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Little Lolitas

(2011-11-21 21:30:46)





Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 16: FlashbackThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== Arnold and Sam sat Mr. Ridell on the bench just outside the shower room then Arnold began to undress Samantha, taking the bottom of her T-shirt and lifting it slowly over her head. Underneath this was a work-out bra that held her breasts tightly in place. This he raised over her head as well, revealing her beautiful breasts; cone shaped and standing out proudly from her chest, the tips of them covered with large nipples that immediately rose to erection as they came in contact with the cooler air. Arnold stared at them, drinking them in. He had never had breasts this mature within his grasp before. His eyes flicked momentarily up to Sam's face. She nodded in encouragement, the look in her eyes reminding him of the lesson just learned out on the gym floor. Arnold reached up with one hand and tentatively ran his finger tip down the slope of her right breast, tracing the inner edge down into the cleavage. As his hand moved under the breast he cupped it in his palm and raised it up to his waiting mouth. His tongue snaked out from between his lips and touched the very tip of her erect nipple. Her short intake of breath momentarily startled him, but a quick glance up, their eyes meeting and locking, told him that he was doing fine. He slowly circled the nipple with his tongue, growing a bit more insistent, a bit more bold each time around. Finally his tongue spiraled in again, but this time he withdrew his tongue, parted his lips and took the nipple into his mouth. Sam purred with pleasure as the sensation spread throughout her body. His kiss became more persistent until he had worried the nipple into an aching state of erection. He sensed she had reached some sort of plateau and so moved over to the other breast, repeating the process. His tongue traced the inner and outer reaches of both breasts, sending thrills of passion ringing through her body. She raised her hands to his head and ran her fingers through his long brown hair. As she became more captivated by his ministrations her hands roamed down to his neck and out to his broad shoulders. She caressed his deltoids and upper arms, dragging her fingernails slowly, gently, across the taut second skin of his shirt. Her fingertips worked their way up under the shirt sleeves and she began to knead the firm muscles beneath. He sensed she was eager to touch his bare skin and stood back up. She ran her hands down his sides and pulled the bottom of his shirt up over his head with the same slow movements he had removed hers with. As he raised his arms over his head to allow her to remove his shirt she stopped for a moment, taking in the massive physique before her. His skin was fresh and clear. His arm pits sprouted small tufts of hair that seemed almost lost in the vast expanse of muscle that faced her. She brought her lips to him and slowly kissed each armpit, reveling in the heady odor of his body. She knew they were going to shower together so she wanted to take the opportunity to gather as many smells of him as he could. She made a point of smelling several areas of his chest and arms, hoping that when it came his turn he would not overlook this important sense. She drew the shirt the rest of the way over his head and he dropped his arms to his side. His pecs were round and pronounced, pumped up from the afternoon's work-out. She traced his nipples with her fingernails, occasionally pinching them just a bit, enjoying the small mewls of pleasure which escaped his lips. She placed her own lips on each nipple, sucking them into her mouth, her tongue teasing them, quickly flipping back and forth across them. He tensed with each lash of her tongue and his pectorals became larger and larger as he flexed them in reaction to her attentions. He had never experienced anything like this, had never realized that his own nipples could be such a center of pleasure. She thrilled at the feeling of the huge, smooth muscle beneath Little Lolitas the skin. She ran her hands over his pecs and then traced her tongue along the line where they curved under to meet his abdomen. As she did this he released a sigh that vibrated with sexual energy. She could tell they were both reaching a state where neither of them were going to have much control. She decided she had better steer their actions towards getting the rest of their clothes off before they got too involved and forgot about the rest of their bodies. In the back of her mind she remembered this was supposed to be a learning experience for their young friend. Sam stepped back and studied the beautiful body in front of her. She also allowed him to do the same. She hoped he was able to absorb what was happening on several different levels so he might be able to use this experience to his advantage later on. She could see he was watching her every move, tuning into the smallest nuance of her actions. If he were able to continue that for the rest of this afternoon she was sure that this would, indeed, be one that none of them would forget. She waited. It was his turn. He ran his eyes over her body, drinking in the mind-boggling sight. His brain was flooded with a torrent of sensations, and