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Related article: Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2006 09:26:29 -0500 (EST) From: Mitchel Mulder Subject: a dad and his son-13The minute we were at Paul's place he pushed me against the wall and pressed his lips on mine. I opened eagerly, our tongues mingled going from my mouth to his. He pressed his crotch against mine, our hands pulling off each-others clothes. Our cocks getting harder as they rubbed against each-other, first confined in our pants, now freed, flesh against flesh. Couch pushed his cock between my legs, I closed my legs tightly. His mouth went to my nipple, licking it and biting it at the same time. My fingers kneaded his strong shoulders. "O Mike, you're so hot!" I sank down to his knees and started to lick my balls, with his hand he stroked my cock. "Yeah, suck me" I urged. He pulled my skin all the way back, and licked the narrow band of flesh up to my piss slit. "O man, you're gonna make me cum!, slow down." With my cock in his mouth he looked up, not taking his eyes off mine, he slowly let go of my cock. "Let's go to the bedroom."We kissed passionately, both our cock leaking, wetting our stomachs. The coach pushed me back on the bed, he looked me over from head to toe. He dropped to his knees in front of the bed, his hands moved to my feet, going slowly up. His tongue followed his hands, going from one foot to the other, slowly over my shinbones to my knees. On each knee he placed a kiss, while his hand moved over my thighs. He licked my thigh till his nose touched my balls, then, slowly, he moved down on my other and up again. He licked my balls, my shaft, licked up my juice, and moved his tongue over my stomach to my chest. Going from one nipple to the other, slowly he climbed on top of me as his face moved to mine. His tongue had found my mouth and his cock was pressing down against my balls. I spread me legs, his cock found its way to my burning ass opening. With his hands he lifted up my ass a bit. His cock pushing against my sphincter. I spread my legs wider, locking him between my knees, He pushed forward, I gave a sigh as I felt him entering me. Resting on his elbow and looking down in my eyes, I wrapped my arms around him, he plunged forward, his cock invaded my ass. His lips muted my soft cry. When he was all the way in he rested, waited for me to adjust to him. My hands pushed him closer to me, he started to move, long deep thrust. "I've been thinking of this all day" he said. "Me too, give it to me!" His moves became faster, we both could not stop moaning, my hand went between our bodies. I started to jack, knowing we would both reach our climax soon. We were both sweating like mad. I reached up and licked up his sweat form his face and chest, while his cock kept on fucking me. "O man!" I cried, I'm cumming!" He bit down on my nipple, with a loud groan I started to erupt, shooting my jizz all over us. The coach gave a last few hard thrust, he threw his head back, his muscles in his neck bulging, then I felt the sweet sensation as my ass was being soaked with his sperm.He withdrew his cock and laid beside me, with his arm around me. I laid my face on his broad chest and kissed his nipples. "Wow, that was hot" he commented. I looked up Preteen Kds to him, into his eyes, for a moment we stared. "I love you" I whispered. I hadn't planned it, it just came out, but I meant it nevertheless. He gave my shoulder a hard squeeze. "Guess what, I love you too." I moved up, and kissed him deeply, a kiss that seemed to go on forever.I don't know how long we laid in each-others arms, time had stopped. With his big arm around me, my head on his chest, I felt so secure, so at ease. I heard his heartbeat, his breathing, his scent filling my nose."How do you think Steve will react?" he said after a while. "Don't worry about Steve" I answered. "No, I mean... just can't forget what he did the other night, during dinner." "O, you mean, his foot?" "Yes, first I thought it was yours, so I just let it happen." "I don't know" I lied, "maybe he sensed something going on between us, and he just wanted to encourage it." "Don't you think he wanted to lure me, so he could tell his buddies what I really am." "Hell no" I said, "he wouldn't do that, he always speaks highly of you. Maybe he has a crush on you too, after-all, he is in many ways like me." The coach was silent for a few minutes. "You think he is gay?" he finally asked. "Well, I think he is at least bi, hope you don't tell it to anyone, but once I saw him and his friend together." "With Jim, you mean?" "Yep" I said and kissed his nipple. "Yeah that figures, they always hang out together, you know, after the game they always remain as last, as if they are waiting for me to take a shower." "Can't blame them, I would do the same. Did you ever do that? Having a shower while they were watching?" "No never, although I was tempted a few times, but I have to be careful you know. Especially that Jim is a tease, you know most the time he he has an erection, and he doesn't hide it. To be honest sometimes I wandered how it would be, you