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Young Lolitas

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Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 30: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== Arnold went to the front door and rang the bell. A full minute passed and no one responded. He rang again. Still no one answered. He didn't know what else to do so he ventured around the back. A large fence with thick wooden slats encircled the back yard which contained a pool. There was a gate in the fence next to the garage which was slightly ajar, so he went through it. He stepped around the back corner of the garage and was about to call out to let his presence be known, but the sight that greeted him stopped him in his tracks. Lying on the diving board of the pool was a young woman about twenty-one or twenty-two years old. Her head was hanging over the end of the board and she had dark sunglasses on. And nothing else. Except for a pair of earphones attached to a portable cassette player. She was snapping her fingers to an unheard beat and bouncing her ass up and down in time with her music. Occasionally she would run her hand down across one of her breasts and fondle herself, causing her nipples to become erect. Finally her hand strayed down to her crotch and she began manipulating her clitoris. Arnold couldn't tell if she knew he was there or not because of the dark glasses. He assumed she had her eyes shut, but wasn't sure of that. She appeared to be putting on a show for him and enjoying it. Or she could just be enjoying it. He decided to wait for the outcome. Her trim, nubile body tensed under the ministrations of her finger and as the climax approached her writhings became more frenetic. The board bounced more and more and several times she had to suspend her joys to allow the platform to settle down so as to not loose her balance. Soon she was near her moment of release and Arnold was sure she was going to cum so hard that she would tumble into the water. Just at the last moment, though, she pulled her hand away from her crotch, removed the dark glasses from her eyes, the headphones from her ears and looked straight at Arnold. She extended her arm towards him and crooked her finger at him, summoning him to come closer. Arnold strolled over to the base of the diving board and stood with one foot on the step leading up to it. "I've been expecting you. You must be Arnold." "You must be Suzanne. Do you always greet strangers like this?" "Your reputation precedes you. I was talking to my girlfriend back home. . . our old home. . . and she recognized your name. She told me you were a hunk, but words do not express... " Suzanne reached down and began manipulating her clit again, her gaze locked firmly on Arnold's bulging gym shorts. "I hope I haven't kept you too long. I got held up at a gas station getting directions here." "Is it true what they say?" "About what?" "About your cock. My girlfriend tells me it's ten inches long." "Nope." "I thought not. Stories like that have a way of growing. You seem to have a lot there." "Yep." "How much?" "Not ten." "That's okay." "Good. Let's unload the car. I need to get going." "What're you? Queer?" "Nope." "You don't want me?" "I want you to show me where to put the stuff that's in the car." Suzanne became angry and drove her hand back into her crotch, furiously stimulating her clit while she stared hungrily at Arnold's bulge. Arnold just stood there and watched, leaning against the rail of the board as the girl continued to pop herself off. She mewled and cried out as her climax approached and it appeared she was going to cum just to spite him. Her hips began to buck and her hand moved faster and faster until she gasped and fell back against the board. Harder and harder she drove her hips against her hand and finally she collapsed in exhausted relief. She sat up, took her earphones and cassette player and stepped off the board. "Follow me." She went into the house, Arnold followed. Her ass swayed deliciously in front of him. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and pointed up. Her breasts, firm and high, jutted their still erect nipples accusingly at him. "Everything goes up into the second bedroom on the right." She moved to him and grasped his large bicep. "You think you can manage?" A shot of electricity flew through his arm as she made contact. It ran through his arm and shoulder and straight down to his cock which gave a leap in his jockstrap. He involuntarily flexed his arm in reaction. Suzanne took that as a hopeful sign. "Yes. I think I can manage. Your mother said you would drive me down to the train station when I was finished." "No problem. I'll drive you." Arnold turned to the front door and went to get the stuff out of the car. He had expected to find her gone when he returned but she stood there, naked and, he had to admit, quite desirable, at the bottom of the stairs as he passed with the first armful. He climbed the stairs and could feel her staring at his back and ass. He went into the bedroom and set the stack of boxes on the floor in the corner. The room was occupied by a large four-poster and a heavy bureau with