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Preteen Lolita Models

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Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 50: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== Ed figured he could get real used to riding around town in taxis. After having reluctantly gotten into one following their meeting with Ivan and their subsequent encounter with Nancy and the incredible Barb, whose internals did things to his cock he had never even dreamed of before much less imagined were possible, he quickly warmed to the idea of having someone drive him around town while he enjoyed the view undistracted by the press of humanity. Arnold had justified the extravagance of the first cab by noting they had over one thousand dollars on them and it would be foolish to expose themselves to the dangers of a mugging with such a large amount as the temptation. Ed noted that it would take an awful large group of really stupid people to try and mess around with two guys as physically formidable as they, but by that time the cab had pulled over to the corner and Arnold was quickly loading his half of the booty into the back seat of the car. Ed had no recourse but to follow. So here they were riding in a cab again, this time in the opposite direction. Dusk was just settling on the city and a hazy, luxuriously orange sunset was tinting the widows of high rises and storefronts. Ed tried to enjoy the passing scenery but he was unable to put down the feeling of dread that sat high in his throat. He didn't know for sure, even at this late hour, whether he would be able to pull this off. Things had moved pretty quickly in the last day and a half. Every thing seemed to be the most intense, most emotionally draining thing he would ever encounter in his life. Then the next thing would come along and surpass all by a mile. The capper had been Arnold's announcement that he would be leaving town a week from Monday. He had appreciated being told, but wished that either Arnold had waited until all this was over, though that would have made it even shorter notice, or that he just wouldn't have told him at all. Not that he wanted Arnold to leave without telling him, but rather, he just didn't want Arnold to leave at all. Ed really liked the way everything was going right now. Why did Arnie have to go and fuck it all up? From a strictly selfish point of view, of course. And so the ride downtown was a bit on the frosty side. He was not feeling good about this sex in front of a bunch of strangers stuff, anyway. And now Arnold was uneasy because Ed was uneasy. They did have over five hundred dollars each from just one afternoon's entertainment. The money would definitely be nice, especially as he would soon have to start looking out for Preteen Lolita Models himself. Arnold hinted that Mary seemed quite saddened at the fact that she might be loosing both of them. But Ed had to agree with Arnold; they had stayed long enough. And without Arnold around, he knew he would feel uncomfortable about staying on with David and Mary. So out he went. Yes, the money would come in handy. There was also the thought that, if things went well for them tonight and this weekend, he might be able to continue in Ivan's employ. If everything went well. The two boys had talked about it the previous night. "Come on, Ed. How could it not be okay? Look at you. Look what you did with me in Ivan's office. You were so hot you made him cum without even trying. These folks'll eat you up." "That's because you were there, Arn. I don't see how I could do that stuff without you. I don't even know if I could get a hard-on in front of strangers if you weren't there." "Look. You started that stuff in the office. All he wanted was for us to strip, do a couple of poses and show up at eight o'clock tomorrow. Before we knew it you'd pulled your clothes off and there were hundred dollar bills lying all over the place. What was it, the money?" "I just get upset when I have to prove something. I kind of did it out of spite. I wanted to show him how much he didn't have to see what he was getting for his money. And I wanted to see the look on his face when he caught a glimpse of your cock." "Well you may find this as a surprise, but I wanted to see the look on his face when he saw yours. You put on one hell of a show, there, my fine, well-hung friend. Don't worry. Something tells me when the lights come on and the gasps start gasping, that beautiful cock of yours is going to bust right through what ever you're wearing. Now give me a hug and go to sleep. We've got a big, wonderful day tomorrow." And so they'd rolled over and gone to sleep. Or at least tried to. Arnold didn't know if Ed did it on purpose, but about five minutes later he felt the head of Ed's cock begin to press harder and harder against the crack of his ass as his friend's penis grew stiff. He tried to move away without making it seem like he was rejecting Ed, but no matter how he rolled or scooted, the wonderful, thick length of manflesh pursued him. Finally he spread his legs, let the shaft rise up and nestle in his crotch, lying hotly along side his scrotum and over his own shaft, and then clamped his legs together, trapping the insinuating rod of flesh between his powerful thighs. Ed seemed satisfied with that and, draping his arm over Arnold's side so that his hand rested on Arnold's pec, fell asleep. The cab bounced over a couple of bad joints in the concrete of the expressway. Arnold glanced over at his friend to see if his thoughts were at all readable. He would have given anything to know what was going through Ed's mind but didn't want to deal with asking him. It was enough that he was in the cab and going along with it so far. He, himself, was excited. They'd spent the day in the basement gym doing easy sets, keeping the pump on. He'd felt his muscles slowly swell and begin to tingle as he'd pushed his body gently higher and higher. The last hour and a half had been spent in intense workout. They'd worked up a serious sweat, their cocks bulging inside the unaccustomed confines of jock strap and gym shorts. They'd pushed and pumped and bulged and taunted and screamed and psyched each other up until they were both ready to blow holes in their jocks. Then separate showers, just to lessen the opportunity of temptation, and a quick dinner. Arnold felt fine. He hoped that Ivan would create the right atmosphere for them to interact in, but then figured Ivan had been at this long enough; he'd know what to do. Ed had voiced the same concern. "Don't worry, my friend. He'll have the one important thing that'll make it all happen." "What's that?" "You and your gorgeous nine inch cock." "I bet you say that to all the well-hung studs you're about to have sex with in front of a bunch of strangers." "So far I've said it to every single one." "I thought so. You're such a slut." "How dare you call me a slut. Why, if I weren't saving myself for this evening I'd ram my dick up your ass and teach you a lesson." "Cut it out, Arnie. I'm already leaking here. And quit flexing your pecs like that. Come on. The cab's here." The cab had come, so Ed hadn't. They were now in front of The Body Shop. Arnold paid the driver and they grabbed their gym bags and headed for the door. It was almost a relief, certainly to Ed, to have the distraction of Howard to deal with. "Now you girls behave yourself. We've got