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Young Lolita

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Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 42: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real Young Lolita persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== As the summer months drew on Arnold and Ed were able to find solutions to their personal matters and formed a bond between them. Nothing was ever said about Mr. Ridell. Together, with Mary and David, the two boys dove into a body building regimen that perplexed those who watched them. Arnold was driven by an obsession to become as big as David. Ed was driven by his need for acceptance into this new circle of friends. It was what everyone else was doing, so he had to also if he didn't want to be left out. But before long the bug had severely bitten and Ed found himself pushing through painful, muscle blowing reps when the last ounce of energy had been expended long before. And loving it. And loving Arnold. He had quickly come under the spell of sex with Arnold. They all had. And Arnold never seemed to run out of energy. He would drive himself through powerful workouts all day long, sometimes seven days a week, and then get back to the house and dive into a series of isolated exercises that would focus on one or another muscle group. His huge body got more so. With amazing speed he approached his goal. Day after day he would stand in front of the huge mirror in the basement gym. Work the pec a little more. Try a different hand position on that curl. Place the tension on the dorsals a little lower to bring out this one small knot of a muscle that seemed to be the key to David's powerful back. Push and push and push until he couldn't move the muscle with no weight on it at all. And then he would seek out one of the other three, or two of them, Young Lolita or all three of them and dive himself into intense sexual couplings that would leave them all devastated and drained. David and Mary became concerned Young Lolita about Arnold's growth. It seemed to be happening too quickly. Would he reach burnout? Would there be some sort of crash, a point where his body would just give out, unable to keep up with his drive? Ed didn't seem to care. He was getting bigger, stronger, had enough sex for two or three other people and more love than he had ever dreamed there was in the entire world. He would workout with Arnold in the basement, spotting for him, taking turns when Arnold's body cried out for a brief rest. Watching this beautiful boy press and squeeze the last drop of energy out of every single rep. They always worked in the nude unless some exercise required special protection. At the most they wore a jockstrap and weightlifting belt. But as the evening's activities would come to a close and Arnold would be screaming with agony as he pressed a bar bell with twenty pounds on it into the air for the five hundredth time, the air would become filled with the smell of their efforts, their bodies sweaty, their crotches hot. Their cocks would stiffen, pushing their jockstraps out. Ed loved the smell of Arnold's cock when it was like this. He'd wait until the last rep was finished and then press his face against the other boy's crotch, breathing deeply the smell of his heady cock odor. One afternoon, towards the end of summer, Arnold got back from the gym and dug out the note that Tom and Judy had given him. He was very happy with the way his life had been going the last few months, but sensed there needed to be more soon. He was sure it had something to do with getting back in touch with the rest of the world, but he had little money left from what Mr. Ridell and the Patterson's had given him. They had been living mostly on the generosity of their hosts and, although the couple would hear nothing of money from the two boys, Arnold felt he and Ed were taking up too much space in the other's lives. This guy, Ivan, might be the answer to their predicament. He read the note for the hundredth time: We have a friend where you're going who can help you if you want to make some money. Lot's of money. He remembered that night of sex and knew their friend, Ivan, would probably have something to do with that. He called the number on the note. The phone rang four times and then an answer machine picked up. "Hello. This is Ivan. I can't come to the phone right now but if you leave your name and number I'll get back to you. If you're calling about the schedule, time and date remain as announced. Beep." "Hello, Ivan. My name's Arnold. I met a couple of friends of yours, Tom and Judy, earlier this summer and they gave me your name. Said you might have some work for me. My. . ." There was a click and a voice cut in. It was the same one as on the announcement. "Hello, Arnold. Ivan here. Sorry about the machine, but I like to know who I'm talking too. How're you doing?" "I'm fine, thanks. Do you know who I am?" "Yes. Yes. Tom and Judy's friend. I've been waiting for your call." "Sorry I took so