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Lolita Tube

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Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 20: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== The list of things Arnold wanted to do after graduating from high school was staggering. He'd had many long talks with Mr. Ridell about it and had decided the one thing that he really wanted to do was travel. With all the bickering and fighting and hating that had gone on in his family, there had never been any time, or much of an inclination, to vacation together. As a result, Arnold's traveling experience had been restricted to what he could get out of the local bus system and his bike. He had his driver's license, but no car. Mr. Ridell suggested that he go to the local office of a drive-away company to see if there was a car needing to be driven to a place where he wanted to go. As luck would have it, a family was moving east and needed their station wagon driven there. All Arnold had to do was put up a modest deposit and pay for the gas. Mr. Ridell fronted him the money, saying there was to be no thought of paying it back for at least a year. The boy had to do some living and he didn't want him worrying about debt at such an early age. Arnold accepted the loan with great thanks and the day after his class graduated which was, coincidentally, his eighteenth birthday, he hopped into a late-model-gas-guzzling-packed-to-the-gills-with-he-didn't-know-what station wagon and headed out across the desert, mountains and plains to experience the rest of the country. He had planned his trip to include stops in cities and towns he knew he could find gyms in; had even called ahead to make sure they would be available to him. Some of the bigger towns he traveled through had gyms that were open late. A few smaller ones, whose owners were so impressed that he had bothered to call, said they'd stay open for him. He told them he'd call the day before he expected to be there to let them know he was coming. Mr. Ridell sent him off with one final piece of advice: "Taste it all." Arnold asked him for some clarification but Mr. Ridell was almost cryptic in his explanation. "Taste it all. All of everything. Nothing tastes worse than ignorance, which doesn't taste at all." So when he got to a town and went to the gym he made sure he tried every machine the place had to offer. He listened to each person's advice and attempted to find a way to incorporate it into his routine. He tried different restaurants with different food. He even got drunk a couple of times, though his tolerance for alcohol was so low that "drunk" meant a beer. He spent some nights alone but most in the company of another person. And not always a woman. Mr. Ridell had told him about homosexuality. He had tried to put it as clearly and fairly as possible. The whole idea of two men or women making love the way that he and Sam had was a bit curious to Arnold, but Mr. Ridell explained that love was love and sex was sex and don't dare confuse the two. If you wanted to know whether you liked someone, have sex with them. If you want to know if you love someone play Monopoly or hang wallpaper with them. That wasn't to say there couldn't be love with sex, but there shouldn't be love because of sex. Lust, yes. And plenty of it. But the connection between the heart and the genitals was a faulty one at best. So it would behoove the owner of a tender heart to think clearly with the brain and not at all with any other portion of their anatomy. Sex with a man, Mr. Ridell explained, was the kind of thing you did when you needed to be treated like you would, yourself, if you weren't so lazy. A man would know what was good and what was Lolita Tube bad, what worked and what didn't. Sex with a woman, on the other hand, was the kind of thing you did when you just wanted to throw all the cards up in the air and see how they landed. Maybe you got good, maybe you got bad, but you could always be assured of an interesting time. Arnold had thought about the man thing and decided that if he really wanted to have sex with someone his own gender then it should probably be Mr. Ridell. Mr. Ridell begged off, though, claiming a heart condition and too many years of being an observer. Arnold was, as he knew from meeting Sam, not his first sexual proteg�. No, if Arnold wanted to experience male flesh he should go out and round up his own. There was an awful lot of interesting water to be tested out there. No sense peeing in his own swimming hole. So when Arnold got to a town a few days out from home and the owner of the gym, a man about ten years older than him, asked him if he wanted to spend the night at his house, Arnold accepted. He had been aware of where the man had been focusing his eyes all during his work-out. He watched him and chatted with him, testing the waters. He knew if it was right it would feel right. The guy was very straight-forward, didn't try to delude Arnold about his intentions, even asked him if he was gay. When Arnold answered to the negative he seemed greatly disappointed but didn't press the issue any further. But later on in the work-out he was spotting Arnold on the benchpress and Arnold