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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.71 The Master Chris Collection THE CONSULTANT --------------------------- The woman's voice was enthralling. I pictured her in my mind as about 25, 5'2", short curly blond hair, college preppy look. I pressed the phone a little more tightly to my ear as I listened. "Hi, my name is Elaine and my husband Ron and I are looking for something special. We've been fooling around with B&D, domination and submission games and we'd like to go a little farther, well... maybe a lot farther. The problem is that we're not sure what else to try and we're looking for a coach to help us out. "Let me tell you a bit about us. I'm 24, 5'4" with short sandy blond hair (ah ha! I was right!). I weigh in at 115lbs and my measurements are 34B, 24, 34. I love being submissive. Ron is 28, 6', 180lbs with short dark hair and a great physique. He's definitely straight. "What we're looking for is a dominant man who must have extensive experience that we can meet. You might just coach from the sidelines or, if you and Ron agree, you might also help him dominate me. "Our box number is 9941 and we'll be waiting for your message." I was captivated. The sound of her voice left me with visual images of her experiencing the many notions I could immediately come up with. I had never actually coached a couple in domination-submission games although I have a number of opportunities to introduce young ladies to the joys of submission. I pressed the reply button and left a message for Ron and Elaine with a short description of myself and my phone number. It was another 24 hours before I got a phone call. It was Elaine. "Um, hi. Is this Chris?" It was her and her voice was soft, nervous. "Yes, and this must be Elaine." "Yeah. Hi. I'm on the phone with Ron too." "Hi Ron." "Hi." "Um.. Well, maybe you could tell us something about yourself," said Elaine. Her voice was trembling slightly. "I'd be happy to." I talked for a few minutes and let Elaine and Ron know some of my experiences. I talked them through a couple of scenes I'd done and I could tell by Elaine's breathing and Ron's excited questions that it was turning them on. Finding out that I'd written the Master Chris collection was the clincher. They were big fans of the entire series and were suddenly very anxious to meet me in person. We scheduled a dinner a few days later, neutral territory where we could size each other up. Elaine was exactly what she said she was and her looks were delectable. She was wearing a white silk dress with thin straps and a deep plunging back. It was clear from the clinging shape and from the obviously erect nipples that she was braless. Her nipples looked like my favourite kind. Long and thick. They were very prominent under the silk. The presence of panties were less clear. Elaine was Preteen Nn Model obviously nervous and hung onto Ron like a lifeline. I had chosen a local japanese restaurant where we could get our own room and some privacy. The room was enclosed on all sides by rice-paper walls and when we weren't being served the door was closed leaving the three of us alone. It was a delightful couple of hours of discussing what the two of them had tried and what they had fantasized about. The reading of my stories and other had given them many ideas but they hadn't had the nerve to try most of them. The extent of their experience so far was reserved to a few over the knee spankings, a little light bondage with a blindfold and lots of teasing. Mostly this seemed to be because of Ron's inexperience and his hesitancy of rushing Elaine into too much. By the end of the dinner, it was quite clear that we were all ready to play. The double entendre of the conversation was thick and the temperature seemed to have risen a few degrees. The question of whether we should play now or later was handled by a look between Elaine and Ron. Ron turned to me. "Chris, do you think Preteen Nn Model you'd like to come back to our place? I know Elaine is hot to play and I'm sure in the mood too. We're pretty sure we're all compatible enough that it this will work out great." I smiled at them. "And is Elaine ready to be a good little girl?