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Related article: Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2010 08:34:45 -0700 (PDT) From: Tague Micheals Subject: A Curious Boy IIAgain, this is just a story. Parts of it described sex between a man and a boy, as well as children of both sexes together and adults with children in all of the general combinations. This was originally going to be a bi-sexual story and I finally got there. N-JoiHugs Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ryder and I actually dozed a little while, or at least I did, perhaps lulled to sleep by post orgasmic stupor and the sound of the rain and wind against the large windows in my apartment. When I did wake up it was because the boy was playing with my stuff. My dick was about half way hard but when I came to and realized what was going on it hit maximum length pretty darn quick."I couldn't help it Thomas," the boy said, looking up at me, "I just had to touch it.""It's okay Ryder, I can't think of a better way to wake up than by having a cute young boy playing with my dick." I realized what I'd said after it was already done but Ryder didn't seem to give it another thought."It sure got big quick," he said and my only response was to nod my head. "Can we look at that book again?""Sure, which part did you want to look at?""The girls first and then maybe the pictures of people doing it." This was my first clue that Ryder's sexual orientation was most likely hetero. He sat up, his hand gently working at his dick which just as hard as mine was. I leaned forward and took the book off the coffee table where I'd put it during our first go around. Sitting back with it balanced on our knees I opened it to where he wanted it. Ryder seemed most Nn Preteen Modles interested in girls around his age and asked some questions about them and actually put his fingers on the crotches of them."Now the other ones please," he said and I flipped the pages and stopped at the beginning of that section. As we thumbed through the pages Ryder's breathing became a little faster. His hand was busy as a bird dog at his crotch, fondling and squeezing and I spent more time looking down at him that at the pictures."Do you have other pictures of stuff Thomas," he asked as we passed through the last of the intercourse photos. When I asked if he meant sexual pictures he nodded his head. I had to give that some thought, although I don't know why exactly. I mean, hell, I'd gone this far with the boy. Again, Ryder sensed my reluctance and used the word please coupled with "I'd never say anything to anyone, I promise."I got up and went into my room and came back with a publication that was titled A Marriage Manual. In reality it was nothing more than pornography under the guise of legitimacy. A glossy magazine published in Sweden, as many of the good ones were, it was filled with high quality photography that left nothing to the imagination. There were plenty of images of women giving blow jobs and men munching cunts. There were some 69's, some ball licking and sucking, tit sucking and beaver banging and plenty of close up full color images at that. The missionary position was common but there was also fucking the woman from behind while on their sides as well as doggie style as well as getting fucked up the ass. There were a few photos where the men had pulled out and jacked off, blasting the woman's torso with cum. Of course there were the ones with cum running down a woman's chin as well.There were images of a m�nage a trios; a man with 2 women as well as the reverse; lots of women eating pussy and men sucking cock. Ryder was quite interested when the woman had a big hard cock in her ass as well as her cunt and wondered aloud if that didn't hurt. He felt the same when another man was getting fucked up the ass while his face was buried in a woman's cunt. Of course there was plenty of kissing and tea bagging as well."Oh man Thomas, do guys really do that stuff, doing it with each other?" I nodded my head,"Yes Ryder, they do." I should have anticipated the next question but I didn't."Have you Thomas? Have you ever done stuff with another guy?" I reminded him of what we had done not much more than an hour before."No, I mean the other; kissing a guy or letting him put his dick in your butt." I wanted Ryder to know and I didn't want him to know and I'll bet that you could guess the arguments for either side."Yes Ryder, I have," I finally said."That's cool," he responded, "What's it like; did it hurt? Have you ever done it to another guy? Would I like it?" I was so caught up with the first questions that I didn't really hear the last one."Well, like many sexual experiences it was alot fun. Yes, it can hurt. But not always especially when you're the one doing the putting, and yes I've done it to another guy. Mostly it happened when I was a teenager, a little older than you are now and the last time was when I was in college. Then I started being with girls and you know the rest of that story." Indeed, I'd told him about being married with kids."You didn't answer my last question; would I like it?""Well, there's no way to say until you try it Ryder. There are a lot of factors that come into play, not the least of which is the size of the cock. It also depends on how hot the person is before the cock goes inside and whether or not the person getting Nn Preteen Modles it has been prepared for it. The answer is yes you might and no you might not." He wanted to know how one gets prepared for it so I explained it to him, along with the 2 primary roles of passive and active; doer and doee; top and bottom."Can we do some of that stuff Thomas?" When I asked which role he wanted to try he didn't hesitate. "Both," he said with a grin, "Maybe not right now but sometime." I nodded and told him that shouldn't be a problem.We continued to thumb through the book, Ryder continued to fondle himself and I continued to watch him as much as I thought I could get away with. Ryder asked a variety of question as we went along and I gave him the best answers that I could. We finally got to a point where the hot young thing said that he needed to get rid of the hardness in his cock."How would you like to do that Ryder?" Again, without hesitation, he said,"Maybe we could suck each other," and then he got an almost evil grin on his smooth cute face, "at the same time, like in the book." I smiled back at him."Hmm, okay, but I think we should probably use my