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Lolita Sites

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Related article: Eleven-and-a-half: A Fantasy Of Great Length by Ray WilderChapter 19: ArnoldThis is a work of fiction. All the characters, events and locations portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, events or locations is purely coincidental.Copyright � 1996. All rights, implicit or implied, except for distribution by this archive and personal use by the individual downloading the file, are reserved. Inquiries regarding publishing rights for this book should be directed to: raywildaol.com======================================== Arnold immediately saw the effect he was having on the young man with Patty. He had seen it many times before. There was the initial reaction to his physique followed by the uncontrollable urge to stare at his crotch. The boy was probably gay, though he didn't seem to have that self-assured sexual presence which most of Arnold's gay friends had. He probably wasn't sexually active yet. He was a handsome youth, obviously beginning to do some serious body building. Arnold knew there would come a time very soon, if it hadn't happened already, when the young man was going to have to deal with other people's advances as Arnold had several times today. Including this young man's. Arnold knew lust when he saw it. This kid lusted. Patty thanked him for dropping off the gym bag that she'd forgotten in the parking lot. He got the feeling she was uneasy about him having to bring it over. He thought she might be the type who didn't like to be in other people's debt so he assured her he would probably have done the same thing, forgotten his bag, considering the conditions under which she had departed. He certainly hoped she wasn't having second thoughts about having shown her appreciation for his cock. The last thing he wanted was this beautiful, muscular woman to go shy on him. He had begun to develop high hopes about what would take place in her apartment the following night. The young man with Patty was still staring at him, and although he knew the lad meant no offense it was becoming a bit uncomfortable. Arnold asked Patty who he was. Patty introduced him as "the kid" and seemed to be a little insensitive about the boy's reaction to Arnold. There appeared to be a bond of some sort between them, though, so he figured everything was fine. However, when she made a point of his staring, the kid's reaction was one of almost hatred. He obviously did not like the fact that Patty was taking him so lightly. There was definitely something going on here. Patty backed off and let the young man deal with Arnold in his own way. It was obvious that Patty had a rather maternal attitude towards him and this seemed to be the first time she had encountered any resentment from him on the subject. Arnold wondered if there might be any question in the kid's mind as to his relationship with Patty. He made sure he indicated that they were friends. What was perplexing, though, was that when the boy introduced himself as "Peter" Patty seemed completely taken by surprise. Hadn't she just told him that Peter was going to be closing the gym for her tonight? He obviously worked here. How was it she didn't know his name? Patty mentioned that "the secret was out." Was it that Peter had just allowed everyone to call him "the kid". It seemed rather self-deprecating. Perhaps he had a rather low self-image. Arnold decided to test those waters to see if there was anything he could do to help Peter see himself in a better light. As they shook hands Arnold felt a flood of warmth emanate from the young man in a mish-mash of emotions. It would have been easy to refer to it as puppy-love, lust, infatuation. But Arnold sensed something deeper. He thought back to his life before Mr. Ridell, before the world had been shown to him in a new light. This was the feeling he got from Peter. The boy was on the edge of something. It was possible that today was, for any number of reasons, a cusp for him. If handled poorly, the whole thing could go sour, and he would look forward to a life like Arnold had before meeting Mr. Ridell and Sam; without a prayer for making anything of himself, just for lack of the self-confidence that someone had in their power to give him. Arnold knew about that cusp. He knew about the moment when all of it became clear, when the whole world fell into place and he saw how he might fit into it, making both himself and his world a better place to live. Should this boy not come to that moment properly prepared then his future, and the future of the world, would be greatly diminished. The whole is indeed equal to the sum of every part. Every single part, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Peter was quite concerned about Arnold's connection with Patty. Looking at Patty he sensed that she was also a bit concerned about her connection with her new neighbor. He wasn't sure what either expected, so kept the description as simple as possible. He had just moved in. They were neighbors. Just friends. Since this morning. This seemed to delight Peter but Patty became unusually upset. Both Arnold and Peter stared at her as she began pounding her fist on the reception desk. Perhaps she was jealous of Peter's attentions towards him. Or she was jealous of his attentions towards Peter. Or she was just plain angry about being left out of the interaction between the two men. Arnold really had intended to simply drop off the bag and head on back to his apartment, begging off on the tour until he had a chance to get settled in. But it was obvious that Patty had set her heart on showing him around the place. Disappointing her now might mean complicating things for tomorrow night. There was also Peter to consider. If Arnold were to walk out of here right now the boy would not be able to get what he perceived he needed from him. Arnold would do well to direct Peter's attentions away from the purely sexual need that he was sure the kid felt would fill his gap. He asked if Patty could take the time to show him