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Related article: Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2010 09:14:44 EDT From: INSILVA92aol.com Subject: A BOY FULL FILLED Part 4.A BOY FULL FILLED. Part four.The following story is a homosexual fantasy of sex between a teenage boy and older guys. If it is illegal for you to read such material please leave now; if not I hope it brings you pleasure. Because it is a fantasy the sex in it will not be safe, but I would advise you to have safe sex in real life. I am indebted to the author of "Boy in the Toilet." His story inspired me to write this story I hope you enjoy it; it starts in a different style to my usual writing; comments appreciated. Rob woke up, he yawned, stretched, and glanced at the clock; it was five in the afternoon. His stiff cock was trapped between the teen's firm, sweaty buttocks. While he came around Rob played with the large buttplug stuffing his arsehole and his cock oozed precum into the teen's arse-crack. The teen was still fast asleep and snoring softly, so Rob gently rolled him onto his back and gazed at him. The sleeping teen's face looked so young, so innocent, but all the love-bites covering his little rounded belly, thighs and buttocks denied that innocence. His tiny red nipples were still erect and slightly redder than normal. Rob looked at the teen's stiff little 5 inch cock; it was rigid and lying hard up against his little rounded belly, the foreskin was lodged beneath the teen's corona and his flared, pale-purple knob glistened with precum. Rob was pleased to see that the teen's knob was back to its normal colour, not angry looking anymore. From the state of the teen's rigid cock and his own hard-on Rob deduced that the extra strength Viagra and aphrodisiacs were still having an effect on their libidos. Once again Rob couldn't resist his urges; bending over Preteen Girls Naked the teen's slight, sexy body he took the teen's cock into his mouth and began to suck it off while tonguing the flared knob. He gently pushed a hand under the teen's buttocks, parted his arsecheeks and slowly ran a finger over the teen's precum stained pucker; it was still a little proud and puffy. The teen moaned softly but never woke, and within minutes his body tensed and he started to shoot a load of watery boycum into Rob's mouth. Rob greedily swallowed the teen's entire, and surprisingly large, load of boycum. The teen whimpered when Rob cleaned his still exposed knob with his tongue, but he still didn't wake up. Reluctantly releasing the teen's still hard cock from his mouth Rob applied some balm to the teen's nipples, belly and inner thighs. Then he gently rolled the teen onto his belly and applied balm to the love-bites which covered his delectable buttocks. Finally, very carefully, Rob applied more of the balm to the teen's pucker, which, as well as being puffy, was much redder than usual; then, very gently Rob pushed some inside the teen's arsehole and smeared it around, causing the teen to moan softly again. Rob carefully got off the bed and headed for the bathroom leaving the teen still fast asleep. After pissing in the shower, his hard-on stopping him from using the pan, Rob took a long, hot shower and then headed for the kitchen. The large buttplug made him walk gingerly; he was naked of course and his morning stiffy led the way. There was a note from Tom explaining that he'd had to go out and he probably wouldn't be back in time to run the teen home; and he asked if Rob would do it. Rob hadn't got a problem with that, he wasn't due back to work until Monday morning, and he'd have time alone with the sexy teen which might lead to more sex; which he fancied. Tom had also written that he' d be setting up another gang-bang with Adam for a week on Saturday; the teen had told him that his Mom would be sleeping over that weekend again. It would also give the teen's body plenty of time to fully recover. Rob made a couple of phone calls, one to Yannick asking for more balm because he'd have to give the teen the last pot to take home to use on his well abused arsehole. The other call was to Leroy to check if he thought Lance would be a worthwhile addition to their teenage boy orgy list. Leroy had told him and Tom all about Lance a couple of days ago and they'd both agreed that he sounded interesting. Later on they'd discussed between themselves the possibility of making a film of Lance being fucked by the guys from the sex club and a few more coloured guys they knew who had big thick cocks. Rob wanted to ask what Leroy thought about that too. However both guys were unavailable so he left messages. Rob was starving, and after making a pot of coffee, he popped some bacon under the grill and prepared eggs to be scrambled in the microwave. While the bacon was cooking he filled a bowl with cereal and added milk. During the phone calls and food preparation Rob had been idly playing with his hard-on and the buttplug, almost pulling it out of his arsehole then pushing it back in and twisting it about; which made his cock leak lots of precum. Rob could still taste the teen's sweet boycum in his mouth and when an image of the teen being throat-fucked by Frank's 9 inch cock while Yannick fucked his arsehole with his huge 11 inch cock popped into his mind he felt so sexy and worked up that he took hold of his precum leaking cock and quickly wanked off into the bowl of cereal while twisting and pulling on the buttplug; then he ate the lot. After that Rob put the cooked bacon into the warm oven and had just started the microwave when Adam, naked, and still with a stiff cock, walked gingerly into the large kitchen. He smiled broadly. "Morning Rob, the smell of bacon woke me, I'm starving; can I have some?" Before answering Rob walked over and embraced Adam and he gently fondled the teen's buttock as they briefly kissed. "Of course you can, I was just coming to wake you. Did you sleep well? And how do you feel?" "I slept really well thanks. I feel great, but my throat's a touch sore and aches, and my boypussy aches a bit too, but it feels so empty as well! After going to the toilet I cleaned myself using the bidet. I was very careful and it wasn't really painful just sort of tingly, but my pucker feels a bit inflamed. And I can't believe how sexy I look with all these love-bites; lucky my Mom won't be able to see them! I thought they might be painful, but they're not." Adam blushed before continuing. "I, er, thought I had a wet-dream in the night but there was no spunk on the undersheet and before I showered I checked my knob and it was clean apart from a bit of precum!" Still blushing Adam looked slyly up at Rob. "I was going to wank off in the shower too, but decided to save it; maybe you'll make me cum before I go home?" Rob chuckled to himself, and then he ruffled Adam's hair. "Don't worry about your pucker Adam, I've got some balm for that; I put some on last night when I came back to bed, and I put some more on this morning, you were fast asleep both times. As for the sex we'll get breakfast out of the way first and then talk about it. Now sit down and I'll serve." When Rob turned away Adam noticed the buttplug and asked Rob why he was wearing it. When Rob told him a thoughtful look came over Adam's face. I wonder if Rob will let me eat his arsehole out later, he thought to himself, I love to eat spunk and that spunk has been inside Rob's arsehole all night so I'd taste him too! Rob gave Adam a drink of the milky liquid for his throat then served up their breakfasts. Adam told Rob he could eat a horse, and they ate in companionable silence, both wolfing down two plates of bacon and scrambled eggs and drinking two cups of coffee. When they'd finished Rob stacked the dishwasher and then they sat down on a two-seater settee and had another coffee while talking about the orgy. Adam was full of how much he 'd enjoyed the orgy, being fucked from both ends by big cocks and shooting so many loads of spunk. And even though he