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Related article: Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2007 16:10:19 +1200 From: charlie harris Subject: A Chance Encounter Pt 2Chance Encounter Pt.2 A story by Charlie.I couldn't stop thinking about my encounter with my young sweaty guy in the staff toilet that day of the concert. I would lay at home nights with the hardest dick and stroke myself until I shot my load all over my belly and chest.My shifts at work were painful, always looking to see if it was `him' walking through the door with that cheeky smile on his face. It had been a couple of weeks since that last wonderful incident and I was beginning to think that he would never show. Then all of a sudden there he was. He shot me a smile and I returned a wink. He strode right up to the counter and asked, "Hi! How have you been?""A nervous wreck and oh so horny" I replied.He just laughed then asked, "What time you finish work?""Around 5:30 this afternoon", I told him, the added, "Just under 2 hours away""Great, be nice to catch up" he said, "maybe we could head back to your place""Yeah sure", I blurted. Hell I couldn't believe my luck."OK then I'll come back around half 5" he said as he turned and went through the front doors.I could only stand there and smile, and give a short wave before he was gone.My heart was pounding in my chest and I knew my face had gone quite red. My dick had also swollen in my pants and I had to re-adjust it as one of the casual workers walked down towards me.The time seemed to really drag from when he left until the time he re appeared at 5:30pm. There he was standing outside in the car park. He was wearing torn jeans, a t-shirt and a baseball cap. He had a small Rucksack over one shoulder and was kicking a can. I quickly grabbed up my belongings and hurriedly joined him. I lead him towards my car parked around the side of the building and we drove back to my apartment. Not much was said in the short drive but we did formally introduce ourselves. I found out his name was Richard but his friends called him Rick. I also found out he had just turned 18.Once back at my place, I quickly gave him the tour and offered him a drink. Rick took a beer from my fridge and I poured myself a large glass of Chardonnay. I was about to take a large mouthful of wine when Rick walked up to me and kissed me deeply. This young guy was hot and he was making my blood boil. I lead him to my bedroom and we quickly dumped our clothes on the floor. I lay back on my bed and let him come to me.His body was gorgeous, strong well-defined arms, chest and legs. His belly was taught and almost the perfect 6 pack. His wonderful cock hung between his thighs. I loved the look of a fat uncut cock before it got fully hard. The way the foreskin shrouded the knob but showed it's outline.Rick was slowly working his way up my body with kisses and little nibbles. He started at my knees and moved around my dick and was now working up my stomach and chest. I could smell his body odour but it wasn't as strong as the concert day. I must admit though it was still intoxicating. He kissed me on my lips and then asked, "Can I fuck you this time?""Oh yes, I would Pedo Lolitas love you to fuck me, but I want you to suck me dry, is that Ok?" I replied."Shit yes", Rick said. "I wanted last time but we ran out of time"Then he kissed me again and pressed his young body against mine. We rolled over and I moved to be on top of him. Then I began to kiss and lick his body. I worked my way down until I came to his cock, which by now was as hard as a rock. I licked around his foreskin and slowly peeled it back over his knob. My tongue licked and darted into his piss slit and I could taste his first drops of pre-cum. Rick's hands were now cradling my head, and I knew he wanted his cock deep down my throat and I didn't disappoint him. In one quick movement I swallowed his dick so deeply my nose was nestled in his thick pubic hairs. The aroma was amazing.Rick let out a loud pleasurable moan and I knew this was what he really liked. I began to suck up and down his wonderful cock. Then I would let his dick pop out of my mouth and I would suck and nibble his balls. All the time Rick was moaning and telling me to suck his fat dick.Then Rick pulled my head away from his cock and said; "Now it's your turn".With that we traded places and Rick wasted no time getting my hard throbbing cock in his mouth. He was amazing sucking me down deep into his throat and then back to my knob. He really knew how to please a guy. I was moaning now with the pleasure and my breathing was getting heavier and heavier. I knew it wasn't going to be long before this young guy was milking my dick. I felt his hands on my balls as he sucked me then a finger slowly working it's way into my arse. The feeling was glorious and I told Rick so.Finally Rick had worked me to the point of no return and I let him know I was about to shoot. He just mumbled `OK' and then I let rip. My balls must have been making extra juice as