a lot of drawers and a huge mirror framed in solid oak above it. He turned and studied his reflection for a moment and then decided to take the shirt off. He threw the shirt on the bed and then flexed and posed several times in front of the mirror, enjoying the way his body looked and felt, and then went down stairs for the next load. Suzanne was still at the base of the stairs in her birthday suit. She stared unabashedly at his huge chest muscles as they flexed and bounced with each step he took. As he reached the bottom of the stairs she reached out and stroked the belly of his left pec. "Two more pieces of clothing and we'll be tied." Arnold humpfed a laugh and headed for the car. Everything seemed to be too big to carry more than one of comfortably. It looked like he was going to be making a lot of trips up and down the stairs. He slid the next box out of the tail gate and hefted it into his arms which swelled and bulged with the exertion. He pulled the box to his chest and felt his broad, muscular back flex and widen in response. As he passed the bottom of the stairs with this load Suzanne reached out and stroked his right ass cheek. Arnold had enough. He set the box down on the step above him and turned to the brazen, naked woman. "If I had done that to you under other circumstances you would have called the cops on me. What the hell gives you the right to presume such behavior is permissible? I gave your mother a promise that I would help unload the car, but if you keep this up I'll quit right now and let you deal with the rest of the crap out there. Now get up stairs and get some clothes on. I thought I was quite clear about my intentions. I have a job to do and your mother said you would drive me to the train station after I was finished. That's the extent of our agreement. Nothing was mentioned about sexual favors or molestation. Now get out of here!" Suzanne was stunned. She had projected many things in her mind when she had heard about Arnold from her girlfriend back home. She had prepared herself for an afternoon of wild, uninhibited love-making. She had dreamed of having his legendary cock stretch her cunt to limits she had never experienced before. She had also assumed that, because he was into body building and was such a stud, physically, that he would have nothing else on his mind. In fact, she had assumed he would not have much of a mind to have anything on. Weren't all those muscle-bound bozos the same? So she was taken completely by surprise to find that this beautiful, hunky stud with the huge bulge in his gym shorts could talk intelligently and had feelings and emotions beyond the assumed repertoire of fuck and slug and beer. Suzanne silently went up the stairs. She stopped at the top and turned to Arnold. "I'm sorry. I had thought that. . . you know. . . you just would want to have sex. My brother was into weight lifting. All he ever talked about was sex. You like sex, don't you?" "My third favorite thing." "Third?" "Yeah. Go get dressed." She turned and went down the hallway. Arnold lifted the box, again, and headed up after her. As he arrived at the top of the stairs he saw her standing at the door to a room further down the hall. She lingered for a moment, gazing at him longingly, and then went into the room, closing the door behind her. Arnold shook his head and dropped the box off with the first load he had brought up. He made several more trips, each time with just one large cardboard box. They weren't necessarily heavy, but their size and shape made carrying more than one at a time very difficult. He had no idea what was inside the boxes, so decided not to risk an accident. On his fifth trip he encountered Suzanne in the hallway. She was standing just beyond the door to the room he was delivering the contents of the car to. She leaned against the door jamb. Arnold wished he hadn't told her to get dressed. What she had on now was far more seductive and devastating than nothing at all. She had, indeed, gotten dressed, but only in the legal sense of the word. She had on a sky blue halter top which barely contained her breasts. The sides of those delicious mounds of flesh were exposed along the edges. Her nipples were still Young Lolitas hard and jutted against the fabric. She wore a very tiny pair of cut-offs which rode low on her hips, hardly covering the top of her pubic bush. The legs were cut so high that a good portion of her ass cheeks peeked out. Her stomach was flat and firm, her legs shapely and strong. She had her dark brown hair pulled up into a pile on top of her head which could only be described as studied disarray. She wore a sultry, saddened look on her face which reminded Arnold of a little girl who had just gotten a scolding. And, in fact, that's exactly what she was. Well, not exactly a little girl, but the scolding part was Young Lolitas correct. Arnold moved passed her and into the room to drop off the box he was carrying. When he turned to leave she was standing in the doorway, just barely not blocking his way. He stopped and shook his head in frustration. Sweat was beginning to accumulate on his body, giving his muscles a glowing sheen which accented the details of