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Related article: A Class By Himself 4 What's up? I'm sure that some of you remember this story being posted here once a long long time ago. To others, you might be seeing it for the first time! (Cool!) Anyway, these first 4 or 5 chapters are new versions of the story, slightly updated and improved from the original! With new details, new dialogue, and extended scenes that weren't included before! So I hope you guys enjoy the additions, and continue on to read future chapters as well! For now...here is "A Class By Himself: Remixed"!!! Let me know what you think at Comicalitywebtv.net or drop by my website at http://comicality.gayauthors.org (And DON'T forget to sign the guestbook!)"A Class By Himself 4"REMIX It was another lazy afternoon at Tanner's house the following weekend. Since I've found my definition of perfection in Tanner, my full time boyfriend now, my mom hardly ever sees me on the weekends anymore. Good thing too, because she would totally freak out if she knew the kinds of things that went on between me and Tanner behind closed doors. All of those sordid sexual escapades that kept us so strongly bonded together. I was sooooo helplessly addicted to the feel of his cool smooth skin touching mine. The taste of his flesh, the gentle frictionless texture of him...his neverending warmth as our bodies intertwined in the most lustful ways imaginable. If it had been all about sex, I'd still be drawn in by his every move, by the cute way he would give me his tender vocal appreciations for what I was doing to him, and definitely by the sweet nectar of his kiss. But it went so far beyond that. He was my boyfriend, my one and only, my Pthc Hussyfan Lolita guide in this crazy life, and nothing made me happier than seeing that sweet smile spread warmly across his lips. That meant everything to me, and I never intended to let him forget it, or take him for granted. Not for a second. We laid on the floor of his basement watching a "Ren And Stimpy" cartoon marathon on Nickelodeon. It was gonna be on for hours, and although we held hands and cuddled closely to one another the whole time...it was one of those precious moments when we were just existing together as friends. That comfortable moment when you can laugh and play and joke around until the sun comes up...but can switch back into 'lover' mode if you accidently looked up and noticed the shine in his hazel eyes. I cannot explain how incredible it is to have someone right there next to you, and to be able to kiss him whenever you felt the urge. That amazing emotional freedom that you experience when you know, without a doubt, that he'll return the love you've given him. It's the world's BEST narcotic, love...and nothing Pthc Hussyfan Lolita else can possibly ever feel better than this.We watched as much of the marathon as we could possibly stand, and finally decided that we were too tired to make another hour. So he flicked off the tv, our only light in the room extinguished, and we got ready to go to sleep. I was Pthc Hussyfan Lolita all set to spend the night as usual, and we had set up little sofa cushions and pillows on the floor for us to lay on. We were covered in blankets and comforters, and even though we wanted to be close, we kept some distance between us in case one of his folks came wandering downstairs in the middle of an 'activity' that was for our eyes only. They never did though. They didn't neccessarily care for me too much, and I was constantly paranoid about it, especially since the fiasco with Jeff at the theater. And yet, they seemed to like having me come over to the house on the weekends. I'm thinking the only reason his parents liked me visiting so much was because it would keep Tanner out of their hair and they could forget they ever had a son. How could anyone neglect Tanner, even in the slightest? He was just too damn cute to overlook. Too intelligent to underestimate. Too loving and caring to walk away from. Well, if they couldn't understand that, who cared? It just meant that Tanner had more love to give me, and that was exactly what I wanted.We spent the next few hours, almost until 2 AM, still whispering to each other in Pthc Hussyfan Lolita the dark until we were both worn out. Our quieted giggles had died down little by little until we were too tired to keep from falling asleep. I must have passed out first, because any other time, when I was aware of Tanner sleeping, I always rolled over on my side to watch him. I'd lay there, gawking at his awesome features and feeling the horniness rise inside of me. He looked so relaxed, so enchanting. I woke up in the middle of the night, and looked over to see Tanner sleeping peacefully on his side of the room. It was just as majestic as it was every other time I sleepily fawned over the love of my life. Have you ever noticed how beautiful people are when they sleep? Tanner was cute to begin with, but now even more so. I stared at him admiringly, watching him lay there on his back, his soft stomach and chest rising casually with every breath he took. Even in his sleep his hair looked almost perfect, the soft light brown locks falling half way down his smooth cheeks, his gentle snore almost nonexistant. I wouldn't have noticed the sound if I hadn't been concentrating on him so hard. I tried to control myself, but just seeing him, lying there like that, his mouth slightly open, probably dreaming about me, made me roll closer to him. I looked into his peaceful face for a breathless moment...and then was emotionally pulled into him. I leaned forward, and kissed him gently on those delicate lips of his. I just wanted it to be a quick peck and that was it, but after one taste of him, one sweet brush with passion, I had to go back for more. I smooched him again and again, then finally I held my mouth over his, filling me with the explosive sexual need that only Tanner could inspire. I was propped up on one elbow, and kissed him even more deeply as I hugged his sleeping body next to me. He was so soft, so unbelievably warm...and it was as though I could taste the cherry red color of his lips as my tongue reached out to lick them. Tanner began to harden in his sleep, and eventually he began to stir in the cutest way, with a little 'kitten stretch' and a boyish moan. His natural instincts kicked in, and he woke up kissing me back."Mmmmmm..." He purred in a sexy sleepy deep growl. "Did I fall asleep on you?""Either that, or I fell asleep on you. Who knows? I was too tired to remember.""What time is it now?""About 4:30 in the morning.""Oh..." He said smiling up at me. He was so gorgeous when he was waking up. He was still tired, his eyes still half closed in a passionate gaze, and he said, "So that's why you're on my side of the room, huh? The parents are asleep.""Yeah. But we're not. Hehehe, how convenient is that?""Convenient for YOU, Pthc Hussyfan Lolita maybe. I happened to have been sleeping just fine.""No..." I said, "...You just happened to be 'fine' when you sleep."Tanner smiled warmly at me and my whole world got brighter as I saw a reflection of what I was feeling in his stare. "Why don't you come here and join me for a while?" He said sexily, lifting the blanket and letting me scoot inside."I thought you'd never ask." His whole body wrapped itself around