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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.10 The Master Chris Collection TRIP TO THE CARRIBEAN ___________________________ It is spring and it is vacation time. We have just arrived in the Caribbean after a long flight. You are wearing a light cotton blouse and skirt and sneakers. As usual, you wear neither bra nor panties. Upon arrival, a small taxi takes us on a 10 minute journey to Lolita Pics a small harbour. We board a large Windjammer type sailboat and a couple of minutes later, we are underway. By evening, we are anchored near a deserted island far from civilization. There are four couples aboard plus the captain and his first mate who is a gorgeous blonde. During this first short sail from the harbour to where you have anchored, you have seen the others on the boat, but you have not had the chance to speak to them. That evening, you are all sitting at the large dining table when the captain invites you all to introduce yourselves. The man to your left starts, "My wife here", he says, "is very submissive. She was first initiated over a year ago. There are some things she likes more than others. She loves being dominated by another woman. She loves having her nipples punished with strong nipple clamps. She loves having her bottom lubricated. She is embarrassed when she is exhibited but she gets very hot very fast. She also gets hot when she's spanked especially if it is done by another woman. I keep her pussy shaved and I regularly have someone take pictures of her in bondage." You are shocked. This was the last thing you expected. Throughout the description, the pretty brunette has kept her head down submissively. As she looks up, you see the blush of her embarrassment in being described this way. You realize that your own face is flushed and that soon I will describe you. The men continue in turn describing their companions. I am last. I describe your submissive behavior. You blush and hang your head as the others hear of your past adventures and as I describe in intimate detail what things have turned you on and which have turned you off. Both the men and the women look at you appreciatively as your extra-long nipples and shaved pussy lips are described. Your nipples get hard despite yourself as you hear me describe them. When all the women have been introduced in this way, the captain and the man to your left rise from the table. They take the man's wife between them and march her upstairs. We all follow. Her clothes are quickly removed and her hands tied above her head. She must stand on her toes to maintain her balance. She, like all Lolita Pics the women, is beautiful. She has large breasts and she is shaved just as you are. The captain takes a leather strap and gently straps the brunette's buttocks with it. When they have been 'warmed up', she is untied. It is obvious to everyone that she has become turned on by her situation. You imagine the sensation of being tied up Lolita Pics in that position, on display for all of these strangers and then having your buttocks spanked just like a little girl. You begin to get wet imagining it and your mind starts to wonder what they will eventually do with you. The man looks at the brunette and says, "Assume the position!" She immediately lies on her back with her hands holding her knees up and wide apart. You all get a good look at her shaven slit. A small dab of honey is put on each nipple and another on the tip of her protruding clitoris. A dog is led on deck by the first mate and he begins to lick at her nipples with his long rasping tongue. A shiver runs up your spine. Surely they are not going to force this sex slave to have sex with this dog! At the same time you feel this revulsion, you are strangely fascinated by the sight of the dog licking the submissive girl whose face is now beet red at her humiliation. Everyone's eyes are riveted to the scene. The dog now moves lower and begins licking the woman's pussy. She has begun lubricating and the dog seems quite horny as his tongue takes long slurping licks from the small of the brunette's back up to her belly. His red pointy dick is sticking out. The dog is assisted in entering her. You see the huge knot of the dog's penis pushing into her wet, open pussy faster and faster. Both the woman and the dog are panting hard now and you notice that despite your racing heartbeat, you are holding your breath. The girl looks right at you and catches your eye. She looks at you for a moment and then closes her eyes, surrendering totally to the sensation. The girl begins coming in loud gasping moans and her entire body shakes as she is consumed by the orgasm. You are all soon sitting back below decks at the table and as you look around, you see that everyone has been turned on by the experience. A young girl with short hair is next. She is put on her back in the middle of the table. You notice that her pussy has also been shaved. Nipple clamps are attached to her breasts as her hands and feet are tied to the four corners of the table. The captain reaches into a large bag Lolita Pics and pulls out a vibrator. One of the girls is instructed to begin exciting the bound slave with it. She begins running the tip of the vibrator along the girl's inner thighs and around the edges of her pussy. The bound girl begins to get wet right away. The vibrator continues to move all across her body. At one point, it touches the nipple clamps and the girl lets out an uncontrollable moan as the vibrating sensation affects her nipples. The captain takes out a thin leather strap and hands it to you. You are told to strike her pussy with it. You start by lightly hitting the large puffy lips of her pussy. Gradually though, you aim your strokes closer to the center. You begin to get wet yourself as you watch how turned on the girl is. Her nipple clamps are removed and you and the girl with the vibrator are put to work licking her breasts. One of the men moves between her legs and enters her quickly. She cries out and her hips rise to meet his thrusts. The action continues for some time. Whenever she is close to coming, the three of you stop for a moment. Finally you let her come. Her passion overboils and she screams in pleasure. Her body continues to twitch as the little after-shocks keep her orgasm at a peak for a couple of minutes. There is a break now as everyone gets a drink. Two of the women are now completely naked. You and a young redhead know that your turn is coming. The captain and his mate use this break to set up video camera equipment. You remember that the redhead was introduced as being very shy and private. You look over to her and see her eyeing the video equipment apprehensively. A few minutes later she is standing in front of the camera with her hands tied behind her. One of the men begins by feeling her breasts through her blouse. She looks down submissively and blushes. She is from Alabama and her whole attitude is that of a Southern Belle who is doing something naughty. The man touching her reaches down and opens her blouse to expose her breasts to the camera. Her breasts are firm and well formed and her hard pink nipples stick straight out from them. One of the