company. Well, well, well. If it isn't the new stars. Honey, you are just too hot, from what I hear." "Hi, Howard. Someone been telling stories out of school?" "Word has it you just about did in the irrepressibly potent Miss Nancy and Queen Barbara. And this after having scammed our glorious leader for every penny he had on him." "That was Ed's fault. I thought we were just interviewing for a clean-up position." "Well, sounds like you cleaned up real good. Mmm, mmm. You two are just about the prettiest things Ivan's had walk through here in a number of years. Just remember. Don't give them everything they want. Leave 'em wanting more. And. . ." "Click our heels three times. We remember. Thanks, Howard. Is Ivan upstairs?" "Honey, Ivan is always upstairs. These are his digs, you dig?" "He lives here?" "Ah. Preteen Lolita Models The darling Ed speaks. What a beautiful, deep voice you have. Do you give commands? I love it when big, muscular studs give me commands in beautiful, deep voices." "Later, Howard. We've got an appointment." "Yes. I Preteen Lolita Models see your on the bill tonight. Well, good luck, break a leg, merde. Run along. Mustn't keep his highness waiting." Arnold and Ed started up the stairs, keeping to the far right side to ease the load on the Preteen Lolita Models precariously leaning structure. "Hey, Arnie." "Hey, Ed." "What's that mean, what Howard said? Mayrd?" "Don't know. Probably Italian or French. I wouldn't go around using it, though, until you know what it is. Could mean something stupid like 'shit' or something." "Why would he say 'shit' to us?" "I don't know. I'm just guessing. Ask Ivan. I bet he'll know. Come on." Arnold reached the top of the stairs and turned back to see that Ed had, Preteen Lolita Models again, taken to contemplating his feet. "You know, Arnie, I was just noticing my shoelaces." "You don't have shoelaces. Those are velcro tabs." "Yeah. I know. Maybe I should go home and get my other shoes on. The ones with the shoelaces in them." Arnold sat down on the top step and watched Ed carefully. He wasn't going to do anything. He just wanted Ed to come to some sort of agreement within himself. Arnold knew what the problem was. Insecurity. Not knowing if he was going to be good enough. Not knowing if he was going to be able to meet others' expectations. There was a name for it: Stage fright. He waited. Ed finally came up and sat next to him on the step. After a few more moments of contemplation he turned and looked at Arnold. "How come you're so sure of yourself here? What makes you so fucking sure this is going to turn out okay?" "You really want to know?" "Really." "No bullshit?" "No bullshit. Straight." "You." "Aw, fuck, Arnie. I knew your were going to say that." "So how come you can't be as sure of me? You're making me feel real insecure, Ed. How come all I have to do is know you'll be there and everything is okay and you don't seem the least bit comforted by the fact that I'll be right in there with you?" "I guess I'm just used to being let down. You know. Abandoned." "Ed. I'm not leaving tonight. I'm not leaving tomorrow. I'm in this with you. I'm here because I want to do this. With you. What you said yesterday in that office there is absolutely true. We are the hottest thing to come down the pike. There aren't two better looking, more well-hung, well-built studs within several hundred miles of here. I don't know who we're doing the warm-up for, but I pity them for having to follow us. Either that or I want very much to see what they've got. You just give me what you give me every day in the gym and I'll do the same. We know each other's needs. Just let it happen. Man, I'm so horny right now I could cum just looking at you. Just think of that. Just think of me looking at you and my cock shooting big wads of cum all over your hot, muscular body." "Fuck, Arnie." "Just think of me doing that because that's what I'm going to do tonight. And there's going to be lots of people watching and wishing they were in your place. And there'll be lots of people watching and wishing they were in my place, too." The two boys looked at each other. A sudden warmth washed over them both and they hugged each other tightly, their mouths pressing together, passing energy back and forth between them. They pulled their heads back and studied each other again. "Last night after you went downstairs Mary said something to me. It made me think. I don't know if I've ever told you how much I love you, Ed. I do. I haven't had too much experience with love in my life. I'm pretty sure I've been looking for it in all the wrong places. But I'm also pretty sure that I love you. No matter what happens after next week, I will always, always be able to say that I love you." Ed was dumbfounded. He knew enough to take what Arnold was saying as straight talk. This was no bullshit. They both knew their time together was limited. And they both had come from families where the possibility of expressing or experiencing true love of any kind was slim to none. So Arnold's statement of his feelings resonated deep within Ed's heart and soul. Did he feel the same? How could he know? What would he have to judge it against? Was this love that he felt? Yes. "I wish you hadn't said that, Arnie, because now I feel if I do it's only because you did. I do love you, though. At least as far as I can figure out. I feel like I've been married for the last three months. I feel like everything we did fit together so well that it'll never feel like that again. Ever. That's why I'm afraid of you leaving. I'm afraid of how lonely it'll be." "I can guarantee you have nothing to worry about. Between Mary and David and Sam. . ." "Sam?" "Yeah. She's Preteen Lolita Models coming back, remember?" "But what's that got to do with me?" "You don't think she'd let someone like you slip through without having the chance to experience you." "But I thought you two were. . ." "We are. I think. But that hasn't stopped you and me from loving each other. That hasn't stopped David and Mary from loving both of us. Which, by the way, they do. And I know they'll tell you so themselves. And Sam. . . Sam has so much love in her, her heart is so big that all four of us could swim around in it and never bump into each other. You'll meet Sam. You'll see. She'll be very lucky to have met you, too, Ed. Very lucky indeed." Ed sighed and shook his head. "What's the matter, Ed?" "I don't know why I let you get away with this." "Get away with what?" "You're gonna make me like myself no matter how hard I try to fight it, aren't you?" "I think it's too late, actually." "I think you're right. Come on. Let's get big wallets." Ed stood and walked to Ivan's office door. He looked back to see Arnold still sitting on the top step, chuckling." "We gonna do this or what?" "What." "What?" "Just knock on the door, Ed." "What?" Arnold stood and marched over to the door. "You're making me crazy, Ed." "Too late." "Very funny." Ed knocked. "Come in. It's open." "Now remember, Arnie. If you need to pee, use the toilet and if he offers you candy say 'No, thank you very much.'" "Sage words of advice. And if all else fails, click my heels three times." "I still don't get that." "You've never seen. . ." The door opened and Ivan was again dressed in white suit and patent leather shoes. "You boys seem to have a problem about coming through this door." "I'm sorry, Ivan. I was dealing with a little culture gap. It turns out Ed has