long getting around to it." "That's okay. Okay. I spoke with Tom just last week and he asked if you'd called yet. He says to say hi." "Thanks. Please do the same if you speak to him again." "Oh, I'll be seeing him this week." "Great." "So what can I do for you?" "Well, Tom mentioned that you might have some work for me." "What did he tell you?" "Nothing much. He left a note for me that seems a bit cryptic, actually. But I liked them a lot and figured any friend of theirs, et cetera, et cetera." "Well, they spoke very highly of you and your, ah, talents. I've actually been quite eager to meet you. Do you get downtown very often?" "Actually, no. I've been very involved with a family on the northwest side." "Why don't you come on down to the gym sometime and we can chat." "That would be great. Is it all right if I bring a friend along? I think you might be equally as interested in his, er, talents as well." Ivan laughed largely. "I like you, son. Sure. Bring your friend along. You know were Decker Street is?" "I'm sure I can find it. When is a good time for you?" "How's tomorrow?" "Tomorrow's just great. Say, ten o'clock?" "In the morning?" "Yeah?" "Son, the only time I see ten in the morning is sneaking up behind it from the night before. Let's say three o'clock. In the afternoon. 521 Decker Street. If anyone gives you any grief just tell 'em Ivan says to go fuck themselves. They'll leave you alone." "Three o'clock tomorrow. Fine. See you then. Thanks." "Thanks for calling, Arnold. I'm looking forward to meeting you. Bye." "Bye." Arnold hung up the phone. His heart was pounding, his breathing was rapid and his cock pressed excitedly against his pants leg. He ran his hand along the inside of his thigh, stroking the shaft, pressing against its heat, flexing it and making it jump against him. He knew this all had something to do with sex. The cryptic nature of it all seemed wonderfully dangerous and intriguing. And best of all, it meant money, independence. He laid down to take a nap, to let his body recover from the morning's workout. It had been chest and legs today and those body parts were humming with energy. His hot cock against his pumped thighs was making him very horny. The wonderful pain in his pecs, his favorite muscles, ached to be touched. He hoped that Ed, who had stayed after at the gym to talk with some women there, would be home to help him through his focus work. Tonight it was going to be arms. Perfect timing. He was going to walk into "The Body Works" tomorrow afternoon and blow Ivan's socks off. Arnold wasn't sure what this work was about, could only guess at its sexual nature, but knew that Ivan would not be able to resist him. He slipped off to sleep with thoughts of sexual acts with strange, wonderful people in strange, wonderful lands. "Arnie?" "Huh?" "Arnie, you awake?" "Huh? Ah, yeah. What time is it?" "It's four-thirty. You asked me to wake you up at four-thirty." "Oh, thanks. Yeah. I'm awake. When did you get home?" "A few minutes ago. I brought some friends along." "Friends?" "Yeah. Those two ladies I was talking to when you left the gym." "You need the bedroom?" "Huh? Oh, yeah. Maybe later. They asked if they could come along and watch." "Watch what, Ed? As if I don't already know." "Yeah. I told them about our focus work and they got all kinds of excited. Seems they've been keeping an eye on us for the past couple of weeks. Wanted to know if we were doing some kind of drug or something to make us so big so fast." "What'd you tell them?" "I said 'no way!', of course. Then I told them about the focus work and they got down on their hands and knees and begged me to bring them home to watch." "Hands and knees, Ed?" "Well, knees anyway. One of them. Looks like you could use a little 'on the knees' action yourself." Ed ran his hand up the inside of Arnold's thigh and squeezed the long tube of flesh that lay along side it in the pant leg. Arnold groaned but grabbed Ed's hand and pulled it away. "What's up, Arnie? You goin' celibate on us?" "Just don't want to dissipate the energy, Ed. Tonight's special. We've got to work extra hard tonight." There was a knock on the bedroom door and one of Ed's friends stuck her head in. "'Scuse me, but you mind if I use the bathroom?" "Nope. It's the next door down the hall on the left." "Thanks. Hi. I'm Heather." "Hi. I'm Arnie." "Yeah. I know. Seen you at the gym alot." "Yeah. I guess I've seen you there, too. We'll be out in a couple of minutes, okay?" "Sure. We'll be around." She giggled nervously and withdrew her head, leaving the door slightly ajar. "Could you close the door, Ed. And flip on a light, will ya." Ed pushed the door closed and snapped on the desk light over in the corner. He came back and sat on the edge of the bed next to Arnold and leaned on his arm, putting his hand on the mattress across the other boy's body. He stared at him for a few seconds, drinking in his beauty, his eyes scanning the face, the torso, the arms. He leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips, his other