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. Elaine blushed. She knew that the game had begun. "Yes, Sir." she said meekly. "I think Master Chris will need better assurances than that Elaine." said Ron in a firm voice. "Stand up." Elaine's eyes widened as she took to her feet. "Face Master Chris Elaine." Elaine turned to face me directly. Her nipples were clearly engorged and her face flushed. I could see her hands twisting at her sides as though she wanted to pull them up to cover herself but was forcing herself not to. I looked over at Ron. "Um, Master Chris, what would you like Elaine to do?" Ron was clearly unsure what he could ask of his pretty wife. "Elaine," I asked, "are you ready to be obedient?" "Yes", she whispered. "Good, then lift your dress to your waist." Elaine's head shot up. "Umm, but, but I don't um... " I simply raised my eyebrows and said nothing. The pretty blond clenched her eyes shut and reached for the short hem of her dress. Rising slowly, Elaine pulled the hem with her until a short pull lifted it to her waist and exposed what I had expected all night. Beneath her dress was just Elaine herself. Her curly blond muff was trimmed to a nice tight shape and didn't complete conceal her puffy pussy lips. The flash was momentary as Elaine quickly dropped the hem of her dress to cover herself. "Elaine." I said quietly. "Yes, Sir?" "Did I tell you to lower your dress?" Elaine swallowed and reached back down for her hem. I had her hold it for a moment or two more before letting her cover herself. "Yes, I think you'll do nicely." I followed Ron and Elaine's car back to their suburban home. It was a ranch style house with a large back yard. Once inside, Ron led us to the living room and I sat myself down on the sofa. Ron sat too seemingly satisfied to let me take the lead in dominating his wife. Elaine stood uncertainly in the living room. She looked around wondering, it seemed, if she should sit or not. "Elaine." I said quietly. "Yes?" Her voice was no more than a whisper and I smiled at the tremor of nervousness in it. "That's, Yes Sir." "Yes Sir." "Remove your dress and shoes." Elaine let out a sigh as though relieved to be given something to do. Her breathing gave me a good indication that she was very aroused. Given that her dress was her only garment, it was only a moment before she was completely nude in front of us. "Hands clasped behind your head please." Elaine followed my direction and her arms with her elbows well back lifted her breasts to a delightful curve. The nipples were a dark brown and, as Preteen Nn Model they had been all night, were crinkled tight and hard. Just as I had suspected, Elaine's nipples were larger than most. Both thick and long, they begged to be teased and pulled. I had some interesting notions of how I would do both. Without being asked, Elaine spread her feet about two feet apart leaving herself wide open for inspection. I rose from the couch and circled her slowly. Her bottom was round and firm and I stroked it gently. Elaine took a deep breath as I did so, feeling my hands for the first time on her body. I leaned over from behind until my mouth was buried in her sweet smelling hair right at her ear. "I'm going to enjoy making this pretty bottom very hot." I whispered, "Would you like that." "Oh God, yes." she breathed. Coming around Preteen Nn Model in front of her I let my hands stroke up her side until it was resting on her neck. I avoided her nipples for a moment. I cupped her chin with my hand. "Open your mouth." Elaine's eyes widened at my simple request but she did as she was asked. My thumb was resting on her chin and I gently pulled downwards, urging her mouth wide open. "Now stick your tongue out." Elaine did so. "Further." The tip of her pretty tongue was now curling out as far as she could stick it. I stepped back for a moment, letting her wonder what would happen. With her tongue stuck out like this she couldn't speak, couldn't ask what might happen to her. I stepped back and let my thumb run over just the tip of her tongue. Elaine tried licking it, tried pushing her head forward in an attempt to suck my thumb into her. I let her lick with just the tip of her tongue for a moment then gently slid my thumb into her mouth, letting her suck. She moaned deeply at the sensation, rolling her tongue all over my thumb as it explored her mouth. Elaine's eyes closed for a moment as she savored the sensation and let me know with her actions how well she would suck other parts of me. I pulled my thumb from her mouth and brought it to her erect left nipple. I rolled the wet digit over the tight brown button and felt it get even harder. With my thumb and forefinger I squeezed the nipple and then pulled it upwards. Elaine again moaned at the sensation. "And are you wet little girl?" I asked quietly. We both knew the answer but my hand reached down her flat belly to find out. Elaine was soaked. I dipped two fingers deep into her pussy and she rose up on her toes and gasped. I knew I could make her come right there in a heartbeat if I Preteen Nn Model kept this up and I had no intention of doing so too fast. Pulling my fingers