ed captured a drop on each finger tip until all the fingers of his left hand carried a small, glistening droplet of pre-cum juice. He let go of Arnold's cock and walked over to Ivan. Ivan was transfixed. He continued to slam his fist down along his aching cock, but as Ed approached him with yet another collection of delicious droplets, he reached for his wallet and extracted two more hundreds. On the table they went and Ed's fingers were sucked hungrily into Ivan's mouth. Again he began to treat each of Ed's digits as though they were miniature cocks. When he had finished, Ivan's gaze again turned Shy Lolita to the projection between Ed's legs. Ed was getting Shy Lolita pretty hot, himself, and so tolerated a small amount of fellatio, just to break the tension a bit. Ivan's mouth dove hungrily for Ed's cock and consumed half the length, sucking and licking and biting and chewing and Ed grabbed Ivan's head and began thrusting his hips forward, driving his hot, thick cock into Ivan's mouth. Ivan's right hand held the base of Ed's cock. His left was furiously working the length of his own. Ed sensed that the man was just about to cum and quickly pulled out of the man's mouth. The spell was broken. At least temporarily. "You sonuvabitch. Get back here." Ivan's voice was hoarse with lust. "Sit down. This is my cock. If you want to suck it you'll do it the way I want to. Now sit down!" Both Ivan and Arnold were stunned with the commanding quality in Ed's voice. Ivan fell back into the sofa as if someone had pushed him there, and none too gently, either. Arnold's cock leaped. Something in Ed's voice had jammed itself hard against Arnold's psyche, nudging lustful feelings loose all the way through his brain, down his spinal cord and right out to the end of his cock. The pre-cum was really beginning to flow, now. He didn't know how much longer he was going to be able to hold off an erection. He glanced sideways at Ed who was trying very hard not to smirk. Arnold grinned. He was glad his friend wasn't taking this too seriously. Arnold slowly turned sideways so he could see Ivan. He tried not to act too surprised when he saw the pile of money on the coffee table. He'd no idea this was what had been going on while his back was turned. Ivan was having trouble trying to figure out how to jerk off and dole out money at the same time. When he finally got a good look at Arnold's cock, he yelled "Fuck it!" and threw the wallet onto the glass, bills of various denominations sliding from the pocket. Ed knelt in front of Arnold and, without using his hands, began to nibble on the length of his friend's magnificent penis. Arnold figured that Ed had gotten what he wanted so it was, blessedly, okay for him to get an erection now. Which he did. In record time. The blood rushed so quickly to the shaft of his cock he actually got a little lightheaded. Ed knew every nook and cranny, every sensitive spot on Arnold's cock and he was hitting them all. Within seconds Arnold's hips were thrusting forward, driving the length of his shaft against Ed's face, slipping through Ed's lips as the boy licked and sucked on various areas of the huge member. Ivan could stand it no longer. His moans became cries and his cries became grunts and suddenly he was heaving his hips hard against his enclosing fist and shots of cum were pouring from his cock. Some landed on him, some on the leather sofa, some splattered on the glass table, barely missing Mr. Franklin's cheek. He momentarily collapsed back into the sofa, but the sight before him brought him quickly back to life. Ed was kneeling before Arnold, holding the huge cock in both hands, offering it to Ivan, who tried to walk through the coffee table, banged his shins, swore, and hobbled around to Arnold. He knelt next to Ed and slowly, carefully, reached to the hot, raging shaft. Just before his hands made contact he glanced once more at Ed. Was this part of the deal? Ed nodded and Ivan dove onto the huge cock so fast that Arnold let out a loud yell. He tossed his head back and enjoyed the attentions to his neglected cock. Ed walked around behind Ivan and began to rub his shoulders, his back, his hips, and finally his ass. The man pressed his ass back against Ed's attentions and Ed slowly insinuated his finger down into Ivan's crack. When his finger came in contact with the sphincter muscle, Ivan pulled his mouth off of Arnold's cock just long enough to hiss "Yesssssssss." and then dove back on, he legs straightening until he was bending over at the waist to continue sucking Arnold's cock. Ed looked at Arnold, who smiled dumbly and shrugged. He pressed his finger into the man's crack and slowly introduced it into his rectum. Ivan's ass squirmed back against Ed's finger which was soon buried up to the last knuckle. Ed began to work it in and out in time to Ivan's movement on Arnold's cock. He watched as the two men came closer and closer to cumming. He reached down between Ivan's legs and grabbed the man's cock and balls. Ivan gasped so hard he almost inhaled Arnold's cock, Arnold