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Related article: Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 04:47:52 -0800 (PST) From: Tague Micheals Subject: A Boy's Diary pt VI woke up to someone knocking loudly on the bedroom door then calling out, "Time to get up boys, we leave in 15 minutes." It sounded like my grandmother. I rolled over to face Angel, glanced at the wall clock which read 8:10. Then I watched the older boy stretch, yawn then roll to face me, a hand under the sheets moving about and likely scratching his balls or squeezing his morning hard dick, like I was doing. He smiled at me and I smiled back."Did you sleep well Damon?" I nodded my head."I slept like a baby," I said, having heard that statement before but not really understanding its meaning."Me too," Angel said, "I always sleep like a log after I cum." I'd worried a little bit about whether or not he would acknowledge our midnight activities or pretend that it didn't happen. He threw the sheet and thin blanket off exposing his body from the knees up. His cock was hard as stone, hanging in the air above his flat belly. The skin on his dick half way covered his cock head and I couldn't help but wonder if he could feel that, ya know, like when you have one sock that won't stay up and keeps falling down. I hated that.Regardless, Angel's cock looked bigger in the light than it had the night before and I couldn't help but stare at it. My own dick was morning piss hard as well and Angel was looking at it as much as I was looking at him, which I guessed was the reason he'd tossed the blankets off but not gotten up out of bed."I cant' believe how big your cock is Damon," he said in his ever soft voice. "I mean, you're what, eleven?" I nodded my head and said barely for it had not yet been a month since my birthday."Yeah well, that ain't no pencil dick," I said nodding in his direction. "How big is it?" He shrugged his shoulders and got out of bed and walked over to his desk. I stared at his butt thinking how sexy it was. Like I said, Angel was a sort of thin boy but as I looked at his ass I decided that it was the nicest one of the few that I'd had the opportunity to see. He came back to the bed with a red plastic ruler in his hand, his rock hard boner swinging in the air as he walked, his balls hanging low and also moving with each step. God damn I wanted that dick in my ass.Angel stood next to the bed and grasped onto his cock, slid the skin down so that the entire head was exposed I really wanted to explore that more closely. Angel held the ruler along side the thick brown flesh then said, "8 � or a little more." He handed me the ruler so I held my dick in the air and did what he'd done then told him it was 6 � . "Damn I wasn't that big when I was your age. I'd love to see what it looks like in a couple of years," he said which made me beam with pride.I handed him the ruler and climbed out of bed as that delicious ass went back over to the desk. I couldn't help but take hold of my dick and squeeze the hell out of it and when Angel came back he saw what I was doing and smiled."Come on we better get in the shower.""I have to poop first," told him then added, "and brush my teeth.""Okay, do you want to take a shower together?" I nodded my head. I'd done that once or twice with Brandon and found out that I liked showering with another boy, that it felt kind of sexy. We went into the bathroom and brushed our teeth, Angel taking a piss while I started the process and I noticed that he didn't pull his skin back before he pissed. When we were done Angel left and I took a crap then sprayed the room and called him back in. By that time both of our dicks had gone Nymphets Lolitas soft and I noticed that his didn't seem much smaller whereas mine did. I also noticed that the skin on his dick was totally covering the head and once again was fascinated by that entire thing but still didn't want to talk about it. I mean, if I had a deformed dick I didn't think Nymphets Lolitas I'd want to talk about it.While Angel got the water warmed up I looked his body over and really liked what I saw. His coloring was a nice light brown, almost like a good tan; his chest and belly were nicely defined with the creases in all the right places. I checked out his hairs, a pitch black nest of curls above his cock that didn't stretch out to the creases where his hips were. His balls seemed to hang amazingly low and had some hair on them although most of it was at the top of the bag where it started to hang from his dick. It was kind of interesting how his body looked when he stood upright because his stomach sort of went inward under his chest then flowed outward around his belly button before sloping into his pubic bone, his pelvis, those creases on each side seeming to make it stand out even more. I was really beginning to like Angel, a lot."Come on, it's ready," he said and we stepped in and closed the curtain. Angel did most of the same things that I did, and Brandon did when we got in a shower. He rinsed off his body then scooped water upward under his balls in a sort of overhand motion 3 or 4 times then turned his back to the spray and reached behind to pull open a butt cheek and get water in there. He then stepped around me so I