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Related article: Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 16:23:20 -0400 (EDT) From: Mitchel Mulder Subject: a dad and his son-12Next morning Steve felt a lot better, he even managed to have a shower on his own. "Just give me a call, if you need help" I said. Meanwhile I got dressed for the office. When I passed the bathroom I heard the water still running and Steve was singing. Glad that he felt better. When he came downstairs, breakfast was ready. "Doing much better, dad, look" he held op his foot, "swelling is almost gone." "Well, it still looks thick to me, better not over do it." "Going swimming tonight?" "Yep, if you don't mind, son." "Not at all, go ahead." "I will be home early, I promise, so I can get us some dinner."I kissed him goodbye at went off to work. Just before ten, when I was going through my e-mails, the phone rang. It was the coach. "Hey, hope you don't mind calling you, Steve gave me your number." "No problem man, how are today." "Just fine here, a bit horny though." I felt a stir in my loins. "Just wanted to know if we're still on for tonight?" he continued. "Sure, looking forward to that swim." "Great, .....busy? "Just going through the mail." "I see, I'm between classes, just sitting in my small office...with my cock in my hand." My cock started to grow, I had to rearrange myself to give it more room. Just thinking about the coach with his sweats around his knees and his fat cock in his hands, made me horny. "O man, wish I was there" I replied. "Yes, me too, your lips around it, mmmm, sliding my dick into your throat." My cock Nn Lolitas Tgp was now rock-hard. I leaned back in my chair, while I slowly kneaded my cock through my trousers under the desk. "Would love that" I licked my lips and carefully looked around me. "Mmmmm, feeling your hot tongue all over" the coach continued. I saw Ian coming over to me. "Paul, sorry, but I think I have to go." Ian tapped his watch, shit, there was a meeting at ten. "No problem, Mike, I'll save it till later." "Perfect, looking forward to it!" "Me too!, see you tonight then" I got up and quickly looked down, my bulge was prominent and there was even a small wet spot, I picked up a file and hold that in front of my bulge, just hoped that nobody would notice it, and followed Ian to the meeting room.------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------I still had to use the crutches, Nn Lolitas Tgp but the pain was gone, thank God. After lunch I laid on a towel in the grass in the back garden. I stripped down completely and enjoyed the warm sun on my naked body. I guess I must have dozed off. The doorbell woke me up. I put on my shorts and went over to open the door. "Hi Jim" "Hey Steve, better today?" "Yep, let's go into the garden." On our way over we grabbed a beer. "So how was it at school?" "Boring, only one day left. Looks like you had a better time here." "Guess so." His hand moved over my bare chest down to my shorts. I leaned back in the grass, his hand entered my shorts. "Yesss, nice" I said as his hand cupped my cock. "Really missed this" he said. I pulled off my short and told him to get naked too. "What about the neighbors?" "Look around you man, no one can look into the garden because of the trees. He did look around and with a wide grin he started to undress. His cock was already hard when he laid beside me. After some kissing and stroking we moved into a 69 position. I held his cock firm in my hand and squeezed out a long thread of pre-cum that landed on my tongue. He pushed his hips forward, his cock glided over my tongue, its head touching the back of my mouth. "O fuck!" I bopped my head over his hard wet cock, my hand moved over his balls to his ass crack. With the same rhythm Jim sucked me, and played with my balls. With my hands I pulled his ass cheeks apart, his ass looked so inviting. I let his cock pop out of my mouth and moved my tongue to his opening. He let out a groan as I forced my tongue inside. A musky and sweaty scent filled my nose, which made me hornier even-more. I pushed my hips fast forward, fucking him hard in his throat. Jim pushed his ass back on my face, allowing my tongue to go in further. He let himself fall on his back with his legs up in the air, spread wide apart. "Yeah, fuck that ass" he cried. I pushed a finger in next to my tongue. "Hell yes! O man, need your cock there! Fuck me!" "Straddle me" I said as I laid on my back, holding my dick in my hand. With his knees in my pit Jim slowly lowered himself over my cock. We both moaned as my cock entered him. When my head was in he slowly sat down, taking my cock all the way in. With his balls rested in my pubes, he sat for a few seconds. His eyes closed and slowly stroking himself. I pushed my hips up and Jim reacted at once, he started to move up and down, his ass