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Related article: Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 06:08:05 -0700 (PDT) From: Tague Micheals Subject: A Cock For Trisha IIThis story contains reference to a character, Giana, from another of my stories titled "Children at Play".Yes there will be a 3rd chapter. Hopefully before Labor Day. N-Joi Hugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~The room was softly lit and equally soft music played in the background, gentle melodies designed to produce a soothing mood. Piper had first heard it in her massage therapist's office and had found that it was quite pleasing in her bedroom as well."Oh fuck Piper I'm gonna cum pretty soon," Tyler said softly. The incredibly cute dark skinned boy was hammering her cunt at a steady, medium pace. He had Pipers legs back so that her knees were close to her face to accommodate the boy. Her lower body was rolled back and her butt up so that he was driving his magnificent cock straight into her, giving her as much of him as was possible. He had been at it for a good 15 minutes, the third time that Preteen Cp Galleries day that he'd risen to the occasion and favored her cunt with his joy stick.The first time went fairly quick, not atypical for boys Tyler's age, although he was getting better. And why wouldn't he? Piper had fucked him at least once a week since their first time. Make that one encounter a week because he was able to fuck her 3-4 times each go round. For this encounter the second time was longer and ended with her sitting in his lap hugging and kissing each other with his still hard cock rammed up her cunt. The third time she had taken the boy through a variety of positions that had included his fucking her from behind while they lay on their sides as well as on her hands and knees doggy style. The interesting thing about that episode was that they changed positions while staying mated together, Tyler's longer cock allowing for such elaborate gymnastics. Piper had Preteen Cp Galleries cum the second time, an earth shattering orgasm that had given her goose bumps and she was quickly building up to it again."Go ahead baby, shoot your sperm into me, I want to feel your juice squirting inside of me," Piper had panted. Tyler had been shocked the first time that Piper had talked during sex. He had kind of figured that it was like being in school; you kept quiet in order to concentrate and boy did he want to concentrate on the feelings that were ripping through his body, especially the 7 plus inches of thick young cock between his legs. Of course he had loved cumming since the first time it had happened to him some 2 years before.Tyler had started puberty before any of his friends, or so it had seemed. It wasn't like they all shared all of their personal stuff with each other all the time but whenever one of his friends said, "Oh man you wouldn't believe..." Tyler had surprised them by saying "I know." Generally 2 things happened at that point. One was being chastised for not telling the friend before and the second was a mutual jack off session because the friend didn't always believe that Tyler was ahead of the game, or them specifically anyway."Do you like fucking me baby," Piper crooned to Tyler. "Tell me you love fucking me Tyler.""Goddamn I love fucking you Piper. I love having my hard cock in your cunt," the boy said, his voice husky from lust. Talking about it seemed to spur him on, made him move a little faster and shove a little harder. He had been amazed the first time that he'd fucked her hard and fast. He could feel his heavy balls smacking against her body as he drove his cock into the juicy warm fold of her cunt and wondered why it didn't hurt them. Piper's arms reached down between her thighs and Tyler's body to grab onto his delicious slender ass and pull him to her on the down thrusts."Make me cum Tyler, make my pussy happy, fuck me hard, hurt me with your hard cock Tyler." The boy didn't think he could do better than he was but he tried and less than 15 seconds later they were both rewarded with an orgasm. Tyler all but rose up on his toes as he injected Piper's cunt with his boy honey, stopping to grind that tender little ass in circles for a moment before going back to actually fucking her. Piper's orgasm caused her groan louder and she felt her own juices gush out to mix with Tyler's gooey offering.Things slowed down and then Tyler stopped all movement other than his chest rising and falling. Piper encouraged him to lay on her, something he'd been afraid to do the first few times. She finally convinced him that it was a big part of sex for many women, to have their man lie on them after cumming. Tyler loved the feeling of her softness, the pillow like feel of