could do the same thing. Angel used a soap that came out of a dispenser thingy on the shower wall which I found new and interesting. I'd never use a liquid soap except for washing dishes.After getting soaked I got some soap into my hands and went about washing while at the same time watching Angel. I watched as he held his cock in one hand, pulled the skin back and gently washed his cock head with the other hand. I couldn't stand it any more."Angel," I said, getting his attention, "why does your dick have all that extra skin on it?""It's called a foreskin and I have it because I wasn't circumcised like you are." It was clear that I didn't understand so he explained it to me. "Mostly in the United States are boys circumcised which means when they're born the doctor cuts the extra skin off by cutting here where it's attached," he said, holding his cock up so I could see what he was talking about. "Then they pull the skin up and snip it off, at least I think that's how they do it." If you look underneath the head of your cock you'll see what I mean and of course that browner ring around it is kind of where it was cut off at. Of course I wanted to know why they did it. Actually I had a lot of questions about it. Angel didn't know the why or why not of it but I did tell him that when I first saw it I thought he was deformed but didn't want to ask about it."That's funny," the boy said after he laughed then went on to explain to me that plenty of boys in his gym class kind of gave him the eye because so many boys had never seen and uncut cock before. "Maybe later you can explore it all you want," he said."I'd like that," I responded with a big grin."So would I," he said with an equally big grin. We Nymphets Lolitas managed to get washed, get dried, and get dressed and fifteen minutes after the knock on the bedroom door we were headed down the stairs. My grandmother had breakfast ready except for the eggs which she fixed the way we wanted them; sunny side up for me and over easy for Angel. While we ate my grandfather went over the plan for the day."I'm going to drop you boys off at Disneyland and pick you back up about 3. That should give you plenty of time and Angel has been there a few times so he knows where to go and all that nonsense." I looked at my mom when grandpa said we were going to Disneyland without adults and I could tell that she wasn't overly happy about it but that the other 3 adults had assured her that her baby boy would be fine. The women were going to do some shopping, which I was sure helped make my mom feel better, and the men were going to do something entirely different. We had to back to the house for dinner by 5 because the adults were going out to a nightclub to see a comedian that was "getting a lot of attention" according to my grandfather.After breakfast and a kiss to my mom, who had to tell me to be careful, and my grandma we guys hopped in the T-Bird and were off. We stopped along the way to buy me and my dad some sunglasses which made me feel real cool, like I belonged in California. Roaring down the road with the wind in my face was great. I loved California and as an adult I would live in LA. It took about an hour to get to Disneyland and when my grandfather dropped us off he reminded Angel to meet him right there at 3. Angel promised that we'd be there and my granddad smiled and said,"I know you will son." The look on Angel's face was one of surprise. He would tell me later that my grandfather had never called him son before so that had been a total shock to Nymphets Lolitas him. Before we got out of the car my dad gave me another 15 bucks so I could eat and buy some souvenirs for a couple of my friends as well as myself. With the money that my grandfather had given me the day before I felt rich. Angel and I hopped out and headed for the entrance to the happiest place on earth.I won't bother you with all the details of the day for many of them were just plain old waiting in line and riding the rides. Disneyland had only been open for about 5 years that first visit so it wasn't like it is today. But still, I had a blast. Angel and I rode on most of the rides and some of them twice. I loved the Matterhorn, the submarine and the monorail but really it was all fun. We had burgers fries and a shakes for lunch and I found some stuff to take home for Chu Chu and Brandon. We went outside about 15 minutes before my grandfather expected us only to find him and my dad waiting for us.Back at the house Angel asked if we had time to go swimming before dinner and were given the go ahead. Upstairs we changed quickly into swimming suits which gave us both another opportunity to see each other's soft cocks. Angel grabbed some old beach towels from his closet and we headed to the beach with a reminder that dinner Nymphets Lolitas would be in a couple of hours.The walk to the beach was uneventful. Once I'd gotten a taste of water warmer than what I had back home it became uneventful. Don't get me wrong, it was fun, just not exciting enough to write about. There weren't a whole bunch of people around so we sort of had some space to ourselves; splashing around in the water then lying on the beach under almost clear sunny skies. Angel eventually checked his watch and said we should