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Related article: Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 22:11:52 -0400 From: Ivanna Dick Subject: A Birthday to Remember - Chapter 1It's 5:23 PM and I've just turned 19. And where am I? Well, I'm not partying with copious amounts of alcohol stagnating in my liver. I'm not out having a sexy, rose petal-scented dinner with my boyfriend. No, I'm lazing around in the room of my friend Luke's suite, a bare and almost dingy box furnished only with a bed, a desk, and a small circular shag rug. Like any stereotypical gay, I have an inexorable crush on this straight boy who will never reciprocate my mushy and overly romantic feelings. I lie on his bed face up, squinting in the lazy summer afternoon sunlight, stretching out my limbs, groaning and moaning a little and ruffling up his well-made sheets on purpose, at the same time taking in his lingering scent and wishing he Loli Preteen would just crawl in with me and cuddle... I open one eye and see Luke is at his computer playing some dumb game or watching a video on Youtube, clearly not in bed with me where he's supposed to be. I let out a little sigh, then another, and then one more just to round it off. After a pause he glares in my direction and says, "Well, somebody seems bored. Instead of just moping on MY bed, do you have any ideas? It's your birthday after all and we can do whatever you want." Feeling sexually frustrated, I refuse to respond, grunt in his direction and roll away from him, ridiculing myself for trying to play "hard to get" with a straight boy. "Whatever, though," I think to myself, "bitch don't deserve me, anyway." I mean, I think this boy is cute, but he's definitely not the guy most people think of when they picture the ideal male. Suffice to say he has a stocky build, slightly curly hair that reminds me of a French peasant, and a face that would never be on an Abercrombie poster. But his smile makes my heart skip a beat, I marvel at his firm, supple, and safe hands, and I constantly crack jokes around him so I can hear his warm laugh. Accordingly, I treat him like shit. Today, though, I have a reason to be pissed: it's my fucking birthday and he hasn't planned shit for me.Right on cue, I hear his footsteps behind me walking towards the bed. You see, this boy thinks it's cute when he approaches someone and shakes them a bit, saying, "Heeey.... Heeeeeeeeeey.... HEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY," in an annoyingly high-pitched tone until he gets that person's attention (I secretly think this is fucking adorable). Therefore, I'm waiting for it with giddy anticipation, the little attention whore that I am. But this time, since I'm a clever gay, I decide to play a joke on him."Heeey.... Heeeeeeeeeey.... HEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY," Luke predictably whines.With my fantastic acting skills, I faux-explode on him yelling, "HOLY FUCK YOU ALWAYS DO THAT! SHIT, COULD YOU FOR ONCE JUST STOP BEING SUCH A CHILD?!!?" in my best Beyonce voice and whip his sheets away in the opposite direction.I'm snickering, knowing that it'll get on his nerves, but I'm surprised when I feel a firm grip on my shoulder and my body and his sheets being thrown to the floor. I fumble a bit trying to get my head from under the covers, but before I can even open my mouth he's grabbing the sheets with me under them and pinning me down to ground. "Why do you always have to be such a drama queen??" he says between what sounds like a grin. I'm struggling to get out from under and stupidly try to answer, but before I can say anything he straddles me with surprising strength, forces my head down with one palm and covers my mouth with the other. "You didn't talk before, so you shouldn't have anything to say now!" he quips, clearly enjoying this lame show of masculinity. I shoot him a vacant stare, one that tries to convey, "I am a homo, I don't WRESTLE my problems out like some animal." He counters with a look that says, "Well too bad because we're wrestling it out!" and immediately my vacant stare becomes a look of both feigned and real horror.He lets go of my mouth and flips me over with my stomach on the ground still straddling me. I'm surprised at his strength, even though I know he was a decent wrestler in high school. At first I try to give it the old college try, pathetically attempting to free my arms and halfheartedly wiggling a little bit between his legs (which by the way have some of the sexiest calves). After about a minute, I give up and grunt in resignation. By now I'm lying on my side with my hands held behind my back, staring under the bed with a bored look on my face. I keep my eyes fixed and this time say out loud, "Okay, Luke, I'm done - I am a HOMO, I don't wrestle my problems out."He asks, apparently puzzled, "'Wrestle our problems out'?...Who said we were wrestling?"At first I'm a bit confused and so put on my I'm-a-bit-confused face and look up at him. I'm even more confused when he yanks at a chunk of my hair and pulls my head uncomfortably toward his, so I put on my quizzical face. Our lips inches away, he breathes, "I know you've been