muscles gripping my cock with every move he made. "O man" I said. "Yeah, feels so good, yeah fuck me." We were so into it, we did not notice dad coming home. It was only when I heard something fall to the ground I looked around. Dad had dropped his pants, and was stroking his big juicy cock. "Hi dad!" Jim opened his eyes. "Oh,...hi Sir, eh.... Mike." "Hi guys, good to see you again, Jim" Dad said as he moved towards us, still with his trousers around his ankles. Jim and I both reached for his hard cock. "Mmmm, nice, boys" Jim had taken over dad's hands and was stroking his cock, I was tugging his balls. Dad took of his jacket and stepped out of his shoes. He threw his tie over his shoulder. "hang on" he said and with that he got rid of his trousers. Jim opened his mouth and looked up to dad. Dad pushed his cock in Jim's hungry mouth, and stepped with one foot over me. He threw his head back and started to fuck Jim's mouth. Dad's back was towards me, with my hands holding on to his legs I pushed myself a bit up. Jim was moaning loudly now, being filled at two ends, he moved his body up and down faster. I pulled dad's cheeks apart and started to lick his sweaty ass. Dad pulled off his tie and got rid of his shirt.With one hand behind Jim's head and the other behind mine, dad fucked Jim's mouth faster. My tongue Nn Lolitas Tgp pushed against his sphincter which gave away easily. "O Yeah, Steve!" I felt Jim's ass tightening. His breathing becoming heavier, his moves faster, his sucking sounds louder. "ohhhhhhhhh!" he let out. Big spurts of cum landed on my stomach and chest, his ass gripping my cock tighter. Dad pushed his ass back into my face, I pushed my hips up and down, I had reach the point of no return. My tongue left dad's ass, and licked his big round buns, my cum was rushing through my cock. I let out a wild roar as my sperm shot deep his Jim's ass, load after load. I let myself fall back on the grass, but still hold on to dad, almost making him fall over. He could steady himself just in time, with his ass on my face I returned rimming him. Jim got off my dick and, with his feet on either side of my head, stood behind dad. His hands found dad's nipples and pulled them hard.Dad stroked faster as both his ass and his nipples were worked over. "O yeah, Steve, that feels great! Jim, harder!" he moaned. I stretch my tongue to its limit, Dad began to flex, threw his head back against Jim. "O fuck!, cumming!" he shouted. Big drops of his sperm landed on my stomach. Dad kept on moaning as more cum landed on me. Finally, with a big sigh he rested his ass on my chest for a few seconds. He ran his finger through the puddle of cum and licked his finger. "A nice mix" he grinned and got up.Dad got us another beer. "Last one for today" he told me as he saw the two empty cans. "Come on, dad, it so warm!" Dad smiled at me, "okay then, the last one for the afternoon."------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------After I we had finished dinner I got my stuff together. "Sure you don't mind, Steve" "Hell no, go on, I can take care of myself." "Right then, see you later." I kissed him and was off.I arrived at the pool just after eight. I parked my car across the street under a big sign that said that these 'historical' buildings were being renovated into luxurious spacious apartments. I had to smile to myself, this was my old neighborhood, I never had considered it as historical. It looked like I did wake the lady behind the counter when I bought a ticket. The smell of chlorine filled my nose as I walked upstairs to the locker-room. Paul was already undressing, pulling down his sweatpants. I did not say a word, just stared, he was wearing a jockstrap again, his big round buns came a bit apart when he stepped out of his pants. "Hey Paul"I said and closed the door. He turned around, "Hi Mike" and gave a big warm smile. I dropped my bag on one of the benches and walked over to him. We put our arms around each-other and kissed, letting our tongues roam our mouths. My hands went over his broad shoulders down his back till they found his naked ass. My cock got hard again, and I felt his dick getting hard too. Reluctantly we broke off our kiss, we were here for a swim after-all. We changed into our Speedos, and checked if our hard-ons were not to visible. "That will shrink once we are in the water" coach smiled. "let's go then, quickly"We did our laps, the coach was just as fanatical as last time. "O, that felt great" he said as he stretched his arms above his head. His pits just surfaced the water. Our eyes met. "Think I had enough swimming for today", I said. "Yeah, me too, other things to do, right?" I nodded, and climbed out of the water. Unluckily we were not alone in the locker-room, without much speaking, we toweled off and got dressed.
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