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Topless Lolita

(2011-11-21 22:08:20)





Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 26: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== Waking up seconds before cumming was always very confusing. Arnold's eyes hadn't even focused on the world when spurts of cum rocketed out of his cock and filled some orifice that surrounded the head of his rigid organ. He was totally disoriented. Not only could he not remember who might be Topless Lolita bringing him to climax, he couldn't remember where this might be happening. As the sensations became clearer he was able to tell that something was sucking on his cock and something else was sucking on one of his nipples. The fog cleared a little more and he saw the tops of two heads of hair. One of them was busy moving across his chest to his other pectoral, clearing the view to the other head which was milking the final drops of his wake-up call from his unexpectedly hard cock. A sense of relief washed through his mind. The dreams he had been having just before waking had been too vivid to be self-generated. He was happy to know he hadn't slipped so far into fantasy that it had become so real. Now all he had to do was remember who these two heads of hair were. Glimpses of body parts moved before his sleep-filled eyes and bulging muscles seemed to abound. He moved his hands around and tested the voracity of this judgment and found the tactile evidence to support his eyes' claims. Rippling muscles covered backs and necks and arms and everything else he touched. They also seemed to enjoy his attentions, so he became more insistent, savoring the sensation of hard, well-defined bulges beneath his hand. One of the heads of hair, the one sucking on his cock, turned to him and smiled. Male. Interesting. He slipped his hand over the torso of the other body sucking on his very tender nipple and felt the evidences of a firm, taut breast with an Topless Lolita unusually long nipple. Female. Intriguing. He felt that with just a few more passing moments the fog would lift completely and names, faces, facts, numbers of orgasms and an explanation of what they all had in common would come flooding into his brain. He laid back and enjoyed the attention while waiting for Topless Lolita truth to enlighten him. Without meaning to, he slipped back into a light slumber, only to reemerge some time later to find the woman now astride his waist with his still rigid cock firmly embedded in her tight, extremely talented cunt. She was very busy riding up and down the shaft, her head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open, emitting tiny moans of pleasure; all the muscles of her incredible body tensing as she climbed towards her own moment of release. Each time she lifted her body off his groin with her highly developed legs her abdomen would contract and her vaginal muscles would clamp down hard on his huge erection as though they were attempting to suck the life right out of him. Arnold wondered how many times he was allowed to hit the snooze button on this alarm clock. Something hot, thick and rigid suddenly loomed into his vision from above his head. It stroked his cheek and ran across the bridge of his nose, leaving a moist, sticky trail to mark its passage. As it came down his other cheek he turned his head and stuck out his tongue, brushing the tip of it and causing it to jump. He raised his hands and grabbed the unusually thick shaft with one hand while cupping the scrotum with his other. This elicited a long, deep moan accompanied by a sudden leakage of more sticky fluid from the tip. He lapped this up with his tongue. The owner of the erect penis swung a leg over Arnold's face and lowered his crotch to allow Arnold better access to it's incredible thickness. Arnold opened his mouth widely and took as much of the shaft in as he could. Salty, warm fluid ran over his tongue which he quickly swallowed. The shaft became harder and the owner began thrusting its length into Arnold's sucking mouth. Meanwhile, the owner of the very talented vagina which was presently doing wonderful things to Arnold's magnificent penis was quickly approaching orgasm and her actions were demanding a good deal of his attention. He saw her reach around the huge chest of the man astride his face and begin to fondle the pectorals there. The hands slid up and down the man's chest and then disappeared. Seconds later Arnold felt them Topless Lolita squeezing his own pecs and he flexed them violently knowing that this would increase the woman's desire to touch them. Her actions took on a decidedly frantic nature and her assault on his cock reached a fevered pitch as she bore down on it and released a torrent of cum juice on the shaft of his cock. Arnold's own efforts on the cock in his mouth suddenly paid off and a huge flood of cum flew up the thick shaft and slammed against the back of his throat. This triggered his own orgasm and he rammed his hips upwards and filled the already flooded cunt above him with his own liquid contributions. Everyone was crying out in short, breathless shouts as the energy of their combined climaxes circled around on each other, feeding on each other, sending each other over the top of the cliff of reality, flinging them into freefall down a high precipice of ecstasy and plunging them, headlong, into a deep, refreshing ocean of sexual fulfillment. The woman rammed herself down onto Arnold's cock as far as she could and fell forward against the man whose cock he was sucking. The man pulled his cock from Arnold's mouth and squeezed and milked the last drops of orgasmic fluid from his quickly softening cock onto Arnold's thirsty tongue. Arnold continued to stroke the huge shaft and gently press his hand against the burgeoning scrotum while his cock made little, involuntary thrusts against the still convulsing cunt around it. If he didn't come Topless Lolita up with some names pretty soon this was going to be very embarrassing. His guests saved him from social faux pas. "Tom?" "Yeah, Judy?" "I think we're going to have a hard time topping this one." "I've been considering that. Arnold?" "Yeah, Tom." "You wouldn't consider hanging around here for, say, a couple of years, would you?" "Sorry, Tom. I've got some errands