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Nn Preteen Tgp

(2011-11-22 19:57:10)


Related article: Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2010 10:13:37 -0800 (PST) From: Tague Micheals Subject: A Curious BoyThis story was originally intended to be bi-sexual but as usual I felt that I needed to lay some ground work before going there. I hope that it's satisfactory as it is. There is no truth to it. It's a story. I'm not a 31 year old college professor nor is there a boy anywhere in my life, let alone one that looks like Ryder. I rather wish there were, not for sex but simply to gaze upon. The story contains sexual activity between a man and a preteen boy. If you don't like this sort of thing, if it's illegal where you live, perhaps you consider leaving and going to Reader's digest home page. Otherwise, N-joiHugs Tag_mI pretty much knew when I first began the relationship with Ryder that the hot little 12 year old really was a straight boy at heart. I knew that the sexual experiences that we shared were centered around his curiosity as well as his getting off as often, and in as many ways, as possible. I had no doubt that the boy loved me, maybe even as much as I loved him, but there was no way I ever expected that he and I would be lovers beyond his teenage years let alone for the rest of our days. In fact if we were still sexually involved past his 15th year I would have been surprised.I didn't particularly believe that, like me, he was bi-sexual either. Okay, I honestly don't know if I'm bi or not. I mean, I was married, had fathered 2 kids that I never got to see once the bitch left me, although I was required to send the support checks. The reality was that I was seriously attracted to boys; boys between the ages of 12 and16 although the closer to the beginning of puberty the better. Unfortunately I hadn't had a whole lot of experiences with boys. Nn Preteen Tgp Some, yes, but the grand total was barely into the double digits. My masturbatory fantasies almost always centered on a boy or boys. Every so often they would involved the female of the species but only if it was intergenerational, that is, a young boy with an older woman, a man or a boy with a pre-pubertal female. But those were few and far between.No, I figured that I was mostly gay, if there is such a thing. I'd had my share of sexual experiences as a teenager but hadn't been with a female until I was in college. I plowed that field for awhile, eventually got married but divorced within 6 years. While the reasons for the divorce were varied I'm sure that part of it was because I didn't fuck her enough. I was busy jacking off thinking about being with boys.I met Ryder while I was teaching at a community college in a medium sized city of a hundred thousand people. He and his mother moved into an apartment in the building where I lived in early January. She and I ran into each other as I was coming out of an elevator and she was waiting to go in, carrying a laundry basket filled with the usual cleaning agents and tools."Professor Anderson," she said, the shock of seeing me quite apparent. Gabrielle, her nickname was Gabby of course, was in one of the classes I taught and I was her advisor. Gabby was a beautiful woman. In her late 20's she was the typical high school cheerleader type: long blond hair, big tits and a tight little ass."Hey Gabby," I responded, "Are you moving in?" Nn Preteen Tgp She nodded her head,"Yeah; me and my 12 year old son. Do you live here?" I confirmed that I did. I wasn't thrilled with the idea of one of my students living so close to Nn Preteen Tgp me. It wasn't that I had anything to hide particularly; I just wasn't keen on the idea. However, hearing that she had a 12 year old son sparked my interest. It wasn't that I intended on making a play for him but given how attractive his mother was I was sure any child of hers had to be cute and thus provide some new fantasy material at least. Boy howdy was he.I ended up meeting him later that day as he was carrying a large box from their car to the apartment and noticed immediately that Ryder took after his mother in a variety of ways. If I was attracted to women I could have fallen for Gabby but loving boys as I did, my heart flipped at the sight of Ryder. He was a compact boy, about 5 feet even, and couldn't have weighed more than a buck ten, and that was being generous. His sandy brown hair was slightly long and shaggy but didn't detract in any way; in fact it gave him a bit of an impish look that enhanced his large hazel/green eyes. His face, wider at his cheek bones and more narrow toward the chin, was smooth and blemish free. The pale skin was soft looking, his nose narrow and slightly bobbed, his lips the most perfect and most sensual that I'd seen in some time.Ryder and I hit it off that first day. I overheard his mother telling him that she needed to get to work and that he'd have to fend for himself in terms of dinner. Clearly the boy wasn't all that thrilled with the idea and I found out from him later it was mostly due to his being new to that part of the city and not