probably be heading back. As we stood and grabbed our towels a man approached us."Say, you guys are a couple of good looking boys; have you ever considering doing any modeling?" We shook our heads. "Well how would you like to give it a try?" Angel and I looked at each other then at the man and shrugged our shoulders. "Well," he said, digging into his pants pocket, "here's a business card. We're right down on the boardwalk there," he said pointing a finger up to the line of building that sat at the edge of the beach, "Stop in and see us." He looked at me then at Angel. "You look like you're 13, ya gotta be 13 before we can use you. Of course if you don't have any ID we'll take your word for it." Clearly he was referring to me."He's 13," Angel told the guy, "he's just small for his age." The guy smiled and said they would take Angel's word for it adding,"We're open at noon and usually hang out til midnight every night, stop in and check us out." He shook our hands and walked on. Angel looked at the card then showed it to me. It said Phoenix Studios in green print and had an address and phone number at the bottom. I asked Angel what that was all about."I bet they take nude pictures of boys." When I asked him why he thought that he said, "I've seen magazines that had nude pictures of boys in it and I'm pretty sure I've seen this name," he waved the card at me, "connected to it somehow.""Do you want to do it, pose nude I mean," I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders,"I dunno, never thought about it. It might be kinda fun though." I voiced my thoughts on what my grandparents would say if they ever saw pictures like that of Angel and he said that he really didn't think that my grandparents hung out in the kind of stores that sold that kind of magazines. That seemed reasonable to me.I asked Angel about having magazines of naked boys and he said that had seen them before, not that he had any. He said another boy he knew from when he lived in LA had them. I allowed as how I'd have liked to see something like that and Angel simply smiled at me. When I asked why he told the guy I was 13 Angel said,"Well, ya never know now do ya?"We got back to the house and were told that we were having Chinese takeout and if we were going to shower we'd need to hustle up. My grandpa and dad came through the door so Angel and I decided that we'd shower after dinner. I had never eaten Chinese food so had to deal with trying to use chop sticks and did for awhile but gave up and used a fork. The food was interesting and mostly pretty good and of course the fortune cookie was kinda fun.After dinner Angel and watched TV while the adults got ready to go out. It was cool because they had more channels that we did. My grandparents and parents left about 7:30 saying that they would likely be out late. The TV show we were watching ended and Angel shut the set off."I feel pretty sticky, wanna take a shower," he asked. I did cuz I felt pretty much the same way. I followed Angel upstairs and into the bedroom where we both stripped off our suits."I really like your body Damon," he said while his eyes roamed over me, "it's so soft looking." He dropped to his knees in front of me and took hold of my dick and before I knew it had it in his mouth. He sucked on it for a very short bit and I started to get hard in his mouth. He stopped and stood up. "Salty," he said. I saw that Angel was getting hard too and it wouldn't do but I had to see if he was as salty as he said I was. I quickly dropped and took his dick into my mouth, peeling the skin back first. I heard Angel moan softly above me as I sucked him, detecting a slightly salty taste. I stopped and stood up."You're right." He laughed then leaned over and kissed me on the lips then took my hand and led me into the bathroom. Two minutes later we were under the spray, both young cocks at full stand."Let me wash you Damon," he said as he squirted soap into his hands then rubbed them together. He started at my shoulders and massaged them a little which really felt great. Angel moved down my back, washed my butt cheeks then added more soap and did each leg then lifted my feet one at a time and washed them. Still standing behind me he washed my chest and belly but stopped before doing my cock and balls."Now for the good part," he said as he re-soaped his hands. He got back to his knees along side of me and raised one hand, palm up, to cup my nuts. "Your body is so soft and smooth Damon. Oh man, you got some hairs starting," he said with some excitement. "I wish Nymphets Lolitas you could make sperm before you go home, I'd love to taste your sweet cum." The feeling of his soapy hands caressing my balls made me go weak in the knees. He then put his other hand on my butt and soaped them again while the front hand worked all over my hard cock and my balls. Then the hand on my butt slid between my legs so I moved one foot out. The fingers found my butt hole and began rubbing back and forth across the muscle."Fuuuck," I groaned out as Angel worked me over. Then he surprised me by slipping a finger up inside my butt and moving it in and out a half dozen times. He finally turned me into the spray and got me rinsed off. That done he turned me back around to face him then stuck