to run and a life to lead." "Maybe we'd better go with you. Just to make sure you don't run into any unscrupulous types. It's a rough world out there." "Thanks for the offer, Tom. But I've sort of decided I'd take care of this myself." Tom rolled off to Arnold's right, falling, exhausted, to the pillow. "I told you it wouldn't work, Judy." "Well, we tried." Judy finally rolled off Arnold, his huge cock slipping from her cunt with a depressing little slurp. She moved up and rested her head Topless Lolita in Tom's groin, her hand absently stroking the now flaccid shaft. Arnold sat up and ran his gaze over the two muscular bodies in bed with him. Either one of them, alone, was enough to fulfill copious sexual fantasies. Together, they made an act that was going to be hard to beat. He reached out and took one of Judy's breasts in his hand and lowered his mouth to its incredible nipple. He sucked the length of it into his mouth and nibbled and kissed it as it got harder and longer. Judy moaned deeply and ran her hands through his hair, pulling his head to her breast. His tongue teased and worried the nub until her breath was coming in short, rapid breaths again. Her hand ran down to her clitoris and began to work it hard. She pulled Tom's face to her own and began deeply kissing his mouth, his face, his hair. Short gasps became more frequent; her hips started to buck and thrust against her own hand. Arnold quickly slid his mouth down across the ridges of her abdominals and insinuated itself where her hand was busy. His tongue took over her duties and began drinking her juices, sucking on the wonderful nub of flesh just above her vaginal opening. Judy had just had a vaginal climax, but her clit was still wanting. Topless Lolita It didn't take long for Arnold's tongue to whip her clit's nerve endings into a frenzy that sent explosions of orgasmic sensation sizzling through her body. Tom grabbed both her breasts and pulled and tugged on her very erect nipples. Pleasure/pain wracked her body and her back arched, pushing her clit hard against Arnold's maddeningly insistent mouth. One loud, long cry of exquisite anguish poured from her throat and she collapsed on the bed, exhausted, whimpering. Arnold continued to lap at her clit until she finally had to beg him to stop, her body contracting sporadically as the final bolts of orgasmic lightning jabbed through her body. Tom caressed her cheek and kissed her tenderly. Arnold rolled over on his back and stroked her muscular thigh. "Arnold, I've never seen Judy cum like that. In fact, I don't think either of us has ever been wrung out like this. You've really got something. It's as though you were able to give us more energy than we could have by ourselves. You're like a dam with the flood gates wide open. Thank you. I know I'll never be the same. I think Judy is probably wondering how anything will be interesting after this night." Judy mumbled something that seemed to substantiate that claim. "Well, you two have made things pretty interesting for me, too. I've never seen so many orgasms in one spot in such a sort period of time. I know I've had my fill for a day or two. And I've never said that before. But I've got to get a move on here, or I'm going to be late. You two just kick back in the bed. I'm going to jump in the shower. Don't worry if you fall asleep. Check-out time isn't until noon." He leaned over and kissed Judy quickly on the vaginal lips. She weakly protested, tousled Tom's hair, hopped up off the bed and climbed into the shower. Slowly, the particular memories of the previous evening came back to him and he felt his cock stir as he recalled the various ways that the three of them had joined and coupled (and tripled). Most vivid of all was the recollection of the way their muscles felt as he had grabbed and stroked and fondled and kneaded their rock-hard bodies. He ran his hands over his own bulging muscles, sending waves of sensation shooting through his powerful physique. He was always thankful to Mr. Ridell for helping him develop his body to this wonderful state, but it wasn't until he met Sam that he had really come to appreciate the true, sensual nature of his muscular form. He flexed his left bicep and ran his soapy right hand over the peak of the muscle. He grasped the swollen flesh and pressed his fingers into the mound, flexing the muscle even more to counteract the pressure. Blood rushed to his upper arm and filled the straining sinews. He increased the pressure until the muscle began to cramp, then straightened the arm to relieve the tension. It felt so full, so alive. He did the same thing to other parts of his body as the hot needles of water beat down on him. He ran soapy hands over swollen body parts until he had stimulated his entire body. Finally he grabbed his huge cock and grasped it firmly in his hands. It was already quite hard and he was able to begin pumping it vigorously. The head became swollen and he pressed the palm of his hand flat down against the head, relieving the incredible need to push his cock against something. He couldn't believe he was hard again; his balls were pulsing. His thoughts drifted to the two remarkable bodies on the bed. He wasn't sure what it was he wanted to do, but he was very hot and needed some physical attention. Obviously, the delivery of the car was going to be a little late. He had underestimated his own limits of sexual exhaustion. Would his friends in the next room be up for it? After all, this was their fault. He had been prepared to spend a quiet night in a lonely hotel room with a brief sexual fantasy and a good book. Now that they were here, his whole energy level had moved to a considerably higher plain. He rinsed off the soap, turned off the water and pulled back the shower curtain to get a towel. All was quiet. He figured they must still be asleep. He dried off and went into the room. Arnold was stunned to find the bed empty. Tom and Judy's clothes were gone. The door was unlocked. They had left. He checked the room for his own belongings and found everything just as he had left it. His wallet and spare change were in his pants pocket, as were the car keys. A quick peek out the window assured him that the car was there, too. He chastised himself for thinking such thoughts, Topless Lolita but they had, after all, been perfect strangers. Perfect strangers. He looked down at his slightly softening cock. 