knowing anyone. I intervened and offered to stand him to his first meal. Gabby was both gratified and reluctant; not wanting to intrude on me but I was fairly insistent, assuring her that it was not problem. I elected to take him out to a burger place close to the college and afterward we took my remote controlled car out to the parking lot and ran it around until it was almost too dark to see. From that point on we were friends.Because Gabby was in school part-time and worked full time Ryder was alone a great deal. The boy's father had not been in the picture since Ryder was 2 and part of the reason that Gabby moved was because she had broken up with her boyfriend of 4 years and moved out of his house. She had confided in me that the Nn Preteen Tgp man wasn't all that fond of children and while not abusive to Ryder, he didn't spend any time doing things with the boy. Like any boy, Ryder seemed to need a positive adult male in his life and so it was that he gravitated to me quite easily. His mother seemed to feel the same way about her son's need and allowed him to spend as much time with me as I would allow. Again, she was reluctant in the beginning but saw how close her son and I became in such a short time. Fortunately Gabby didn't see me as "mate material" and gravitate to me like her son did. That would have posed some serious problems all the way around.The relationship became physical fairly quickly and of course was initiated by Ryder. It began, typically, with goofing around; tickling, pushing and other sorts of things that boys do to get physical attention. It progressed to an arm around the waist when we were walking somewhere, hugging hello and goodbye, cuddling on the sofa while watching TV. Kissing was added to the mix but that was primarily when he was saying goodbye and then only if his mother wasn't present. It didn't take long before he told me that he wished that I could be his dad. One of the classes that I taught was on sex and sexuality and as such I had a variety of books on the topic which of course Ryder discovered fairly early on. In keeping with that and his age it wasn't a big surprise when Ryder first asked questions about sex. Bear in mind that this was the early 70's and the internet had not yet been invented and boys his age often retained their innocence, often times into their teens. It is equally possible that for one reason or another his mother recommended that he talk to me if he had questions.Ryder's initial questions had to do with physical development. Small in stature for his age, the boy apparently wasn't developing as fast Nn Preteen Tgp he would have liked, but then what boy did. So it was, about 5 months into our relationship, when he proudly announced to me that he'd "finally started getting hairs on his dick.""Ya wanna see em Thomas," he asked excitement and pride quite evident in his still high pitched voice. I was pretty sure he knew what I'd say or he wouldn't have asked so when I said yes he quickly unsnapped and unzipped his jeans then pulled the waistband of his white cotton briefs down, keeping all but the base of his cock hidden. I got to my knees for a close up view and indeed there some light blond strands at the base of his boyhood pride and joy. "Feel how soft they are," he said so I put my finger against his pubic bone and gently rubbing it back and forth a few times."Yep, they are very soft," I told him then stood up. "I'm very proud of you Ryder," I said as he re-zipped and buttoned and as soon as he was done he hugged me. I hugged him back, loving the feeling of having the boy in my arms."Do you think I'll be making sperm soon Thomas," he asked me."If you aren't making sperm already then it shouldn't be too long before you are.""But how will I know," he asked. I was a little puzzled by his question, assuming that just about any 12 year old boy would know the answer to that question. My education, training, and teaching experience kicked in and reminded me that people learn at different paces."Have you not started to masturbate Ryder," I asked him. He shook his head so I asked him if he knew the basics, knew how it was done."Well, sort of I guess. You just move your dick around." I nodded my head."Well, it's a little more complicated than that but essentially I suppose you're right.""Can you show me Thomas; can you show me how to do it?" If I was surprised by his first question, I was shocked by the second one. Showing the adorably cute boy how to engage in a male's favorite and time honored past time was something that I would love to do, had even jacked off fantasizing about it. But fantasizing about it and doing it were two distinctly different things, one of which was a jail-able offense."Umm, well, I...""Please Thomas. I really want to know about that stuff." The boy wasn't exactly pleading but close to it and it was a behavior that I'd not seen from him before."Well, Ryder, that isn't exactly the kind of thing that an adult shows a boy how to do. I could explain it to you I suppose." He seemed a little disappointed but agreed that would work. I decided that using