me as I connected to him, his sleek teenage frame feeling so fragile and steamy and hot Pthc Hussyfan Lolita under that comforter. The faint pulsing of his heartbeat against me just intensified the whole effect, and as I cuddled up against him even tighter than before, I felt my body completely melt into his affectionate embrace. We stayed like that comfortably for a while, not saying anything at all. Just listening to the silence, and feeling the heat pass between us. We later got back to our hushed whispers, and it was so cool to feel the small vibrations in his chest when he spoke. As usual, we talked about this and that, and we gossiped a bit about the kids in school. Just being there with him, whispering in the dark, was just so awesome. I was listening sure enough, but I only kept him talking so that I could hear his raspy morning voice and feel the tingling vibrations in his chest over and over again. I couldn't get enough as I kept snuggling as close as I possibly could to him. I molded my body to his, wrapping my arms and legs around his slim figure, still scooting ever closer to him, trying to get every inch of myself to be bathed in his glorious body heat. He felt soooo good. I wrapped my arms tighter around his hips and nuzzled my face into his neck, licking and kissing it tenderly. These loving moments went beyond sex. If sex satisfied my body, and his kiss flooded my heart....then this was for my soul. This was the Pthc Hussyfan Lolita intangible extra credit that made everything else worthwhile. I've never been so in love."Hehehe...cut it out, Derrick. You know I'm ticklish." He grinned as I used my nose to dig deeper into the nape of his soft, warm neck."That's what makes it so fun." I let my lips slide over his skin, and his chest trembled as he tried to keep from laughing.Then, he laughed a little bit outloud, and covered his mouth with his hands. "Shhhh....see? I told ya! I can't take it." But I didn't stop. His giggles were making me giggle even harder, and the more he tried to stop me, the more fun it was to lick at the little vulnerable pleasure points on his neck. I was having way too much fun to stop now.He tried to push me off as I continued to force myself deeper into his neck past his medium length light brown hair, and I felt him squirm and twitch continuously, giggling to himself and trying to control his urge to let go. I licked him harder, clinging tightly to his body, holding my breath so I wouldn't let my snickers get out of control. He started scooting away from me now, both of us wrestling in a playful little game, and a few of our held back giggles shot out of us a bit louder than we could control. He rolled right off of the cushions, and I knew that if he got to his feet I'd have to chase him. So I rolled over with him and moved until I was on top of him, grinding my hard on into his thigh. He was unable to speak anymore, and just sighed quietly as I buried my face eagerly into his collarbone. I was pushing, trying to force him to be the first to laugh outloud, Pthc Hussyfan Lolita and the second he did, I started laughing too. I hugged him so tight that I could feel the very breath rush right out of him. I wormed a hand down to his boxers to feel a sizable lump with a wet spot at the end. Tanner suddenly shivered uncontrollably and quickly kissed me on the lips to keep from moaning out loud. Our breathing got ragged, and I slid my fingers through the opening to get a grip on the length inside. His stomach muscles tightened, and he whispered in my ear."I love you so much, Derrick!" It was breathless, and he kissed me again and again, his breaths turning into Pthc Hussyfan Lolita soft whimpers as he got even harder in my hand.We were making out like we were hungry, pushing against each other madly, trying to keep quiet during all of this. I can't explain it, but something inside of me just wanted to scream so badly. I just wanted to shout my feelings out and have Tanner's name echo off the walls of his basement as he made such sweet love to me. We rolled over one another a few times, our tongues locked in battle, our erections pressed tightly together. He rolled on top of me as I spread my legs to accept him into me. His weight bared down on me as he humped deep in between my legs. I sighed out as his soft belly pushed down on mine. I ran my fingers all over his shoulders, then down Pthc Hussyfan Lolita the small of his back...and then further still to his tight young bottom as it flexed and pushed and continued to grind into me. I gave it a squeeze, and he kissed me with even more urgency. I groped lustfully at the firm flesh as it slid back and forth underneath the silky material of his boxers. I was desperate with arousal, dizzy with love, and when Tanner's boxers started sensually sliding off of his curvaceous ass while he pumped into me, I nearly came. He was thrusting with just the right pressure, not too soft, not too hard. Not too fast, not too slow. Everything Tanner did was done with effortless perfection, and sex was no exception. His kisses were becoming animalistic, and his tongue fluttered like crazy in my mouth as he sped up. We were both breathing so hard that it came out as soft moans instead of whispers. Love me Tanner...God, I am SO lost in the way you love me.I felt like I had climaxed already. Ten times over, in fact. My body was wracked with excitement and pleasure, overwhelmed with a passion that my body had never known until Tanner showed it to me. If his parents were to walk in now, there's no way we could stop. Not now. But he kept going, faster and harder, until we were both ready to scream. I grabbed his pert round globes and held the spongy cheeks in my hands as our kiss was broken by Tanner's motions. I was so fascinated with his perfect ass. The shape, the smooth texture, the feel of it flexing beneath my fingers as he drove himself into me repeatedly. He put his head over my shoulder, bringing his chest even closer to me, and I pushed up off the floor with my legs to meet him as he pelvis tried to push me back down. Our shoulders were touching, and I kissed his neck as his lips searched to nibble at my earlobe. I closed my eyes, hoping and praying that he would never stop loving me like this. Never. My fingers were still running all over his bubbled cheeks, grabbing and kneading the soft flesh. It was so ripe...and firm...and soooo tight. God, I never wanted to let it go. I felt every inch of Tanner's ass and traced a line right down the center, making me shiver with delight. I was almost there. Tanner began whispering something in my ear, but I was too wrapped up in the moment to listen. We were both reaching a climax and our rhythm was getting lost in the wild grinding of two teen boys on the verge of orgasm. My fingers slid up and down his crevice and the curious feeling was driving me mad. That's when my middle finger found his tight pucker, and with an experimental virgin's touch, I lightly glided over it. Tanner shivered on top of me, and I felt his ass clench shut. It almost trapped my fingers between the tight cheeks and the sensation drove me even further into the throws of passion. Tanner started humping me again and my fingers went right back to the taut orifice that fascinated me so. Tanner reached back and pushed my hand away, kissing me on the