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Related article: A Breed Apart The story is a work of fiction and is not based upon and known reality I am aware of. The author retains copyright to this story. Reproducing this story for distribution without the author's permission is a violation of that copyright. This story contains sex between men and forced servitude. It is BDSM in spirit and Science Fiction in setting. If you have constructive feedback or appreciation you would like to express, feel free to email me at the address at the end of this installment If you feel the need to flame, get a life, they have no impact on me and are ignored. A Breed Apart By Morgan Blackthorne Chapter 1 Hard Facts Jake awoke in a cold sweat, cool air gently brushing over his immobilized, naked, body. There was a faint scent in the room, musky, sweet, enticing. His awareness crept slowly towards the surface of conscious reality. The room was all white. Light seemed to emanate from the very walls, floor and ceiling. It was a soft glow that seemed too bright, yet did not hurt the eyes. Jake heard the sound of a door opening somewhere off to the left. His head however, could not turn to look. A few moments later, there was a man standing over him. A man unlike any Jake had seen before. This man looked like he could kick sand in the Terminator's face without a word of protest. Had it been possible, the proud "Semper FI" tattoo on his left bicep would have cautiously slipped out the back door, quietly and without notice. It wasn't just that the man was a huge seven foot five mountain of muscle. It was the sheer raw power emanating from him. The man radiated and aura that was both intimidating and overwhelming. Jake felt his balls draw up closer to his body and his cock shrink just a little as this imposing vision stood over him. A deep bass voice intoned, "Ah good, I see you are awake." The man held a small device in one hand and his fingers tapping away at it, as if information were being entered. The man spoke and Jake could do nothing to turn away or move as he unwillingly listened to the hulk standing over him. "My name is Leceriau. You are now my property. I have assigned you with a number. It will now be embedded into your consciousness." A bright red light beam shot out from the ceiling and Jake could swear he felt his eyes and his brain burning. It lasted only a millisecond, but for Jake, it seemed like an eternity of pain. "You must be feeling hungry" Leceriau said. "It has been two days since your capture. I am going to release you in a moment. You will be able to move but slowly. An implant device is now controlling all of your motor functions so do not attempt anything foolish." At once, Jake felt himself able to move. He was on an examination table of some sort and as he tried to sit up, was shocked at how much concentration and strain it took to perform that simple function. His body was moving as if Preteen Nymphet Pics in slow motion. It had to be a dream. Jake was sure of it. He had to be in some horrible awful dream. Jake found himself thinking that he needed to wake up. Just wake up and it would all be over. He would find himself at home, next to his beautiful wife, his son and daughter asleep in their rooms. There seemed to be no waking from this dream however and it was only with the greatest concentration that Jake was able to force himself to move. Jake estimated that his rate of movement had been slowed by 80% or more. The door was now behind Jake and he heard it open again. Another man, naked, muscular but far less imposing than Leceriau, carried a tray slowly into the room. There was a bowl of something on the tray and Jake found his stomach rumbling for food. Any kind of food. Leceriau turned to the man carrying the tray. "Set it down slave and then leave us." The man slowly moved over to a table in the room. Agonizingly slow it seemed. He set the tray down and proceeded to move back out of the room, the door closing behind him. Leceriau motioned Jake to move over to the table and eat. The aroma coming from the bowl had that same musky, sweet scent only more powerful. It made his stomach knot with hunger and need. Jake was a Marine however. He had been trained to ignore his hunger when need be. Something had to be done about the situation he now found himself in and the only thing that would help was information. As if reading his mind, Leceriau motioned again for him to sit while telling Jake that he could ask all the questions he wanted over dinner but that in 30 minutes, dinner would be over and that Leceriau would not answer questions again. With incredible difficulty and extreme concentration, Jake was moving. He was sure that his movements were even slower than the slaves had been. Jake made his way over to the table and chair and sat down. The bowl was full of a warm white liquid, almost like rice pudding. Jake eyed it suspiciously. "What is it?" Jake asked, not willing to eat something he couldn't identify. Leceriau chuckled and moved casually over to the table. "It is nothing harmful and very nutritious. We call it, SMS 132. It is quite delicious I assure you." Leceriau took a spoonful and without hesitation popped it into his mouth, a smile of satisfaction on his lips. Leceriau looked at Jake. "Now do eat, once it cools it is not nearly