from her I held them to her face to be licked clean. Elaine's tongue did not hesitate as she sucked her own juices from my fingers. "I'll be giving you a complete examination Elaine." "I understand Sir." "However", I said as my fingers slid back down her belly, "This extraneous hair will just get in the way. I want you to go to the bathroom and remove all of it. I want this pussy as smooth as when you were a little girl and then I want to see you waiting for your inspection in the bedroom. You'll wait on the bed on all fours with your ankles just over the edge of the bed. I want you facing away from the bedroom door which you're to leave open. When you get to the bedroom you'll find a blindfold on the bed. Put that on and then rest your head down on the bed and spread your knees wide apart. I expect you to be holding your buttocks wide open for your inspection. Do you understand all of your instructions?" "Yes Sir" said Elaine excitedly. "Then get going." I gave her bottom a light smack to send her on her way then sat down with Ron. Elaine's husband was more than excited. He was beside himself. We discussed my plans for the next hour or so and then he went off to prepare some toys and make sure Elaine's blindfold was ready. I heard the sound of Elaine moving from the bathroom to the bedroom and waited about five minutes before following her. Ron was already waiting in the bedroom in an easy chair in the corner. He had seen his naked and now shaved wife enter and get into position. I knew that Elaine would be able to hear my footsteps and that she'd be excited when I entered. The sight that greeted me was, as always, breathtaking. The pretty blond was in exactly the position I requested. From behind I could see her spread open buttocks and the tight brown crinkled opening of her anus. Below the shaved puffy lips of her pussy were already glistening from her juices. I walked all around to examine the view. In this bent over position, Elaine's breasts hung down below her body and her hard nipples were touching the bedspread. I'd be touching them momentarily. Her blindfold ensured that she couldn't see and I knew that her other senses would all be heightened as a result. Her breathing was shallow as though she was trying so hard to hear that she didn't want to be disturbed even by the sound of her own breathing. I reached into my pocket for the nipple clips I had waiting. These clips were really my favorite and perfect for overlarge nipples. The squeeze clips were adjustable and I preferred them to squeeze firmly but not cause real pain. I also wanted them to stay on for awhile. I had already attached long strings to each of them. Reaching under the pretty girl, I grasped her right nipple. Elaine gasped at this first attention. The nipple was already hard but I pulled it out even further to attach the clip. The second clip was equally easy. Once the nipple clips were attached, I used the strings to tied the nipples to Elaine's knees which, in this position, were very close. Now every movement would cause the nipples to be pulled and further stimulated. I expected that in the next few minutes, I would have her squirming from other sensations. Elaine's breathing was deeper now as the nipple clips stimulated her body. I leaned down again to her ear. "Are you ready for your examination little girl?" "Oh yes Sir." she said. The sound of the rubber glove being pulled over my hand and the snap of it was unmistakable and I smiled as I heard Elaine whisper "Oh God" to herself. Coating my finger with vaseline, I brought the tip to the entrance to Elaine's tight anus. My conversations with the young couple earlier had revealed that Elaine had been touched her only rarely and, although it excited her to think about, had never had anal sex. My finger circled the crinkled opening in minute circles and Elaine's body responded. I saw her start to move her buttocks back toward me only to find her nipples being pulled out by the clips. With a little moan of frustration she tried to stop moving. I teased her for another few moments then dipped the tip of my finger inside. Elaine's anus was tight and her anal muscles were clenching and grabbing at just the tip of my finger involuntarily. It was as though her body couldn't make up its mind if it wanted my finger in her or out of her. Of course, I would be making that decision and after letting get used to the tip of my twisting finger, I slowly pushed it home until it was buried deep in her body. Now I pulled it out all the way then slowly plunged it back in all the way. Elaine's moans were loud now and her buttocks pushed back on my finger. Of course the strings attached to her thighs and the clips