around but Peter immediately jumped in and asked if he could do the honors. He was caught between a rock and hard place. The name Solomon came to mind, but he didn't see any babies he could chop in half so he suggested that Peter could do the demonstrating. He wondered just how much the young man knew about gym equipment, but figured no harm would be done if he let the boy "show him the ropes." Although it seemed rather obvious that, given Arnold's physical development, there was probably little the boy could tell him which he hadn't already experienced, Arnold had learned the best way to hamper his growth in life was to deny a source of information. By the end of the tour he was rewarded yet again with affirmation of this point. The first thing Arnold noticed, and the thing that continued to draw his attention, was the plant life. Everywhere you looked there was greenery. The whole place was supercharged with the energy and oxygen these wonderful living things were giving off. Had the equipment been a set of plastic, sand filled bar bells and a pull up bar he would still have jumped at the chance to work-out here. They began Lolita Sites Lolita Sites with the stations nearest the stairs and Arnold asked Peter questions about them, at first just to be polite. As they continued the tour, though, Arnold realized the boy was a veritable storehouse of knowledge regarding the equipment and the ways in which to get the most out of each exercise. It would be quite Lolita Sites a coup if he could get Peter to be his work-out partner. Arnold wondered what his duties were here and whether they included enough time to run through a session with him once a day. Occasionally Arnold would ask a question that required Peter to actually demonstrate the gear. This he did with great pride. Arnold thought he sometimes put a bit too much weight on to show off but the determination on Peter's face as he pushed himself through the reps only increased Arnold's respect for him. Peter's body was just at that point when the various parts were starting to come together. Each muscle group was beginning to be defined and Arnold could tell he had learned how to isolate the different groups to get the most out the exercise and bring definition to his body. He saw that Peter could concentrate on the effort of each rep, being less concerned with finishing a set than making the movement he was presently involved in count for as much as possible. His chest was already becoming broad and deep. The pecs were starting to stand up off his chest and come together to form that great, deep divide which did so much to express their shape. His abdominals had the beginnings of the striations which would soon take on the appearance of being iron clad. The deltoids which capped his shoulders had already begun to define themselves as separate entities from his biceps and triceps. His lats needed some work, but a little coaching in that direction would soon have them up to speed with the rest of his upper torso. Arnold had trouble discerning the condition of his legs because he was wearing sweats. They seemed to be a bit on the spindly side, but this was normal for the beginner. Most kids wanted to get the huge, ornamental muscles of the upper torso going first. It wasn't until they looked in the mirror one day with all their clothes off that they would realize how top heavy and odd they looked. If there was a chance that Arnold would be working with him, the first thing he would do would be to take him through the same self-evaluation session which Mr. Ridell had taken him through. Nude, in front of a full-length mirror. Nothing but honesty to protect him. It had been a sobering experience for Arnold, showing him how much work he had before him. But it had allowed him to set realistic goals by viewing what he had to work with and realizing how they could be developed to their best advantage. Occasionally they would come to a station where some of the other members of the gym were working. Arnold enjoyed just standing back and watching these people go. Their attitudes about their work, their dedication, their determination was an inspiration which he constantly fed off of. He could feel each rep that the other person was going through. As they pumped the huge plates of iron up in the air his own muscles could feel the growth and burn they were experiencing. Some of these people seemed to have their own ideas about how to use these machines that didn't match up to what Arnold knew about them. He asked them about this or that technique and tried to find a way to incorporate the information into what his experience had been. Almost without fail the person was able to add substantially to Arnold's cache of information, either by showing him some detail that had been previously unknown to him or by making some statement or assumption which seemed to Arnold to be erroneous. Throughout the tour Peter continued to impress him as being a great asset to the gym. He hoped that this fact was appreciated by the rest of the staff, though he suspected that, in light of Peter's rather self-deprecating manner, the staff probably picked-up on his own attitude and helped sustain it. After they had made the circuit of the floor and returned to the reception area Arnold remarked about Peter's knowledge, saying that he really appreciated the young man's insights into the use of the gear and hoped that he would be able to tap that information on a regular basis. There was still the boy's physical lust to deal with, but if it came to that, well, he certainly had done his share of hopping the fence. There was no doubt the young man was good looking, and it never ceased to please Arnold when anyone took such an interest in him. Peter was definitely hot for Arnold. In his eagerness, Peter put Arnold on the spot. Would he be joining? Yes, of Lolita Sites course he would. He thought Peter would have an orgasm right then and there. When he asked about an annual fee he thought Patty was the one who would cream her jeans. This was going to be interesting.
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