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Related article: Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 14:01:35 -0400 (EDT) From: Mitchel Mulder Subject: a dad and his son-10It was great to have Dad around, too bad my foot hurt so badly. I watch some TV, and read some, there was not really much to do. The ankle was still pretty swollen, I tried to stand on it but it hurt just too bad. I took another painkiller which help to ease to pain a bit. "Shall we invite Paul, your coach, to have dinner here tonight, just to thank him for what he did last night?" "Sure dad, was he that great in bed?" Dad came running over and started to tickle me. "You pervert!" "Stop dad, please!" I couldn't stop laughing, and I couldn't get away from him either. "You got a one track mind!" "Ouch, my ankle!" "Sorry" he said and stopped right away, looking guilty. My hand shot out to his crotch, and gave him a hard squeeze. "Ouch" he shouted, more out of surprise. "Now we're even" I grinned.Dad went to the shops that afternoon to get a roast-beef and stuff for the dinner, I guess I dozed off. I woke up again when he got home with the groceries. We drank some tea, he sat the other end of the couch, and placed my feet on his lap, his hand rested on my knee. I almost regretted it when the doorbell rand. Dad got up, it was Jim. "Hey man, how you're doing?" "Well I leave you two alone" dad said and went into the kitchen. I managed to hold my tongue about dad and the coach. We talked about soccer, school and stuff like that instead. Dad returned with some Coke for us. "Too bad you have that ankle" Jim said as his eyes followed dad leaving the room again. I knew what Jim was thinking of and I totally agreed with him. If only I hadn't that ankle the three of us could have been fooling around. "Hope you didn't hurt that" Jim moved his hand into the fly of my boxer and gave my cock a tug. "Well I'm not sure, it does swell from time to time" I joked. "Thank God for that" Jim answered and slowly started to stroke me. He got down on his knees beside me, pulled out my cock and kissed the head. I closed my eyes and laid back, enjoying the Nn Lolita Tgp feel how Nn Lolita Tgp my cock was sucked into Jim's warm mouth. He hot my balls out too, softly caressing them with his hand. Inside his mouth my cock got rock-hard. Then the doorbell rang again.------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------I dried my hands and went to the front door. In a glance I saw Jim getting to his feet and Steve covering the front of his boxers. I was grateful they stopped, Paul being so shy about everything would certainly freak out if he had seen that. "Hey, come in." He held up two crutches and got in. I put my arms around him and pressed my lips on his. After a short moment, he opened his and we kissed. "Great to see you again, very impressive" I said while I took a step back. His T-shirt stretched to its limits, his pecs perfectly defined and his nipples stood out in the cotton. He smiled sheepishly, "you look great too." "Steve is downstairs" I let him past me so I had a perfect view at his narrow waist and full round ass. "Hey coach!" Steve said. "Hi, Steve, Jim, how you're doing." The tent in Steve's boxers was clearly visible and you could not help noticing the bulge in Jim's jeans. Steve tried the crutches out. "Hey, they're great" he walked around the room. "Hang on, Steve, easy" the coach said, "you need rest with that ankle, only use them to go to the bathroom." "I know, thanks, coach" he said and sat down again on the couch, as he sat down, his hard cock peeked through the open fly. I'm sure the coach noticed it, but he did not say anything, maybe he was used seeing guys hard in the shower. He took the crutches from Steve and placed them next to the couch.The guys talked about the upcoming soccer game this Saturday, the last one of the season. After I while I excused me and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner, coach volunteered to help. The moment we were alone I pressed myself against him, running my hands over his broad back. Without hesitation he kissed me, his hands moved down to my ass. He cupped my ass in his hands and pushed me against his crotch. Our tongues moved rapidly in our mouths, our cocks getting harder pressing against each-other through our jeans. I felt my cock dripping in my briefs, my hands moved to the front of his jeans and kneaded his hard dick. The coach pushed his hips forward, my hand found his button fly and undid them one my one. He let out a sigh as I freed his throbbing cock and slowly stroked it. His hand laid on my shoulder, slowly pushing me down. I held his cock by the base and opened my mouth. "O yeah" he said as he pushed in. I pulled down his jeans completely so his balls dangled freely. With my hands on his ass I urged him to fuck me in my mouth. With my nose deep in his bush and his balls hitting my chin i sucked that wonderful thick cock. Suddenly he stopped and pulled his cock out. "Shit, the boys" he hissed. I looked up to him and smiled, "don't worry about them, I guess they are far too busy themselves." I sucked his cock back into my mouth, but again he pulled out. "Suppose they walk in, better stop and wait till later." He leaned forward to pull up his jeans. I thought it was better not to contradict, so I got up again and watched him as he tucked his hard cock back into his jeans.As usual Jim left just before six. During dinner both Steve and I could not keep our eyes of the coach. Over his glass he kept looking at me, gave me a wink every now and then. Every time I looked to Steve it looked like he moved each time further under the table. "Steve, you're comfortable?" "Yeah, dad." I gave him a puzzled smile, we had always told him to sit up straight during dinner. "My ankle hurt less if I sit like this." I looked from Steve to the coach, who had a sexy smile around his lips, staring right to me. "Wonderful" he said and gave me another wink. I poured some more wine for him and me and filled Steve's glass with some more mineral water. The coach let out some sighs and shifted in his chair. "Dad, I like to watch the game Saturday." Again the coach moved in his chair, his face a bit redder. "Sure, Steve, no problem." Now the coach was grinning at me with almost pleading eyes, maybe he wasn't used to wine. "Let me make some coffee" I offered and got up. When I was up, and collected the plates, the coach's eyes flew opened and looked from me to Steve and back again. Quickly Steve sat up straight. With the plates in my hands I went to the kitchen. Soon the coach came in to with the rest. "Hope you liked it." "Yeah, ..... yes I did" and turned around to leave. I stopped him, "not so quickly." He turned to me and I could see a huge bulge in his jeans. I looked down and squeezed it Nn Lolita Tgp hard. "I'm sorry" he murmured. "Sorry?" "I thought it was you,...your foot." Only now I understood why Steve had been sitting like that, the smile on coach's face and the little sighs. I couldn't help myself but I burst out in laughing, "That horny little bastard!" The coach did not know how to react. "By the looks of it, he did a great job", again I squeezed his cock through his jeans. Before the coach could say anything I pressed my tongue between his lips and moved my hands under his shirt till I found his big nipples. He let out a sigh as I pinched them and pressed his crotch harder to mine. He opened my fly and got my hard cock out, he sank to his feet. He skinned me back and watch how a drop of juice dripped down, with his tongue he caught it. He looked up to me as he opened his mouth. "Oh yes" and I pushed forward. With my hands I moved his head over my cock, seeing it disappear between his lips. I moaned softly as I felt his tongue all over my cock. The coach opened his fly, his cock bursted out of his jeans. When I looked up again Steve was standing on his crutches in the door-opening, with his cock out of his fly, slowly stroking himself.
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