as tasty and you will not be fed again for at least Preteen Nymphet Pics 24 hours. During your meal, you may ask me questions." Jake nodded and proceeded to eat his meal. Information that Preteen Nymphet Pics could help him was first and foremost on his mind. The pudding however, or whatever it was, had the most incredible flavor he had ever imagined. It was layered, smoky and sweet, complex flavors that complimented each other and he found himself savoring every spoonful. The conversation was a struggle at times, for Jake had to concentrate in order to move his hand so that he could continue to keep eating the delicious pudding. The fact that he was moving so slow however gave him plenty of time between spoonfuls to ask many questions. Over the course of the meal, Jake had pieced together an unbelievable story. If Leceriau was telling the truth, he had been given to a race of alien beings known as the, "Kathshari." Apparently the Kathshari had an agreement with the major nations of the world and had been doing business with governments for slaves for a long time. Jake found it impossible to believe that the very government that he served with pride and distinction would ever do such a thing to one of its own citizens. Even more unbelievable, a decorated Marine Sergeant. The reality of him sitting in a plain white room, naked as the day he was born eating some strange, delicious substance while talking to a giant of a man seemed to lend some validity to what the stranger was saying. Jake's instincts told him to kill Leceriau and escape. However, he knew two things with certainty. In his current state he couldn't move fast enough to even throw a punch. He was also certain that he could not overpower a man who clearly seemed possessed of the physical prowess to snap him in two over his knee like a twig. Leceriau informed Jake that he would soon be transported to the Kathsharian home world where he would become a slave and made to serve the Kathshari people. Jake was told that escape would be impossible and that any violence would be met with the gravest of punishments. Jake finished his meal, carefully scooping the last cooling remnants from the bowl. The phrase, "Good till the last drop," fleeted through his mind as he slowly sat back in his chair and considered his situation. Leceriau was pleased with the newly acquired stock. Obviously the years spent in military service had left the human with little or no outward shame about nudity in front of others. Nodding to himself, Leceriau was sure that given the peak physical condition and musculature of his new pet, slave LM231 was probably a bit of an exhibitionist at heart. The slave seemed completely at ease and confident about being nude in front of him where most slaves were shivering, frightened, shamed by their nudity in front of a fully clothed male. It was a fact that was not lost on Leceriau. LM231, was indeed a prime catch. Leceriau was sure that once LM231 had completed assimilation and was properly trained, his selling price would be enormous. First, the tests would have to be run and potency would need to be established. Chapter 2 Through The Looking Glass Jake burned with fevered dreams that night. Dreams in which his entire body was slowly cooked from the inside out and for which there was no escape. The vast majority of the fire seemed to come from his balls and the sheer magnitude of unyielding and ever deepening pain had in his dream, reduced Jake to tears and begging. Jake awoke on the examination table fighting for breath. It had only been a dream. His body felt fine. The table had surprisingly enough, proven to be quite comfortable. As Jake moved slowly about the room, it became clear that escape was impossible thus far. The door to the room was locked and had no knob or handle. It seemed to be made of a material as tough as any steel Jake had encountered, yet it wasn't cold like steel. There was nothing to do and Jake was going Preteen Nymphet Pics a bit stir crazy. It occurred to him that unlike most mornings, he didn't feel the need to perform the shit, shower, shave routine. Just as this was dawning on him, the door to his cell opened. The, "slave" from the previous day walked slowly into the room. The effort of concentrating to move clearly etched on his face. As he moved into the room, he spoke to Jake in a friendly tone. I am the slave assigned to help you acclimatize to your new life. You are now free to move about the complex. I warn you however, any attempt at escape will result in pain beyond your wildest imagination. Jake eyed the naked slave carefully and evaluated him as a possible ally and threat. He considered his situation and decided on ally for the time being. The "slave" was one of the most muscular men he had ever encountered save for Leceriau. Information was power, Jake decided to play along and look for his opening. Through the course of the day, Jake and the slave slowly explored the complex. Jake found it difficult to move and talk at the same time because he had to concentrate so much just to keep moving. There were places in the complex with red lines. Jake was told that a step across the line would result in immediate immobilizing pain. Hunger was making more of a pain in his stomach than he liked to admit and Jake found it more difficult to concentrate on walking. They