they were tied to pulled her nipples and her breasts downward but this served only to arch her back more and splay her bottom even wider for me. I took my time lubricating Elaine, enjoying the sensations and the power of knowing that I was causing her all these feelings. I could feel her quivering and I finally pulled my finger from her before she could come. Elaine's moans were just short whimpers now. I left her for a moment and took the rectal plug I had waiting. The plug was a simple one and not too large. Starting at a narrow tip, the white plastic got wider and wider until its diameter was almost an inch before rapidly narrowing to a 1/2 inch neck. The "T" base ensured that we wouldn't lose the device deep in Elaine's rectum. I touched the tip of the plug to the well-lubricated anus and watched as Elaine tried to push herself back on it. I was happy to oblige. In short teasing motions, I urged the tip of the plug into her and held Preteen Nn Model it there for a moment so she could get used to it. Once she had stopped squirming, I firmly pushed the plug forward. A couple of back and forth motions ensured that the young girl wouldn't feel forced and a moment later the widest part of the plug past her sphincter and was pulled deep into her by her own muscles as they tried to close down on the narrow neck of the device. Elaine was whimpering again as the largest object ever inserted in her bottom held her open. I tapped the end of the plug with my forefinger knowing that the light sensations were transmitted directly to the end of the plug buried deep in her body. The reward was an instant groan of arousal from the widely splayed girl. With her bottom plugged and her nipples clipped, I now reached lower to tease the newly shaved pussy. The smooth lips were swollen with excitement and the spread open position had them yawning open to show me the soaking pink inner lips. Elaine's juices covered most of both the inner and outer lips and I could see they had already started to trickle down her thigh. I slid my thumb deep into her wet opening with a smooth motion, leaving my fingers in front of her to find her clit. Finding it wasn't hard as the erect little button was so hard it was sticking out from its tiny folds. I teased Elaine's pussy only for a moment more as she was closer than Preteen Nn Model ever to having an orgasm. Reaching around her, I untied the strings from her thighs and helped her to stand. With her feet apart and hands back behind her head she made for a beautiful sight. I removed the blindfold to see her eyes. They were wide with excitement and the pupils fully dilated. I knew from experience that the excitement of such a scene could be just as intoxicating as drugs. "Are you ready for your spanking young lady?" I asked her. Elaine nodded her head. The clips and their cords were still hanging from her fat nipples and I grabbed the strings to lead her over my lap as I sat down in the straight back chair in the room. Elaine shuffled behind me learning as she walked about the sensations of a rectal plug while moving. I took my time positioning her over my lap and started gently stroking her smooth white bottom. The end of the rectal plug sticking out only made it more erotic. I had Elaine spread her legs as Ron's position was directly behind her. With her legs spread, he could see right up to her wet pussy. I started the spanking slowly with my hand, giving out lightly stinging smacks all over her buttocks until they were a light pink. Elaine was breathing hard again, lost in her own thoughts about the sensations and experience she was living. I paused for a moment to grab the hairbrush I had placed on the bureau. The brush had a wide, flat back with a nice sized handle. I rubbed first the smooth side over Elaine's pink buttocks. She was squirming with the sensations of the smooth cool brush against her warm bottom. With the flat of the brush, I tapped the end of the rectal plug still sticking up from between Elaine's round buttocks. The shock wave transmitted along the plastic device caused an instant reaction. Elaine gasped loudly and squirmed as she lay over my thighs. Raising the hairbrush, I began spanking the young woman with short sharp smacks. The flat cracking sound of the hairbrush resounded through the room Preteen Nn Model as Elaine's bottom went from pink to an all-over light red. After a few smacks, I stopped to give her breathing a chance to catch up. Turning the brush over, I casually rubbed the bristles over the already sensitized skin of Elaine's bottom. The pretty buttocks clenched involuntarily as the bristles rubbed gently over them. This clenching caused her to squeezed down on the plug which