her tits against his face, the warmth of her body against his. After a moment Piper managed to roll them over so that she was on top, his cock still firmly lodged in her cunt.Piper had given the next question a lot of thought. From the very beginning she had hoped that Tyler might be a conduit for other boys, other hot young things like himself who were dying to give their virginity away, dreaming of burying their hard horny cocks into a cunt for the first time. The problem was jealousy. Boys Tyler's age tended toward possessiveness and weren't always willing to share their pussy with another boy. However, the need to find a cock for Trisha was the perfect segue.Piper rubbed Tyler's back as he rested there and in a soft voice told him what a good boy he was and what a great lover he was becoming. Needless to say the boy smiled to himself, proud that an adult female was praising him for his bedroom prowess."Tyler, I was wondering if you might have a young friend, a boy, who maybe who was just starting puberty or not into it very far. I mean a boy with a smaller cock for fucking a girl for her first time." Tyler raised his head so he could see Piper's face."Yeah, and?" Piper went on to explain that Trisha was asking about sex, wanting to see a real live boys' penis and have a boy fuck her. She had told Tyler a little about her involvement with Trisha and of course Tyler had met the cute little girl. While he hadn't harbored any desire to fuck Trisha or even be with her he did wonder briefly what it would be like to stuff his thick cock into such a little cunt hole. He wondered if he could even get it in her, not yet old enough to understand the workings of a girls anatomy."I'd have you do it baby but let's be realistic, you'd split her open and I'd really like her first time to be as painless as possible. Of course I'd like to see him first," Piper said, trying to keep a smile from forming on her lips. "Better yet like I'd to watch him with you and maybe be with him myself." Tyler's cock shrunk out of Piper's cunt and they both groaned softly at the loss. Tyler rolled off Piper and lay facing her."I might know a boy that would want to do it. Let me think about it and I'll tell you next time I see you." After a little more hugging and kissing Tyler went out the back door, promising to come back in 4 days time as requested, and Piper took a nice soak in the tub.The next afternoon Piper was a little later than usual getting home. She had a high roller of a client that wanted to invest in an apartment building and she'd already spent the better part of the month with the guy looking at properties. He was looking to spend in the mid 8 figures which meant a very healthy commission for Piper. She called the house and told Emily Houser that she could go ahead and go on home before Piper got there. Emily was a dowager whose equally aged husband that couldn't even fix himself a sandwich so she needed to be home to take care of him.Piper went through the front door 20 minutes later and found Trisha in the kitchen buttering a piece of toast. "How was your day baby girl," Piper asked and Trisha launched into a detailed description as she sat at the kitchen bar munching her toast. Her little dress had crept up her legs and caused Piper to take a second look."Are you wearing panties Trish?" The little shook her head."I took them off at Giana's before I came home." Giana was an adorable 9 year old that lived down the street. With thick black hair and huge sultry eyes she was going to turn into a world class knockout before she hit puberty. Piper thought she might be of eastern decent, India, Pakistan, or thereabouts, because of her dark skin tones. Piper had often wondered if Giana would be open to playing but hadn't approached either Trisha or her friend about it. Trisha was talking and Piper missed it so asked the girl to repeat it. "Giana changed clothes while we were in her room and showed me her pussy. It's sort of darker than mine Piper, and more pink inside. Anyway she asked to see mine so I took my panties off and showed her." Piper's belly started to tingle and she wondered if there was more. There was."She licked my pussy and I licked hers too mommy. She's a good licker," Trisha observed as she continued to eat, finishing her toast. "But you're better at licking pussy," the little girl said with a smile. Her hand had sneaked down between her legs and up her dress."Is that so," Piper said. Then she reached over and lifted Trisha up and sat her on the counter then pulled her dress up, revealing the little girl's naked slit. Trisha didn't need to be told to lean back, she just did it, resting on her hands. She spread her legs as Piper leaned forward, bringing her face in close. She inhaled and drew in the