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Related article: Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 22:54:31 -0700 (PDT) From: CompactChub Subject: Kev / Part 2Part 4 The next day I called him as I had promised I would. His happy voice answered the phone and he was really glad that I called. He said that he would tell his Mom that he was going to the park to skate and we could spend the afternoon together. We agreed to meet halfway from his house and mine.As soon as my eye caught glimpse of him, I noticed that he was running towards me. We met in a hug. He looked as good as ever and he smelled nice too. I held his hand and we began walking towards the public park. We had our skates in our backpacks and it wasn't long before he was trying to teach me how to stay on my feet. It was so fun and funny at the same time. I was amazed at how good a skater he was. He could jump and do 360s in the air. He held my hand to help me keep my balance and suddenly we found each other touching. Soon we kissed not realizing that at least 10 people could have been watching. We both realized what we did and we saw an old woman still looking at us with her jaw open wide. We decided to leave as soon as possible and we did so giggling and laughing at the sight of the old lady. In my head, though, I felt something or someone saying that I was sick, but I was too happy to let it bother me.We headed off happily to the basketball court where I had to fulfill the second part of the bargain. On the way there, we passed on a sidewalk by the ocean where so many people were jogging, exercising or skating. I saw a couple taking a picture of themselves and that gave me an idea. As soon as they were done, I moved closer to the Mexican looking man with the Polaroid and asked him to take two pictures of us. Kev got near and I put my arms around him. I whispered "put on your best smile" in his ear and he did just that. When we were done I went and paid the guy who held two very good looking pictures. We both looked really nice with the dark blue ocean behind us.Kev looked up and said, "Could I have one please, as a souvenir?"He surely knew that one would be for him but he had to be his cute wise ass self.We marched on with our stuff on our back on this hot summer day. I really thought that we should have swam but it was basketball time. He wasn't any good really but I did my best to help and encourage him. Now I had played basketball for as long as I could remember and I was a pro, for my age at least. Me and Kev took on a team of a fifteen year old and two 12 year olds and we won our first game! He was really happy that we kicked their ass and he kept reminding me of how good I was. We were sweating like what so I suggested that we take our t-shirts off. I then realized that it was a bad idea as I couldn't concentrate on anything but his upper body. I was glad to think of how confident this boy was, I mean he wasn't fat or anything, but he was still chunky and yet he couldn't have cared less about being shirtless around everyone. We shot a few more hoops and decided to move on.We had about two hours left. The original plan was to go to the mall and watch a movie, but we were really hot and sweaty. We eventually thought "what the hell" and found ourselves looking at the Swatch shop in the mall. We both admired lots of watches. Lolita Flores I looked at his hand and saw that it was bare so I asked him to go down and find us some seats and I would join him. He did so obediently as I chose the nicest watch and got it wrapped up. I hadn't gone out for a while so I had a lot of money saved. I took it and left to meet Kev downstairs. I hid the watch well and finally was able to slip it into his bag. When I thought of where the idea came form, I remembered Lolita Flores the movie (Forgot the name but it was in the movies mid 1990s) where a father put a gold chain for his son in his backpack. I couldn't forget the smile on the boy's face when he had seen it.The movie began and we were in the corner of the room where we were as far as possible from other people. At first, we were both concentrated, but soon, I felt something move closer to my dick. I didn't budge till the hand moved inside my shorts. I jumped a bit by reflex but was soon relaxed again. I knew what was happening, but I didn't look. I was making sure that no one would notice that we were "touching". My cock soon rose to about 4 and a half inches and I got hard as the penetrating hand had gently squeezed my balls. I was breathing abnormally both because of the sensation and the worry of the moment."Stop Kevin...there are people here". I whispered into Kev's ear, but he continued as my muscle began to twitch. I felt awesome but stressed at the same time."I can't," he answered.Suddenly....boom!! The chair made a noise as it closed leaving Kevin on the floor. My heart was thumping as I looked around and was glad that some people only took a quick stare at me and went back to watching the movie."Oh my God" I cried in a not so low and