hand stroking Arnold's forehead and hair. Arnold pressed into him and the two locked in a passionate embrace, their hands roaming over the other's body, squeezing, pressing, caressing the huge bulges of muscle which lay beneath their clothing. Ed sat up and stared into Arnold's eyes. "You're really something, you know that?" "Thanks. I'm real glad you're along, too." "So. What's all this about?" "Here. Read this." Arnold handed Ed the note with Ivan's number on it. Ed read it, looked hard at Arnold and read it again. "I don't get it. I mean I don't have to ask what you did to these two. But what's with this Ivan guy?" "Don't really know. These are the folks I was with the night before I picked you up hitchhiking. When I got out of the shower that morning they'd split and left this note. That's all I know. I called him this afternoon and he wants to see us tomorrow at the gym." "Us?" "Yeah. I figured you might be into earning a little spare change. We've been running on generosity here all summer. I'm feeling the need for a little independence. Like Young Lolita the note says. We'll go have a friendly chat. If we don't like the deal, we'll bug out. These two folks were real up front and honest. If they recommend this guy, then that's good enough for me." "Great, but what's the deal?" "Don't know. Ivan was just as cryptic on the phone. I can only guess, from the note, that it has something to do with this," Arnold squeezed Ed's bicep, "this," he squeezed his pec, "and this," he reached into Ed's crotch and gave his cock a tender stroke. Ed's legs fell open and he pressed his groin up against Arnold's caressing hand. His eyes closed, his head fell back and his lips parted in a quiet moan of pleasure. "Ooooooh. Now look who's dissipating energy." Arnold pulled his hand away, breaking the spell abruptly. He flexed his stomach, bringing his legs up perpendicular to the bed and then swung them over Ed's head and down to the floor, putting him in a sitting position next to his friend. He threw his arm Young Lolita around the other boy's shoulders and shook him. "So, you see. That's why we have to kick ass tonight. With the work we did today in the gym and the misery we're going to put ourselves through this evening, we are going to be very, very hot when we waltz our well-hung bodies into Ivan's office tomorrow." "Great." "Oh-oh. What's up?" "Nothing. Come on. Let's get to work." "Nope. Not a chance. We're not walking into that torture chamber with a cloud hanging over us. You know the rules. Your turn. What's up?" "I don't know, Arnie. Something tells me this is going to have something to do with having sex with a bunch of strangers. Or in front of a bunch of strangers. Or both." "You feel uncomfortable about that." Statement, not question. "Yeah. Pretty much always have. It's kind of kinky and nice with David and Mary. But they're. . . family. I'm not real keen about making any big changes right now." Arnold had to think for a couple of minutes. Ed sat there, patiently waiting. He Young Lolita trusted Arnold in everything. He loved Arnold. He also knew Arnold loved him. He wouldn't do anything to harm or make him feel uncomfortable. "I've been feeling kind of strange about being here the last few days. It's like I've been in an egg and I'm getting ready to hatch. When I dug out this note I had a real big feeling rush over me, like a door had opened and a cool, fresh breeze came blowing in. You're right. This may not be the best thing for you. I don't know. But I'm real sure about this being for me. I wanted you to come along because, well, I wanted you to come along. But if this isn't what you need, I'll understand." "So what you're telling me is that this is it." "No. I'm not saying that at all. All I'm saying is that I've gotta do something and I want you in on it, too. In fact, I'm not sure I could handle this alone." "What if I don't want to do this thing, whatever it is?" "I don't know. Because I don't know what this thing is. I'm going downtown tomorrow with an open mind and some big bulges and I'm going to find out some things. I really want you there with me because I just feel like this could be real good for both of us. If you say no, I'll go downtown by myself, anyway. But I won't be very happy. Have I steered you wrong yet?" "Nope." "Best decision you ever made was waiting on that train platform for me. Look at you now. You've got a body that people fall over themselves for, you've been getting laid by the three hottest bodies in six states, got yourself set up in some real good digs. . ." "That's the part I'm worried about, Arn." "This place?" "Yeah. I don't want to give it up." "Well, yeah. Me neither. But I don't think we can stay here forever. I knew these people barely better than you when we got here. It's not like they're relatives or something, although I'm sure David and Mary would disagree. But I'm starting to feel like I'm taking advantage of them. We are." "So you think we'd better split, huh?" "I think it's about time we started supporting ourselves