lips, but it was only a few seconds later before my hand wandered back. I couldn't help it, it was almost subliminal. Finally, with a hard thrust of his slender hips, Tanner's sleek body tensed up against me. Mine hardened too and we kissed each other hard to muffle our cries. I came so hard that it almost hurt, splash after hot splash bursted out of me while I wiggled frantically with release. I was pushing myself into Tanner with every spurt and he was forcing me right back down to the floor. Our semen spurted its way between our bodies and practically glued us together in that position. Tanner rolled off of me and pulled his boxers back on rather quickly. And he accepted me into another close embrace as our breathing tried to get back to normal. We laid there for a few moments, our hearts getting back in sync with each other. And then, without a word, he lazily rolled over on his side away from me.I scooted closer behind him and kissed him tenderly on the back of his head, his hair still maintaining the sweetest scent. Then, I felt my groin push into him from behind, my member falling nicely in between the cheeks of his soft ass. As I snaked my arm over him and pushed forward, I felt it slide up the crack, and hug me gently from both sides. Just one time, that was it, and I almost came again. It was an entirely different feeling, a different 'connection' to him, and it intrigued me to the point of pushing forward again. But Tanner stopped me. "Look...I'm kinda tired dude. I've gotta get some sleep, if you don't mind." He whispered all of the sudden.It kind of struck me as odd. Tanner could usually almost go three in a row without stopping. Hell, sometimes, I'd have to practically beat him off with a stick. But whatever he wanted from me, he could have. I loved him more than life itself, there's nothing I'd deny him. "Sure. Ok? Thanks Tanner...it was great." I whispered, placing another soft angel's kiss on his shoulder. What I wouldn't have given for just one more little push, though. I used a towel by the couch to clean up a bit, and got up to return to my side of the room again.I laid there in a silence for about five minutes, waiting to hear Tanner's soft breathing so I could go back to watching him sleep, but he was breathing normally. He was still awake, I could tell, and when I rolled over to see him, he staring at the ceiling. He must have heard me roll over and figured out that I was awake. Because he then got up and walked over to me on the floor, his hardness sticking out of his boxers and swaying in front of him with every step. He knelt down next to me and said, "Look...I really love you Derrick...okay?""Sure..." I said, confused at what brought this on out of nowhere. He seemed concerned. "I know. Really, I do. And I love you too."I guess that eased him up a little. "Okay..." He said. and he leaned over to give me the sweetest kiss I'd ever gotten from him. It was so gentle, almost like our first, and I wondered exactly what he was thinking when he gave it to me. "Thanks." Then, as quickly as he had come over, he walked back to his cushion and went to sleep. We woke up with his mother shouting at us to clean up the basement. It was only a few loose blankets and cushions, it wasn't like we had been dumping out garbage cans of rotten food all over the place. But what could we do? They had company coming over. So, as we scrambled to tidy the place up a little, we happened to overhear something on the television. A little reminder that said, "Happy Valentine's Day, to one and all". Tanner and I looked over at each other, and we suddenly realized that we had completely forgotten that it even WAS Valentine's Day. It was kind of strange, but we actually became a little uncomfortable with the whole idea for a moment."Uh...Happy Valentine's Day, Tanner." I said nervously, my fingers awkwardly twitching a bit as I tried to fold up one of our blankets. He kind of looked back at me with the same confusion and repeated the greeting as shyly as I had."Same to you dude. Umm...yeah..." He paused for a sec, and then giggled bashfully to himself."So...like.....what do we do now?" I asked. "I don't really know." He answered. "I mean, I never really celebrated Valentine's Day before. Then again, I never had a...umm...'boyfriend' before." Tanner said the words with such a shy grin that it made my heart feel heavy and weak. Just to hear him refer to me as his 'boyfriend' for the first time out loud, pleased me to no end and I felt even closer to him than I did before. If that was possible.I walked over and hugged him from behind, placing a sweet kiss on his cheek. "Me either. I guess now's the time for us to start, huh?" I said, and gave him a squeeze. "I love you Tanner...and I love being your boyfriend." As my arms moved up to hang over his shoulders, I felt his fingers reach up and caress both of my hands, sighing while he enjoyed my loving embrace. Then, all of the sudden, out of the blue, he turned around and said, "HEY! Let's do something tonight!"It kinda caught me off guard. "Something like what?""You said we should start celebrating, right? So....? Let's do it!" Tanner's whole face seemed to light up with the notion of it, and it made me smile. "You know, it's kind of my first Valentine's Day, and your's too...so why don't we make it special? Something we can really remember. I can get some cash together, we'll get dressed up and everything! It'll be great!"The look of excitement in those beautiful brown eyes of his made me melt into oblivion and get caught up in him all over again. I watched his luscious lips move as he talked to me, and my eyes suddenly glazed over. I tried to fight it, but I had to move closer. I leaned in and kissed him in mid sentence. He kissed me back for a second or two before pushing me back, but I just kept going in for another, and another, I just couldn't help myself. He was just too damn cute to go more than a few seconds without a kiss! But Tanner, giggling and moving back away from my onslaught, was way too excited to stop gabbing long enough to return my affections at that moment. I had to practically chase him around the room while he babbled about getting me flowers and candy. He was Pthc Hussyfan Lolita just being sooo sweet, it made me laugh.Finally, I backed him up against a wall, and put my arms on either side of him, trapping him there. He looked for a quick way out, but his eyes met mine and he stopped struggling long enough to meet my loving stare. This intense wave of passion passed between us and I was too powerless to move, too magnetized to stand still. It was a battle that we were helpless to fight against, and our lips met softly against the wall. My arms dropped down to take a hold of his hands and I brought his arms up behind his head, locking them there. I kissed him deeply, his hands folded behind his silky brown locks of sweet smelling hair, and he lightly pushed his hips out to rub up against me. My emotions exploded and it felt so good to taste Tanner that it hurt me to go on. The only way to make the pain worse...would be to stop. It was an erotic confusion that kept us searching for balance in our love life, and the treasure hunt couldn't have been more fun.Tanner was breathing hard, and really getting into it, but suddenly stopped himself in the middle of our loving