happened to look up at the guy. His eyes were glued solidly on Arnold's huge cock which was bulging under his gym shorts. Several times during the evening Arnold had to make the infernal adjustment because one of his balls had, again, slipped out of his jock strap. The thong had been a good idea but it turned out not to be very comfortable when he got really active. Just as he was putting the last push to a few of hundred pounds of iron, one of his nuts escaped again. He returned the barbell to the stand and just lay there for a moment, catching his breath, before reaching down to replace the errant testicle. Billy, the owner of the gym, came around to the end of the bench and saw his nut hanging out of the jock strap and the leg of his shorts. "You want me to put that back for you?" Arnold thought for a second, trying to figure out if he wanted this to lead where he knew it would. Nothing seemed wrong with it, the guy seemed good, sensitive, knowledgeable. "Sure." Billy pulled aside the leg of Arnold's shorts and took the testicle in his hand. "I gotta tell ya, Arnie, I've never seen such a huge nut in my life. You ever get kicked there? I bet it would hurt until the next century." "I got bumped real bad once playing football. It was tender for an hour or so, but seemed all right after that," Billy was still holding the ball in his hand. He began to gently squeeze it and roll it around between his fingers. It felt very good. Arnold knew this was one of those man things that Mr. Ridell had talked about. A woman would have a hard time knowing how to do this; it would be hard for her to understand just where the line between pleasure and pain was. "It looks like you got a real jock strap full there. I guess that's why you keep slipping out. Not much room left in there for some poor testicle." Arnold chuckled at the thought of his cock pitching one of his balls out of his jock to get some more room. The two men's eyes met and a message passed between them. Billy told him with a look that he could be trusted. Arnold replied with his eyes that he figured it was okay. "Take your shirt off, Arnie. I wanna see your pecs." Arnold sat up and removed the sweat-soaked T-shirt. His smooth skin was stretched taut over the muscles of his torso. He flexed and every fiber leapt into full relief. "Holy shit, man. You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen come through this town. I wanna touch you, okay?" "Sure. Where?" "Damn, Arnie. I don't know. Everywhere. Your pecs." Arnold squeezed his pecs together and they blossomed into full glory. Billy took the hand that wasn't holding Arnold's ball and ran it over the massive muscles of his chest. He continued to travel out to the young man's shoulders, down his arm, back across his abdomen and finally returned to the area of his cock. Arnold flexed each muscle as Billy's hand passed over it. The sensation of a hand pressing against his fully flexed muscles really turned him on. Billy started to rub the front of Arnold's gym shorts. Billy had a nice body, too, and Arnold wanted to see it. "Would you take off your shirt, too?" "You bet. I thought you'd never ask." He practically ripped off the shirt revealing a highly developed chest that was only slightly less massive than Arnold's. He did a couple of flexes for Arnold's benefit. Arnold was only slightly surprised to feel that his cock was beginning to stir. This whole thing was really beginning to excite him. "I figure you probably want to see my cock, right?" Billy was stunned by the boy's forwardness. The only answer he could muster was a slow nodding of the head. "I want to keep working out. You just go ahead with what you want to do." "Man, are you sure?" "You just be careful and don't make me drop anything. I don't care what you do. Just give me a little warning so you don't take me by surprise, okay." "Goddamn, man. You are too much. I'm gonna suck you off and watch them big pecs of yours pump up. I'm gettin' a hard-on just thinking about it." "You can get a little more comfortable if you want. I know what it's like to have a big erection stuffed wrong way in a pair of pants." Billy started to take off his pants but noticed that the blinds were still up and the door unlocked. It was past his normal business hours so he wasn't expecting anyone, but just to be on the safe side he figured he should close things up. "You just go ahead and get yourself pumped up there, stud. I'm gonna assure us of a little privacy." He headed for the front of the gym and let down the blinds, locked the front door and turned off the sign out front. "Folks are used to me staying after hours and working out by myself. They won't think anything's different. Sometimes I get completely naked and run through my routine." Arnold went over to the rack, got two hundred pound free weights and brought them back to the bench, laying them on the floor on either side. If Billy wanted to see some pumped pecs, he knew just what exercises would do it. "You sure no one will come looking?" "Nah. Small town like this, it's past everyone's bedtime." "Let's get naked." Arnold started to pull down his own gym shorts but Billy stopped him. "I wanna do that. You mind?" "No. I guess not." Billy stripped to the