musky fragrance of a young pussy that hadn't been washed for at least 8 hours. Piper loved that fragrance; ripe but not unpleasant by any means. She shot her tongue out and lick at Trisha's vulva, pushing at the edges of the puffy lips a little then pushing her tongue inside to taste Trisha's clit."Oh gosh mommy I love it when you lick me," Trisha moaned as Piper continued to work at pleasuring the eight year old. Trisha moved, and lay back on the counter so that Piper could have easier access to her cunt. Trisha hoped that Piper would put a finger inside of her and finger fuck while she sucked on her clit. The little girl loved those feelings. A moment later Piper did exactly that. She gently inserted her finger up Trisha's cunt, found her little g-spot and began rubbing it while sliding the finger in and out and sucking on Trisha's clit like a noodle."Oh gosh mommy, oh gosh. You're going to make me have a cum mommy, make me have a cum." Piper loved how easy it was to bring the young girl to orgasm, to cause little Trisha to squirm and moan and all but beg for more. She could hardly wait to see the little girl with a cock inside of her, to watch a Preteen Cp Galleries young boy fuck her pseudo daughter for the first Preteen Cp Galleries time. The thoughts caused pipers pussy to itch, caused her juices to start flowing as if she were getting ready to fuck.Trisha's feet were flat on the counter and she used them to thrust her hips upward, moving into the natural response of fucking, her instinct driving her to mate, no matter that she was mating with a finger. All of a sudden Trisha screamed out and her little body began shaking. Piper had made the little virgin cum again. When it was all over Piper pulled her finger out of Trisha then put it in her mouth and sucked it, her tongue tasting the juices of young cunt. Piper's other hand was up under her dress rubbing at her own vulva and wishing that Tyler were there to fill her cunt for her.Not wanting to wait, Piper reached up and pulled her panties off, pulled her skirt up and sat on a bar stool and began rubbing her self. Trish sat up and watched as the woman rubbed, fingered and felt her almost bald snatch. Trisha loved playing sexy, loved watching her "mom" play sexy with herself."Do you want me to suck on your titty til you cum mommy," she asked as she slid off the counter. Piper nodded her head, stopped what she was doing long enough to get her blouse and bra cups up over her tits then went back to work on her pussy. As Trisha planted her mouth on one tit and began feeling the other one, Piper fantasized about a boy with his cock shoved up the little girls' cunt, a young boys' narrow pale ass moving back and forth as he fucked Trisha, about a young boy squirting his sperm into Trisha's virgin cunt and hopefully making the little girl cum too. Piper had learned at an early age how to allow herself an orgasm and often. As she rubbed and finger fucked herself and Trisha sucked her tit, as her mind created very vivid images of Trisha breeding with a young boy, her level rose quickly."Oh yes baby, nurse on mommy's titty; suck my titty Trisha. Oh God baby I'm going to cum," she panted and her body convulsed with the release of tension that an orgasm created. Wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her body as Piper's hands slowed down and then stopped. Trisha knew when it was time to stop what she was doing and did, standing up and watching Piper's slow return to the present world.Piper eventually opened her eyes and smiled at Trisha, thanked her with a kiss, then stood up, grabbed her panties off the floor and headed to her room to change and grab a shower. "What do you want to do for dinner baby girl," she called back to Trisha as she left the kitchen."Pizza," she heard and wasn't at all surprised. That kid would eat pizza every day if given the chance. Later, sitting in a back booth at a local pizza joint Piper's cell phone rang and when she picked it up it was Tyler."I've got a boy in mind, his name is Lukas, he's 13, completely adorable and has a perfect sized cock for Trisha." Jeez thought Piper, no hello how are you what are you doing just "I've got a boy in mind...""Okay," Piper responded, glancing at Piper who mouthed that she was going to the bathroom. Piper nodded her head."Are you there?" Tyler asked."Yeah, sorry I was distracted. When can I see him cuz I want to meet and eat before I introduce him to Trisha.""Meet & eat," Tyler said with a laugh, "that's a good one. How about tomorrow after school but before dinner?" Piper gave that a moment's thought then said that would be fine but not at her house because Trisha would Preteen Cp Galleries be there with Emily. "Where then?" Tyler asked. Piper gave it a quick thought