his mouth over my dick and began sucking me again, this time spending a good minute at the task while his hands rubbed my butt. He finally stopped and stood up, kissing me hard in the process.Of course it wouldn't do but I had to return the favor so followed essentially the same procedure that Angel had in washing my body including the cock sucking after it was over. We finally finished and got out to dry off and when that was done went into the bedroom. It was still light outside so we didn't need to turn a light on, instead going straight to the bed. We lay down facing each other and immediately took hold of the other's cock."I love being with you so much," Angel said to me."I know, me too.""Have you ever been with another boy? I think that you have cuz you seem to know so much," Angel asked me. I nodded my head."Yeah, I've done some stuff with a couple of boys back home." He asked how old were the boys and how much I'd done with them. I pretty much explained how I got to where I was right then with him, elaborating about Brandon."I've been fucking him since last summer. He fucks me every once in awhile but mostly he likes to get fucked." When he asked if I'd been fucked by an older boy I shook my head then told him about the plan that I'd had to get a bigger cock into my ass. He smiled and said that it looked like I'd found one then added,"If you want me to that is." I nodded my head and told him that I definitely wanted him to fuck me."So how many boys have you been with Angel? I know you've had to have some practice to be able to suck my dick the way you did." He frowned for a moment as if remembering something then told me."There was an older boy in our neighborhood when I was 12 going on 13. He taught me how to be able to take a large object into my throat and still be able to breathe. He showed me on a banana and once I could do it he had me try it on his cock. I loved sucking his cock Damon. I can't really explain it but once I tried it I couldn't seem to get enough of if. After awhile sucking him wasn't enough and he wanted to fuck me but he was as big as I am now and I didn't want to. He'd put his finger in me before and I liked it and I sort of wanted to be able to have him fuck me but not with that big of a cock. So he bought me a dildo and told me to practice with it and I did. Unfortunately one of my brothers found it and then all hell broke loose. He told my dad. In the cultures that I'm descended from being gay isn't okay. It's kind of okay if you do stuff with a boy but you have to be dominant, not passive, kind of like you and that boy Brandon. In other words it's okay Nymphets Lolitas to get sucked but not do the sucking and it's okay to fuck but not be fucked. Of course having the dildo meant that I was passive, that I was getting fucked.""My father was mostly disgusted as were my brothers and one of them knocked me around a little bit. After about the 3rd time I went to school with bruises a counselor cornered me and got me to admit what was going on. Not the sex stuff but the beatings. The counselor contacted your grandmother at Santa Monica High first, then they contacted my family and told them that they were going to report the abuse but that if they allowed me to live with her it would be a lot easier. They agreed, the authorities were contacted and since your grandparents were willing to take me the whole thing went smoothly. I was supposed to do family visits but a month after I moved here my Nymphets Lolitas family moved and no one knows where they are. No one in my family told anyone that the whole thing was about my supposed sexuality because that was too embarrassing, too shaming so you're the only one who knows the whole story."In telling the story Angel's cock had softened quite a bit, as had mine. I told him I was sorry that it happened but said it was okay really. The males in his family had always picked on him because he was the youngest and smallest and besides, he said,"I love your grandparents and I've met you." He leaned forward and kissed me tenderly on the lips."What's a dildo, I've never heard of that," I asked him. He got up and went to his closet while explaining that it was a fake dick that mostly women used. He rummaged around a little then came back holding something in his hands, then sat on the bed and showed them to me.One was a bottle of liquid that he called lube which was used to make the thing slippery in order to move in and out of a hole easier. He smiled and said, "It's great for beating off too." The other thing was a plastic dick about eight inches long and about as big around as my dick when I was hard, which was smaller that Angel's thick one. It really did look like a dick too, with a head at one end and veins along the side. It didn't have actual balls on it but instead had a large piece of plastic to hold on to. Angel said that it was also a stand so that it could sit on a flat surface and you could sit down on it."So, do you use it very often." I asked as I turned the thing around in my hands. He smiled and said that he fucked himself with it once a week on the average, sometimes more, sometimes less. I asked him if it felt real."I've never been fucked with a live cock so I don't know. Of course if you're willing, I'll