cried out in ecstasy. Ed's cock was really starting to hurt, it was so hard. After driving his finger into Ivan's ass for several moments he pulled it out and pressed the head of his cock against the man. Ivan pulled Arnold's cock from his mouth and turned his head back towards Ed. "Yessssss," he hissed, and rammed his ass back onto Shy Lolita Ed's achingly rigid cock. Ed thrust his hips forward at the same time and imbedded himself deep within Ivan's tight asshole. Ivan screamed and then devoured Arnold's cock once again. The three men started to move in unison and soon were approaching orgasm. Ivan had grabbed his own cock with one hand and was pumping it vigorously. His mouth sucked Arnold deep down his throat where he made swallowing motions that caused Arnold to pound his hips forward more Shy Lolita and more quickly. Arnold tried not to grab Ivan's head very hard, but the level of excitement he was reaching was hard to contain. His hands pressed against the sides of Ivan's head and he had to tense all the opposing muscles to keep from putting all the pressure on Ivan. This caused his body to explode in size. Blood vessels popped up under his skin. Huge mounds of strength bulged on every part of his body. Deep cuts divided the individual muscles, emphasizing their size even more. Sweat poured off his body, running down his smooth, muscle-stretched skin in rivers. Ed was straining equally as much and the two boys locked their eyes on each other, drinking in the beauty of the other's throbbing, muscular body. They watched as each other's cock slammed into the body of the man between them. Ivan would pull off of Arnold's cock every once in a while to gasp for breath and groan and moan and yell and swear and beg for deeper and deeper penetration. The two boys remained silent. Or as silent as they could. Small moans of pleasure were occasionally heard, their intensity growing as Ed and Arnold neared their climaxes. Ivan seemed to be dedicated to devouring as much of Arnold's cock as possible and continually amazed himself and Arnold with the amount of thick, throbbing man-shaft he was taking into his body. Ed's nine inches were stretching his ass to the limits of his endurance and his body strained with painful ecstasy to accommodate it. Ivan's own cock was rock hard and aching. His fist flew furiously up and down the shaft with light, blurring Shy Lolita motions. He had seen and been involved in many sexual encounters of a variety the two studs he was now impaled on would have a hard time imagining, but, had he been able to concentrate on the thought, and he surely would at a later time, he would have a hard time remembering being this filled, this involved, this turned on. He would realize, during this future introspection, that the boys were playing his own game. The same thing that turned him on with his theatrical presentations sparked his excitement now. The money, the dealing, the question of what was enough, what would satisfy. Arnold's cock suddenly increased in girth and his thrusts became even more frantic and driven. Ivan grabbed Arnold's substantial scrotum and began to massage the huge balls within. Arnold let out a huge shout and began pumping large quantities of cum into Ivan's throat. Ivan swallowed as quickly as he could but it was too much for him. He finally had to pull his mouth off the wild, spewing cock and allow the hot, jetting shots of cum to splatter all over his face. He abandoned his own cock and grabbed Arnold's shaft and pumped it, milking out every last drop. He licked and sucked the head where the lava flow was erupting and the hot juice ran across his tongue and down his throat. Every lick of Ivan's tongue brought an involuntary thrust of Arnold's hips and another shot of sperm. Ivan marveled at the capacity of the boy. If he could shoot like this on stage, there wouldn't be a dry lap in the house. When the flood had subsided he returned his attentions to his own cock and began seriously pumping it again. His balls were churning and he needed to cum very badly. Ed was very close to achieving his own climax and his thrusts against Ivan's ass were becoming more and more urgent. Each penetration brought with it a loud, deep cry as Ed's hips slammed against Ivan's ass. His aching balls swung forward with each thrust and slapped against the back of Ivan's scrotum, making them sting and ache, increasing the urgency in Ed's movements even more. Ivan's face was a contortion of pain and bliss. He continued to beg Ed not to stop while desiring his own resolution at the same time. Arnold sensed the man's distress and knelt in front of him, moving in close so that Ivan could lean over the top of Arnold's head and support himself. Arnold then took Ivan's cock into his mouth and rapidly slid it up and down the shaft. Ivan wrapped his arms around Arnold's huge back and found himself with two handfuls of thick, muscular pectoral muscle. His fingers sought out the hard, rigid nipples and began to twist and pull them. Arnold reacted by doubling his efforts on the man's cock