couldn't really remember Preteen Girls Naked many of the details he wanted to know how soon they'd do it again. When Rob told him that Tom was setting up another orgy for a fortnight's time Adam's face beamed. When Rob told Adam how many orgasms he'd had, wet and dry, and how many loads of spunk had been fucked Preteen Girls Naked into his boypussy and how many loads of spunk he'd eaten; Adam's eye's widened like saucers. As they chatted Rob's eyes were roaming all over Adam's sexy little body and stiff little cock; and his half-hard cock was soon stiff again. Christ I want to fuck the kid's hot little arsehole again, Rob thought, I don't know if I dare though after how many times it was fucked last night; it needs to heal. Maybe I'll get the kid to suck me off instead, I'll see later. Adam also wanted to know just how much spunk had been fucked into his boypussy. Rob grinned at him wickedly and went and brought the container of spunk and boy juices from the fridge placing it directly in front of the teen while telling him where it had come from. Adam's eye's lit up and a sly look crossed his face. "Right, if all of that is from my boypussy I must have swallowed about the same amount of spunk last night then?" Rob nodded. Adam paused then spoke hesitantly. "Er ... can I taste it Rob?" Because they were trying to turn the teen into a true cum-slut Rob wondered how far he could make the teen go so he said. "Well, because everything happened here in Tom's apartment the contents of the container are Tom's property. And he has a strict house rule; once the container's opened the contents must all be drunk within 20 minutes." Adam's face turned serious, he licked his lips and turned his head to one side while he contemplated what Rob had just told him. After yesterday he truly loved to eat spunk, especially men's thick, salty spunk, but he didn' t know if he could drink all the spunk and boy juices in the container; there was over a pint. He knew he'd probably swallowed roughly the same amount last night, but not in 20 minutes! Rob guessed Adam was in a dilemma and decided to help him out a bit. "If you don't think you can drink it all I suppose I could help you out. But you'd have to really try to drink it all first." It was the get-out that Adam needed. "OK Rob I'll try." Adam slowly unscrewed the cap then picked up the container and held it under his nose and inhaled deeply; a half smile crossed his lips. He moved it to his mouth and tentatively started to drink. Rob held his breath as Adam' s throat moved when he started to swallow. Adam drank slowly and steadily savouring the sexy taste of the mixture; and when he put the container down he'd drunk a third of its contents. Adam licked his lips and smiled shyly at Rob. "That tasted so good Rob; and I'm not finished yet either." Adam picked the container back up and started to drink again, and he kept on going! He was so turned on that his stiff little cock was jerking and precum dribbled from his cock-slit. The next time he put the container down it was empty. Adam burped, smacked his lips and grinned cheekily at Rob. "Did I do well?" In reply Rob stood, pulled Adam into his arms, and frenched him, relishing the taste of the spunk and boy juice mixture that pervaded the teen's sexy mouth. As they snogged they ground their hard cocks into each other. After several minutes Adam broke away, he had a wild, longing look in his eyes. "Will you fuck me before I have to go home Rob? Please!" Rob couldn't believe his luck, the teen was begging to be fucked, but he decided to take it slowly. "Are you quite sure Adam? Your boypussy was well and truly stretched by all our big cocks yesterday and your pucker's still not quite back to normal." "I know, but I still feel so sexy, and I, er, like you such a lot. I'd love to go home with a load of your spunk inside my boypussy. And you said that you've got some balm to put on my pucker to help it heal." He gave Rob a wicked look. "If you promise to fuck me I'll eat all the spunk out of your arsehole first!" Rob's cock jumped and oozed precum when he heard that. Christ! Rob thought; he IS a true cum-slut already; I've got to have some of that! Rob stood up and offered Adam his hand. "Come on then you sexy little bugger, we'll go to the bedroom." In the bedroom Adam dragged Rob onto the bed and started snogging him fervently, forcing his tongue into Rob's mouth and groping his stiff 6 inches. Rob responded immediately and fondled the teen's hard rounded buttocks pulling the teen hard against his body. After several minutes Adam broke away. "How am I going to eat your arsehole out Rob? Show me." Rob got Adam to lie with his head on a pillow against the wall then Rob straddled the teen's sexy body on all fours facing his feet and backed up until his arsehole was directly in front of the teen's face. "OK Adam, when you're ready I want you to quickly pull the buttplug from my arsehole then start eating me out!" Adam took hold of the buttplug and yanked it out of Rob's arsehole and immediately clamped his mouth around Rob's gaping pucker and started sucking. Rob had started when the buttplug was yanked out, now he was moaning with pleasure. As he started sucking the contents of Rob's arsehole into his mouth and swallowing them Adam had forced his tongue into Rob's arsehole keeping it open. What a natural the kid is, Rob thought as he relaxed his sphincter to give the teen easier access, we're so lucky Tom picked him up. He's survived the orgy and wants more, and he's so into all the dirty talk, and he calls his arsehole his boypussy without hesitation. He's such a sexy little fucker and he's turning me on so much that I'm going to give him such a fucking when he's finished eating my arsehole out! Rob looked down; precum was steadily trickling from the teen's cock-slit. Rob manoeuvred himself until he managed to take 3 inches of the teen's jerking cock into his mouth and he started to suck. Adam stopped sucking momentarily to groan into Rob's arsehole then he continued with his pleasurable task. Adam couldn't really describe the taste of the mixture he was eating, but it was much stronger and muskier than anything he'd tasted, stronger even than the container of spunk and boy juices he'd drunk earlier. Adam loved the taste and sucked harder while enjoying the sensations Rob's practised mouth was giving him. But as good a cock-sucker as Rob was somehow Adam realised he was nowhere near being ready to cum. Of course he didn't know that Rob had already sucked another two loads of boycum from his big balls. All good things inevitably come to an end and when no more spunk was forthcoming Adam reluctantly raised his face from Rob's sweaty arse-crack and gasped. "I can't get anymore spunk out Rob; will you fuck my boypussy now and make me cum? Please!" Rob's cock was steadily dripping precum onto the bed, he loved having his arsehole eaten out, and he was more than ready to fuck the sexy teen's tight young arsehole. But he knew he'd have to be careful, the teen's arsehole hadn't fully recovered from last night's ordeal. He let go of the teen's jerking cock and sat on the edge of the bed, fondling the teen's big balls as he spoke. "I'm dying to fuck your boypussy Adam, but after last night it needs to be well lubricated first. Lie on your back, stick a pillow under your buttocks, and lock your legs behind your head, and I'll get the lube." While he was doing as he'd been told Adam asked Rob to get his buttplug as well, so that he could save Rob's spunk when he finished fucking his boypussy. Rob carried the lube and buttplug back to the bed. His cock jerked when he looked at the teen's fully exposed redder than usual and still puffy, pucker. He liberally coated the teen's arse-crack with lube then gently worked a large dollop inside the teen's arsehole and worked it around. The teen gasped and grimaced slightly at the first intrusion and tensed up, then after a couple of seconds he relaxed and began to moan softly, almost