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Related article: Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 14:58:05 -0400 (EDT) From: Mitchel Mulder Subject: a dad and his son-11I couldn't believe my eyes, just a few feet away my dad was getting a blow-job. Two hunks right before me. Dad was moaning softly as he fucked the couch's mouth. The coach was on his knees, stroking his exposed cock. Dad had been right, his cock was huge! I had felt it with my foot during dinner, but seeing it now for real made my cock drip at once. I stroked my cock in the same rhythm and coach was stroking his. Imagining how his cock would feel in my hand, how it would taste in my mouth, how it would be to have that meat up my ass.When I looked up to dad again, he stared right back at me with his mouth half open. He just stared at me, making the scene even hotter. I didn't dare to approach them, afraid to scare off the coach. Coach hand moved under dad's shirt, dad groaned loudly as the coach squeezed his nipple hard. "O fuck, Paul!" he cried out. This was getting to much for me, ever since Jim had sucked me I was hard and needed to shoot. I stroked my cock faster, hold my breath and shot my load right on the floor. Dad still looked at me and opened his mouth when he saw my cum flying around. "O, shit!, gonna cum!" he cried. Coach moved his hands to dad's ass and pushed his cock deeper in his throat. Dad's body shocked, letting out little cries.I hated to leave, but I turned around, letting out a silent curse as I stood on my ankle. Quietly I found my way back to the couch, hoping that the drops of cum wouldn't be noticed.------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------The coach sucked me completely dry. "O man that was fucking awesome!" I said. Finally he let my cock drop out of his mouth and stood up, kissing me deeply. I turned my head a bit so he wouldn't see Steve's cum on the floor. His naked cock pressed hard against mine. I was just going to return the favor but he stopped me. "Want to put that somewhere else" he grinned. His hands glided over my ass. "Mmmmm..." I responded. "Better wait till the boy is in bed" he said. "Yeah... maybe you're right". We got our cocks back into our jeans, I took a few steps towards to door and stood in the puddle of Steve's cum, I felt my socks soaking it up.When we got back into the room, Steve was sleeping, or pretend to be sleeping, on the couch. When he heard us come in, he slowly opened his eyes. "Oh, I thought you said you were going to make us some coffee." "Oh, yeah, right" I went back to the kitchen and made some.Around ten Steve took another painkiller which made him a bit sleepy. He decided to go to bed. On his crutches he went upstairs. I followed close behind, just in case.When I got back downstairs again, the coach sat on the couch with his legs wide apart, stroking his dick through his jeans. I walked over to him and fell on my knees between his legs. I took the hem of his shirt and pulled the shirt over his head. The broad chest with big nipples were right in front of me. I looked from the left to the right one, not sure which one I wanted to lick first, the coach made up my mind for me, with his hand behind my head he pushed me to his left one. I felt it getting harder when I circled it with my lips. I opened my mouth and bit his nipple softly. The coach moaned, while pushing up his crotch against my belly. "You're sure Steve is asleep?" "Yes, he is" I said with his nipple still between my teeth. He pulled off my shirt, I had to let go of his nipple. His hands roamed my chest, tugging my nipples and running his hands through my chest hair. "O man, what a body" he said. He lowered his face to mine and pushed his tongue deep in my mouth. At the same time he opened my jeans and pushed them down as far as he could. Although I had just cum, my cock responded, lifting its head up. "Want to see you all naked." I got up to my feet and stepped out of my jeans and briefs. The coach grabbed my briefs and held them under his nose. "O man, better than any cologne!" he grinned. He got up to and got naked too, his big hard cock pointing at me. I fell to my knees, licked his shaved balls, while my hand stroked his manhood. My mouth moved from his balls to his cock. I gagged a few times but I managed to get his whole meat inside. Slowly he moved his hips, feeding me his wonderful cock, his balls hitting my chin with every move he made. We both made little sighs every time he hit the back of my throat. I could have sucked him for hours, but he had other plans. He turned me around on all fours. Soon I felt his warm wet tongue licking my ass. My cock jumped to full attention as the tip of his tongue entered me. After a few minutes I begged him to fuck me, my ass was on fire, I really needed that cock in my ass. I heard him spit in his hand. I groaned out loud as I felt his cock head pushing against me. I pushed my ass back to him, a short sharp pain went through mu body as his head penetrated me, God, he was huge. "Hell yes!" he shouted. He pushed forward, I yelled out, feeling his cock entering me. Sweat was pouring out of me, again I pushed my ass back, I wanted it so much, I wanted every inch of that hot fucking pole. Finally he was all the way in, his hands went over my back to my chest, pulling hard at my nipples. I think I cried out, a mixture of pain and pleasure. My hand went to my own hard throbbing cock. "O man, fuck me!" I heard myself say. He did, he fucked me hard and fast, sometimes pulling his cock all Nn Preteenz the way out and ramming it back in again. Slapping my ass cheeks every now and then. "Ohhhhhhhhhh, yeah......... fuck me......" Just when I wondered how much my prostate could take I felt Nn Preteenz the sensation starting deep in my ass, spreading to my balls, finding its way through my cock. I really shouted it out, my whole body was in a spasm. I shot loads of cum over the carpet, still the coach was drilling his cock in me. His hand landed flat on my ass and with a loud groan he almost knocked me over. With short strong thrust he emptied his balls inside of me. "Wow, Mike, you're so hot!" He slowly pulled out and kissed my wide open Nn Preteenz ass. The coach held out his hand and pulled me up to my feet again. "Awesome" he smiled. Before I could say anything we were kissing again."Swimming tomorrow night?" "Not sure yet, let's first see how Steve is doing." "Of course, I'll give a call tomorrow anyway, just to see how he's doing." I opened the door and he stepped outside. "Well, see you soon" he said. "Hope so." Before he went to his car he turned around. His eyes went over my naked body and gave me a quick kiss. Hiding my body behind the door I watched him as he got into his car. We waved as he drove off. I closed the door, shit, I already missed him.I gathered my cloths, put on my briefs and went upstairs, knowing I would sleep perfectly. As I passed Steve's room I looked inside. "Hey dad." "Still awake?" He grinned. "yeah you two woke me up." I went inside and sat on his bed. "I'm sorry." "Tell that to the neighbors" he smiled. "We weren't that noisy!" "Who cares, it sounded you two had a great time." "Yeah, we did, he is really something." "You really like him, don't you?" "Yes, Steve, I really do." "You know dad, hearing you two, really made me horny." He pulled away the sheet, exposing his cock which stood straight up. "Shit, son, do you think it had the same effect on the neighbors?" He laughed while he stroked his dick, "don't know, dad, hope so." I looked at him, laying in his bed, stroking his hard cock. My hand went over his chest, "Steve, you know, what ever happens, you'll always be my number one." "I know dad, and I love you for that." He sat up on his elbow and gave me a kiss. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. "Oh, love you so much, Steve." He took my hand and guided it to his cock. With his hand around mine he made me stroke him. His other hand went to my cock. "Sorry son, all spent." He smiled, "good to hear that." "no really, dad" he said as he say my look, "if anyone deserve a bit of luck, it's you." "Thanks, son" and gave him a kiss. He moved his face a bit so our lips touched, I felt his tongue slipping into my mouth. We kissed as I slowly stroke him. I broke the kiss, my tongue went over his chin, throat, chest, stomach till it reached to the tip of his cock. He laid back in his cushion, with his hand on the back of my head. I opened my mouth and took his young cock in, with his balls in my hand, I sucked him until I felt his cum in his mouth.
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