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Related article: Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 18:55:19 EDT From: XtravagantDTVaol.com Subject: A Couple and MeA Couple and Me by MarleneI have obsessions. I have compulsions. I suppose everyone has them but not many of us act on them. I do. Every chance I get. I obsess and compulse on being gang banged, or on anonymous sex or on sex with young guys (sometimes girls too). I get into bondage and being forced and sometimes on violent sex. I get really crazy on sex with couples. There's nothing hotter than me and a guy fucking and sucking each other while the girl watches.A few weeks ago I was in a local boutique liquor store looking at the tequila section. I have a penchant for this Cuervo anejo that sells for $90 to $100 a bottle and is sooooo fucking smooth that it's like drinking excellent brandy. I was looking at it and some other new stuff that just came in when I noticed this nice looking guy looking in the same area. He was 6'1" or 2" and was slender. His hair was longish dishwatery blonde and came over the back of the collar of his shirt. He was clean shaven and had the kind of skin that tells me that he wasn't too hairy. I, as a matter of fact, had on tight jeans with three inch heeled boots (added to my 5'9" frame that puts me a shade over 6'), a gray cashmere button up sweater (unbuttoned to the second one), a string of black pearls around my neck with matching earrings. My shoulder length auburn hair was hanging loose and I had a pair of gray tortoise shell sunglasses. I could tell that he was giving me sideways glances and just looking for an opening."Is that Cuervo really as good as the price says it should be?" he asked."I guess it depends on whether you can afford the price as to how good it really is." I answered in a throaty voice. "I like it and I'm the only person who counts where my taste buds are concerned." And then I couldn't resist saying "and my buds love a variety of things to taste."He arched his eyebrows and smiled. I lowered my glasses over my nose and smiled at him in return. We ended up having coffee together. His name was Jeff and I told him mine was Marlene.In the course of the conversation things turned to sex (as if it doesn't do that often with me) and what each of us happened to like."I like guys." I said. "I'm a sucker for tall dark guys.""Sounds like you're describing me." he said. "And I happen to love suckers.""What kind of suckers?" I asked."Why I like cocksuckers. I like girls who like to suck big cocks""Do you? Wouldn't it be handy if I was the kind of girl who loved sucking big cocks? And what if you were a guy with a big one for me to suck on."We were sitting next to each other at a table and when I said that he took my hand and put it on his crotch where I felt a big bulge. "Does that feel big enough to get your attention?" he asked as I pulled my hand away.I took his hand and put it on my crotch where he could feel my decent sized bulge and said "Does mine get your attention lover?" His mouth kind of dropped open and he had this wonderfully surprised look on his face. But he didn't take his hand away."Damn.""Yeah. Damn indeed." I replied. "You're married aren't you?" he nodded his head and I went on "You know what I love? I love it when I can have a scene with a couple. Your hands still on my cock and you're rubbing it and I know you want it. Well I want it with you too. You're a hot guy. But I want it with you and her. I want you to suck me off while she watches tied in a chair. Lolitas Nymphets Rompl And I want to fuck your ass. And I want you to fuck mine." He was breathing fast and licking his lips. "But it's a three way package. When you get it handled call me."And with that I got up and left. I'm sure if someone looked at the front of my jeans they would have seen my hard cock and been blown away.A few nights later I was watching TV when the phone rang. It was Jeff. I was surprised. He told me that he had discussed the idea of a threesome with a transvestite and she was hot for the idea. He told me that her name was Carla and that she wanted to get together as soon as possible. Not wanting to waste too much time we made plans for me to go over to their place that night.I dressed in black thigh highs, three inch black heels, silk panties, a black lacy silk bra. Over this I had on loose red pleated skirt with a gray silk blouse. I had on this gorgeous wet looking red lipstick. He came to the door in some soft looking gray pants, a white v neck shirt and no shoes. She was behind him.Carla is about 5'8" with long legs that were encased in loose cream colored pleated slacks. She doesn't have big breasts. A large B or small C. She smiled as I looked at her and did a pirouette so I could look at her ass. Nice ass at that.Jeff did the intros and the three of us went out to the pool area. He had mixed some banana rum frozen drinks. We were sitting around their patio table drinking when Jeff took a joint out of his pocket and lit it up. We passed it around and it was very very good stuff! I mean that in no time at all I was seriously fucked up and by