purring. "That hurt a bit at first Rob but I'm alright now; oh I so want your cock inside my boypussy fucking a load of cum from my balls!" "And I'm desperate to fuck your tight little boypussy too; you're such Preteen Girls Naked a sexy young fucker, you really turn me on." Rob turned the screw. "I can't wait till we're on our date and I have you alone for the whole night. I want to make love to you all night long!" Rob had lubed up his rigid cock while talking, and he placed his flared knob on the teen's puffy pucker. He looked down at the teen's angelic face and smiled at him. "Are you ready Adam?" Adam looked deep into Rob's eyes and Rob could see the teen's eyes were filled with lust. Adam almost whispered. "Fuck me now, thrust your cock all the way up my boypussy, and then fuck me as hard as you want until we both cum! I don't care if it hurts, I just want your cock in my boypussy; and snog me while we fuck!" Rob steadied himself and leant in cupping the teen's shoulders and they started Frenching just as Rob thrust his 6 inch cock all the way up the teen' s arsehole. As soon as his balls slapped against the teen's hairless buttocks Rob started to fuck him, hard and fast. Adam had gasped into Rob's mouth at the initial penetration, but within seconds he was moaning, and groaning as Rob's cock rapidly ploughed up and down his tender boypussy. The pain didn't matter, the burning sensations didn't matter, Rob was fucking his boypussy and Adam was in heaven! Rob was fucking the teen's arsehole at a furious pace, he couldn't stop himself, he was full of lust. Occasionally Rob' s cock slipped out of the teen's arsehole and the teen would gasp into his mouth when Rob forced it straight back in. Rob was so turned on that within minutes he forced his cock as far as it would go up the sexy teen's tight arsehole. Then Rob pulled down on the teen's shoulders and shuddered as he started to shoot his load. That triggered Adam off and they both felt the warm licks of his watery boycum splattering onto their sweaty, heaving bodies. When their intense orgasms were finally over Rob pulled his softening cock from the teen's arsehole and gently eased the buttplug in past the puffy, gaping pucker. Adam's sphincter closed around the base in seconds and they untangled and lay side by side, arms around each other's shoulders while they regained their composure. When their breathing eventually returned to normal Rob gently toyed with the teen's big balls. "I suppose we'd better clean up Adam, and after I've treated your boypussy I'll run you home." Reluctantly Adam agreed and they showered together occasionally kissing tenderly. Their cocks didn't get stiff again just half hard, what Rob called a lazy lob which made Adam giggle. For their "date" they agreed to meet the following Saturday evening at Rob's flat; and Adam said he'd make up some story to tell his Mom so that he could sleep over. When Rob told Adam that Tom was arranging for another orgy for him the Saturday after their date Adam was elated and said he couldn't wait. After Adam dressed Rob gave him a bottle of the throat medicine and a large tub of balm and told him how to use them. The balm Rob had given the teen contained enough to treat his arsehole this time and for a couple of occasions in the future. Adam was very quiet while Rob was driving him home, his hand was on Rob's thigh and he kept squeezing it for reassurance. When they got to Adam's house they kissed briefly and Rob watched the teen walk very gingerly up to the front door. Adam opened the door and turned and blew Rob a kiss which Rob returned before the teen turned back and went inside. Rob drove off reliving some of the images of the weekend. Luckily for Adam his Mom wasn't back yet, Preteen Girls Naked so, after drinking some of the throat medicine he left her a note, then he wearily, and carefully, climbed the stairs. He couldn't stop yawning. He went into the bathroom and stripped off. After very carefully removing the buttplug, which was a bit painful, he used the toilet, which was painful too. Then he gently cleaned himself before carefully applying the balm as instructed. He crawled into bed and was sound asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. He woke the following morning at 6:00 a.m. and stopped the alarm clock before it went off. He felt awful, his young body finally reacting to the abuse it had been subject to. He didn't regret anything but as he got out of bed and stood on shaky legs he knew he couldn't go to school. While he did his morning ablutions he came up with an excuse to give his Mom. When he applied the balm he felt his pucker was still a little puffy. Back in his bedroom Adam was dressing when he heard his Mom get up, use the bathroom, and head downstairs to the kitchen. A few minutes later he went down. Adam told his Mom he felt rough and had a dodgy stomach. She asked him what he'd had to eat over the weekend and he told her kebabs, which he knew she disapproved of because she thought they were Preteen Girls Naked unhygienic. She gave him her usual lecture about eating unhealthy food then gave him 2 paracetemol, a dose of Gaviscon and sent him back to bed saying she'd phone the school and report him sick for the day. Adam gratefully went to bed and dozed on and off until midday. He'd just got up when his mobile rang, it was Rob. When Adam told Rob he was off school sick he was pleased to hear the concern in Rob's voice. What Adam didn't know was that Rob was worried Adam's Mom would take him to the doctor's and they'd all be found out. Rob asked the teen if he was going to the doctor's and was relieved to hear that he already felt a lot better, and would be back at school tomorrow. Then Rob told Adam the bad news; he'd just found out that he'd got to go on a week long Management Training Course in London; he'd be leaving tomorrow. He told Adam that he'd phoned as soon as he found out. Adam was devastated and started sobbing; it meant that their weekend date was off. Rob tried to console the teen and promised that he'd make it up to him somehow. Rob rang off after saying that he'd got to get organised for the trip. Adam didn't know what to do, zombie like he went to the bathroom and applied more balm to his pucker which was almost back to normal, but Adam didn't care. Then he took 2 more paracetemol and went back to bed; he didn't think he would sleep, but he dropped straight off. He woke at 4:00 p.m. when his Mom called him. Although he felt down about Rob, physically he felt OK. Downstairs in the kitchen he told his Mom he'd go back to school Tuesday. By Thursday Adam was fully recovered and totally bored. He hadn't had a wank all week; he only wanted to cum when he'd got a man's hard cock up his boypussy or a man sucking him off. Before school he'd even fucked himself with the buttplug while he tried to wank off, but he'd given up halfway, it just wasn't the same. Next week they started exams and Adam had Friday afternoon off for revision; so after school he phoned Tom. After the usual pleasantries Adam asked if anyone from the sex club was available to have sex with him tomorrow afternoon, he'd be home by 12:30. Although Tom would have loved to fuck the teen's tight little boypussy once again he was very busy as usual on Fridays to free-up Saturday afternoons, so he told the teen he' d phone around and see if anyone was available. As Tom expected nobody was free, so he had a think. He quickly came up with an idea; there was a friend of his named Ron who had two nephews and they had sex together, usually outdoors. Sometimes it was just the three of them and sometimes with other like-minded guys. Occasionally on their outings they'd pick up a teen and have a foursome, but they never used the teen again, they liked fresh young meat. When they finished with the teen they'd take his photo and tell him if he wanted more of the same he was to be at the local train station at 5:00 p.m. on the next Saturday. Ron would then get in touch with Tom