never seen 'The Wizard of Oz.' I don't know if I'm going to be able to work with him, knowing that." "Why don't you come in, one at a time, and perhaps we can straighten this whole unfortunate mess out. Ed?" "Why thank you, Ivan. Don't worry. Arnie's just being a snob. He doesn't know that I know he's never seen 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.'" Ed walked haughtily into the room and plopped himself down on the sofa. "Yeah, well, what Ed doesn't know is that I know that he's never seen 'Giget goes Hawaii.'" Ivan raised his eyebrows in mock distress. "Ed? Is this true?" "Well, I meant to. I tried to, really. But when I got to the movie theatre it was sold out." Ivan shook his head sympathetically. "And your mom wouldn't let you stay for the later show. Yes. I know how that can be. Arnold, I think we'll have to excuse Ed on that on, don't you?" "Well, okay. But I Preteen Lolita Models want his solemn promise that he'll go out and see 'The Wizard of Oz' as soon as possible. I don't think I could deal with such a culture gap." "Ed?" "I promise. Boy. The things I do to keep this relationship running smoothly." Arnold made his way over to the sofa and seated himself next to Ed. Ivan took a moment to study the pair. They seemed so unaffected by their gifts. He guessed that had a lot to do with the bigger one, Arnold. But they were very easy about their sexuality. Very relaxed about their gifts. And this little banter which they had pulled him into seemed more of a regular routine with them rather than some anxiety relieving device. He suddenly realized he was watching a married couple. Or something like it. But they were both so completely bi-. So open. Ivan enjoyed playing both sides of the fence, occasionally, but could not clear his mind of little jealousies when a lover would become involved with someone else. He recalled the Preteen Lolita Models encounter yesterday between these two and the women he'd asked to come up. There was such joy in both of them as they worked back and forth between Nancy and Barb. They had shared, encouraged, worked to escalate the sexual energy of every moment. It was, without a doubt, the hottest foursome he had ever witnessed. "Can I get you boys something?" "Some juice for me, please." "Ed? Anything?" "The same. please." Ivan went to the bar and dug a couple of bottles out of the cooler. "I'm sorry to see you boys in such low spirits. Perhaps my news will cheer you up. Due to certain news leaks, completely beyond my control you understand, tickets for tonight's production, as well as for Saturday night, have gone out of control. As a result, I have been forced to double the cost of admission. This, of course, would be reflected in the earnings of everyone involved. I must hasten to add that there has been no official word regarding your involvement in Saturday's show. But the speculation has been fierce. In short, you two are Preteen Lolita Models instant celebrities." Ivan returned with two glasses of juice over ice and a small tray of vegetables and dip. He set them on the glass table and joined the boys. A tall glass of cloudy liquid already awaited his attention. He raised it to the boys who, with their own glasses, joined him in a toast. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" Arnold smiled ironically. "To coin a phrase." "Ed?" "What is this, a movie quiz? You guys are starting to make me feel real inferior, here. Well, you think you're so hot. I bet you don't even know how many people Freddie Krueger killed in all of his films." "No, Ed. You're right. You've certainly got me on that one. Ivan?" "I'll have to pass, Arnold. I'm afraid he's just too good for me. Ed, you're amazing. How do you do it?" "That's my secret. If you're real nice to me tonight, maybe I'll tell you. Maybe." "Well, Ivan. Looks like we're going to have to be on our best behavior tonight if we want to unlock the secrets of the universe." "It's almost a shame I've had to move your performance time back. Now we must wait that much longer before our enlightenment." "What's this?" "Oh. I'm sorry. That's the other part of the good news. Although you may view it otherwise. It seems word of your activities has reached other quarters as well. The act I had booked as the evening's main entertainment felt it would be to their disadvantage to follow your performance. They have asked to switch positions on the bill with you. It seems you two are now the headliners for the evening." Ed shot Arnold a quick look of dread. Just what he needed, more pressure. Ivan caught the exchange between the two and realized what the problem was. "I'm very sorry, Ed. It should have occurred to me the additional responsibility that would bring upon you two. I will do everything in my power to change things back, if you so wish. Or would you feel more comfortable trying this another time?" "No, Ivan. But thanks. I've tried to chicken out of this thing too many times already. It's about time I got used to the fact that there's something special going on here. I know I talked a big act when we were here yesterday, but I've been having a real bad time making myself fit into all this. Arnie's a lot more sure of himself than me. It's time I started to stick my neck out a bit and take some chances. Mother won't be around for the rest of my life to pick me up everytime I fall. I'll be okay. Thanks, though." "Great. Well. Shall we? I'll call down and have the van pull around back. Is there anything else you two boys want before we take off?" "Actually, Ivan, yes." "What's that, Arnold." "I was wondering if you could do us a favor and not call us 'boys' anymore. I think we're past that. If you know what I mean." "I'm sorry. Yes. Of course. I was only referring to the obvious distance between your ages and my own. But you're right. And thank you for being so up front about it. Better to clear these seemingly little matters up before they fester and infect our relationship. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll phone the van and tell him to meet us." Ivan went to his desk and dialed the phone. While he was out of earshot Ed whispered to Arnold, "Thanks, Arnie. I was kind of getting tired of it, too. When you gonna tell him about leaving?" "I'm not. Not yet, anyway. Let's just see how this goes tonight. I don't want to burn the bridge before I cross it, you know?" "Yeah. Okay." "He's waiting for us downstairs. So. Care to join me, gentlemen?" "We would be honored. Ed? After you. Hey, carry your own gym bag." "Worth a try, anyway." The threesome went back out into the hallway but turned towards the rear of the building and descended a far more stable set of stairs to a heavily protected doorway at the bottom. The door swung open for them as they approached. A very large, very muscular man was holding it open. Ivan led the way into the van, the doors of which were open and waiting to receive them. Ivan took a forward seat and gestured to Ed and Arnold to make themselves comfortable in the rear. He then swiveled his chair around so that he was facing them. After making sure that the door to the building was securely closed, the large man shut the doors to the van. And that was the last they saw of him. Or anybody. The van had no windows. Anywhere. They couldn't Preteen Lolita Models see the driver or out the back or. . . anywhere. Windows Preteen Lolita Models were, however, the only amenity that the van was lacking. There were two