kiss. "Mmmmmmm! Dude...'kiss'...wait...wait...hehehe...we'll have plenty of time for this later. Okay?"I whimpered out loud in playful frustration, but Tanner determinedly kept me at bay. How could I be mad at him? He was so cute, how could anybody be that cute and not die from it? He told me that there was a lot he had to do, and a short time to do it in. I had to get ready, he had to make phone calls and reservations and blah blah blah. I must admit, I laughed outloud at Pthc Hussyfan Lolita how worked up he was over this, but I was kind of excited myself. This was kind of like our one chance at a 'first date'. An OFFICIAL first date. I mean, talking and playing around on the bus and after school doesn't really count. We just kinda met by chance. And there were a whole bunch of people at his birthday party, so that didn't really count. And I won't even bother going into the theater incident. But THIS? This was going to be special. Just the two of us with no one around to ruin our moment. I never thought Valentine's Day was for me, in fact...there was a time when I downright HATED it, but I've never been this madly in love before. Even though I would have been just as happy laying on the floor with Tanner all day in my underwear, wrapped around him and just enjoying his love for me, this whole idea of a date really got me going once I really thought about it. He refused to really tell me what he was planning, he just told me to dress in my 'Sunday best' and wait for him at my house. He was even going to ask his parents for a little loan for the night. Whatever he had planned, he must have put a lot of thought into making it memorable.I hopped on the early bus to get home and waited impatiently for Tanner's phone call. I was dressed in my best pair of slacks and button down shirt. It didn't cost much, and the shirt had a tiny hole in the sleeve, easily covered by rolling the cuffs back a bit, but it was the best I had. It was a good thing my mom went to work, 'cause she'd kill me if she saw me wearing my best clothes around the house. My fingers were fiddling and tapping on anything they could touch, and my feet were tapping with even MORE impatience, waiting for my lovely boyfriend to call me and set this magical night in motion. My heart was pounding and I was starting to breathe in short little huffs. I had this strange anxiety inside of me, butterflies fluttering endlessly in my stomach. It was as if I had never been with Tanner before. Like we had never been together, like the first time, only better because this time I could expect a happy ending. Why was I so nervous? What was wrong with me? Geez, I was actually fidgeting here!My anxiety came to a head all at once as the phone rang across the room. I sprang to my feet and nearly broke my neck trying to get to that phone. I tripped, stumbled, and bounced my way over to the receiver and picked it up, hearing Tanner giggling heartily on the other end. "First ring? Kinda anxious aren't we?" He said."Nah...not really." I lied, through panted breaths, no less. "So when are you coming over?" I asked."I'm already here." He said mischeviously, and sure enough, I ran to look out the window to see Tanner, dressed in navy blue slacks, and a preppy sweater, talking to me on a cell phone. His hair was beyond perfect, his smile was even brighter than the sun itself, and he was looking at me in the window with eyes that shined with undeniable love. Behind him...sat the biggest black limo I had ever seen! I'd never been in a limo before! I hung up the phone, screamed out loud, and raced out to the car top speed. I think Tanner was expecting a hug, but I ran right past him to look in the tinted windows of the limo, marvelling at the luxurious interior. Tanner flashed me a weird grin and opened the door for me. "Your chariot awaits, my love." He said in his cheesiest Cary Grant imitation, and I dived into the back seat. I had never seen so much room in a car before! There was a TV in it! And a little fridge! And a sun roof! I was excited to be with Tanner too, but the whole new experience of this thing was just so overwhelming. Tanner just sat back and watched quietly as I ran my hands all over the material and felt every inch of the limo from the inside. Shouting like a Pthc Hussyfan Lolita little boy with a new toy everytime I saw something that I thought was 'awesome'. Tanner had this funny crooked smile on his face the whole time, and after five minutes of exploring, I realized that he was staring and silently laughing at me. I sat back and blushed a little, embarrassed at my little display of amazement."Aww, dude, I'm sorry. Hehehe...I'm being a HUGE dork, aren't I?""No no no...it's okay Derrick. I like making you happy. I just didn't expect it to be quite so easy, that's all." He snickered. "You know, you're SO cute when you're blushing." He said as he began to lean forward slowly. But my excitement got the best of me, and I grabbed him by the shoulders, suddenly pulling him on top of me. I began kissing him deeply and hugging his slim wiry frame against me tightly. I had caught him by surprise and it had only been a couple of seconds before the front window of the limo rolled down and I heard an adult woman's voice clear her throat."Ahem...I believe you said you were going to keep it 'PG' Pthc Hussyfan Lolita tonight, Tanner? This is clearly pushing you to an R rating." She said. Tanner smiled as he crawled off of me, turning bright red and straightening his clothes. I didn't even think about there being a driver to this giant thing. I straightened up instantly, scared to death that our 'cover' had been blown, and whispered an almost silent hello. "Hello yourself, Derrick." She replied. The woman had long dark brown hair with bright red streaks in it. She had on really dark lipstick and some eye make up. She was really good looking, like the women on TV, and was wearing a limo driver's uniform. Tanner still had a bashful grin on his face and he said, "Um...Derrick, this is my older cousin Jackie. She's gonna be taking us around town tonight." I looked over at him a little disappointed, but he then whispered to me, "Don't worry...she knows. She's bisexual and she says we should have fun." Then he saw the bulge in the front of my pants, and added, "But not too much fun!" Hearing those words still made me feel a little uneasy, but knowing that our 'chaperone' for the night was in on our little secret eased the tension a bit."Behave yourself, Tanner. I mean it. Your parents would murder me if they knew I was doing this." She said with a smile. Tanner grinned at me warmly and held my hand in his tender grip. I felt chills go up my spine and as soon as she was convinced that we were going to keep our hands off of each other, the black window went back up and she was blocked from our view. The second the window reached the top, Tanner swiftly moved my hand into his lap and rubbed it against his semi hard manhood."Dude!" I whispered loudly, trying to hold back the giggles.Tanner smiled at me again, giggling happily, and placed a soft kiss on my cheek. "This is really gonna be special, Derrick. We're gonna have fun tonight, I promise." Then, instead of us making out like bandits like we always did, we just sat back and enjoyed the ride. It was so beautiful, the two of us, all dressed up, in a limo