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Lolita Fuck

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Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 32: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== Arnold quickly showered and then opened the medicine cabinet in search of some toiletry articles he might use. It was filled with new tubes and boxes of everything. He was just wondering whether this was new supplies, or there for a guest use, when he heard a quiet tap on the door. "Who is it?" "Suzanne." He opened the door and she quickly slipped in and shut it behind her after noticing he was completely nude. "Go ahead and use anything in there. We keep it stocked in case someone forgets something." Arnold grabbed a stick of deodorant and a toothbrush and toothpaste which he began to use. "Mom thinks you're very beautiful but a bit indiscreet." She giggled. "I didn't know what else to say. I guess I was hoping she wouldn't notice I didn't have my jockstrap on." "You've got to be kidding. Not notice?" "Well. . ." "Don't worry. Remember my brother. We had a parade of gorgeous bodies in all different states of undress wander through our house back west. I had mentioned my conversation with my friend last night to her. She knew about you, too." "What do you mean?" "I mean, I had told her that I was going to try and fuck you, so she should keep clear of the house for a little while. I guess I lost track of the time. She said she had to be home by four-thirty to get ready for a meeting tonight." "Four-thirty?. I've got to get going. You'll take me to the train station, won't you?" "Of course." "Let me just finish up here and I'll be ready to go in about ten minutes." "Okay." Suzanne walked over to him and wrapped her hand around the head of his thick, dangling cock. She raised it up and bent over to place a long, lingering kiss on the end of it. It stirred and began to fill slightly with blood. He pushed her away and took the fat, mushroom-shaped head from her hand, letting it drop where it swung back and forth and finally came to rest between his two huge balls. Suzanne lifted her gaze to his face. "You are beautiful." "You are beautiful." He reached out and brushed an erect nipple through her thin cotton shirt with his forefinger. "I'll see you downstairs in a few minutes." She turned and left. He quickly finished and put on his jock, shorts and shirt, which still smelled heavily of Suzanne, and headed downstairs. Both Suzanne and her mother were in the living room off to the right of the staircase. "I have to get some clothes out of the car and there's a paper I need you to sign. I'll be right back." He went out to the car and dug through his bag for a clean pair of pants and shirt. He got the forms for the driveaway company out of his knapsack and took them into the living room where Mrs. Patterson was waiting. Both the women's gazes were locked firmly on the distended front of his gym shorts as he walked towards them. Handing the paperwork to Suzanne's mother, she raised her eyes to his face. "My daughter tells me you're quite a talented young man." "Your daughter is very open about her personal life." "She's a grown woman, now. I hold no control over her behavior. I guess she told you about my son." "Yes. I'm sorry to hear about his accident." "He was a fool. I miss him, I love him, but he was doing a very stupid thing and he paid for it with his life. It's quite obvious you have a working knowledge of the equipment in our basement." "It's a very nice collection of gear." He wanted to say that it was a shame that it was going unused, but thought better of it. "It's a shame it's just sitting down there, going to waste." The look on her face told Lolita Fuck him she had anticipated his thoughts. "I'm sure you could Lolita Fuck sell it or maybe donate it to a youth club in the city. Or something." "Are you going to be in the city very long?" "I haven't really firmed up my plans yet. I want to see how it feels, being here. If I like it, I could be around for a while." He wondered where this was leading. He suspected it had something to do with the gear downstairs, but couldn't see the connection. Suzanne got out of her chair and came over to him. As she talked she ran her finger tips lightly, electrically, over his arm and chest. His cock began to stir, though he had been sure there was nothing left in that department. "We were just wondering if you would be interested in putting all the hardware to use. If you wanted to workout here. . ." Her eyes locked with his and the fingernail of her right forefinger slowly flicked the nipple of his right pec, causing it to grow firm and hard until it ached. "In fact," Mrs. Patterson added, "you could perhaps get the gear in good operating order and then help us find a proper home for it." She paused for a second, contemplating a point and then continued with some resolve. "I miss the sound of the weights banging and the groans of determination. My son would have his friends over and they would spend hours