and tell him the teen's name. Then if Tom liked the look of the teen he, or one of the sex club, would pick him up for a gang-bang that night. So Tom phoned Ron to set something up for Friday afternoon. Ron is 42 years old, 5ft 10 tall with a hard stocky body and a slight hairy paunch. He has cropped ginger hair, he's pale-skinned, and his slightly hairy body is covered in freckles. His 10 inch, cut cock is a little thicker than Leroy's with a light purple, torpedo shaped knob; it juts out from his body at about 80 degrees. His big balls are in a shaved, tight red ballbag. His two nephews, his sister's boys, are half-caste. Ash, short for Ashley, his eldest nephew is 24; he's 6 ft 1 tall with a broad muscular naturally hairless body. His skin colour is light brown. His smooth uncut cock is 9 inches long and thicker than Frank's with a flared pink knob. His cock curves away from his body then back until it almost touches his muscular body. His big balls are housed in a slightly loose shaved dark brown ballbag. His brother Trent is 23, at 6 ft tall he's built like Ash and is hairless too. His smooth uncut cock with its flared pink knob, slightly thicker than Ash 's, is 8 ½ inches long, and as thick as Ash's. It has a similar curve to his brother's cock. His balls are the biggest of the 3 and are in a shaved ballbag similar to his brother's. Ron had started having sex with his nephews when his Sister had to go away on an emergency and he Preteen Girls Naked baby-sat them for the first time; Ash was thirteen at the time. Ash and Trent had been having sex together for 2 years; they knew that their uncle Ron was gay, so they took the baby-sitting as an opportunity to seduce him; he succumbed easily. The three of them now run a successful scrap metal business and work their own hours. When Ron saw Adam's photo Preteen Girls Naked and Tom told him about what the teen had done at the gang-bang he quickly agreed to set something up for Friday afternoon. Tom suggested that they made it look like an accidental pick-up then the teen couldn't pester him for a contact number if he wanted to see Ron and his nephews again; Ron agreed. When they'd agreed on a plan Tom phoned Adam back. Tom told Adam nobody was available but that there was usually some activity in the local park. He told Adam to dress how he had for the orgy and walk to the park for 1:20 at the very latest. Then when he got to the park he was to go to the closed down cottage by Wrigley Pool about 10 minutes away, and sit on the bench opposite, someone was bound to pick him up. Adam knew where he meant but was hesitant, but Tom assured him that guys cruised there all the time and a sexy young teen like him would be picked up immediately. What he didn't tell Adam was that since the cottage closed down nobody cruised there anymore. Ron and he had agreed that Trent would be waiting for the teen and that way they'd pick the teen up, not any other old perverts. Also there was a very well hidden clearing nearby where Ron and his nephews, and like minded friends met for outdoor sex sessions; they could take the teen there to fuck him. Wrigley Pool was in a remote area that had been left to grow wild so there shouldn't be any strangers around anyway. Adam was desperate to get fucked and eat spunk so he agreed to give it a go and rang off. At school on Friday Adam had an erection that wouldn't go down, and by midday his underpants were soaked with precum. When school finished he hurried home, and resisting the desire to wank-off, he cleaned himself out thoroughly. When he'd dressed he looked at himself in the mirror and he giggled, he looked obscene. Adam's stiff little cock bulged out of the tight, black nylon, short shorts, and there was already an ever growing precum stain highlighting his flared knob. He'd chosen a shorter tight black vest that revealed about an inch of his midriff and he could clearly see the fading love-bites, both there and around the tops of his thighs. They were clothes his Mom thought he had thrown out because they were too small. He knew there was no way he could walk to the park looking like that, he'd be arrested or raped. So, before he put on his trainers, no socks, he put on a pair of thin white nylon track-suit bottoms and a matching track-suit top. The bulge of his stiff little 5 inch cock still showed through the thin white nylon track-suit bottoms, but nowhere near as obscenely as when he was just in the shorts. He'd take the track-suit off when he got closer to the pool he decided. After taking a long drink of the remaining throat medicine he put his phone, buttplug and a bottle of water in his tote bag, locked the house, and set off. When he got to the park he checked his watch, it was 1:15, which meant he'd be at Wrigley Pool on time. As Adam got closer to the Pool and the terrain got wilder he saw less and less people and then none, so, with a couple of minutes to go, he unzipped his track-suit legs' bottoms and took them of, stuffing them, Preteen Girls Naked and the track-suit jacket into his bag. Adam was beginning to feel quite nervous, maybe even a little frightened, but his cock was still rigid and oozing precum; he wished he could have some of the drugs he'd taken at the orgy. He arrived at the disused cottage and sat on the bench. Seconds later a good-looking half-caste guy in just a pair of flimsy white cotton shorts and grubby trainers came from behind the cottage. He looked around, saw Adam and smiled. Adam smiled tentatively back, even though, through nerves and growing anxiety, his mouth had gone dry and his pulse had increased; and the guy walked over. He looked Adam up and down, his eyes lingering on Adam's obvious hard-on in the precum stained black short shorts. He smiled down at Adam again then held out a big hand while he fondled what seemed to Adam to be a really big hard cock with his other hand. "Hi I'm Trent." Adam took his hand and shook it; Trent's voice was deep, his hand was hard and calloused and his grip was powerful, Adam gulped, and his voice rose an octave when he replied. "Er, hi, I'm, er, Adam." Adam could hardly tear his eyes away from Trent's crutch, Trent was now outlining a big stiff cock with his thumb and long thick forefinger, and there was a precum stain forming on the thin cotton shorts. "From that nice little hard-on and the way you can't tear your eyes away from my big hard cock, it looks like you're here for the same thing as me kid, sex!" Losing all inhibitions after seeing the outline of Trent's huge cock Adam stammered. "Er ... er ... yes. I er, want my boypussy fucked by a big cock." Trent held out his hand. "Well come with me, I could do with sinking my thick 8 ½ inch cock up a tight teenage arsehole, you are a teen, aren't you kid!" Adam took Trent's hand and stood up. Trent moved closer and put Adam's hand on his cock and Adam's eyes widened as he squeezed the thick throbbing monster; it was almost as long as Frank's 9 inch cock and it was noticeably thicker. Adam gulped before replying. "Er, yes, I'm 15." "Right, I'm 23." Trent reached out and lifted the hem of Adam's shorts and whistled. "What are those marks kid, love-bites?" "Er ... er ... yes." Adam was totally in thrall of the handsome half-caste and as Trent led him into the woods he blurted out a potted version of what had happened to him recently. In 10 minutes they were in dense woodland and when Trent stooped down to go through a small gap in a thick gorse patch Adam followed. They came out in a small clearing; Trent stood up and moved to one side and as Adam stood up he saw that they weren't alone; there two other men standing there. They were both naked except for grubby trainers and had hard-ons. One was Preteen Girls Naked obviously Trent's brother they looked so alike; but he'd no idea who the older, ginger haired man with the huge, cut cock was. He was starting to get frightened again when Trent pushed him forwards. "This is my elder brother Ash, he's 24 and the other guy is our uncle Ron, our