his bulges. He tried to pass through the door, but she refused to move. He thought of lifting her out of the way, even made a move to do so, but then realized this was exactly what she wanted him to do. The suddenly aborted movement made his pecs flex for a moment and they jumped on his chest. Her eyes flashed quickly to them. "Can you do that again?" "When I'm done." "You're very beautiful." "Thank you. You're staggering, yourself." She moved to him with a quickness that he was not prepared for. In a flash she had her arms around his neck and her lips pressed hotly against his. The kiss only lasted a second and then she was away and down the stairs before he had the opportunity to protest or participate. But for one fiery second, Young Lolitas as her mouth had consumed his lips, her hand had grazed the front of his gym shorts and gauged, as only someone intensely interested in cock could, the length and girth of the contents of his jock strap. He was sure she could tell he had been dissembling when she questioned him about its length. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, she was no where to be seen. He shrugged and headed outside. Several more trips were required to bring in the complete contents of the car, and not once during that time did Arnold see her. He began to worry that she had left, leaving him without a ride to the train station or a signature to prove delivery of the car. On his last trip down the stairs he found her waiting at the bottom. He was relieved and started to head for the car to get the signature sheet, but as he passed her at the foot of the stairs she put her hand on his chest and stopped him. Their eyes met and locked. "Follow me." Without a glance back to see if he would comply, she headed back towards the kitchen and then disappeared through a door under the staircase. Arnold knew he shouldn't follow, but he had received that same electric jolt when she put her hand on his chest. The door accessed a set of stairs. Though the stairs were dark, there was light in the room below. He descended to the basement and found himself in a long hallway that extended to the left and right. Suzanne was halfway down the hall to his left and was standing by a closed door. He walked that way and passed several rooms with open doorways filled with various objects that ranged from tools and gardening equipment to skis and archery targets and a snow mobile. He came to the door Suzanne was standing beside. "What's your second favorite thing?" "Working out. Why?" Suzanne stepped away from the door and indicated that Arnold should open it. He took the handle in his hand and turned it. The door swung out into the hall. There was no light on inside, so he felt around on the wall next to the door jamb. He found the switch and flipped it on. Light flooded a huge room, at least double the size of any of the others he had passed. It was stuffed with weights and machines and enough body building equipment to stock a small time operation. Arnold ran a quick inventory of the gear and found nothing missing from his normal, high-powered routine. He turned to Suzanne and raised a questioning eyebrow. "This was my brother's. Like I said, he was into lifting weights." "You've mentioned him twice now in the past tense. Is he dead?" "Uh-huh. Went out drinking with a couple of his college friends one night. Said he wasn't too drunk to drive and then wrapped himself and the car and his three friends around a telephone pole. Mom couldn't stand it. That's why we moved." A light came on in Arnold's head. The name Patterson. An accident about a year-and-a-half ago. He remembered the incident. "Brian." "You remember." "Yeah. Homecoming weekend. He was back from college. Played on the football team. We were playing your school that weekend. They almost canceled the game." "He was a senior. Had just signed a pro contract." "I'm sorry." "Thanks. We didn't know what to do with all his gear. Mom couldn't part with it, but she didn't know anything about it, so we just moved it and stashed it down here. I come down and use some of it, but it's all a bit too much for my needs. Every once in a while some friend will come down and run through a couple of reps, but the space isn't exactly conducive to long-term, sustained efforts like you're obviously used to." Once again she reached out and caressed the bulge of his pec. Arnold quickly contracted it and made it jump in her hand. "Hmmm. Nice." She pressed her hand into the hard, swollen muscle, grinding the palm against his nipple, causing it to harden. When she removed her hand it popped out and hung at the bottom of the round bulge like a cherry ripe to be picked. She leaned forward and stuck her tongue out to it, lightly, teasingly brushing the tip of the nipple. Arnold responded by raising his hands to her breasts and taking them. He Young Lolitas encircled them with his huge hands and did his own gauging. Although he had already seen them naked, he enjoyed the experience of guessing their size and texture. "I love muscles. I used to watch my brother and his friends workout on this stuff. They'd try and outdo each other and I'd sit watching as their muscles grew and bulged. Lots