then said,"Do you know the house for sale over on Pepperidge, right on the round about?" Tyler said that he did. Piper told him she was showing the house at 2 and to come in through the back gate about 3 or 3:30. Tyler said they'd be there but before he could hang up Piper asked him how much he told the boy."Nothing really. He's hot to fuck a girl; he's talked about it when we've done stuff together." Piper asked what stuff they'd done and Tyler said they'd sucked each other and jacked each other off and stuff. The boy had said maybe when Preteen Cp Galleries Tyler said he'd like to fuck him so that was a good sign. "He's a stone hottie Piper, you're gonna love him." Piper asked Tyler what the reason was for bringing the boy to meet her and Tyler said he hadn't thought about that. Thinking quickly she suggested using the ruse of Piper sort of interviewing the boy for a babysitting job. Tyler said he'd use it.Piper was smiling to herself when Trisha came back to the booth and when the little girl asked what she was smiling about Piper just shook her head. The pizza arrived before Trisha could pester her any more and 2 minutes later they were busy chomping it down.At 3:10 the next afternoon Piper was standing inside looking out the back door for the boys. As soon as her client's had gone she changed out of her conservative clothing into a mini skirt, removed her panties and unbuttoned the top 2 buttons of a tight fitting blouse. Her pussy was already starting to dampen in anticipation and when the two boys came through the back gate, headed toward the house, Piper could almost feel her juices flow. The boy was beautiful, simply beautiful, an androgynous beauty.A slender 5'1 he had long blonde hair that wasn't parted but pushed over from the right side of his head and seemed to cover half of his face until a delicate looking hand pushed it back. He was dressed in black jeans, a black t-shirt with an Iron Maiden logo and black skater shoes. As they came closer Piper thought the boy could actually pass for a pre-pubescent girl. His face didn't seem to have any blemishes what so ever; his eyes were blue, framed by darker brows and luxurious lashes. His lips, full and perfectly shaped, looked so much like a girls lips that Piper decided she would have to talk the boy into letting her put lipstick on him sometime. As they started up the steps she could see a slight almost lavender tint to some of the underneath strands of hair that draped over his shoulder from the nape of his neck.The boys couldn't see her through the gauzy curtain so she waited a moment before answering their knock. When she opened the door even Tyler's jaw dropped a little. She stepped aside and let them pass, admiring Lukas's very narrow butt as he went by. They stopped in the kitchen and waited for Piper to come to them, the young teen all but staring at her tits."Hi, I'm Piper," she said extending her hand. The boy took it gently, almost like a woman."I'm Lukas," he responded, his voice still the high pitched voice of boy waiting for puberty to deepen it. "Let's go into the living room," Piper said and started out of the kitchen, moving her ass like a high class hooker. Lukas looked at Tyler and mouthed the word "fuck" as he groped at the front of his jeans. Piper was used to staging, both in her personal life and the houses she was trying to sell, and the living room had been staged to seduce young Lukas. She had the boys sit on the sofa while she sat on a high backed chair about 8 feet in front of them, making sure that Lukas was directly in front of her. She crossed her legs and in doing so all but Preteen Cp Galleries showed her ass. Lukas stared dutifully."So," Piper began, "Tyler said that you might be willing to baby sit for me Lukas." The boy nodded his beautiful head and gulped out a "yes." Piper asked if he'd had much experience and he said that he had. Piper asked him to explain that as she uncrossed her legs and put her feet on the floor, wide enough so that the boy could see up dress and thus, her pussy. Piper knew that he had because his blue eyes went wide for just a moment. He started to tell her a little bit about his sitting experience but clearly he was distracted by the sight in front of his face, his gulping and stammering a give away. Sitting next to him Tyler's face broke into a grin that only Piper could see and his cock started to stretch out in his sports shorts.As Lukas talked on Tyler felt his belly twist a little bit. The boy was so goddamned beautiful and Tyler wanted to breed him so badly but so far he hadn't even really seen much of Lukas's asshole let alone do anything with it."So have you ever baby sat girls?" Lukas nodded his head. "Have you ever had to give them a bath because I might need you to