televisions, a complete wet bar, a small cooler, four very comfortable swiveling captains chairs and a sound system the likes of which would be found in very few living rooms. Various cabinets around the van cap, which allowed the occupants to be able to stand up inside, were stocked with video tapes, books, cassettes and CD's, glassware and eating utensils including some very high style dishware. The air smelled of a cross between roses and something dark, musky, and sensual that reminded both Arnold and Ed of the activities they would soon be participating in. Deep, throbbing music with a rhythm that pushed the heart rate at just a few beats above normal rumbled inside their chests and vibrated in their groins from speakers strategically placed around the interior. "Why do I get the feeling I'm supposed to be having sex with someone right now?" asked Arnold. "I'm sorry. Is it that blatant? I'll mellow things out a bit." Ivan picked up a remote control device, pressed several buttons and the music changed to a swelling of strings and the sound of waves rushing across the interior of the van. High pizzicatos of wood blocks danced through the stereo image like a small bird flitting about the van. Again, the beat was there, but not as insistent. "How's that?" "I don't feel like I'm going to cum quite so quickly. Thanks." The van began to move, winding its way through the evening streets of the city. "You travel in style, Ivan." "Thank you, Ed. I don't generally use this vehicle. It is saved for special occasions." "Like us?" "You might say that." "Like driving someone to a location you'd rather not have them know about?" "Again you have divined my intent, Arnold. Especially the first time, it is better that we keep things as controlled as possible until we all know where we stand." "You don't trust us?" "I trust no one, Ed. No one. At least not until I get to know them a whole lot better. Once we are on regular working terms all will become known to you. Until then, please forgive my idiosyncrasies and accept this humble hospitality as a sign of my appreciation for what you are going to do for us tonight." "Get your dander down, Ed. Ivan's just covering his tracks. Don't take it personal. You do a lot of movie watching here?" "I have quite a large selection of viewing material. Unfortunately 'The Wizard of Oz' is not in this particular collection. However, I do have several items which might interest you. This particular tape is a recording of a performance given in the very space you will be working in tonight. Perhaps you would like to familiarize yourselves with the environment?" "And, I suppose, the event was something other than a poetry reading." "Correct, again. Shall we?" "Sure. You ready to get in the mood, Arnie?" "I'm already in the mood. I'm ready to get to work." "Music to my ears, Arnold. Ed, just swivel the television out a bit so you both can see it. I'll get the tape started." Ed adjusted the angle of the set outward to accommodate both of them. Ivan again commanded the pile of gear to behave via the remote control. The sound faded to the background, a whirring sound was heard as the tape engaged and, after a few seconds of flutters and snow on the screen, an image appeared. At first neither Ed or Arnold could figure out what they were looking at. Then the camera began to pull back and the image coalesced into the thrusting pelvis and heaving, bucking thighs of a male and female involved in the final stages of copulation. The woman was stretched out on a table with her legs suspended over the end by a couple of harnesses. The man stood between her spread legs and drove a thick, dark penis hard into her cunt. As the camera pulled back it became obvious that the woman was restrained with various bonds that wrapped around her body and kept her on the table. Both the participants were very well-endowed, their muscles highly defined and well-displayed due to their exertions. The camera pulled back further and began to sweep around the room as though on a crane. From this vantage point it could be seen that the space was completely surrounded by glass walls that ran from the floor to a ceiling which was about fourteen feet high. Suspended from the ceiling was a lighting grid that held a vast collection of theatrical lights and special effects devices. Across the room could be seen another camera, also in motion. It traveled around the room on a track and rode up and down on a robotics arm. The whole thing was under remote control from somewhere outside the space. The space was oval shaped, about twenty-five by forty feet. The center panel at each end of the room was a door. Lights reflected brightly off the windows and, as Ivan had said, nothing could be discerned outside the glass. The two men watched as the camera began to zoom back in on the couple. Suddenly the point of view changed and they were looking down from directly above the duo. From this angle they got a good look at the man's penis as it drove into the woman's vagina. It was, indeed, quite thick and was obviously doing a good job of stimulating the woman. She heaved and strained against her restraints as she moved closer to orgasm. The man had his head thrown back, his hips thrown forward, his mouth thrown open in what must have been a loud roar. The sound was not turned up and so they were left to devise their own soundtrack. The man on the screen suddenly went crazy and began pounding his thick cock into the woman in double time. His hips were vibrating back and forth so fast it was hard to discern the motion. The woman arched her back up off the table, her hard, muscular arms bulging as they fought against her bonds. And then they were cumming, thrashing, heaving, crying out. The orgasm looked devastating. For both of them. The man slammed his hips forward again and again, each thrust met with a counter-thrust from the woman as she rammed herself against his thick, attacking organ in an attempt to extract as much pleasure from their efforts as possible. When it was all over the man collapsed forward onto the woman, his cock still imbedded inside her, and the scene faded to black. Ivan pressed a button on the remote and the sound grew slowly in volume until it had returned to its original level. "Gee, Ivan. Thanks for the. . . ah, tour. Hey, Arnie. Did you see a room?" "Room? What room?" "Those cameras are a neat trick. Who operates them?" "The clientele. They drop tokens into a slot by their viewing positions. When it comes their turn a light goes on and the camera is controlled by a joystick. Each token is good for two minutes and they choose which camera they want by depositing the token in one of three slots." "And lucky you if your light pops the same time the actors do." "Yes, Ed. Although there are ways to intervene on behalf of certain privileged clients. Sometimes I will take control of one or more of the cameras when I know a certain viewing angle would be to the advantage of all concerned. I have even been known to override the controls of one or another to get a view of my own choosing. Most of the time, though, I attempt to remain as invisible as possible." "Where are you during all this? Can you see the room from your control booth or are you isolated?" "The booth is just above one of the doors that open into the space. Actually not one of the better seats in the house. But I had to forgo certain personal amenities to provide more seating for the paying