be able to tell you if it is or not," he added with a smile."Or I could tell you," I told him. He said that was true and either way would be fine with him but if he had a choice, he'd like me to fuck him. I had no problem with that as long as I got fucked sometime before I went back home and preferably, before my parents and grandparents got home.Angel sat the things on the floor then sort or straddled my lap. He put his hands on my shoulders and leaned his face to mine and kissed me. It was a simple but long kiss which he broke for a moment then returned. The second kiss turned into something more serious and I felt him gently lower my body onto the bed. By unspoken mutual consent we ended up on our sides, lips plastered together, holding and rubbing each other. I reached down, found Angel's cock and stroked the fully hardened flesh. Shortly after than he found mine."Slide down on the bed a little," Angel told me, and as I did he turned around so we each had the other's boy stuff in our faces. Angel wasted no time in getting my cock into his mouth and sucking it. I on the other hand held his close and stroked it, getting a close up view of how the thing worked. As I stroked it back up a pearl Nymphets Lolitas of liquid oozed out the slit and I licked it up before taking the head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue all around it as I sucked him then heard myself moan around it as Angel's throat constricted against my cock head. That encouraged me to attempt to take more of him into my mouth and I got to where his cock head was starting down my throat but I started to gag and pulled my head back quickly. I continued to stroke as I sucked and covered his head with his foreskin then allowed my tongue to explore the nipple of flesh. For the first of many times in my life I wished that still had mine.I felt Angel begin to play with my balls as he sucked me and opened my eyes to see his heavy sac as it spilled down onto his thigh. I took his cock from my mouth and moved down a little more and began kissing his balls, pressing my lips against them then nipping the loose skin with my lips and pulling on it.I felt Angel's fingers moved back and slip into my butt cheeks until the found my hole and rubbed back and forth across the puckered muscle. I moaned at the feelings and stopped moving my head for a moment but rubbed Angel's cock against my face, loving how it felt against my cheek. Angel began pulling on my inner thigh and I sort of figured what he wanted me to so lifted the leg and moved it over so that now his head was between my legs. I managed to get onto my knees and push backwards, the move along with Angel's hands pulling my butt cheeks wide open. I felt the coolness of the night air cross the sensitive muscle then the warmth of Angel's tongue as he began licking me there.I raised my head and took his cock back inside of my mouth and began sucking him with a vengeance, the incredible feelings on my asshole pushing me into a fog of hotness. I had to stop Nymphets Lolitas and rest my head on Angel's thigh when he licked down onto the underside of my hanging balls and then back up to my hole. I wanted something in my ass right then and I didn't care if it was a finger, the fake dick or Angel's real live one. My nose was all but buried between his balls and his inner thigh and I had to raise my head in order to breathe."Oh man Angel you gotta put that fake cock in my ass," I groaned. Angel responded by pushing on my thighs and as I started to roll one way he rolled out from under me going the other way. I lay there on my back while he scooped the implements of de-fucksion from the floor and sat back down on the bed."So, let's see," he said then got back off the bed, went into the bathroom and returned with a towel. "Lay on this," he said so I rolled out of the way while he tossed the towel down then rolled back onto it. He got on the bed, told me to put my feet flat then moved between them."I'll use my fingers first to get you a little loosened up okay?" I nodded my head for who was I to argue about a process that I really didn't know that much about. Remember, I'd only been fucked by pencil dicks and they didn't need a great deal, if any, preparation. I watched Angel pour some of the stuff on the palm of his left hand then drag the middle finger of his right hand through it. On his knees, he got in close and told me to reach down and pull my cheeks open, which I did."Oh man Damon I can hardly wait to stuff my hard cock in there," he said with a slightly evil grin. He aimed the lubed up finger for my hole then reached for my dick with the other hand and as he slipped his finger inside of me he wrapped his hand around my cock head and stroked it. I gasped out loud at the incredible feelings from the double assault.Angel moved slowly, stroking my cock from the root to the tip and back down while his finger slid in and out of my butt. I felt him graze across something inside my butt that made me go wild with feelings every time he rubbed it."Here goes another finger," he said then I Nymphets Lolitas felt my hole get stretched further as the second finger went inside of me. He took his hand off my cock and using the back of it he pushed the fake dick and lube toward my