skin, threw his pants off in a corner and jumped out of his own jockstrap. His cock was already hard and jutting straight out from his mound of pubic hair. Arnold reached out and put his hand around its shaft and squeezed it. Billy stood there with his eyes closed, enjoying the feeling. After a few moments, neither of them moving, drinking in the experience of just touching and being touched, Billy backed away, pulling his cock out of Arnold's hand, and knelt in front of Arnold's crotch. Arnold could feel the man's hot breath on his cock. Billy slipped his fingers under the elastic strap of Arnold's gym shorts and slowly pulled down. First he saw the waist band of the jock strap, Arnold's pubic hair was peeking out over the top; soft, brown, curly. Then the ribbed fabric Lolita Tube of the cup. Billy pulled the shorts down and the outline of his enormous cock came into view, pressed firmly against the distended fabric. He continued to reveal more and more of the massive organ and it seemed like it would never end. It was thick. Very thick. He could feel the heat coming off of it. He got to the point where the one ball was still hanging free. It was as big as a chicken's egg and the scrotum was loose and smooth. It was so low, too. Billy figured that it probably hung halfway down to his knees when out of the jock. Finally he got to the bottom if the cup. He was shocked. He had expected to see the head pressed against the fabric but it seemed to tuck underneath and continue back between his legs. "Holy shit! How long is that thing?" "'Long enough to reach the ground' as Lincoln said." "No man, really. How long?" "I don't know. I never bothered to check." "Shit, man. If I had a cock like that I'd make sure I measured it every morning and every night, just for the Lolita Tube fun of it. I'm getting a tape measure. You just wait right there." Billy ran off to a back room and came back a few seconds later with a retractable tape. He returned to his kneeling position in front of Arnold and placed his hand on the front of the cup. "Man, this thing is hot. You got a heating coil in there?" Arnold laughed. It was nice to have someone so enamored of his physical attributes. He remembered Mr. Ridell's warning, though. He didn't do anything to deserve this beautiful cock. It was just there. If he started taking credit for it, then he was a fool. "I don't know much about it. I just woke up one morning and there it was." "I wish I knew what you'd been dreaming that night. It must've been one hell of a wet dream." "Something about a vacuum cleaner." Billy laughed hard. This guy was amazing. Most of the big dicks he'd seen come in here thought the world owed them something just because their cocks scraped the deck when they showered. He'd never met anyone so unaffected by all his apparent gifts. He was hung like a mule, built like a brick shit house and almost too gorgeous to look at. Yet he seemed like it all made very little difference to him. "I wanna take your jock strap off now, okay." "Sure, just let me get out of these shorts before I trip." He stepped out of his shorts which were hung up on his thick calves. As he lifted his first leg to extract it Billy could see up behind the back of his jock strap cup. The length of his cock seemed to double back behind and run up to where his scrotum attached to his body. A shiver ran up Billy's spine as the thought of him taking Arnold's cock up his ass triggered vastly conflicting feelings. Arnold sensed something in Billy's reaction. He asked him if everything was okay. "Arnie, I gotta be truthful with you. When we started out here I thought I might just want that huge dong of yours up my ass. You ever done that before?" Arnold shook his head no. "I thought not. Well, I've had quite a few cocks up my ass, but never, ever anything the size of this. Just catching a glimpse of you there I got a funny feeling." "Billy. I don't want to hurt you. You just do what you want. If there's Lolita Tube something you don't want to do, then don't. I won't take it personal. Okay?" "Damn, man. You are something special, all right. I'm not saying I wouldn't want it, I'll just have to do some thinking on it, that's all. Let me see that monster." Billy grabbed the front of the jock strap and pulled it out and down over its contents. He had never even seen a cock like this, in real life or one of his magazines. The thing was so enormous he had a hard time imagining it inside his body. He supposed that it would be okay for a woman. Hell, they gave birth to babies that were bigger around than this. But you'd have to get awfully constipated before you'd ever pass anything through your asshole as big as this. Despite his reservations about the size of Arnold's cock, Billy's rectum tingled expectantly at the thought of it; his now-swollen cock pulsed. He pulled the jock strap down to Arnold's feet and the boy stepped out of it. The tip of the huge cock was thick, swollen and, as was typical, leaking a generous amount of fluid. Arnold's balls were constantly in overdrive and it seemed the more he used them, the more they produced. "Looks like you got a little leak there. You mind if I clean you up?" "Nope. I'm going to start exercising now. You just do