Mom's brother, he's 42. We all like teenage boys and from what you just told me you'll enjoy having sex with the three of us." The two men held out their hands as Trent made the introductions and Adam shook their hands; like Trent their big hands were calloused and their grips were strong. Trent stood next to his brother and started to strip off. Adam looked the other two men up and down he trembled slightly. Ron's cock was longer, probably 10 inches long, and thicker than Leroy's, sticking almost straight out from his stocky body. Although his body was quite hairy his big balls were in a red, shaved, tight ballbag. Ash's cock was the same thickness as his brother's but a little longer; both their cocks were slightly curved and stood proud at about 15 degrees from their bodies. The brothers had hairless, muscular bodies. Both had loose shaved ballbags and Ash's balls were about the same size as his uncle's, but Trent's balls were the biggest of all. Adam gulped and his pulse increased again, he was a bit frightened being alone in the woods with these powerful men with their big cocks, and Ron looked a bit dangerous. He so wished he could take some of the drugs he took at the orgy to relax his boypussy for their big cocks, but at least he'd drunk some of the throat medicine if they wanted him to suck their big thick cocks; and Adam was sure that they would. However despite Adam's growing fears his 5 inch cock was still rock-hard and leaking precum. When Ron spoke his voice was gruff. "Right boys; show us what the kid's got. Kid put your arms in the air." Adam did as ordered and while Trent removed his bag and singlet Ash knelt and yanked his shorts down and his rigid little cock slapped against his belly, they left his trainers on. While they stripped him and got him to do a pirouette Trent told them about Adam's recent sexual experiences; they already knew of course, but Preteen Girls Naked this was for the teen's benefit, they weren't supposed to know anything about him. "Great little body kid, very sexy, and what a great little bum; I hope your arsehole's going to be as tight as I hope it is. Your balls would make any man proud too; I bet you shoot a big load. Anyway me and my nephews are soon going to find out. Go over to that log." Adam looked to where Ron was pointing. On the other side of the clearing there was a ten foot long fallen log that stood about three feet high. There was no bark and in the middle a section from the bottom up of two feet by two feet had been cut away. Draped along the top of the log above the gap was a small mattress; so Adam guessed that the men used the place regularly. Adam felt a big calloused hand squeeze his buttock and then push him forwards. "Go on kid do like I told you, go over to the log." As Adam moved forwards Ash walked along one side and Trent the other, an arm each on his shoulders, and they played with his little nipples which immediately erected. Ron walked behind continually groping and fondling Adam's buttocks and running a thick finger up and down his sweaty, hairless arsecrack. Adam was really frightened now, he was trembling slightly and his heart was hammering, but his cock seemed to get even harder. They arrived at the log, Ron spoke again. "OK kid, drape yourself over the log. Help him boys." Ash and Trent picked Adam up and lay him over of the mattress so that his feet were off the ground and his head and arms were hanging down the other side. His still rock-hard cock stuck out into the cut-off section. Ron spoke again: "There are two loops of rope under the log kid; I suggest you hold on to them, you're in for a very bumpy ride!" Adam reached under the log and found the ropes, he gripped them. Trent had carried Adam's clothes and bag with him and had Preteen Girls Naked dropped them on the grass to get the teen into position. When he picked them up to put them onto a nearby tree stump he felt something in the bag; he opened it and took out the buttplug, he held it out so everyone could see it. "What the hell's this for kid?" Adam raised his head, looked at the buttplug and went scarlet and stammered. "When I ... er ... get fucked and ... er ... have my er, boypussy filled with ... er spunk ... when it's over I ... Preteen Girls Naked er like to er ... use the buttplug to keep the er ... spunk inside my boypussy until I get home. I ... er like to feel it sloshing around inside." The three men burst out laughing and Ron slapped his buttocks, not too hard. "Well boys looks like we've found ourselves a right little cock-slut; I think we're going to have some fun! Let's start." Trent quickly removed his shorts, then he and Ash came and stood in front of Adam's face toying with their big cocks. Ron was still behind him and he appeared to be in charge. "Right kid, you can suck on our big thick cocks now; get them really hard for when we fuck your tight little boypussy." Adam went to speak and Ron slapped him hard, one slap on each buttock; Adam yelped, as much in surprise as in pain. "Keep your mouth shut kid, stop protesting. We know that you're a dirty little cock-sucker and we're going to do what we like with you! And it doesn' t matter how much you shout and scream no one will hear you, this clearing is remote and well hidden!" Adam breathed deeply trying to allay his fears. Trent lifted Adam's head with one hand while he pulled back his foreskin with the other, exposing his big pink, flared knob, which was slimed with precum, and rubbed it across Adam's lips; Adam automatically opened his mouth wide. Trent pushed a third of his cock into Adam's mouth then held onto Adam's ears, and Adam started to suck on Trent's cock while attacking the big juicy knob with his tongue. At the same time Ron knelt down and parted Adam's hairless, lily-white buttocks (apart from the fading love-bites that is) and started to run his tongue up and down his sweaty arse-crack, swirling it around Adam's little pink pucker on every pass. Then, when Ash ducked down and pushed back Adam's foreskin and started to tongue his exposed, precum-slimed knob while squeezing his big balls; Adam moaned around Trent's cock. The attention to his boypussy, his cock, and Trent's juicy cock leaking precum down his throat seemed to calm Adam down a little. He groaned loudly around Trent's cock when Ron gobbed on his pucker and, surprisingly gently, slowly pushed a long fat finger into Adam's boypussy along with his tongue. Within minutes Ron's tongue was replaced with another finger, then a third, all the time Ron was gobbing more and more saliva into the teen's arsehole. And when Ron began to roughly manipulate Adam's prostate it proved too much for the over-sexed teen. Adam tried to shout "I'M CUMMING!" around Trent's throbbing cock. But Ash already knew what was going to happen the teen's balls had lifted. He clamped his mouth tightly around the base of the teen's cock and started to suck just as the teen's cock exploded and began to fill his mouth with watery boycum. Ash savoured the delicate taste before he started swallowing. The teen's body was jerking and his sphincter was spasming uncontrollably so Ron took the opportunity to force a fourth finger into the teen's arsehole. Ron gobbed into the teen's arsehole several more times while he concentrated on loosening up the teen's sphincter with his thick fingers. Halfway through Adam's orgasm he felt Trent's cock throb and swell. "Get ready you fucking little cocksucker, eat my load!" Adam felt the first rope of thick, tasty spunk hit the roof of his mouth and he greedily started to swallow it, savouring the taste; maybe today won' t be so bad, he thought to himself. When both orgasms were over Trent removed his softening cock from the teen's mouth and let go of his ears, letting Adam get his breath back. Ron came around to the teen's head and Ash went behind him. Adam jumped when Ash gobbed onto his pucker and forced three long thick fingers straight up the teen's boypussy and continued stretching his sphincter. Adam