bed if we're gonna do that." I stood up, reached out for Ryder who immediately took it, then pulled the boy to his feet and took him by the hand to my room. I have to say that there was something erotic in that simple act of leading the hot preteen to my bed. We climbed on, facing each other at first and then I turned around and we both moved in closer to each other. On our sides, I looked at Ryder's hard cock, admiring the little machine while wishing it was bigger. His balls were beginning to hang down over his thigh but, not yet fully matured, they didn't hang very far. As I was contemplating his works I felt his hand cup at my balls."Don't you think that balls are kinda weird in a way Thomas? I mean they're like eggs in a bag and they just move into all kinds of positions." I knew exactly what he was talking about, assumed that most males and probably more than a few females have had the same kinds of thoughts. As I leaned into wrap my lips around his cock I felt the warmth of his mouth on mine and then the movement of his lips and tongue. Like a wave washing over me the warmth spread through my body accompanied by a tickling sensation in my belly.I put my mouth over Ryder's young cock and took the entire length in my mouth which caused him to gasp as my throat muscles worked at his sensitive cock head. At my other end the boy was doing his best to give me a satisfactory blow job, his head bobbing back and forth, and at the same time gently moving his hips, fucking my mouth. After a bit, I managed to get Ryder on his hands and knees above me so that his balls hung above my head like so much fruit. I began tea bagging him, licking his smooth hairless nuts, causing them to move in the air. I could even manage to get the entire sac into my mouth which caused yet another gasp from the youngster. I moved ever so slightly so that when straining my neck I could see where his sac fell away from his puckered little butt hole. I wanted desperately to put my mouth there, to lick him, to explore the wrinkled flesh with my tongue but I didn't want him to freak out either. I knew that at the rate we were going it wouldn't be long before we tried everything, including stuffing my stone hard cock in there.Ryder did his best to suck my cock for as long as he could but eventually he tired. It didn't stop him from licking up and down the shaft or swirling his tongue over every bit of the satiny head and even going so far as to try and lick at my nuts although it was a little difficult.It was Ryder who finally broke the pose explaining that his mouth was just too tired. I made a suggestion and the boy turned around, straddled my chest then leaned forward and put his hands on the bed beyond my head. It placed his delicious crotch in my face so I took his cock into my mouth. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what to do and Ryder did it almost immediately, slowly fucking his cock into my mouth from a position that allowed him to get all of it in there. My hands were busy, first playing with his balls while the other hand was on a butt cheek gently kneading and encouraging him to continue humping. For a moment both hands were on his butt, kneading, pulling the cheeks apart, a single finger trailing up and down at the very edge of his crack.The boy had a terrific ass, each globe fitting nicely into a hand. I could rest my palms at the back edge of his hips and the fingers could almost touch each other as they stretched across the small expanse of firm flesh. I wanted to slip a finger up inside and run it across his hole but again; I didn't want to rush the boy, didn't want to scare him off. I think that even then I knew full well that he wouldn't scare easily, would be open to just about anything I wanted to do but still, I wanted to take my time so my right hand went down to stroke my cock.Because we'd cum 2 or 3 times already in the space of a couple hours it took a while before Ryder was ready to blow again but eventually he got there"Oh gosh Thomas," Ryder said softly and then his cock thickened against my lips and a droplet that seemed smaller than the last one came out against my tongue, which just happened to be pressed against his piss slit. His motion slowed some but even after coming the boy continued to move in and out of my mouth a little bit and about that time I started cumming. The moan I emitted was muffled because I still had Ryder's cock in my mouth, and my belly flexed as each one of the 6 jets of cum squirted out onto my lower belly. He finally moved, pulling his cock from my mouth and rolling away to lie on his back, panting while I rolled my upper body over and just looked at him. Ryder finally opened his eyes, kinds of, looked at me and smiled."Gosh this is so much fun Thomas," Nn Preteen Modles he said and I laughed, agreeing with him 100%. I rolled off the bed, grabbed a shirt from my dirty laundry and cleaned the cum off my body. I just looked at Ryder as he lay on the bed, arms about half way out from his sides and his eyes were closed. I just took in the wonder of him, his naked preteen body in all its glory, his smooth beautiful face, hair a sort of controlled mess. His cock had finally softened and rested off to one side while between his smooth pale thighs his balls were at full hang, the left one slightly lower than the right. His flat belly rose and fell as he breathed, that area lower than his raised rib cage and chest. The boy was the epitome of beauty, what the Greeks would have called classic beauty, a boy in the beginning throes of puberty, smooth and mostly hairless, and growing every day. By Christmas that would have changed but I was okay with that, I loved him and would love him at any stage of his life and development."What are you thinking Thomas," Ryder asked, his melodic child's voice like music to my ears. I pulled out of my reverie and smiled at him."Just thinking how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to have been allowed to share this experience with you," I told him softly as I walked toward the bed."Oh, I don't think that I'm beautiful at all Thomas and I think I'm the one who's really lucky. I know that adults aren't supposed to show kids stuff like this or do stuff with them like we did but its stuff that I want to know about and I'm lucky I have you to show me and teach me how to do things the right way." I laid down along side of him and the boy moved in and slipped his arms around my neck, threw one leg up over mine