of times they'd get really pumped up and one or two of them would get big erections. Oooo, that feels good. Oh, yeah. Once in a while one of his friends would come over alone and ask if he could use the gear. I'd tell him he could, as long as I could watch. They never objected and I'd sit over to the side and watch as they worked out. "Occasionally one of them would ask me to help them with something and I'd spot them or whatever. While they did the exercise I'd run my hands over the muscle they were working on. I loved the feel of the hardness. Ohhhh. Touch me. Can I feel your arms?" Arnold stopped fondling her breasts and flexed both his biceps for her, his arms extended to either side. Suzanne ran her hands down from his shoulders and over the huge bulges of his upper arms. She grasped and squeezed and kneaded and stroked and caressed. All the time she was getting more and more excited. Her breathing became more rapid and her actions more frantic. She moved into him and pressed her crotch against his. Arnold figured there was no use in pretending. He wanted this woman. Bad. He pressed his crotch back and his cock quickly grew. They thrust against each other and could feel the other's heat through the scanty clothing they had on. "What's your first favorite thing?" "Sex while I'm working out." "I want to fuck you while you exercise." Arnold moved to a pile of weights and quickly assembled a two hundred-fifty pound barbell. He placed it on a stand, his huge arms exploding as he lifted it. He then moved a bench into position beneath the bar and laid down on it. Suzanne watched in rapture as the muscles of his body leapt and bulged with each movement. None of her brother's friends had been this developed. In fact she had never been this close to muscles like this. The heat between her legs was getting too much to bear. She quickly unzipped her cut-offs and dropped them to the ground. Her dark brown pubic bush was already matted with her own juices. She pulled the halter top over her head and threw it into a corner. As Arnold laid down on the bench she moved between his legs and pulled his shorts and jock strap off in one movement. "Oh my God. I thought you said you didn't have ten inches." "I didn't say that. You asked if it was ten inches long. It isn't. It's eleven-and-a-half." Suzanne dropped to her knees and began sucking the huge cock until it was thick and rigid. All the time she kept saying "Oh my God!" over and over again. Arnold watched and enjoyed her delight. He was looking forward to a little pumping action, especially with this woman's hot cunt wrapped tightly around his throbbing organ. When he was achingly erect he pulled her head away from his cock and looked into her eyes. The pupils were dilated with ecstasy. He laid back, grasped the bar and lifted the weight into the air. His triceps and pecs expanded. He held the bar there for a moment, making sure that it was secure and that he had it under control. When he was certain he was set he raised his head to her one more time. "Fuck me. Hard. Fuck me." He lowered the bar to his chest and began a long, slow set of reps which sent a burning through his body. Suzanne watched the first two reps, her eyes riveted on the huge muscles as they went to work. Then she stood up and straddled his pelvis, the gigantic shaft held tightly in her hands. Even on her tip toes the head of his enormous cock still reached her belly button. She bent it back towards her and lifted one foot up onto Arnold's huge thigh. She was able to just get her cunt lips up high enough to get over the head of his cock and then she slowly lowered herself onto the hot, pulsing, turgid shaft of flesh. She was very well lubricated Young Lolitas and the head slipped easily into her vagina. The thick shaft pressed against the walls of her cunt and immediately began sending thrills of sensation racing through her body. She lowered herself down onto the length of it and several times had to stop for fear that she was going to pass out. The combination of all the separate elements, the huge cock, the bulging muscles, the moments of antagonism, the surrender to their passions, the heaving of the huge weight, the sounds of his exertion, each of these piled on top of one another until she lost track of what was doing what to her. Within seconds her cunt was buzzing towards orgasmic release. Wave upon pleasurable wave of unsurpassed sensation rushed up from her center as her entire body was Young Lolitas suffused with the warmth of her first climax. Arnold felt her grab his cock and bend it down to the point of being uncomfortable. He thought it would have been good to put something on either side of the bench for her to stand on, but he had been too horny, too in need of her hot cunt wrapped around his pulsing member to worry about such amenities. He felt the head of his cock press against the lips of her cunt and then it was inside. And then the top of his shaft was inside. And then more was inside and he was pumping the barbell up and down and his pecs and deltoids and triceps were swelling and blood was rushing to them, filling them with the same sensation as when the blood filled his rigid cock. He felt Suzanne slowly consume his cock and the vibrations of her climax. He knew he was also close to cumming, but wanted to wait for her to come around again. He placed the barbell on the stand again and flexed his now throbbing muscles. Suzanne leaned forward and grabbed. "Oh, yeah. Squeeze my pecs. Squeeze 'em hard. Oh. Oh. Oh, yeah. Ooo, you feel so good on my cock. So hot. So tight. So good. Fuck my cock. Fuck me hard. Fuck me. Yeah. I'm gonna pump now. I want you to cum with me. Okay?" "Hunh. Hunh. Hunh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Cum. Cum. Oh, you're so big. So big. Oh, cum. God. Big. Flex. Big. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh!" Arnold let her slide up and down his cock for a few more minutes and then took the barbell again. He sensed she was nearing another orgasm and wanted to time his own release to hers. Her motions became more frantic and her cunt began clasping his cock with increased need as she bore down on the massive prick. Juice poured out of her cunt and the air was permeated with the smell of her sex. Arnold went for the final reps, each cycle of the benchpress pushing his muscles to the limits of their endurance. Both of their bodies were covered with sweat and Suzanne's beautiful breasts bounced up and down with each movement of her body. Arnold pushed through one final rep and barely got the barbell back up on the stand before his balls released their load of cum and sent it flying up his shaft. Suzanne felt the approaching climax and the thought of it was enough to send her rapidly over the top, herself. Her hand dove for her clit and she rammed her finger up against the hard, protruding nub of sensitive flesh. She immediately began gushing loads of climax juice as the sensations of her cunt and clit overcame her and sent her whirling away, her insides filled to capacity by this huge, beautiful man. She fell forward and grabbed onto his magnificent pecs as she continued to ram her cunt down on the hard, thick shaft. Her hungry mouth sought out his and their lips meshed in a deep, soul-sucking kiss. Arnold's hips thrust against her as Young Lolitas he forced the last of his orgasm up his shaft. He wasn't sure just how long he had been doing this, but it seemed to go on forever. The combination of the sensation of her cunt wrapped around his steel hard cock and the effects of the workout had stretched his senses to the limits. He was sure he was completely drained. He wrapped his huge arms around her and kneaded and caressed her back as they continued to kiss. Suddenly Suzanne sat up, the look on her face detailing the substance of her thoughts. She wanted more. Arnold had no more to give at the moment. She ground her cunt down onto the base of his cock which was still imbedded deep within her. She began making circular motions against his groin and grabbed her breasts and started twisting and worrying the nipples which were already painfully hard and erect. "Fuck me again," she pleaded. "Fuck me. I want to feel you ram me with this big cock. I love your big cock and your big muscles. Look at these pecs. These biceps. They're so big and hard. Your cock is so big and hard. Fuck me. Please." "I don't think there's anything left. I've already cum five or six times today. Plus I had a busy night last night." "You're still hard. Please. I want you on top of me. I want you to fuck me." She began moving up and down his shaft and Arnold was surprised and a bit Young Lolitas worried to find that he was, indeed, maintaining his erection. He reached up and fondled her breasts along with her, his hands mingling with hers, entwining, enfolding, enveloping her delicate fingers with his huge hands. The look on her face begged for fucking. Her hot cunt grasped and sucked at his marvelous member. "Let's go up stairs. If I'm still hard by the time we get there, I'll see what I can do." Suzanne drove her cunt down on to his cock to her full depth. "Let's go," she said. "You'll have to get off me, first." "Not a chance, buster. I'm not giving you the slightest opportunity to loose your hard-on. I'm going along for the ride. Come on, muscle man. Carry me upstairs on your cock." Arnold flexed his groin muscles and his cock expanded inside her, causing her to moan and press even harder with her cunt. He sat up on the bench, wrapped his arms around her back and stood. He then walked over to the corner where she had thrown their clothing and bent down to pick up the discarded articles. All the time, Suzanne rode his huge cock. Different movements he made put pressure on various points of her vagina, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Arnold dropped the clothing down between them and walked out the door, into the hallway and up the two flights of stairs to the second floor. All the time he walked he held her with his hands supporting her ass. He would occasionally slip his finger into her cunt along his cock and she would throw her head back and cry out in ecstasy. She held on to his powerful biceps and was transported to a state of bliss by the feel of those massive muscles as they flexed and bulged as they carried her weight. "Once, a few years ago, two of my