know in the shower, with Jim and Steve." My cock lifted up its head. "Oh shit" the coach continued, I'm sorry man, talking about your son like that!" "No problem" and gave him another kiss, "Steve is old enough. If I were in your position, I would have a hard time too, seeing all those guys naked in the shower every time." "Yeah, but what about Steve?" His hand caressed by hardening dick. "What about Steve?" I asked, licking around his nipple. "Well, when you saw him and Jim; Did you walk in on them, did you talk to him about it?" "Eh... they didn't know I was home already, no, they did not know I saw them."I quickly moved my face down, I was not sure I could tell him the whole story yet. His cock was semi hard when I took it in my mouth. "O yeah" he moaned. His cock got completely hard as I sucked it, stretching my mouth to its limits. I got between his legs and rolled his heavy balls between my fingers. I tried to push the tip of my tongue in his piss slit while his sweet juice oozed out. He pushed his hips up, fucking me in my mouth, with my hands I pushed up his big hairy thighs, exposing his hairy Preteen Kds pucker. I let his cock pop out of my mouth, with my tongue running over his balls I moved down, till I reached his sweaty, hairy opening. I pushed his knees all the way up to his chest, his ass opened up for me. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick around his sphincter. To my surprise he told me to rim him, to put my tongue in his ass. Who was I to deny him this pleasure, all too greedy I pushed in my tongue as deep as I could. He gave a few Preteen Kds load moans, with his balls hanging on my face I drove my tongue in. Tasting his warm moist ass. Slowly the coach stroked his cock, his balls moving on my nose with each stroke he made. His ass was so tight that I wondered if he still was a virgin. I withdrew my tongue and licked my way over his balls to his cock, holding is legs up with my shoulders. For a short moment our eyes met, he lifted up his head and opened his lips. I moved up and kissed him deeply, my cock poked against his wet ass. He pushed up his hips, my cock head pressing harder against his pucker. He laid his head back, I grabbed my cock and pushed harder. He gave a soft cry as my head entered him. I forced my cock further in, his ass clinching tightly around it. I waited a second when I was all the way in. Then I started to move, first slowly, he laid back with his eyes closed and his mouth half open. I started to fuck him, as my moves were getting faster his groaning became louder. "Yes fuck me!" He stroked his cock faster, his muscles gripping my shaft tighter. I knew he was about to cum, I too had reached to point of no return. I rested on the tip of my toes, fucking him as deep and hard as I could, my balls tightened, just when I was about to shoot he gave a cry, shooting his cum all over himself. His ass locked around me, I too gave a loud cry as I shot my sperm in his warm tight ass.My cock slipped out of his ass, as I laid on top of him, both getting our breath back. "O man, I forgot how that felt" he said. I placed a kiss on his nose. "You know you're only the second guy who fucked me." He wrapped his arms around me and pressed my to his chest, "O man, I love you!" "Love you too."I could have stayed like this the whole night, but I had to go home. "Will I see you tomorrow?" I asked while I was getting dressed. "Can't, I have a dinner with all the teachers, last school-day you know." "Yeah, I know" I bent down to the bed and kissed him. "Well, see you Saturday then, at the match." "Looking forward to that." He got out of bed and walked me to the door. We kissed again, running my hands over his naked body. "Better go now" he said, "before we start again." "Okay, love you, man" and patted him on his ass. "Love you too."It was well past midnight when I got home, Steve was already upstairs. I poured myself a brandy, and sat down for a while. Wow, I thought, how my life has changed in such a short period of time. For the first time since my wife's accident I felt really happy again, closer to Steve then ever and with a new love. My eye caught the picture of my wife, holding Steve as a baby, Preteen Kds on her arm. I walked over and took it in my hand. I felt my eyes getting wet, carefully I kissed the glass. "Hope you forgive me, Linda. We were so happy together. No one can take that away from me, but I have to move on, I'll always love you, you know that, I've found someone now, someone I love very much." I don't know how long I stared to that picture, finally I put it back. I poured my drink down, wiped away the tears and turned around. Steve was leaning against the bookcase, "you know dad, she would be glad that you finally are feeling good again. After-all it's been so many years." He walked over to me, his eyes were wet too. He put his arms around me and hugged me. "You really love to coach, don't you." "Yes, I do, I guess we're in love." He looked up into my eyes. "Good for you, dad!" He gave me a quick kiss on my lips. "Come on, let's get to bed.
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