and snuggled in close. "I really am lucky," he said softly then pressed his lips against mine and kissed me. It wasn't a little peck either, it was a good 5 seconds of his lips moving against mine kiss. It was a kiss of love, of post coital bliss, although we hadn't coital-ed yet, but you get the idea. It was our first of hundreds of lover kisses.He dropped his head to the pillow and closed his beautiful hazel eyes, a contended look on his young face. We lay there quietly for a good minute, maybe more before he said,"You know, the only thing that could make this better would be to look at pictures of kids that were closer to my own age." I must have actually jerked when Ryder made his exclamation because he asked me. "What's wrong Thomas," his head raised up off the pillow. I forced myself to relax, my brain going a zillion miles and hour."Oh nothing," I responded, "Just one of those falling asleep body jerks, you know?" He seemed to accept that and as he was putting his head back on the pillow when my phone rang. I sat up and picked up the receiver, listened, said I'd tell him and then hung up."It was your mom. She's getting off early and wants to take you out for pizza or something." One of the fastest ways to a boy's heart is food and things like pizza and burgers and as such get you there pretty quickly. Since Ryder didn't often get such things it was, if not a momentous event, certainly one of note. Everything else got put on hold as he rolled off the bed with a loud "yippee" and headed toward the living room and his clothing and I admired his slender butt as he went.I joined him, put my clothes on and after he was finished the boy gave me a tight hug and another kiss on the lips. "Can we play some more tomorrow Thomas?" I kissed him back and said we could and off he went out the door. I went into the kitchen and did something that I very rarely do. I pulled a bottle of Grey Goose out of the freezer; poured 3 fingers into a tall chilled glass then topped it off with cranberry juice and went into the living room to cogitate.I considered what I was going to do about Ryder's wish that he could see more images of people his age or close to it. The fact was that I had a stack of such material. Remember, this was 1971 and anyone over 18 could go into almost any adult bookstore in the country and find dozens of such publications on the rack. In Europe there were hundreds of such publications. It was all perfectly legal. A majority of them focused on boys: Piccolo, 101 Boys, 200 boys, American Boy, Boy Plus Boy, Boy Meat, Boy Studies, Boyhood, Boy Chicks, Boy Photo; Boy Naked, Naked Boyhood, Naked Teen, Chicken, Puppy Dog Tales, Le Enfants, Lick Stories, Martin. The list goes on and on. Although a majority of images reflected boys in their default state, there plenty of rock hard young cuties, plenty of sucking and fucking along with the posing.There were plenty of magazines that centered on girls of all ages and plenty of them with boys or men doing what girls and boys did together. Lolita was a very popular magazine of the time and believe me there were no holds barred. I had seen plenty a preteen girl with 7 plus inches of stone hard cock stuffed as far up her smooth hairless cunt as it could go. While in Europe I'd seen the harder stuff as well. Rape, bondage, and bestiality were common themes but I simply couldn't get behind that stuff especially when little kids were involved. Seeing a German Shepard fucking a child who was tied up just about made me sick to my stomach.By 1978 I would get rid of a majority of my collection because of the laws against it, but during my time Nn Preteen Modles with Ryder I had a fair collection of the more vanilla stuff. My collection was mostly about boys but I had some boy girl stuff as well as well as intergenerational stuff. My dilemma was first of all, whether or not to show it to Ryder and secondly which ones to show him. I wasn't sure what the ambivalence was other than the fact that despite its legality there was still a huge stigma about such material. I just wasn't sure how my new found lover would respond. Sure, in the moment he'd be all hot as hell about seeing such stuff but how about later when the hotness was worn off, after he'd cum two or three times, later on when he'd reflect back on what he'd seen. I knew that plenty of boys, even men, experienced a certain degree of guilt about masturbation after they'd pulled one off. Ryder seemed to be okay after our afternoon respite, didn't seem to be harboring any negative thoughts about it. I finally resigned myself to the idea of just seeing how he was over the next few days.I did considering pulling out a couple of adult gay magazines one of which featured Morgan, the hot young blond kid that was somewhat of an icon at the time. Supposedly he was 18 although there was some speculation that he was underage. Regardless, he was hot, hung well, and cute as the dickens, his adolescent acne overlooked. I had some images from THE PAPERBOY and THE WAREHOUSE as well other films that he'd done. I decided that Morgan might serve as a litmus test. That decided I headed out to have dinner.I didn't see Ryder the next day except in passing. Gabby had the day off and wanted to spend all of it with her son, a rare enough event. There were things that I wanted to attend to as well so a day away from the boy was mostly okay. I was quite interested in how he was feeling after our initial sexual marathon, hoping that fear, doubt, and regret hadn't set in. that question was answered almost the second that Ryder came through my door the following Monday after we'd both gotten home from school."I missed being with you yesterday Thomas," he said before he had even closed the living room door. "I jacked off last night but it wasn't the same without you. I mean, it was fun and everything but..." he let the sentence trail off."Well I missed being with you too Ryder. What would you like to do this after noon?" He was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants shorts that were becoming popular with boys and men and his answer to the question was to pull the shorts off and kick them to the side then and do the same with his t-shirt. Standing before me, where I was still sitting in my arm chair, dressed only in white cotton briefs he asked what I was waiting for. He came closer so I reached out, put my hands on his hips and gently pulled him toward me.Arched like he was must have been uncomfortable so he