whisking me away to God knows where...it was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me before. Ever.The limo traveled on, and Tanner never divulged a single detail about what was going to happen that night. He just kept smiling and saying "You'll see." That only made me MORE anxious, and I was already trembling inside. The limo stopped at a fancy Italian restaurant downtown and we went in to be seated. Jackie stayed in the car, leaving us to our romantic dinner. I think the host was expecting a much older couple to be filling this reservation, we could tell by the look on his face. And once we sat down, we snickered a bit at the other looks we got. Even from the waiter. It was like he was expecting us to order hamburgers and fries or something. But not tonight. Tonight we were having date food. Lasagna, garlic rolls, penne pasta in marinara, the works. Tanner and I didn't talk much during dinner. We didn't have a whole lot to say, believe it or not. We spent most of dinner grinning at each other from across the table and staring longingly into each other's eyes. Tanner was always the first to look away though, it was as though he was getting just as hot as I was and wanted to hold back. How could I have gotten so lucky? This whole night, this whole relationship really, seemed like a dream to me. I couldn't believe how good he made me feel. In his eyes I was beautiful, funny, smart...he made me feel like I could do anything, and I only hoped I was able to give him just a fraction of that joy back. At one point, while tapping his feet energetically from being just plain giddy over the situation, he accidently kicked me under the table. It was a gentle kick, but I overdid it anyway. "Um, okay.....OW! Hehehehe!""I'm sorry, hehhe!""You're kicking me now? Geez!""Oh quit being a baby and eat your food!" Tanner laughed. Then...I retaliated by giving him a playful kick of my own. "Ow, you did that one on PURPOSE!""Hehehe, so?" I said. The two of us suddenly looked at each other and declared the area beneath the table as the battlefield of our choosing. It only took a smile from him to begin combat, and we snickered wildly as we dueled it out under the table, kicking and bouncing like a couple of toddlers. We didn't even notice the waiter standing at the end of the table with the check. We stopped immediately and tried to regain our composure as Tanner handed him a credit card and he took it away. He spun around and we burst into laughter once again. At this point, sex had just about left my mind. I was just having too much fun.The next trip was out to the miniature golf ranch for a night game. Jackie let us out of the limo and once again said she'd meet us later, driving off to leave us alone again. She was really being cool about this whole evening, and it felt good to know that she understood. Tanner and I rented some golf equipment and basically threw our score sheets in the trash. Who needed them? The funny thing was, the place was full of couples. 'Traditional' couples. You know, man, woman, heterosexual relations, white pickett fence? But this time, despite my supposed defect in being attracted to other boys...I felt like one of them. I felt just as happy and fulfilled as they were. Maybe even moreso. There's absolutely no way to explain how that feels. To just be.....'normal', without feeling sick and worthless and alone. It was beautiful. Euphoric, even.We playfully putted from one end of that wacky place to another, cheating every time we got a chance. I don't think I had ever laughed so hard! We took pictures next to the mechanical clowns and gorrilas and gangsters that populated the planned out obstacle courses of the park. People must have thought we were crazy, but probably just wrote it off as 'boys being boys'. So they didn't bother us, and we just kept cheating. We were getting worse and worse, I'm surprised we didn't break something and have to go running out of the place! At one point Tanner even picked up the ball and literally threw it through the lion's mouth, laughing hysterically."You cheater! That's not legal!" I grinned, amazed at what he had just done. "Like YOU haven't! We've been cheating all night!""Yeah well that's just going too far! I mean...I didn't actually touch the ball!""I'LL give ya some balls to touch!" The two of us had stomach cramps by the time we were done arguing it out, and were falling all over each other from laughing so much. It was like being drunk."Awww shut up. Here!" He said, and he playfully threw MY golfball too! "Happy now???" He giggled.I suddenly got a serious vibe and took a step closer to him, "Happier than you'll ever know." I looked into his soft brown eyes and almost teared up, feeling the words get choked up in the back of my throat. The emotion washed over me and it became so strong that it almost made it hard to breathe. Still, I was compelled to tell him how I felt. "Thank you, Tanner....this...this couldn't be more perfect."Tanner was starting to tear up too, captured by the love that was pouring out of my heart so uncontrollably. But through the emotional moment, he fought to shake it off and tried to put a somewhat 'everyday' smile on his face. "Come on...'sniff'...finish up this hole. I've got another surprise for ya.""What is it?""A surprise! Duh!""Tell me!""Later. Now finish up." He said. So I walked over to where my ball was on the green, picked it up, and slam dunked it in the hole, falling to the ground and cheering outloud."Game over." I said. "You're NUTS, Derek!" He grinned."What ABOUT my nuts?""Shut up! Let's just turn this stuff in before they decide to boot us outta here! Besides...we've got more 'celebrating' to do, cutie." Tanner's beauty caught me head on and refused to let me go. There would sometimes be these overwhelming moments, when you would look at him and you'd get sucked in by him. It's like being filled up with electricity, falling hoplessly in love over and over again like a ten year old with a crush. You couldn't make sense of it, but you never needed to. Analyzing it seemed silly. It was sweeping me away MUCH too fast to try to figure it out. It was time for me to just enjoy the ride.When we got back out to the parking lot, I noticed that the limo wasn't there. I asked Tanner if maybe he had to call her or something, and he said, "Nope. Actually, she's not meeting us here. You see that bridge over there?"I looked and saw a bridge waaaaay off in the distance. It looked like it was almost a mile and a half away. "Yeah?""Well....Jackie is waiting for us on that bridge.""How are we supposed to get there?""I figured maybe we'd walk...you know...along the river." Tanner said, blushing at the thought. I think even HE thought he was being a bit mushy at this point. His silky hair fell over his eyes as he looked down at the ground, his toe digging a small hole in the sand. I know I've said it a billion times by now...but he was SO damn cute when he wanted to be!I didn't say a word, I just gently took a hold of his hand and the two of us took a moonlit walk along the river, surrounded by the sounds of the night and experiencing the joys of love at its finest. We walked and talked about little things that glided from one topic to another without much point. And every time I started to walk a little faster, Tanner would hold my hand tighter