monitor my daughter if you sit for me on a weekend night." Again Lukas nodded his head as he gulped. He had indeed done that and when he'd had to dry them off his cock was as hard as a young boys' cock could be but he'd never touched one of his charges that way, making them dry their own little pussies and butt holes.Lukas had started to fidget a little bit, his stone hard cock cramped in his briefs. He wanted to adjust himself in the worst way but didn't want to do it in front of the woman. Then Piper leaned forward and rested her arms on her thighs, moving her feet farther apart as she did it. Now the hot young boy had a great view of her cleavage as well as the open gash of her pussy and if she kept that up he felt like he was gonna cum without ever touching his dick."Are you okay Lukas," Piper asked. The boy swallowed hard again and nodded his head. He tried to maintain eye contact with Piper but his baby blues were drawn to the apex of her incredible legs, the cleft of her pussy."You seem a little nervous," Piper said then stood up and walked toward him. "I know what's wrong Lukas," she said as she stopped in front of the boy, causing him to have to look up at her. "You've never seen a woman's pussy before have you?" The beautiful young thing was aghast that the woman knew what he was thinking but he shook his head. "Well we can't have that." Piper reached down and pulled the skirt down over her hips, an elastic waistband allowing for the ease of disrobing, and let it drop to the floor."There, that's better." The kid stared, his hand went to his crotch to rub and readjust himself. "Do you like looking at my pussy," Piper Preteen Cp Galleries asked him and he nodded his head, afraid to speak. Piper let him stare for a moment then got to her knees and put her hands on his knees. "I'll bet your cock is hard as stone isn't it Lukas?" The boy nodded his head, staring at her tits. "Well that's very sweet of you. A woman likes to know that a boy finds her attractive." Of course it wouldn't have mattered if she'd been coyote ugly. She had the requisite pussy and she was letting the boy see it."Stand up," she commended and the boy did as he was told. The front of his jeans was pushed out visibly from his rampant penis. "Let's fix that for you," she said, reaching for the snap of his jeans. Piper unfastened, unzipped then tugged the denim down and stared for a moment.Lukas was wearing a pair of red jockey's with yellow seams. Clearly he wasn't bulging like Tyler or Kerry would but he wasn't little either. Piper moved her hand up and using her fingers felt up and down the boys' length, guessing him to be 5 inches or so long. She then pulled the garment down and revealed his cock to the first woman to gaze upon his maturing boyhood.He was indeed a slender five to five and a quarter inches long, his cock standing proud and firm in front of his t-shirt, which Piper pushed up out of the way. There was a smattering of pale hairs at the base of the rampant flesh, his skin from which it sprouted still more visible than not. His tender young balls hung nicely between pale thighs, not a hair to be seen on the smooth pale skin. Piper pushed his jeans and underwear to his ankles then reached out and put her hands on his slender butt and as she pulled him to her she leaned in and placed her face in his crotch. She inhaled deeply, drawing in the delectable fragrance of a growing young boy. She backed away just enough to cup his hairless balls then place her mouth over his rigid flesh and sucked his cock, causing him to gasp out loud.Piper stayed long enough to give the boy a sample of what she could do for him then let go of the boy and stood up. "I don't really want you to baby sit for me Lukas, I need you to fuck my 8 year old daughter. Can you do that?" It took a moment for the boy to register what had been said then he nodded his head. "You will be her first boy. She hasn't even seen a boys' cock before so you'll be her first all the way around." Lukas' belly was doing flip flops. He couldn't believe what was happening to him. Fuck a girl! It was every boy's dream, not just his."I'll want you and Tyler to be sexy with each other too. Do you have a problem with that?" Lukas shook his head then Piper said, "Show me." Lukas turned to Tyler who had already shoved his shorts and underwear to his ankles and had been sitting on the sofa with his cock sticking up between his dusky thighs, his hand gripping it tightly. Watching Piper manage Lukas had been awesome; the boy hadn't stood a chance against her.Lukas sat on the sofa and leaned over Tyler's lap, took hold of his raging cock and lowered his head, closing his mouth over the end of it. He began bobbing up and down, sucking the older teen's thick cock while his