put one knee on the arm of the chair then did the same with the other knee. I pressed my face into his crotch and gently nuzzled against his softened boyhood charms beneath the warm fabric. I enjoyed the pliable softness of him, was able to discern between cock and balls, as I drew in the odors of a growing boy, the semi-musky yet sweet fragrance that a boy will get as a day wear on.I could feel his cock begin to harden up so slipped his underwear down to just below his smooth nuts. I kissed him all over; his rising cock, his hairless balls, the crease between pubic bone and thigh, the firm flesh of his pubic bone and his belly. His scent was a little stronger without the clothing covering it and I reveled in the highly stimulating fragrance. It didn't take long before the boy was in full tumescence, his rock cock standing straight and proud in front of him."Gosh I love it when you touch me and do stuff to me Thomas," he said, his voice beginning to deepen from the lust that was ripping through his young body. I took his cock into my mouth until the swollen head bounced off of my throat muscles then began to move my head back and forth, my tongue taking the opportunity to explore the satiny head whenever I could."Oh gosh, Thomas, oh gosh," he moaned above me, his hands in my hair and holding my head very lightly as he gently fucked his cock into my greedy mouth. I kneaded his butt, first with both hands and then only one, the other hand moving to cup, tug, and gently squeeze his young sperm makers. It didn't take very long before he cried out, his cock thickened against my lips and he came in my mouth, a drop of sticky watery liquid than I moved along my tongue and swallowed as I continued to suckle him. It didn't take very long before the sensitivity kicked in and he gently pulled his cock out of my mouth and carefully got of the chair.He kicked off his underwear, got to his knees between mine and his hand went straight for the snap of my jeans. He managed to get my pants unbuttoned and unzipped then pulled the waistband of my briefs down to allow my nail hard dick to gain some relief from where it had been trapped. Ryder leaned forward and began licking the underside of my dick then pulled my waistband outward and down while his other hand pulled my cock down, the boy wasting no time in getting his mouth over the head and proceeding to suck my cock. It didn't last long however."Can you take your pants off Thomas?" I immediately lifted my ass up off the cushion and shoved the clothing below my knees where Ryder took over and managed to get them the rest of the way off while I did the same with my own shirt. Naked, I let my legs splay out and Ryder wasted no time putting his face in there."I love the man smells down here," he said before beginning to lick my balls and then my cock. He worked down there a moment before leaning back and saying that it was kind of hard to get at everything. I quickly placed my hands on the arms of the chair, lifted myself up and tucked my knees beneath me and pushed my legs against the arms of the chair. "Much better," the boy said and put his face back in and went to work sucking my cock again while one hand worked on my balls. I looked down onto the top of his dark blond head and marveled at my luck in having a boy for a lover, a boy who seemed as eager to be sexual and willing to try things as I suggested them, a boy who as beautiful as he was. Ryder stayed at it much longer than he had before and maybe taking time out to lick on everything, to rub my cock against his soft smooth Nn Preteen Modles cheeks, helped. Regardless of the reason I felt myself reaching my peak fairly quickly."I'm gonna cum pretty soon Ryder," I told him."Do you want to cum in my Nn Preteen Modles mouth?""I make a lot of liquid Ryder so it's up to you." His decision was quite clear as he kept on doing what he was doing, sucking my dick. The idea of cumming in the preteen's beautiful mouth probably helped get me there even faster. He was jacking me off as he suckled, had kept on playing with my balls so I groaned loudly when I came."Oh God Ryder, Fuck," I moaned as my dick began unloading a torrent of sperm into the 12 year olds mouth. The boy seemed to swallow as fast as he could but wasn't able to keep up with the flow and I felt my sperm running down the side of my dick, then saw some of the stream reach my balls. Still, the boy didn't stop until it was all over. I thought I would die when he looked up at me and smiled, my cum on his face and chin and I have to say it looked hot as hell."Wow, that's a lot of juice Thomas." Indeed it was. "I couldn't drink it all but I got most of it" Ryder said with a grin. I got up and grabbed a hand towel out of the kitchen then wiped his face off. "What should we do now," he asked after I'd finished. My cock was on its way down while Ryder's was still at full stand."Well," I started slowly, "remember the other day you said that you wish there were pictures of kids your age or close to it?" He nodded his head so I went on. "Well I have some of a boy whose closer to your age than most of the other stuff you've seen." Ryder's obvious pleasure at the prospect removed the need for me to offer. I took his hand and led him to my bedroom where I pulled the two magazine I had of Morgan out of a dresser drawer where I'd stashed them. I handed them to Ryder whose eyes lit up like the 4th of July."Oh man Thomas, he's really cute," the boy said as he looked at the cover bust shot of the young blond porn star. As we poured through the two magazines, Ryder made plenty of comments, pushed pulled and otherwise played with all that made him a boy, and all but drooled on the pages. It was during that 20 minute period, seeing the boy's excitement, that I decided to go the whole distance with him and let him look at the rest of my collection. It didn't happen right away of course because Ryder got so hot that he had to cum. Meanwhile he asked plenty of questions and one of the things that interested him was rimming. In one set of photos a hot blond hunk has his mouth all over Morgan's puckered asshole as they lay next to a swimming pool."Do people really do that Thomas, lick on a butt hole like that?" Of course his smooth cute face was all crinkled up when he asked the question, a clear indication of what he thought about the idea. I explained that, indeed, the feelings of having it done were pretty incredible and doing it to someone was pretty good too. He