couldn't protest, Ron had just lifted his head and forced half of his long and very thick cock into his mouth. Adam quickly started breathing through his nose. Oh for some drugs! He silently prayed. Trent had gone behind Ron and had reached around and started playing with Ron's very prominent, thick red nipples. Ron's very thick cock was stretching Adam' s mouth wide making his jaws start to ache and some of the ample saliva he was producing was trickling from the corners of his mouth. Adam didn't mind too much though, he was enjoying the taste of Ron's cock and the copious amount of precum that was trickling down his throat. He did mind however when Ash removed his fingers from Adam's boypussy, gobbed onto his pucker, pulled his legs apart, and thrust the whole 9 inches of his thick cock all the way home, his big balls slapping against Adam's buttocks. Adam stopped Preteen Girls Naked sucking and almost choked as he tried to scream around Ron's huge cock; it had hurt, a lot! Ash immediately started to fuck the teen's hot, tight arsehole with long quick strokes, pulling back till just his knob was left in the teen's arsehole then slamming his cock all the way back. Adam's pucker was burning and he could still feel pain from the penetration; but he was starting to enjoy the sensations Ash's hard and fast fuck was giving him. Adam's cock was still hard, and every time Ash slammed his cock home it forced Adam's body forwards and his knob hit the underside of the tree trunk. Adam started working on Ron's huge cock again while he concentrated on flexing his sphincter around Ash's 9 inch cock. "Fucking hell guys, you won't believe how hot and incredibly tight the little cocksucker's arsehole is; now the little fucker's trying to milk the spunk from my balls with his sphincter. It feels incredible; he must have been getting fucked for years to be this good a fuck! I don't think I can last much longer." "Yeah, and the kid sure knows how to suck a cock too, I'm nearly ready to unload as well." Trent added his comments. "Same here guys, when the dirty little cock-slut sucked me off I thought his technique was incredible; I can't wait to see how good the little fucker is with his arsehole!" Adam listened to the men and felt a sense of pride; Rob would be proud too he thought, that I'm a good cocksucker and that I've got a hot, tight boypussy. Then Adam felt his second orgasm building, Ash's big cock was giving his prostate a real pounding. As Adam's second load started to spurt from his cock-slit hitting the log above or shooting onto the ground as Ash's fucking made it bounce about Ron pulled his cock back until just his huge knob was in the teen's clever mouth. "OH FUCK!" Ron shouted, "there you go you dirty little cock-sucker, eat my big load of spunk!" He shuddered and spunk squirted from his huge cock in short, slow, thick ropes. So, although Ron shot Preteen Girls Naked a big load of thick salty spunk, the slowness of his spurts made it easy for Adam to swallow it all. Adam started to swallow the strong tasting spunk while his own orgasm continued. While Adam orgasmed his sphincter was spasming uncontrollably around Ash's thick cock-shaft with the inevitable result. Ash grabbed the teen's narrow hips tightly and pulled him back, at the same time burying his 9 inch cock as far up the teen's arsehole as he could. Then he bucked his hips as rope after rope of thick cum shot from his cock and splattered against the teen's arsehole walls. "Fuck me kid, you've got one amazing arsehole!" Ash gasped. Ron pulled his spent and softening cock from Adam's mouth. Adam worked his jaw and fought for breath. Ash had banged him against the log that hard while he was fucking him that Adam guessed he'd be bruised around his belly, but he wasn't bothered, he'd got a belly full of spunk and a big load up his boypussy. Occasionally something wet and sticky dropped onto his cock and he realised it was his own boycum dripping off the log. Although his pucker still burned slightly that didn't bother him either, all he wanted now was more cock, in his mouth and up his boypussy. Ash finished cumming and squashed Adam as he rested his weight on him while he too recovered. After a couple of minutes he lifted up, his half-hard cock still buried up the teen' s arsehole. "OK Bro, you come and fuck the cock-slut's arsehole now, I'll leave my cock in until you're in position. Then the cock-slut can clean it." Trent let go of Ron's nipples and went next to his brother. As Ash yanked his cock out of the teen's arsehole Trent pushed the teen's legs apart; both brothers gobbed into his gaping arsehole and then Trent rammed his 8 ½ inch cock in to the hilt and immediately started to fuck the teen. Adam had yelped as Trent's bigger knob stretched his sphincter even wider, but then Ash lifted his head and fed him his softening cock shutting him up. Adam started to suck and tongue Ash's cock relishing the taste of Ash's spunk and his own boy juices. Trent's cock was squelching steadily up and down Adam' s boypussy, Ash's spunk acting as a lubricant so the burning sensation in his pucker was less. Adam's fears had gone; although the fucking was a little rougher than at the orgy, Adam loved having a big cock to suck on while another big cock was fucking his boypussy, hard. Ron knelt behind Ash and pulled his meaty arse-cheeks apart before beginning to rim him. Ash moaned with pleasure as Ron's tongue found his pucker and attacked it, and Adam felt Ash's cock start to engorge in his mouth. His own cock had softened slightly, but the pounding Trent's big knob was giving Adam's prostate soon had it stiff and bouncing against the log again. Ash was getting turned on again and as his cock stiffened he held the teen' s Preteen Girls Naked ears tightly and started to move his hips back and forth slowly fucking the teen's mouth, forcing more and more of his thick 9 inches into Adam's mouth. Adam guessed what was coming and started breathing regularly through his nose. When Ash's knob hit the start of his throat Adam relaxed, and on the next stroke Ash's knob slid into his throat, then slid out. "Oh fuck! The little cocksucker's deep-throating my cock!" With that Ash thrust forwards and his cock disappeared down the teen's throat; Ash gasped with pleasure and stopped moving. Ash's big balls touched Adam's nose and he began to masturbate Ash's thick 9 inch cock with his throat muscles. Although Tom had told them that the teen could deep-throat Trent could hardly believe his eyes when he saw his brother's big thick cock disappear into the teen's mouth. It really turned him on, and clutching the teen's hips tightly Trent started to fuck the teen's arsehole in earnest, his big cock slamming up and down the teen's tight arsehole, the squelching sound increasing. When Ron heard what Ash had said he stopped Preteen Girls Naked rimming his nephew's tasty arsehole and stood up to take a look. He looked down at the teen's swallowing throat and he saw his nephew's knob clearly outlined. Ron put his big hand around the teen's throat and squeezed very, very gently; he felt Ash's big cock throbbing. "Fuck me boys, this kid's amazing!" He gasped. "Fucking hell, I'm gonna cum! I'm going fill the little cock-slut's arsehole with my spunk!" As his cock expanded and throbbed Trent buried his cock in the teen's arsehole and fucked him with short sharp jabs while his spunk shot from his cock and splattered against the teen's colon walls. Ron knelt under the log; he grasped the teen's jerking cock firmly, pulled the foreskin back, and started to suck it off. Adam tried to groan around Ash's cock from the double pleasure of being fucked full of spunk and being sucked off but couldn't; but his attempt to groan vibrated around Ash's cock. Ash did groan, and he pulled his cock back into the teen's mouth; he shuddered and his spunk shot from his cock in long ropes. Adam started swallowing the tasty offering immediately. When Trent finished cumming he supported himself on