he tried to assimilate all the information it was taking in, but after a while, gave up and decided to sort it all out later. He leaned forward and placed his face on the top of her head and breathed in deep, taking in the smell of her hair. She smiled to herself. "He learns fast," she thought. His hands ran through her long bundle of hair then removed the band which held it in place. She reached behind her neck and raised up her arms, spreading her hair out in a golden fan as it slipped over them. When she had extended her arms straight up he leaned down and took in the thick aroma of her armpits. He realized how important smell was to sex and vowed to take in as many of her smells as possible. There was one smell which kept attracting his attention. He wasn't sure where it was coming from but thought that if he moved around enough he would be able to zero in on it. He started to breath in deeply through his nose, moving his head from side to side, up and down, coming closer and closer to her mid-section. He discovered it was coming from her crotch. He slowly pealed her shorts away, revealing the tuft of blonde pubic hair just below her flat, muscular stomach. He took a moment to study her belly button, worrying it just a bit with his tongue. The reaction he got was pleasantly surprising and so he renewed his efforts which were rewarded by a wonderful purring sound emanating from her throat. She had hoped he would take the initiative to remove the rest of her clothing. Sometimes young men reached this stage and became nervous, a kind of performance anxiety. If they went any further than this they were committing themselves. What if they weren't able to perform? Or they might end up looking foolish. The fact that he had set off on his own here was encouraging. He didn't have any expectations of himself or her. He seemed to be going from moment to moment, gathering the experience as he went. His brief foray into her belly button told her he was not aiming for a particular goal, but was taking time to be open to as much as possible. She loved having her bellybutton kissed. Having pulled her shorts down this far the thick, deep odor he had been seeking came pouring out. This was the most intense thing he had ever smelled. It rang in his head, triggering thoughts too complicated to make sense of. Images and feelings flashed through his mind. He suddenly felt like some animal, chasing through the brush on the trail of an odor so strong he could actually see it. Its power driving him beyond his control. The basic mating instinct had driven all his ancestors before him, down through the millennium, and was moving his actions in the same, if subtler, ways. He pulled her shorts the rest of the way down her muscular legs and the smell made him collapse to his knees in front of her. She spread her legs a bit and he knew he has being invited in. This was the place he had heard of so many times. That mythical spot where a man's dreams and desires were fulfilled or destroyed. He was at the gateway to a great mystical palace, its secrets about to be revealed to him. Would he be up to the challenge of the sphinx? Sam sensed his hesitation and hoped that he wasn't going to choke up on her now. She was so turned on that the inner surfaces of her thighs were damp with her flowing juices. Thoughts of his massive cock, so recently ensconced in her mouth, made her wet with desire. She spread her legs a bit more, inviting him to explore. She had thought that, perhaps, he had gotten this far with a woman before. But it appeared that he was not at all familiar with the lay of the land. If his inquisitiveness continued to thrive however, she had no doubt he would be able to work through this puzzle as well. Arnold raised his hand toward her pubic hair, listening very carefully to her breathing pattern. He ran his hand up her leg, the muscles tensing seductively in response to his touch. The closer he got to that golden mound the more rapid her breathing became. He sensed he has doing this right and was rewarded with a deep sigh as his hand reached its destination. The hair was thick and wiry, not at all like the hair on her head. He ran his fingers through it, combing it up out of the way so as to see beneath it. He then traced the outer boundaries of it, ending where it thinned out and disappeared between her legs. This was the moment he had been waiting for. The feeling of a woman's vagina had been explained to him by his friends many times. He longed to experience the soft lushness he had been told about. He also longed to see this "clit" that was talked about so reverently. He wasn't quite sure what he would be looking for; reports from the front had brought back conflicting information. In fact, he was starting to doubt the veracity of the messengers. It was quite possible some of them had never really gotten this far. She now sensed his resolve, thrust her hips forward to once again invite further explorations and hoped he would be patient enough to discover all her secrets. Her own first sexual partners had Little Lolitas never bothered to look for, much less touch or directly stimulate, her clitoris. They had equated sex purely with the idea of ramming the shit out of her privates, squirting a teaspoon of cum inside her and asking her if Little Lolitas it was as good for her as it