what you want. But remember. No surprises, okay." "I'll be careful. I promise." Arnold sat back down on the bench. His cock hung down on the seat, across to the edge and then over the side like some sexual slinky. His balls lay on the red vinyl covering looking like a bean bag that had just been tossed there. Billy held his hand up to the head of the cock and batted it gently. It swung back and forth. Arnold enjoyed the man's playfulness. He grabbed the end of his cock and pulled it out straight. "Let's see how big we can make it." Billy shot him a quick look to see if he was serious. The look in Arnold's eyes told him of the heat and passion that was growing within him. "I haven't cum since last night," Arnold said. "Usually I try to do it at least twice a day." "I'll see what I can do." And with that he took the head of the huge cock from its owner and raised it to his mouth. Arnold watched intently as Billy slowly moved it closer. His hot breath was already causing the blood to rush to the shaft. He could feel that delicious ache he always got when he was going to get really hard begin to creep up his cock as every little capillary filled and expanded. Billy stuck out his tongue and brought it to the slit where the drops of fluid clung. He touched it and a shudder ran through Arnold's body accompanied by a low moan. Billy loved the salty flavor, clean and fresh. The boy's cock smelled of man, of exercise and sweat, of sex. He knew this smell and felt it working Lolita Tube on his mind. He felt himself becoming very hot for this boy and finally surrendered himself to the idea that, before this stud left town the next day, he would have this magnificent cock up his ass. Every time Billy's tongue touched the head, lapping up the now constantly flowing fluid, Arnold would shudder and moan a little louder. Finally the cock was rigid enough to stand out by itself. Billy let go and let it float in front of him. It bobbed and weaved with the beat of Arnold's heart. The head was large and dark, the veins along the shaft becoming more pronounced as the blood continued to pour in. He opened his mouth very wide and took the head in. Arnold gave a great cry and grabbed Billy's head with both hands. "Suck my cock, Billy. I want you to suck me hard." Billy's own cock leapt and a small amount of cum leaked from the slit. His head began to spin. He thought, "Shit. I'm gonna cum and I haven't even touched myself. This stud has got me hotter than I've ever been in my life. I hope I don't pass out and miss all the fun." He flicked his tongue across the tip of the head of the cock and wormed it into the slit. "Aw, yeah! Oh, Billy. Yeah. Oh, shit that feels good. Oh you know what feels good, don't you. Ooooh. . . Ooooh. . . Man! Make me feel good, Billy. Suck my cock like a man, Billy. Shit. Ohhhhh. Yeah. Make me cum." Billy very slowly sucked the rest of the head into his mouth, running his tongue all over it. When he had worried the head so that it was a deep, rich purple he took it out of his mouth. "You figure it's gonna get any bigger than this?" "Billy, I don't think I've ever seen it that big. I'd be afraid if it did." "I think it's time to measure it. You wanna do the honors?" "No thanks. I'm really enjoying you touching me. You go ahead." "Lie down on the bench, Arnie. I wanna see this thing stickin' straight up in the air." Arnold lay back with his hands behind his head. He looked down across his chest and stomach and watched as Billy took the tape and slowly pulled it out next to his rigid cock. He turned the tape so Arnold could see the tally. When he got up to the ten inch mark he stopped, as if the climb had worn him out. There was still a considerable amount of shaft yet to be measured, not to mention the head, itself. After a short break to admire this huge member, Billy continued to pull the tape up. Eight-and-a-half. Nine. Nine-and-a-half. Ten. He had Lolita Tube just passed the bottom of the head. Ten-and-a-half. Finally the silver body of the tape measure cleared the tip. Eleven. Eleven-and-a-half. Billy weakly sank Lolita Tube to his knees. Arnold reached over and tousled his hair. He had a feeling that the man had made a choice he wasn't too sure about. "You just do what you want. Billy. I'm not into hurting anyone." With that he grabbed hold of his own cock with both hands and squeezed it real hard. The head turned a dark purple and oozed a considerable quantity of pre-cum. Slowly he raised his torso to the upright position, all the time holding onto his own cock. When he was upright again he slowly bent forward, leaning over the head. "Shit, man. You gonna do what I think you are?" To answer, Arnold opened his lips and stuck out his tongue, extending it towards the droplets that clung to the head of his massive shaft. "Aw, Arnie. You're gonna make me cum just watching you. I've never seen anyone lick their own cock before. Shit. I'm gonna cum." Arnold looked up at Billy. "I've always wanted to know what I taste like. I figure if you like it, it must be good." "You mean you've never done this before?" "Nope." With that he lapped his tongue across the slit, licking up the moisture there. A great shudder ran through his body, causing him to sit up. Billy moaned