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Related article: Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 08:16:22 -0700 (PDT) From: tague michaels Subject: Boys Hobby IISo, this story is getting carried on farther than what I'd planned but I'm guessing that's okay. There will be a chapter 3, or 4 depending on which folder you're reading it in. There will be no sex between Austin and Amol in Chapters dealing Preteens Preteens Nymphets with Austin's youth. I want BOYS HOBBY to remain in the gay young friend's folder. However, PHOTOGRAPHING BOYS is another matter and will deal with our two main characters. Amol's breathing leveled out fairly quickly then slowed and deepened. Meanwhile I was, if not wide awake, certainly not going to sleep immediately. I had, after all, seen the eighth wonder of the world. Of course I exaggerate because let's face it; while Amol was special he wasn't a one of a kind. There are plenty of examples of well endowed men throughout the world, the highest proportion probably being of the Negroid race, however there were well hung examples that aren't black.The Television personality Milton Berle was said to have the biggest cock in Hollywood. Apparently Milton, quite proud of his endowment, was reportedly more than happy to show it to any and every one whether they asked or not. I'd once read an article in a magazine where the writer said that Uncle Milty offered, and then actually showed the man his dick within the first two minutes of the interview. The writer stated in the article that Preteens Preteens Nymphets he wasn't particularly interested in other men's cocks but the fact was that Milton Berle was huge; having taken the thing out of his bathrobe and laid it on the top of his dressing room counter all without getting up from the chair that he was lounging in. It was pretty much impossible not to look at it. John Dillinger, the gangster, was another well known example of a "gifted" white male as were John Holmes, Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marks and LBJ. The point is that big dicks aren't as rare as many people think they are."But you're talking about men," you say. Well that's true. It's also true that most boys reach their adult cock size between the ages of fourteen and sixteen and it's also true that well endowed men are comparatively well endowed before puberty. They don't just wake up the morning they turn eighteen and discover that "it" grew while they were sleeping. It had to start somewhere.So I lay there for a little while considering what I'd seen and the fact that the world class cock was less than a foot from my hand. I wanted to look at it, hold it, stroke it, suck it and whatever else one could do with a penis. I was very tempted to let my hand roam south but resisted and eventually fell asleep.I woke sometime in the night with Amol cuddled up facing me, his head in the crook of my arm. One hand was lying on top of my rock hard cock but it was totally relaxed. Amol was hard as well, his cock resting against my hip and again, even though I was mostly asleep, I was tempted to reach down and touch the boy.I woke up because of a rustling of the bed and opened my eyes to see Amol stand up and walk toward the bathroom, his hard cock leading the way for him. Christ! I looked at my watch, saw that it was a little after six. I eventually heard the toilet flush and a moment later Amol came back into the room, his monstrous cock fully flaccid. I climbed out of bed as he approached, not the least bit embarrassed at having the boy see me in a fully erected stated. He smiled as he climbed back into the warmth of the bed.I crawled back in along side of Amol a few minutes later and he immediately snuggled in close to me."Did you sleep well?" he asked. "I hope I didn't poke you in the night," he added with a smile. I responded with a yes to both questions, Amol apologized, and I told him it was no big deal then amended that statement."Well. IT"S a big deal, but the poking me with it isn't." He laughed then got serious."Lots of guys think that having a huge dick is fun but it's kind of a pain in the butt in many ways. I wish it were more like yours; your cock is about the perfect size Austin." I told him I understood that there could be problems with such a monster then added that I felt my size was perfect as well."Want to take a shower with me?" he asked and I nodded my head. The bathing process was interesting, watching Amol's cock sway around as he moved. The kid had a really tight body and seeing it all nice and shiny from the water only enhanced my desire to play with him. I was sure it would happen, that Amol and I would have a sexual encounter of some sort or another, it was just a matter of time.After the shower we had a quick breakfast then resumed my story where we'd left off the night before. Jessie was true to his word on a couple of counts. First of all he let me shoot him while he jacked off. I got some close ups of his cock and balls as well as some of his facial expressions as he lay on the bed and stroked his boy meat and when he squirted his sperm out. By that time I'd been using my own 35mm Canon as well as the camera's I had inherited from my father so taking multiple images in a row was not a problem. That would provide some very interesting images to say the least.That first time with Jessie was pretty basic; he took his clothes off, lay on the bed and began jacking off. It made me horny watching him and afterwards I got naked and beat off while my friend watched. I sort of understood then what he meant by it being sexy getting photographed while he did stuff cuz it felt sexy to me having him watch me. Of course we went right downstairs and developed the film.After that Jessie got more creative, sometimes doing slow strips for me, taking his time undressing, playing with his dick with his underwear still on. I'm sure your imagination can re-create Preteens Preteens Nymphets a lot of what he did. Once naked he would do all kinds of posing including plenty of shots of his pink and brown hairless butt hole. It wasn't a far stretch from there to playing with his hole and eventually putting his fingers in there as well as other slender, cock like, objects. Jessie suggested that I be naked while I took the pictures saying that it was hot seeing me with a big ole' boner while he was doin stuff. As a result I took pictures of him sucking my cock. Some of those I took myself while others