not so high voice."Kevin, oh yes....yes...I mean no, please Kevin" he was still on the floor and all over me sending pure chills through all my body.It was time to put an end to the game. I pulled my shorts back up and grabbed Kev by the arm and placed him beside me. My first thought was to get angry, but when I saw his cute wide smile I just couldn't."You have a cool dick" he whispered in my ear."What the hell got over you, I mean suddenly you just are all over me," I whispered back."I was just having some fun. Don't you like it?" he looked sad again."No Kev it's not that...you just don't get it. It was funny when the lady saw us kissing but could you imagine what would have happened if someone got close and saw us?" I said calmly."You're right, I'm sorry...but..." he got closer to me "but you're so handsome in that sweaty look, it made my dick go mad. I've been horny all day. Besides your dick has a great soft feeling to it, almost like mine," he said softly.I took a look down under his shorts. He had a major hard-on."That was stupid. I'm sorry," he said as he kissed my cheek and washed away all the worries I had."I saw a movie recently with my mom. Of course, she didn't know I was there (I adore it when he giggles which he did at that instant). In that movie, a girl sucked her boyfriend while they were watching a movie, I thought it was cool," he saidNo wonder where he got an idea like that, I was lucky I stopped him early I thought to myself."You're a naughty little rascal aren't you?""It's my job to be naughty, I'm 12 you know" he said, "Oh and you spotted your shorts, Oooops""It's precum," I said as I pulled my t-shirt over so as to hide the tiny mess."It's the stuff before sperm, right?""Yeah, I guess so,""Alex..?" he wondered."Sssshhh, please, for my sake" I said nicely.The movie was almost over and all we did was exchange smiling looks...he was too lovable for his own good and I was on top of the world."How's your hard on," I asked."Worse than ever,"I made extra sure that no one was even remotely thinking of looking towards us."Let's see if I can do anything about it. I kissed him very quickly on the cheek and he smiled a really naughty smile.I put my second t-shirt on top of his shorts, just in case. My hand hardly got in there, and he was already breathing like he was at the end of a 10 k race."You're gonna have to relax and be very quiet, ok?"Okay, don't stop please."My hand was now totally in my blond cupid's shorts and unbuttoning his one boxer button. His dick was rock hard and eagerly found its way out the small hole. The whole thing fit easily in my hand. It was warm and soft and wriggled like a snake. I started slowly and then picked up the pace. He started moaning as I again asked him to relax. I had to finish him off as soon as possible because the closer to orgasm he got the louder he got. I tried to act really natural like nothing was happening so that no one would even dream of turning.I knew how to please him best and as quick as possible. I grabbed the head in between my thumb and middle finger and rubbed like hell. That's all it took, only a second later he was shaking and trembling like mad. I quickly covered his mouth with my second hand and applied a lot of pressure right before his dick head with the other. He couldn't take my treatment anymore and no sooner was he at that point of no return.I, on the other hand, had just realized that the movie had ended. By the time the shaking stopped my hand was already out and Kev collapsed. To people who were getting ready to leave, it was another good movie, and everything looked normal to them, but to us, it was a whole new experience. Kev had newly realized what a "helping hand" really was and me, well, I couldn't be happier knowing how good I made the boy I love feel.We hardly had any idea what the movie was about. We just sat there in the back corner, waiting for everyone to leave and for Kev to get his breath back."Alex" he whispered."Yeah"He motioned his lips to say "thank you" and I followed with a "my pleasure"."Noooo...MY pleasure" he blurted out laughing.I really wanted to know if he could cum yet but decided not to ask. I couldn't tell from his shorts so I thought I would have plenty of time to do that when it was play time again.We left the cinema quietly. As soon as we are all alone, Kev was all over me from head to do."I never felt anything like that EVER, man that was amazing"I smiled."I can't wait for us to do that again, that was wild, and right in front of everyone, I can't believe you did it," he went on and on I had to put an end."Not yet Kev, wasn't today enough, wasn't it cool?""Way past cool. Alex, I know what you are worried about, but you are the nicest person in the world. How could I ever regret doing ANYTHING with you. Come on, I know you wanna fool around. I'm twelve you know and I think I can take my own decisions now!"I laughed at the authorative statement I had just heard." I think you have already proven that today. I only hope that I'm doing the right thing though. You