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Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 38: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== This time when the morning comes around there is absolutely no question as to where he is and who he is there with and why it is all the way it is. Instead of the usual morning fog, Arnold is instantly awake and aware of his surroundings. He is absolutely petrified. He remembers every single minute detail of the previous evening. Every aching moment of exquisite bliss. Unfortunately he also remembers that he experienced this aching bliss with the wife of the husband of the people whose hospitality he is taking advantage of. The only single fact of the previous evening that he can't track down is why he seemed to think, at the time it was happening, that it was perfectly okay. It would be nice if he could just pick up his clothes and sneak out the back door. He could be halfway to anywhere before the posse came looking for him. He is sure David was a forgiving, wonderful person and all. But the reason he can't just sneak out and disappear is that his huge, still erect penis is buried to a great extent deep in the vagina of David's wife, Mary. Okay, Arnold. Don't panic. Not that he was one to pass the buck, but it does take two to tango. Especially the tango he and Mary performed last night. At least two. He still couldn't figure out what had happened. The heat. Light. Force. Explosion. Time. Space. Everything had been distorted and confused. And then they had done it again. Only slowly. Controlled. With a tenderness and caring that could only have come from someone who really loved. And now, here he was, still buried cock deep in this incredible woman's womb of joy and love. She was stirring. Her eyes fluttering open. A smile of pure, ecstatic joy spreads over her face and she pulls his face down to hers and kisses him deep and long and hard and fully. Arnold's cock presses hard into her and they both move. Not towards orgasm, but just to feel each other. "Good morning, David." Oh, shit. She thinks he's her husband. What now? Was everything last night done thinking he was her husband. Good luck getting out of this one. "Good morning, love. You look absolutely ravished." Arnold spun around, whipping himself out of Mary's clasping vagina. Top Lolita Sites Standing a mere three feet away was the most perfectly developed male body he had ever seen. Completely unclothed. A look of absolute joy covered his face. His muscles were swollen and pumped, veins and arteries covering his body. And a huge semi-hard erection stood out from Top Lolita Sites his groin. He spread his huge arms out to Arnold and entreated him to stand. Arnold placed his hands in David's and the older man drew him to his feet. He pulled him towards him and enfolded him with his strong, loving arms. Arnold felt his hard, wet penis slip along the side of David's and then between his legs. David's own huge member pressed down between Arnold's thick, muscular thighs. David ground his crotch against him and his cock grew rapidly harder. "Nice cock. You're very wet and slippery. Did Mary make you sleep inside her all night? She does that to me a lot." Arnold became quite uncomfortable. He wasn't sure what the situation was here and needed to be alone for a few minutes. And he really had to pee. "Good morning, David. Morning, Mary. I need to find a bathroom." "It's right around the corner, down the hall on your Top Lolita Sites right." Arnold thanked him and made a mad dash, happy to be out of there. He had no idea how he would explain last night, or even if he had to explain. He had the usual problems with taking a pee with a hard-on and then splashed some water on his face to clear his eyes and stimulate his brain. And kill a little time, putting off the inevitable. Perhaps Mary would be in there right now smoothing things over. He dried off and went back to the tatami room. He knocked on the door. "Come on in, Arnold." He stepped into the room and found the two locked in an incredibly passionate embrace. Mary was on her back with some pillows piled beneath her head. David was on top of her and they were grinding their hips together and kissing deeply. After a few seconds David slowly rolled off to the side, completely unconcerned, and lay there looking up and the naked youth standing before him. David's cock was raging hard and bounced vigorously with his heartbeat. He was easily has big as Ed in length and certainly larger in girth. His cock was dark, dark purple, covered with veins. The head spread widely and was another third in diameter over the huge shaft that supported it. Arnold remembered the incredible sensation of Billy's cock inside him. His whole body tingled at the thought of having this massive man holding his ass, ramming his huge cock into him. David stood and walked over to