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Related article: Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 17:17:09 -0500 From: Cory Falls Subject: A Change: part 2All the usual disclaimers applyIf you are under the age of 18 you shouldn't read this, that's illegal, If this isn't legal in your area then please leave now. Names and places have been changed to keep the peace.This story involves sexual acts between a teen and preteen, in the same family, just a warningThis is pure fiction A Change: part 2 *From Chapter One*"Cody....are you?......." he trailed offI kissed him again on the lips " Yes, Mike, yes I am"He smiled at me like before and pounced on me. He pushed me down on my back and started to make out with me again, it was electric having him on top of me. We just layed there and made out.He stopped and just layed on top of me."Cody?" he said"Yea?""I love you" with tears in his eyes"I love you to lil'dude" as tears rolled down my face. I knew it was wrong but, it felt so right with him laying there with me. It just felt right. ---------------Chapter 2 -------------------*Late that Night*"Cody?" Mike said shaking me from my sleep"Huh?.....What's wrong lil'dude?""I had a nightmare", he said starting to cry a little."It's alright dude, do you want to sleep with me?""Yes", he said sadly, " I bet you think i'm a baby..."I sighed, because I'd already gone over this subject " No I don't, now get your ass in this bed", I said smiling a little.He jumps up into the bed and snuggles up against me with his back on my chest. He had me in the position where I was spooning him but I didn't care. After I was sure he fell asleep I put my arm over him, pulled him close, and finally went to sleep myself * Morning came all to soon, I was partly awake, and I felt my dick being played with, at first I was confused. till I remembered the day before. I think Mike noticed me waking up and he stopped."No,Mike, please don't stop, it feels good", I almost beggedHe gave me a sexy Pedo Preteens smile, then he told me to lift my butt up, as I did he slipped my underwear off me. I was totally exposed to the kid and I was loving it. I was already at full mast ( I forgot to mention, my cock is about 7inches hard, 4 flaccid.) and the kid just looked amazed, I don't think he had ever seen a cock my size. I flexed it a bit, it made him laugh. He was so cute when he did that, he flashed his almost perfectly white teeth. He was jacking me pretty hard at that point, and I was it complete and utter heaven, but I had him to stop."Mike...Mike...please....stop." I said, almost at orgasmHe stopped"Why was I doing something wrong? he asked with a quizzical look on his face"No, you were doing it perfectly, but I want to save it for later. I have a surprise for you then""Tell me!", he said with the cutest look on his face"No, not yet" I said laughingHe had a disappointed look on his face but, he said ok. And to tell the truth, I did have a surprise for him. Everyone was going to the store to buy him something for his birthday, so his mom asked me to stay with while they all went to the store. I said yes, know it would take at least 4 hours! It would be the perfect time to see how much the kid knew."Ok kid, I think your Mom has breakfast cooking. Want to go get some food?""Yea!" he said excitedly"Whoa! Kid get some clothes on first!"I said laughingHe looked down at himself and he realized all he had on was his white briefs ( damn I loved looking at him in those!). He grabbed some Pedo Preteens jeans but decided to go without a shirt. Fuck, the kid looked great, he maybe young but he already had pretty developed muscles and shit.We went downstairs to get breakfast, which was pancakes. Damn the kid had an appetite, he ate 6 pancakes. I told him he was going to get sick but he wouldn't listen. And did I tell him or did I tell him? By the time everyone was about to go the kid was full blown sick. They almost didn't want to leave but, I told them I could watch him and he would be ok.They left"Cody, why did everyone leave?" he asked"I told you I had a surprise for you, they went to the store they won't be back for about 4 hours". Well I thought, that throws my old plan out the window. I guess I'll do that later. sigh"Well kid you need to get some rest" I said seriously"No, I don't want to" he said straining to get upI rushed over to his bed side."Ok kid, will you rest if I lay down with you?""Yes, please" he said trying to smileHe scooted over in his bed. I climbed in and layed with myself half laying half siting up. He snuggled up to my side and layed his head on my lap. I didn't get horny, I felt like a parent or older brother to the kid. I knew this kid would always be in my life no matter what. After about 20 mins of me stroking his hair he fell asleep. He was beautiful. He was smiling in his sleep, a good dream I guess. With every breath I saw him take I felt, happy? amazed? love?....I'm not sure what I felt but I think it was a combination of everything. It felt as if time stopped and God himself stopped to stare. I soon felt sleep taking my hand, it was the best nap I'd ever had. *I heard the front door of the cabin slam. There back I thought to myself. Well I eased Mikes head off my lap and onto a pillow. As I went down I saw Chad sitting on the couch crying."What's wrong chad? i asked concerned'I saw a boy my age at the store, and I said he was cute and Mommy and Daddy spanked me..." he said still crying"Did they say why they spanked you?""They said....." he whispered "You will never say that gay ass shit again"My heart started to pound and I think my eyes got big. They spanked him and said that!?!? I was scared for me, Mike, and now, Chad. I mean how could they be so nice one minute, and the next be hateful. I was more than just scared, I was horrified."It's ok, Chad" I motioned for him to grab on to me"Let's go see if your brother awake" I said. I wasn't going to let Chad tell his brother what happened, I didn't want to freak him out. I carried him up to his brothers room. Mike was just waking up, you know yawning, stretching, scratching. Chad jumped down and ran over to his brother giving him a hug and whispering something