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Related article: Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 12:46:55 -0500 From: Rusty Jerris Subject: A Brother's LessonAuthor: Drephen Send comments to my email at DrephenIsHeregmail.comThis is a completely fictional story and involves sexual activities minors.So, every Friday I go over to my friend Pat's house. We are both 12 years old in 6th grade, and we both ride the bus home, so I just get off at his stop. Usually, we play video games and/or sports, sometimes with the neighborhood kids, but occasionally he teaches me things that his older brother, Daniel, taught him. I wish I had an older brother like Pat's. I have learned quite a few things from Daniel through Pat. Among other things, I've learned how to download movies, throw a frisbee, and skip rocks across water. I do wish I had an older brother, or at least a sister, but right now I'm just happy to have Pat. AnywaysWe enter the door and say hi to Mrs. Grayson as we run up the stairs. When we get to his room, I start setting up the xbox to play Starwars: Battle Front II. We always play this first since the other kids arent all home yet."Ryaaaaannnn" says Pat."Yes?" I ask, without even turning around. I hear some fumbling behind me."Daniel taught me something pretty cool last weekend, and I've been wanting to show you ever since.""Well," I say as I turn around, "What is.....holy cow..."Pat is lying on his bed stark naked with his knees bent and legs spread. Now, I've seen Pat naked quite a few times when we were younger, as we used to take baths together or change for swimming in locker rooms. Heck, I've even recently seen him shower after P.E., but this time it brought a strange feeling to my stomach.I stared at his body for about 10 seconds, taking in all the details I could. His arms were tucked behind his head, as if they were pillows, revealing his hairless armpits. That was simply what I noticed from turning to talk to him. Of course, seeing he was naked with my peripherals, I looked directly at his crouch. His penis was soft and pink, and lay up against his stomach. It was only ~3 inches long and was uncircumcised. His ballsack was so tight, it just looked so round and smooth. I felt a tingling sensation just looking it at. A few inches below that was his butthole. It was a small reddish pinkish cavity that I could hardly make out. It was partially covered by the bed, though still visible."Wh..err..uhhhh...What do you want to show me?" I was trembling slightly, and my own crouch was emitting heat. I had gone through puberty earlier this year, and I knew that I would definitely get an erection in the next minute or so. At least my clothes were still on and he couldn't see it.Pat smiled, and his eyes sparkled. He had light brown and hazel eyes. His white skin made his lips look lush and extra red. I really really wanted to know what he was planning."So far, I've only just done it to him, but he swears that Sun Lolita Bbs it feels really good. And I want us to do it to each other."My lips were becoming dry, and my breathing was becoming more strenuous."What exactly is it?" I asked."Well, my brother told me to lick his body all over, especially his dick. He says that it is the best feeling he has ever had. I've kinda been wanting to try it, but Daniel only ever wants me to do it to him. He says it wouldn't matter if he tried it on me.""Ummm, okay" I say.Without another word, I started to undress and walked over to Pat and lay beside him. He gazed at my erection, and then looked at his own penis. His was still as limp and soft as a sleeping baby. He commented on how mine was like his brother's or something, I wasn't playing attention. His body was indescribably beautiful. I could unglue my eyes from him. I start to move my head towards his crouch, but then I realized that it belonged to someone"May I"? I asked. He nodded.I started licking his balls, trying to get him in the mood. I licked his stomach, cheeks, penis, nipples, bellybutton, and even his butthole, but alas, nothing worked. He was still as soft as when I had first started. I continued for a while until he got bored and told me to stop.Pat had not yet started puberty. I knew it, though he apparently didn't even know about puberty.I asked anyways, already knowing the answer. "Well, did you feel anything?""Not really" answered Pat "though it did tickle in a few places. I guess Danny was right." Despite him not enjoying it, I wish I could have gone on licking him forever. It felt amazing. His warm succulent skin...just even touching it, let alone being allowed to lick it, made me feel as if I were in a constant orgasmic state."Should Sun Lolita Bbs I try again?""Maybe later, but not now. My penis and balls are