didn't quite believe me until I ended up doing it to him at Nn Preteen Modles a later time.We were looking at a series of images of Morgan's asshole being plowed by the other hot teen. One of those was a close up of Morgan's puckered hole with the other boy's cock head barely inside of it, in fact, the top edge of head was still visible. It really showed the rim of the hole being extended outward."I can't believe it doesn't hurt having a cock in your butt like that," he said, "especially if it was one like yours in my butt." My ears perked up at the idea that he was even considering such a union but, like I had before, I told him about proper preparation before penetration, the "three P's."We eventually sucked each other off again, doing a side by side 69. Ryder was not only becoming a little better at it, his enthusiasm seemed to be picking up as well. I noticed more rubbing my cock against his face when his mouth got sore, more kissing and licking of my genitals, and more soft mewing sounds as he did any and all of it. Ryder seemed to be "getting into it" as they say and not just going through the motions. For my part I was totally enthralled with the boy's body. I could Nn Preteen Modles have allowed him to relax and let me worship every square inch of him with my mouth and my hands. Sucking his cock, licking and kissing his soft balls made my dick throb. While we sucked each other I let my free hand spend more time with his butt cheek, kneading and rubbing and allowing my finger to trail gently up and down his gluteal cleavage slowly indoctrinating him to ass play.Ryder finally came, in my mouth again, and when he was too sensitive for me to suckle him he pulled away. I had continued to jack off and he asked if he could do it for me. I was all for that but didn't want to spend a huge amount of time at it as I really was kind of excited about him seeing the chick porn I had. I rolled over and pulled a bottle of lube out of my night stand and poured some into his hand then directed him to really work on the head, which he did. Watching the expressions on my face he asked if it felt that good and I told him I'd do it to him next time and he could decide. Using the lube got me where we both wanted me and I finally panted out to him to get off the head. He no sooner did that when my cock erupted, ropey Nn Preteen Modles strands of sperm shooing out onto my lower belly."I can't get over how much of sperm you make Thomas," he said when I had finally finished. "I sure hope I make a lot of stuff when I get older. I assured him that most likely he would.In the interest of further exploration of Ryder's hidden treasure I decided to take a shower instead of just wiping my cum off and when I asked if he'd like to join me the boy grinned from ear to ear and nodded his head. Once in there and wet down I offered to wash him, he said okay, and I did just that. When I did his ass I was standing at his side with one arm draped across his upper belly while the other hand did the exploration. I slipped between his thighs and ran my finger across his puckered muscle a half dozen times, about half of those times I moved forward to move and cup his smooth balls from behind. I ended with my finger lingering around the hole and my other hand gently stroking his raging young boner."Gosh Thomas I never knew that my Nn Preteen Modles butt hole could be so sensitive," he exclaimed when I finished rinsing him off, again, spending plenty of time rubbing against his core. Being ever the curious boy, Ryder wanted to return the favor although I doubt that his motives were purely altruistic. "It feels kind of weird down there," the boy commented as his fingers explored my asshole. Of course I'd returned to a full state of inflation as well, my cock seeming to strain to get harder or longer.Back in the bedroom I offered to rim the boy and he readily agreed. I had him lie on his back with his legs pulled all the way back while I knelt at the side of the bed. I admired him for a moment, letting my eyes roam all around the wrinkled muscle, his balls, and the line of his perineum connecting the two. A brief image flashed across my mind of me being on my knees there and gently pushing my iron hard cock into the hole, stretching it farther than it had ever been in his young life then fucking the boy until he cried out in orgasm.I shook my head, put my face down there and began to eat, exploring every bit of his flesh with my tongue and earning as many moans and sigh's as I had when I sucked his cock. After a good 3 minutes of paying homage at the temple of priapus I asked Ryder if he would like to try something else and his answer was a nod of his head, his eyes almost closed in lust. I grabbed the lube, slathered my finger then had him rearrange himself so that I could lie next to him. With his feet flat on the bed I reached down between his pale thighs and slipped my finger up inside of his ass at the same time that I took his cock into my mouth.It probably wasn't the very best that I could have done but it did the trick. My head bobbed and my hand moved, the finger sliding in and out of Ryder's tight muscle. I found his prostate, which elicited a loud moan, and ran my finger back and forth across it while my mouth concentrated on his sensitive cock head, my lips pressing against the satiny flesh as it moved back and forth across the rim. Ryder almost screamed when he came, pushing his butt up off of the bed as if to get more of me inside of his young body, his hands holding my head tightly. When it was over I slipped out of him, again gently, and went into the bathroom, coming back with a warm washcloth and cleaning his ass hole and the area around it. That got me yet another sigh."Are you gonna cum now Thomas," my beautiful young lover asked when I returned to the bedroom after depositing the wash rag in the bathroom. I shook my head as I explained that it wasn't necessary for me to cum every time that he did. Needless to say that earned me a skeptical look for what newly sperming boy could even comprehend the idea of not needing to cum once you had a hard on."Besides I have something else in mind Ryder." I had decided to go ahead and show him the underage sex magazines that I had. But as much as I trusted the boy, I felt I needed to provide yet another reminder of complete secrecy for regardless of the legality of possessing chick porn, it wasn't looked upon favorably by the masses and showing it to minors was still a