in his ear. Mike smiled for a second and then frowned. No not now he said back to Chad, who looked totally disappointed. I was confused, but something was Pedo Preteens starting to dawn on me....did Mike do "things" with Chad???"Mike what did Chad ask you?" I asked with a mock frown"Nothing...nothing at all" Mike said"Chad what did you ask, Mike?" I said lovingly"I asked him if we could do, suckers" Chad saidI instantly knew my guess was right, but I asked anyway"And what do you do when you play 'suckers' ?"Chad looked at Mike and Mike shook his head up and down knowing I already knew."Ok", Chad said, "I suck on my brothers peepee, and he does it to me and licks me all over" he said laughing"Well I think we'll have some fun later" I said with a smile"OK!" they responded in unisonThat evening was uneventful. Most of the other kids didn't show up. The adults started a fire around 8pm and were either sleep or stoned or drunk by 11. I finally found a time for some fun!Me,Mike, and Chad went in the house."Ok guys lets have some fun" I said winking at themAlmost all at once they both were streaking while they run upstairs. Clothes flew everywhere, I was a bit slower, cleaning up after them so even if someone cam in they wouldn't know. As I made it upstairs i heard laughter and slurping sounds. Haha. But damn what a sight I saw when I got there.Mike was completely nude sucking on Chads cock. Chad since him being 8 was big for his age i thought, his cock was a completely hard 3 1/2 inches! Fuck, I was hard in an instant. When Chad and Mike saw I was up there, they attacked me. I was on the ground with 2 kids striping me down! Chad had pulled off my shirt and was helping his brother with my belt. When they both got my belt off they ripped my pants off, i layed there with my cock at full mast under my boxers. Chad grabbed the right side and Mike grabbed the left and pulled my underwear off exposing me."Do what ever you want" I told both of themMike kissed me passionately his tongue and mine exploring each others mouths. Ohhhhhh I groaned as Chad sucked on my right nipple. Mike had stopped making out with me and started moving down my body kissing me all the way. He was finally down to my now throbbing cock. He licked the head a couple times, and then engulfed my whole cock. OHHH!AHH!!, he was deep-throating me better than Brandi ever did. His tongue was amazing. Chad on the other hand was playing with my balls. he sucked hard on the one he had in his mouth all groaned with all my might.With the brothers both working me I was getting very close to orgasm. "UGhn...ahhhh...ohhhh!... Mike...i'm ......gonna.....cum!!! He started to suck harder. Chad was licking all around my cock, i couldn't hold it any longer! UNGH!!! I grunted. I felt my balls draining down Mikes throat and he was swallowing it all like a pro. But all my cum was to much soon he had some leaking down his chin and out his mouth. When I was done cumming he lifted his head off my cock and to my surprise Chad came over and started kissing Mike. Chad was licking the last of my cum off Mikes chin and what was left in his mouth."Oh fuck that's hot guys!""Do me now!!!" Chad yelled"Ok kid but it's my first time so I don't know if I'm any good"I kissed Chad on the lips, tasting my own cum. I'd never done that before, it was kinda bitter and salty, but overall not bad. I sucked on his little dime sized nipples and he starts to groan and wriggle. I kissed his belly-button and tickled Pedo Preteens him a little making him giggle. Mike had his head between Chads legs but he wasn't sucking his cock. He was giving Chad a rim job, and Chad was loving it. I got to Chads cock and took balls and all into my mouth. I was sucking on Chads little head while running my tongue over his shaft and balls. After about a minute I felt the little guy give a big groan and tense up. I knew he just had a dry orgasm. Both me and Mike stopped and watched the little guy. He was still having his high . After a few minutes the kid was asleep. That happens when your so young and have that powerful an orgasm."Cody" Mike almost whispered "Make love to me"All I could do was smile and fulfill the kids wishesI slowly kissed the kid, kissing his neck, then moving down and giving both his nipples a kiss. I kissed his stomach, and I kissed his cock head. I told Mike to lift his butt up and put his legs over my shoulders. I think he knew what was coming. I never in my life thought i would be doing this, but I slowly started to lick his hole. It didn't taste bad like I thought it would. Mike was moaning and groaning. He was really enjoying this, and so was I."Are you sure you want me to do this?" I said"Yes" he growled with longing in his eyes"I'll go slow, because it'll hurt""I know it'll hurt but i want you to do it" he said almost begging meOk I said slowly. I put my cock head against the kids hole, and pushed with enough force to get my head in. I heard him suck in air and cry a little. I started to pull out saying sorry."NO!" he said, "Leave it there, it hurts but it feels so good!"I started to push in more till I was in him to the hilt. I kissed him as I let him get used to my cock being in him. When I felt him relax I knew he was in good shape now. I pulled my cock out till only the head was left inside and then pushed forward. Oh Cody fuck me fuck me now he said at a whisper. I was going at him with all I had. He was so damned tight, in no time i was filling his insides with more cum. And he had had about 3 orgasms since i start he was out of it. I layed there till my cock deflated and slipped out with a pop. He was gone. completely asleep. I got up and put my underwear on. I got a pair of briefs for Chad, I slipped them on him and put him to bed kissing him good night. I did the same for Mike, I told him I loved him and goodnight. And with that I went to bed. If I only knew what was going Pedo Preteens to happen tomorrow, I would have planned for the worst. *End of part 2* Send me comments on my story, it's my first so, if it's not good tell me, i plan on putting more chapters but if you say so i won'tsend comments tosaintz1live.com
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