came to a garden and even here, among the lush green foliage, the same all encompassing white light. Had it not been for his imprisonment, Jake would have actually enjoyed his time here. The slave motioned for Jake to sit down on one of the benches in the garden. "You must be hungry?" The slave said. The meaning of the words drove a stabbing pain into Jake's gut. "When the fuck do they feed us?" Jake asked. As he spoke he focused his mind on something else to try and ease the deepening hunger pain. The naked muscle slave looked at Jake with concern and an empathetic Preteen Nymphet Pics expression. "We are fed when the Masters choose to feed us. In your case, you are entering into a second stage need." Jake ignored what had just been said and looked at the man slave. "Tell me your name." The slave looked back at Jake with a long wistful gaze. "I don't remember my name. I think my name is," the slave stumbled over the letter "D" for a few moments before finally answering. "Karl, my name was Karl." The slave said. "How long it has been since I have heard or remembered it." Karl looked at Jake, and a visible hunger came over his face. Jake knew that look. It was the look of lust and wanton need and it disgusted Jake to his very core. Not only was Jake a prisoner, but his only friend had just turned out to be a faggot. At that moment, Leceriau came walking into the garden. "Ah there you are. Good to see you up and around slave." It took a moment for Jake to realize that the slave comment was directed at him and not Karl. "I'm not a fucking slave!" Jake spat, the words dripping with venom and deadly intent. Leceriau laughed and then tussled Jake's head like a father chiding his boy. "Why of course you are. You are not only a slave, but you have a potency factor of 3476. Combine that with a compatibility factor of 7385 and you, my dear boy are well over 10,000!" Jake was furious. He hated his inability to fight. He raged at being called a slave and treated like a boy. Most of all, he was furious that he could not get his hands around the throat of Leceriau. "Are you hungry?" Leceriau asked, knowing the answer. "Well of course you are. After all, you have been in a fever for 2 days. You must be about ready to kill for a morsel of food." Despite his rage, Jake had to admit that Leceriau was speaking the truth. Jake was hungry, but more than that, his mind screamed at him and his body shook with the need for nourishment. Leceriau smiled kindly, then casually stepped up to the sitting Jake and unzipped his pants. Jake was mortified by what happened next. Leceriau reached into his pants and hauled out what had to be 9" of flaccid uncircumcised cock. The balls that were hefted out were no less freakish or impressive. They were the size of lemons. Hanging low in a sac that almost reached the tip of the flaccid penis. Jake was about to launch into a fit of rage and obscenity when something in him roared to life. It started with a very familiar scent. His reaction was unlike anything Jake had felt before. A new sensation that washed over him like a raging sea that left no survivors in its wake. The odor was coming from his cock! It was the same scent as the porridge he had been fed earlier. This realization dawned on him and as he recalled how much he had enjoyed it, his stomach turned one way for a brief moment, then it turned back the other way with a craving need for more. Jake found himself in a new state of being. He could move normally. It was like a switch had been clicked in his body and he was at once capable of full and normal movement. Nothing but getting more food in his belly would enter his mind however. The scent was intoxicating and maddening. Each time he tried to muster the will to attack Leceriau, that desire was swept away by a burning need to suck the juice from the cock before him. The need had replaced free will with an all encompassing focus to quench the hunger he now felt in his body and soul. Karl looked on at the situation with a myriad of emotions. He could see the struggle in the new slave as he fought the overwhelming urge to worship and drink. Another part of him desperately wished he could trade places with the new slave. Addicted to the nectar for over 2000 years now, Karl loved the cum Leceriau made. He could not get enough to ever satisfy his hunger. Leceriau looked down from his 7`5" foot stature with amusement. LM231 certainly had willpower. The obvious struggle going on inside the marine slave gave him pride. This man would fetch the highest price yet, he just knew it. This thought occurred to him as he saw the tale tell signs of the struggle ending. Unbelievable as it might seem, the big muscle marine found himself whimpering. His mind was torn in two, pulled by diametrically opposing forces, then it shattered into a million pieces and the struggle was over. Jake had never had a homosexual urge in his life. Like a starved, mindless beast, slave LM231 stood up and then kneeled before Leceriau. Hunger and desire clearly etched on his face. "Oh god in heaven" a fleeting thought leapt up from the void of his mind just as his mouth opened and Leceriau placed his massive cock upon Jake's tongue. The cock was so thick and meaty. The head was covered with a thick, hooded foreskin. A plum sized head was outlined, lurking underneath. Immediately