as well and grabbed his own cock in a desperate attempt to control his own throbbing member. Arnold pulled his tongue in and savored his first taste of man juice. He looked at Billy's throbbing organ and wondered if another man's juice would taste different. He then let it go of his cock, laid back on the bench and took the barbell. As he began to pump he told Billy, "My third favorite thing in the whole world is sex." Billy's cock began to really hurt. Arnold lowered the barbell, inhaling as it went, and then started pushing it back up again. "My second favorite thing in the whole world is working out." Billy's cock leaped, he moaned loudly, unable to control his reactions. His eyes were glued to the young man's bulging pecs. Again the bar was lowered to Arnold's chest. He made a minor adjustment to his hand hold and began to press it again. "My favorite thing in the whole world is sex while I'm working out, Billy. While I'm working out." Billy needed no more encouragement. He stood up and moved around between Arnold's legs, "Arnie? I don't want to surprise you so I just thought I'd let you know that I'm gonna suck your beautiful, huge cock until it turns inside out. Is that okay with you." "Thanks for the warning, Billy. You just go ahead and do that. You just suck my cock and I'll pump these pecs up real big for you, okay?" "Shit!" Billy knelt down between Arnold's legs and stared at the sight before him as the boy continued to press the barbell into the air. The scrotum, pulled up against the base of the cock, still allowed the huge, bloated balls to hang down and touch the bench. He put his hands under the sack and raised it up. Arnold spread his legs even wider and his virgin asshole became visible. Billy extended his index finger and moved it to come in contact with the sphincter muscle. He wouldn't penetrate, only toy with it. He tickled and flicked it, causing Arnold to squirm and moan. At least he thought he was moaning. It was hard to tell the sexual moans from the grunts of exertions. Billy was getting hotter. His cock was so hard it ached like it had never ached before. He longed to stick it in that beautiful asshole, but knew that something like that would have to be discussed away from the bench press. He hoped, prayed, that it would be possible. Arnold felt the man lift his ball sack and figured he knew what he would be looking for. He wondered what it would be like to have a real cock up his ass. He wasn't sure he would like it, but didn't know. As Mr. Ridell had said, "You can't spit it out unless you taste it, first." Maybe. Maybe not. If it was right, he'd know. Meanwhile he enjoyed the feeling of the man's finger as it prodded and played with him down there. He knew what a finger felt like down there and wouldn't mind that. He replaced the barbell and took a few breaths before speaking. "Hey, Billy. You gonna suck my cock or just diddle with my asshole all night?" "Sorry, man. I was just day dreaming." "That's okay. You want to stick your finger up there, it's fine with me. Makes me cum harder." "Shit!" Arnold leaned over and picked up the two free weights. As he lay back on the bench, one in each hand, Billy raised himself up and lowered his mouth over the tip of his cock again. Arnold, who had just begun to lift the two weights, exhaled quickly and lowered them again. "Billy, you're going to make this real interesting." Billy had his mouth full. Arnold renewed his efforts and Billy slowly took more and more of the huge cock into his mouth until it pushed against the back of his throat. He then withdrew and returned. Arnold growled as he lifted the weights once again. His biceps and pectorals were straining as he forced himself to concentrate on completing each rep despite the distraction of Billy's mouth. Just when he thought he had the rhythm down, though, Billy ran his finger back under the scrotum and found his asshole again. Without much hesitation at all he drove his finger in. Arnold screamed and his arms fell to his sides. Billy froze in horror. He hoped he hadn't really hurt the boy. He'd just gotten so hot that he forgot Lolita Tube himself. Arnold took two real deep breathes. "All the way, Billy. Stick your finger in all the way. Make me cum. I gotta cum, Billy. My balls are aching. Suck me and make me cum." As Billy pushed his finger in further he felt his own cock begin to throb with a very familiar feeling He couldn't believe it. He was about to cum, himself. "Arnie. I think I'm gonna shoot here. You're making me too hot. I gotta shoot." "Do it on me, Billy. I love cum shooting on my pecs. Let me pump 'em up real big for you Billy. Then you shoot on me, okay?" "Make it quick, Arnie. I'm already dripping. Oh yeah, Arnie. Christ. Look at you. Man you're so big, so hot. I gotta grab my cock and shoot. I'm pullin' outa your ass so I can shoot, Arnie." "Shoot on me, Lolita Tube Billy. Shoot your wad while I pump. I want to feel your cum splatter on my pecs, Billy. Come on, Billy. Cum." Billy stood up between Arnold's legs and grabbed his own cock. He began pumping it and within seconds the flow began. He aimed his cock at Arnold's pecs as the boy continued to lift the weights. Billy arched his back and moaned loudly. He was so