public." "How long were those two going at it in there?" "I believe their performance lasted between forty and forty-five minutes. They were the warm-up act for the group you'll be following tonight." Ed and Arnold exchanged glances; they were both thinking the same thoughts. If the people who followed that pair were afraid to follow Arnold and Ed. . . It didn't take a very vivid imagination to picture what their opening act was going to be like. "Ah, Ivan?" "Yes, Arnold." "Well, it's just that, not that Ed and I are worried about our ability to deliver a fine performance this evening, but are you sure you want to send a couple of rank amateurs on after a group of pro's? I mean, if this was their opening act. . ." "You two have got to get it through your heads that I know what I'm doing here. I've got a waiting list for tonight a mile long, tickets going for double their usual price. I'm not about to let this thing get screwed up. You two just be your wonderful, sexy, muscular, well-hung, lascivious selves and let ol' Uncle Ivan take care of the rest. There is not the slightest shred of doubt in my mind that you are going to blow these folks away tonight. Not the slightest. Now I don't want to hear another word on the matter. You're going to talk yourselves into a deep, dark depression and no one is going to have any fun tonight. Me included. And when Ivan doesn't have fun. . ." "No one has fun. Yeah. We get the picture. Ed and I were just a little concerned about playing out of our league." "You two gentlemen are in a league all by yourselves. One of the selling points of this performance is the fact that this is your debut. The people who come to see my shows love to root for the underdog. By the way, remember that during any confrontation between you two in there. When the one at the disadvantage comes out ahead, the tips come tumbling in. It assuages their guilty consciences. But in your case, I think it would be best to play the camaraderie bit. The act that will precede you is pretty confrontational and the audience will be ready for something with a happy ending." "I just hope I can keep from getting distracted by the audience. I mean, I know I can't see them, but just knowing they're there. What if they start getting bored?" "Don't worry, Ed. As long as the biggest thing on your mind is having another orgasm, then you can believe the audience will be thinking the very same thing. By the way, I've been meaning to ask you what's in the gym bags?" "We didn't know what you would want us to wear or if you would have stuff for us or what. So we brought our usual workout clothes. What do you think?" "Best stick with tried and true. This is just a quiet evening at home with Arnold and Ed. Don't try anything flashy. It'll probably just get in the way and besides, something tells me you two won't stay dressed for long." "That's another thing. When do we know when to take our clothes off and stuff?" "When do you usually take your clothes off? When you want to, right?" The two men nodded. "Well? Any more questions you already know the answers to?" "I think we're getting the picture, Ivan. Sorry about being so dense. I know Ed's and my instincts have always been good. Preteen Lolita Models We'll just have to trust ourselves. Like we always do." Arnold swung his chair around to face Ed. "Like the other night with Heather and Sarah. We just knew, right?" "Yeah. We'll just pretend it's a bunch of Heathers and Sarahs peering at us through a giant fish bowl. That couple on the TV just now seemed to be able to get into it. And they weren't nearly as hot as you and me." "That's the spirit, Ed. Trust me. After what you did in my office yesterday; I can assure you your instincts are quite good. And you've got the goods to deliver. By the way, I trust you both have saved yourselves for tonight's activities." "Cloistered like monks all day. In fact, that little video you just showed us has got me just a little too excited." "That's okay. The shock of walking into the space usually calms everyone down at first. But even a little premature ejaculation is good for business. Lets the audience know your on the edge." "By the way, Ivan, you're selling yourself rather short as well. What happened in your office yesterday was as much your doing as anything Ed and I cooked up. I haven't had my tubes cleared like that for a while. That was real brave of you to take both of us on at the same time." "Again you prove my point. It just goes to show you what inspiration will do. It is my policy not to get involved with members of my crew. Especially newcomers. I hadn't expected such a dramatic audition and found myself sucked up into your enthusiasm." "In more Preteen Lolita Models ways than one." "Yes, Ed. And don't be so smug. I hold you personally to blame for my transgression. You and that striptease act. Blackmail, pure and simple." "Blackmail is such a dirty word, Ivan. I just got my feathers a little riled when you asked us to prove ourselves. I wanted to make you sorry for ever having doubted our qualifications." "Cut the bullshit, Ed. You just wanted to get at Ivan's ass. He's such a slut." "Well, I hope you're satisfied. The word is out that I'm slagging the hired help and everyone wants a piece of the action. I haven't been propositioned so many times in my entire life as I have in the past twenty-four hours. I don't know what I'm going to do. I do have a reputation to uphold, you know." The van came to a halt and the engine shut off. A few seconds later the side doors opened and the large, muscular man stood to one side. Arnold and Ed stepped from the vehicle into a small garage with a closed roll door at one end and a regular, household door at the other. Ivan led the way through the latter and down a series of blank-walled, cement-floored hallways lit by fluorescent lighting units recessed into the ceiling. They passed through a couple of other doors, down more hallways that bore no discernible difference from those preceding or following them. They finally reached a staircase and descended several flights, exiting into a very long hallway, the floor of which was covered with thick, plush carpet, and the walls done in a dark, hardwood paneling. Warm incandescent light glowed from indirect lighting troughs at the top of each wall. The ceiling was vaulted plaster painted creamy peach. Doors alternated every fifty feet or so and Ivan led them to one about halfway down. He opened it and stood aside to allow the two young men to enter. Again, as with Ivan's office, the two were astounded by what they saw. It was obviously a dressing room � two tables with large mirrors surrounded by lights stood along one wall � but the appointments looked like something out of a movie set for a five-star hotel. Including the bed. Both of them wandered, mesmerized, into the center of the room and gazed about. "I assumed you two would prefer to share accommodations. If you need a little more room to spread out, the dressing room to the left is empty this Preteen Lolita Models evening." "I think this will be just fine, Ivan. Just fine." "If you need anything, just pick up the phone, someone will answer. The gym is down the hall, this way. Last door on the left. Feel free to rummage through the drawers and closets. You should find everything you need. It's eight-thirty now. The first act will begin at about nine-fifteen. They usually run about forty-five minutes, so that will put