one of my books might help so went over to the wall of bookshelves, searched for a moment then pulled a thick tome from the shelf. The book was one of those over sized hardbound volumes, like an atlas, with heavy gauge paper and glossy photographs and had been published in Sweden in the 1965. I headed toward the sofa where Ryder joined me and typical of his behavior he snuggled up close to me."Before we start Ryder, I need to ask you not to share what I'm doing with your friends. I mean, you can tell them whatever you want about what you learn but please keep me out of it, okay?" He nodded his head in agreement and I opened the book, thumbing the pages until I found what I was looking for.The place I stopped at began with a series of photographs the first one being a row of males that started with a boy about 5-6 and ended with an adult male. They were all naked of course so it showed the growth and maturation process which was particularly evident in the crotch. I thumbed to another page that was a series of images, 6 to a page that showed the area between the navel and knees of a male standing up. Judging from the size of the genitalia, body development and lack of body hair except a small patch of dark fuzz at the base of the softened cock, it appeared that the model was a boy between the ages of 13 and 15.The pictures began with the boy standing with his arms Nn Preteen Tgp at his sides and his cock, about 4 inches or so long, in its default state. The next 5 pictures showed the cock in various stages of erection ending with it fully erected and standing proudly in front of its owners' flat belly, the hairless sac of balls in full hang, one below the other."It got alot bigger," Ryder exclaimed, pointing at the last photo, "and the head looks red." Indeed the appendage had stretched out to a good 6 inches and the head was engorged from the excess blood that was captured there. The next series of pictures showed the boy gripping his hard cock with a thumb and two fingers, starting at the middle of his dick then various positions moving upward then back downward. One could also see a difference in how the boy's balls hung when the fingers were all the way up or all the way down. There were 10 of them so it gave a good depiction of the topic at hand, so to speak. The next series of images were closer in and showed a small amount of sperm oozing out of the slit then more and more until there was a stream of cum running down the underside of the head and onto the boy's fingers.The next series of images would have been considered pornographic if seen on their own or in Nn Preteen Tgp anything other than a legitimate educational text. The purpose was to show that ejaculations were not all the same and most of them depicted the subject lying down. Where one image showed the model with a puddle cum or drops of cum directly under the spermy head of his cock, others showed the chest or bellies of the model with sperm splashed all over the place, some in large drops and of course some in slashes of thick white goo.The sizes of cock, balls, and pubic patches were varied indicating that a number of models were used. Some of the cocks were uncut and the foreskins were in various stages of full and partial retraction all of which prompted more questions from the cute young thing seated next to me. Looking at the pages caused me to begin to harden up and while I'd used them for jacking off from time to time I think the reason for firming up that time was because Ryder was looking at them with me and I wondered if it was having the same effect on the boy. I got the answer to that question immediately."Gosh," Ryder said softly, "looking at this makes my dick go hard. Is it spose to do that Thomas?" I chuckled a little."Well, I don't think that "supposed" is a word I would use but certainly the word "can" or "does" is appropriate. Looking at photos like this causes plenty of guys react that way Ryder." His hand went to the crotch of his shorts and pushed at whatever he found, which I assumed to be his rigid cock."Does it do that to you too?" I told him that sometimes it did and when he asked if I was hard right then I had to think about what to say then nodded my head. "I don't feel so bad then," he said, palm still pushing slightly at his groin. I asked why he might feel bad about it and Nn Preteen Tgp he said he wasn't sure but that having that happen while looking at guys seemed weird. I explained that it wasn't weird at all. He seemed to understand."Are there any pictures of girls in there," he asked quietly, as if his mother might somehow hear him. I smiled and said there were but I wasn't sure I wanted to go quite that far with him and explained that there might be other sources for that information."Please Thomas," he asked. "I'm really curious about that stuff too and I trust you, you're my best friend. Please?" The best friend part probably had more bearing on my decision than anything else. Without saying anything I flipped to the part of the book about female anatomy and maturation. Again there were images of females, this time from the