jail-able offense. So, before going on I elicited another promise from him which was granted without any condemnation from him for repeating my pledge for secrecy."I have some, umm, publications that use models that are closer to your age and even a little younger." The boy's naturally large eyes got even larger, as did the grin on his smooth young face. "Would you like to see them?" If he'd nodded his head any harder he would have suffered whiplash.I had already separated the magazines into piles and since I had my own agenda the first one that I brought out was a man boy publication. The cover showed a man sitting in an arm chair with a boy about Ryder's age sitting sort of sideways on his lap. Both are clothed and looking at each other. The inside cover shows the same thing, almost. They are both naked, the man's rock hard cock is stand between the boy's pale thighs with the shaft resting against the boy's hairless balls. Nn Preteen Modles The boy is naked as well, hard as a rock with the man's thumb and fingers holding the boys' shaft.It should be noted that these magazines were European and as such, the males weren't circumcised. Ryder had plenty of questions about that so I took the time to explain the whys and where fore's of the pagan practice. In any case, in the magazine the boy's upper body is turned sideway and the two are engaged in a mouth opened kiss. The next few pages show fondling, sucking, riming, and kissing as well as the man's cock buried deep in side the boy's asshole and from a variety Nn Preteen Modles of positions. The expression on the boy's face, when you can see his face, is one of rapture."Oh my God," Ryder exclaimed when he saw a close-up of the man's cock as far inside the boy as it could go. He was doing the boy from behind so both sets of balls were very visible. Ryder's first curse did not go unnoticed by me either. As we thumbed through the magazine Ryder continued to squeeze, pull, and push on his cock whose head and a small part of the shaft were visibly red from the blood being held in there."Do you want to do that to me Thomas," he asked as he looked at the photo and then at me."Well, yeah, I guess that would be really great Ryder but I couldn't and wouldn't unless you were sure that was what you wanted." He thought about that for a moment."I'm not sure either but it sure felt good with your finger in there and that boy doesn't look like he's in any pain at all," he said, pointing to the picture of the boy with the beatific smile on his face. That statement gave me some hope that, at least once, Ryder would let me fuck him.We finished that magazine and went to the other which really excited my boy lover because it was about boys; teenage boys kissing, stroking, sucking and fucking other teenage boys and preteen boys. Some of the boys were hung as well as I was and seeing boys his age take those large hard cocks up their ass made an impression on Ryder. Regardless of all of that though, the boy seemed to really appreciate seeing boys involved with other boys. He told me later that is just seemed to appeal to him more. I had a variety of such magazine, Piccolo being one of them, over the next few days Ryder and I poured through them.During that time my young lover boy became more comfortable with and desirous of kissing. He liked lying with me, hugging and holding and rubbing while engaged in a mouth open, tongue tangling kissing. He also rimmed me and found that he liked doing it although not as Nn Preteen Modles much as having it done to him. It helped I think that I shaved my asshole and my balls, the latter earning plenty of comments about how soft they were. We both engaged in finger fucking as well, Ryder having found my prostate and commenting Nn Preteen Modles how hard it became when I squirted. Ryder discovered the sensitivity of nipples, necks, and other hot spots and loved having all of them kissed and/or sucked on or nuzzled. And we came, 4-5 times a day.School had finally let out for the summer although Gabby enrolled in summer quarter and continued to work a full time job so Ryder spent much of the time with me. Before the first week was done I'd let the boy fuck me.It was the first night that Ryder spent the night with me. Gabby was working late and had an offer to go out with some of the girls to a lake side cabin after work. She rarely took time for herself so when she told Ryder about it he encouraged her to go, as did I when the two of them approached me with the idea. Ryder had spent much of the day with her so when we got back to the apartment after dinner he was hot to look at porn."I haven't cum all day Thomas," he said with a grin. My response was,"Oh you poor boy," but it was done with a grin as well. I had yet to show the boy the hetero young stuff that I had and chose that evening to do so. When I did he asked me why I hadn't shown it to him before that and I didn't have an answer, but he did."You like boys more than girls don't you Thomas?" He asked the question in a gentle manner that wasn't condemning or accusatory in any way. For the first time in my life I admitted to another person that yes, I preferred boys. Ryder's response to that was,"I'm glad Thomas otherwise I might not have learned all this stuff from you." And that was that. The first book that we looked at had a man, a girl and a boy a little younger than Ryder along with another boy probably 15 or so. Through a series of photos we saw the boys take the girls clothes off and then their own. We watch the girl suck both cocks and the close ups of her naked smooth pussy in both it's natural state and with the lips pulled open so that everything was exposed. I slowly took Ryder's jeans and underwear off as he lay on my bed looking through the glossy pictures, then went about sucking his cock and licking his balls.I stopped when he got to the actual fucking because those images were a turn on for me; a preteen girl and boy and an older boy, not to mention the man. The little boys' cock hardly made any difference in the girls' cunt when he fucked her but the older boy and then the man were a different story. There was a shot of the teenage boy lying on his back, the girl sitting on his hard cock facing the camera with almost nothing but his heavy hairy balls hanging out. There were a few images of the little boy licking on her pussy as well as the thick boy meat that was stuffed inside of her, spreading her cunt hole. There were a few images of the end of the act, the