and within seconds was rewarded with several powerful volleys of cum. He also reached between Ivan's legs and grabbed Ed's heavy, swinging scrotum and began massaging the desperately full testicles. One squeeze was all it took. Ed slammed his hips forward one last time, burying his cock to the absolute hilt. Cum poured from his cock so fast he thought he was pissing in Ivan's ass. It was as though Arnold had reached inside him and pulled everything out of him in one handful. He had never felt his balls release their load so quickly. He ground his hips violently against Ivan's ass and, when the mad rush was completed, suddenly softened and slipped out of his repository. Arnold took all that Ivan gave down his throat. Even when the man had finished cumming, he continued to suck his cock until he was completely soft. Ivan remained bent over Arnold's wide back, enjoying the feeling of his now exhausted cock and the huge muscles he fondled. There was no doubt in Ivan's mind that these boys' performances, and especially Arnold's, were going to be remembered by his clients for a long, long time. And speaking of long, Ivan wondered about the exact measurement of the huge cock he had just had the agonizing pleasure of sucking off. When he finally recovered enough to find his way back to the sofa, with a little help from the two muscular studs, he managed to gather his thoughts around a couple of ideas for some upcoming events. Arnold and Ed remained standing on the other side of the glass table. The sight of these two huge hunks, their incredible cocks dangling down between their legs, their muscles bulging even in their relaxed state, was enough to make Ivan's cock stir, if not stiffen, again. He knew a lot of people who would pay big money just for the privilege of looking at the sight he was beholding. He sighed. "I don't suppose either of you found that little get together we just had in any way out of the ordinary?" Arnold and Ed glanced at each other and shrugged. "I thought not. I gather you have sex like that all the time." "Well, usually it's just Arnie and me. But we've been lucky enough to have some really great partners." "Are they into show biz as well?" "I'd like to leave them out of this, if you don't mind. This is just something between me, Ed and you, okay?" "Of course. I didn't mean to intrude. By the way, that green stuff on the table is yours. I haven't fucked and sucked like that in. . . well, the memory, if there is one, alludes me. Thank you, by the way." "Thank you." Ed bent over the table and scooped the bills to him. He didn't want to be rude by counting it, but there seemed to be well over one thousand dollars. If this guy could throw away a grand on a few minutes of Shy Lolita fun, he must be loaded. Either that, or he and Arnold were better than they thought. When he had it all together he suddenly felt silly, looking for a pocket to put it in. He finally shrugged and laid the pile down on the table again. Arnold and Ivan watched him with amusement for a moment and then Arnold focused in on the business arrangements. "I take it we've got the job." "Arnold, if you two can perform like that in front of an Shy Lolita audience, you are assured of many jobs." "What's this thing tomorrow night?" "You'll be at the space we call 'The Arena.' The conditions are a bit peculiar to those who have never been there. It's basically a large booth with glass that can not be seen through from the inside. Mostly to do with the lighting. There are several remote control television cameras which allow the audience the opportunity to see events up close. Sound is also piped out via strategically placed microphones." "And what is the audience doing while we're in this fishbowl?" "You pay me fifteen hundred dollars and you can find out." "Fifteen. . .. Holy shit. How many people do you get in an evening?" "This is beginning to sound like an IRS audit." "Sorry, Ivan. I think Ed is thinking of the business end a bit too much. We don't mean to pry. Do you ever have any problems with the authorities?" "None." The answer was quick and succinct. "Ah. I see. Fine." "Now I need to ask a few questions. How do you each wish to be billed?" "Billed?" "Listed in the programs and publicity." "Publicity? You mean like ads in the newspaper?" "Hardly, my dear boy. Strictly in-house stuff. If I had more time I'd have some photos taken. Next show. Some of my actors prefer using stage names. Can you think of a tag that amuses you?" Arnold and Ed shrugged. They hadn't given it any thought, and the idea seemed pretty silly. "Very well. Arnold and Ed. Easy enough. Everyone will think they're fake names anyway. Great cover. Now what about personal data? The most interesting statistic is, of course, the size of your cocks." "Mine's nine." "Eleven-and-a-half." "Angels and ministers of grace, preserve us. No wonder my appendix is sore. Two boys, over twenty inches of cock. We'll have them cumming before you even walk into the pit." "How do you decide who does what? I mean with the suggestions from the audience and