had been for them. She had hoped, on those occasions, that it had been as bad for them as it had been for her. She was sure, though, that Arnold was going to be very different. His sense of exploration and attention to her own reactions was an encouraging sign. She just wished he would figure out where to put his finger. The gap between her legs seemed the place to go. He ran his finger down into the crevasse, coming suddenly into a moist hot area that sent tingles through his mind. It was so soft, so pliant. The folds of flesh enveloped his finger as he slowly explored the area. Every time he moved it sent another shudder of pleasure through Sam's body. Her legs parted more and he reached further in. She thought he might not go back far enough and would miss her opening. He was so tentative, so shy with his search. She knew this was out of respect for her anatomy, but her patience, that thing she had lectured him about out on the gym floor not fifteen minutes ago, was wearing quite thin. Suddenly his finger was lodged inside her and a joyful explosion of emotional release ripped through her body. She ran her hands over her breasts and abdomen, sustaining the thrill of his actions. He suddenly found a place where the whole world seemed to sink into oblivion. He moved his finger toward it and found it buried up to the first knuckle. She moaned. He moved in a bit deeper and she moaned again. He looked up to her for confirmation that this was the right thing to do, but her head was thrown back, her eyes shut, her hands roaming over her abdomen and breasts, stimulating them. The thought suddenly occurred to him, "What if this wasn't what I thought it was." He could be on his way up her ass, instead. Then he thought about his own asshole and realized if this was hers, she would have a hard time keeping everything from just flowing out whenever it wanted to. He was relieved and renewed his explorations, taking his cues from the deep moans she made each time he moved his finger. He pulled out and started to explore the area in front of her vagina. He spread the wonderful loose flesh and peered up under the bush of pubic hairs until he saw what he thought looked like a small nugget of skin. Slowly, careful to make sure that his finger always remained moist, he moved towards this tiny nodule. If he was right, and if the reports were accurate, one touch of this small button would send her swooning into orgasm. His finger brushed nearer and nearer. Her breathing became shorter and shorter in expectation. He touched it. She let out a small cry. Not quite what he had expected, but it definitely seemed to Little Lolitas have an affect. He touched it again, lingering a moment, rubbing it. This time the small cry was accompanied by a shudder. The small bud began to grow. He realized it was actually hidden beneath a hood of skin and pulled it up to reveal the entire thing. He then had a thought. If sticking his tongue into her bellybutton had such an affect on her, imagine what sticking his tongue in here would do. He moved his mouth closer. Just before he stuck his tongue out he breathed in deeply. The smell made him swoon, exhaling hot breath directly on the surface of her mons. She moaned and her knees weakened. He breathed out again and she said "Oh, my God!" He stuck out his tongue and touched the small nub. She grabbed the sides of his head, hissed a long, sibilant "yes" and sank to the tiled floor. Sam spread her legs wide, knees bent, and entreated him with her gaze to continue his oral discoveries. Arnold darted his tongue again and again at the small nodule, each time eliciting a moan or sigh or some comment which emboldened him. He tried to keep the verbal responses coming but couldn't seem to find a corollary between what he did and how Sam reacted. After a while he gave up and just enjoyed the overall pleasure which he knew he was giving her. One thing was obvious. Little Lolitas There was a direct connection between her level of pleasure and the amount of wetness. Every once in a while he would send his finger back into the deep cavern and would be surprised at the amount of juices flowing in there. Her reactions kept increasing and he found that a kind of cycle was being formed. The more he licked, the more she moaned. The more she moaned, the more he was driven to lick. He knew, from his own experiences with orgasms, where this was all leading, but try as he might, he couldn't quite figure out where this huge erection he was sporting came into the picture. Time and again Mr. Ridell had told him how happy this huge cock of his was going to make the women of the world, and he knew there were an awful lot of women who had expressed a desire to experience his erection, and he had a fair idea that, when it finally got around to being the right time he was going to put his raging hard-on up that wonderful hole he had been sending his finger into. All these things he knew. What he couldn't figure out was when it was supposed to happen. Would she tell him? Would some secret compartment in his brain open up and announce to him, "Now, dummy!"