boy having pulled out of her cunt then jacked off, shooting his teenage sperm on her pussy, belly, and everything else."God that is so hot to see Thomas," Ryder exclaimed, the curse word again not going unnoticed. "My dick is as hard as it's ever been." I reached over and squeezed him, Ryder stopping all movement to allow me to explore his rampant boyhood charms. I was well up into a fog of hotness myself."How would you like to fuck me baby boy?" His large eyes got larger."Do you mean it Thomas? Really, you'll let me fuck you?" The first time he'd used that word as well. When Ryder entered me I was on my back, knees almost level with my ears. I wanted to watch the expressions of emotion flash across his smooth young face as he lost his virginity. The one that he had as he slipped his cocklet into my ass was classic.Ryder gave it a good go, as dedicated to the job as any young boy might be but still it was by no means the best fuck I'd ever gotten. Remember that the boy wasn't all the big in the cock department but as he was fucking me I wondered how big he'd be in say, a year from then. He finally came, his smooth face exhibiting the mixed expression of pain and pleasure that often accompanies an orgasm as he fucked his cum into me, my hands on his narrow little butt encouraging him.After we'd cleaned up Ryder told me how incredible it had felt and how much he loved doing it and I of course told him that he was the best which made the boy beam with pride. We thumbed through some other publications gazing on images of a man with a girl about 10 years old. There were plenty of close-ups of his cock buried inside of her pale smooth cunt and from a variety of positions. Seeing him fuck her from behind while they lay on their sides was interesting to Ryder and he passed a comment on it.In another publication like the first one, two teenage boys and a girl of maybe 9 or 10 went through all of the now familiar motions but the one that got my young lover the most was a double fuck. We saw them on their sides, looking from their feet upward, the girl's leg held high and out of the way. The boy with the largest cock, a good 7 or more inches long went in from the front and then we saw the younger boy begin to push five and half or so inches up her asshole. Finally the boys are fully inside of the little girl and I have to say it even made dick harder whenever I looked at those images. There were plenty of others where one boy was fucking the girl while she sucked on the other boy's cock and plenty where one boy was fucking the other boy and the girl sucked whatever cock was available.I had a couple of magazines titled Family Fun which of course depicted models that were supposedly all of the same family, and I suspected that in truth they were. One had the obligatory parents, two boys and two girls. The oldest was a boy about 14 and other one maybe nine or ten. The two girls were maybe 9 and possibly 12, the latter having begun to grow some tits but whose pussy was still smooth although the lips were more puffy than the younger girl. Again, there were more combinations that one can imagine and the mother was into it all. She gets fucked by both boys as do the girls. The littlest boy fucks the youngest girl and we see some good close-ups of his cocklet as it moves inside of his sister's bald cunt. Dad fucks every body including the boys and the oldest boy fucks the youngest one as well as his father and his mother. Ryder allowed as how he couldn't imagine doing that with his mother and wasn't sure he could do it with a sister if he had one.The last genre I had was mothers and sons. There wasn't a theme to it as in, a set of images with the same models, although there were a few instances where there were 2-3 images of the same couple. Instead it was a variety of photos of women with boys and believe me they were doing every thing imaginable.Ryder and I had sucked and fondled each other while we poured through the magazine, both of us having comments about this one or that. We came again, this time Ryder sucking me until I unloaded my sperm into his mouth. Later that night Ryder fucked me again and afterward we talked a little bit."I really love looking at that stuff Thomas. Seeing the boy's fucking each other and sucking each other's cocks and stuff is pretty hot to me. I think I like the boy and girl stuff more though. I think that I'm going to like fucking girls more than boys. I love fucking you though, don't get me wrong, and sucking your cock and stuff but I think I'm meant to fuck girls." As you can see, Ryder was now using the slang terms for everything."Well I can understand the sweet boy. We're all a little different. The talk moved around to the variety of magazines that I owned and aside from the one marriage manual I'd shown him most of the stuff I had was adults and children with some boy girl stuff thrown in. Ryder didn't miss that and surmised that even though I liked boys, I liked seeing younger girls being sexy as well."Have you ever been with a girl Thomas, not a woman but a young girl?" I shook my head, said that Nn Preteen Modles I hadn't and he wanted to know if it was something that I wanted to do or would I do it if the chance came up. I danced around the topic but it didn't do much good so by the time it was over I'd admitted that it was something I'd be interested in but only if the circumstances made it relatively safe.As summer moved on we celebrated Ryder's 13th birthday by going to the zoo, something he really enjoyed a lot. His mother took the evening off and had me over for cake and ice cream and the present opening. Among the safe things I got him, I bought Ryder a stroke book, all hetero of course in the horrible event that his mother found it stashed in his room at some point in the future. As a guard against that he left it at my house and since any time we spent looking at porn we looked at my stuff, his magazine remained in pristine condition until he moved away.My birthday came along in August and Ryder's present to me was his virgin asshole. Up until then I'd finger fucked him plenty of times, got him off while I massaged his prostate, and of course the boy fucked me on a regular basis. When he suggest that I fuck him I knew better than to ask if he was sure. The topic had come up on many occasions, usually by him, and he said that if and when he did it, he would be ready.So it was on a balmy mid month evening that Ryder offered himself to me. The boy had