all." "I've been doing this for many years. That's why I get the big bucks. If I were to tell you that, you'd be sitting on this sofa right now with a sore throat and an asshole you could drive a Mac truck up. And speaking of which, there's a full bath with shower through that door over there. If either of you want to hose off before you hit the road, please help yourself. Not that I want to hurry the moment when you cover those magnificent bodies with clothing. I'd just thought I'd mention it." "Thank you. So we just walk into this 'pit' and go to it?" "Basically. Yes. The inspiration of the individuals involved is usually the greatest source of ideas. For the most part I find it best to meddle only when interest is flagging. Other than that, we're all there to have a good time. And that's the most important part of all. It's all just fun. This isn't brain surgery. We're not trying to change the world or write the Magna Carta. The whole object of this is to get as many people feeling good at one time as we can." "Is your audience mostly Shy Lolita men or women?" "I try to get an equal number of each. I do have special nights that appeal to specific preferences. The nice thing about you two is the broad spectrum you cover. My biggest problem is going to be keeping the rest of my crew away from you boys. Everyone is going to want to perform with you. I'd like to keep you under wraps until the show." "Where is this 'Arena'?" "You boys be here tomorrow at eight o'clock and we'll get you over there in our van." "I've been noticing that you haven't written anything down. You don't forget, do you?" "No, Arnold. Eidetic memory. A blessing and a curse. The blessing is there are no records. The curse is. . . well, there are no records." Ivan let his eyes wander over the two naked hunks standing before him. His right hand moved to his limp cock, seemingly of its own volition, and began to caress and massage the length of flesh. Arnold and Ed looked at each other and then grabbed their own cocks and imitated Ivan's movements. As Ivan increased his efforts or changed his hand position, the boys did the same. Soon all three cocks were standing out, hard and aching, from their owners' groins. "I suggest, gentlemen, we adjourn to the shower room. We've already made enough of a mess here." Ivan led the way to a door that opened into a shower room as amazingly appointed and out of place as the office it adjoined. It contained a multi-nozzled shower, jacuzzi, a heavy wooden door which led to a sauna, a massage table and several bars, rings and benches the purpose of which was not difficult to discern. The lighting was indirect and the tiles which covered every wall, floor and ceiling were a range of muted tones from brown through deep, rich purples and umbers. The atmosphere was one of subdued sexual conspiracy. Both Arnold and Ed noticed their cocks begin to ache. Again. Something about the room triggered an urgency that lifted them to a higher plane of arousal. This was no accident. Ed made a beeline for the shower to wash himself off. He had little intention of simply using this room for such a mundane purpose, but he wanted to get himself clean before getting involved again. Arnold grabbed one of the cross bars and began doing reverse grip pull-ups. Ivan, after washing himself off, sat on a nearby bench and stared, unabashed, at the magnificent sight before him. He lazily ran his hand up and down the length of his own cock in time with Arnold's movements. As the boy reached the top, squeezing the last drop of effort out of each rep, Ivan's hand would reach the end of his cock and his hand would squeeze his cock until it ached with delicious agony. Arnold's huge cock was iron rod stiff. It's color matched the tones of the room and was throbbing painfully. As he lowered himself to the completion of his set he called out to his friend. "Hey, Ed. You better get over here. I need your help. I'm really hurting here." "Can't you see I'm busy, Arn? Do it yourself." "You sure?" "Yeah. Go ahead. Unless Ivan wants to give you a hand." "Give me a hand? Very funny. Ivan?" "I'm here only as an observer. I would like to see what inventive ways you've developed to alleviate your situation, though." Arnold smiled slyly and dropped his feet to the floor. He walked to a bench and sat directly across from and facing Ivan. Ivan's eyes were locked firmly on the long, hard rod of manflesh which he had so recently devoured. The memory of how it had filled his mouth, the taste, the smell, made his balls ache. He had no patience. He wanted to see what Arnold would do. Arnold sat with legs spread. He grabbed his cock with both hands and began to stir it around through the air, putting more and more inward pressure on it as it ached to be pushed against something. He made larger and larger circles with it until it was scraping the edge of the bench he was sitting on at the lower arc of its travel and coming nearer and nearer to his torso in its upper arc. His eyes closed dreamily and he began to moan and hum. "Ooo, yeah. Oh. My cock