you on at about ten-thirty." "When do we get to see the space?" "If you want, you can turn on the television to channel forty-seven. There'll be about a half hour between the act preceding and yours. The stage hands will be there to set things where you want them. Check out the gym. I think you'll find it very interesting. Arnold especially. I may not see you again before you go on, so break a leg. See you at the end." Ivan shut the door behind him, leaving the two men to survey their surroundings. They Preteen Lolita Models drifted about the apartment, opening cabinets and drawers. Occasionally a discovery by one of them would bring the other over to share. Ivan's hospitality was, as far as they could discern, complete. A full size refrigerator was completely stocked, the closet contained several thick, fluffy dressing gowns and comfortable slippers that seemed to be just their size. There was even an entire drawer filled with a wonderful selection of underwear. Ed took several pair out and held them up to his waist to model them. It was apparent that most of them would have trouble containing either Arnold's or Ed's huge penis. Then again, perhaps that was the object. The furnishings were all hand-crafted furniture. The deep-pile carpet swallowed their feet and felt like walking on moss in the forest. The bed was a huge four-poster covered with piles of down pillows and a comforter. The firm king-size mattress stretched out before them like the plains of Kansas. Arnold went to an amour that stood against one wall and opened it to reveal a magnificent audio/video set-up. Drawers were filled with hundreds of CD's and cassettes. A bookshelf to the right of the set-up was filled with video tapes whose titles ranged, in alphabetical order of course, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Including. . . "Hey, Ed. 'The Wizard of Oz.'" "Don't think I'm in the mood, right now, Arn. Maybe later." "Yeah. Know what you mean. Not bad, huh?" "Like we died and went to heaven. This guy really knows how to put out a spread." "He treats us right, we treat him right. Just remember, a pampered well-hung stud is a happy well-hung stud." "And I'm feeling really pampered, Arn. If Ivan keeps this up I may just have to put myself up for adoption. You suppose he's looking for some next-of-kin?" "Don't think you'd have to get so radical. It seems we're part of the family already. What say we follow through on his well-dropped hint and check out the gym. He's got my curiosity piqued." "Sure. I just gotta use the can first." Ed went to the bathroom and flipped on the light. "Holy Shit. Arn. Come here." Arnold hurried over to join his friend. He expected only the surprising. He got the phenomenal. In the middle of the room was huge jacuzzi with steam rising off the still water. A spacious shower stall occupied a corner of the room. Shelves were piled high with thick towels as big as twin bed sheets. A sliding mirror revealed a huge selection of toiletry articles for every need and taste. Ed found the toilet in a recessed alcove around the corner. Preteen Lolita Models Next to it was a bidet. "Hey, Arn. Look at this. The guy's even got two toilets. One of 'em's got no seat, though." Arnold suspected, and rambled over to the other side of the room. "That's not a toilet. That's called a bidet." "Oh, that's what that is. I've heard the word, but I never knew what it was. It's a woman thing, right?" "I don't know. I think anyone can use it. It's like washing up without having to use toilet paper." "Boy. This guy thinks of everything." Ed aimed his cock at the bowl and let fly with a powerful stream of piss. Arnold leaned back against the wall and admired the contents of Ed's hand. His own cock began to stir as he anticipated the evening's activities. When Ed was done, he shook the huge rope of flesh and began to stuff it back in his pants. He glanced over at Arnold and saw him studying him. "Can't wait?" "Nope." "Me neither. By the way, that was real nice what you did with my cock last night. I tried to keep it from getting hard, but I don't have the control you do, yet. It felt real good pressed up against your balls like that." "Sure did. You can bother me like that anytime." Ed sighed and finished stashing his cock down his pantleg. "Come on. If he equips his gym as well as his bathroom, this is really going to be something." As the two men headed for the door to the hallway the phone rang. Arnold answered it. "Hello?" A deep, sultry voice dripped from the handset. "Is this Arnold?" "Yes. Who's this?" "I'm Carol, Ivan's assistant. I just wanted to check in with you to see if everything's all right." "Don't see how it could be much better, Carol. Your boss has very good taste." "The best. If Preteen Lolita Models there's anything, and I mean anything, you need, just pick up the phone. If I'm not here to answer, someone will track me down. We're all very excited about your performance tonight." "It seems we've raised quite a stir." "That would be an understatement. Is Ed there?" "Yeah, he's right here. You want to speak to him?" "I want to do more than that but it'll do for now." "Hey, Ed. It's Ivan's assistant, Carol. I think she wants to have your children." Arnold held the handset out to him and Ed blushed. He walked over and took the phone from him. "Hello?" "Hi, Ed. My name's Carol. I just wanted to welcome you and check to make sure you've got everything you need." "Yeah. . . ah. . . I'm fine. Everything's fine. . . ah. . . ah. . . how're you?" Carol laughed a dark, lusty laugh that made Ed's cock jump in his pantleg. "I'm just fine. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you, okay. And I mean, anything. Maybe we can get together after the show tonight." "I don't know. I may be a bit tired. We'll see. Okay?" "Sure. Just let me know. See you upstairs in a little while. Bye." "Uh. . . yeah. . . uh, bye." Ed hung up the phone and stared at the device for a couple of seconds. He shook his head and looked over at Arnold who was waiting by the door with a knowing look on his face. "That's the first time I've ever been fucked by a voice." "What'd she want?" "Wants to meet me after the show. Like I'll have any energy left to do anything." "With a voice like that, it sounds like she could certainly help you find some." "Yeah. Shit. Look at me. Preteen Lolita Models I'm getting a hard-on. Come on. I need to work off some of this before I pop a cork in my nice new pants." They headed down the hall to the door at the end, clearly marked "GYM". The door slid open in response to their approach and they found themselves on a landing, very much like Mary and David's house, overlooking a vast array of hardware. Thirty people could very easily have utilized the gear spread before them without any trouble. As it was, the room was occupied by only two, a man and woman working on the pec deck on the far side of the room. Arnold thought they looked familiar and, as he crossed the floor to them he realized it was Tom and Judy, his favorite motel sex fantasy. It didn't surprise him in the least that they were both naked. Both their bodies were covered with a light sheen of perspiration. Tom was on the machine at the moment and his incredibly thick penis was hanging over the edge of the seat, swinging back and forth as he thrust his effort against the pads, squeezing his pecs together, making them swell on his chest. Ed walked up behind Arnold and was next to him