slave LM231 began to suck and slurp on the massive cock in his mouth. Desire and hunger melded into one. With passion that would put a wanton whore to shame, the new slave worshiped and sucked the inflating bull-cock in his mouth. The periodic release of precum when he did something right that pleased his master was an elixir from the gods. It tasted so good! It was musky, smoky, sweet and in an instant, slave LM231 knew this was what he wanted and needed for the rest of his life. He would be happy if he could suck and worship the cock in his mouth forever. Desperately, the cum Preteen Nymphet Pics needy marine slave bobbed and fucked his face onto the ever expanding dong in his mouth. Soft subservient whimpers of satisfaction and yearning emanated up from his throat to where the cock obscenely stretched his once masculine lips into a big baboon shaped "O". The foreskin was delicious. LM231 found himself running his tongue all around the massive plumb sized head. His lips and tongue moving the skin back and forth with glee. "Oh god, this is so good." LM231 found himself thinking. Somewhere deep, on a level unknown to the man that had once been Jake, "JJ to his close friends," Jones, the alarm and meaning of these thoughts made his soul weep and sing. The chorus of bittersweet music playing a tune, while the duality of a sublime nature became infused within his spirit. Jake was lost in a sucking frenzy with one objective. To milk as much cum from the god in front of him as he could muster! Karl looked at the sight in front of him. His master was so powerful and so good. He desperately wished that it was him working the load of cum out of his masters balls and not the new slave. Karl did not fully understand the men of this era, how much something like male to male sex troubled and haunted them to the degree it did. The vast majority of the men were scared little boys when faced with such prospects. Lashing out with violence and hatred at a part of themselves they no longer understood. Karl's cock rose to its full length. An impressive ten inch wonder. He could not however stroke himself to any satisfaction. It simply required too much effort and concentration to make his hand move and work in the manner he so desperately wanted at that moment. He was forced to watch and moan along with the new slave. Karl's unfulfilled needs singing in harmony with the satisfying whimpers of the new slave. The massive cock on Leceriau was now at its full hard length of 15". The cock bent down instead of up. The long arc made it easy to slide down the throat of slaves and deposit his seed directly into their stomachs. He grunted and nodded with satisfaction. The new slave was sucking him like a professional whore. A most satisfying moment for Leceriau was the knowledge that his cock was the first the proud marine had ever sucked. Of that he had no doubt. Incredibly, LM231 found that he could open his throat and take more and more of the freakishly large cock into himself. The more he Preteen Nymphet Pics took, the better he felt. He realized that he could milk more precum from the cock that filled him up if he used the muscles in his throat. Like a seasoned cocksucker, LM231 began to gulp and swallow the cock in his throat. There was no gag reflex, no blockage of his airway. The cock by all rights should have been choking him to death. The slave's fevered mind could only estimate that the shaft that was now logged in his throat was at least as thick as his wrist! On and on the marine sucked and swallowed. His moans of subservient glee flowed freely from him now. Large strands of saliva leaked from his obscenely stretched lips in long gooey ribbons onto his chest. LM231 was oblivious to this as he sucked and slurped his way down the meaty, thick cock shaft. "More, MORE!" his mind screamed. Before the needy sucking cockslave could imagine it possible, his face mashed up against the bull gonads of the muscle god in front of him. Like a pig, slave LM231 snorted and began to twist and turn his head. Fucking his mouth up and down, back and forth on every inch of that lattice veined wonder of a cock. The marine was gurgling like a slut, he would let about five inches of the monstrous shaft emerge and then he would greedily plunge it back down his gullet. With no shame and complete abandon, he sucked and slurped at the cock inside of him. He milked it with his throat muscles, anxiously draining drop after precious drop of slippery gooey precum down into his gullet and belly. The greedy cock pig found himself grabbing the stone hard gluteus of his new master, as if he could pull him deeper and deeper into his throat. On and on he sucked, never tiring and never once slowing down. His hunger for cum was now all encompassing. Leceriau found his hands on Jake's head. Before he knew it, he was forcefully fucking himself into the captive marine mouth. The slave could suck cock on an instinctive level now and Leceriau pumped and pushed his cock into him at a furious pace. So forceful were his thrusts that the slave had to abandon his own movements and simply become an open cock sheath for Leceriau to fuck. The horse-hung Master pumped and ravaged his slave in the mouth for a good hard pounding 45 minutes. The slave was now a muttering, whimpering mass of moans and obscene slurping noises. Leceriau