don't get it. I don't want to lose you because I fooled around with you, it means a lot more to me, I don't know about you, but I wanna get to know you better and hang around with you a lot."He gave me that irresistible smile, the one I never did and never will resist."Okay, okay I promise that next time I come over to baby-sit your bro, we'll have some fun,"His face beamed as if I gave him the news of his life. I guess boys at that age are too curious and impatient for their own good to find out more when it comes to sex.We headed to the ice cream Lolita Flores shop as we were both starving .We both took huge scoops and Kev insisted that it was "on him" this time. I didn't mind because I knew it would make him happy.That was to be all the fun for the day and we went home as the sun was setting. That was when Kev looked at me and said that he had finally understood why it was so hard to separate from someone who means so much to you.It was right though, this really was the point when we both were REALLY sure that we were in love, and if one would say that Kev wasn't old enough to know what love is, well then, I think he should think again.He still hadn't used the words " I love you " and that's what made me so sure that he did love me. To expect a 12 year old to say that would be like assuring yourself that he watches too many movies and doesn't know what he was talking about.The thing that amazed me the most, well, I think it's called telepathy. He was reading words from my mind. I knew that was the reason why we loved each other so much, each filled the others missing half of his soul. Together, we were one.He had to go quickly, or as he put it, his mom would put up a police search on him."Bye Alex," he said. "I'll be waiting for you. Oh and maybe we can go to the arcade sometime soon."I could still feel his excitement in his eyes, he had ideas, thoughts and plans for the future and even though they were simple ones, they were all happy ones. One of them was building a tree house with me. Lolita Flores I guess my job was to make sure that they stayed happy ones, with or without me."Bye Kev, sweet dreams," ( Hopefully they would be of me )I went home slowly, so delicately as if I was walking on clouds. I wondered about the next time we would meet. I thought of sex like I hadn't thought of it before. It depended on two people, not one. I thought of what it would be like from his side of the equation. I had read in gay stories and novels that anal sex hurt a lot, especially the first time. That thought really scared me. I worried that it could ruin this beautiful relationship and that was the last thing I wanted. God I wanted to make him feel good, but I couldn't risk our love for that. I could never live without Kev, without his beautiful angelic face. Yet I thought of the state I was in only a week ago and the one I was in at the moment. They were beyond comparison. The lonely fucked up life was over, I thought. I was finally happy and for once I had hope in the future...Part 5We talked on the phone daily. He'd tell me what he did that day and I'd say what I did, then we'd share a few laughs and it would go on for hours. My mom was sure I had a new girlfriend. Mothers they can be so smart at times.Over the phone, mostly, Kev sounded happy and excited except, I felt, those few times when he would drift away into another world totally unaware of what I was saying. His mind became a melting pot of barely realized thoughts, emerging desires whose full significance still evaded him, and guilt. Always endless guilt from what we had done during the past few days. He didn't have to say anything, it was obvious.The day finally came when it was time for Lolita Flores me to do some babysitting. I had to be there at six. I had some chores and some things I had to take care of before I relaxed on my bed and started playing with my aching balls. I suddenly felt bad again. Was I taking advantage of Kevin? Will I be ruining his life?...seconds later I was ringing the doorbell of Kev's house. Alice opened the door and brought in her eyes the look of pure rage. She gave me a long long stare. I felt her tremble inside but she was speechless. Kev broke the silence by popping up a little behind Alice. Instead of the smile I got so used to, there was a seriousness so concentrated, I could feel its aggression in the air. In a disgusted manner, he turned back and told Alice to send me away. Soon, he was running up to his room. Stunned by what had just happened, I wasn't given any time to react."But...but..." I managed to say."Oh don't you but me, you disgusting miserable excuse for a child. How could you do this to me? I trusted you and gave you responsibilities and what do you do? ... you take my son behind my back, try to mess up his thoughts, brainwash him with gifts and make use of any opening to touch him! Ughhh, what did you intend to do tonight while I was gone? Were you next going to ask him to pose naked for you to take pictures, you sick boy. Just what am I gonna say to your mother??" she