turned on by the sight of this beautiful boy and his enormous cock which was now flat against his stomach and reached well up towards his swelling pecs. "Oh, God, Arnie. I'm cumming. Unh. . . Unh. . . Unh! Oh, Shit. Oh, Fuck. Oh. . . Unh. . . Unh. . . Oh. Oh Unnnnnnnh! Unh. . . Unh." Shot after shot of hot cum flew out of the end of Billy's cock. He tried to aim carefully and was pleased when several of the globules splattered squarely on the young man's pecs. "Oooo. Billy. Yeah. Oh, man. Oh, I love that. Yeah. More. Oh, man. Don't stop. Oh, your cum is so hot. On my pecs, man. Yeah. Oh. On my pecs. I'm pumping my pecs for you, man. Shoot it on me." Billy kept cumming until he thought he would fall over, this boy had driven him to such a state. He had never felt so completely connected with a partner before. And they hadn't even been touching! This kid was outrageous. He looked down at Arnold, covered with puddles of his cum. The look on his face told Billy he was aware of what he had done. This kid actually knew what his effect had been. Billy's heart was pumping hard, but it was also ready to break. He felt the first tremors of love for this beautiful boy. Could he be orchestrating that, as well. He followed Arnold's gaze down to the boy's cock. A steady stream of Lolita Tube juice was now flowing out of the end of the shaft. There was a look of frustration on his face that begged Billy to give him some relief. Billy knelt back down between his legs, grabbed the huge cock with both hands and pulled it back up towards his mouth, There were a few tricks he knew as well and he was going to pull out all the stops. He started at the bottom of the shaft and began nibbling the back of it all the way up to the head. He licked all the juice off the shaft on the way down and then continued on to the scrotum. He took each huge ball and sucked it into his mouth, running his tongue over the surface and teasing it to give up even more juice. The flow at the head increased dramatically. Arnold's moans and growls drove him on. He worked his way back up to the top of the shaft, licking and nibbling and biting and teasing. The closer he got to the head the louder Arnold's reactions became. His hips began to buck and rock and his muscles began to tighten and tense. Arnold renewed his efforts to curl the weights. He loved the feeling of the strain and the pump. "Your. . . finger. . . Billy. . . Give. . . me. . . your. . . finger. . . up. . . my. . . Aaaarrrrrgh!" Billy's finger rammed home and Arnold responded by bucking his hips violently. The two free weights came crashing together over his chest. He lowered them and began to curl them again, his huge muscles exploding in size. "Aaaaarrrrgh! Unh. . . unh. . . unh. . . unh. Billeeeeeee! Oh..... oooooh..... OOOH! Oh, my pecs hurt so good. Oh shit, Billy. Look at my biceps. Christ, there so biiiiiiaaaaaaa! Oh, make me cum, Billy. Make my whole body cum. Suck me, Billy. I wanna cum. Ooooo, suck it good, oh yeah. Oh yeah. Give me your finger hard, Billy. Oh, that's good. Oh, I'm so hard. I'm sooooo hard. Shit, my pecs hurt. You see my pecs, Billy? You see how big you're making 'em get? Suck me, Billy. Oh. . . Oh. . . Oh. Here I cum. I'm Cumming! I wanna watch, Billy. I wanna see me. . . I'm. . . Ah. . . Ah. . . Ah." Billy pulled his head back as he felt the first load of semen travel past his hand which was wrapped tightly around the shaft. It seeped out and drooled down the side. The next shot fired out of the head and arced across the room. The next few shot straight up and landed back on Arnold's rigid abdomen. Billy watched as Arnold's body contracted and shot load after load. He realized he was so turned on by the boy's orgasm that his own cock was still completely rigid. He had one finger up the boy's ass, the other was holding onto the monstrous shaft for dear life. His own cock was rock hard and aching as though it hadn't been a mere moment or two since his last orgasm. He found himself getting dizzy. He was so drained he couldn't think or see straight. This kid was pure sex, his energy feeding off Billy's own. Arnold continued to convulse and shoot for a very long time, entreating Billy to continue to ram his finger up his ass. He also was able to muster the strength to bang the free weights together a few more times, his huge pecs filling with more and more blood as he pumped them up larger than he had ever seen them before. "Oh, Billy. Suck me now. Suck me dry. Let me shoot in your mouth. Suck me." Billy dove down on Arnold's cock and began to suck and lick as though the last drink of water in the world were at the end of this huge, hot, blood-engorged straw. He wondered if it would ever get soft again. "Suck me, Billy. I'm gonna cum again. Just a little bit longer. Suck me hard, Billy." And, though it didn't seem possible, several more loads of jiz rocketed up the giant shaft and splattered against the back of Billy's throat. The taste was incredible. Salty and sweet at the same time. The huge head filled his mouth and he ran his tongue all around it, licking off every single drop of the precious liquid. "Oh, Billy. Yeah. You're so good. Man. You are so good. Suck me until I'm soft. okay? Just keep sucking me until I'm