Arnold, placing his hands on the boy's shoulders. He scanned Arnold's body with a combination of expertise and pure joy at beholding his beauty. It slowly dawned on Arnold that David was, for some reason, happy �one might say overjoyed even � to have found Arnold laying on a heap of pillows in his tatami room with his eleven-and-a-half inch hard-on embedded in his wife's vagina. The fear of disaster that had blanketed Arnold's mind slowly changed to a sheepish grin. He couldn't keep his eyes from roaming over David's magnificent body. He had to have just finished some sort of workout for his body glowed with the pump. He realized that David was waiting for him to say something. A million thoughts rushed through his head. The events of last night were still unexplained. The events of yesterday were still unresolved. He hadn't said one word of thanks or greeting to this man since meeting him the day before. And he was absolutely breathtaking. "You're very beautiful." "Thank you, Arnold. So are you. You seem to be in higher spirits then when last we met. I trust Mary has been of some comfort to you? I hope she wasn't too overwhelming?" "Ah, David?" "Yes, love?" "There's something I think you should know about our guest here." David heard the level of concern in Mary's voice. He took a long hard look into Arnold's eyes, then sat down on a pile of pillows. He pulled Arnold down with him and bade him sit beside him. His large, muscular arm hung heavily on the boy's shoulders, his huge bicep pressed against the back of his neck. Arnold could feel the blood pulsing through the huge blood vessel that ran across the crest of the massive muscle. He wanted to press into it, feel its strength, its texture, but the tone of Mary's voice signaled a moment of great importance to the two of them. David's gaze locked firmly on Mary's eyes. "It seems that we made a slight error when we interpreted Sam's description of our friend's sexual energy. We should have realized what scale she was measuring against when she used words like 'amazing' and 'earth-shattering' and 'staggering'." Arnold blushed deeply. That Sam would have talked about him in such terms to anyone was embarrassing. This was the first time Top Lolita Sites he had heard a secondhand account of his prowess. He was not used to it. Mary noticed his reaction to her words. "I'm sorry, Arnold. Sam talked about you extensively after the two of you met. It was her idea to send you to us. She thought we would be able to help you along your path." She turned her attention back to David. "The problem, David, is that our friend here seems to be a lot further along certain roads we travel than any of us suspected." She related her version of what had happened in that room the previous night, including what Arnold thought were all sorts of extraneous descriptions regarding their activities. His eyes kept flashing back to David to see how he would react to his wife's details of her enjoyment of Arnold's huge cock and bulging muscles and sensational energy and techniques and her own overwhelming, explosive orgasm. As she told her story David slowly scanned the room, taking in details as if seeing everything for the first time. The torn drapery, the overturned furniture, the dissected pillows. He seemed to be smelling, tasting, hearing and feeling the room with new senses, trying to capture, for himself, the essence of the previous night's events. He never let go of Arnold's shoulder, never gave any indication of a change in his attitude towards the boy. Arnold's head seemed to buzz and spin a bit as he relived the previous night through Mary's description. When she got to the part about the "explosion," as she called it, he felt a shot of white hot heat course down the length of his semi-rigid cock and out to the rest of his body. He could tell that David had felt something, too. They looked at each other. David pulled him closer and wrapped both arms around the boy's shoulders, hugging him to him. They stayed that way for a few moments, and then Arnold felt a second set of hands on his back. They rubbed and stroked him, sending calming waves through his body. Mary pressed harder with her hands and pushed the tension, which Arnold hadn't even realized he was carrying within him, out to the extremities of his body and then away. Slowly Arnold began to relax. When David and Mary felt he had regained his balance they pulled away. David turned his attention full on Arnold. "How about you, Arnold? Could you tell us what you think happened here?" Arnold ran the events through his head. Was there anything he could add to what Mary and said? Was there anything else he wanted to say about then, about now, about Mary or David or Ed or Sam? Somehow they all seemed to be part of this. "I'm not sure what any of this has to do with anything, but I can't help feel that everything that has happened in