before he saw the man's enormous tool. "Holy shit!" he whispered. The woman turned around and saw the two of them standing there. Her body was ripped with definition. Her two firm breasts sat high on her chest and her tight muscular waist narrowed down seductively to her amazing, firm ass and a hairless cunt with lips ever so slightly swollen with desire. When she saw who had joined them she let out a 'whoop' and flew into Arnold's arms, mashing her lips against his and flinging her taut, muscular legs around his waist. Her Preteen Lolita Models behavior shocked Arnold. It was far more carefree and spontaneous than the last time they had met. Tom had deserted his workout when he heard Judy cry out and was walking over to the group. Judy was still occupied with Arnold so Tom introduced himself to Ed. "Hi. My name's Tom. You must be Ed." "Yeah. I take it you know Arnold." "Yep. We met a few months ago when he was driving across country. We let Ivan know about him and gave Arnold Ivan's phone number." "Oh, yeah. I met Arnold later that next day. He picked me up hitchhiking a few hours after he left you. He's told me about that night. I should have realized from the description. . ." Ed's eyes dropped to Tom's cock. Tom followed his gaze and gave his cock a little flex to make it hop. The two men's eyes met again. For a bit. A while. A long while. "Ahem!" Tom and Ed broke the spell and turned to see Arnold and Judy looking at them and smiling broadly. Judy was still mounted on Arnold's waist and was stroking his left pec. "Hi, Ed. I'm Judy. I see you've already met Tom. Hey, Tom. You gotta check this guy out. We thought he was big the first time we met. Get a load of these bulges now." Tom smiled again at Ed and went over to see what Judy was referring to. Judy slid off Arnold and unbuttoned his shirt, spreading the front open so Tom could see the muscles of Arnold's huge chest and abdomen. Tom whistled appreciatively. "Whew. You've been doing some major work there, Arnold. Man. That's some pec you've got there. What've you been doing?" "Just a lot of hard work." "And not much else. That's amazing. You look real good, there, Arnold. Real good. It's good to see you again." The two men embraced and kissed. "I'm glad you took us up on our offer." "Yeah. It looks like everything's going to be fine. I like Ivan's style." "Hah. If there's one thing Ivan's got, it's style. I don't know if he's ever done anything wrong, but you can bet it would be the best 'wrong' ever done. He's amazing. You like your digs?" "Yeah. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for just one night." "One night?" Tom and Judy looked at each other knowingly. "Perhaps he didn't tell you. That's your room. Period. For now on until you don't work here anymore. We've had our place for almost two years now. Whenever we come into town we always have place to stay. Even if we're not performing." Arnold and Ed looked at each other dumbfounded. Their own place? "Aw, man. This is too much. Hey, Arn. We have fallen into some shit, huh?" "I'm a bit overwhelmed, myself. Are you sure?" "Yep. Judy and I had the same feelings when we first came here. But, yeah. That's your place." "If we can ever find it again." "Oh, don't worry. Ivan just likes to play that little secret agent game. By the weekend you'll have your own keys and passwords to get into the place. But don't ask us where we are, now. Ivan would get real upset if we blew his secret." "So what are you two doing here?" "Ivan didn't tell you that, either?" "No." "We're your opening act." "No!" "Yeah. When we heard that he'd gotten you to come in tonight we figured there was no way we'd be able to top you. So we Preteen Lolita Models asked to be put on first. Besides, that way we can watch you two and not have to worry about keeping our cool for the show. The word is out that you two make a very exciting team." "We have an awful big reputation to live up to. I hope certain parts of my anatomy don't suffer from anxiety attacks." "Ivan's been pumping Arnie and me up all the way over here. But if we've gotta follow you two, I don't know. Arnie's told me all about your evening together. I wished I'd lived just a few hours down the road so he would have picked me up before stopping that night. I would have loved to have been there." "That was quite a night. You made a big difference in our lives, Arnold. I don't know if you noticed, but we've changed almost as much as you have. Inside, that is. Something happened that night that untied a lot of knots inside me and Judy. We didn't realize it at first, but later we started noticing things about ourselves. We felt more relaxed, more easy with ourselves. I started to feel real good about myself and Judy. Found I didn't need another person around to subjugate myself to in order to get off. And Judy. Well, you saw for yourself." Judy wrapped her arm around Arnold's neck and hugged him to her. She planted a big, wet kiss on his cheek and tousled his hair. "I can't even begin to explain how different I feel from a few months ago. I don't think there's much left of the old, stuffed shirt, possessive, stick-up-the-ass I used to be. Look at me smile, for God's sake. I never used to smile. And Tom and I are married." "No kidding. That's great. Congratulations." Arnold threw his arms around both of them and hugged them to his huge chest. Ed started to feel a bit left out and wondered what that thing between himself and Tom had been a couple of minutes ago. He wasn't sure now if it had been his own imagination or if Tom had been genuinely interested. Tom saw Ed's discomfort and pulled away from Arnold. "So. Let's get a look at the competition. What'd'ya say?" "You take Ed, there. I get Arnie cuz I saw him first." Judy slipped Arnold's shirt off his shoulders and stood, awe-struck, before him. He was so much bigger than just a few months ago. She looked over at Tom who was standing in front of Ed. "Can I unbutton your shirt, Ed?" "Uh, yeah. Sure." Tom undid each button with a feeling of ritual. As he opened each one, revealing more and more of Ed's broad, well-developed chest, his own cock became harder and harder until, by the last button, it was standing straight out from his groin, throbbing with the beat of his heart. His reaction was not missed by the other three and Ed was blushing terribly. He held his arms away from his body so Tom could remove the shirt. Then Tom stood back and scanned his eyes over Ed's torso. He shook his head. "Ivan would be very angry if he knew what my thoughts are right now. You mind if I undo your pants?" "Go ahead. Feeling kind of silly standing here with clothes on and everyone else naked." Indeed, Judy had already succeeded in completely stripping Arnold . She, too, was standing back and admiring the view. Tom undid Ed's belt and then the snap and zipper. Before pulling Ed's pants to the floor, though, he ran his hand down the outline of Ed's cock, his eyes closed, a smile of ecstasy on his face. "Mmmmm." "I think you'd better not do that too much, Tom. I'm having a real hard time keeping things under control, right now." Tom grabbed Ed's pants about halfway down the thighs and pulled them to the floor. Ed's semi-erect cock leapt out as soon as the pants cleared the head and (accidentally?) hit Tom on the cheek. Tom's mouth quickly followed the head and, before anyone could, or would want to, do anything about it, he was sucking the long, thick cock into his