'No more incredible sex for you this morning', he thought. It quickly wilted to its mere awe-inspiring state. All for the best. There was a lady waiting at her mother's house who was pissed off enough Topless Lolita as it was. No sense antagonizing her further by delaying his arrival. They never even said good-bye. He turned on the news channel and waited for the weather report. Hot. Humid. Sunny. He packed his pants, put on a jockstrap and his gym shorts and pulled on a nicely, just-a-little-too-small T-shirt. He brushed his teeth, combed his long brown hair back and decided not to shave. His beard was slow coming in and he had just shaved at Billy's the previous morning. Besides, he liked the way it gave him that rugged, just-rolled-out-of-bed-after-an-incredible-night-of-unbelievable-sex look, which was basically how he felt anyway. He threw everything into his bag and checked the room one last time to make sure nothing was left behind. His eyes scanned the bed and his mind flooded with images of the previous evening. He hoped Judy and Tom would have as fond a remembrance of their explosive meeting. Arnold dropped his bag in the car and walked to the office to turn in the room key. The pavement was hot on his bare feet so he walked along the sidewalk under the roof overhang where it was cool. As he came around the end of the building he saw Tom and Judy talking to the man in the office. After a few seconds they got in their car and drove off, not seeing Arnold. He walked to the office. "Good morning." "Mornin'." "Here's the key." "You're friends told me to give you this." He handed Arnold an envelope. In it was cash and a slip of paper. "They told me to put your room on their charge card and refund your money." "That was nice of them. Thanks." "I had to charge them for three people. You only paid for one." "I was going to take care of that this morning. By the time I realized they were going to stay you had already closed the office." "I hope the room is all right. Any damages will be put on their card, too." "The room's fine. We just spent a quiet night in." "Huh. I bet." He ran his eyes down Arnold's body, hesitating slightly at the crotch. "You two studs with that wonder woman � I could hear you all the way over on this side of the court." "Did anyone complain?" "Place was pretty empty last night." "Well, I hope we didn't bother you too much." "Hell, no. Nothing bothers me around here anymore, except for a busted bed or broken television." "Everything's fine. Thanks for the hospitality." He walked back to the car and could feel the man's gaze at his back. Arnold suspected the man had probably come over and taken advantage of the same gap in the curtains that Judy and Tom had. He'd gotten his money's worth. After getting in the car he opened the note that was with his money. He hoped it was their address, but instead the tight, crisp penmanship read: You have spoiled us. No one around here will be able to match you. Thanks. We have a friend in the city who can help you if you want to make some money. Lot's of money. His business sounds a bit seamy, but we vouch for his legitimacy and honesty. If you perform for him like you did for us you'll be very rich. He hangs out downtown at a gym on Decker Street called "The Body Works", scouting for new talent. You'll definitely attract his attention. We are taking the liberty of calling him to let him know about you. No pressure. If you don't want in on the action, he'll leave you alone. But we think you might enjoy it. A lot! Ivan: 555-2625 Thanks, Judy + Tom Arnold stuffed the note in his pocket, the money in his wallet and started the car. He was intrigued with the information the note contained, but at the moment he had a long drive ahead of him. He stopped for gas before getting on the highway and then spent the next two-and-a-half hours trying to find something interesting about the boring landscape on either side of the interstate. He could find nothing on the radio, and had already listened to all of his tapes too many times. The wind was hot, the bugs on the windshield were thick, the air was thick, the corn was thick, his head became thick and he found himself nodding off. He stopped to grab some juice and use the opportunity to stretch his bunched up muscles. His scanty attire and well-defined physique attracted attention and several offers. He was still pretty tired from all his exertions of the previous evening, and although he had started the day's journey with a yearning for more sex, no one he met held the promise of excitement that even came close to what he had experienced in that lonely motel room with those two incredible bodies. As he was getting back on the highway he noticed a young man hitch hiking at the top of the ramp. At first he wasn't going to pick him up, but then two things caught his attention. There was a police car coming up the off-ramp on the other side of the bridge; Arnold feared they might have designs of apprehending the young man. He also noticed, and this allied him to the hitch hiker immediately, the distinct outline of developed muscles pressing against his shirt. The sun was beating down mercilessly and the young man's sweaty clothing clung to his body. Arnold quickly pulled the car over and pushed the passenger door open. The youth sprinted up to the car, ducked in, threw his duffel bag into the back seat, and pulled the door closed just as the police car crossed the bridge and came into view at the top of the ramp. It slowed and the driver looked at the station wagon, but apparently found nothing wrong and drove on towards the gas station. Both boys were busy trying to watch the progress of the police car through the piles of boxes and stuff in the back of the car. It wasn't until the danger had passed that they had a chance to introduce themselves. "That was close. Thanks for stopping." "Sure, no problem. My name's Arnold." He held out his hand. The other boy took it with a firm grip and shook it. "I'm Ed. Pleased to meet you. How far are you going?" "Up to the city." "I'm headed up that way myself." "You going to visit family?" "Nope." "Friends?" "Nope." "I'm not a dentist, you know." "Sorry. I'm kind of