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Related article: Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 13:30:45 +0000 From: Story Teller Subject: A Christmas StoryHere is a little story that I hope will brighten your holiday. Can I take this opportunity to thank those who take the trouble to send their remarks, I really appreciate them. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all, and a very special Happy New Year from Scotland. The ususal copyright rules apply. A CHRISTMAS STORYDriving over the moor was treacherous, about a foot of snow had fallen then it had frozen, no one with any sense would be out on an evening like this, but at the last minute I had been delayed at work, typical Christmas Eve and I was keen to get to my family home before midnight to celebrate Christmas, even at the age of 38 tradition is important.I was crawling along at about 15 miles an Naked Lolita Toplist hour cursing the weather, cursing the people who held me back and cursing my luck at having to make this journey.Then the fog came down!It rolled across the moor like a rain cloud obscuring everything in it's wake. The road was pretty straight but very narrow so I had to slow right down, open my window and try to drive with my head stuck out, which meant that within 5 minutes I was frozen stiff. Just when I was ready to give up, switch off the engine and try my best to stay warm until I was discovered or the fog lifted, I saw the faint shadow of a small building set slightly off the road. I stopped to investigate and discovered it was a bothy, a small one-roomed stone-built shelter specifically for anyone who might find himself in my position. I took my flashlight and went in to look around, there was a pile of logs at the side of the fireplace, a paraffin lamp with a can of fuel, a few pots and some tea, sugar and dried milk, all left by previous temporary inhabitants. I got the fire going first, because the chill was already through to my bones, then I got some snow and melted it and made some tea. As the darkness settled I lit the lamp then I began to feel hungry. I knew I wouldn't starve to death over the next 24 hours but I hadn't eaten since lunchtime. Suddenly I remembered, I had cleaned out my cupboard and fridge at home before I left. I brought several packets of cooked meats which my mother could use up but I also brought cans of soup and stews that had been lying for several Naked Lolita Toplist months so that I could put them in the basket that the church always had at Christmas for people to donate for the old and homeless. Within 10 minutes I had soup heating on the fire and looking forward to a hot meal.As I moved around the room getting the heat into my joints I heard a noise outside then the door opened to show a bear of a man standing there. He came in and shut the door quickly behind him, and said, "Well, this is a life-saver, I thought I was lost for good, I've been walking for hours and the feeling has gone from my limbs". His clothes were soaked right through so he took off a big rucksack and huddled at the fire."I think the first thing you should do is get out of some of those wet clothes then get some of that soup inside you", I said. "Thanks, young man, but I couldn't take your food, there's only enough there for one". As he was saying this he was shrugging out of his big heavy jacket and his thick fleecy shirt. "It's OK", I said, "I have several more tins". "Oh well, in that case, thankyou very much, you are a true gentleman", he said as he kicked off his boots. "I hope you don't mind, but I think these have to go too" he said as he unhooked his belt and took of his trousers, leaving him in a red combination under-suit and thick socks. Again he stretched himself in front of the fire soaking in it's heat. "Carry on", I said, "Make yourself at home, we're just men together".Now I have to say that my taste in men is pretty wide, but there is something about a big man, tall and well built with a little extra weight, hairy (and he was, I could see it sticking out over his suit) and with a grey beard just like his, I am totally hooked. I tried not to stare as I put the soup into a bowl I had found in the cupboard and put 2 more tins of soup on to heat.As often happens, we had been in each other's company for about 20 minutes when I thought to say, "I'm Jim". He held out a hand twice the size of mine and said "Nick". We chatted on, mostly about the weather and he asked me where I was going etc, then he asked what I did for a living, I told him that I am an accountant and he told me he was in the delivery business. The hours passed more easily when Nick produced a bottle of whisky from his bag and we managed to do some damage to it drinking from old cups.We realised it was well after midnight and wished each other a Merry Christmas then decided we should try to get some sleep. Out of the blue he announced that he had 2 sleeping bags in his rucksack and pulled them out and unfolded them. We turned out the lamp and backed up the fire then we tried to get as comfortable as possible on the floor in our bags. After about 10 minutes Nick said "Damn, it is still cold down here, even with the fire". I had to agree