with the gear. The noise filled the house, gave Lolita Fuck it a life. There was so much energy. After the accident I told his friends to feel free to come over and continue to use the equipment, and they did for a while, but it wasn't the same. After a couple of weeks they stopped coming. It got very lonely. I couldn't bear to sell the stuff, but I didn't know what else to do with it, either. That's why I brought it east with us." "I wish we had known you before we moved," Suzanne said. The double meaning of her remark did not escape any of them. "We could have left the stuff with you." "You mind if I sit down?" "Please." Arnold sat on the sofa across from Mrs. Patterson. Suzanne joined him and began to move in close to him, but sensed something and held back. "I'm flattered by your offer. I know your daughter would probably appreciate my being around, as well. She would make an interesting workout partner. I have a feeling I'd be taking an awfully long time to get through my routine, though. I have to say that it's a very attractive proposition." Mrs. Patterson smiled knowingly. "I hear a 'but' approaching." "But. I came here to see the city. I came here because of some friends of mine back home who have friends here. Very good friends. I also came here because I had to get away from my own home. I want to try to become my own person, not a replacement son, which is what I think you're looking for. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing you both again, and perhaps I can come out and visit. But I need to try this city thing on my own. I think you understand." Mrs. Patterson nodded her acceptance of his position. She was impressed with how much the boy had perceived. She also was sorry not to have the opportunity to see his magnificent body around the house. She knew he was attracted to her daughter, but the sight of that huge cock hanging out of his gym shorts still burned bright in her thoughts. She certainly was not too old to be able to appreciate the aesthetic as well as sexual qualities of his physical appearance. "Thank you for your sensitivity, Arnold. I'm impressed that you can see your way so clearly and still understand the needs of others. How old are you?" "Just turned eighteen." "I would have thought much older. But I guess I knew that you had just graduated from high school. Do you have any future plans for school?" "I have to catch a train into the city. I'm not trying to see too much further than that. I spent a long time being a non-person in my family. I have to learn who I am and then I'll figure out where I'm going." With that he stood. "Would you like to look the car over and sign the form? I need to put these clothes on." "Arnold?" "Yes, Suzanne." "Do us a favor, would you?" "What's that?" "I know this is going to sound strange, but could you get changed here?" He looked to her mother to see her reaction. Her face was unreadable. This surprised him as much as if she had given her ready consent. "When my brother's friends would come over they would do posing routines for us in the living room after their workouts." "Are you married, Mrs. Patterson?" "Divorced. Does it matter?" "I don't know. It seems like it should." He thought for a moment. These were no longer a mother and daughter, but two women who wanted to appreciate his body, who were sexually attracted to him and were honest enough about it to be up front with him. He pulled his shirt off, then slowly lowered his arms, flexing the muscles of his arms and torso. Suzanne moved to her mother and sat on the arm of her chair. Their eyes were riveted on him and he could not tell which of the two were more interested. He struck several different poses, displaying various sides of his body to them. They would occasionally gasp or make quiet comments to each other, as the sight of his well-built body recalled other moments in their lives. After he finished with these poses, he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts. One thumb went under the band of his jock strap as well. He hesitated for a moment and then adjusted Lolita Fuck the other thumb so it did the same. He knew they had both been holding their breath to see what his decision would be. The thought of these two women enjoying his body on a purely physical, sexual level was extremely appealing to him. This was, after all, what had originally influenced his decision to begin building his body. A sudden memory flashed in his mind. The man with the huge muscles (maybe they only seemed that way at the time; Arnold suspected he was now considerably more developed than him) at the side of the pool with the two women hanging all over his body. Along with that memory came the remembrance of his first ejaculation a short time before in the shower room. The gym shorts and jock started their excruciatingly slow journey to the floor. Suzanne's right hand moved slowly towards her crotch and by the time Arnold's huge cock was completely exposed she was making contact with her clitoris, little flicking motions with her finger