looking at Jeff and Carla I could see that they were too. You know the look: kind of sexy lowered eyes and parted lips. Carla was running her bare foot up and down the front of my leg. Jeff got up and leaned over me to kiss me. His tongue was in my mouth playing with my tongue. Like two mouth cocks flirting with each other. He's a super kisser too. We broke apart and I was breathing a little hard. Carla suggested that we might want to go into the house and up to their bedroom. The three of us made our way across the yard and stumbled up the stairs to their huge bedroom and enormous California king bed.Jeff and Carla kissed this really long kiss. "This is for play baby." She said. "Nothing real." She looked at me and I nodded my head in agreement. She moved to me and kissed me sucking on my tongue and lips while her hand went under my skirt Lolitas Nymphets Rompl and rubbed across my cockclit. She has long slender fingers with gorgeous nails. I could feel the nails rake across the head and then she put a finger under the leg band and ran the nail over the glans. I thought I was going to faint."We have to take care of Carla." I said to Jeff. Jeff took a straight back wooden shaker type chair from the corner. I took off her red crepe blouse. She didn't have on a bra and her b+ cups were really pretty. The nipples are barely quarter size and a dark shade of pinkish brown. I bent my head over and sucked one into my mouth and softly bit the nipple as I unbuttoned the top button on her slacks and undid the zipper. I loved that they were man tailored for a woman type slacks. They fell to the floor and she was standing there in a white satin French cut pair of panties with a little blue bow at the top center. I kissed her lips and stuck my hand into the front of them and ran my index finger up her hot wet slit and moved her swollen clit from side to side. I then moved her to the chair and sat her down. Jeff took some plastic ties and attached her wrists to the back legs of the chair while I lifted up her legs and quickly removed the panties. I then used some ties to fasten her ankles to the back legs as well so that her creamy thighs were open and her pussy was spread for us to see.."Now you're going to see what sex is all about Carla." I said as I took off my blouse and skirt. Jeff was taking his clothes off without ever taking his eyes off of me. I was soon standing there in my thigh highs, shoes, panties and bra. I unclasped the bra and took it off. My nipples are super sensitive and were already hard with anticipation. I faced him and slowly peeled my panties down and off. I stood there and watched him get naked in front of me. He's fairly smooth and well muscled without being all bunchy looking. He has nice pecs (I'm a sucker for pecs) and a flat stomach. And of course you know that that was all preamble to his cock which is all I really had eyes for. It was already hard. And big. I'm not a total size queen but I love big dicks and I guess it's at least 7 1/2 or eight inches and thick. Heaven.We moved together and kissed and I ate his tongue sucking on it and playing with it as he did the same with mine. Our hands were traveling over eachother's bodies and wandering down and over cocks and balls. I sneaked a sideways glance at Carla just as she was running her tongue over her lips. I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Jeff down and onto his knees in front of me. I looked at Carla and had him do the same."This is what you want to see isn't it Carla. You want to see me fuck his mouth dontcha?"She said "Yessss" through clenched teeth."Then show her what she wants to see Jeff." I said as I pushed his head down towards my cock clit which was standing up between my thighs waiting for his mouth to close over it. He wasn't tentative but instead sucked the red head into his face and swirled his tongue around it while his hand encircled the shaft and slowly went up and down on it. Dear Jeff was too smooth at this for a total amateur. He'd been here before. "You know what you're doing baby." I said as I leaned back on my elbows and sighed. "You're too good at this for a first time. How many times have you eaten dick lover?" I asked. "Tell the truth baby. She isn't going to mind are you Carla?""Oh God this is so hot. Tell me Jeff." She said.He pulled his head off of me and looked at her. "I don't know. A lot. I love sucking cock Carla." He said as he returned to me.His head was bobbing up and down on my cockclit and I was holding it in place (more for effect than necessity as he wasn't going anywhere). He's so fucking good that he's making me crazy and I can feel my balls start to tighten so I push him away and pull him up on the bed. "You're good lover but now just lay back and let me do better." I said as I swooped my mouth over him and plunged his fat cock into the back of my throat and swallowed milking the head with my throat muscles. He moaned and pushed himself up off the bed trying to get his cock further down into me making me gag a little bit. He held my head and pushed making it hard for me to breathe but God how I love it when a hot guy does that. I was