spoke in outrage.I looked up to the sky where I couldn't but see Kevin at his bedroom window looking down at me with a wicked beaming smile that made my heart burn. My mouth was three quarters open by now as I recovered from the bombs that dropped on me upon each word I had heard. All I could do was sit on the floor and cry. Quickly, very quickly, Lolita Flores I fell asleep....."AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaahH," I cried as I found myself on my bed sweating like crazy trying to dry my "imaginary" tears from my eyes. My heart was pounding like crazy but I was so happy that it was just a dream. I guess that the mixture of worrying and weariness caused that nightmare or should I say, the afternoon-mare. I was tired but I didn't dare shut my eyes once more. Eventually, I got up and took a quick cold shower.After making sure that I was looking my best, I left for Kev's home, only this time, it was for real. As usual, I was welcomed at the door by Alice. Seeing her reminded me of my dream and my heart started beating faster. It was ok this time. After all the hellos and the "how are you" questions were said, came a big disappointment."I'm sorry I couldn't call before Alex, but Brian just told me that he would be sleeping over at his neighbor's house tonight and I'm sure that Kevin can handle sleeping home alone," she said as the look of disappointment on my face grew and grew. "I asked him to lock everything up as soon as he got out of the shower.""Oh? Won't you be back late at night?" I wondered."No. The conference is tomorrow morning, but I have to be at the hotel tonight for the dinner,""Oh ok good luck then, but I could stay the night if you like," I said."No, that's fine, thank you very much" she said. We waved goodbye to each other and there was the door closing on my precious kid. "Oh, say hi to your mom for me will you?" she managed to add.I was returning home almost crying when pure intuition directed me to a bush close by where I hid for a while. As soon as I saw Alice drive away, I went and rang the door. To my delight, before my eyes stood the most beautiful boy in the world. He was just out of the shower and he had a towel wrapped around him. His blond hair looked so nice when it was wet. He was so huggable and so cute yet he had that instantaneous sad look on his face."Alllleeeeeeeeexxxx" he shouted excitedly like he hadn't seen me for a year. "I was so disappointed, I thought Lolita Flores you'd be back at home,"."Couldn't stay any longer without seeing you and your mom won't be back before tomorrow," I said as we kissed passionately, fondling with each other's hair, touching each other's smooth skin, and rocking from left to right like two drops of water that adhere to become one.I had always laughed at people who claimed that love is the greatest thing in the world, that you could love someone so much that you could kill for him, that only a touch from the person you love would wash away all your worries then make you wish the moment to be an everlasting one, and that there is that one person that is so right for you that he could never be replaced. I still believe that love is most beautifully characterized as being inexplicable. I could never explain how much I loved the boy and why exactly I did love him.But there we were looking into each other's eyes. I thought I'd never let go but I was wrong. He asked if I wanted to go up to his room and we did so. He showed me around. The multiple pictures which I assumed were of his father showed me how much he really loved him. But besides that, it was the room of a typical twelve year old with some posters hung up, that colorful look to it, and really messy( which I was totally used to ).Our common interest in electronic games led us to play on his Playstation (I was still about 15 at the time).It was decided that whoever won the last game gets to ask anything he wants from the other. It Lolita Flores just added a bit more fun to the game. When we were done and he had won, I lied down on his bed and started reading a poem I had found on his desk. It was about friendship and it was very cute."Uhhh that's nothing," he said as he got up on the bed next to me.He was still wearing the towel wrapped around his waist and he smelled so clean and fresh. I knew he didn't change because he wanted me to play with his belly which I did very happily. His tummy looked firm but its touch was so smooth and shaky. Being that close to him and rubbing his smooth belly made me feel like he was my boy forever and that we'd never part."Please don't stop, that feels great," he said. (Another hard on again)"I won't," I replied happily. I couldn't but lightly squeeze his chest from time to time."It's stupid, I wrote it for English class once" he said. It was obvious to me that he had said that because he thought that writing poems was not cool, or at least that I would think so."No one would believe that you wrote that, did your teacher like it" I asked."A lot"He paused and then asked me very seriously, "Alex, please