with him, it was not as warm as sitting by the fire. We got up and pulled our bags nearer the fire then Nick said, "I've had an idea, why don't we zip the bags together then we can share our body heat". My feelings were mixed, I realised it was a sensible idea, and the notion of cuddling up to a gorgeous man like him was most appealing, but I was worried that I might get carried away in some way, especially in my sleep. While I was wrestling with my conscience Nick had the bags joined and laid on the floor, putting our dried jackets underneath to give extra comfort.I deliberately lay with my back to him, but all that did was cause him to cuddle tightly against me wrapping his big arm around me. I lay stock-still almost afraid to breathe, then Nick said "There, that is much cosier", as he began to roughly rub my arm and chest. I though I felt something twitch against my buttocks but I was sure it was my imagination. Slowly Nick rubbed lower onto my stomach, at the same time pressing me back against him. He was still wearing his long suit but I was just in a tee shirt and shorts, ,so when he placed his leg over mine I could feel heat of his body burning into me; I could also feel his breath on the back of my neck. I was glad I had my back to him because my dick was throbbing against my shorts like a piston. Again I was aware of movement against my arse just as Nick's hand slipped lower and discovered my secret. He wrapped his hand round my stick and said, "I think we could get even warmer if we were naked".While he got out of the bag to undress I slipped out of my shorts and tee shirt then he scampered in again and reheated himself on my back. He pulled my shoulder to get me on my back and gave me a hot bearded kiss, sticking his tongue into Naked Lolita Toplist my throat then sucking on mine, almost pulling it from it's roots. Naked Lolita Toplist My hands had found his manhood, an 8" cock surmounting the biggest hairiest balls I had ever held. His left hand was holding my head while his right caressed my body, working down to grab my dick and pull it. He turned me again onto my side then he wet his dick with his spit and nuzzled his dick between my arsecheeks and pushed his big head into my arse ring. Despite preparing myself for it, I still gasped at the size of what was inside me, but he was impatient, he thrust his throbbing tool into me and began to ride me, sliding the long thick pole in and out of my arse and stroking my dick in rhythm with the finesse of a dog servicing a bitch in heat. After the initial shock and pain I pushed back against his every thrust, panting for breath as my excitement grew and my passion got hotter. Too soon I felt myself approaching climax and at the same time I felt Nick's club grow even bigger. Neither of us could hold back and as I grabbed my tee shirt and held it against my climax I felt Nick spurt load after load into me.We lay exhausted, his arms still around me and his dick still inside me and drifted into a warm comfortable sleep. Later I awoke to feel that he was still in me and still semi-hard. I instinctly squeezed my muscle and began to push back. Soon I felt the life return to his member and he began to bite on my ear lobe and stroke my nipples, then he slowly began to thrust again, this time more slowly, more deliberately, more lovingly. He held my dick but didn't play with it, in fact when I started to get exited he would squeeze my balls and stop pushing until I calmed down. For over half an hour he continued to pleasure both of us, not fucking but love-making. Eventually neither of us could sustain our patience and he picked up his speed and gave me another load of his juice to accompany the one still inside me, before getting me on my back and wrapping his lips around my pulsating dick and swallowing my cream.We kissed for ages then he looked out at the now clear but still dark sky and said, "I really need to go, I have a lot to do before sunrise. He rose and got dressed and told me to keep the sleeping bags "Call them a Christmas gift", he said. I watched as he picked up his rucksack and threw it over his back and set off into the night. I dosed for a while then at first light I got dressed and prepared to go. I put the tins I hadn't used into the cupboard for the next unwilling guest, packed up the sleeping bags. When I got out I spent ages scraping my windows and spraying everything I could see with antifreeze and eventually I got under way to my journey's end. It was later that day as I sat in my parents' kitchen I smiled quietly at the thought of the big man with a beard in the red suit who had given me the best Christmas I could ever have hoped for, but the more I thought about it, the stranger the story seemed. Why was Nick walking on the moor at this time of year, what else was in that big bag, and what did he have to do before daylight? Finally I realised, when I left the bothy I couldn't remember seeing any footprints, either approaching or leaving. A second later I shook my head, obviously the cold had got into my brain, I was 38 years of age, for Christ's sake, a bit late in life to start believing in Father Christmas.
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