neck to mid thigh, starting at about 5 years old and ending with a fully matured female. The ones of girls around puberty and a little older were the most interesting as we saw the labia begin to enlarge as well as the boobs, the clitoris become more visible and of course the growth of pubic hair. Those images showed the beginning of hair growth with a few strands around the slit, going to a strip of moss just around the slit and progressing to a full on snatch thatch. We saw the change in tits as well. Of course Ryder asked questions and I answered them. He was also curious about the clitoris and it's function so I explained even more."Do girls masturbate?" I explained that masturbation was more prevalent in older females than younger and of course the boy wanted to see some pictures. I flipped back to the masturbation section, found what I was looking for. The images showed the females on their backs, legs spread and focused on their groin. Clitorises were very evident along with fingers rubbing on them. There were some images of women using dildos as well, the photographer having gotten right up close to the action."Gosh seeing that stuff makes my dick even harder and my belly tingle Thomas," Ryder said, looking up and me. I told him I understood completely. His next question was expected and I figured "what the hell; in for a penny in for a pound," so I turned the pages to what he had requested.These images were of adults of course and showed a female being penetrated by a male. One series showed it from above, looking down and another set showed it from behind and between the models legs. Both of them appeared to have been single frames taken from a film. The ones from behind the models were the most graphic I thought because we saw the woman's legs spread open and the man poised above her. On his hand and knees, his legs helping keep the woman's legs spread open, his cock was angled downward toward the hairy gash of her sex. His large balls hung in air, dangling like so much fruit and looking as though sac had fallen out of his exposed asshole. The second image shows the man's ass Nn Preteen Tgp a little lower, with his cock head right at the entrance, directed there by the woman's fingers. That was followed by the head having disappeared inside, then his cock half way in and ended with it all the way inside with his balls resting against her flesh. The female had been partially shaved so it was easy to see every crease, fold, and protrusion as well as how much the woman's cunt had stretched to accommodate the man. There were some images of the woman sitting on the man both facing to the camera and away. These were in a series as well so we saw everything from only the head being inserted to nothing but balls visible. Needless to say Ryder was almost breathless and his hand was busy at the crotch of his shorts.That section was followed by a section that was very Kama Sutra like with single images of couples in various positions. Needless to say we couldn't really see the actual penetration in most of them but that didn't really matter. Ryder asked to see the boy masturbating pictures again so I flipped to that section and after looking at them for a good two minutes, Ryder continuing to fondle at the crotch of his shorts."Gosh I feel all nervous like, and anxious. I mean, I feel all sexy and it makes me want to rip my clothes Thomas," he said and I noticed that Nn Preteen Tgp his voice tone had dropped a notch indicating that he was all up in a fog of hotness."I understand completely Ryder," I said. "This is where most guys would want to masturbate. It relives that nervous and anxious feeling.""Well can you show me how to do it please?" I gave that some careful consideration and while I was thinking he said "please" again, his voice on the verge of desperation. I nodded my head."Okay Ryder but you have to promise not to say a word to anyone. I could go to jail for a long time because of it." There was a certain amount of desperation in my own voice. Ryder promised he wouldn't, then asked what he needed to do."I guess you should start by taking your pants down." I suggested that he might be more comfortable lying down so stood up to give him room."Gosh Thomas it looks like you're hard too," he said, looking directly at the front of my Dockers. Looking down I saw that it was indeed quite apparent."Maybe we should do it together," he suggested. That thought had crossed my mind but I figured that if we did it together he would do his and I would do mine and I really wanted to do his. I wanted to be the first to go there with him, to show him the pleasures of being touched by someone else, the pleasure of experiencing an orgasm."Well, let's get you taken care of first, okay, then I'll think about it. Ryder stretched out on the sofa but rested his head and shoulders on the arm so that he easily see everything that happened to him. Once he was settled in I knelt next to him, reached down and hooked my fingers in the waistband of his shorts and underwear. Ryder lifted his narrow little butt up off the sofa and I slid his clothing down