the past couple of days has been the Top Lolita Sites reason for what happened last night. As I sit here trying to piece together reasons and events, I keep thinking about everyone I've met in the last couple of weeks. Everything I've done. How I've affected the people I've made love to and how they've affected me. What happened last night seemed to be the next thing that should have happened. I was upset, I was alone inside myself and I was searching, real hard, for some answers. Mary made me look deep down inside myself and be real honest with my feelings. She made me see how I've spent a good portion of my life trying to make the world love me and suddenly I saw how little I loved myself. "It's not just that I saw this, but I suddenly saw why and how I could love myself. As we made love afterwards, I began to enjoy what was happening to me, rather than just thinking about and enjoying what was happening to Mary. That's when things got intense and the next thing I knew we'd set off some kind of bomb or something. I'm surprised we didn't wake you up with all the noise. It sure scared the hell out of us." David was silent, still, contemplative. His gaze dove deep into Arnold's eyes, held him captivated, unblinking. He was looking for something. Arnold had no idea what was expected of him so he did nothing, waiting for this massive, beautiful man to release him from his spell. No one moved for quite a few minutes. When David finally took a deep breath Arnold relaxed and became aware that Mary had left the room. When? How? The door was directly in his line of sight, behind David's head. He realized he had seen nothing but the pupils of David's eyes during the entire time. She could have walked out with a marching band and he probably wouldn't have noticed. It was now just the two of them. He thought he should feel uncomfortable, but he wasn't. He knew what would happen next, hoped, dreamed. Every fiber in his body cried out to touch and be touched by this huge, bulging, well-hung superman with the deep, searching eyes and warm, loving smile. He waited. He had been in the driver's seat too much the past several days. This time he wanted to just go along for the ride. He'd do anything this man wanted, but he didn't feel like initiating anything himself. David sensed the boy's desires and reached out his hand to take the huge cock and squeeze it. He held it and hefted it, stroked it, and then bent forward, raised the head to his lips and licked it, at first lightly, then a little more vigorously and finally he descended on Top Lolita Sites the shaft and sucked it deeply. Arnold's eyes traveled over the massive back that spread out before him. He extended his arms and massaged the huge knots of unbelievable muscle that covered it. He had a sudden need to be pressed against this man's awe-inspiring body. He laid backwards and pulled David's Top Lolita Sites head up off the end of his rigid cock and up to his mouth. Their lips pressed together and Arnold's arms wrapped tightly around David's chest. Their huge cocks lay pressed between their bodies, side by side. Arnold could feel the hot length of David's member against his own. Their hips began pumping and he felt the ridges of the man's rock-hard abdomen move up and down his manflesh. Their embraces became more vigorous and they rolled about the room, squeezing and hugging, their actions becoming like a wrestling match. Arnold remembered his wonderful bout with Tom in the motel room the night before. This time he wanted to loose. Huge arms and necks and thighs and pecs and backs and gluts and lats and delts and cocks bumped together and rubbed and entwined. At one point Arnold found himself escaping from a wrestle hold and on his feet before the kneeling David. The huge man's arm shot between Arnold's legs and Arnold pressed himself down on the massive bicep. He ground his scrotum and cock into the hot, pulsing muscle as David powerfully flexed his arm causing it to swell. Arnold grabbed his cock and pressed it into the top of the bicep and felt a shudder within him. His cock drooled across David's arm and down into his deep-set pit. David grabbed the cock and squeezed it, pressing it hard against his arm, against his pec, the head of it against his nipple, letting the slow stream of pre-cum wash across the huge plates of strength that decorated his upper torso. He reached up and pulled Arnold's head down to his own and mashed his lips against the boy's. Arnold tumbled forward to the floor and David was on top of him. Again and again their lips met in hard, soul-draining kisses. Hands ran through hair, over muscles, along hard, poker-hot shafts, into armpits, between legs and finally, with Arnold on his hands and knees, he felt the first tentative exploration of his rectum. He froze. For a second. He felt David hold his breath, not knowing if what he had done was