waist. "Get some lube on the dildo, smear from the head all the way down." I completed the task while Angel kept on doing what he was doing and getting me into a fog hotness."Hold it by the head and hand it to me." I did as he asked, holding the thing between my legs. All of a sudden Angel pulled his fingers out of my butt, took the fake dick then pushed the head into my butt. At the same time he pushed it in he squeezed on the head of my cock and twisted his hand like he was unscrewing a bottle top. The intense feeling Nymphets Lolitas on my cock head helped to offset the feelings of my butt hole being stretched open farther than it had ever been. He kept jacking me off while he pushed the thing all the way inside of me then started to pull it back out.I groaned at the feeling because it didn't really hurt like we both thought it might. I guess it was cuz I was so sexed up from all the stuff that he was doing to me. "Oh man Damon that looks so hot going in and out of your ass like that." He kept it up for a good two or three minutes, slowing down on my dick and sometimes even taking his hand away to play with my balls or something. It was a good idea because a couple of times I started getting the tingling feeling of going to cum. I finally reached a point where I wanted to go all the way."Angel," I panted, "put your cock in me." He looked at me with an arched eyebrow as though I going crazy or something. "Seriously, I want to get fucked by your cock, I want you to fuck me." It was what I'd wanted for the past 5 months or more. I wanted a real live big cock to fuck me and since t-Bone moved away on me I hadn't gotten to make that dream come true. I suppose I could have found somebody if I'd really wanted to. That boy in the park for instance but I wanted something a little more than that, I wanted someone who knew me, someone that would mean something to me.Angel knew I was serious. He took his hand off my balls and reached for the lube, poured some on the top of his dick then quickly smeared up and down the length Nymphets Lolitas of it. I felt my belly tingle as I watched him, knowing that big live cock was going to go inside of me."Pull your legs back Damon," he told me. I did as he asked, watched him get in real close, holding his cock down with his left hand. In a flash he pulled the fake dick out and pushed his in. Believe me, that time my brain registered the difference."Oh fuck Angel, hold it," I cried out. He didn't move a muscle, except for his jaw."Breathe; relax your asshole muscle Damon," he cooed, "Push down a little bit like you're trying to shit." I did all of those things and surprisingly enough the pain lessened fairly quickly. Of course my hole had been worked over pretty well for the previous 8 minutes or so."Okay," I finally said. Angle's face was a mask of concentration as he pushed inward until I could barely see the top of his hairs. He started to pull, got about half way then went back inside again. About the 4th trip he looked at me, his eyes were practically closed, and I knew that he having a blast. So was I. As Angel picked up speed I started getting back to where it was feeling really good. Angel held my legs back and really started going to town. I could feel his balls whack against me when he shoved his cock all the way inside. I felt my belly start to tingle and I could feel a little friction on my asshole as he slammed his cock into me. I reached down and took hold of my cock and started jacking off."Man, I'm gonna cum real soon Damon," Angel panted. It seemed like he was fucking me for all he was worth, slamming his cock into me, moving his ass from side to side, hammering me. All of a sudden I heard a little scream, not realizing it was me, and my body went into the best cum that I'd ever had. My belly and my balls were tingling like crazy and it seemed like I could feel every nerve ending in my body."Aahhhh," Angel cried out. He slowed his fucking down but still seemed to slam his cock into me. I was surprised that his balls didn't hurt because they seemed to be hitting me so hard; that boy was cookin. Angel's head dropped to his chest then seemed to roll backwards. The expression on his smooth brown face looked like he was in pain but I knew that wasn't true. I could actually feel his cock pulse as he shot his sperm into me and I swear that it made my cum last a little longer.Angel finally stopped moving, I let go of my cock and both hands sort of flopped beside me onto the bed. Both Angel and I were panting like we had run a mile. He let my legs down but there really wasn't any place for them to go so he basically guided my feet to his chest and I let them rest there for a moment then just put them flat on the bed."I really want to kiss you," I finally said, "But I don't want you to take your dick out of me yet." He looked around a little then told me to give him my hands. I reached out as did he and he said to grab his wrists. I did; he grabbed mine, then he pulled me up and as he did he sort of sat back on his heels with me in his lap. I have to say that it felt sort of weird cuz I could feel his cock practically poking me in the stomach. Neither of us thought about that for long because we put our lips together and kissed, kissed, kissed. My hand were