be honest, would you ever get bored of hanging out with me? Cuz I have so much fun with you, I don't want you to leave,"Before I could answer he interrupted," I mean when school starts, don't you want to be with your friends and do what you older guys do?""Oh no, no way I'd never get bored of you. I was worried you'd get bored of me and all the mushy stuff. You know, when school starts, we are gonna be best friends and I'm gonna take care of you and make sure you're okay all day. Without acting suspicious that is," I grinned."Thank you. You're the best" he said from his heart. "You never treated me wrong but at some point it's just not cool for you to be with someone like me. I mean I know from myself and Brian. I wouldn't be caught dead hanging out with him.""What part don't you get Kev, I LOVE you. Fuck cool. Ok? And I've noticed you trying to act older and macho. I thought it was natural. Be sure, I like who you are and what you do, and I will never not want to be with you, ever. You're the coolest person in my opinion even if the whole universe thinks otherwise. Age never played a factor till now and it won't ever. You think you can trust me on this one?" How could I ever tell him about my desires? I couldn't and wouldn't. It's so hard to explain, even I didn't understand myself.His actions meant more than words. He hugged me tight and started rubbing MY tummy up to my chest, for a change. He wanted to feel me all over and I let do whatever he wanted to. Mostly, he liked the little muscles I had. He liked to be held tightly and securely."Anyway, it's really beautiful poem. It tells me a lot about you," I said as I reached out and got the photo album I had also snatched from his desk.He was in my arms as we slowly flipped through the pictures. We laughed our asses off as we saw some "embarrassing" pictures. He had an amazing sense of humor so it was just laugh after laugh till there were no more to look at. I could feel the "trust" between us getting stronger Lolita Flores and stronger. He told me things he said he thought he would never tell anyone about. There was nothing important enough to mention but it sure was great to share thoughts and feelings.I was so glad that things were going the way I wanted them to. When I was hiding behind the bush, I wished that Kev wouldn't mention "fooling around". As much as I wanted to get my hands on him, I couldn't but feel that it would be taking advantage of him. He was too delicate and too purely innocent for sex and I was sure ready to give up every sexual part of the relationship for him.My wish, however, didn't come true."Why are we being so angelic? The house is all ours and that doesn't Lolita Flores always happen. Please Alex, please, you promised me that we would do some fun stuff the next time you came, and I can't wait to touch your dick again...yeah," he said assertingly with a nod of his head."But....but don't you like it better we just have normal fun together?""Come on, lets have some abnormal fun!""But...""Is it that I'm not good enough yet cuz I've never done it before? If that's it, I'll promise that I'll do anything you tell me exactly like you want it," he said pleadingly."Oh Kev, where do you get ideas like that. I have never done a lot before either! But I want everything to be perfect,""So do I, but things ARE perfect. Alex I really like you. If I were any older, well, I would want to marry you."His boyish ideas were back again, but it was so cute what he had said. I was sure that he knew so little about love and marriage and knew how kids just said stuff out of nowhere, but it still made me smile."I love you so much," and with that came a long smooch on the lips."Hold me very tight in your strong arms, I love it when you do that" he said.With every kiss I got hornier and hornier. My five inches started bothering me in my pants. I slipped my two hands under the towel which was so tight around his stomach and grabbed Kev's chubby ass cheeks. As I kissed his neck, I squeezed them gently and found out how perfectly round and lightly muscular they were. As the towel fell to the floor, Kev said that he had forgotten something. He left for a second leaving me impatient to see his dick.In he came with baby oil in one hand and Vaseline in the other. I was shocked."Where did you find out about....?"He cut my sentence and said, "What's the internet for?"Thinking about what he said, I wondered about how easy it was for this boy to get all sorts of information he wanted. True, he's really smart but it shouldn't be that easy! Anyways, it was no Lolita Flores time to complain.I moved in closer to him and suddenly saw him run away. "Huh?" I wondered."Well, aren't you at least going to try to catch me?" he said in a babyish manner."You bet your cute ass I am," and there I was running after Kev who was as naked as a jaybird. It was kind of sexy till he fell down."Are you ok!?"I was worried but it was nothing but a tiny scratch on his knee which I blew on for him to feel better. He smiled and said," so now that I'm