acceptable. Arnold moved quickly and rammed his asshole back onto the inquisitive finger. It went in up to the second knuckle. Breathing began again; heavy, deep, gulping breaths as the two men struggled with their passion. David worked his finger in and out of the boy's tight asshole, loosening the muscle there. With his other hand he reached between Arnold's thick, powerful thighs and took his huge testicles in his hand and began squeezing and rolling them. "Oh. Oh. Oh, David. Yes. Yes. Do it. Do it now. I want you. Do it now." He felt the man change positions and then his finger slowly slid out of him, to be replaced immediately by the pressure of his huge penis head against his ass. He heard a spitting sound as David lubricated his cock. Arnold could not wait a second longer. He began pushing back against the hot, throbbing shaft and slowly impaled himself. When he felt the muscles of his sphincter pop open he jerked back quickly and David was inside. "Fuck me, David. Hard. All the way. Fill me up with your cock." David grabbed hold of Arnold's waist and pulled his ass back towards him. Slowly, steadily, his huge, thick cock disappeared inside the boy's ass. He thought he had gone far enough but Arnold continued to press himself back until his shaft had been completely enclosed. Arnold gave his ass a little wiggle to get the last precious millimeters of cock inside him. "There. That's how I like it. Now fuck me." David needed no further encouragement. He had never before been taken so completely by any man. The pressure of the boy's ass pressed viciously on his aching cock. He pulled out until just the head remained inside and then started to push back in. Arnold couldn't stand it and rammed his ass back against the man's crotch. They both screamed in an incredible mixture of pleasure and pain. "Come on, man. Fuck me. Hard. Come on." David pulled out again. He had also never been inside any man so eager to be fucked. There was usually a great deal of pain involved with this. He rammed his cock back in to the limit and his balls swung forward and smacked the back of Arnold's heavily loaded scrotum. All four testicles cringed at the collision. He pulled out and slammed in again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And he was cumming. He felt his huge balls contract and his head spin and he thought it would be nice to. . . to. . . hold off. . . oh. . . oh. . . oh my God I think I'm gonna. . . oh. . . no. . . what's. . . oh shit. . . oh. . . yes. . . yes. . . Yes. . . Ssssshhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiit. . . Waves of cum juice flew up his cock and shot out of the huge slit in the top of his large, flaring cockhead. The world shrunk down to a small spot on Arnold's back that would be just about where the tip of his thick, spewing cock would be reaching at its inmost point. He grabbed Arnold's sides to steady himself and his hips kept flying back and forth, completely out of his control, sending volley after volley of cum juice into this gorgeous ass. Arnold clamped his asshole down and continued to ram back against David's attacks. He felt the cock thicken within him, felt the tension of the other man's desire, felt the need for release, even felt David's attempt to delay it for a moment. This would not do. He wanted his insides coated with this gorgeous man's cum. He wanted to feel the shots of sperm travel up the shaft and splatter his insides. He wanted to make the man cum and cum and cum. He wanted to feel alive and fully male; cock and cock and balls and balls and sperm and sperm and huge muscles pressed together and shaking with exertion. The smell of their bodies flooded his brain. He reached back between his legs and waited for David's next thrust forward. When it came he grabbed the man's heavy, swinging scrotum and held tight. David froze, Arnold squeezed and the cum rocketed into him. He yelled a celebration as he felt filled and connected. "Fuck me. Oh, don't stop. Don't stop. So big. So hard. Oh, yes. Oh yes." David continued ramming his cock deep into Arnold's hungry ass. Even after his balls had shot their last drop of cum up his huge dick he kept slamming away. His cock remained painfully erect and cried out for more. He had no control and, although he needed to stop, his hips continued to ram his huge shaft up Arnold's asshole. He became exhausted and finally, when there was no more energy left in him he threw his hips forward once more with a Herculean effort and collapsed across Arnold's back, his shaft buried deep inside him making little jumping movements, shuddering in the last rumblings of his amazing orgasm. His chest heaved with deep breaths that were insufficient to feed his need. He tried to breath deeper but there didn't seem to be enough oxygen. The room swam and went blank. Arnold sensed that David had passed out. His huge pecs were pressed deliciously