feeling defensive. I just decided that I'd had enough of corn and people with corn for brains. I'm kind of running away from home." "How old are you?" "Oh, I'm eighteen, just graduated from high school and all, but around here you're supposed to stick around and help with the corn. I'm not into it. I want out." "Sounds like me. I needed to split, too." "This your car?" "Nope. I'm delivering it for someone who moved here. I'm not supposed to pick anyone up, but when I saw the cop Topless Lolita car coming, I figured you might need help." Arnold put the car in gear, pulled back onto the pavement and accelerated down the ramp, merging with traffic. After he had assured himself that he had found a comfortable spot amongst the semi's, he turned his attention back to his rider and saw him checking him out. Arnold watched out of the corner of his eye while still keeping the car between the lines. He liked it when people looked at his body. He liked it even more when the person looking was a fellow body builder. They were in a better position to appreciate what he had done to develop himself to this state. Ed was obviously impressed. He also seemed to be able to gauge the contents of the large bulge in the front of Arnold's gym shorts. Ed was very impressed. He seemed to be getting a bit uncomfortable. "These jeans are really warm. You mind if I change into something a little cooler?" "Nope. You want me to stop somewhere?" "Shit. Nobody here but us chickens. Or should I say roosters." He undid his belt, pulled down the zipper and unfastened the snap. He arched his back and pulled his jeans down to his knees. Ed wasn't wearing any underwear or jock so his semi-flaccid, drooping cock was thrust into full view. Arnold battled to keep his attention on the road while casting sideways glances at the boy's prominent penis. Ed noticed what was attracting Arnold's attention. "Nice one, eh?" Arnold tried to sound non-committal. "Ah, yeah. Nice one." Ed lowered his ass to the seat, worked his jeans down to his ankles and slipped his feet out of them. His legs were nicely defined, the thighs had the beginnings of definition that promised massiveness, if he kept to it. "I can't wait to get to the big city and wave this monster around. Looks to me like you're pretty well equipped, yourself." "I try to keep myself in shape." "Yeah, right. I'm not talking about your pecs, Arnie. Although they're looking a lot better than mine. How many inches you packing there, in that jock?" Arnold gave him a long look. He would have liked to know where this boy was coming from. It was a fairly direct question and there would be no way to circumvent the answer without seeming evasive. Ed just sat there, nude from the waist down. "Listen, I know that most guys get a little self-conscious when they see this big cock. Don't let it worry you. It's not like you're any less of a man because your dick isn't as big as mine." Arnold's right eyebrow shot up and he tried not to smile too smugly. He simply reached up the leg of his shorts, moved the jockstrap out of the way and pulled the shorts back to reveal his massive cock and two swollen balls. "Holy shit, man. Look at the size of the sucker. Shit. I ain't never seen nothing that big, except maybe on a mule or something. Man, you're gonna make a mint with that fucker. How big's it get?" "Eleven-and-a-half." "Elev. . . Oh, man. Christ. Arnold began to pull the cup of his jock back to restash his massive organ when Ed stopped him. "Wait a minute, man." Arnold stopped and gave the boy another sidelong look. He still couldn't figure out where he was coming from. Ed just stared at it and then leaned down close. Arnold almost hoped that the boy would take the huge thing into his mouth, but realized where he was. A hard-on right now would probably not be the best idea. "Can I touch it?" Arnold hesitated for a moment. He guessed it wouldn't hurt to have Ed just put his hand on it. The boy obviously had a legitimate interest in his cock, his own being so large. But he would have to be careful. "Sure. Just don't get me too excited. Once it's up it doesn't go down again very easily." Ed reached over and slipped his hand under the mid-point of the shaft and gently hefted it, as though handling a vial of nitroglycerin. He lifted his own cock with his other hand and compared the weight. He shook his head and let his breath whistle out between his teeth. "Man, and I thought my nine inches was a claim to fame. I guess I'm just a big fish in a little pond." He slipped his hand out from under the giant cock and reached into his bag and grabbed a pair of gym shorts similar to the ones Arnold had on. He pulled them up and then unbuttoned his shirt, slipping it off and revealing a nicely defined abdomen and chest. Arnold awkwardly tried to stuff his cock back in his jock strap, but kept needing two hands. Once Ed had his shirt off he reached over and grabbed the wheel. Arnold let go and quickly raised his butt up off the seat and maneuvered his cock and balls back into their precarious parking spots. This done, he took the wheel again. "Thanks." He thought maybe Ed was a bit disappointed to find his cock coming in second place. "Nice pecs. You look like you do a lot of heavy benches." "Never been in a gym in my life." He bunched his arms together across his chest and the plates of muscle popped up. "This is ten years of tossing hundred-and twenty pound bales of hay. This," he flexed his biceps, "is ten years of shoveling manure. And this," he flexed his leg muscles which exploded into full relief, "is ten years of kicking the shit out of dumb-ass cows and running away from my ol' man whenever he was drunk and tried to kick the shit out of me." Arnold felt an immediate bond with the other boy. He wondered if Ed had been given the opportunity for a new chance as he had. He suspected that Ed had lost his virginity quite a while ago, and probably hadn't had the guidance through that rite of passage which Arnold had enjoyed. Arnold also wondered what kind of sexual activities Ed participated in. He tried to figure a way to broach the subject without offending or scaring him off? "Are you leaving anyone behind that's going to miss you?" "You must mean someone besides my parents, right?" "Yeah. Same with me. There wasn't much love around