at the same time that he pulled his t-shirt up. The boy was everything that I ever dreamed of and hoped for.His cock was stone hard, quivering, standing almost straight up in the air. About four to four and a half inches in length, he was circumcised, the head seeming to be a perfect shape. His balls were totally smooth and one was still held between his thighs, the other one more visible."Why don't I take these all the way off," I suggest and he Nn Preteen Tgp nodded his head. Once his clothes were off he let his legs spread out and his balls hung between his pale smooth thighs. I could see a few of the hairs poking out around the base of his cock and the desire to put my face in there to suck and lick and just take in his odors was almost overwhelming. I reached over and took hold of the rampant little cock between my thumb and two fingers, then wrapped my fingers around it and gave it a good squeeze before returning to a fingers and thumb grip. Ryder inhaled sharply.I began to stroke him, sliding the skin up and down, watching his balls rise slightly as I did it. Ryder's eyes closed briefly as the brand new feelings ripped through his compact little body for the first time in his life."Gosh that feels good Thomas," he said quietly."I'm glad that it does Ryder. It's going to get even better in a few moments. I continued to admire his young body as I jacked him off. As I said his belly flat and taut and because he was lying flat, the points of his hips rose up on each side of him. His skin looked so soft and smooth. I wanted to run my fingers and then my lips and tongue over every single inch of his body. I looked at his cock, swollen and flushed red with blood, and thought of the day that I was going to suck him somehow knowing that he was going to let me.Ryder's breathing started to come a little faster while occasionally a low moan came from his throat. I saw his belly constrict and relax as his body geared up for what was likely the very first orgasm that the boy would experience."Oh gosh Thomas it's starting to tickle," he said and after a second added, "really bad Thomas.""Stick with it Ryder," I said, "you're almost there," gripping his cock a little harder and moving a little faster. Then his entire body went stiff, his hands pressing into the sofa at his sides."Oh god, oh god," he cried out as entirely new and incredibly intense feelings rippled through his body. His cocklet got a Nn Preteen Tgp little harder against my fingers and thumb and then wonder of wonders, a little blob of liquid popped out the slit and landed on his belly. Ryder was breathing very heavily by then but had relaxed his body and I continued to jack him off. A little more liquid oozed out and the show was over, until the next time."Well, it looks like you're a sperming boy now Ryder," I told him. The boy opened his eyes, looked at me, and then at the small drop of cum on his lower belly. I'd wanted to wipe my finger across his sperm then lick it off but didn't because I knew that he would want to investigate, and he did."Weird," was about all he said after rubbing the droplet between his thumb and finger, sniffing at it then wiping it on the sofa. He looked at me and smiled. "I did it didn't I?""You sure did Ryder." He seemed about as proud as any boy who'd had his first liquid orgasm and I was extremely happy for him."Are you going to masturbate now Thomas?" My cock was as hard as it had ever been, uncomfortable in my cargo shorts. Still, I was a little gun shy about exposing myself to Nn Preteen Tgp a 12 year old boy. I wanted to, believe me, but still it was a little scary."Please Thomas. I'll never tell a soul, honest and true, I wouldn't. I really want to see how a man does it, to see a man's dick and stuff." I got to my feet, told Ryder to scoot over so the boy sat upright, still leaning against the corner of the sofa. I don't know why I didn't just shuck my clothes right where I stood but I didn't. I unbuttoned my pants then sat down on the sofa next to him. I pulled my shirt up under my chin, hooked my thumbs in the waistband of shorts and briefs, lifted my butt enough to get my clothing lower than my cheeks, then shoved everything down to my ankles and sat back.Ryder's eye went wide open and his jaw dropped slightly then he could utter a "Holy smokes." I am about seven and on quarter inches when full tumescent and right then, I was full on boned up. I'm fairly thick as well, my cock head about as swollen as one can be. My balls tended toward being heavy, and while not huge, I believe they're bigger than average, and thus were hanging low enough for the skin to touch the sofa cushion under my butt. I started shaving down there after my wife left me, thinking that it made my groin area look younger than my 31 years, and my stuff look bigger, as if that were even necessary. As such, my balls were completely smooth and the thick nest of black curls at the base of my dick were kept in a neat patch that didn't extend to my hip creases or more than 3 inches above the base of my dick. Ryder simply stared at it for a good 10 seconds after his first