gasping for breath when he let me up for air but I Lolitas Nymphets Rompl grabbed a lungful and plunged back down on him making him cry out."Undo my hands so I can play with my pussy!" cried Carla. She's squirming around on the chair as best she can and when I look I can see her nipples are stiff and red and her pussy is wet as is the seat of the chair.Jeff and I disengaged after what seemed like eons of sucking on eachother. "I wanna feel that cock of yours in my ass." He said.I reached down and while I rubbed the head of his cock I asked "Have you ever had a big live cock there before lover?"He gave me a trembly, "No."I had him bend over the bed and I spread his smooth hard ass cheeks so that his rosebud asscunt was exposed. I quickly bent over and licked it and then stuck my tongue into him as far as I could making him gasp. I tongue fucked his ass and sucked on his hanging balls while I fingered him with one, two and then three of my slender fingers. He was pushing back against my hand and moaning and Carla was crying that she was so hot that she wanted someone to fuck her or do anything to her.I got Jeff all wet and slutty and then put the head of my raging cockclit hard-on at the entrance to his asspussy and started to push into him. "I'm going to fuck you so good you'll think you died lover." And then shoved the head in and then without waiting plunged the head in all the way until I was brushing my trim little bush against his ass cheeks. His legs buckled and he cried out but I started fucking in and out of him while I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his head back."Oh yeah Marlene. Fuck his pussy until he can't walk. Make him cry for you. Use his nasty asscunt Marlene." Said Carla as I fucked her virgin assed husband.I reached under and around him and as I fucked him I rubbed the head of his big dick making pre-cum leak out. I licked it off my fingers and pulled out of him. "Now I want you inside of me Lolitas Nymphets Rompl Jeff."I had him lay on his back on the bed so that his big red cock was sticking up for me. I straddled him and spread myself so my asspussy was wide open and slowly lowered myself onto him. Once he was inside Lolitas Nymphets Rompl of me I sank down onto him until he was buried to the hilt in my creamy hole. I tightened the sphincter muscle and squeezed him and then, resting my weight on my arms, started going up and down on his pole. Going all the way up so that just the head was in me and then sinking down again and again. He felt to fucking good to me! Whenever I went up to the top or the bottom I would squeeze him making his cock feel bigger inside of me. His head was going from Lolitas Nymphets Rompl side to side and he was moaning. Every now and then I would pull all the way off of him and move up his chest so that my cocky was at his mouth for him to get a lick or two of it and then I'd sink back down on his dick again. Sometimes I'd get off of him and go down on the head of his cock sucking just it for a second or two and then riding him some more. Carla's eyes were big as she watched us and there was drool out of one corner of her mouth. Her pussy lips were distended and I could see that her cunt was self-lubricating like crazy."Oh shit Marlene, I'm soooo fucking close to cumming. Let me cum. Please." Said Jeff.I told him that we needed to give some hot nasty cum to Carla and got off of him. We moved to her and he kissed her lips while I pinched her red nipples and stuck fingers into her cunt. After a few seconds I had four fingers in her and was fucking in and out while she tried to buck against my hand. He stuck his cock into her mouth and held her head while he fucked her face hard. I stood back and watched while I jacked my nasty cocky."Cum in her mouth you faggot bitch!" I told him. "Shoot it on her face and then lick it off! Feed it to her you slut boy!"He pulled out as she arched her head forward trying to get his cock back. He held it just out of her reach and stroked it faster and faster until he groaned and started shooting jets of cum at her. Some of it went into her open mouth and some of it shot onto her face and her tits. She was gasping and trying to get more of it."Kiss her you bitch!" I said as he moved to her and bent to kiss her lips and taste his cum. Seeing this put me over the edge and I moved to where I could shoot my nasty load of hot stuff on both their faces. I rubbed the head of my cocky with my thumb while I reached down and rubbed her swollen clit between my thumb and forefinger. I'm not normally a big shooter but this was all too much and I shot three or four shots onto their faces while she came having this explosive orgasm. Her juices gushed out of her and puddled on the chair seat while they both licked up my cum. Jeff got his mouth on me and sucked the last of it out of me making my knees weak.Jeff and I fell back on the bed leaving her slumped in the chair. I waited a few minutes and reached over to feel his cock. He was still semi hard and so was I. Never one to waste things I-------but that's another story.Xxx Marlene
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