the log as he slowly came round, his softening cock still in the teen's arsehole. Ash finished cumming shortly after and eased his cock from the teen's mouth. Adam started to moan as he got his breath back; Ron's clever sucking and knob licking were bringing him closer and closer to another orgasm. Ron started squeezing Adam's big balls and he hoarsely gasped. "I'm gonna cum!" When Adam started shooting his load of watery boycum into Ron's mouth his sphincter spasmed around Trent's cock squeezing a little more spunk from it. When Adam finished cumming Ron had only swallowed half of the teen's load; Ron released the teen's softening cock and stood up. He knelt in front of the teen and lifted the teen's head and put his lips to the teen's lips. Adam opened his mouth and as they snogged Ron fed him his boycum and Adam eagerly swallowed it. Ron broke away still holding the teen's head up; he looked deep into the teen's half closed eyes noticing that they were glazing over with lust. "Now you're going to get fucked by a real big cock you dirty little cumpuppy, mine!" Adam gulped, he wanted Ron's huge thick cock up his boypussy but he guessed it would hurt seeing as he'd had no muscle relaxing drugs. Although not as long as Yannick's cock Ron's cock was a good 10 inches and thicker than Leroy's cock, which was the thickest he'd taken up his boypussy so far. He opened his eyes wide and stared into Ron's as he pleaded almost in a whisper. "Go slowly please, your cock's so big I'll need to get used to it, er, Sir!" Ron had no intention of harming what he considered was Tom's property, but he didn't want the teen to know that, he wanted him to squirm. He winked at his two nephews before answering the teen in a gruff voice. "You'll get fucked how and as hard as I want to you dirty little cum-slut; and there's nothing you can do about it!" Ron dropped Adam's head; Adam gulped again and closed his eyes waiting for the inevitable. But his cock betrayed him as it erected to its full 5 inches in anticipation of Ron fucking his boypussy with his huge cock. Adam's cock was so stiff that he felt his foreskin peel back to lodge behind his corona. Ron moved next to Trent and reached in to spread the teen's legs. Trent yanked his half-hard cock from the teen's abused arsehole and stepped aside. They both gobbed into the teen's gaping red pucker and Ron forced his knob past the teen's sphincter, and then he stopped. Adam yelped, but he was grateful that Ron had stopped and that his torpedo-shaped knob was not quite as thick as Leroy's cock-shaft which had facilitated the breaching of his sphincter. Trent came around to Adam's head and lifted it, Adam opened his eyes. Trent smiled at the teen while he pulled back his foreskin and wiped his cum stained knob across the teen's lips. Adam smiled weakly back, opened his mouth and Trent fed him half of his half-hard cock. Adam went to work on Trent's knob straight away; he loved the taste of a cock that had just come out of his boypussy after fucking a load of spunk into it. Then Ron started to slowly force the rest of his huge cock up the teen's arsehole; stretching the teen's colon wider than it had ever been stretched before. Adam groaned with pleasure around Trent's cock as Ron's very thick cock slowly filled his boypussy up. The sensations Adam was feeling as the huge cock rubbed across his prostate were incredible and his rigid little cock started to jerk in time with his increasing heartbeat. He was sweating profusely and his skin from his shoulders to his hairline had turned bright red. Trent watched in awe as his Uncle's huge cock slowly but surely disappeared into the teen's arsehole stretching his pucker wide. Trent loved to get fucked by his Uncle's huge cock at least once a week, but it still took ages and loads of lube to loosen his arsehole up enough to take it. His Uncle had fucked him for the first time on his 16th birthday, the same as he' d done with Ash. It had taken his Uncle over half an hour, loads of lube and much encouragement from his Brother, before he'd taken the whole, very thick 10 inches. The fuck didn't last long thankfully, his Uncle was so worked up by having his nephew's tight sphincter spasming around his very thick cock-shaft that after three short strokes he'd shot his load. Remembering his first time got Trent worked up again and his cock began to engorge in the teen's mouth. Adam mouth was hardly working on Trent's cock; he was concentrating on the incredible sensations Ron's huge cock was giving him Preteen Girls Naked as it slowly penetrated his boypussy stretching his colon wider than it had ever been stretched before. And then Adam felt Ron's shaved ballbag with its big balls hit his hairless buttocks and his sphincter spasmed around Ron's cockshaft. Adam mewed softly as Ron flexed his huge, throbbing cock letting the teen get used to its girth. Adam was pleased that Ron had been gentle with him and he was sure his own cock was Preteen Girls Naked dribbling precum onto the grass below. Then Ash bent over and took hold of the teen's rigid 5 inches and holding back his foreskin (as if it needed holding back), attacked his knob with his tongue. This caused Adam to start sucking harder on Trent's hardening cock causing it to go stiff. Within a couple of minutes Trent removed his cock, he didn't want to cum in the teen's mouth, he'd decided he was going to fuck the teen' s arsehole again when his Uncle had fucked his load of spunk into it. "You're too good a cocksucker kid; I want to save my spunk to fuck another load into your arsehole when my Uncle's finished with you!" "You've always been an over-sexed fucker Trent; from when we started having sex together you always wanted one more orgasm than your Brother!" Adam didn't know if he could take another fucking after Ron and his huge cock had finished with him, but he knew that he'd want to try. Trent squatted behind his Brother, pulled his muscular arse-cheeks apart and began to rim his musky, sweaty arsehole; that'll keep me worked up he thought. From the first time they'd had sex together when he was ten the smell and taste of his Brother's funky arsehole had always turned him on. When the teen's sphincter finally stopped spasming Ron knew that the teen was ready to be fucked. "OK kid get ready, I'm going fuck your arsehole now!" Ron slowly pulled his cock back until just his knob was left inside the teen's tight arsehole. Adam grasped the ropes tightly and thought that his guts were being pulled out of his boypussy by Ron's huge cock. Then Adam gasped as Ron slowly pushed his huge cock back up his boypussy until his balls hit Adam's buttocks again. Ron continued his long, slow fuck of the teen, marvelling at how tight the teen's young arsehole was. Moans and groans and grunts echoed around the clearing accompanied by the sound of Ron's cock squelching in and out of the teen's abused arsehole. Adam was gasping and moaning as Ron's huge cock ploughed up and down his boypussy and Ash continued to tease his precum drooling knob with his tongue. Minutes later Adam's moans turned to grunts when Ron speeded up his stroke. When Ron tightened his grip on Adam's hips and began to ram his huge cock faster and faster in and out of his boypussy continually battering his prostate Adam gripped the ropes even tighter and gasped. "Oh fuck ... I'm cumming!" Ash's mouth clamped around half of the teen's rigid, jerking cock and as the boycum erupted from his cock-slit Ash sucked hard on the teen's cock as he greedily swallowed the teen's boycum. Ron had to work really hard to force the teen's wildly spasming sphincter apart and the sphincter's action was speeding up his own orgasm. Just as Adam finished cumming Ron rammed his huge cock right up his boypussy, he gyrated his hips and shouted. "Here it comes cock-slut! Take my load!" Adam moaned softly as he felt the ropes of Ron's thick spunk hitting his colon walls. Ash released the teen's softening cock; Trent reluctantly stopped rimming his