other hand played with the heavy sac of balls. Tyler smiled at Piper who got to her knees and began sucking Lukas again, the young boy rolling his hips to give her better access. Piper knew that this was going to be the most perfect boy and the most perfect cock for Trisha's first fuck.Piper stopped what she was doing to just look at the boys for a moment. Naked boys were hot to look at but seeing them, pants down around their ankles and their shirts pulled up out of the way seemed even hotter. She glanced at her watch then told Lukas to stop, which he did. He sat back up and his hand went automatically to his raging boner while his eyes stared at Piper's pussy. She stepped closer."Kiss my pussy Lukas," she commented. He leaned forward, pursed his lips and gently kissed her cleft. His eyes were closed, his long lashes barely touching the top of his cheek bone. "Now lick it," she said softly and the boy backed away slightly before his pink tongue snaked out and licked at the slit and the tip of her clit that was poking out from behind the puffy lips. Tyler watched the show, his hand moving steadily on his thick cock, stroking it. He'd never seen such a thing and it was hotter that shit watching the beautiful young 13 year old tasting his first pussy.Piper stepped away and got to her knees again. She quickly pulled his jeans and underwear over one foot then pushed his legs apart. "I want to see your sperm Lukas," she said as she reached out, took hold of the steel stiff boner and began to jack the boy off. He pulled his t-shirt up to his neck then relaxed into the sofa and watched Piper do her job. She leaned in and started licking his smooth sac, pushing the eggs with her tongue causing the boy to gasp audibly. Tyler leaned over and put his lips against Lukas's mouth. He'd been dying to kiss the boy and figured now was the time to do it. He wasn't wrong and Lukas responded with enthusiasm, even opening his perfect mouth in order to let Tyler's tongue inside.Like many young boys, Lukas's body responded quickly and without warning but Piper knew boys, knew their bodies. Lukas had been contracting and relaxing his muscle, just like squeezing off a piss stream, helping to bring his orgasm on. Piper had already left his sac and was watching intently when his cock thickened against her fingers. Lukas broke the kiss to watch, as all boys do, the miracle of his sperm shooting out.The first squirt, not much more than a few droplets, shot clear up to the boys' little nipples, the feelings of his sperming evident by the expression of pain and wonder on his smooth young face. Piper pulled the raging cock upright just as the next contraction expelled his watery sperm. It almost streamed out of the red swollen head, ran down the underside of his cock, created a small puddle in the low indentation of his smooth sac at the base of his cock. When it became to full his sperm ran down between balls to drip off onto the rounded cheek of his butt leaving a visible stream of white the entire way. Piper had turned her hand sideways so as not to obstruct the flow. Next to Lukas Tyler moaned as his cock started blasting out globs of cum onto his belly, his balls rising and falling at the tug and release of his cock. It was an incredibly hot scene and had she had more time Piper would have had both boys fuck her right there on the carpet. Instead she leaned down and began licking up Lukas's sperm like a mother cat cleaning her young. The boy shivered at the feelings.Piper finally leaned away from him, grabbed her skirt and stepped into it. She smiled at the sight of the two half naked boys relaxed back on the sofa, arms at their sides, recovering from their activity. Tyler's belly was awash with his sperm so she went into the kitchen and grabbed a few paper towels and brought them back so the boy could clean himself off. As he finished Piper said,"Can you arrange to spend the night at Tyler's on Friday?" Lukas nodded his head, as did Tyler. Then she said that she would like to see them about 7 or 8 and Tyler said it was perfect. To Lukas she said the same thing she had to Tyler the first time he came to her house. She didn't want him to jack off that day, wanting for him to be as hot as possible, could he do that. To his credit Lukas said he'd try real hard and Tyler chuckled. Piper shooed the boys out the back door, making sure Tyler took his cum soaked paper towels with him but before they left she gave them both a mouth open tongue battling kiss then patted their butts. As she watched them walk away she admired those butts; one a bubbly set of orbs and the other not as bubbly but certainly kissable and narrow. Hell the boy couldn't be more than 10 inches from side to side. She felt her pussy twitch a little bit thinking