mouth. Ed groaned deeply and enjoyed Tom's attentions for a moment before slowly pushing his head away. Tom looked up at him, his eyes filled with desire. Ed shook his head slowly and brought the man back to his feet. "Hey, Arnold." "Yeah, Judy." "I think we have a small problem here." "You think they've forgotten about us?" "Who?" "Just as I thought. Well, as long as we're here, I might as well get some use out off this incredible equipment. What does he need all this stuff for?" Tom was able to pull himself away from Ed and answer, a bit dreamily, "Some of the shows have big casts. Everyone's down here pumping up at the same time. It gets quite thick in here. Everyone's got hard-ons and stiff nipples. It can get quite wonderful. And you should see the cast parties afterwards. Anything you want, anywhere, anytime. Quite amazing." "So this is just a little show." "Not by the looks of you two." "You know what I mean." "We've got one more cast member who is being lazy right now. She should be here shortly. By the way, clothing is always optional around here, once you get down onto this floor." "What's this 'arena' like. I mean, Ivan showed Arnie and me a tape on the way over. It looks kind of. . . ah. . . " "Sinister?" "Yeah." "Don't let it get to you. When Tom and I did our first show here we were so scared Tom couldn't get it up in the dressing room. And he can always get it up. But we got up there and, I don't know, something happens when the curtain goes up. Some people swear Ivan's got a secret scent he sprays around. Whatever it is, it works. There's only been one time in my life I've been more turned on than when I'm up on stage." She reached out and took Arnold's huge, flaccid cock in her hand and stroked it lovingly. "Can't imagine when that was." "In fact, Tom and I have used the memory of that night to generate some incredible stage fantasies. We figured we'd change the program a little tonight so the audience doesn't get too bored, if that's possible." "Ivan said you get a bit, how did he put it, confrontational." "Yeah. Actually, Tom's the bad guy. He's got these two helpless females," all three men laughed at that, "locked in his room. He has his way with them but they get free and end up raping him. You should see it. Tom gets raped real good." "Yeah. I really hate it when I'm forced to have sex with two unbelievably sexy, muscular women who make me cum until I pass out." "I hate that when it happens. Why just the other night I was telling Arnie. . ." A voice was heard over loudspeakers in the room. "Tom, Judy?" It was the incredibly sultry Carol. Judy answered. "Yeah Carol. We're in the gym." "Just wanted to let you know we're about fifteen minutes from getting started. You want to round up your crew and head up here?" "Sure thing, Carol. Could you give Barb a call in the dressing room?" "No problem. See you in a few." Arnold and Ed looked at each other. The name Barb rang a bell. Ed asked if this was the same Barb he'd had an encounter with the previous day. "Yep. I think that's why she's hiding out," said Tom. "I'm afraid you did some serious damage to her normally ice-cold libido. She's actually gotten sensitive on us. I hope she'll be able to swing the 'cold, ruthless bitch' act when it comes time." "Don't you worry your pretty little head, you little cocksucker. You just get your ass up on that stage and let me get my hands on your ruddy little cock. I'm gonna kick your ass, worm." The four of them turned around to see Barb, naked, ripped and beautiful, standing on the landing inside the automatic door. The smile on her face assured them she was just getting into character. She sauntered down the stairs, came over to Ed and pressed her strong, taut body against his, giving him a deep, long kiss and rubbing her hand up and down his semi-erect shaft. "Well, well, well. If it isn't the dynamic duo. You boy's got a lot of nerve treating a lady like that." She turned to Tom and Judy. "I get called up to the office in the middle of a workout and the next thing I know I'm lying on the floor with this big, beautiful cock ramming up inside me, making me cum so bad I can't see straight even now. Buddy, I don't know where you learned that shit, but you are one bad mother. You ready for tonight?" "I guess so. Arnie and I are new to this, so I'm not so sure what it's like." "Just be yourself. Don't force anything. If it don't work in the bedroom, it don't work on stage. Be cool. If you're half as good tonight as you were yesterday you two are gonna walk outta here extremely wealthy individuals. You may even break my record." "You're the one who. . ." "That's right, big boy. Seventeen thousand smackers. And you got it for free." "Worth every penny of it, too." "Listen, Tom, if I didn't have to go upstairs and fuck your brains out tonight I'd punch your lights out for you." Carol's marvelous voice flowed from the loudspeakers again. "Ten minutes. Ten minutes until curtain." "Is she as sexy as her voice?" "Who? Carol?" "Yeah. When I answered the phone back in the dressing room I thought I was going to cum right on the phone. I think she's got the hots for Ed, though." "So you haven't met Carol, yet." Tom's voice held just the slightest bit of mischief. Arnold looked at Judy and Barb and they, too, were trying to stifle a laugh. "Okay, what gives?" "Never mind, Arnold. You'll meet Carol soon enough. Just plan on being surprised. Come on, group. Let's get the audience warmed up for our friends, here. Arnie. Ed. Have a great show. I know you'll knock 'em dead. We'll be watching on the TV. See if you can catch some of our act, as well." "Wouldn't miss it for the world, Tom. You folks have fun." They all exchanged hugs and kisses which lingered on far too long to be casual. Arnold noticed that they were going upstairs without any clothes on. "Hey. Where are your costumes?" "Don't have any time for clothes, mega-stud. We're doing the short version so's the audience can have more fun with you two." Barb rubbed her hands across Arnold's broad chest and then brought her tongue down to lightly lap at one of his erect nipples. "Mmm, mmm. Sure do like that white meat. If I got anything left tonight, you mind if I belly up to the bar with you two?" "We'll have to see, Barb. Ed and I aren't planning on having much left, ourselves." "Ivan wouldn't want it any other way." Tom spoke loudly as if knowing that Ivan would be listening. "Come on, ladies. The show must go on." Tom, Judy and Barb headed for the back of the gym and boarded an elevator which arrived as soon as they approached the door. As the door slid shut, Judy could be seen dropping to her knees in front of Tom's raging hard-on. Both Arnold and Ed stared at the elevator door for several moments, waiting for. . . what? They heaved a collective sigh and then gazed around the huge gym, which they now had all to themselves. It seemed very empty without the wonderful energy of the other three. Arnold sat down on the pec deck and did a few reps with the weight Tom had been using. Ed watched for a couple of minutes and then wandered over to a bicep station. Slowly, steadily they got into their rhythm and were soon grunting and heaving themselves into each exercise. They'd occasionally stop to check pose in the mirrors that lined one wall, and then go back to work, but they didn't say much to each other. They were both very deep in their own thoughts.
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