our house." "Love? What the fuck is that? You wanted love, you went out and fucked a sheep." Arnold's head snapped around and the look on his face must have betrayed his thoughts quite humorously because Ed burst into laughter. "Just kidding, Arnie. I never really did that. But there were times when it felt like that was the only way I was going to get any." "You mean you're still a virgin?" "Shit, no. But my ol' man's the biggest fucking hypocrite in sixteen counties. He could screw around behind my mom's back as much as he wanted. But if he ever found out that I was getting my jollies anywhere, he'd beat my ass until I couldn't sit down for a week. Said he didn't want his son ending up like him. What the fuck did he expect me to do? I got this big fucking dick that would get hard if I even thought about sex and I was supposed to do what, jump in the cold creek every time I got a hard-on? If I did that I would've looked like a prune before I was fourteen." "You jerk-off?" "Yeah, but that gets old real quick. I used to sneak out at two or three in the morning and go see this friend that lived on the next farm. The ol' man had to keep repainting the rose trellis every year. He couldn't figure out how the paint kept getting worn off." Both the boys had a good laugh at that. "Weren't you afraid of getting her pregnant?" Ed fell suddenly silent. He seemed in deep thought, as though he were trying to decide whether to tell Arnold something or not. "Aw, Ed. Don't tell me you're running out on a baby." "Naw. It's nothing like that. It's just, ah..." "Never mind. It's none of my business. I'm sorry I got so nosy." "No, no, that's not the problem. I just thought you understood." Arnold thought for a second and then the light came on. "What's his name?" "George." Ed seemed relieved. "You understand." "No sweat, Ed. I've got no problems there. You do it with girls, too?" "A few times. The trouble with living in a small town is that when you drive around, you don't have to put your blinkers on. Everyone knows where you're going, already." "So you had to be discreet." "Discreet. Yeah. Everyone in town knew about my big dick and there were always a lot of rumors floating around about who the lucky girl was. Each time my ol' man caught wind of one of these stories he'd beat the living shit out of me. I tried to tell him the stories weren't true, but I guess he needed a reason to beat me more than he needed the truth." Arnold had a sudden flash of thought. Mr. Ridell had taught him many things over the last few years, Sam had given him even more on the last day of school. Now it was his turn to pass it on. "So what're you going to Topless Lolita do when you get to town?" "I don't know. Topless Lolita Just check into the "Y" or something until I can get myself fixed. What about you?" There was so much hope, so much need in that question. Arnold felt that Ed was just on the edge, as he, himself, had been several years before when Mr. Ridell had taken him under his wing. If treated properly, there was a chance Ed would come through this with a better idea of his own life's potential. Or he could slip through the cracks and be some doped up hustler waiting to die. Pretty drastic, but Arnold saw both possibilities as clearly as though someone had shown him a photograph. "I've got Topless Lolita some people I'm supposed to stay with. They have an apartment in the basement of their house that they said I could have for a little while. I don't know much about the place, or where it is in town, but it's free. And these are friends of some very special people I know back home. Very clean. Very healthy. Body builders." Silence hung like a heavy weight ready to topple from a poorly secured barbell. Tilted one way, it crushes the spotters toes. Tilted the other, it slides back on the bar and the spotter can secure the holding ring and save himself and the world a lot of pain. Instinctively, Arnold knew Ed would have to make the choice himself. Arnold had all but offered outright. If Ed wanted it, he'd have to make the effort himself. They drove on in silence for several miles and Arnold was becoming disappointed in the fact that Ed wasn't picking up on the opportunity. If he wanted to stay at the "Y", that was his choice. Maybe he didn't know what alternatives there were. Or maybe this is really what he wanted. Besides, Ed didn't know Arnold. He had no idea what he would be getting into. He might just be wary of the unknown. Finally, Arnold couldn't stand it any longer. "Christ, Ed. You get in a strange car heading exactly where you're going, a good looking stud like me whips his eleven-and-a-half inch dick out and shows it to you, then he practically gives you the keys to a free apartment in the city. . . What the hell are you waiting for? I don't have a two-by-four handy but I can smack you upside the head with my hand if you want." Arnold looked over at the other boy and saw a tear just beginning to find its way down his cheek. Slowly his body began to shake as it was wracked with deep, soulful sobs. "Oh, God. I was so scared," he said between sobs. "I've never been away from home by myself. I didn't know what I was going to do. I just knew I had to get out of that fucking place or I'd die. Really die." Arnold put his hand around the back of Ed's neck and drew him over to him in a hug. He let the boy work through his grief and sorrow and relief and confusion without saying anything, knowing that whatever he said would sound condescending anyway. He'd made the offer, it had been accepted. That was enough for now. "You got a Kleenex or something?" "Check the glove compartment. I think I saw some in there." Ed opened the glove box and rummaged around until he found a little travel pack of tissues. He blew his nose, wiped his eyes and then put the pack back in the box. As he did, a slip of paper fell out on the floor. Arnold noticed it and saw it was the directions to the Patterson's house. "Don't loose that. That's where I have to drop this car off." Ed looked at the slip and whistled. "This is where they Topless Lolita live?" "Yeah. Why?" "This is a pretty ritzy suburb. They must be loaded." "I don't know. I've never met them. I'm supposed to drop off the car, help unload the stuff in the back and then they'll give me a ride to the train