about how much fun it was going to be to watch Lukas fuck Trisha. Of course she would have to have the young Adonis fuck her too. Hot damn.Piper elected to not say anything to Trisha for a few days. She knew that the little girl was going to pester her, ask questions of all sorts, and generally be a pain in the ass until the big day came. Much as Piper loved Trisha, she didn't really want to have to go through all that. The night before the big event, after Trisha had used the strap on to get Piper off, the two lay naked in each others arms. Piper reveled in the softness of Trisha's skin, the smooth silkiness that prepubescent children have.Piper had given a great deal of thought to the grand event over the past few days, trying to figure out how she was going to go about it. Of course she could just have the boys strip their clothes off and have all 4 of them go at it like so many wild animals but she didn't really want that. Piper preferred to make it a more special thing for Trisha as well as Lukas. It would be his first pussy and she knew that the young hottie would remember it the rest of his life. She also wanted her baby girl to be able to see a boy in all of his glory, in all stages and that included his default state, soft and hanging. She wanted Trisha to be able to behold the beauty and magic of watching a boys cock go from hanging to hard, wanted her to see how a boy could grow from small to larger and thicker, ready to service a girls cunt or even another boys' ass. The more she thought about it the more Piper realized that it was pretty likely that her and Trisha's involvement with Lukas wasn't going to be a one night affair. If Trisha were to have the well rounded experience that Piper preferred her to have it would take longer than that. There would need to be some follow up encounters. It made Piper shiver slightly.The boy was incredibly beautiful perhaps the most beautiful boy that Piper had ever been with. He had a delicious little body to match. Besides his being with Trisha, Piper was dying to watch Tyler bust the boys' cherry, dying to see Lukas on his back with his legs in the air with Tyler's thick brown cock sliding in and out of the boys' Lilly white ass, dying to hear the boy moan and groan at the pleasure of having a large cock inside of him and maybe even scream out like a little girl when he finally squirted his sperm out from it all. Oh yes, Piper had plans for that boy, all of them good, and all of them sexy as all hell. She only hoped that he would be willing to go along with all of it.What Piper couldn't know was that while she was ruminating about their future the boys had done so as well. As soon as they cleared the back gate after that first encounter Tyler asked Lukas what he'd thought about what had just happened. The adorably young teens' excited was evident in his still high pitched voice."Fuck Tyler it was awesome. Oh man she sucked my cock she licked my balls," he exclaimed."Yeah and she wants you to fuck her daughter," Tyler added."Yeah that too," Lukas said. "What's it like Tyler, putting your cock in a pussy?" Tyler explained it the best he could to the boy and Lukas listened intently."Of course being in a woman Piper's cunt would likely be a little looser for you but Trisha's cunt should be real tight. I'm kinda jealous that you get to fuck her." Lukas took Tyler seriously and actually apologized for what was going to happen but Tyler said he was only joking but when he said it he was also being partly serious."I'm not joking though when I say I loved kissing you though Lukas." The two Preteen Cp Galleries boys stopped walking and looked at each other's eyes."I really liked it when you kissed me Tyler," Lukas said softly, his seriousness very clear to the older teen. They were still walking in the alley ways and Tyler did a quick look around then led Lukas to someone's back gate, the 7 foot tall wooden gate practically buried deep inside an enormous ivy hedge where they were all but invisible should someone pass by. Tyler put his hands on the younger boy's shoulders and leaned his head down. Preteen Cp Galleries Lukas knew what was coming and tilted his head up slightly in order to meet Tyler. The boys' lips touched, broke apart and touched again then broke apart long enough for them to look each other in the eyes. The third time their lips touched they stayed there, both mouths moving against each other. Lukas' little heart was beating like crazy when he felt Tyler's tongue pushing against his mouth so he opened wide to let the older boy in. He wrapped his arms around Tyler's shoulders and held tight and without even thinking about pressed his hips forward, mashing his groin against Tyler's and feeling the older teens massive hard cock.Lukas loved