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Related article: MDate: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 14:25:50 +1200 From: charlie harris Subject: A Chance Encounter Pt 1Chance Encounter. A Short Story by Charlie.The day was really balmy and Greatlolita Bbs sticky. I had to work and I was actually glad to be inside with the air conditioning on.I work at a convenience store, that is real handy to a major sports ground, that also holds large outdoor concerts.The trade that morning was quite brisk; busier than usual. I put it down to the huge concert which was about to start early in the afternoon.The neighbourhood was a buzz with young music fans. Most of which were dressed more for the beach. I suppose the weather was due to fine up as it had rained for the last few days.Anyway as I said the business was good and there was a steady stream of concertgoers buying snacks etc before heading off to the stadium. There was this young guy who came in with some mates. He was around 18 or 19. This guy was around 5'9" tall, slight but muscular build, with sandy blonde hair. He walked in joking and kidding with his friends; I suppose they were looking forward to a great day at the concert. They went about the store grabbing packets of chips and other stuff. Then they all came to the counter to buy their bit Greatlolita Bbs and pieces. This blonde guy caught my eye and just smiled. It was a cheeky smile and I gave him one back. Whilst they were standing there at the counter I got a whiff of these young guys body odour. It was a sickly sweet smell, like they had been for a workout but not showered. It was intoxicating.I rung on the items and packed them into a carry bag and one of the lads paid for the lot. I was still getting this cheeky smile from the blonde guy and could only return his look. Then with a "thanks mate, have a great day!" they were gone.My mind was racing and my groin was swelling with the thoughts. This blonde guy had he been flirting with me or was he just a happy young guy whose only interest was other young girls and who was looking forward to an excellent day at a concert.I was snapped quickly back to reality as other customers swamped my counter.It must have been about 40 minutes later and in walked through the door was this young blonde guy again. I looked up immediately and gave him a big smile. Then I asked him, "forgotten something?""Well sort of" he replied."How can I help?" I asked."Mate I really need to go to the toilet, and the queues are mile long!" he explained. "Do you have one I can use?""Sure, one moment and I get my assistant to watch the store" I told him, "I will have to escort you down the back, security you know?""Sweet that's fine, which way?" he asked."Follow me" I added and headed towards the back of the store.I stopped at my assistant who was unpacking some boxes and asked her to mind the store. She just nodded and walked to the counter.I opened the door leading to our back storeroom and the staff area. The blonde guy silently followed me, smiling broadly.I lead him to the toilet and motioned to the gent's door."Thanks" he said as walked through the door."I will have to wait for you, so I'll be just out here" I explained."You can come in if you want?" he said with a sly look on his face.Now I'm not one to miss an opportunity so I accepted and followed him into the gent's toilet. The smell of his body was amazing, the sweet smell of his sweat, my senses were going into overload.Once inside he turned and stepped forward and kissed me. I was shocked at first, purely on how quick he had acted. It didn't take me long to begin to kiss him back. Then I felt his hands rubbing and groping my growing cock. This young guy was a total turn on and he knew it.Then he dropped to his knees and unzipped my trousers. He quickly had my throbbing 8" cut dick out and began to suck it furiously. It was all happening too fast, but then I realised why. I was at work, out the back whilst he was supposed to be having a piss.I took his head in my hands and started to fuck his face. His body odour combined with his glorious hot mouth was fantastic, but I wanted something else. I wanted his cock in my mouth. I leaned down and took him under his armpits and lifted him back to his feet then I knelt before him. I quickly undid his surf style shorts and released his dick. He was well-endowed young guy, his cock was as big as mine, but uncut. I noticed a large drop of pre-cum just forming within his foreskin and leaned forward and licked it off. His cock twitched as my tongue grazed his cock head. Then with one smooth movement I took his whole cock into my mouth and throat. My nose brushed through his pubic hair and the aroma was divine. I felt my young friends hands take my head and he thrust his dick even further into my hungry mouth. I began to suck his hard cock and move back and forth along his shaft.His breathing began to get laboured then before long was groaning and he told me, "Oh man I going to cum!"I just kept on sucking; I wanted this young hunks load in my mouth. I didn't have to wait long. He thrust his dick into my mouth and with a last grunt shot his hot load down my throat.I choked at first but as I moved slightly back off his dick I could manage his spurts of cum better. His jism tasted so wonderful; sweet and sour.I was in seventh heaven as this young guy had buckets of cum for me.My young blonde guy was totally spent and he slumped over my head as his cock slipped from my mouth."Fuck! That was amazing!" he exclaimed. "No-one has ever sucked my dick like that before" he added.I swallowed the last of his load and said "Thanks, you have a great cock and you suck well yourself""Hey can we do this again sometime?" he asked."Sure whenever you want" I replied. "It would be nicer if we had more time and somewhere more private though!""Yeah, maybe we could go to your house one day?" he inquired."That should be OK." I told him, "but shouldn't you be getting back to your friends?" I asked."Shit yes!" was his reply as he hurriedly pulled his shorts back up.I stood and pushed my semi-hard cock back into my trousers.As we left the toilet, I told him, "Just pop back one day and we can make a time to get together""Sweet, looking forward to it" he said. "Really want to repay the favour""Well don't leave it too long then" I laughed.We both went through the door back to the store. I could see my assistant at the counter and she threw me a look of contempt. We had been back there for ages and I found out she was quite busy.My young blonde friend did come back and we did get together again, and we had some fun. He sure has got some stamina, hey but that can wait for another day.The End.
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