utterance."Gosh Thomas, it's huge," he said, his voice indicating his awe. "Can I touch it?" I nodded my head and the boy moved closer to me, putting his feet on the floor then reaching over and taking hold of my cock. He squeezed up and down the length of me, as if to gauge its firmness. The feelings of another hand, a boys' hand, on my cock shot waves of pleasure though me. It had been 10 years since a boy had touched me and Ryder's touch brought back memories of my youth, my college days, and a 16 year old boy that I'd hooked up with."It's so hard and warm," he said as he stroked me a couple of times, "and your balls are huge too. I bet they make a ton of sperm." He was quiet for a second, his eyes taking me in. "Do you want me to masturbate you Thomas," he finally asked. Of course I did want him to jack me off or at least keep his hand on me, playing with my stuff, but I knew that it might take forever before I squirted."Do you want to try? It generally takes awhile for me to cum," I responded. He had a questioning expression on his smooth face. "Cum is the slang term for sperm, to cum means the sperm coming out or the overall feelings of having an orgasm. As long as we're on the topic, guys don't generally use the word masturbate, that's for teachers or parents talking to their sons. The general term is jack off, but often guys say beat off or jerk off. But there are tons of other terms like whack off, bone off, pull one off, stroke the joker, spank the monkey, slap the python or the snake, choke the chicken, flog the dolphin, squeeze the weasel." As I said it, I don't think I'd ever realized how many animals were included in the description. Ryder smiled at me and said,"Well, okay, which one do you want me to do?" I had to laugh but simply told him to call it whatever he chose but to go ahead and do it if he wanted to. Ryder maneuvered his body then took hold of me again and began the process, stroking me 3-4 times then asking if he was doing it right. I explained that there was no right or wrong when it came to jacking off and guys usually found some techniques that they favored, but he was doing fine. Actually it was more than fine for me, it was great. The boy went at it with enthusiasm, gripping me firmly about mid shaft and managing a full length stroke."If your arm gets tired let me know, okay, cuz it takes me a lot longer than it does you." He made eye contact with me, nodded his head, and refocused on my dick and what he was doing to it."What's that shiny stuff coming out Thomas," he asked me. I tend to make a fair amount of precum and now that my underwear weren't in place to soak it up, there it was, leaking out of my piss slit."It's called precum Ryder. It leaks out when a guy is hard and feeling sexy." I explained the purpose of the gooey stuff which Ryder seemed to simply accept. About 2 minutes into it Ryder changed hands and I wasn't yet feeling any of the familiar tingle that told me I was getting closer."I have an idea, if your willing Ryder." He asked what. "How about if I sort of lie on the sofa and you kneel along side and if you don't mind, let me sort of play with your cock and your balls, that should help speed things up." He said that was fine, we both moved to new positions and as he took hold of my cock and returned to stroking it I reached over and began fondling the boy. I started with his delectable balls, cupping and gently squeezing the soft orbs. That brought a smile to the boys' face."That feels really good Thomas," he said. I felt things start to happen in my balls, my belly, the signs of building up to orgasm."What you're doing feels pretty good too," I responded softly. I moved my hand up and began stroking him again, closing my eyes for a moment to allow my fingers to be my primary sense. When I opened them I could see that Ryder was beginning to tire so reached down and gently enclosed my hand over his and began jacking myself off. To his credit the boy didn't try to take his hand away but let hold it there. From there, the feelings came quicker and it only took a half minute before I told him that I was going to cum and when I asked if he wanted to do it he nodded his head so I took my hand away."Grip it a little tighter," I whispered and almost as soon as he I groaned out loud and the first of six solid volleys of sperm shot out onto my chest. Considering the length of my cock it wasn't that big of a reach but still and all it impressed the hell out of the youngster."Wwwooooww," Ryder exclaimed after the third squirt, drawing the word out. He continued to stroke, I continued to play with him, and my cock continued to ejaculate, cum finally oozing out and running down over the boys' fingers then dropping onto my heaving belly. "That's a lot of stuff Thomas," he said, "does it always shoot out that much?""If I were to do it again in a few minutes, or even later today, not usually, but if I wait for a few days, say three or four or more, yes it would be about the same.""Well I sure don't want to wait three or four days. Heck I don't want to wait three or four hours," he said. He had already let