? He was afraid he was going to miss his opportunity completely. Or worse yet, get it wrong and this whole wonderful experience would disintegrate into a huge moment of embarrassment. He wasn't going to worry about it at the moment, though, because something important seemed to be happening. Sam's thighs were spreading wider, her hips were pressing against the attack of his mouth, her cries and encouragements were becoming more intense and his need to lick and tweak and worry and agitate and stimulate her tiny nub of flesh seemed to be reaching some sort of pinnacle. He doubled his efforts and soon found himself buried nose deep in her cunt just trying to hang on. Her cries became more intense. In fact, if he hadn't known this was such a pleasant experience for her he would have sworn he was hurting her. She kept telling him not to stop, though, and he didn't think he could, even if she had wanted him to. His need to reach the end of all this was overpowering. Higher and higher they both went, Little Lolitas each feeding off the other's pleasures until suddenly Sam's whole body contracted. Every muscle stood out in detail as the first waves of orgasm ran through her body. Again and again. Shot after shot of staggering convulsions wracked her frame until he thought she wouldn't stop. He kept up his licking of her clitoris and at one point the shuddering started to subside for a second but then a second wave hit, bigger than the first. She was practically screaming and the pleasure this brought him drove him on, too. Finally, following one last vibration of her body, she collapsed against the tiles. Her breathing was very labored and she seemed to be not quite sure of where she was. She looked down between her legs and saw him staring back up at her, the question "Did I do that right?" in his eyes. Oh my God, yes, did he do that right. She longed to hold him. She stretched out her arms to him and he crawled up and straddled her torso, his knees on the floor between her legs. "What was that?" he asked. She couldn't help herself. She laughed. The puzzled look on his face sobered her slightly and she answered his question. "That, my dear Stud, was two orgasms back to back. At least I think there were two. A third one might have sneaked in there somewhere." She reached up and put her arms around his neck, pulling him down to her. Their lips met and they kissed a long, deep kiss that went on forever. Her hands were all over him. She ran them up the backs of his arms, feeling the power of his triceps as they held him above her. She ran them over his back and felt the huge sheets of muscle there, then down around the front to his massive pecs, firm and hard. He lowered himself down into her and began to grind his groin into her cunt. Slowly, at first, and then picking up speed. Where no direction had been given, nature had taken over. There was just one problem. She was lying on a cold tile floor and a small piece of grit had been digging into her back for the past five Little Lolitas minutes. Besides, she had just experienced not one, but two, seismic orgasms and didn't think her body could take another one just yet. It was certain that once that massive erection of his was inside her she would be experiencing orgasms like she never had before. She placed her hands on the fronts of his shoulder and pressed him up off her. The look on his face was devastating. It was a mixture of sexual frustration coupled with fear that he had been doing something wrong. "I'm sorry, my dear Stud, but we're going to have to find a more hospitable location before we continue our explorations." They both looked over at Mr. Ridell, who had been observing the proceedings, to see if he could suggest a better spot. He told them to take a shower and he'd be back in a minute. He left with a feeling of purpose, so the two lovers trusted he had something definite in mind. They took him up on his suggestion and jumped in the shower. Sam was already naked, but Arnold still had his briefs and thong on. Sam removed them for him and then stood back to admire the view. She had never, ever seen such a wonderful collection of body parts. Sure, there were many guys at the gyms she worked-out at whose muscles were far bigger than Arnold's, but that was only one part of the picture. The attention paid to symmetry in his development helped balance the total image. His gorgeous features were textbook classic without being trite or clich�. Then there was, of course, his magnificent genitals. The shaft was still thick and rigid, the head inflamed and dangerous looking. His balls were proportional to the rest of him and she suddenly had the thought of this huge cock hanging from the groin of some ninety-eight pound weakling. What if he hadn't started body building? What would this all look like now? The final part of the picture was the person she had come to know over the past few hours. There certainly was a physical attraction, and their common pasts seemed to do a lot for helping them understand each other's personal needs. The bond they shared through their friend, Mr. Ridell, was enough to forge a life long relationship, had a wiser way not been seen. But all of these things did not take into account the wonderful, sweet, sensitive person she had found him to be. This, more than anything physical, was what now drew her to him, in direct conflict with her own plans for this relationship. She feared she might not be able to let go of this gentle soul when the time came. She hoped she would be strong enough.
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