hurt and can't move, what are you gonna with me?""Let's see," I said."Why don't you just apply some babyoil on yourself while I go and get you a Band-Aid from the bathroom?""Ok,"I came back with what was needed and saw Kev a little confused."What's wrong?""I found that...you know when two guys do stuff, they use these, but where am I supposed to apply it?" he asked innocently.I was kind of glad that there was finally "something" he didn't know. I mean when you're 12 you're curious, but you don't know everything! It also brought the fact that he didn't know what he was in for to my mind. I mean lubes are used for fucking after all, but I surely wasn't going to put him through that, at least not yet. I was still impatient to start "fooling around".I took hold of him without answering his question. It wasn't easy carrying him but I managed to do it till I finally dropped him on his bed. I tickled him here and there just to hear him giggle.I grabbed some babyoil as I saw Kev's 2.5-inch cut pricklet pointing towards me. Before I began work on it, I wanted to put some of that babyoil all over his body. I liked that oily feeling a lot and it would give a much hotter sensation as we touched. I didn't put the stuff on places I would touch later on so that things wouldn't get all sticky."I love it when you are so close to me," he said as I hugged his hot oily body. I would have been satisfied with just holding him in my arms for an hour or so but I knew that he would get bored."You mean so much to me," I said." I wish I could hold you forever,"."Me too." It was too romantic for a couple of teens. Maybe we watched too many movies, or maybe even I don't remember the exact words at the time and want to make it sound like love beyond every other kind of love. I can't be sure, I can only assure you that we were way beyond our years. Sensitivity and expression were just parts of the way we both were, and had no trouble with blurting it out.I kissed him. He was getting more and more experienced with every kiss and we were exploring the different areas of one another's mouths with our tongues. My t-shirt was in his way so off it went."Let's see. Are you ready for some action?" I teased."Oh yeah"With him still in my arms, I squeezed some lotion down on his ball sack."Ooh, that tickles,""You'll get used to the feeling, just relax," I said."So is that what all the lotion is for, to rub on the body?""No Kev, it's mainly used to make penetration easier when two guys fuck,""Uh, could we do that?""I'm uh not sure we can,""Does it feel good?""Yes it does, but we can't. I'm worried that it would hurt you, especially the first time,""I bet it would only hurt a tiny bit, but it would be fun,""I'm not taking that risk,""Well, I'm sorry but you are going to have to because I won the game and you promised right?"He had me there but I was too horny to argue any longer."Shsh...just relax now you'll like it," I assured him."I wanna do you next, okay? It's not fair that I get all the fun all the time." He couldn't but worry about fairness. He didn't know how good I felt doing all that. "Do you next" I thought to myself, it was all only another game to him.He was lying on his back looking at me so sweetly. I leaned over him, kissed him gently on the nose and then proceeded to work my way down his beautifully tanned body.I kissed his chin, his neck, and then got to the part I liked the most, his round chest and nipples. For the first time his nipples hardened, then as I pinched them gently with my thumbs and fingers, they began to swell. I rolled the now firm and erect bulbs, Kev began to experience the approach of orgasm for the second time. He was not that close, but something inside him was beginning to feel good, really good.I took my time and made sure it was good for him. After all, if he didn't like it, I sure wouldn't. He moaned and raised up so that he was pushing each nipple in my mouth. I put my arm around him and brought him to me, feeling the heat from his body, savoring the smooth flesh. I was gently biting, sucking and licking all over his firm chubby chest. He had one hand on each side of my head, holding me and trying to kiss my forehead. I released his tits and moved down to his stomach, taking time to push my tongue into his deep navel, listening to him giggle. Then I got to his pubes, three tiny hairs, barely visible. I decided to tease him a little. I felt his thighs gently, then his balls, then the area around his crotch, everywhere, everywhere except where he wanted it most. I felt his tension rising, so I wrapped my hand gently around his smooth pinkish erect boyhood and I looked up at him, saw both his eyes shut and a small smile on the side of his face. It was very easy to engulf the entire thing in my mouth. I heard him cry out faintly and his head fell back onto the bed. I noticed a look of wonder on his face as the different sensations ran through his body. I knew he was thinking that this was even better than the time before. My mouth began working up and down the pricklet, slurping