soft." The gigantic shaft slowly softened. Billy lowered his head to Arnold's abdomen and finally allowed the still enormous head to slip out of his mouth. He pulled his finger from the boy's ass and Arnold sighed. Both men were breathing heavily. Arnold was still holding the free weights, although he was unable to lift them even once more. He allowed them to slip out of his hands and fall the few inches to the carpeted floor. As soon as the weight was dropped his arms sprung up across his chest, his pecs contracting. They were enormous. He Lolita Tube flexed his arms and his biceps ached as they stretched the skin of his arms. Arnold and Billy knew that this state would not last for long, it was just "the pump"; that feeling usually equated with cumming. Only this time the link between the two was closer than either had ever experienced before. Billy looked up across Arnold's abdomen, semi-flaccid cock and blood-filled pecs. He could almost cum again. He had never been this turned on in his entire life. What was this kid doing to him? "Rub your hand on my pecs, Billy. Feel that?" Billy placed his hands on each of the engorged muscles. He could feel his heart beat, he could feel his breathing. But there was something else. A vibration. It was like holding a finger gently against a guitar string when it is plucked. Like a buzzing. This kid was tuned into something Billy didn't understand. It kind of scared him, but he didn't think any harm would come to him. He held his hands on the pulsating muscles for a few more minutes, staring up into the beautiful boy's face. Billy knew Arnold was just enjoying the feeling of his hands on him. Billy was enjoying the feeling of the flaccid cock pressed against his chest. He again began to think of the rigid shaft slowly sliding into his ass. "Are you still thinking about me fucking you?" How did he know? Nothing Billy had said Lolita Tube could possibly have hinted at this desire. "If there was ever someone I really wanted to fuck my ass, it's you, man. You've made me feel hotter and sexier than I've ever felt in my life. It's like you've got some sort of energy that's feeding me. I feel linked with you. You know what I mean?' Arnold smiled. Something had definitely changed when he had made love with Sam. It seemed every time he had sex with someone it became more intense. His need to experience all aspects of this was driving him to higher levels of involvement, taking his sexual partner with him. He looked at Billy and a need arose in him. There was something Arnold was curious about. He had tried to concentrate on what Billy had been doing to his cock. Now he wanted to try some things himself. "Billy?" "What's up, Stud?" "You think you could muster one more hard-on?" "No problem there, man. I never lost the first one. Look at me. I've never had a hard-on that hurt like this." Billy grabbed his own cock and squeezed it, almost sending himself into a swoon. "What you got in that crazy head of yours?" "I just got the notion that I'd like to try giving you a blow-job." "Shit, man. You are something else. Damn. Look at me. Already I'm starting to leak." Billy stood up between Arnold's legs and showed that, indeed, his beautiful cock was beginning to ooze pre-cum juice as it jutted straight out from his lower abdomen. "Would you mind if I gave it a try? I've never given one before." "Arnie. You are the first person to ever ask my permission. Where do you want me?" "I figure right here on the bench would be fine. That okay with you?" "I'm all yours." They traded positions and Arnold stood between Billy's legs at the end of the bench. He pumped his pecs up big and Billy's cock leapt. "Shit, Arnie. You gonna split your skin you keep that up. You gonna make me split mine, too." "I just wanted to give you something to think about in case I didn't do this right. If the blow-job's messed up, maybe you can think about these and you'll cum anyway." "I don't think you have anything to worry about, Arnie." Arnie's gaze moved to the man's groin and saw that his blood-engorged member was leaking fluid onto his abdomen. Arnold knelt between Billy's legs. "Don't expect me to go pumping any iron. I wanna be able to concentrate on what you're doing." "You just do what you need to, Billy. I'm gonna give this a try." Billy leaned back and closed his eyes. He felt the boy take his cock in both hands and pull the head towards his mouth. He knew he was getting closer because he could feel the hot breath. He felt it on the head. Then he felt it on the top of the shaft. Then he felt it as it slowly crept down to the base and then onto his balls. Nothing else, just hot, humid breath. And already he was breathing hard and his hips were making small pumping motions. Suddenly the boy's tongue darted out and attacked his balls, sending a flurry of sensations whirling up his spine. He thought the top of his head was going to fly off. The attack continued until he couldn't stand it any longer. And then it got worse. Or better. One after another the two balls were sucked into the boy's mouth and licked and heated with his breath. Billy tried to raise his head to watch but found the effort too overwhelming. His cock was just as hard as it had been before