meant for only him to see. The other woman sat dead still. She watched the boy's body from a completely different perspective. She knew her daughter had just made love to this magnificent specimen, had just been pummeled with that stanchion of a cock. She tried to imagine her daughter's fulfillment. But on top of that were the thoughts of her own son who had participated in the living room posing sessions. Memories of dark thoughts passed through her mind. Her son and his friends in their gym shorts or tight fitting posing trunks. Their penises prominently displayed. Each of the hormonally-overflowing youths trying very hard to impress the young woman sitting next to her now. She knew some of those events had culminated in sexual activity. She even suspected that several of the boys had become involved with each other. She had considered the physically and emotionally charged nature of their activity and had written it all off to a general need for physical release. But now, here was this unusually beautiful, physically exciting, bright young man in her new living room, stirring memories of the past but surpassing them all. She knew her daughter was trying very hard not to let her see her masturbation. She wished she were as bold. Deep needs and desires flooded through her. She was fascinated by the huge cock which hung heavily between the lad's thickly-muscled thighs. With each movement it swung freely, widely, indicating its mass by its momentum. She knew her son had been quite well Lolita Fuck endowed, more so than many of his body building friends. She had even caught glimpses of his member as he would change into his posing trunks or bathing suit. Their household had always been completely open, sexually. She, herself, had made it known to several of his friends that she was available to help them relieve their sexual tensions, should they so desire. Two of them had regularly taken her up on it. They had also died in the crash. Arnold knew what Suzanne was thinking, but he drew a blank when trying to decipher her mother's thoughts. She seemed so lost in them. Or was she just fixated on his cock. Without knowing why, he moved closer to the two women and positioned himself within touching distance of Mrs. Patterson. Her hand slowly reached out and wrapped around the base of his cock. It didn't feel sexual, exactly. More clinical. Like a doctor's exam. She lifted it, tested its weight, ran her hand down its length to the huge head and then allowed it to slip from her grasp. She then reached out and touched his left thigh. He flexed the muscles there and she pressed her fingers into the mass, experiencing the feel of the taut, rock-hard sinews. Suzanne's reaction was slightly amusing. She didn't seem to believe her mother would actually be interested in touching Arnold's cock. When her mother was finished with it, Suzanne reached her hand out to caress the thick tube of flesh but Arnold had turned away from her to flex his back and ass muscles. Had he done that on purpose or had he just not seen her approaching hand? His gluts contracted and his sexy, tight ass was displayed proudly for them. He did several other back poses, each one taking him further away from them as he crossed back to the sofa where his clothing lay. When he reached the other side of the room he extracted his jock strap from the gym shorts and slipped his feet through the elastic loops. He pulled the strap up until his cock and balls were hanging over the top of the waist band and then carefully picked up his genitals and placed them in the precariously small cup with an expertise that spoke of years of dealing with this problem. He pulled on the clean shirt, but left it unbuttoned, the inside curves of his two pectorals meeting each other in the gap in the fabric. Next he pulled on the pants, tucked in the shirt tails, fastened the waist snap and then pulled up the zipper over the huge bulge of his cock. Even covered with his pants, his massive member, outlined beneath the fabric, was an impressive sight. He stood before them Lolita Fuck for a moment and enjoyed the lingering scent of sexual energy permeating the air of the room. Mrs. Patterson spoke to Lolita Fuck her daughter as if he wasn't in the room. He felt as if he were eavesdropping on a private conversation. "He must be very good." "He made me cum three or four times. I forget which." "How does it feel?" "Total fulfillment. He licked me." Mrs. Patterson's eyebrows shot up in question. "You've never had anyone do that to you before?" "Nope. I thought only women did that to men." "Men should always do that to women." "I know that now. He was very good at it." Arnold interrupted. "Why do I feel like I've already caught the train into town?" The two women laughed. Mrs. Patterson replied, "This is how we always talk about our sex lives. We just thought you'd like to hear it first hand." "I think this is one of those 'woman things' that we guys aren't supposed to know about. Maybe it's better that way. Can you check the car now?" "Sure." The two