on it like a popsicle, giving him more pleasure than he had ever had before. Instinctively, he began humping up into my mouth, quietly calling my name, "Uuuhhhh...aahh....Alex...yeees,"I wanted this orgasm we were going to share together to last forever. I was going to make him feel sensations he never dreamed of. It was simple. All I had to do was get him as close to orgasming as possible and then decrease the pace. That was a guarantee for the most powerful orgasm a boy his age could have.Slowly I reduced the attention I paid to the boy's genitals. I extended my caresses along the limbs, tickling him and fondling the warm, soft skin. My fingertips were the sole source of Kev's delight and they traveled everywhere, Lolita Flores discovering sensitive places that he had never realized existed in his body.I had moved so that I was between his legs and spread out his legs on the bed, one hand holding his cock and the other pushing through the dark valley toward his anus."Don't worry, it might feel funny but I'm not going to hurt you," I assured him.I reached up into the dark passage, found the spot I was looking for and pressed against it. I felt him jerk backwards in a sudden motion. His wincing hole was tight and unyielding, I had expected that. I let his thick dickhead pop out of my mouth and began massaging his balls, taking one and then the other in my fingers. I kept moving down, down towards that hole that my finger had tried to invade. I lifted his legs and pushed them back so that his knees were flat against his chest. I could see the puckered opening and I smiled as I looked back into his glowing eyes. He had no idea what I was doing or what I was going to do next but I could feel him enjoying every moment of undisturbed attention.He smelled just like I would expect a twelve year old to smell - fresh and clean-especially one that had just taken his bath. There was also another smell, one that belonged to all boys-the beautiful scent of youth, purity, and vigor, one that formed circling fumes in my head mesmerizing me slowly.I bent over, spread out his plump ass cheeks, and licked the hole."Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...man...that's sooooo gooood," he exclaimed passionately.I was worried that he would lose it at that moment. He was so close, but I don't know how, he managed to hold it longer. I decided to go nowhere near his dick for a while.His whole body shook from top to bottom and he moaned a long and monotonous moan. I rubbed his thighs as I circled my tongue around the hole. Then, moving my head back a bit, I blew on it. Kev's deep breaths and contracting of his asshole followed trying hard to take in the tickling sensation I had caused inside him. I wet my middle finger and felt it ease in smoothly. The deeper inside it went the harder we got and the louder Kevin's moans became. I was loving all the noises he was making, they were so sexy and exciting. "unnnnnnhhh" followed by a small pause, then another "unnnnnnnnh" again and again. Every now and then though, I made sure that they were sounds of pleasure and not of pain.As the second finger went in, he had started moving his sexy ass up and down in a rhythmical pattern which were in sync with his moans. I slowed down the fingerfucking as the moans became whimpers of ,"Uhhh aahh owwwwwww ouuuch" frantically wriggling his ass and turning his head from side to side.Without looking, I knew that the boy's buttocks were clenching, squeezing hard as his Lolita Flores penis stiffened even further. Kev's scrotum had wrinkled as it became taut, forcing his baby-boy testicles into the cavities through which they had descended years earlier.The signs were unmistakable to me. His muscles began to tense, his back arched, quivering as his thigh muscles strained. I took a little break, let him go for a few seconds.He took some deep breaths but still his penis was ragingly erect. I was torturing both him and his penis. Every time he hit the peak I'd stop, and he was getting a little too tense. I was going to send him to boy heaven right then and there. It was already amazing how much he had lasted, maybe he had already cum that night, I didn't know, but I more than sure that one more touch of his dick would be the end of it.I was gonna explode in my pants. My own dick was on fire and it needed more space than it had. I took hold of the base of his dick again when suddenly and out of the blue, I heard two or three footsteps and squeaking of wood. My heart froze, my hand froze, and everything froze but Kev, who probably didn't realize what was happening. He still had his head down on his colored pillow with his mouth wide open and eyes completely shut. I got a quick vision or should I call it a recap of the dream I had earlier on that day, with Kev smiling that evil smile. My heart was beating at an unusual pace and I was perspiring like a waterfall. The shadow got closer and closer and closer and finally I saw the owner of the huge shadow...
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