and let these fine folks get on with their lives. They've dedicated themselves entirely to us since we've been here. They haven't spent a single night out alone. I'm ready. I'm feeling real ripe. Time we got ourselves picked." Ed contemplated his shoelaces. "Ed." "Yeah, Arn." "You're contemplating your shoelaces, again." "Yeah. I know. I think I tied one backwards this afternoon at the gym." "I think you're old enough to tie them yourself." "Okay. I'll come along. But you do all the talking, okay?" "We're in this together. We'll be all right." He pulled Ed to him and they hugged and patted each other on the back, giving each other a healthy squeeze before moving apart. Arnold placed his palms on Ed's cheeks and pulled him into a deep, confident kiss. When they finished both the boys' eyes were moist with tears. They had made a big decision and both knew their lives were going to be radically changed by it. "So, what about Heather and. . ." "Cindy. I think. Or Cynthia. I can't remember. They want to watch us." "Do they know about our work habits?" "Nope. I wanted to talk it over with you before I spilled the beans." "I don't feel good about changing our routine. Especially with tomorrow being so important." "What do you want to do? Should I send them home?" "What do you think. It's been a long time since we've had a sex partner from outside this house. You think we might be spoiled?" "Actually, the thought had crossed my mind. When they came on to me this afternoon I thought it might be nice to have some new blood. Ya gotta plow in some new fertilizer every once in a while to stimulate the crops." "So they can stay, but they have to take their clothes off." "My thoughts exactly. I don't think we'll have any trouble convincing them of that. They were certainly eager to do that this afternoon at the gym." "I gotta be serious about this workout, though, Ed." "Hands off until we're ready." "Okay. And what about us? Do you think they have us figured out yet? Let's take it easy until we find out how they feel about man-sex." "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke." "You serious?" "Yeah. The only reason I put up with this crap night after night is for the pleasure of your body and that cock of yours. I thought I might be a little nervous about it when I invited them here. But with this thing tomorrow, it just might be good practice." "Maybe we should put on a little show for the ladies. It'll either make them sick or so horny we won't be able to keep them off us. Shall we?" "It's show time." "That's the worst Jack Nicholson imitation I've ever heard." "That was Walter Brennan." "Did Walter Brennan say that?" "Nope." "Oh. I'm confused." "So's Walter and Fred." "Who's Fred?" "Don't tell me you've never heard of Fred Astaire?" "Stop this, Ed. You're starting to scare me." "Come on, hunk. Let's go get big arms." The two boys headed for the door. Ed got the doorknob and opened it, signaling Arnold to precede him through the door. They drove the 'no, no, no, after you' routine into the ground and then simultaneously squeezed through the narrow opening together. Even chest to chest, as was their custom in these matters, they were barely able to muscle their way into the hallway and out into the living room where they were met by the bewildered looks of Heather and her friend Cindy or Cynthia. They stopped in their tracks, looking like they'd just got caught sneaking out of their room before their homework was done. Arnold smiled and waved stupidly. The women smiled warily and waved back. Ed stepped forward to make the introductions. "Ah, ladies, this is Arnold. Arnold this is Heather, who you've already met and Cindy or Cynthia who you haven't." "It's Sarah." "Oh, shit." "Way to impress the ladies, ace." Arnold slapped on his most charming of smiles and crossed the room to Sarah who was sitting on the sofa with her friend. He Young Lolita offered his hand and she took it. They shook for a moment and Arnold gazed heavily into her eyes. Two deep pools of aquamarine. Her angelic face began to glow with a soul melting grin as she fell under Arnold's spell. Ed sighed in relief. She Young Lolita would remember nothing of his little faux pas by the time Arnold was done with her. "Ed tells me you're interested in our exercising techniques, Sarah." "Huh? Yeah. I mean, yes. We've been noticing you guys lately and were curious how you were putting on so much mass in such a short amount of time. Ed says you aren't using any drugs." "Ed's right. Everything is au natural. Everything." He turned to Ed and gave him a wink. Ed tried to stifle a laugh but was unsuccessful. Heather shot him a suspicious look and her friend a questioning one. Sarah shrugged. Arnold attempted to smooth things over before letting them in on the good stuff. This was not going to be easy. "I'm sorry if we're a bit silly. We've just been making some pretty heavy decisions and we needed to get our spirits up before heading on into the gym. As you must know from your own involvement in body building, mental