girls is instructed to apply make-up to the breasts while one of the men holds her tightly. She moans softly as dark rouge highlights her nipples and the surrounding areola. The camera moves in closer to capture the screen. The girl tries squirming out of view of the camera and the men finally tie her hands above her head and her feet about two feet apart. One of the girls now stands behind the redhead and loosens her skirt. It falls to the floor revealing magnificent legs and a naturally red bush. The girl turns beet red and her blush extends down to her chest. One of the men stands up and pulls gently on the pubic hair. "Do you like this hair?", he asks. "Yes.", she whispers. "Before we turn off the camera", he tells her, "you will have nothing down here but your long pussy lips. We are going to film you losing the last defense to your modesty." The girl closes her eyes as the thought of it hits her. She looks incredibly turned on. A blindfold is fastened over her eyes and you know from experience that the sensations your body feels when you cannot see are heightened immensely. One of the girls kneels down in front of her and immediately begins trimming her bush. Behind the bound redhead, the other girl brings a lubricated finger to the girl's bottom. She gasps as the long, warm finger works its way up her rear passage and begins sliding back and forth. Over the next couple of minutes, the girls stop a couple of times to keep the redhead from coming. As soon as she calms down, they start again until, finally, she is so turned on that all she can think about is the release of an orgasm. Her pussy has been shaved completely and you can see the unusually long inner lips opening up like the petals of a flower. She is so wet, that her juices are running down the inside of her leg. I look at you and say, "Lick her until she comes." You kneel between her spread legs and touch her mound. It is hot. You grasp the long inner lips with your fingernails and firmly spread them apart until she is completely exposed to you. One of the men removes her blindfold and tells the gasping girl to look into the camera. She wantonly does so. You let the tip of your tongue touch her lightly on the inside of her lips. You can see her hard clitoris sticking out and just begging to be licked but you don't yet. You lick her slowly from the bottom of her pussy to almost the top. You feel the girl's tummy tighten at the feelings you are causing her body. Finally you give her relief. You pull her clitoris in between your lips and slide your tongue back and forth across it. The girl cries out at the exquisite sensation as she begins a long series of orgasms. You are the only girl still dressed and as expected, they now turn their attention to Lolita Pics you. You feel your stomach tighten in apprehension as the men take you and hold you between them. Two of the other girls quickly remove your clothes. You are led to the table and tied to it in the most exposing manner possible. The men and women begin touching your body, examining your shaved pussy and pulling your long nipples. You are already so turned on that you start to drip your juices from your pussy almost immediately. One of the men takes little clamps not unlike nipple clamps and fastens them to your sensitive inner pussy lips. Cords are attached to them and you feel your pussy pulled wide apart as the cords are attached to either side of you. Your pussy is now totally exposed and you close your eyes and enjoy for a moment the feeling of having your tiny pink lips pulled tightly away from your pussy. A long warm finger is slowly sliding in and out of your bottom and your hips begin to move of their own accord in rhythm with the movement. You feel a blindfold being fitted over your eyes and a moment later, the sharp feeling of an ice cube touching one nipple. You jump at the sensation. Its cold touch is only momentary and as soon as it is removed, it is replace by a warm tongue that delicately darts out to touch the tip of your nipple. It plays back and forth and then around the hard nubbin. Then, the ice cube again followed by the hot mouth of your tormentor. The other nipple now begins to get the same treatment simultaneously, the hot and the cold alternating the sensations that seem to travel directly to your pussy. The two mouths working on your nipples are taking all of your attention but now, a third person begins the same technique on the back of your left knee. First the ice cold sensation of the ice cube then the sensuous touch of a hot tongue. It is only a moment before your right leg begins getting the same treatment, first on the back of your knee and then the sensitive inside of your spread apart thighs. The four ice cubes and mouths are driving you crazy and now they are assisted by a fifth who starts by letting drops from their ice cube onto your tummy and letting them run down between your legs. The ice cold water, a drip at a time, rolls down across your bound pussy lips and between your buttocks, running across your exposed anus before dripping onto the table. Your body is now quivering at every sensation and you pull at your bonds, desperately trying to touch your overexcited body. The drips between your legs are now enhanced by a roving tongue and you let out a load moan despite yourself. The maddening tongue follows the trail of water from the small of your back up. It pauses briefly at your ass, and quickly darts inside, licking your sensitive asshole. It then continues its travel upward. It explores the tight lips of your pussy, still held wide apart by the clamps. The feeling of the hot tongue moving around your hot pussy has overshadowed all the other feelings still happening on other parts of your body. Your hips move up, trying to get the tongue to touch your clitoris, seeking relief. The tongue moves slowly, exploring every nook and cranny. Finally, it begins circling your clitoris, making the circles come closer and closer. You feel the intense cold drip of the ice cube directly on your clitoris and you cry out at the unexpected sensation. The hot mouth immediately covers your clitoris and pulls it between its lips. Your body is shaking uncontrollably now and simultaneously, two mouths bite your nipples and the hot tongue between your legs, runs back and forth across your exposed clitoris. Your mind goes blank and you feel kind of removed from yourself as you begin to come in wave after wave. When you have calmed down, you are untied and you sink to the floor, exhausted. Your body is covered with a sheen of sweat but what is most remarkable is the warm afterglow, sensation you feel through your entire body. Everyone else has also laid back to take a breather and have a drink. "You will be going to bed soon.", says the captain, "but this is what the rest of the trip will be like. You are at our disposal for whatever we say. During this trip, you will discover depths of your sexuality that you never dreamed you had." You lie back against me with your eyes closed. Your body, tired as it is, still tingles at the thought of the wild days to come as you drift off to sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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