was close, so close to feeding his new slave. He had been holding off, he could not remember the last time he had enjoyed fucking a slave's mouth this much. Part of Leceriau's satisfaction came from knowing the slave beneath him was in fact a true heterosexual. The tests and psychological profile had confirmed no same sex leanings. This filled Leceriau with lust and pride as he ruthlessly stabbed his cock down the marine sluts throat with a sadistic thrill. He knew that right now, at this moment, his cock was the only thing of value in the cum hungry slave's life. "Unghh!" Leceriau moaned, "yes! Suck my cock! Swallow my cum. Drink slave! Drink my hot sperm! Drink the gift of your master!" With a roar from Leceriau, the massive horse-cock flexed in Jake's throat, filling it beyond capacity and finally cutting off all of the slave's air supply. A shudder went through Jake's body as the cock jerked and flexed masterfully in his throat. It possessed his soul with a new desire that would never be quenched! Jake experienced the surrender of his throat to a man worthy of its servitude. The thick meaty cock began to pump and hose Jake's guts. His throat was swallowing and his mind was reeling from the mixture of the hot sperm he so badly craved and the lack of oxygen that was slowly sapping his conscious mind! Leceriau's cock flexed and fired, hosing Jake's guts with massive egg sized globs of milky sperm that pelted insides of the slave's tummy with such force, it was like a fist, slamming into it, punching it over and over again. For the sucking marine slave, pain mixed with pleasure. His stomach was in agony and ecstasy. The hard pounding of the cum he so desperately needed was pummeling his guts like a jackhammer. Repeatedly, the globs of sperm pounded him in places deep that had never been touched before. If this was to be his death, Jake welcomed it all, for nothing mattered now save for the glowing satisfaction he Preteen Nymphet Pics experienced from drinking the fountain of cum that was filling him. The sucking worshiping slave moaned in a pleasure born of pain, his tongue frantically lashing at the masters balls and shaft. His throat flexing and milking, desperate to milk as much sperm as he could from the shaft that was hosing his guts with an unending fury. The last fevered thoughts that raced through his mind were a desperate whimpering, "more, please master, MORE!" Chapter 3 A New Life LM231 awoke back in his room. He was happy and felt like his body was glowing. He wondered if he was in heaven if only for a moment. Slowly with concentrating effort, he looked over to see his brother slave sitting in a chair watching him. He smiled at Karl and slowly rubbed his bloated six pack tummy. "Oh god," LM231 said, is that what I think it is? As the slave spoke he looked down at his stomach. It was obscenely bloated and if he didn't know any better, he could swear that behind his stomach muscles, he was in the first stages of pregnancy. Karl nodded and replied, "yes, what is making you so full right now is the sperm of our master. They can, when enticed properly, shoot staggeringly massive loads of semen." LM231 nodded and drifted happily. He was so blissful and content. Nothing mattered but the feeling of completeness and joy. Karl watched as Jake lay there on the table. He had been ordered to observe and assist the new slave upon his waking. Karl was envious of Jake. The master had been very pleased by his first performance. The swelling of the new slave's hard muscle belly spoke of the sheer volume of sperm that had been pumped into it. Desire was still knotting Karl's insides. "How long since he had remembered his name?" Unsure where his thoughts were coming from, Karl softly asked the slave if he wanted some more cum. Karl regretted saying it. He was forbidden to cum without permission, but something inside of him, something old from long since past needed it. LM231 looked back at Karl, still floating and happy. Dreamily he nodded yes. Karl stood up and walked over towards the willing slave on the table. His hard ten inch cock leading the way in a menacing curve that slapped his tummy as he walked. The large pendulous balls between his legs swayed with weighty need. With little care, his actions almost trance like, Karl moved to the marine slave's head. He pulled the slave towards him on the table so that his head was now hanging over the edge. "Open your mouth slave." Karl said and as he did so, LM231 moaned and complied. The slave's tongue was lewdly trying to lap and reach out to the cock he craved and needed. Karl moved his cock over into the slave's willing mouth and began to slide his long thick cock shaft into the mouth of the man slave beneath him. Power filled Karl's senses and being as he pushed more and more of his thick cock into the greedy suck hole before him. "Yes, suck me! Suck my cock you fucking whore!" The words were spilling from Karl's lips with abandon as he took his pleasure from the willing cockslut before him. His own mind not recognizing himself, who he was. The marine slave gulped and swallowed, flexing his throat around the meaty cock head now logged in it. He massaged and worked his throat muscles on it, desperately milking it and trying to pleasure it. He needed this. He craved it! Cum, cock, he was born again and again, with each