attitude is one of the key factors in a successful training session." "Gee, Sarah. He talks like you do. Like a book." "Shut up, Heather. At least he doesn't sound like a comic book like some of the other guys at the gym." She flashed another smile up at Arnold. "Sorry, Heather. I was just trying to explain how Ed and I approach this because how you react to what we have to tell you next is going to decide whether or not you stick around for the evening's activities." "Hey, Arnie. I think you're scaring them." "Don't mean to, Ed, but they've gotta know what they're getting into." He turned back to Sarah, whose hand he was still holding. She was absolutely mesmerized. Arnold knew she would understand. He was worried about her friend, though. He glanced at Ed and gave him a look to indicate that she was his responsibility. Arnold sat down on the edge of the coffee table across from Sarah. Ed seated himself in the armchair next to Heather. They touched knees and Heather draped her hand familiarly over his upper leg. Arnold shook his head slightly. She was not going to take this well. He let Sarah's hand go and thought, 'Well, here goes nothing.' "Ed and I are very, very serious about these focus sessions. Over the past few months we've developed routines that help us get the results you say you've been keeping Young Lolita track of. I'm very flattered. And, as you can see, our system works. But we've never shared our time in these sessions with anyone outside this house. I presume you know who lives upstairs." Both women nodded. "Then you know the inspiration and guidance we've been getting. David and Mary are both very dedicated and successful body builders and we've learned a lot from them. "So it's just a little scary for Ed and I to let someone else in to watch us. We work a certain way. You may not agree with it. We also have a certain relationship which supports that routine. You may not agree with it, either. I'm telling you this so that you don't think I'm just trying to scare you or put you off. Okay?" Sarah's gaze never left Arnold's eyes. She slowly nodded in the affirmative. Heather looked curiously at Ed but saw that he was as serious about this as Arnold. She shrugged and nodded as well. "Good. Now the first thing is that Ed and I are lovers." You could hear a pin drop back at Billy's gym. Heather's hand slowly slipped from Ed's thigh and she sat back in the sofa. Sarah never moved. "That's not to say we're gay. I think I speak for both of us when I say I am very turned on right now and hope you both stick around after our session to help us celebrate our efforts. But we are very open about our sex and use its energy in body building just like we do a bench press or cable flies. We get big, we get hot, we get sexy. With whoever's there. Are you still with us?" Sarah was getting very turned on. Her breathing was becoming rapid and her legs slowly began to scissor apart and together. Her nipples pressed against the T-shirt she wore, making Arnold's mouth water. His eyes dropped to them and she pushed her breasts forward just a bit more to tempt him. He looked over at Heather who had taken the arm cushion from beside her and was holding it protectively against her chest. She looked back and forth between these two gorgeous studs. She'd never suspected. What the hell was she going to do now. She'd even sucked Ed's cock in the bathroom at the gym, for God's sake. She slowly nodded her head, but remained where she was, cushion in place. "Good. Now I hope you'll find this next item a bit more to your liking. We workout in the nude." A quick pause to ascertain the presence of grins on everyone's faces. "And we expect nothing less, or should I say more, from you." Without a second's hesitation, Sarah pulled her T-shirt up over her head and set it on the sofa beside her. Her full, firm breasts bounced enticingly on her chest as she settled back down. Her shoulders were strong, her collar bones and neck muscles stood out. The pectorals just above her breasts had a roundness of their own. Her arms were well-muscled and defined, a faint layer of veins covered her lower arms. Beneath her jutting breasts, their dark brown nipples growing harder as they came in contact with the outside world, was a flat, rippled abdomen. Arnold and Ed both became uncomfortable. Sarah noticed Arnold's predicament and ran her hand up the inside of his thigh. Her eyes widened and her tongue lightly traced her lips. When the energy in the room had reached the point where something was going to break, Ed, Arnold and Sarah all turned to Heather who was still fending off this attack of her sensitivities with the sofa cushion. She looked back and forth at the three of them as if she had no idea what was on their minds. Surely they didn't want her to take her clothes off as well. She turned to her friend and gave her a look that asked how could she have done this to her. "You don't have to," said Ed. "You can wait out here or go home if you want to. We're not forcing you. But I'd really like