Tyler's cock. The thing was so big and because the older boy was uncut it was also fascinating to the younger teen. Lukas had thought alot about what Tyler had said about fucking him and what Lukas had said in return. The younger boy decided that he did want Tyler to fuck him. He'd had thoughts about having a cock in his ass since he was 11 but hadn't really found anyone that he wanted to allow do that. But Tyler was special in a lot of ways and Lukas felt, no he knew, that Tyler was the one. Sure, he was a little bit daunted about the size of Tyler's cock, knew that it was going to hurt but when he thought about it, Preteen Cp Galleries laying naked in his bed at night, jacking off, he knew it was going to be okay, knew that Tyler would love him with care and thoughtfulness. When he finally squirted his sperm out onto his heaving flat belly it was with the vision in his brain of Tyler's cock shoved as far up his tight little butt hole as it could Preteen Cp Galleries go.When the kiss broke Lukas rested his head against Tyler's shoulder for a moment. When he backed away he looked at Tyler. "God I'm so fucking hard right now. I really want to cum bad." Tyler nodded his head and said he did too. Without another word Tyler pulled the front of his shorts and underwear down so his dick was in the air and Lukas undid his jeans and did the same. Tyler moved out of the hedge to be able to see both ways in the alley and didn't see anyone for blocks. The back yards on the other side of the alley all had garages and hedges and fences so no one could see them. He ducked back in and took hold of Lukas' raging boner and Lukas did the same for him. The two boys stood facing each other stroking each other's cocks, both wishing that they could be somewhere else so that they could suck each other. But like most young teenage boys, when the mood to cum was on them it needed to be attended too right then which necessitated taking the chance that they were then taking, jacking each other off in public where the possibility of being caught was very high which made it even hotter than it already was.It didn't take long before Lukas was there and he said so. Tyler quickly turned him sideways and a second later Lukas moaned softly as a glob of sperm shot out onto the wooden gate. The ejaculation was so powerful that the boy had to put and arm against the gate to not fall over. For Tyler it was hot as all hell and as soon as Lukas was finished he let go of the boy and grabbed his own raging cock and began stroking it with a vengeance. Both boys were rewarded less that 30 seconds later when Tyler squirted. The boys' hose pumped out 3 solid jets of cum that splattered the rusty colored gate and began to slowly run downward. The other 4 squirts shot out and landed on the macadam of the alley way, the last bit of liquid simply leaking out and falling straight down."Fuck I can't believe how much of sperm you make Tyler," Lukas said in a stage whisper. Lukas' boner was finally starting to soften but he hadn't put it away and stood there watching Tyler's cock finally start to do the same thing. A noise from the back of the house on the other side of the gate prompted Tyler to nurse the remaining residue out of his dick before he quickly pulled his shorts up. Lukas had already stuffed himself away before Tyler was done. They walked away quickly and before they were 10 steps down the ally they heard the gate open and the sound of trash cans being put out. Tyler also felt the cool dampness of leaking cum in his shorts. They had been close to the end of the alley when they heard,"What the hell," and quickly turned the corner before house resident saw them. The 17 year old that had put the trash cans out saw the mess on his parents' recently stained gate and recognized right off what it was. God knows he'd left his DNA in plenty of places where someone else might have the opportunity to view it. He walked out into the alley but didn't see anyone. Knowing that some boy had just jacked off right where he was standing made the teen start to get hard. While he hadn't jacked off there, he'd done it often enough outside and knew how hot it could feel. He groped at the front of his jeans, reveling in the feeling of his hand gripping at his growing hard cock. The boy quickly went back through the gate and into the shed Preteen Cp Galleries where the family stored their garden tools and tugged his jeans and underwear down and started jacking off. His brain tried to visualize the boy who'd shot his sperm out on their gate and wondered if the boy was cute. He also wondered if he'd been there with the boy, if the boy would have let him suck his cock and maybe even swallow that glob of sperm.
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