and tell me to slow down, and that we had plenty of time. In my heart I knew that we had forever, because something this strong never dies. I loved him so much.Then, at one point, Tanner stopped me and looked me in the eyes. It was a dark part of the path underneath a tree, and he asked, "Derek....? Are you enjoying this as much as I am?"I leaned forward to kiss him delicately on the lips. "What do you think?"But he was serious. "No, don't do that. Really...are you having fun?" The look in his eyes was so fragile. It was almost as if he expected me to say no. Was he KIDDING me?"Tanner, this is possibly one of the best nights of my life. Just being with you is more love and joy that I can bare. I want to cry every minute, and the only thing that keeps me from bursting is your kiss." I said, running my fingers through his soft sandy hair, kissing him sensually once again. "You mean everything to me. I love you. And I can't thank you enough for making this night so incredible for me. I'll never ever forget it."Tanner kissed me again, deeper this time, his tongue reaching out for mine. "Good. I'm glad." He smiled. Looking down, I was hard as a rock, and said..."Soooo......." Looking over at the bushes behind him, "...exactly how long is Jackie gonna wait for us on that bridge?"Tanner could see the look in my eyes, and looked back over at the grass behind him. "Dude...I am NOT having sex in the bushes!" He grinned."C'mon....five minutes?" I pleaded."NO! You're even more perverted than I thought." He bit his bottom lip to hold back his smile. "Hehehe! That comes later. Right now, just keep your mind focused on my heart and your hands off of my ass. Got it?""How long is THAT plan gonna last?" I asked.He took my hand and brought it back to his bulge, swiftly hardening, the fleshy tube so tempting as it touched the back of my hand. Then he smiled and said, "Probably not long. But I'll see how long I can Pthc Hussyfan Lolita hold out." I left my hand there, rubbing him through his pants and getting him just as hot and bothered as I was. But he used restraint, and stepped away from my caress. He kissed me briefly on the lips and then led me by the hand to start walking towards the bridge again. He had me so hypnotized. I'm sure he knew that.All too soon we reached the bridge in the distance and climbed up the hill to the road. Sure enough, Jackie was leaning on the hood of the limo having a smoke. Tanner, always the gentleman, opened the door for me and let me in. Then he turned to Jackie and said, "Did you get it?"She sighed and a grin broke out on her face. She reached in the front seat and pulled out something in a paper bag. "Yeah, I got it. Anything for my baby cuz.""COOL! You got the big bottle from the store I asked you about?""I got you a HALF bottle! And if you breathe a WORD of this to anybody, I swear..."Tanner jumped up with a squeal and grabbed the bag, placing a kiss on her cheek excitedly before she had a chance to finish. "Thanks Jackie! You're the best!" She yelled out at us, "You know that this officially makes you a deliquent now, don't ya?" Then she mumbled, "....and I'm an accomplice. Great. Just great."Tanner hopped his cute little ass in the back seat with me and I saw Jackie laugh to herself at our youthful enthusiasm. Then she closed the door and walked back around to the front to finish her smoke and give us some privacy. Tanner reached in the bag and pulled out a small bottle of champagne. Champagne! Omigod! This was just TOO cool! He handed me a 'chilled' glass from the mini-fridge and awkwardly filled it to the very rim with a taste of the bubbly. We clinked our glasses, just like they do in the movies, and gulped it down like it was grape soda. It was my first experience with alcahol, and I didn't see what all the fuss was about. It just tasted like a slightly bitter version of 7-up and lemonade to me. Tanner poured us another glass, and another, and another, until the bottle was empty. It was a small bottle, but it was more than enough to get us giggling like madmen after a couple of minutes. We rolled around and wrestled in the back of the limo playfully, and when Jackie heard our uncontrollable laughter, she figured the bottle was gone. She took that as her cue and handed us some mints to hide the smell of champagne on our breaths, just in case."Are you two ok back here?" She asked.But Tanner and I couldn't stop giggling long enough to answer. We didn't even know what was funny at this point. The mere fact that we wanted to laugh for no reason was funny enough. Finally, Tanner said, "Hehehe, yeah. we're...we're fine. Hahaha!" And he leaned over to kiss me sloppily on the cheek, making me laugh even harder."Sighhhh...boys." She said, shaking her head. "Alright, home we go, playboy."Then she got back in the driver's seat and drove us all the way back to Tanner's house. The giggles wore off after about Pthc Hussyfan Lolita 20 minutes, but that lovely feeling in my heart was stronger than ever. It was so sweet.We both stepped out of the car in front of the door, and said goodbye. "It was nice meeting you Derrick, you're a good kid. Tanner...take it easy alright? And watch that family of yours. Don't let 'em spoil you kid. You got heart, remember that." She said.Tanner reached in through the window and gave Jackie the biggest, most affectionate hug imaginable. "Thanks Jackie...I couldn't have done any of this without you. Thanks for making tonight sooo beautiful. I owe you one.""Tell ya what....you keep this between us and I'll consider us even. Deal?""Deal.""Good." She looked over at me and smiled sweetly back at Tanner. "Don't worry, I'm leaving. Enjoy the rest of your 'evening'...Romeo." She then drove off in our one night carriage, honking the horn gleefully as she turned the corner. I felt like I had just lived through my first actual fairy tale, and life couldn't POSSIBLY get any better than this.Tanner and I had most of our senses back, but the champagne was still giving us that jittery feeling in our stomachs that kept us giggling. We noticed the house was dark, and I asked where his parents were. He replied, "That's the best part, hon...holiday cocktail party. The house is all ours."I looked over at him. "You're kidding me, right?""Nope. My dad always says, 'Son, it's just considered rude to leave a cocktail party before 11:00 PM.'" He said in his best, deep Dad voice. I looked at the clock and noticed that it was only 9:45. We had plenty of time left. Tanner wrapped his arms lovingly around my waist, and stared me in the eyes Pthc Hussyfan Lolita for a second before kissing me deeply on the lips. Then he pulled back and he looked really nervous, like he had something on his mind. "I have...just one more surprise for you. K?" He led me into the house, and back down to the basement, sitting me down on the couch. He looked really weird all of the sudden, and he was actually shaking. He paused and looked down at me for a few more seconds, like he wanted to move but couldn't find the courage to."Tanner? Is Pthc Hussyfan Lolita something wrong?" I asked.He looked down at me and smiled sweetly, "No...nothing's wrong." He eased up a little, and regained some of his confidence. He bent down to give me a quick kiss and then he got up to go over to the cabinet. He pulled out a small red box with a bow on it and handed it to me."Aww dude, you don't have to do this. You've done so much for me already tonight...""Yes I do. I want this...really. I was scared at first, but I've never felt better about it than I do tonight.""