wanting this all year, so don't pretend like you're confused. Consider this your birthday present..." as he forces my forehead to the ground.I realize this is in fact what I've been fantasizing about this whole year, and I have an odd thought that I'm in some impossible gay sex story. All these thoughts disappear from my mind, however, when I feel his soft lips smacking on the nape of my neck, his knowing hands first de-knotting my taut shoulders and then moving up to rustle my rough hair. I moan, "Luke um." still half in disbelief, but a wave of relaxation overcomes my better judgement as those strong hands release the tension in my back."See, I knew you'd come around..." he boasts, removing the sheet from between us and putting the full pressure of his weight on my lower back. I let out a small gasp, but it's muffled when he shoves my face into the depths of the shag rug and firmly grasps my entire neck, massaging it thoroughly. I can only hear the jingle of his belt being loosened and thrown on the ground, the fwip of the button being undone, and the slow unzipping of his fly. I presume that because taking off his pants while straddling me would be near impossible, he throws off his shirt, loops it around my neck and tugs at it lightly, raising up my head from the rug and almost choking me."Hey um..." he says hesitantly, "I just want to make sure... you want it this rough, right?""Fuck yes!... Use me as your play toy, tease me until I can't take it any longer, ravage my asshole, and force your cum down my throat!" I choke with a hint of surprise in my voice."Wow, I always thought you were dirty," Luke says, surprised, "That was fucking nasty. But if you say so I guess I can't refuse... birthday boy."He slips his shirt out from under my neck and I gasp for air. I'm still face down as I feel him pushing up my t-shirt. I try to play hard-to-get again and keep my arms to my side, but he knows that I'm terribly ticklish and he runs a gentle hand across my side, forcing an uncontrollable giggle from my throat and causing my arms to flail, allowing him to slide off my shirt. He then leans forward, placing his forearm on my back of my neck with considerable force. Finally he's in the right position to take his shorts off Loli Preteen but, before flinging them away, he picks up my head again and stuffs his boxers and shorts into my face saying, "Here you go you buddy. I know you crave my scent, so take it all in." I feel a small damp spot on my cheek, force my nose into it and detect the distinct smell of precum. It sticks to my face as he throws the shorts across the room. He lays down on my torso spooning me, but this time I can feel his slightly moist cock growing, pulsating with blood and I can't help but reach behind my back and grab it. I realize I might have been too firm when he grabs my hair and gasps. "Hey listen," he says, "just so you know my cock is really sensitive so let me take control, okay?" I grunt in agreement, but give it a little squeeze before I let go, eliciting another moan from him. "Hell no! You're really gonna fucking get it now!" he says.I can't decide if I'm a little scared or just too fucking turned on, but before I can finish the thought he's wrestled me into a 69 position, his musky, hairy ass staring me in the face. Still wondering if he's actually going to ravage my hole like I asked him, I bravely attempt to lick his ass, but he's working too fast and somehow takes off my pants before I can even stick out my tongue. He gives my package a firm squeeze, and then flips around again so that we're face-to-face, placing his semi-hard cock on my boner poking through my shorts. Then he stands up with me still between legs, reaches down and pulls my hair again so I'm sitting up, and then stuffs my face into his crotch. "Don't deny that you love this - I know that's why you lie in my bed every time you come over, to smell my crusty sheets... now do me a favor and get me off, okay?" I obey and start licking furiously everywhere as if answering, "I do love this don't let it stop I could die happy right now," and he grunts in approval. By now his cock is pretty hard, and I hold the base of it with my thumb and index fingers and take it into my mouth, applying ample suction and saliva. It doesn't have an upwards curvature and it has a sizable girth, so it fits snugly in my mouth and throat. I keep one hand on his cock and the other cradles his aching balls, the fingers of that hand exploring his taint and furry hole. I use my tongue to explore each inch of his member, swirling and twisting it around, and by my estimation there's at least eight inches poking down my throat. All the while he's groaning with pleasure and taking deep breaths in an attempt to resist activating that cock muscle and coming too early. "He really is pretty sensitive," I think to myself. I sense this and pause for a brief second, but I can't resist that groan he makes when I take his cock into my warm mouth and so I swallow it again. He moans right on cue and tightens Loli Preteen his grip on my hair. I wonder if he's close."Ahh.. ugh, ugh!" he musters, "I'm close, I'm close. fuck yeah, ohh." I decide to