hurts so much. Ooo, it hurts, real good. Look at my balls, Ivan. See how swollen they are? They feel so heavy. So full. I gotta cum real bad, Ivan. I gotta make myself cum. Oh, it's so hot. It's burning my hands, Ivan. Ooo, it hurts. So good. So good. I want to touch my cock to my pecs, Ivan. You ever touch your cock to your nipple like this? Rub it along the bottom of your pec like this? You see my big pecs, Ivan? Big pecs. Watch 'em get real big. See? You see my pecs swell up like that? I like it when Shy Lolita my nipple touches the head of my cock like this. And then I press my cock into my pec, so hard. Oooo. So hard. So big. I gotta cum, Ivan. Gotta cum. I'm gonna suck my own cock, now, Ivan. I gotta suck it and make myself cum. You see someone suck their own cock before. Mmmmm. Mmmmmm!" Arnold opened his mouth and took the head and top two inches of the shaft into his mouth and began working it in and out. His tongue was licking and lapping around the head, drinking in the pearls of juice that appeared frequently at the deep slit in the head. The huge glans pushed into his mouth, stretching his lips open. Every time his mouth or tongue came in Shy Lolita contact with the massive cock his natural reaction would be to straighten up and throw his head back in ecstasy, so he had to force himself to keep his head down. Shy Lolita Every so often he would raise his head and take a deep breath, expanding his chest to huge proportions, his muscles tensed to increase the effect, both visual and sensual, and then dive back onto the dark, throbbing pole. His actions became more desperate, his moans and slurpings more furious. His head drove down onto the shaft again and again, each time accompanied by a deep grunt. The huge shaft, which his hands were rapidly sliding up and down in time with the motions of his mouth, was becoming darker and more blood-engorged. Huge veins mapped the surface and pulsed with the ever increasing beat of his heart. The thick tube, which ran up the back of the shaft and would soon be carrying the blasts of cum as they rocketed from his balls, began to dilate and the circumference of the entire shaft grew noticeably. Arnold lifted his head off his gigantic member and looked knowingly at Ivan. Ed was standing just behind the seated man and was working his own substantial cock. The two boys locked eyes and with a small nod, drove themselves on to a joint orgasm. Arnold's hands flew up and down the shaft, his mouth sucking violently on the head. The pitch of his vocal efforts raised incrementally as he quickly neared his moment. He could hear Ed's breathing and cries matching his own. He locked onto the sound of it and gauged himself. Ed opened his mouth and cried out as his orgasm began. Arnold scrunched down on all his muscles, tensing and causing them to bulge dramatically. The added sensual input was enough to drive him over the edge and he felt the first volley of white-hot sperm come soaring up the length of his cock. It seemed to take forever. At the last moment he pulled his head up off his cock and aimed it directly at Ivan's face. He pumped and squeezed with his hands and shot after shot of sperm flew out in huge globs from the head of his cock and landed on various parts of Ivan's head and body. At the same time, Ed's own load of cum was pulverizing the back of Ivan's neck. This proved to be too much for Ivan to stand. Without even intending to, his own cock began to shoot long, gooey strings of cum out, several of which were propelled powerfully enough to land on Arnold. Back and forth the volleys went until all three were spent. Ivan was overcome. He fell back against Ed, who caught him and laid him down on the bench. It had been many years since he had cum like that (and cum like that. . . and cum like that). He marveled at how turned on he was, even now. These two boys were going to make an awful lot of people happy. They were also going to break a lot of hearts. He opened his eyes and was met with the cock stiffening sight of the two beautiful hunks standing over him, their semi-erect cocks still grasped firmly in their hands. He raised his own hands and cupped the long, loose scrotums of this amazing pair. He fondled them, caressed them, squeezed them ever so gently, knowing, himself, how this felt. Arnold's huge cock hung down over Ivan's wrist. It was so hot. It trembled, as though with an energy that would make it ready to go again in an instant. "You boys are going to have a homicide on your hands if you keep that up. You know that, don't you?" "Arnold. I do believe our friend, here, is complaining. Perhaps we shall have to teach him a real lesson." "Oh, Edward. Don't you think he's suffered enough?" "I don't know. Look." All three sets of eyes traveled to Ivan's groin. Ivan was the most surprised of all to see that he was, again, acquiring a raging hard-on. "I do believe our observer has not observed enough. Arnold?" "Personally, I could use a bit more relief." "Such as. . .?" "Ivan?" "Don't look at me. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that I could do to that monster of yours that you haven't already done." "Oh, Ivan. You do flatter yourself. I believe my friend, Arnold here, was hoping that you might know of the existence of someone, female if I'm not mistaken. Arnold?" "Preferably, yes." "I thought so. Yes. Some female who might be interested in being impaled on Arnold's eleven-and-a-half inch penis. Am I correct, Arnold." "Why, I do believe you have hit it spot on, Edward. Yes. That is exactly what I had in mind. Do you suppose you might be able to assist us, Ivan?" Ivan was laughing, so was unable to respond vocally. But he waved his assurance that he could make the arrangements. He slowly sat up and, with the help of the other two, made his way to a wall phone which was concealed inside a cabinet. As he was waiting for his call to be answered he asked, "How many should I have join us, one or two?" "Edward, will you be interested in this?" Ed glanced down at his own rigid cock and smiled. "Why, yes, Arnold. I Shy Lolita do believe I could be persuaded to participate. Thank you." "You're very welcome, Edward. Seven, Ivan." "Ha. We'll start with two and see how you feel after that. I trust your tastes in women run parallel to your taste in men?" "Just don't bore us, Ivan. Just don't bore us." "Hello, Carroll, Ivan here. Shy Lolita Could you check around down there and tell me if Nancy and Barb are there? They are. Great. Could you send them upstairs please. And tell them not to shower. Yes, Carroll, that's correct. Good. Thank you. Good-bye." Ivan hung up the phone and glanced back and forth at the two boys. The look in his eye told Ed and Arnold all they needed to know. "While we're waiting for their arrival, I was just wondering something. Arnold. How much weight do you use when you workout on the cable flies?" "That depends on what I'm doing it for. Cosmetic pump or deep work." "What do you think your maximum would be?" "I suppose if I didn't have to do too many reps I could handle two hundred each arm. Why?" "Seeing you on that pull-up bar reminded me of a suggestion one of my patrons had a couple of weeks ago. Did you ever see those Italian Hercules films?" "Bad acting and worse script?" "Exactly. If you'll recall, the one thing they always had was Hercules hooked up to a couple of chariots with horses trying to pull him apart. Now I'm not into livestock on stage, but something along those lines would be incredibly interesting to the crowd I've got coming this weekend. How would you feel about being some ancient queen's captive but non-compliant sex slave?" "As in 'If you won't fuck me I'll teach you a lesson you big, well-hung stud'?" "Arnie, you're making my cock ache." "Come here, you big well-hung stud." "Flattery will get you everywhere." Ed walked over to Arnold, who grabbed Ed's rigid prick, dropped to his knees and sucked it into his mouth. Ed let out a yelp and grabbed onto Arnold's bobbing head. "Oh, yeah. Suck my cock. Suck it. Harder. Harder. Yeah. Oh, suck it. Oh, shit. Yeah. Yeah. Unh. . . unh. . . unh. . . unh. . . unh. . . unh. . . unh. . . unh. . . oh. . . oh. . . don't stop. . . don't stop. . . You. . . You stopped. Suck me. Suck me!" "Now, Edward. I think it would be very rude if Ivan's two friends were to show up and you were not ready to entertain. Isn't that so?" "My apologies, Arnold. I just can't imagine what came over me. Of course. We must think of our guests." Just then there was a knock on the door. Ivan walked over and opened it. In the doorway stood two very well-developed and very naked young ladies. They had apparently been tipped off to the reason for their being asked to come up. They also had obviously been called up in the middle of a workout session. Their bodies were covered with sweat, their breathing deep, their muscles pumped and huge. Their firm breasts rode high on their well-developed chests and thick, muscular legs rose from the floor and met at hairless, swollen cunts. They took one look at their intended sex partners and gasped. Then, for nothing better to do, the two women struck poses. "Gentlemen. May I introduce Nancy and Barb. Nancy. Barb. This is Ed and Arnold" "Pssst. Arnie? What do you suppose they're doing, there?" "I don't know, Ed. It must be some sort of local mating custom. I think it would be best if we responded." The two boys struck similar poses and the women moaned. "Ladies, these two young men have caused me enough misery today, with no sign of letting up. They are, as they say, inexhaustible." Barb turned to Ivan and said, "Sounds like a personal problem, Ivan." "So far Shy Lolita it has been. I trust you'll be able to take care of them for me." "We'll see what we can do." "Good." "Well, Ed. It's been nice knowing you." "But I'm too young to die, Arnie." "Don't worry, boys. Barb and I won't hurt you. Much." "Arnie. I have a sudden need to be hurt." "Me, too. Nancy?" "Fine with me. Barb?" "Like you've got a choice." "Enough stalling. Girls. Finish them off." "This is going to be fun."
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