...but...I didn't get you anything.""Seeing you smile tonight was the best gift you could've possibly given me Derrick. Just...beingabsorbed into your presence, kissing you, holding you...it's all I could ever want." He said, his hand touching the side of my cheek tenderly. "Now quit stalling and open it. Please?" Tanner's pretty hazel eyes shined brightly in anticipation, and after a short pause I started to unwrap the package. He turned his back to me and seemed to be a little nervous again, but he really wanted me to have this, so I unwrapped it all the way.I was a little confused at first. I didn't know if it was supposed to be symbolic or what, but suddenly....the meaning of it hit me. Suddenly I knew exactly what he was saying with this gift, and it brought me to 'attention' instantly. Inside the box...was a small jar of Vaseline."Tanner....I...""I was afraid that it would hurt. That I wouldn't like it, and that if I didn't let you do it again you would look at me differently. I thought you might even hate me. But after tonight, after everything we've been through together, I trust you. I trust you completely....and I love you." Tanner turned to meet my eyes and he walked over to me. "Derrick, I've never loved anybody this much. It really scares me sometimes. But tonight I want to experience every possible way of loving you that I can. I want to give myself to you...all the way.""Tanner...you don't have to do this.""I know. And I know that you understand. That's why I love you so much. So I decided that if I was ever going to do it, tonight would be the night. That's how special you are to me."There was no way to keep tears from falling from my eyes, and once I started, Tanner followed suit. He came down and kissed me deeply on the lips as I leaned back against the couch. Tanner's delicious tongue kissing sent me soaring to cloud 9, enraptured with his amazing body, his incredible scent, his emotional heart. And the deeper we kissed, the more we cried. It was the only way our feelings could express themselves on the outside. Tanner's hand moved slowly down to my soft belly, and then further down to rub my growing erection through my slacks. He started to pull his sweater over his head and I unbuttoned my shirt. We disrobed slowly, erotically, one article at a time, until we were both completely naked. Tonight had been so beautiful, so wonderful, I didn't even feel like I deserved it, like anyone did. But the fact that Tanner chose me above all the rich guys with the fancy cars, and the big houses, and the big bank accounts, meant more to me than anything. I've never been more in love.Tanner began to tongue and kiss my right nipple while working my swollen member with his hand. His warm fingers moved softly over the sensitive head on every upstroke, and it felt like I was ready to blow already. Well what did you expect, the whole night had basically been the ultimate lesson in foreplay. Tanner moved back up to kiss my lips once again, his smooth skin sliding across my own, and we started grinding into each other rhythmically, my hands resting comfortably on his smooth backside. Then, when he felt he was ready, Tanner reached behind him and took one of my hands, and began guiding it down to his soft supple ass. Once again, I was fascinated with its shape, its tender meat turning to putty in my hands. The curve of it, the smooth as silk texture of it, the spongy squeeze of it in my hands. He had the most perfect cheeks on Earth, and it made my hardness throb with even more excitement. Tanner felt my fingers once again find his crack and slide up and down slowly until they drifted back to the tight hole hidden playfully within. I ran my fingers over the slightly wrinkled flesh of his rosebud and he tensed for a second, still a bit afraid of what might happen. I stopped and started to move my hand back up to his shoulders to save him from the worry of doing anything he didn't want to do. But, only moments later, he used his hands to move it back down again, signaling me that he was ready. He guided my fingers to the hole and our kissing became stronger as my fingertips played with the tight opening. We were breathing hard and I started to gasp as my finger teased his pink hole by running small circles around it. He was really beginning to get turned on and actually started moaning out loud in my ear as he covered me with his body. "Mmmm...ohhh...yeah...do it...do it Derrick...do it..." And without being able to hold back any more, my middle finger rose up to his mouth, allowing him to get it wet and suck it sexily for a few minutes before I brought it back down to his ass cheeks again. Then...cautious but curious...I slowly pushed forward and entered his tight little ring. His hole seemed SO small! With just one finger, he was clamping down on it, and it seemed like his whole body twisted around my single digit in the most erotic way. My heart stopped beating from the feel of it...it was amazing! We both had to pause for a second to keep from cumming right then and there. It was an overwhelming 'first time' experience for the both of us. Any movement at all would have set me off like never before. Still...I wanted to go easy, and it took a little while before we started moving again, but that first penetration with my finger was enough to drive any man over the edge. His tunnel was so wet and warm, so soft and ready, and that was just with a finger. I can't IMAGINE what it's gonna feel like when the most sensitive and sexually charged part of my entire, hormone crazy, teenage body gets lodged in there! I'm probably going to die on the spot.Tanner reached down and grabbed the jar of Vaseline. Believe me, hearing him open it with a pop was enough to make me moan in pleasure. He moved down and took my inches into his warm mouth, getting in a few good sucks before coating it with the slippery substance. He had better hurry if he wants this to happen, I don't know how much more I could stand. I'd shoot without warning, without touching mysef, at this point. He was slowly masturbating me as he applied the greasy Vaseline to my leaking shaft, staring into my eyes with the sexiest gaze I had ever seen from him. Then he switched places with me, him on his knees facing the couch, and me right behind him.He bent over putting his face on the cushion, and he reached back with both his hands to pull his amazingly tight cleft open for me. His ass was sooo gorgeous! Just as cute as the rest of him, with the sweetest little buttercup cheeks and tiny dimples in each side. I moved into position, unable to resist the urge to knead the soft globes in front of me. I felt the muscles in my hard on tighten up with the mere touch of him, but before trying anything I whispered in his ear, "Let me know if I hurt you. Ok? I don't ever want to hurt you."Tanner nodded, and with a little jitter in my stomach, and a shaky hand, I grabbed my length up by the head and placed it at the inviting opening of his hole. He seemed like he was ready, and I pushed forward ever so slightly. The feeling of having my tip at the opening alone was enough to make me