you to stay." "You guys are weird. I figured you had to be up to something strange. No one gets as big as you guys are so fast without something being up." "Are you afraid of being naked?" "No. Of course not. It's just that, well. . ." Sarah turned fully on the sofa to face her friend. "Heather. Think about this afternoon. Ed's still the same guy. Aren't you the least bit turned on by all this? I mean, look at these guys. I'm so hot, I can barely keep from ripping everything off right now. You guys ever been raped before?" "Well, actually. . ." "Don't tell stories out of school, Ed. Besides, in the end we consented." Heather threw the cushion at Arnold. "Never mind. I don't want to know." She grabbed the bottom of her own T-shirt and pulled it quickly over her head. She was also braless (no surprise there) and equally as physically stunning as Sarah. She sat there for a moment, folded her arms across her chest, realized how futile that was and dropped them to her side, folded them again, finally flung them back, pushing her chest out, flexing her upper torso and arms. The other three broke into a round of applause. She got a little self-conscious again, stooped forward a bit and blushed. Sarah leaned over and gave her a hug. Arnold and Ed both made a move to join them but stopped themselves. If they got started now, they'd never get anything done. They were ready to go into the gym. But Arnold had one thing further to add. "There's just one more ground rule. You must not interfere. I can promise you right now that it's going to get very hot and steamy in there. There'll be lots of bodies bumping into bodies. We both get very turned on while we do this. Stay away. If I might suggest, and this is only a suggestion, that the two of you find some way to dissipate your urges until we're through. You catch my drift? We'll let you know when we're finished." Sarah was staring unblinkingly at Arnold again. Heather was contemplating her shoelaces. A match made in heaven. Arnold reached out and took Sarah's hand and led her down the hall to the gym. Ed stood and offered his hand to Heather. She looked up at him with small traces of doubt wrinkling her forehead. She wasn't sure. "Heather. I'm gonna tell you something. And this is no bullshit. You are about to have the most incredible experience of your life. There is nobody like Arnold. I can't tell you about it. You have to be there. He's. . . he's. . . it's like having sex with the universe. You know what I mean?" Heather shook her head. She was getting more scared. "That wasn't a very good way to put it. It's the most wonderful, spectacular. . . Come on. You're gonna love it. I promise. It's magic. That's what it is." Heather pulled her hand out of Ed's, grabbed the cushion and held it to her chest. Ed sat down on the armchair again, but kept his distance. He knew he had to let her make up her own mind. "I don't want magic. I don't want to fuck the universe. I just wanted to have a good time with a couple of well-hung guys who might want to have a good time back. I don't understand all this magic shit. I'm just a girl from a little town who's stuck in a big city and doesn't know shit about anything but the guy-girl, man on top, make him breakfast in the morning kind of sex. This other shit scares me." Ed's heart was breaking. He knew exactly where she was coming from. But how could he tell her it was going to be all right? What was the key to her understanding? What had been the key to his own understanding? He was still working on that one, himself. "Your ol' man grow corn?" "Yeah. How'd you know?" "Just a hunch. He get drunk a lot?" "Yeah." "Mine, too. One day I got sick of the corn and the routine and getting the shit kicked out of me. I split. I stood at the top of a expressway ramp, stuck my thumb out and got picked up by that big stud in the next room. He was like nothing I'd ever met before. He took me in, no questions asked. Shit, we weren't ten miles down the road and we were already having sex with each other. I know, I know. You don't want to know about Young Lolita that stuff. But I'm telling you it doesn't matter. It's not about boy-boy or girl-girl, or anything like that. It's about people. Just people. He just lets it happen. His own way of shaking hands and saying 'Howdy.' And you think I'm hung? This guy's big." Heather's eyebrows raised in question. Ed smiled. He had her interested again. "Eleven-and-a-half. And that's no shit. But it's not a problem. There's something he does that makes it just right, no matter how he's using it. Never have figured it out." "You ever, you know, had it?" "Yep. Many times. He's so gentle and loving that it never hurts. It's never too much. Everyone I know who's had it never had a problem. But that's not the best part. It's what happens while he's with you. Have you ever flown in a plane?" "Yeah. What's that got to do with it?" "Have you ever flown without a plane?" "What kind of question is that?" "I'm serious. This is where the magic comes in. It scared me so much the