go of my dick then turned his hand every which way in order to fully investigate the white goo on it, sniffing it, touching with the fingertips of his other hand. He then pressed another finger into the stuff and slowly separated them, causing a silver strand to stretch from one finger to the other until it broke; a pretty typical boy behavior.I had let go of his boy stuff and my hand found its way to my dick where it squeezed and stroked gently in the typical afterglow of a sperming. When I chuckled at his statement about not wanting to wait he asked,"What?" I went on to explain that was pretty typical of boys when they first discovered the feelings of orgasm; that they wanted to do it again and they generally did. I further explained that, boys his age often jacked off every day, or almost, and sometimes 2-3 times in one day. I told him that boys often jacked off together and that competitions about how much, how far it could shoot, who could cum the fastest or hold out the longest were quite common."Boys do it together," he asked as if not sure that heard me correctly. "Do they do it to each other like we did?""Oh hell yes," I said with a grin. I was hoping to get the boy to that point, to somehow offer up the idea that sexual interaction didn't have to be limited to mutual masturbation, and he got there on his own. "Boys do all kinds of stuff together Ryder; it's really quite common, they just don't talk about outside of their little circle."Needless to say he was curious and wanted to know what kind of things and I, being ever the teacher, told him. Ryder, being ever the boy, was eager to try some of them. I, being ever the boy lover, readily agreed and Ryder, being ever the boy, didn't want to wait but wanted to get right at it."Right now," I asked him.Ryder nodded his Nn Preteen Tgp head vigorously then nodded toward the living room window. "What else are we gonna do, it's pouring down rain.""Trudat," I said sitting up, and picked up my underwear and began cleaning off my cum, which was running down my torso in a variety of directions.The need for further discussion didn't seem apparent to either of us. We both took our shirts off and for a moment simply stared at each other's naked body and I would be hard pressed to decide which of us was the most curious. We were both still fully hard but while Ryder's pre-teen cock stood tall and proud in front of him, mine was somewhere between that and pointing straight out. At 30+ years old I was in pretty good shape, a 4 day a week regimen at the gym helping keep my muscle mass up and my fat content along with my waist, down. Ryder on the other hand had a terrific body.He was, as I said, completely smooth except for his head and now, the base of his boyhood pride and joy. He had not yet started to really develop the musculature that that would give him great definition but the lines and creases were; under his pecs and between them, that line running all the way to his outtie belly button. The lines that marked the outer sides of his abdomen were slight at the top but after they made the curve inward they deepened slightly. Just to the outside, toward the bottom of those lines were the deeper creases of his hips, angling down and inward to create a classic V, at the bottom which hung all that made him boy. Well, at the moment, not all of it was hanging. Ryder's legs were still somewhat thin although one could see that his quads were starting to bulk up, creating a tapering to his knees. There wasn't a hair in sight unless one was very close and could see the smattering of very short pale colored fuzz that would some day darken."I can't believe how big your dick is Thomas," Ryder said, breaking the quiet of the viewing ceremony."Thank you," I responded. "I think yours is terrific for a boy your age. I believe that it'll fit perfectly in my mouth." That earned me a huge grin along with,"Well, what're standing here for, we're burnin daylight." I laughed large at that."Indeed we are." I stepped over to Ryder and dropped to my knees in front of him, took hold of his raging hard cock and pulled it down while rising up on my knees. I admired it only for a second before dropping my mouth over and taking the entire thing in until my nose poked him in the belly. Above me I could hear Ryder gasp as completely new feeling tore through his young body. I put my arms around his hips and his butt and held him loosely in place while I proceeded to give the boy the first blow job of his life and if I had my say, the first of many blow jobs. I swirled Nn Preteen Tgp my tongue over his silky cock head as I bobbed back and forth and frankly, I could have stayed and sucked his cock until he gave up his second offering to Eros but Ryder had other ideas."Stop Thomas," he said, gently pulling back from my greedy mouth. "I want to try and suck yours." Reluctantly, I let go and stood up. I'd had an idea about maybe sitting on the sofa or even going to my bed but once again Ryder had other ideas. Like I had done, he dropped to his knees and since my cock was already practically looking the boy in the eye he didn't