station so I can get downtown. I guess I should drop you off at the station before I go there. It might freak them out if they see someone who isn't supposed to be in the car. And I don't want to mess this up. I need to get back the deposit I put down ." "That's no problem. I'll wait for you at the station." There was another pause. "And we'll go downtown together. Right?" "Ed. I've got no reason to screw you over. I wouldn't have made the offer of a place to stay just to stand you up at the train station. I don't know how long it'll take, but I'll be there." He gave Ed's shoulder a squeeze. "It shouldn't take long." "Okay. Thanks. Really." "No sweat." "By the way, Arnie, you were right." "About what?" "You really are a good looking stud." "Thanks. You're not bad looking yourself, for a hayseed." "Fuck you." "I'm driving." Ed's eyebrows shot up. "You do it with girls?" "I do it with anyone, anytime, anywhere. I do it up the ass, up the cunt, up the mouth. I even do it up the nose if the nostril's big enough. Sex is my third favorite thing in the entire world." There was a long pause. "You're supposed to ask me what my second favorite thing is." "Huh? Oh, yeah. What's your second favorite thing?" "Working out." Again there was a long pause. Arnold looked over at Ed in exasperation. Ed was staring directly at Arnold's crotch with a shit-eating grin on his face. A moment of thick, steamy silence hung between them like a big, fat cock waiting for a reason to get hard. "You ever hurt anyone with that thing?" "No complaints so far." Arnold didn't want to let on that he had only lost his virginity a few weeks before. He wasn't sure why that mattered so much, but it did, so he didn't. He thought back to the afternoon spent with Sam. There hadn't been any indication of pain. In fact, she'd seemed to enjoy having so much cock in her. And that woman last night, Judy, had handled both his and Tom's thick cock with apparent enjoyment. As for the men he had fucked, they, too, seemed quite happy to accommodate his immensity. But all of them were quite skilled in the art of dealing with large cocks. He had a feeling that, like Billy the other night, Ed was contemplating the consequences of having Arnold's huge cock up his ass. Billy was a bit more experienced than Ed seemed to be. "How big is George's cock?" "Nothing like yours, man." "No kidding." "I mean he's really small." "Did you ever let him fuck you?" "Yeah. Lots of times. I wasn't into a power thing or anything with him. We shared. I think he liked getting fucked more than fucking, though." "And you?" "I think I would have liked getting it a lot more if he had been bigger. I don't know." Arnold reached down to his crotch and grabbed a handful of cock meat. "Are you thinking about this?" "Shit, Arnie. I ain't been thinking about nothing else since I got in the fucking car. Are you horny?" "I'm always horny, Ed. I can't seem to not be. When I got out of the shower this morning I was hoping to get laid, but the folks I spent the night with had split. Left me high and dry." "I'm watching you squeeze your cock and I'm getting pretty hot, myself." "I bet you would like to wrap your hands around this cock, wouldn't you?" "I wouldn't mind getting my hands on those pecs of yours, either." "You mean these?" Arnold pressed his hands against the rim of the steering wheel and the front of his shirt raised several inches as his pecs inflated with the exertion. "Yeah. Those. Asshole. At home I'd lie in bed and flex my pecs real big and then squeeze 'em. You like having your pecs squeezed?" "Are you trying to make me cum right here?" "Yup." "You're making me get hard just thinking about it." Ed watched as the delicious bulge in the front of Arnold's gym shorts began to expand and take on the outline of his enormous cock. Arnold looked over and saw Ed's intense interest in his plight. He figured he'd get even with the boy for putting him in such an uncomfortable condition. "You know what I like to do?" "What?" "Suck my own cock." "No shit!" "Yeah. I actually just did it for the first time the other night. I'd never done it before. It's great because you don't have to lie there wishing the other person would do one thing or another. You just do it yourself." "Now you're trying to make me cum right here." "Yup." They continued down the road in silence for a little while. Ed's hand had drifted down to his own crotch and he had begun massaging his growing cock. His actions weren't rigorous, almost absentminded as he contemplated being able to stick the head of his own cock into his mouth. He moved his gaze from his hand to the muscular youth next to him and began to fantasize what it would be like to have unrestricted access to Arnold's body. To be able to roam over his bulges and hardnesses with his hands, squeezing, kneading, prodding, rubbing, pushing, pressing, licking, sucking, cumming. "Your cock's getting pretty big there, Arnie." "Yeah, and it's not going to get any smaller, you keep making me horny like your doing." "You ever had your cock sucked at sixty-five miles per hour?" "Nope, and I don't think I want to try. Not with this car. I've come a long way and I don't want to screw up this close to the end." Ed seemed a bit disappointed, but understood. He would just have to wait. REST AREA 2 MILES But not for long. "I wanna suck your big dick, Arnie. I wanna make you cum." Arnold's dick was getting harder and it began pushing up against the restraining fabric of his shorts and jock strap. Ed moved closer and put his hand on the growing bulge. He pushed down on it and increased his pressure until it was unbearable. The giant cock got harder and harder as it reacted to the pleasure/pain until it was so uncomfortable Arnold couldn't stand it any longer. "Oh, God. Ed. Take it out. Man, it hurts. Take my dick out, quick!" Ed reached into the waistband of Arnold's shorts and grabbed hold of the thickening shaft. Arnold moaned as the boy's hand made contact with his cock. Ed slowly pulled the shaft down to the right and then up clear of the waistband. The head was already darkening as blood rushed to fill it. REST AREA 1 MILE Arnold sighed as the pressure on his cock was relieved. Ed straightened it up and the head rubbed the bulge of Arnold's pecs. "Goddamn, Arnie. This fucker's bigger