Brother and stood up. When Ash stood the Brothers embraced and while they fondled each other's cocks and balls they frenched, sharing what boycum Ash had saved and the taste of Ash's arsehole. Although he'd only recently cum in the teen's mouth Ron shot, what was for him, an enormous load of spunk into the teen's hot, very tight, arsehole. Eventually he finished cumming and his huge cock started to deflate. "Trent, if you want to fuck the cum-slut again get round here I'm pulling out!" Trent and Ash broke apart and Trent, slowly tossing his hard 8 ½ inches, quickly Preteen Girls Naked went behind the teen who was softly mewing. "I'm ready Unc." As Ron eased his deflating cock from the teen's battered arsehole the teen let off a loud blubbery fart. Trent didn't take any notice; pushing the teen's legs apart he rammed his cock straight up the teen's arsehole. Adam didn't even gasp, he hardly felt Trent's cock enter his boypussy; his hole was still gaping open from the thickness of Ron's cock. Adam turned his head and looked at Trent with glazed, lust-filled eyes and whispered in a husky voice. "Fuck me again fill my boypussy up with more spunk!" Trent was always one to oblige where sex was concerned, so, grabbing hold of the teen's narrow hips, he started to fuck him. Ash and Ron were dressing while watching Trent banging away at the teen's well fucked arsehole. Adam was grunting softly as Trent's thick 8 ½ inch ploughed up and down his boypussy the stroke rate steadily increasing. Although Adam was enjoying the fuck his own cock stayed half-hard, he'd cum his quota for the time being. Trent's strokes got wilder and occasionally his cock would leave the teen' s arsehole and when Trent plunged it straight back in the teen would grunt louder. As Trent's cock fucked his boypussy, accompanied by a squelching sound, Adam could feel the spunk that escaped from his boypussy trickling down his legs. Although he'd cum twice already Trent was so turned on by the sexy young teen with his tight arsehole he soon felt another orgasm building. Then the teen began to squeeze his sphincter around Trent's cock-shaft on every in stroke, causing Trent to moan with the added pleasure. Within minutes he Preteen Girls Naked buried his throbbing cock as far up the teen's arsehole as he could and gasped. "That's it you dirty little cock-slut, milk the spunk from my Preteen Girls Naked balls!" Adam obliged, Trent shuddered and Adam felt the hot ropes of Trent's spunk splattering against his colon walls, he was in heaven. Ron could see that the teen was almost out of the game and probably wouldn't be able to make his own way home so he moved away and phoned Tom. Talking quietly so that the teen wouldn't hear he explained the situation to Tom and they agreed on a plan of action. They were concerned for the teen, but they also didn't want him found in the state he was in and taken to a Police Station. When Trent recovered from his orgasm he started to withdraw his softening cock from the teen's well fucked arsehole. Ash stood next to him with Preteen Girls Naked the teen's buttplug in his hand and as Trent's cock flopped out of the teen's arsehole Ash pushed the buttplug in, holding it in place until the teen's sphincter closed around it. Then, while Trent dressed, Ash and Ron lifted the teen's limp body off the log and gently laid him on the ground. Adam was almost out of it; totally spent he breathed deeply trying to come round. He heard Ron speak. "Nice one kid, see you around." Adam watched in amazement as the three men left the clearing through a gap in the gorse opposite to the way he and Trent had entered. He couldn't believe that they were leaving him like this, he was knackered and his legs were covered with drying spunk; he was sure he wouldn't be able to get home in his present state. They'd used him and abused him and now they'd gone; Trent hadn't even left him his phone number! He was just about to start crying when his phone rang. Adam pulled his bag towards him and fished out his phone. "Hi Adam Tom here, I'm taking a break and I just thought I'd phone to see how you're getting on. I'm not interrupting anything am I?" Before he could reply Adam burst into tears and sobbed into the phone. Tom calmed him down and asked him what was the matter. Adam briefly explained what had happened and that the three men had abandoned him. When asked he told Tom that yes he'd enjoyed the sex, but he didn't know how he was going to get home. Tom got him to explain where he was and said he knew where Adam meant; Tom already knew of course. He told Adam to go the way the men had gone until he came to a chain-link fence. Then he was to turn right and go about a hundred yards until he came to a derelict site. There was a hole in the fence, he was to go through the hole and wait until Tom arrived and Tom would run him home; then he rang off. Adam cried again, but they were tears of relief not sorrow. Adam remembered the bottle of water and gratefully downed it, and then he dressed in the track-suit, stuffed his other clothes in his bag and set off. He'd just gone through the fence into the derelict site when Tom's car pulled up. Adam ran to it and when Tom climbed out Adam threw his arms around him hugging him fiercely. Tom comforted the teen for several minutes until he regained his composure, then they both got in the car. The teen reeked of sex and Tom started to get an erection. If I wasn't tied up with work, he thought, I'd fuck him here and now, but I've only got enough time to run him home! Adam had calmed down now that he felt safe and was being taken home. Adam got quite excited briefly recounting the day's adventures to Tom; and when Tom asked him if he still wanted to attend the orgy next Saturday Adam's answer was an emphatic yes. Then Adam got a text from his Mom, she'd be home in about an hour and she'd be bringing fish and chips home for supper, the only take-away food she approved of. By the time they got to Adam's and Tom watched him walk gingerly to his front door Tom had got a raging hard-on. Someone's going to get well and truly fucked later tonight, he promised himself, wandering if Lance had any young mates. In his house Adam stripped off in the bathroom and started to run a bath. He went to the loo and after carefully removing the buttplug he voided his bowels. It was a little painful, it burnt a bit. He used the bidet with care then got in the bath and soaked for 20 minutes or so, he kept yawning; so he had a cold shower to waken himself up. When he was dry he picked up his clothes and went to his bedroom where he carefully applied the balm to his puffy pucker and oh so gently he applied some just inside his boypussy. It sort of stung as he touched his pucker and insides, but Adam was pleased that his pucker didn't seem too puffy. He dressed and went downstairs; his Mom would be home in about 10 minutes. When she arrived they had supper together, Adam could see she was distracted and when he asked she told him she'd got an assessment tomorrow and needed to revise. Adam told her he needed to revise too, so they said their goodnights and went to their respective bedrooms. Adam didn't revise however, he was knackered, but he was horny too when he ran over the day's events in his mind. Adam stripped off and lay on top of the bed. Taking his stiff cock in hand he started to wank off while he tried to remember what Ron's huge cock had felt like up his boypussy. He also ran a couple of fingers delicately around his tender pucker; shivering from the thrill that gave him. Within minutes Adam shot a good load of boycum; he ate what he could and rubbed the rest into his skin. Turning onto his side he dropped off to sleep and was soon dreaming of being in a room tied in a sling with a roomful of naked men of all types and races with big stiff cocks waiting to fuck his throat and boypussy. There was a big smile on his face.THE END. Any comments to INSILVA92aol.com
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