kneed to pull it down very far."How do I do this?" I told him all he needed to do was cover his teeth and showed him what I meant. A moment later I reveled at the warmth of my swollen cock head in his mouth. I would experience many more cock suckings from Ryder's mouth but that first one was probably the best, at least on an emotional level. Looking down and seeing his smooth face, eyes closed with his long lashes resting against the lower lashes, and the pinkness of his sweet lips wrapped around my cock all made my heart thump harder and faster that it already was and my chest almost fill with pride. He didn't do much more that hold onto my cock and just move his head back and forth on it. As I said, I'm not huge but I'm not small either and it was about all the boy could do for his first time but that too was part of the mystique, the thrill. It was the adorably cute young preteens first time with a cock in his mouth. Had he been able to keep it up for more than 2 minutes I might have blown a load into him, and how fucking hot would that have been. Oh, it would happen in time of course and I would be amazed at how much the boy would swallow but seeing my sperm leak out of his mouth and run down his chin would be amazing."My mouth gets sore," he said, letting go and standing up. A rather coy look spread across his face and he said, "I guess I'll just have to practice more." I agreed with him."How about for now I just do you again," I asked him and my answer was a huge grin. I wanted a different play ground however and suggested my bed and it was there that I licked his cock like an all day sucker, introduced him to tea bagging, which he loved, and actually sucked on his smooth, soft balls. The boy was in 7th heaven and he wasn't alone. Having his balls in my face, drawing in the musky fragrance of him was intoxicating to me. I could have spent hours just on his growing sperm makers but didn't. I proceeded to suck his cock, laying my head on his flat belly, my other hand busy playing with his balls, trailing a finger along his perineum to the beginning of his crack, tugging gently on his sensitive nuts as I bobbed my head up and down. He was small enough that my tongue could continue to explore every facet of his cock most of the time. It was more difficult when the sensitive head was being squeezed by my throat muscles.Ryder moaned and groaned, ran his fingers through my hair, made my head bob up and down as his belly constricted then relaxed from the intensity of the feelings that were running through him. Needless to say I made him cum and my tongue immediately took the small bubble of sperm and worked it down my throat. I kept on sucking and swirling knowing that very soon he wouldn't be able to stand it and true to form a moment later he began giggling and pushing my head away."It tickles too much Thomas," he said in his high pitched melodic voice. I left him, reluctantly of course, and crawled up along side him and just waited quietly while his breathing returned to normal. I was propped up on one elbow, my other hand resting lightly on his chest and gently rubbing. My cock was still stone hard but I was content, at least for the moment, to not worry too much about cumming."Your hand is warm," Ryder said, finally opening his eyes and turning his head to look at me. "That was really fun Thomas, I hope we can do it again.""We can do it as often as you like Ryder," I said softly. He asked if he'd made sperm that time and I assured him that he had. The boy was rather excited about that, as I'm sure every boy that was ever created had been. Then he surprised me by rolling onto his side and leaning over to kiss me on the mouth. It wasn't a long drawn out thing but it wasn't the kind you give your father either. He backed his head off about 6 inches and continued to look into my eyes. Ryder's eyes were amazing and I could have stared into them for hours at a time."I love you Thomas," he said quietly then kissed me again and this time it was longer. I had moved my hand to his side when he rolled into me and began rubbing up and down his rib cage, feeling each one. When he back away the second time his face remained close to mine."I love you too Ryder. I'm so glad that you've come into my life." He kissed me again, this time tilting his head so that our noses didn't hit each other. His hand, which had been resting on my chest, moved up and slipped around my neck as if to keep me in place, as if I needed anything other than his lips to do that. I allowed my mouth to open slightly and Ryder followed suit, turning the kiss into one that was more romantic and sexually stimulating."Me too Thomas," he said after breaking it off. He let his head rest on my shoulder then adjusted his body so that he was more comfortable. Lying that with Ryder in my arms was one of the most satisfying feelings that I'd had in years. I closed my eyes and simply reveled in it, the warmth of his naked young body against mine, the overall odor of him. I hoped to hell that his mother didn't plan on moving soon.
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