brother's friends came over to use the equipment. They had been over several times with him, but this was the first time they had come alone. I answered the door and let them Young Lolitas go downstairs. After about a half hour I snuck down to watch them. They had obviously been working out very hard, because their bodies were covered with sweat. They were taking a break between Young Lolitas reps and one of them was posing in front of the big mirror we had along one wall. He was really pumped up and his biceps looked like they were going to split the skin of his arms. "The other boy got up and stood beside him and flexed his bicep as well, showing that his was the larger. The other turned to look at him and saw me in the reflection, standing outside the room. He turned to me and I saw he had an erection. It wasn't nearly as big as yours, but it looked painful the way it was pressing against his gym shorts. I bet you have that problem a lot, don't you?" Arnold just nodded. He was fascinated with the thought of this beautiful woman riding his cock and telling him a story as though they were out for a walk in the park. "He looked right at me and flexed his bicep and asked me whose I thought was better. I said I didn't know. He told me to come in for a closer look. I went into the room and stood between them. Then I could see that they both had hard-ons. I reached up and rubbed my hands over both their arms at the same time and then down to their hard cocks. I told them they were both very nice, but that I just couldn't decide. "I asked them why they had erections and one of them said that they were getting excited by the way they both looked and felt. They asked me if I was getting excited, too." By this time Arnold had reached the top of the stairs and was heading down the upstairs hall. He stopped Suzanne in her story to ask which bedroom to go to. "The one Young Lolitas you put the stuff in. I told them I really liked the way their bodies looked and one of them asked me if I wanted to see more of their bodies. I said sure. They both looked at each other and then pulled down their gym shorts and jockstraps. Their big cocks stuck straight out and they were both very hard and dark purple. I said they looked beautiful and they began posing for me." Arnold walked to the four poster and sat down on the edge of the bed, Suzanne now on his lap and still enclosing his persistent hard-on. Her constant touching and fondling, along with her story, was helping to sustain his state of arousal. "Then one of them grabbed on to the other one's cock and began to jerk him off. They both seemed to be doing something they did a lot. I was getting very horny watching them and so I went to the first guy and started sucking his cock. Before I knew it I was sandwiched between these two muscular bodies with a cock in my vagina and one up my ass. They kept their muscles flexed as they rammed against me and I think I came about three times. Fuck me." She stood up and pulled herself off his cock. It was still very hard and it pulsed and waved before her. She stared at it for a moment like a cobra entranced with the snake charmer's flute, weaving back and forth until Arnold was afraid she might loose her balance. He grabbed her by the shoulders and guided her down onto the bed. She placed her feet on the edge of the mattress and arched her back until her crotch was at the same level as the end of his cock. "Fuck me." Arnold moved between her legs and pointed his thick cock at her cunt. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Now. Please." Arnold moved forward and drove his steel-hard shaft into the parted lips of her vagina. She screamed in ecstasy and pulled him to her with her legs as he moved in. He leaned over her and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself up to him and kissing him ferociously. Arnold crawled up on the bed and turned so her head was hanging above the pillows. He slowly lowered himself, push-up style, onto the bed until his body was pressed Young Lolitas tightly upon hers. Suzanne's crotch wriggled and thrust onto his mammoth cock as she attempted Young Lolitas to make the contact between her body and his as complete as possible. Her hands were all over his back, exploring the wonderful details of his muscular development. They searched out the various mountains and valleys that appeared and disappeared with his every movement, delighting in the strength of each muscle. As Arnold again lifted himself above her, she allowed her grasp of him to slip away so that she remained on the bed with his huge body suspended above her. His triceps and pecs swelled with the effort and she ran her fingers across them, digging her nails in, sending shots of sensation searing through his body. It suddenly occurred to Arnold this was the first time he had actually had sex with a woman, alone, in a bed. He knew this was the way that most people did this, but he had been involved with so many different adventures over the past several weeks, that the opportunity to have sex in this wonderfully normal way had never presented itself to him. He looked down at the beautiful woman beneath him. Her face was radiant with sexual arousal. Her breasts were firm and high on her chest, the nipples hard. He lowered himself and took one of the buds of flesh in his mouth and gently nibbled it. This threw Suzanne into a sexual frenzy. Her hips began to heave violently as she became a maelstrom of sexual activity. Arnold matched her fury and the bed creaked and heaved. The harder he thrust, the harder she did. Her hands were everywhere, kneading, seeking, holding, squeezing, digging, hitting, clutching. "Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Harder. Harder. Oh, big cock. Big fucking cock. Oh. Oh yeah. That's it. Oooo, don't stop. Don't stop. Oh, my God. My God. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ah, ah, ah, ai, ai, aiee, aaaiiieeeee, hunh, hunh, hunh. I'm cumming. Oh, God, I'm cumming." The two lover's bodies thrashed and bucked across the bed. At one point Suzanne pushed herself over and rode his cock from above for a few thrusts and then rolled back over so that Arnold was again on top. But the intensity never diminished. Sweat coated both their bodies. Her breasts bounced up and down, the nipples jutting out at their tips. Arnold's pecs bounced and jiggled with each forward thrust and Suzanne reached up to cup them, grab them, dig her fingers into them to experience the feeling of their size and strength. Arnold had thought he would simply enjoy the act of making love this way and bring her to an orgasm, but he soon felt his balls begin to churn and bloat as they prepared for an orgasm of their own. He knew he would have to put all his effort into this one and he soon lost himself in the furious, flurried nature of their union. His head was thrown back, his face strained to a grimace. His hips pounded away at the cunt which hungrily absorbed his every assault. They were both reduced to loud, animalistic grunts as each forward motion was met by an equally forward motion from the other. The grunts became cries and the cries became screams growing in pitch and volume until the room shook as their voices bounced from wall to wall. Finally Arnold could hold on no longer. "I'm cumming. Oh, shit. I'm cumming. Cumming!" "Yes. Yes. Yes. Cum. Cum!" Her vagina contracted with orgasmic tension, squeezing his cock even harder. Hot, molten semen burst from the head of his cock and mingled with the torrent of juices which flowed from her cunt. They pounded their bodies together again and again as the fury of their sex continued unabated. Suzanne's hands flew up around Arnold's back and her fingers raked its broad surface. The additional stimulation shoved Arnold even further into sexual abandon and he dropped down on top of her, grabbed her shoulders and jammed his huge cock as deep as it would go into her. Suzanne screamed once again and pulled him hard against her, her legs flying around his waist, spread as wide as possible to allow him ultimate penetration. Her head tossed back and forth on the pillow as the intensity of this orgasm caused her to weep uncontrollably. Her hips continued to thrust against him and the waves of climax rumbled Young Lolitas through her body without apparent relief. Arnold thrust his cock into her one final time and collapsed in exhaustion. The moment he stopped moving, Suzanne passed out. Their hot, sweaty chests heaved as they attempted to take in as much oxygen as possible. Suzanne's hard nipples pressed against his pecs and he reached between them with one hand and grasped the firm mound and stroked and clasped it. After several moments, Suzanne's eyes flickered open and slowly focused on the face above her. She reached up and stroked his chin, his lips; she ran her fingers through his hair, across his forehead. His lips slowly pulled back into a weary smile and she melted at its beauty. Everything about him was overwhelming. She contracted her abdominals to feel the size of him within her. No, it wasn't a dream. He raised himself up to full push-up position and let his now limp member slowly slip from inside her. As the head dropped free of her she emitted a little cry. So filled, now so empty. He rolled off the bed and grabbed his clothing. Before putting them on, though, he turned once again towards her and ran his gaze along the length of her naked body. Her arms were crossed over her head on the pillow on which she lay. Her breasts rested high on her chest, the nipples still very hard and erect. Her abdomen rose and fell with the steady rhythm of her breathing and the dark brown pubic bush which he had so recently penetrated was matted against her with the sweat of both their bodies. Her legs were still making little clasping motions as she continued to stimulate her clitoris and the outer vaginal lips. She saw the direction of his gaze and moved her hand to her vaginal lips, spreading them with one hand and searching out her clitoris with the other. Again she began masturbating before him. But where the first time had been an act of defiance, this was done for him. She locked her eyes on his huge, rope-like cock which hung heavily between his legs and proceeded to whip herself into a final orgasmic frenzy. Her face contorted with the effort, her breasts heaved as her lungs filled with