I shot wads and wads of creamy cum into Rick's waiting mouth. My orgasm was tremendous my whole body was trembling and shuddered with every new shot of cum.Rick never took his mouth away and swallowed every last drop. Although when he did eventually let my softening cock slip from his mouth he moved up and kissed me and I tasted my own cum. I was impressed on how nice it actually tasted.Then Rick said, "Now it's time for me to fuck you!"I leaned over to the bedside table and retrieved some lube Pedo Lolitas and a condom.Rick took them from Pedo Lolitas me and I turned over and propped myself up on my knees and hands. Rick moved around behind me, and I watched him roll the condom down over his magnificent cock. Then he squirted some lube onto his hand first rolling it over his dick then around my butt hole. I felt one of his fingers enter my arse then another; my soft cock gave a twitch with the great sensation. Then Rick took his fingers Pedo Lolitas out and I could feel his cock head at my butt entrance. Slowly he worked his hard cock into my tight arse. It had been awhile since I had a cock in my bum so the small spasms of pain were amazing. Like tiny electric shocks and each one made my cock twitch with pleasure. Rick was so gentle, he slid his dick in slowly and stopped every now and then for me to get used to it.It took about 5 minutes for him to finally get his whole cock in my bum and once he was all the way in he just rested there. The feeling of his cock deep inside me was truly fantastic, I felt like my complete insides were stuffed to capacity.Then Rick took a firm grip of my hips and began to fuck me. He moved back and forth slowly at first, and then he picked up the pace. It wasn't long before he was thrusting deep and hard into me. I had to drop my head to the bed, as my arms could no longer hold me up. This young guy was fucking me hard and really well. Rick's balls were slapping against my own with each deep thrust. I reached back with my right hand and started to stroke my cock, which had sprung back to life. Rick was grunting and was going wild and I knew he was getting close to cumming. Then Rick took his cock from my pounded arse and stripped off the condom, stroke his cock a couple of times and shot his load all over my buttocks and back. I could feel his hot creamy cum on my skin and I reached back to find some of his cum. I found a big glob and brought it to my lips. It tasted wonderful, just as I had remembered. Then I fished for some more, I couldn't get enough. Rick had moved around to be next to me and I could see there was some cum dribbling from his cock, so like a hungry dog I took him in my mouth and sucked him dry. Rick's cock had begun to go soft and the sensation of having a soft fat prick in your mouth is quite unique. I sucked his cock fully into my mouth and it wasn't long before he was hard again. I flipped onto my back and Rick was quick to move down and begin to suck my dick. I loved being in a 69 position, and it was extra good doing it with Rick.It was shocked at how quick it took Rick to shoot a second load of cum, although much less than the first but none the less he had shot it down my throat. This put me over the edge and I shot my second load into Rick's waiting mouth.Rick collapsed onto the bed next to me, our cocks completely spent and becoming flaccid."That was the best fucking sex!" Rick told me. "That's even better than with my girlfriend" he added."Girlfriend!" I exclaimed, "I thought you were Gay""Shit no, man" He replied, "I just like any type of sex, you know guys and girls. I get whatever I can whenever I can""Well you can get what ever you want whenever you want it right here" I told Rick."That would be great, as my girlfriend is not as horny as I am", Rick pointed out. "I do have another friend who loves to suck cock, he and I get together from time to time""If you want you can bring him over and we could have some great fun," I said excitedly. "It would be great to be fucked and sucked by two horny young guys at once""Yeah, I'll ask him when I see him next" Rick said. "Shit look at the time, I got to go, meeting my girlfriend for dinner""That's a shame" I said, "would have been nice to have a shower together""Maybe next time" Rick said as he put his clothes back on.I stood up and grabbed a towel from my ensuite and wrapped around my waist."Will you be home later?" Rick asked, "I should be finished around 10, if you'd like me to come back""Yeah I'll be here, no plans tonight" I replied.Then with that Rick left. I slumped down into a chair and just smiled. That was the most amazing fuck I had ever had and I knew I was going to get some more. Maybe not tonight, but most definitely in the near future. Then I remembered that Rick had a friend, shit at some stage I was going to have 2 young guys to play with. My mind raced and my cock sprang to life. I decided to take a shower and stroke my cock to yet another orgasm, thinking about my next encounter.The End.
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