slurping moment as his bobbing head confirmed him for the cocksucker he was. Karl continued his steady pumping of the slave's face. He was moaning and shaking as he took pleasure from the rape of the willing mouth beneath him. "It was so long ago, so good, to take pleasure for his own sake." Karl's long ten inch spike was now leaking throat lubricating precum in abundance as it plundered LM231's mouth. The flavor, though not as intoxicating as his masters had been, was delicious and satisfying to the sucking slave none the less. The man that had once been Jake was now LM231 a greedy, slurping suck slave that craved cock and cum. Slave and slave continued to pump. One feeding noisily, the other moaning loudly in pleasure. Karl knew he was not going to last for long as his big heavy balls slapped their drumbeat tune on the face of the eager masculine slut beneath him. Karl's cock was so good, so different. LM231 realized It had a more smoky salty taste than the master's cock. It was delicious in it's own right. It felt so good going in and out of his sucking marine mouth. It was so wonderful to pleasure another male. To work his manhood and make it dance. There was a subservient power in making a man cum through your own sucking will. The way the cock mastered the sucker and yet the way the man sucking controlled and mastered the owner of the cock. The hungry marine slave bobbed his mouth and lashed his tongue around the meaty phallus in his mouth. Taking note of each phrase of pleasure he could illicit from his current master and each time he could control the tempo. He wasn't lost in euphoria like he was when he sucked the Kathshari master's cock. This was similar but different. It left a little more of the slaves mind intact and he reveled in his ability to make Karl moan and writhe in pleasure. Unaware and for the first time since capture, LM231 found that he was hard as well. His cock was a mere eight inches compared to the colossus he was now sucking, Preteen Nymphet Pics but it was thrilling none the less. His wanton slave cock thumped and smacked his sperm bloated belly as he sucked and worshiped the cock sliding in and out of his marine mouth pussy. "If his men could only see him now! He would get down and suck each one of the hard fighting, tough bastards, make them squirm like boys in his mouth." The thought was soothing and he took pride in it. Never realizing the extent to which he had been altered. Karl began to moan louder and his thrusting became quicker and harder. His legs were shaking and sweat was dripping from his brow. With a warrior bellow of triumph, his cock lengthened even more. It grew thicker in the suck slave's eager throat. His mighty balls drew up in their sack and for the first time in over 2000 years, Karl had an orgasm of his choosing! The sheer volume of sperm rocketing from Karl's cock was impressive. LM231 sucked it up and slurped it down with greedy passion. It did not punch, stab or hurt his sperm packed belly with the force like the master's ejaculation had. Nor was it as fulfilling. It was filling however and delicious none the less. The sucking marine slave milked and dutifully drained the spurting man cock in his mouth. He was delirious with joy at having made the cock squirt in his mouth. His own manhood bobbed and thumped his bloated tummy in sluttish delight. Karl continued to hose and pump the marines mouth. In a moment of inspiration, he quickly bent down and engulfed the man cock of the sucking slave. All eight inches went down his gullet like a knife through butter and with a few masterful strokes of his own throat muscles, he milked and forced the sucking slave cock to spurt and shoot into his own mouth. Both slaves sucked and slurped with a whorish abandon. Each salvo of cum seemed to draw out another salvo in the other slave. Like a circuit of live wire, they continued to spurt and feed each other over and over again. Slowly, the spurting male flesh began to trickle more than spurt, then leak and finally, the sperm stopped after what seemed like an eternity. Karl's cock was still leaking a few drops however as he pulled himself off of the slave on the table and withdrew from the slaves mouth. LM231 whimpered and with his tongue stretched out obscenely, desperately tried to get the last few fleeting drops of cum leaking from Karl's cock. Karl, still in a daze and still feeling masterful smacked his cock across the suck slaves mouth, leaving long trails of milky sperm streaking the Preteen Nymphet Pics marines face. Words that were unfamiliar to Karl were spewing from his mouth. He made the slut beneath him beg for more as he beat him with his thick hard cock. The marine slut begged, and Karl masterfully dick whipped the needy cum whore beneath him. Each loud smack of his cock filling both slaves with pleasure. Slowly, after he had made the marine beg like a whore for a full ten minutes of cock to face slapping abuse, Karl moved over towards the chair in the room and sat back down. There were new feelings racing through him. Karl had new thoughts to process. He looked at the slave on the table, mindlessly moping up cum from his face and greedily sucking it from his fingers. After a while, when LM231 was sure he had gotten every morsel of cum from his face, he lay back on the table contented and happy. The euphoria came