air. Her legs fell apart, exposing her full sex to him. After a few moments of this Arnold could not control himself. Truly incapable of getting another erection, he still felt the need to participate in this. He knelt at the edge of the bed and moved his face to within inches of her crotch. He took her hands and pulled them away from her and then moved in with tongue extended. "What are you doing?" "I want to lick you. I want to make you cum." "What do you mean?" "Haven't you ever had someone lick you here?" "No. You mean with your. . . Oh my God. Oh, shit. Oh yeah. What're you. . . you. . . yessssssss!" His tongue touched her at the bottom of her vagina and slowly licked the hot, blood-filled lips up to the top. He extended his tongue and inserted it into her opening and rapidly extended and contracted it. Then he used both hands to spread the folds of skin and he sought out her clitoris. The instant he made contact, she screamed and grabbed his hair, clamping her legs against the sides of his head and then throwing them wide open as he pushed his tongue deeper. He quickly lapped and licked and the nub slowly extended from its hooded refuge as it sought the satisfying stimulation of his rapidly moving tongue. Her scent filled his nostrils and the strong aroma made him light-headed. The fact that she had obviously never had anyone perform cunnilingus on her made him even more determined and within seconds she was moaning and thrashing her head back and forth. "This. . . this. . . yes. . . ooooo. . . lick. . . lick. . . yes!" His tongue attacked and caressed and licked and prodded her clitoris until her hips began to thrust and heave off the bed. He couldn't believe that someone who had apparently had so much experience with sex had never had this done to her. It pleased him, greatly, to be able to offer her this treat. After all, he was sure she would have found it equally unbelievable that, until this very afternoon, he had never had sex with a woman in a bed without anyone else around. Her hands traveled to her breasts and began to stimulate them. She moaned and mewled and cried out when he did some completely unremarkable thing which he would attempt to duplicate without ever attaining the same results. He finally pulled back until only the very tip of his tongue was rapidly brushing the tip of her clit. She arched her back and pushed against his face, forcing her genitals into hard contact with his face and tongue. Her fluid gates opened up once again and floods of cum juice filled the area of her vaginal lips. He licked and drank everywhere which drove her into a higher state of excitement. He refocused his efforts on her clit and she cried out again and again as contraction after contraction was triggered with each swipe of his tongue across her highly stimulated clitoris. Finally she collapsed on the bed and begged him to stop. She had been, it seemed, finally sated. "Thank you." "My pleasure. I can't believe you've never had that done to you before." "Me, too. I guess you just have to know the right kind of people. Is it always so intense with you?" "Pretty much. I figure if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right." Suzanne stared into his deep blue eyes for a few moments and then sighed heavily. Nothing her girlfriend told her had prepared her for this intense experience. She had never been so filled and fulfilled. What a cock. What a body. What a lover. "Is it all right if I clean up before we head for the train?" "Sure. There's a bathroom down the hall. Towels are in the closet next to it." "I think I'd better do this by myself, if you know what I mean." "Okay. I've got a shower in my room. I'll see you when you get out." Arnold pulled on his shorts. His cock hung well clear of the bottom. He considered his jockstrap but figured it was only a few steps to the bathroom. He walked to the door and opened it. Standing just outside the door in the hallway was a distinguished, attractive woman in her early fifties whom Arnold assumed, correctly, to be Mrs. Patterson. She had just been walking down the hall after arriving home and had heard voices coming from the spare bedroom. She had stopped to listen and was just about to open the door when it opened for her. The incredibly well-built, well-hung, attractive male that greeted her eyes stunned her. Arnold was caught too much by surprise to react and, finding nothing else to say, introduced himself. "Hi. You must be Mrs. Patterson. I'm Arnold." "Hello, Arnold. Your cock is hanging out of your shorts." "Yes. Thank you. I was on my way to the shower and figured I was just going to have to take it off again. . ." "I assume you're with my daughter." "Yes. Suzanne is here." "Why don't you go take your shower." "Thank you. See you in a bit." He turned back to Suzanne who was sitting on the edge of the bed. She was trying very hard not to laugh, but when he shrugged his wide shoulders and ambled out into the hallway, cock swinging, she couldn't help herself. She burst with uninhibited glee. As Arnold went into the bathroom he heard Mrs. Patterson say, "He seems like a very nice boy. Did you two have fun?"
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