insane, but pushing in was even more erotic. There was a little resistance, then a lot, but Tanner never told me to stop, he wanted this more than anything. I didn't think his hole would ever fit me, and it scared me every time I heard him gasp for air, or suddenly clamp down involuntarily. I hope I wasn't hurting him. I'd stop th second he felt uncomfortable. But with his hand, he reached back and urged me to slide further, telling me to just take it slow. I was breathless. And I had to hold my erection to keep it from bending as it tried to enter such an airtight passage. It definitely took a few minutes of pushing and pulling, sliding and whispering, but suddenly, as if by magic, Tanner sighed and his cavity opened wide to accept me. I slid in, inch by inch, his hot insides pulsing with every beat of his heart, his moist canal massaging my stiff member from all Pthc Hussyfan Lolita sides, his ring tightening and relaxing rhythmically around my shaft as I ventured deeper into my lover. It was like pushing into warm jello, so real, so alive inside. Finally, I was all the way in, and I felt my pubic hairs resting on his flawless cheeks. "I'm in. My God, I'm really in." I whispered. Tanner seemed to be relaxing even more as I leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. "You ok?" I asked again."Yeah...wow..." He sighed. "I feel kinda full back there, big boy." He teased."Hehehe, don't make me laugh!" I told him, already on the edge of orgasm. Then...after a few seconds of getting used to this indescribable new sensation, I asked him, "Ready?""Yeah...I'm ready, baby. I love you.""I love you too." "Go slow....ok?""I will. Promise." I said, and I pulled out of his love slowly. Every inch of me being tingled and gripped by his insides as it slid back into the cool air, only to have me slowly push it back in again. This time, the feeling of sliding into him was hotter and more mindblowing than before. Tanner whimpered as I buried myself again, and I could feel his tunnel suck hungrily at me while I tried to keep from floating away. His love my only anchor. We began to get into a rhythm, in and out, each stroke was magic, and the whole time I kept asking him if he was ok. Every time, he nodded his head, and began to slowly push back to meet my thrusts. After a few minutes, Tanner was moaning loudly and I couldn't help but join him. I leaned forward to rest my chest on his back, folding my arms around Pthc Hussyfan Lolita his tender stomach. I let them roam over his silky skin, and rubbed them back and forth over him as we made love. I ran my hands up to his nipples and glided back and forth across his smooth chest. My other hand found its way to his hardness and began to stroke it in time with my thrusts. I kissed the back of his neck and he gasped in pleasure, pushing back on me even harder. I sucked at the tender flesh there as he rocked back and forth with me, pushing and pulling in a slow passionate grind. His sexy grunts and whimpers were turning me on beyond comparison, and the taste of him was like sweetened ambrosia. I kissed him more feverishly on his neck and shoulders as I began to speed up. My thrusts became harder, my hand on his stiff member moved faster, and my kisses turned into gentle nibbles and bites. We were both moaning, our young teen bodies glistening with a thin sheen of sweat, Tanner's wisps of hair turning dark and sticking to his forehead as he looked back at me with love in his eyes. My hips were taking on a rhythm all their own, as if they knew what to do all along, and I could feel Tanner gyrating his hips, gently using his inner walls to squeeze and suckle at me to enhance my pleasure. I NEVER thought this would be so wild!I was about to reach my limit. All the time we had spent together flashed through my mind, every kiss, every touch, every tear that had been shed between us...it had all been leading up to this one magical moment, and I couldn't hold it back much longer. Tanner was whimpering in desperation, almost howling, and he was pushing back against me as hard as he could. Then, I felt him pulse and throb in my hand as he erupted in orgasmic bliss. I actually heard the sound of his hot juices spraying the floor, shooting out of him harder than it ever had before. At the same time, his ass closed up tightly around my shaft, the stretched hole seemingly returning to that tiny pinhole that had trapped my finger in it only moments before, and his orgasm was immediately delivered to me. I literally felt Tanner's orgasm from the inside as his body flexed and spasmed, forcing his hot wet tunnel to swish and swirl and constrict around my hardness until I couldn't take it anymore! Breathlessly, paralyzed, unable to stop the oncoming splash...I felt my stomach muscles contract and I shouted out loud as I shot my seed deep into Tanner's warmth. I had to practically fight just to keep my balance, my hips pushed out, my arms holding on for dear life as my whole being, heart and and soul, came gushing out of me with an electric rush that I couldn't contain or control. It was by far the most explosive climax I had ever had in my entire life, and I was sharing it with Tanner...my 'boyfriend'. My first true love.I fell back on the floor, breathing hard and giggling to myself in disbelief of how good that felt. "OH...oh wow...omigod...omigod...oh wow..." I panted. Tanner slowly let me slip out of him, my tip so sensitive that it was almost sore. He turned around and laid down on top of me on the floor, where we just sat in silence until we could breathe again. With my softening inches being so charged and tingly, feeling his touch sent tiny earthquakes throughout my entire body. He kissed me and I ran my fingers through his dampened hair, my body still shaking and twitching with a delight that it had never known until this very moment."That was awesome, Derrick! Wow...I never thought it could be that good. That was just..mmmm...really hot. We're definitely doing it again sometime." He said, his sexy smile brightening my life more and more every second."...That was...it was...oh man.." I said, still trying to put it into words. Tanner laughed at me, his body trembling with every chuckle as he laid on top of me, and he kissed me on the lips to shut me up. We still had a whole 45 minutes to an hour before his parents came home, but we didn't use it to have sex again like we usually did. Instead we just laid there on the floor, staring at the walls, talking about our love, reliving our special night together from beginning to end with a smile. Well, looks like the plan worked...that was definitely a night I'd never forget.I'd never leave his side, no matter what obstacle life threw at me. And I knew that night, that I'd stay here with him forever, as long as he'd have me. There you have it, the first four chapters done and formatted to make it easy to read! I tried to take out as many mistakes as I could, and hope that everybody reading this for the first time liked it, and the "Class" veterans can appreciate it on a whole new level! So, let me know what you think at Comicalitywebtv.net and look for more chapters SOON! Kewl? Of course, you guys are more than welcome to come by my website at http://comicality.org (And DON'T forget to sign the guestbook!)
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