than I thought it would be. Shit. Lookit the size of this fucker. I betcha it hurts real good right now, don't it." "You better behave yourself for a couple more minutes, Ed, or we're going to become a statistic with a couple of unusual comments on the coroner's report." "I know when my dick gets hard like that, it just screams to be touched. Your cock screamin' right now, Arnie?" "It's screaming, all right. Just give me another minute, here, and I'll let you listen to it real good." Arnold flipped the turn signal, moved over to the exit lane and pulled off into the rest area. There were two loops, one close to the highway with long pull-through parking spots for semi's and a more secluded loop with diagonal curb parking for cars. Arnold pulled into the second loop, drove all the way down to the end and pulled in under a big, shady maple tree. Ed was already working his hands up and down the lengthy shaft as the car came to a sudden stop, bumping slightly into the curb as Arnold misjudged just about everything in his distracted state. He turned the engine off. "Suck my dick, Ed. Suck it good. I gotta cum real bad." Ed's mouth dove for the head of the cock and licked and sucked it into his mouth. His own cock began to form an uncomfortable looking bulge in the front of his own shorts. Because he didn't have a jock strap on the head of his own cock easily escaped down the leg of his shorts and appeared, dark and swollen, against his right thigh. Arnold reached over and grabbed it with his hand and began to squeeze it. Ed moaned around his mouthful and increased his own efforts. His tongue flew around the head and shaft of the cock, driving Arnold into an increasingly harder to control frenzy. His moaning became louder and his hips began to buck violently upwards, forcing more and more of his stiff prick into Ed's eager mouth. Ed's own state of excitement was becoming more pronounced and he began thrusting his hips against Arnold's manipulating hand. The hot, thick shaft felt wonderful in Arnold's enclosing fist and he squeezed it hard at the end of each of Ed's pelvic lunges. Its temperature seemed to rise continuously until it felt like a red-hot poker. Suddenly Arnold pulled his hand away from Ed's pulsing shaft, grabbed the boy's head and pulled it back to extricate his own monstrous organ. "What the fuck?. Shit man. Don't stop now. Quit fuckin' around, man. Whatcha doin'?" "Take it easy, Ed. I just don't want Topless Lolita to fill the front seat with cum, that's all. The way your balls look, you could coat the whole inside of this car. Let me get a towel." He reached into the back seat and pulled a bath towel out of his gym bag. "Should I get a second one for me?" "Fuck no, Arnie. I'm gonna drink you dry. Your cock tastes real good. You ready?" "One more thing." "Aw, come on, Arnie. Look at me. I'm startin' to leak already." Drops of pre-cum were oozing out of Ed's slit. Arnold placed the towel under the end of Ed's cock and let the fluid drip onto it, rather than the car seat. "I just want to get something slippery for my hand. I don't want you getting calluses on your dick. And blisters on my palm is not my idea of a good time, either." He pulled his bottle Topless Lolita of moisturizer out of the gym bag and squirted a generous amount on his right hand. He grabbed Ed's cock and squirted a large dollop on it as well. "Holy fuck. That's cold." "Get over it, Ed. I'll warm you up quick. Now get your mouth back on my cock so I can blow the back of your head off. Oh yeah. Oh. That's nice. So nice. God, you're good. So good, Ed. Suck that cock. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Suck it. Suck it. Suck it. Suck it. Oh, my balls. My balls. Oh, squeeze 'em. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Hnh. Hnh. Hnh. Hnh. Hnh. Oh, I'm cumming. Don't stop. Don't stop. Ah, you're good. So good. Yeah. Yeah. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Cuh. . . cuh. . . cuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-aaaaahhhhhhhhh!" Ed forced his mouth down onto Arnold's cock and took it into his throat. He nibbled and bit the hard, aching shaft and opened his throat to accept the flood of semen as it rushed up the shaft, flew out of the thick, bulbous head and was immediately taken by Ed's swallowing action and carried away. Ed's own organ suddenly thickened and Arnold barely had time to get the towel up around the flaring head before it began erupting with molten volleys of sperm which shot against the fabric of the towel as Arnold's hand continued to milk the rock-hard, hot shaft of Ed's fiery cock. He was trying very hard to scream while still sucking on Arnold and muffled cries would be choked off each time the head of Arnold's massive member made another charge down Ed's throat. After what seemed like minutes of excruciating orgasm, both boys collapsed back against the seat and just stared out the window, breathing deeply. Arnold's hand continued to grasp and knead Ed's thick cock and Ed didn't seem able to bring himself to let loose of the huge, if only slightly less rigid, penis in his own hand. He kept flinging it back and forth, slapping it against Arnold's thigh and abdomen, enjoying the heavy thudding sound it made with each contact. Finally, Arnold grabbed Ed's hand and stopped the motion. "You're going to have to stop that. It's going to be a pain in the butt getting this thing back in my jock strap as it is." "Oh, sorry, man. I just never had a cock like that in my hands before. It's so fucking big!" "Yeah, I know. But I'm starting to realize just how much of a hassle it is, as well. I can't seem to be able to satisfy it. I cum and cum and it still wants more. And it has a real bad habit of getting hard at the most inopportune times. We've got to give it a rest so I can drop this car off without a eleven-and-a-half inch erection." Ed laughed at the thought. "Sure. Why not? Topless Lolita Hi, lady. Here's your car. And can I interest you in the most incredible fuck you've ever had in your life? You've got a real money maker there, Arnie. America always needs a bigger, more beautiful cock." "I don't know if the country is ready for this one, especially in the condition it's in right now." Arnold grabbed his massive shaft and beat it several times against the steering