running up and down and all over Angel's back and one of his did the same while the other sort of held the back of my head."That was a total blast Damon," Angel whispered after we broke the kiss, "I'm on cloud 9 right now". I nodded my head because it was and I was too. I reached down behind me and felt where his cock was embedded in my butt, still sort of in shock that I'd actually gotten fucked."You were really going at it," I told him, "I was thinking that your balls must be hurting because you were whacking them against me so hard." He laughed and I could feel it through his cock. I hugged him again and rested my head on his shoulder and he rubbed my back and just held me. I could have stayed there forever."So, was it everything that dreamed about?""Oh yeah, more than I dreamed about," I told him, looking into his large dark eyes. I kissed again and it wasn't long before our heads were tilted, our mouths open as wide as they could go Nymphets Lolitas and our tongues were playing a game of "tag you're it," both inside of our mouths and out. I found that sort of interesting; sticking our tongues out and bumping them against each other. Some of the stuff I was doing with Angel I had never done before so was learning as I went. In thinking about using some of my new found knowledge on Brandon, it didn't occur to me that he'd wonder where in the hell I'd picked up some new tricks since I was only spose to be at my grandparents and I sure as shootin didn't learn it at Disneyland.But my mind wasn't on that right at the moment. I was getting sexed up again and before I knew it I was grinding my little butt onto Angel's lap. We stopped kissing and just looked at each other as I moved my bottom, discovering new feelings by the moment. Angel's eyes were barely open, as I assumed mine were, and I would soon learn to recognize it as a sure sign of being caught up in a fog of hotness. On one of the moves Angel's eyes shot open and he inhaled very sharply. It kinda reminded me of the reaction by Brandon one time when I splashed ice cold water on his naked front right after we had finished fucking.Angel put his hands on the curve of my butt and offered encouragement by gently pulling and pushing. "I really like this Damon," he said softly, "I want to cum like this sometime." I gave a "what do you mean look and he got it. "What I really want more than anything is for you to fuck me. Just like you, I've been wanting to do it for a year now and having you be the first would be a gas so is it okay if we trade places?"I was pretty comfortable where I was at and I was getting so sexed up that I didn't want to stop; I wanted to keep on going until I made Angel put more of his sperm in me. On the other hand I didn't need to be so selfish and somehow I was thinking that fucking Angel might be different or better than either of my friends. I would learn early that it wasn't about the asshole; it was about the owner of asshole, the person you were with that really made the difference. Of course as an adult I would learn that some guys had asshole control that could practically rip your dick off.I kissed him on the lips, said sure, and climbed off of the pole that was lodged in my ass. Man oh man it felt weird not having it in there too. It was like crawling out of bed on a cold morning; I wanted to get back where I was snug and comfortable.I grabbed the lube and slathered my dick and since Angel Nymphets Lolitas was on his hands and knees with his head on a pillow and his butt in the air I smeared a little on his hole, noticing the small amount of hairs growing around the edge of the muscle. I wondered for a brief moment if shit got caught in there sometimes."Put it in Damon," Angel instructed as though I wasn't right up next to and just seconds away from that very thing. I put my right foot flat on the bed in order to get just a bit Nymphets Lolitas more height, put my cock head on the muscle and pushed, slipping inside of him. "Aggghhh," the boy moaned and I stopped moving but Angel had other plans. "No, keep going, put it all the way in," he commanded.My hands were on his hips, pulling him to me, and I pushed until I couldn't go any further. I didn't waste any time but began to pull back. Angel moved slightly, dropping his ass a little bit, so I dropped my other leg without missing a beat. With both knees on the bed I had a more stability and was able to generate a little more force. I managed a steady rhythm and before long the sound of our bodies slapping together was the primary sound in the room. For the first part I kept my eyes glued to where our bodies were connected, the act of fucking still new enough for me that it was interesting. After a little bit I allowed my eyes to sort of roam around the room, checking things out a little bit because I'd not had time before, but there really wasn't much to see. I glanced at the clock, noted the time, and kept on going.Angel was starting to moan then I felt his fingers feeling around the base of my cock. I slowed way down in order to let him explore a little of the area that connected us and he could fondle my balls a little bit. I sort of liked that."Let's stop for a sec Damon. Pull your cock out of me." I did as he asked and noticed that his hole looked