grown some since our first Nn Preteen Modles encounter, his young cock now reaching a solid five and a quarter inches. His moss had grown as well, his balls were bigger and hung lower and were producing more sperm. It wasn't just drops either but at times some nice little streaks of the love juice.We spend a great deal of time doing things that raised Ryder's heat level then I did another 15 minutes letting him lay back and enjoy while I sucked his growing cock, licked his puckered little asshole and finger fucked him. He finally told me that I'd better get it done quick or he was going to squirt and since my dick was already lubed and ready to load I maneuvered up close to him. He was on his back, his legs pulled way up, so when I gently pulled my two fingers out of him I slipped my swollen cock head in. I was watching his face and while he grimaced slightly he didn't cry out or anything instead he looked at me with eyes that were barely open and in a voice deeper than usual said,And I did, watching as Nn Preteen Modles inch after inch passed through the rectal muscle to lodge inside of the boy. The long awaited event was heaven, the tightness of his virgin asshole exquisitely wonderful, the expression on his face beautiful. I held his legs back for him as I began the process, pulling out and moving slowly back inside of him. It didn't take long before Ryder was moaning from the pleasure of getting his first fucking and my own little sounds could be heard as well. I finally draped his legs over my arms and leaned forward to put my hands flat on the bed, raising his asshole upward. From there I could move almost downward and I did. It didn't take long before I was plunging back inside the boys' ass, my balls making a whacking sound as they smacked against butt."Oh fuck I'm gonna cum Thomas I'm gonna cum," he whispered and a second later he groaned loudly and his asshole constricted against my cock as began squirting his sperm out, totally unassisted by his hand. I felt my own orgasm building to a crescendo and then erupting. I found myself grinding my ass in circles as I pressed my body tightly against his, pulling out and slamming back into him, trying to angle in from slightly off center. Below me Ryder cried out and moaned louder and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the boy was pleased with his first fuck.I finally slowed and then stopped and Ryder smiled at me. I leaned my head down and kissed him tenderly on the lips then rubbed nosed with him."That was pretty incredible Thomas," he said when I backed my head away. I agreed with him. He asked if it had been worth the wait and I assured him that it had been, and I wasn't lying. He said that he was Nn Preteen Modles getting uncomfortable so I moved backwards onto my knees and lowered his legs, keeping my cock firmly lodged inside of him. I reached out for his hands, took them, and pulled him upright so that he was sitting on my lap, still impaled on my cock."This is kind of interesting," he said, his arms wrapped around my neck and mine on his waist. He had to take one hand away and allow it to investigate where our bodies were connected, stating that it felt weird but really good."So you enjoyed this," I stated rather than asked. His arms were back around my neck, our faces about 6 inches apart and he smiled."Very much Thomas," he said. We stayed that way a while talking and giving each other little kisses. We talked about the fact that he'd come without jacking off which he thought was pretty amazing. I'd already cleaned him off with a small hand towel I kept close by and after a bit the boy observed that we were both still hard as rocks. Ryder allowed as how it would be a shame to let them go to waste, and one thing led to another, and before long I was flat on my back while the boy straddled my body and in effect, fucked me. The kid rode me like a trooper, moving his little ass every which way. The position allowed me access to his growing cock and as I got closer to sperming I jacked him off so that we came together, an always wonderful and desired moment. The expressions that flowed across Ryder's smooth face told me that he enjoyed this action better than the first and gave me hope that this wouldn't be a one time event.Afterwards we showered then lay in bed holding each other and talking about it, processing I believe the psych people call it. Essentially Ryder had enjoyed the experience, not sure whether he preferred the passive or the active role better. He also allowed as how he still felt that he like fucking to being fucked and over the next 4 months he had me fuck him on the average of about twice a month. We tried it in a variety of different places and positions, once with him lying at the very edge of my dining room table which produced more than a few sly Nn Preteen Modles looks from him when his mother ate with us, sitting at the place where I'd fucked her son.Gabby finally finished her two year degree that December, became an RN and moved from our suburban community into the city proper in order to both go to work as well as pursue a BSN. Ryder and I stayed in touch by phone for a few months but that slowly fell by the wayside. I thought of him often and when I jacked off, it was always from the memories of our relationship. I didn't go out to find another boy any more than I'd been looking for one when Ryder and I hooked up. I loved the boy dearly and I knew that he loved me, for he'd told me often enough, and I missed him terribly, just as I missed my own children whom I hadn't seen in over 2 years because they were living in Germany where her new husband had gotten stationed.I finally moved out of the apartment into a house which was something that I'd missed considerably from when we were a family. My ex had contacted me saying that they were being stationed about 3 hours from where I lived and both she and the kids wanted to re-establish our relationship. A three bedroom house would be necessary for those visits. It was there, on one Thursday evening in late May that I got a phone call."Is this Thomas?" The voice was deepened and sounded like a student and I immediately figured that it one of mine, many of them having permission to call me. It was a rare event when one of them called me Mr. Field, so being addressed by my first name wasn't unusual in the least."Yes, who am I speaking to?" There was a slight pause then,"This is Ryder."
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