wheel, hitting the center and making the horn pop. "Too many prudes out there. I'd better just leave it alone for a while. Maybe it'll behave itself and I can get it back in my shorts later." He let go of his penis and started the engine again, backed the car out of the parking spot and headed out toward the highway. Halfway down the acceleration lane he realized that other people on the highway were going to be able to see his cock. He pulled off to the side, slowed to a stop and put the car in park again. Ed was amused at the other boy's predicament. "What's the matter. Don't want to tool down the highway with your tool in view?" "Very funny, Ed. I could get arrested for indecent exposure. Besides, I don't want to cause an accident. I'll have to hide it." He reached behind him and got a short sleeve shirt out of his bag and put it on, buttoning up the front with his cock inside. Ed laughed again at the sight of the outline it made against the fabric. "Oh, that's great. No one will ever guess what that is." "Well, at least it's hidden. Now let's go. I don't want to keep this lady waiting any longer than necessary. She's already pissed off about having to hang around to accept the car." Again, Arnold put the car in gear and accelerated onto the highway. He sped up to merge with traffic and pulled into the right hand lane. Ed couldn't keep his mind or eyes off of the unusual bulge in Arnold's shirt as he cleaned himself up with Arnold's towel. "You ever do any movies, man?" "What do you mean?" "You know. Fuck flicks." "Nope. I live out in the desert, in a little town that's about the same size as that burg I just picked you up in. Why?" "About a year-and-a-half ago a guy came through town and said he was looking for 'talent'. He latched onto me and said that if I was ever in the city I was supposed to look him up. I told him I didn't know anything about acting and he said that with a cock like mine, acting was the last thing I would need to know about. I lost his name, though." "Are you going to try to find the guy?" "I don't know. I like having sex. I just get kind of funny feeling thinking about people watching me." "I like people watching me. In fact, I found that the more turned on people are, watching me, the hotter I get. Maybe I should be doing those kind of films." "What do you mean, 'those kind?' You never seen a fuck flick before, have you?" "Only one. Last night. I always had better entertainment, close at hand." Arnold grabbed his cock through his shirt and gave it a good squeeze. "I met a couple back in the town I stayed in last night who gave me the name of a guy they said could give me work that paid real good. Considering what I did with those two last night, I imagine it probably has something to do with entertaining people with this thing." "Arnie, with your body, good looks, and that cock, I bet you could walk in and name your price. You ever do it with someone for money?" "You mean prostitution? Nope. That's the one thing I can't see doing. If I'm going to have sex with someone, it's because I want to share something with them." "Yeah, like that big, thick dong of yours." "Yeah, that. But there's other things, as well. I've been meeting up with some pretty incredible people lately, and each one of them has given me something special. I can tell when I share with someone that they're getting something special out of it too." "If you mean a stretched asshole or sore lips, I see what you mean." "You don't understand, Ed. But you will. You will." "That sounds like a threat." "Nope. A promise." They drove on in silence for many miles as Ed tried to guess what Arnold had meant. Arnold wanted Ed to think on things for a while. It was obvious that Ed had only experienced the physical side of sex. He had never had the chance to get in deep with someone like Arnold had with Sam and Billy and Tom and Judy and even those two girls he had gotten blow-jobs from towards the beginning of his trip. Even they had come away with a special feeling of sharing they had not expected to encounter. He had given them the experience of himself. He had loved them so deeply, so completely, so thoroughly, that even the act of sucking off Arnold's huge cock had been a staggering experience for them. They had wanted to drink him deeply. He gave deeply of himself so the experience for all was one of astounding clarity and meaning. This was what he had gotten from Sam. In one blinding, brilliant, over-powering moment, just before he had passed out, he had grasped the depth of Sam's love. He had seen how the experience of sex could be turned into an act of unparalleled ecstasy through the sharing of the soul. This is what he gave to Billy and Tom and Judy and those two girls and what he would soon give to Ed. Only for Ed the experience would be a deeper one. A growing one. One that would change his life, if he would only let it. He wished Sam were here to help him. He wished Sam were here. The thought of Sam and the heart-wrenching separation which he experienced at the end of his afternoon with her suddenly overcame him and he found himself missing her so much it hurt. The gap she had left in his soul after their brief time together was far greater than it should have been. "Arnie? You okay?" "Yeah, Ed. I'm fine. I just got to thinking about someone special and it caught me by surprise." "Dead?" "No, Ed. Just gone. Gone." Ed reached over and firmly grasped Arnold's right forearm, giving it a tight squeeze. Arnold reached his left hand over and patted the comforting gesture. "You know 'em long?" "Centuries. She was the one who showed me love. She showed me the way." "What do you mean?" "She was my first." "Must have been somethin', huh?" "The best it will ever be. We were together for one afternoon and I learned more in those few hours than in all the rest of my life." "What're you talking about?" "Never mind. You'll find out. I'll show you." Again the two boys lapsed into silence and the corn gave way to small towns and factories and strip malls and the exits came faster and the traffic increased until they were hemmed in on all sides and suddenly there was the exit for the Patterson's and Arnold moved off and up the ramp and Ed hadn't said a word since Arnold's last promise.
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