tease him a bit more and take his cock out of my mouth, a firm hand still at the bottom of his cock. He's still squirming, though, and I figure he's really sensitive at the base so I let go completely. He lets out a little sigh of relief, and ruffles my hair in appreciation. After this little break his penis is still hard as ever and coursing with blood. I take the base in my hand and massage it gently, coaxing out several globs of precum. With the tip of my tongue I lap it up, drawing my head back to stretch out the stuff into a thin line. It's salty and a bit sweet. I kiss the tip of his cock and he looks down at me with mouth slightly agape and through squinted eyes. I can tell he really wants to cum both by his face and his quivering cock, so I take his member into my mouth and pump at a very slow pace. His breathing is quick and his grip tight on my shoulder and head. Each time I pump his cock into my mouth, I take in a little more and increase the suction. "Agh. uhhh. oh oh oh...! Fuck, man ah! Don't wanna- ohhh, cum right no-ah ah well don't stop but..." I look up and see his mouth wide open and eyes closed, his head towards the sky.I don't really understand what he's saying, but I can tell he wants me to suck faster. This time I refuse. I take deep, long sucks and slowly rotate my fingers around the base of his cock. The slower pace calms him down for a bit, but before I know it he's begging me, "I'm close, dude, I'm close! Don't stop, go faster.! Ugh, agh!" I still refuse, but I wrap all of my fingers around the base of his cock and push back hard onto his pelvis, tightening the skin of his cock which elicits a few sharp gasps from him. I know this will push him over the edge and after a couple thrusts, he groans, "Aarghh!!! Unghh I'm coming right now Loli Preteen you fucker go faster!" His cock suddenly becomes rock hard and I can feel his urethra filling with cum. Thinking quickly, I press my thumb against it and stop a stream of cum suddenly in its tracks. He lets out a throaty groan and yells, "Holy fuck just let me cum!!" He's quivering and his legs are weak, but he activates his Loli Preteen cock muscle and forces the cum out of his cock. Several warm wads lather my tongue and I swirl them in my mouth, savoring its flavor. His moans come in waves, first deep, then turning into a hoarse whimper. I know he wants me to let go of his cock because the aftershocks are too intense for him."Okay okay okay, ugh! Okay! Okay ah!" he pleads as his legs turn to jelly and his torso quivers. I let up a little with my mouth, loosening my lips but keeping my hand firm at the base of his penis. A little of his hot load drips out of the corner of my mouth and fall onto my torso. He realizes this and says, "Hey don- ah!... don't lose my- oh fuck. my load- shit okay okay. don't lose it." so I attempt to keep the cum in my mouth while still licking the tip of his cock, trying to clean it off. It's clumsy and I don't know why he wants me to look like a gay chipmunk, but I obey anyway."Ahhhhhh." He lets out a long sigh and chuckles a little. I take my still firm grip and slide it swiftly off his cock, causing him to gasp once more before panting, "Fuck dude. you gotta let up a little. damn... I told you I'm sensitive." With his load in my mouth, though, I can't say a word. I look up at him with my cute what-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-your-cum-in-my-mouth-Luke? face and he quickly realizes. "Oh yeah hah." he says before kneeling down, caressing the back of my head and parting my lips open with his tongue. He scoops out half of his cum for himself and then pushes his tongue far into my throat, accidentally choking me a little. We make out for a minute or two, slowing down and relishing the brininess of his cum. His breath is still fast and hot on my cheek, and this is the first time I realize my cock is throbbing and the copious amounts of precum have soaked through my boxers and onto my shorts. He collapses forward, pushing me to the floor. Our bodies are sticky with his cum between us and we seem to take breaths in tandem."Hey thanks for that... sorry for not giving you much warning but I told you I'm sensitive." he says."You're welcome, Lucas" I say stupidly, making sure to use his full name to tease him. "How did you know that my fantasy was to blow you? I don't recall every telling anyone..." I say, face flushed."Actually, that wasn't really what I had in mind..." he starts. "I thought you wanted it in the ass, but like I said I'm pretty sensitive," he says. Our faces are so close that I imagine I can hear him blushing but can't see it."Hey hey don't rule it out there's still time..." I say."Oh well do you want me to keep going?" he asks. "I come pretty quickly but I can get it up again... especially if you're here, I imagine," he says coyly.Normally I'd wonder things like, "How does this boy manhandle me one second yet seem so polite another?", "Isn't he straight...?" and, "Since when does he have a crush on me?", but I figure I'll blow my load and then ask questions."Go for it," I whisper into his ear...To be continued...
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