women got up and took the forms out to the driveway where they made a thorough inspection of the vehicle's body. They followed the items on the inspection report and checked the brake and headlights, damage to body panels and the general cleanliness of the car. Arnold realized his litter bag was still in the front seat and tried to grab it before they found it. Suzanne got to it first and gave him a look of mock-exasperation. He responded with a look of 'please don't beat me' to which she responded with a look in return of 'in your dreams'. Mrs. Patterson was quite satisfied with the condition of the car and thanked Arnold for having filled the tank and run it through the car wash. She offered to reimburse him for the gas but Arnold, remembering that he had not even paid for it, declined. "I do believe I promised to make restitution for your assistance in unloading the car. I can assume, by the shape your in, that it was not Lolita Fuck a difficult task." "No ma'am. I didn't have any problems." "Good. I will also assume that my daughter's exchange of sexual favors with you was of a voluntary nature and not part of our original contract." "A bit more physically demanding," Arnold replied, "but I was able to rise to the task." "I'm sure you were." A glance over to Suzanne brought a response of rolled eyes and an 'Oh, Mother!' "There is an envelope on the kitchen table, Suzanne. Would you go and get it, please?" "Sure." She returned to the house. Mrs. Patterson waited until Suzanne was inside and then turned to Arnold, her face suddenly serious. "I'm not sure of all the details regarding your encounter with my daughter, but she seems in awfully fine spirits. She has attempted to get involved with several young men since her brother's death. One of the boys who died in the car crash with Brian was her fianc�. When they finally untied all the knots, removed all the body parts from the vehicle, they found that he had been in the back seat with another girl. They were both naked. I debated telling her about this, but the press reported it in the paper and she heard about it before I could prepare her. When she 'warned me' last night about her intentions for you, I wondered if I should intervene. I'm glad I decided not to. She looks happier than I have seen her in a long time. Thank you. I know this has a lot more to do with you than the considerable size of your sexual equipment. The biggest steam shovel in the world is no good if you can't operate it properly." "Thank you, Mrs. Patterson. I have to tell you we started out rather badly. I can see, now, that she had meant to treat me poorly when I arrived. She just took it for granted that I would want to have sex with her. I had to let her cool down a bit before I could see the real person beneath her anger. She's a very passionate, sensual person. As you were both so open about your thoughts before, I must tell you that I had been rather active earlier in the day. I didn't think there would be much left in me to respond to her. She inspired me." "I'll let Suzanne drive you to the train station. Here she comes now. Thank you very much for your help and for delivering my car and daughter to me unharmed." "You're welcome." Suzanne reappeared with an envelope. She handed it to Arnold and then opened the passenger side door. Arnold stuck the envelope in the front pocket of his knapsack. "Why don't you drive, Arnold." "Sure. Thanks, again, Mrs. Patterson." "Perhaps you can come out and see us some time, once you get settled downtown.?" "I'd like that. The thought of having a refuge, just in case things get weird, is very comforting. I've got your number here," he indicated the form. "I'll keep in touch." He extended his hand to her and she took it in a firm, friendly handshake which felt remarkably like her handling of his cock a little while before. She ran her eyes up and down his body one last time and shook her head. "Perhaps I should have stayed home this afternoon and sent Suzanne out on the errands." "Mother!" "Suzanne!" she replied, mimicking her daughter's inflection. They both did an eye roll and Suzanne got into the car, Lolita Fuck shutting the door. Arnold went around to the driver's side and got in. He looked over at Suzanne who was beaming at him with a knowing, sexually charged look. "I hope the two of us can figure out how to get to the train station." "I hope I can figure out how to get back." "You just pay attention to where we're going, instead of ga-ga-ing at me and you'll be okay. Good bye, Mrs. Patterson." "Good bye, Arnold. A pleasure meeting you." "Likewise." He drove down the driveway and turned towards the main street. After several other turns it became apparent to Suzanne that he knew exactly where he was going. "You seem very sure of yourself here. Did you check out the route before?" "Yeah. I drove to the station before coming to your house." He left it at that and hoped she wouldn't realize he hadn't given her the whole story. Suzanne slid across the seat to him, placed her hand on his chest and rested