shooting the first time. It ached and he longed to have Arnold's mouth sliding up and down on it, but he didn't know how to form the words to ask. The room was spinning and his balls were swelling. He managed to reach up and grab the barbell in the stand to hold on to something substantial. It was like drinking too much, too quick and then lying on the floor and feeling the world spin around you. Only this time there was no alcohol, no drugs, nothing but this unusual young man with a sex drive that seemed to be limitless. He even had enough to share with others. The boy began toying with his asshole but the way that he did it was far more stimulating. As he flicked and toyed with the rim of his rectum he would give little twisting motions that sent him spinning around. He spread his legs wider and entreated him to enter. The boy wormed his way up and in, slowly spreading the edges of the tight muscle. Now the boy's attentions returned to his cock. With excruciating slowness he began a maddeningly insistent nibbling and biting process that, by the time he reached the top, had driven Billy to a very agitated state. His hips were bouncing and his cock began swelling with yet another promised orgasm. As Arnold's mouth reached the top it tentatively tasted the small Lolita Tube amount of juice that was evident there. Obviously this was the first he had encountered because it took him a while to acquire a taste for it. Finally he decided he could stand it and began to suck the shaft into his mouth. And that's just what he did. He clamped his lips around the shaft and sucked as hard as he could, slowly letting more and more of it enter his mouth. The pressure this was building up in Billy was too much to take. He reached down and grabbed the boy's hair and pulled his mouth off his cock. "You bastard," he said hoarsely. "Are you trying to kill me? What the hell are you up to?" "Just returning the favor. Should I stop?" Billy just fell back on the bench and waved his permission. If this was going to be the end, then so be it. It had been a good life, and he would die a happy man. Again the mouth consumed his cock, picking up where it had left off. The ache in his balls became more pronounced. The cock went deeper in his mouth. It reached the back of the boy's throat and just kept on going. All the time the suction was kept up and the boy's tongue kept lapping at his cock. When his lips had reached the root of the shaft he opened them and his tongue snaked out and licked the top of the scrotum. Immediately his balls began to shoot cum up his shaft. His scream came out of nowhere. A fire ran to the tip of his shaft and then exploded outwards. He saw stars, tried to get a good breath of air, failed and passed out. Arnold continued to suck until nothing else came up the shaft. The cock went limp almost at once. He looked up at his friend and wasn't the least bit surprised to find him out cold. His breathing seemed normal now. Arnold thought he should have said something when he noticed him holding his breath for so Lolita Tube long. He guessed he had just forgotten to breathe. After a few seconds Billy began to surface. His head lolled back and forth, his eyes tried to focus on different things. Several times he tried to lift his head and say something but nothing came out and his head fell heavily back onto the bench. Arnold stood and walked around beside him. He helped him sit up and encouraged him to put his head between his knees. This seemed to work until he became alert enough to realize that he was staring at his own cock. Although flaccid, it was unusually thick and distended. What the hell had happened? He sat up and took his aching organ in his hand. He shot Arnold a look that was both piteous and sexually charged. "I think that will probably go back to normal. Just like my pecs. See?" Indeed his pecs seemed to have diminished in size. They were still quite striking but it was apparent they had just been filled with so much blood that they had swelled up like Billy's cock was now. "I'm afraid that I made a bit more of a mess while I was sucking you." "Huh?" "It seems I came again, all over your nice indoor/outdoor carpeting. Perhaps the cleaning lady will be able to suggest a cleansing agent that will remove the stubborn stain." He winked. Billy looked down at the floor where the boy had been kneeling and saw a large pool of cum. There was more cum in that one puddle than Billy had shot all night. This kid Lolita Tube was very hot. It was scary. "You gonna stay in a hotel tonight?" "I guess I was sort of hoping you'd be able to find me a place. Got any suggestions?" "I got a quiet little place out back. Not much on the hospitality, but it's real convenient to the best gym in four counties." "Thanks. I gotta be heading out early tomorrow morning, but I wouldn't mind getting in a few quick reps before hitting the road." "Come on. We got a little cleaning up to do here and then we'll hose off in the shower room and get us some nutrition. There's a pretty good all night truck stop a few miles up the road. We can head up there and drive all the waitresses and gay truck drivers crazy." "Sounds great. Where's the bucket?"
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