kind of sore from you sucking on them so much. My butt is also starting to get raw from you rubbing your hands all over it.""Oh" I said, completely embarrassed. However, the look on his face did not even register any of the things I had done as remotely shameful. I had really loved his body, probably more than I should have. I couldn't help but lust for him. The fact that he didn't understand sex even remotely sort of made me even hornier. Doing all those things with his brother must have desensitized him to it."Well, can you try me?" I asked. He looked me straight in the his, I could tell he was depressed from not feeling anything."Why bother? It didn't work on me.""Well, perhaps I might be lucky.""Whatever, I guess I'll try"He started like he said his brother wanted him to start. First he would lick my nipples. I made light gasping noises and my body made slight twitching movements. I couldn't control myself; my body seemed to need to release these intense feelings with noises and movements. He then slowly made his way across my belly to my crouch. He started to lick my balls, eventually consuming my entire sack into his mouth. He would flick around his tongue all over the surface slowly. He pulled away from my balls, and then starts licking my tip of my penis. It was easily the best experience of my life. He slowly began to lick lower and lower until my 3 � cock was immersed in his throat. He started gently bobbing his head up and down, sucking the full length over and over. I asked him as calmly as I could that maybe if he sucked faster that it would work. Without replying, he continued sucking, but at a slightly faster rate. I unintentionally started thrusting my entire lower body into his mouth, timing it with his head bobbing. This was amazing, and the feeling only grew as we continued. I finally got to the point where I felt like i was going to explode. I let out a loud gasp as my body and mind were filled with pure enjoyment. I slowly lowered my body back onto the bed."I'm guessing it didn't work for you either? You made a great effort with all that thrusting." What made him think that? Didnt he notice all the noises I made? Maybe he thought I was tired yet forcing myself to continue? Either way, it seems like what I did was different from his brother."Why do you say that?" I asked as nonchalantly as I could."Well, Daniel always starts leaking something salty that he call "cum" when its working for him. It always ends with a lot of it being shot out everywhere too.""oh." I had never heard of it either, but I'm guessing it was something that would happen later in puberty. We both just lay in his bed naked, talking for a little while about what his brother had learned. I purposely put our bodies in a position I liked as we talked. My body lay between his spread legs with my chin belly button and my arms lying across his chest. Eventually we ran out of stuff Sun Lolita Bbs to talk about, and he started to get out and put his shirt on after suggesting we play xbox. I really didn't want him to put clothes on."Whoa, I just came up with a funny idea""What?""Lets go ask your brother what we were doing wrong? Maybe he knows a secret?""Hmmm, lets try!" he exclaimed. To my dismay he continued putting clothes on. I watched him as long as I could, soaking up everything. I suddenly realized that now I was stark naked and that he was fully dressed. It is an embarrassing thought for your best friend to be looking at your while you're naked. We had just had a little hourly nude exploration session, and yet even though I knew he knew my body, I couldn't help but be ashamed. I dressed quickly.We unlocked the door and went out into the hall, and knocked on his brother's door. Daniel is just two years older than us, and really not much bigger, but he is definitely more mature than us. He has the same hair and eyes as Pat, but slightly tanner skin. Anyways, he opened the door.Pat said, "I talked with Ryan about what we do sometimes, and we are convinced that you must have a secret for why you get to feel so good.""I do" said Daniel "I'll tell you when you grow a pair." With that, he slammed the door and went back to his business.Pat looked sad and confused. We went back to his room and played xbox for a bit. I was trying to form a plan that involved1. Pat being naked.2. Pat probably agreeing to it.3. Pat learning how to be pleasured.If he learned how to be pleasured, we could definitely do what we did earlier for years to come."Aha!" I exclaimed aloud."What?" said Pat."I think I have an offer that Danny cannot refuse, something that will get him to teach you to be pleasured...I mean us""Go on?" Part 2 will be continued, but from Daniel's point of view.
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