like a doughnut hole, which of meant that mine did too. As soon as I backed away from him Angel rolled onto his back and pulled his legs back almost to his ears. "I want to see your sweet face while you fuck me sweet boy," he said. I aimed for his hole again and this time it just slipped right in."Now put your arms under my knees then lean forward and put hands up here by my shoulders. I did as Angel directed which rolled him up so that he was resting on his mid back. In that way it seemed like I was driving my cock into him from straight on or even downward just a little. Regardless of that though was the fact that it seemed like I was able to get every little bit of cock that I owned inside of Angel's butt."Oh yea, Damon, that's perfect," he said, looking up at me with those dark eyes. "Now fuck me good and hard, make me never want to use a fake dick again." From that position I was able to shove into him with some power and that is just what I did. I started right off slamming my cock into him, none of that poking around and going slow crap. I felt my balls whacking against Angel's butt just like his had been doing to me earlier but I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about it.Below me Angel moaned, groaned, and ugh'd as I hammered his butt hole. His arms were between my arms and his body, his hands on my hips gently pulling and pushing as if to encourage me. I felt his right hand leave and snake down between our bodies and take hold of his thick cock and begin to stroke it. I felt my belly begin to tickle and knew that I was going to cum pretty quickly."Harder Damon, fuck me harder," Angel panted and I seemed to get a second wind as it were. I started moving my butt a little but too, going into him at a slight angle, and I thought I heard some extra grunts. Before I knew it Angel seemed to cry out, "Oh yes, oh yes, then something between an oh and an ahh, I wasn't sure. I felt his butt hole tighten on my cock and I knew he was cumming and it made me cum too.I don't remember much of the next half minute or so. I knew that we were both moaning like crazy and grunting like we were trying to lift up a car or something. I felt his butt hole grasp my dick at least 6 times but I kept on fucking him. I really wanted to give Angel as good a fucking as he had given me.And then it was over. The exquisite feelings passed and I slowed down but continued to move my cock in and out of his butt. I finally stopped and just moved my butt around a little bit which caused him to some times take in extra air, like when something surprised you. From where I was I thought I could lean down and kiss him and I did which sort of shocked him because his eyes were closed. He pulled his hands up then wrapped his arms around my back and rubbed it and the back of my head while our lips stayed together and moved gently against each other. I started to lower my body a little bit and managed to rest on top of him; although not for long."I need to lower my legs Damon," he finally whispered. I moved one arm and when that leg was down rested on it while I moved the other arm then slowly lowered myself back down on him."Am I too heavy Angel," I asked him and he mumbled something that was a no without actually saying no."I like your weight on me," he said softly. My head rested on his chest and his hands went right back to rubbing on me and we just laid there for a moment trying to catch our breath. I finally raised up on my hands then kissed him which he responded to with enthusiasm. We both felt it at the same time, my cock shrinking, and knew that I was going to come out of him which neither of us wanted."No, it's gonna go out," Angel said and he laughed. All of a sudden it happened and my dick squished out and we both moaned at the loss of it. Angel rolled me onto our sides and we just looked at each for a moment. Then he leaned in and kissed the tip of my nose. "You are so cute Damon and so sweet," he said softly then snuggled his head in under mine, sort of rolled me onto my back and let his head rest on my chest.I felt the same way about Angel. We'd only known each other for barely a day and a half and here we were; loving to be with each other and loving each other. I thought about that; then I thought about having to go back home in 9 days. I thought about what it was going to be like because I was going to be back in the company of children. Yes, I was still a child but my experiences were far beyond those of my friends, and that included Brandon now, or so I figured. I felt older than they were and I would never in a million years be able to explain that to them. And of course there wasn't going to be an Angel either. Oh, like I said before, I could probably find an older boy who liked to fuck younger boys but it wouldn't be the same. In that brief moment I thought about how being with another older boy would some how make my experience with Angel something less. I didn't want that. And then another though crossed my mind and I must have jolted or something."Whatchu thinking about Damon," Angel asked. I paused for a moment then said,"I'm wondering if I can convince my parents, and grandparents, to let me come out here and spend the summer."
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