her head on his shoulder. Arnold put his arm around her back and hugged her to him, his bicep bulging delightfully against her back. "I'm sorry I treated you so badly when you first arrived. I tend to get very angry at men, for certain reasons, and I figured, with your reputation and all, you were just another man who deserved my anger." "What reputation is this you keep talking about?" "You know. Your body, your great cock. All the women you had." "What women?" "All those women. The girls in school and all." "Who told you this?" "My girlfriend. The one I talked to last night. She said she knew five girls who said they'd had sex with you." Arnold laughed loud and hard. It was just too ludicrous. Why would so many women say that about him? "What's so funny? Don't you like women talking about you?" "Not really. Especially when they're making it up." "How do you know? You don't know who my friend is or who she talked to?" She was getting very defensive. "It doesn't matter. I know their lying because I was a virgin until the day school let out." "What!" "They couldn't have had sex with me, because I know I didn't have sex with them." "You were a. . . You?" "Yup. The last day of school I met up with this incredible woman who was able to show me that sex wasn't such a bad thing, after all." "What made you think it was?" "My folks. They used it to hurt each other and control each other and control me. I just steered clear of it because I didn't understand it." He looked over at her and saw the look of sympathy on her face. "That's okay. It was the best thing I could have done. The woman who showed me the ropes was a great teacher." "I'll say she was. And you must be the quickest study on the face of the earth." "Let's just say I was ready. Really ready. Here's the station. Do you remember the way back?" "Nope. I haven't a clue. How's a girl supposed to keep track of such things when she has this big, luscious bicep pressing into her back and this huge mound of muscle under her hand." She pressed back against his arm and slid her hand into the front of his shirt and squeezed the massive pectoral. "And this huge. . ." He intercepted her hand as it began to move towards his crotch. "Uh, uh, uh. I've got to get on that train. Please let me arrive in town with a little dignity." She slipped away from his grip, gave his cock a quick, playful squeeze. He shook his finger at her and she took it into her mouth and sucked it seductively, her eyes telling him what she would rather have in her mouth. She bit and nibbled and licked it, knowing what was going through his mind. After several moments, she slowly pulled her head back, letting the finger slowly slip from her mouth with a deep, hard sucking sound. "I hope I get to do that to your cock sometime." "I'll keep in touch. As I told your mom, it's nice to know there's someplace to get away to. I'm not sure I'm going to like the urban environment. You may have to rescue me." "Anytime you need a good honest meal and a hot, hard fuck, just give us a call. Mom's a great cook and I'm. . ." She let the end of the sentence hang between them. "You're making me hard again. I've got to get out of here. I'll call you when I know about a phone number and if I'm going to stay around. Thanks for everything. I wish I could think of another way to say this, but, you are very sexy, very hot, and a very good sex partner. When you're not angry, that is." "I'm not sure I can take much credit for that. I just get that way whenever I get eleven-and-a-half inches inside me. I just get all wet and excited. You're the best lover I've ever had. Thanks for treating me like a human being." She kissed him long and hard on the lips. He had resolved to make the parting short and sweet, but the passion of her kiss drew him in and he wrapped his huge arms around her and pressed himself to her. Her hand came back up and into his shirt front where she stroked and rubbed his pecs, teasing the nipples and digging her nails into the hard, firm flesh with just a hint of the passion within her. Their tongues parried and fought, as they each tried to dive down the other's throat. Suzanne rolled her hips towards him and pressed her crotch against his thick, muscular thigh, making little rubbing motions. "I'm wet, again. You make me so hot. How will I be able to have sex with anyone else?" "Just remember what we did, then pass it on. Love your lover. Okay? I'll be in touch." With that he got out of the car, grabbed his bags from the back seat and walked into the station to buy his ticket. After leaving the ticket window he turned back to the street and waved once to her and then headed for the platform. The train was scheduled to arrive in four minutes so he sat down on a bench, leaned back, closed his eyes and tried very hard to sum up what had occurred today. He felt someone sit down next to him and hoped the person would respect his obvious need for introspection. "Looks like she wasn't too mad about you showing up late."
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