against his back. He slowly lowered himself down onto his chest and lay there quietly, enjoying the feeling of the huge cock inside him slowly softening, slipping from him, the muscular arms that lay along his sides, the hot, deep breaths of the man who lay unconscious on top of him. His own still rigid cock cried Top Lolita Sites out for release. It pressed into the rough surface of the tatami. His huge balls ached with their pent up load. He had an intense desire to push and thrust but the texture of the mat and the tenderness of his cock prevented him. He lay still in torturous, excruciating, intense, exquisite agony. He couldn't wait until David came around so that he could press himself to that huge body once again. He dozed. He woke. David was rolling off him and his thick, semi-flaccid cock was dragging across the back of his thigh. Cool air rushed across his now exposed back sending delicious chills up and down his spine. His scrotum tightened, hauling his huge, aching balls up against the base of his still rigid rod. His sphincter muscles were slowly contracting and a slight, stretched out, aching feeling overcame him. He wondered if he had done the right thing. He rolled over to see how his lover was doing and his huge cock flipped over and wacked David on the stomach. It was still fully erect. David's hand came up and grabbed the shaft and began to run his hand up and down its length, jerking Arnold off. It was dry and tender though, so Arnold had to ask him to stop after just a few strokes. "Is there a shower around? I know you could use a little cleaning up. I wouldn't mind joining you." David turned to Arnold. His eyes were still glazed over. He hadn't understood a word Arnold had said. Actually, he couldn't even remember Arnold's name at the moment. He would have been lucky to remember his own name began with. . . with. . . oh, fuck it. His eyes fluttered closed and deep breathing set in. He was out of it. Arnold was in need of some way to clean up so he went out in search of a shower. He assumed that clothing was optional around the house and so thought it would be okay if he didn't try to get his gym shorts over the end of his huge, stiff cock. He found his way back to the kitchen where he had left his bags the night before. As he was down beside the table where he had dropped them he heard voices coming from another room. He walked to the far end of the kitchen which opened into a family room, the center of which was filled by a large sectional sofa. As he peered over the back of it he could see a head of hair and a naked ass pop into view and then disappear again. There was some laughter and then two heads popped up from behind the sofa. They both turned to him, stared for a second and then burst into laughter again. "Good morning, Arnie." "Morning, Ed. Hi, Mary. Sorry to intrude. I was just looking for a shower." "Can't David show you?" "Well. . . he's sort of. . . uh. . . " "Arnold, you didn't." "I'm afraid so. He just sort of passed out." "Is he okay?" "I think so. He's just sleeping it off. I guess he was already pretty exhausted from his morning workout or whatever." Both Ed and Mary burst out laughing again. "What's so funny?" "I think I was his morning workout, Arnie." "No wonder. Well, anyway. I need a shower." "From the looks of you, you need more than that. Mind if we join you?" "Both of you?" "They've got this incredible bathroom upstairs. It can take all of us and still have room for stick ball." "Sure. I don't mind." Mary and Ed jumped over the back of the sofa. They were both, indeed, naked and Ed sported a rather substantial erection, himself. Mary's beautiful, firm, muscular breasts were capped with two erect nipples that looked so inviting, Arnold couldn't help stare at them. "Isn't she the most beautiful person you've ever laid eyes on? I never knew there was anything so gorgeous in the whole world." "Yeah, Ed. She's pretty incredible all right." Memories of the previous night's activities came rushing back into his mind. As she crossed the room toward him he reached out his hand and took one of her beautiful breasts. He lowered his head and sucked the nipple into his mouth, gently nipping it with his teeth. Mary threw back her head, closed her eyes and moaned. She grabbed the sides of Arnold's head and pressed her breast hard against him. Ed, feeling a little left out, moved off and leaned against the kitchen counter. He was pouting. Mary opened her eyes and looked around in mock surprise. "Hey. What the hell do you think you're doing? This is where you're supposed to wrap your strong, sturdy arms around me from behind and press your eager, rigid cock against my backside, entreating me to bend over so that you can slip your hot throbbing member into my steaming, aching cunt." She growled low in her throat. "Or something like that." Ed smiled and realized he was being a