back into focus and he felt right with the universe. Several hours later, the euphoric state beginning to wear off. The slave that was called by number LM231 was gradually becoming Jake again. "What have they done to me?" Jake asked dreamily and without malice. The question was formed from curiosity born of the sublime. Karl knew this blissful state would all fade soon. It did with most slaves he helped process. He was compelled by both the duty to his master and his feelings for the new slave. He began to answer all of Jake's questions. "We are taken by the masters and processed to serve their race. They are a people older than human history. They possess technology that let them travel freely throughout the universe." Karl had continued to explain that long ago, the Kathshari had mastered the science of genetics. Most males were now between 7-8 feet tall. Each member of the race was muscular and at least as powerful as 20 or more earth men. They had developed a complete set of telepathic abilities that allowed them to read and convey thought and emotion. One thing that they had failed to calculate was the end results of their own genetic manipulations. Over time, their race lost the ability to reproduce. At first, this had not alarmed the Kathshari people as they had also made themselves immortal. However, their genetic structure had over thousands of years, become so advanced and complex that clones could not be replicated. The Kathshari race started to die out over time. Although immortal, their numbers slowly began to dwindle due to accidents, wars and other such tragedies. They had been searching for a solution to their problem and couldn't find one on their own world. They started to look outward to space for hope and they found it in the human race. Jake listened and floated in his euphoric state. Karl's story was accepted without question. Karl continued to explain and Jake thought it all made sense. Apparently, the males of the species were no longer fertile and no amount of genetic manipulation could make them so again. There was however, a substance they discovered here on earth that granted the males temporary potency. Kathshari males developed a symbiotic or parasitic relationship with human males. (Depending on how one viewed it.) They ingest human sperm and it triggers a gland in their body. This gland enables the production of a complex protein to be introduced to their own sperm and makes it viable for insemination with the female of their race. Karl summed it up by stating that the Kathshari men absorb human sperm so that they can breed with their wives. The entire culture over time developed around successful breeding. The more potent a male is, the more children he can father. The larger his family, the higher his status in society. Jake looked over at Karl, his euphoria was still there, but growing more and more diminished. "Why did I suck his cock? What has happened to me?" Jake said, not really understanding all that had happened yet. Karl nodded and considered his words for a moment. Then he began. "When you first came here, you ate a bowl of the masters semen." Jake nodded and shuddered in half ecstasy and half revulsion at this confirmation of what he had already surmised. Karl continued to explain that the semen of the Kathshari has several properties to it and effects humans in some interesting ways. First, it is completely addictive and once introduced to the human system, the craving for it never ceases. Both human male and female alike are powerless to its call once it has been introduced to their system. Most masters simply inject it into their slaves for the first time. Leceriau liked to get slaves to eat it. He once told Karl that the bond is stronger with the sexual aspect intact. Once introduced, it alters human genetic code. Karl made a motion towards Jake with some effort. "You must have felt the burning during the two days after you ate it for the first time. Thankfully, it renders us unconscious during the changes." Jake started to feel less and less euphoric and more and more angry as Karl sat there casually explaining things. "Now that your body has processed it, you will find that there are differences in your physical make Preteen Nymphet Pics up." Karl's words were driving nails of pain and fury into Jake's recovering mind. He sat there listening as Karl went on. "Your throat is now more elastic and capable as you have already experienced. You can now take into yourself, the largest of Kathshari cock. Likewise your anus and intestine have been altered and rearranged internally so that you can be properly fucked and filled when a master so chooses to fuck you." Jake found his fists clenching in rage and he slowly sat up on the table. Unaware of the changes in LM231, Karl continued to explain things. "The real changes however are far more encompassing. You will not die of old age now. Your body has stopped aging and will continue to revitalize its cellular structure. You are capable of surviving most deadly injuries. Your body can regenerate damaged tissue almost instantaneously." The words were becoming droning and Jake understood them. Jake would never need to urinate or defecate again. His nutritional requirements were now based upon the absorption of Kathshari sperm. Waste byproduct, of which there would be