first time I nearly ran away. In fact I nearly ran away twice. And then I found I couldn't run away so I tried to make him hate me and tell me to go away. But I couldn't do that either. No matter what I did, he wouldn't give up. He brought me here, got me in good with David and Mary, took me to his bed and wouldn't stop loving me. I couldn't stand it anymore. I finally broke down and started loving myself. That was the one thing that was fucking me up. I couldn't love myself." "I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about. Are you saying I don't love myself?" "Can't make that call, Heather. Don't know you well enough to judge. And even if I did, it's not my place to say. I'm just Young Lolita telling you what happened to me. So he brings me here, takes me to bed after we get our little differences straightened out, and he makes love to me. I've had sex lots of times with different people, boys and girls. But I'll tell you, Heather, that night I realized I had never been made love to before. Ever. Scared me again. Big time this time. But it was a good scared. Because this time I knew where it was coming from. I trusted Arnie and he trusted me and we made love and it was like flying without an airplane. No shit. Now I know you're thinking I'm pretty insane right now. And, for all I know you may be right. I guess I'd be the last to know that I've gone over the edge. But I look at myself before I met Arnie and I look at myself now, and I can't believe the difference. Look at this body." He jumped up and ripped off his shirt. He didn't flex, he didn't pose. He just let her see him in his relaxed state. His beautiful round pecs sloped out and over a flat, ridged abdomen. His broad shoulders were capped with firm, round deltoids that bulged above thick upper arms swollen with strength. His forearms were broad and veined. The sides of his chest tapered down to a hard, muscular waist. Heather stared at him. She wanted to reach out and touch this gorgeous body as she had earlier that day. Her gaze drifted down to his crotch where the zipper was pressed deliciously forward by the contents of his briefs. She knew what was there. She wanted it. She wanted him. Maybe. No one had ever spoken to her the way this man was now. No one had ever been so open, so plain, so giving of himself. She was truly scared. But she realized it was fear of the openness. Fear of the lack of boundaries. No fences. No rules. No one to tell her what a bad girl she was and don't ever do that again. She could hear her mother's terrible voice in her head warning her what would happen if she let these two men touch her soul that way. She'd never be the kind of little lady her mother wanted her to be. Ladies didn't act that way. Ladies did what they had to do to make the man happy and Young Lolita then they went off and wept and cleansed themselves and went back to the cooking and cleaning and having the baby that the man forced her to have and let him beat her when he got drunk and wore long sleeve blouses in the middle of summer so the neighbors didn't see the bruises and finally, one night, when she couldn't stand the abuse anymore, when she couldn't sit by and watch as her drunken husband went to her little daughter's room and the crying started and the screaming and the begging and she couldn't stand it so she'd grab the husband's shot gun down in the hall closet and wait until he was through with his daughter and then she'd blow the top of his head off with both barrels and spend the rest of her life in prison for putting her daughter and herself and her husband all out of their collective miseries. That's what ladies did. She was sobbing heavily and was thankful for the strong arms that enfolded her. Thankful for the shoulder that held her head. Thankful for the calm, un-sexual way the comfort was offered. She ran her hands along Ed's arms, felt the power of them, felt the love of them. She pulled her head back to find he had some tissues he was offering her. She thanked him and took them. She blew her nose in a very unladylike manner, laughed at the hooting sound it made and did it again. She smiled through her tears and gave one of the tissues back to Ed, who needed one as well. He glistened in her tears. His broad, muscular body seemed to waver and shimmer. He was like an angel. This plain talking angel with the kind heart and caring soul. He'd known exactly what she was going through; apparently had some of the same crap in his own life. He smiled and held out his hands to her which she took. He stood and pulled her to her feet. "Come on. Let's go flying." They turned towards the hallway and found Arnold and Sarah standing in the doorway. They, too, were teary eyed. It took Heather a couple of moments to realize they were also completely naked. She gaped unabashedly at the huge cock that hung, semi-rigid, from Arnold's groin. She realized she was gawking and laughed. Arnold and Sarah laughed. Ed laughed. All the way down the hall.
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