jerk. The share and share alike attitude he was encountering here was a bit different from anything he had dealt with before. He tried to shrug off the awkwardness of the situation by making light of it. "Actually, I had sort of set my heart on pole vaulting. I was waiting for you to get out of the way so I could get a clear shot at it." He nodded towards Arnold's huge erection. Mary dropped her gaze to it, smiled mischievously and looked back at Ed. "Last one to the top's a rotten egg." She dropped to her knees. Ed ran over and joined her. Arnold stood there puzzled. Suddenly they were both attacking him with their tongues. They started at the bottom of his scrotum, each licking and sucking one of his enormous testicles. Then they worked their way slowly, slowly, slowly up to the base of his cock and then nibbled and sucked their way along the length of his aching member. "Oh, God. Yes. Oh, suck me. Suck me hard. Ah. Uh. Uh. Oh, my balls. . . my balls. . . they hurt. . . oh, make me cum. . . I gotta cum. . . suck it. . . suck it. . . yes. . . yes. . . I'm cumming. . . I'm gonna cum. . . grab it. . . grab my cock. . . I'm cumming. . . oh. . . oh. . . oh. . . Oh. . . OHHHHHHHHH. . . I. . . I. . . AAAAHHHHHHIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE. . . huh. . . huh. . . huh. . . huh. . . huh. . . huh. . . huh. . . huh. . . huhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank you. Thank you. Both of you. Oh, God." He wasn't sure which one of them had taken him into their mouth and swallowed his cum as it had rocketed out of his cock. He looked down and both of them were licking their lips. Never mind. It didn't matter. "Come on, boys. Let's find us a shower. I just want to look in on David. See if he wants to join us." The threesome wandered back to the tatami room. The thought of being in the shower with both these amazing bodies excited Arnold and Ed. The thought of being in the shower with all three of these amazing bodies really excited Ed. The thought of being in the shower with all three of these wonderful, sexy men excited Mary so much her cunt ached. She loved her husband more Top Lolita Sites than life itself. He was her friend, her lover, her workout partner, her team mate, her soul. And David would say the same thing about her. But the one thing that both of them loved about the other was their endless, boundless desire to taste each sensation and experience that was offered them. They both understood the huge, insatiable sexual appetites that were part and parcel of their lifestyle. Constantly working their bodies Top Lolita Sites up into physical frenzies, the ever-present stimulation of their muscles, the perpetual contact with beautiful, muscular bodies, steamy and hot and energized and yearning to be touched and held and satisfied. The sex was as much a part of it as anything. In fact it was one of the reasons for it. They built their bodies to make the sex more phenomenal. The sex was more phenomenal because of their bodies. And that meant all the bodies. Including the two bodies that were with her right now, their huge, beautiful cocks hanging gloriously and deliciously between their legs, balls swollen with an almost never-ending supply of cum as only eighteen-year-old balls could be. One look at David told her what he had been through. . . and up to. Or up in. She gave Arnold an appreciative look. There were few who would willingly take her husband's immense cock inside. But then, there were few like Arnold. She had no idea what had happened in here, but David looked devastated. There was no one, absolutely no one, who had ever worn David out. She went to him and straddled his chest, kneeling down until she was on top of him. She leaned over and kissed him deeply on the mouth. He stirred and his hands came up around Mary's neck, pulling her closer. The two boys watched as the thick, flaccid cock, reclining across his left thigh, began to stir and stiffen. He raised himself up on his elbows, shook his head and stretched his body. The muscles of his legs expanded and ballooned. He extended his arms out and flexed and stretched them; the biceps leapt into huge mounds on his upper arms. Arnold watched him carefully as each muscle tensed and grew. He measured himself against this huge man and saw where similarities existed between them. He knew he was about the same size as David, had the same bone structure. The various muscles seemed to be the same length on both their bodies. He saw that, with the right work, the right guidance, he would soon look very much like the fantastic body that lay before him, stretched out under the fantastic body of his wife. He couldn't wait to see the two of them in action, posing, crunching, tensing, pressing. His cock throbbed, yet again, with desire. With a body like that he would be devastating.
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