little, would be sweated out through his pores in a sweet musky scent. The same scent Jake had smelled when he first awoke to this nightmare. Over time, the Kathshari sperm would further build up his musculature. Apparently Kathshari sperm also had the effect of lengthening and thickening a human cock over time as well as enlarging the balls. Jake was now standing on the floor as Karl went on with the explanations. "In summation, your stomach and bowels have been transformed into Kathshari cum receptacles. Each time you ingest through eating and drinking, or absorb sperm through your anal tissues, your body will produce ever increasing quantities of human sperm."Karl explained that over time, Jake's physiology would become more and more like a miniature version of a Kathshari male. The masters joked that these males were like the toy ponies of earth, "Toy men." Jake was now moving slowly towards Karl. Like a monster in a bad movie. "You will be milked for your seed which will be consumed by your master or masters so that they will be able to breed with their wives." Karl said. Jake would need to eat or absorb sperm at least once every 24 hours. If he do not, the hunger pains would increase and his mental faculties break down until he became a mindless cum hungry animal. Karl explained that he had seen cruel masters drive their slaves into a cum fever and then loose them into a bar full of human men. The mindless debasement had been disgusting to him, but sport to the masters. The next portion hit Jake the hardest. Jake would never be able to go back to his old life. His sperm was now as impotent to a human female as Kathshari sperm was to their female. Karl explained further that Jake would never survive Preteen Nymphet Pics without Kathshari cum to feed on. Jake's stomach was no longer able to tolerate food of any kind. The only substance he could receive nourishment from was also the one he would crave the most. Karl had been outside the complex on earth many times with his master. He knew enough of the world Jake came from to offer a comparison. Jake would have an addiction that was worse than heroin in magnitude and was necessary for him to survive. "You can starve to death." Karl said. "It is one of the ways we can be killed. It is the ultimate punishment for a slave. The hunger and madness never end and it can take up to a year to die this way." The fog of euphoria was almost completely gone now. Jake found it replaced with a rage inside of him. Rage on a level that he never knew existed. The more he came out of the fog, the more furious he became. Movement was excruciatingly difficult, but during Karl's explanation, the single- mindedness of Jake's rage was all encompassing and driving. Jake found himself now standing over Karl. Karl had asked Jake several times what he was doing as the big marine sergeant stood over him panting and in absolute mindless rage! Jake wasn't aware that he was going to kill Karl until he found himself with his hands on Karl's throat. The mindless need to kill, to punish, to hurt was fueling him like nothing had before. Karl's face was a sea of hurt, confusion and anger. He tried in vain to pry the marine's hands from around his neck. It was a contest of will. Muscle man against muscle man with the adrenaline edge going to Jake for the moment. "You fucking bastard!" Jake spat as he clenched tighter and tighter around Karl's throat. Not only had the fucker taken advantage of him while he was still in a state Jake considered, "drugged." No, Some one had to pay for it all! The battle continued and slowly Karl's superior strength was prying apart Jake's hands. To counter this, Jake began Preteen Nymphet Pics to twist Karl's neck in order to break it. Just as Jake thought for sure that he would snap Karl's neck, the door opened and in walked Leceriau. For a brief moment, the Kathshari master looked confused, then he realized what was happening. Like a flash of lightning, Leceriau's moved over to Jake and backhanded him. Jake flew across the room like a discarded newspaper in the wind. He hit the wall with enough force to shatter brick. Jake fell to the floor and pain exploded through his body. His ears bursting with the roar of a thunderclap. When Jake could look up from his pain, he saw Leceriau leading Karl out of the room. The imposing Kathshari looked at Jake and like a father scolding a child, told Jake, "That was uncalled for. This slave was here to help you and you attacked him without provocation. No food for 5 days." With those words the door shut and Jake was left alone in pain that Preteen Nymphet Pics was fading at an unnatural rate. Jake had to find a way out of this. The horror of what had just been described to him was beyond comprehension. Why the hell couldn't it all just be a bad horrifying dream? .....Copyright 2002 Morgan Blackthorne -nospam-mblackthornehotmail.comComments, suggestions, ideas or thoughts can be sent to me by removing the, "-nospam-" part in front of my email address. I love to hear from passionate readers, so feel free to give me feedback, send your wicked thoughts, comments or fantasies along. I have a website which should link to all the stories I have posted and will be updated weekly as needed. It can be found at: www.goldengodys.com/mblackthorne/
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