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Related article: Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 01:05:57 -0700 (PDT) From: Ryman Koolboy Subject: a bad day part 2, bryan gets helpthis is not as bad like the 1st part but theres gayness & sexuality, u cant read it if your a little kid, dont try it dude, its adults only.bryan gets help, by ryman koolboyThis is part 2 about what happpend 2 bryan. Bryan is a boy in my school. Mean guys stole his cloths off him, they tricked him & made him suck their dicks and drink sperms. then they left him naked with no cloths in the swimming locker room by the toilet part, he was crying b/c he was sad from what happened.Somebody finds him, it is Mike the swimmer aide dude.Come on Bryan you better come with me another class is coming.. he helps me stand up i go with him, he takes me behind the counter, it's like a door. Maybe you better get down so nobody sees u for right now. i crouche down by his legs. In a minite the new class starts coming in, they tell him what color swim suit. red is small, blue is bigger, green is extra big, black is superfat. About half way thru, Mike says, Hey, if anybody finds some cloths in their locker, bring them up here for lost & found. Pretty soon everybody gets in there swim suit & showers & goes in the pool, its quite.OK, i think u could get up now. He helps me stand up again. R u ok, did they hurt u? I look away from him feeling bad. he slide his hands on my shoulders grabs my arms gentle, It's ok Bryan. he starts kneeling in front of me his i think what the crap his big warm hands slide down over my chest ribs stomich i feel my dick starting 2 hardon i try 2 pull away so he wont see but im trapped against the wall he leans tword me i felt his warm wet mouth go around my dick t feels awwesome i start moaninggpushing it more in him his big tonge swirllingaround it i cant take itlickking sucking my balls oMGmy x nulongiin your mouth i put m y hands on your head try inng 2 get steadyyy from mmmy intensse feellings then i am shoting mmy sperms in u feeeling u lickkingswallowing holdinig me tight it shootts outs ixplodinng from innside memy sperms come out in ropes like a super-soakker u just keep suckking it i start like cryinig he goes hey whats the matter didnt u like it. i nod yes i am still crying tring 2 stop he stands up & hugsme, i saw everything they did 2 u on the security camera, i just wanted u 2 know how it felt. i hug him back prsssing my naked body against his feeling a hard rod press against me under his jeans i feltmy face getting hott wondering if i have 2 suck himm now like those other dudes made me. he pulls away from me gentle, maybe u should take another shower, i'm going 2 look in all the lockers & find your cloths.OK mike, i stand there all naked watching u a dumb grin on my mouth still tasting like those others guys dcks shootingsperms in me. u open up the half-door counter thingie i follow u out, watching your back & your strong legmusclles thinkingg about your dick if it is still hard. He goe s over by the lockers & starts opeining each one looking inside.don't u want 2 take another shower bryan, i shake my head no, he keeps looking inside the lockers, only looking at me a little like he's trying not 2. i touch your arm muscle & slide my hand down your left arm.What, Bryan suddenly u got kind of scared looking almost mad.nothing i said but im thinking about your dick how big & hard it is thinking if i should suck it thinkingggg about your sperrms shotting in mmmy mouth down my throte in my stomich then my dick start getting hard again, i turn away tring2 hide it. Don't worry about that bryan that always happens.I turn back 2 u letting u see iit get harder. u stare 4 a minite i can see your big hardd dick that pressed on me before pushing out on your jeansmaybe u better start on the other side bryan & we meet in the middle. Look in the toilets 2 they got 2 be somewhere. I go over by the toilets looking arond, kind o f mad mike doesnt want me over there, i start stroking my dick thinking abouteverything that happened, those dudes making me suck them shooting sperms in me touching me making me lick it off them shoving there fingers in mymouth, mikes wet mouth onmy dick i cry out shooting sperms everywhereBryan? Did u find them?no im still looking mike, i go in a toilet stall 2 wipe sperms off me with toilet paper its the same one where i throwed up sperms before i can see them in there floating all webby & stringy, i wipe off the new sperms throw them in there & flush it all. Then i start looking around 4 my cloths but i don't see them. i go 2 the lockers where mike is still opening & closing them, i work from the other side, doing it the same way. Everything is empty except the lockers where the class is swimming now put their cloths. My head is hot im starting 2 get upset again i want 2 cry but i hold it in so mike don't see me beinga baby. where did they put them. mike looks in the garbage can.what am i going 2 do. i got 2 get my cloths back mike. mike looks worried. look bryan im sorry but i don't know what they did with them.this sucks god i hate this i start crying i can't help it. everybody is going 2 see me like this.no they won't bryan, listen. put this on, he gives me a red swim suit like for class. i put it on but its hardly anything it just barely covers my dick up. thankks mike he hugs me suddenly don't worry bryan i'll take care of it, i got my car here man i Lolita Hentai can drive u home. really. yes, here ucan wear my jacket. he gives it 2 me & i smile when i get it on, its real big it hangs down below where the swim suit is, just my legs & feet are nakednow. kool.OK come on bryan don't stop for anythingg. OK mike. we go out in the hall then out of the building into the parking lot. it's hard 2 walk inbare feet there's stuff on the ground.come on bryan he calls me im falling behind.Suddenly he comes back where i am he lifts me off the ground and is carrying me in his arms. sorry bryan, we got 2 get out of here before somebody sees us. thats kool.he sets me down by his passenger door, its a nice car a saturn. he unlocks it i get in then we r out of there. i like how mike looks driving relaxed & powerful i feel my dick getting stiff againin that thin swimsuit why am i such a sex freak.Where do u live goes mike as we pull out from the school parking lot. suddenly i feel bad again. i can't go home, mike. If i go home without clothsmy mom will want 2 Lolita Hentai know what happened.Just tell her some guys stole your cloths. Shell want 2 know who.Tell her.but then shell get mad & call the school, shell want 2 get them punished.& your afraid theyll do something else 2 Lolita Hentai ritaliate?i nodded yes.Well how about this. I'll take u 2 my house, nobody's there my mom & dad both work. i got a little brotherhe's about your same size dude. we get some of Justin's cloths on u, then i take u back home at the reguler time.ok kool.ok thats it for part 2, the end. sorry my story writing sucks so bad.
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