kept it continually stimulating her rectum. I brought the brush lower and gently ran the bristles up the inside of each thigh. I was rewarded by seeing Elaine's toes curling at the sensations. A few smacks later and I let Elaine get up. Her bottom was red and hot to the touch. Her pussy, not surprisingly, was even more wet than before. Taking the strings of the nipple clips, I led Elaine over to the corner of the room. "Nose in the corner, young lady." Elaine shuffled forward until her nose was pressed into the corner of the room and her bottom, with the inserted anal plug sticking out on display to the room. I tapped her thighs to urge them apart then took Ron out of the room for a few moments to prepare the lsat part of our scene. We gave Elaine about 5 minutes of waiting in the corner and I was not disappointed to find that she was again more turned on when we returned. I had been keeping her on the edge of an orgasm for ages now and I knew that it was coming close to the time that I would have to let her come or find her getting frustrated and less turned on. I entered the room quietly and moved behind the pretty girl. I have always loved the sight of a girl in the corner and this was no exception. I reached forward with one finger and just pushed at the end of the rectal plug. "Ohhh!" gasped Elaine. She had not heard me coming. "Do you like this plug in your pretty little bottom Elaine?" I asked. "Yes Sir" she whispered. It was as though she was embarrassed to admit it. "I've arranged with Ron to make sure your bottom is filled with something else tonight. Do you think you're ready to lose your anal virginity?" "Oh my God, I never thought I could but I am so ready." she replied. I chuckled at her response. He'll be saving that for a little later but I think you're ready too. First, you're going to come for me. Do you think you're ready?" I reached between Elaine's legs and slid my hand along her soaking slit as I asked. Elaine gasped and rose up on her toes. "Oh please. I've been so ready for ages. I've never, ever been this hot." I pulled the blindfold back over her eyes and turned her around. leading her by her nipple leashes, I led her back to the bed and put her on her back. With the rope that Ron had strategically placed earlier it only took a few moments to tie her hands to the headboard. I then tied ropes to her upper thighs and others around her knees and ankles. These ropes served to pull her knees up and wide, wide apart. Even in the doctor's office Elaine had never been this exposed. The strings attached to the nipple clips were just long enough to tie to the picture hook above the headboard and the result kept Elaine's nipples and the tips of her breasts tugged upward. Elaine's breathing was ragged now. I knew from our earlier interview that being tied and helpless was an integral part of her fantasy and now she was living it. I turned on the vibrator and rubbed it along her chin, down her side and touched her all over with it. Holding it against one of the nipple clips caused her to gasp out loud. I ran the vibrator down her thighs, carefully avoiding her erect and glistening clit as I was wure that two seconds of the vibrator there would be enough to send her over the edge. Turning off the vibrator, I reached down between her outstretched legs for what I knew she couldn't expect. The rectal plug in her bottom all this time was quite capable of vibrating too and now I turned it on. The sensations started deep in Elaine's over stimulated young body. I motioned to Ron and he quickly knelt down between his wife's legs to fasten his mouth to her clit. I moved upwards to Elaine's face and pulled the blindfold from her. Elaine's eyes were squeezed shut and her moans were now loud and continuous. Her head was thrashing now from side to side as the multiple sensations accosted her. "Open your eyes Elaine." I told her. Eleaine's eyes flew open. The pupils were dilated and she had a wild look. "Look at me." I said, "I want you to look right at me as you come for me." "Oh God, Oh God, Oh..." said Elaine as she squirmed. She was not able to hold out for long. Within a minute the orgasm seemed to take control of her body. Her cries and her struggles with the ropes only seemed to intensify the sensations as Elaine came once and then again and then a third time as her husband teased the plug with his fingers and her smoothly pussy and clit with his tongue. It was an hour or so later that I left Elaine and Ron. I knew I'd see them again. They had opened a door into a part of their lives that could never be closed again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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