I took using both the timer and a remote and with the remote I got pictures of both of us squirting our sperm out together. It's only fair to say that I sucked Jessie as well and discovered that I loved it.I also did some artsy fartsy poses with Jessie. Using some of the magazine pictures as my guide I practiced light and shadow shots, I practiced putting him in various positions that often were just everyday poses only he was naked. These pictures didn't focus on his dick or his balls but his entire body and in many of them his dick was still soft. It was this type of photo that first started earning me money.I'd sent a letter to a couple of the magazines that dad had done business with and they responded saying that they would like to see some of my work. I sent them some negatives and they responded again with a note asking if I preferred a direct deposit into my bank account with a receipt to follow in the mail like my father had done. I did. Although Jessie had suggested it, the magazine people also encouraged me to consider doing some posing outdoors. That was pretty risky as we didn't have any places that insured privacy. Sure there were city parks large enough to almost get lost in but they didn't lend themselves to full nudity very much. Although we tried it by having Jessie wear only a swim suit and t-shirt so he didn't have a lot of clothes to take off or scramble back into, mostly the best we could do was hide behind or in huge bushes with Jessie's pants and Preteens Preteens Nymphets underwear down and his dick hanging out. We did some of those poses with him soft and hard. They gave the impression that we were being sneaky, which of course we were, and the magazine loved them.The second thing that Jessie followed through on ended up helping us out with a location for the nature photos. He found other boys who were willing to pose although some boys volunteered when they found out what we were doing.The first of those boys was Mark Stangle. Our age, I'd turned thirteen; Mark was a cute little curly haired blond boy with deep blue eyes and a killer smile and as it turned out a fairly large cock. Well, at least fat if not long. Marky had invited Jessie and me over for an afternoon swim in their pool. It was late July, hotter than hell and muggy. The public pool was always an option but it was always super crowded, especially with little kids, and of course I wouldn't take my camera there. I did take it to Marky's and as was often the case, I was glad that my camera rarely left my side.We were all lying around on lounge chairs and as usual I was shooting pictures of various things. I'd gotten up and shot some of both boys while they swam and as they lay in the sun."You take that thing everywhere you go?" Marky asked and I said that I did. He asked if there was anything that I didn't take pictures of."Not so far," told him and snapped off a few of the cute young blond as he Preteens Preteens Nymphets lay there, propped up by the back of the lounge chair, talking to me."Well take a picture of this," he said and tugged the front of his swim suit down letting his cock flop out over the waistband. I was surprised but managed about four good ones."Well hell Marky if you're gonna go that far you might as well show off everything," Jessie teased."I will if you will," Marky retorted. I would learn that taunting, challenging, or daring a boy was almost always answered with "I will if you will" and was a sure way to get both boys to follow through with the challenge, in this case to expose themselves. Jessie didn't bat an eyelash but raised his slender little butt up off the chair and peeled his suit off, dropped it on the concrete then lay back, fully naked, with his legs spread. Marky smiled and did the same thing and I immediately began taking pictures.Marky's cock was bigger than mine and I'd recently measured out at a little more than five inches. His dick was thick too, fatter than mine. He was getting hairs already too, just like me and Jessie, only he had twice as much and they had started growing at the top of his ball sac. Speaking of balls, Marky's looked big and heavy and hung low between his pale thighs, the weight of them stretching out the hairless skin of his bag."You gonna take any of Jessie?" he asked and Jessie retorted that I'd already gotten tons of naked pictures of him."Oh really?" Marky said, clearly interested and Jessie said "yup." At that, Marky reached down and squeezed on his cock."He ever take any of you with a boner or beating off?" I held my breath cuz I was wondering if my friend would give that information up and I was hoping he would. I wondered just how big Marky got when he was hard and I'd have bet that those big balls of his had to make a lot of sperm. Jessie thought for a moment then answered."Yup and it's way hot sexy feeling too. You should try it." There was the challenge. Marky responded as predicted and I felt my own dick start to swell at what was going to happen. And happen it did.Marky began playing with himself, holding his cock in his hand and pulling on it like he was milking a cow or something, his sac of nuts rising and falling with each tug. The thing was that Marky's fat cock almost filled up his hand although admittedly Mark wasn't any bigger in other ways than me or Jessie. Jessie was doing similar things, pulling, tugging and squeezing himself into a solid boner in no time at all. Marky was right behind him. Oh man would I love to see Marky right behind Jessie, shoving that pale, blue veined tube up my friend's tight little butthole. We hadn't gotten that far but I thought Jessie was ready and willing to get fucked.In any case Marky's cock seemed really big to me. He held it upright for me, his fingers at the base of it, his palm resting his patch of sandy colored moss. It was a great unobstructed shot of his rock hard cock and magnificent balls. I got photos from every angle and some close enough to clearly see the little bumps on the swollen head."Wait a sec Austin," he said then squeezed and milked and all three of us watched as a silvery pearl of precum oozed out and stayed right at the slit, even after he let his hand and skin move back down. I got some terrific shots of that with some incredible close ups. Those shots alone would net me a couple of hundred bucks. After that both boys started to go to town but I stopped them."Wait, can both you guys fit in one chair?" Marky said sure and invited Jessie to join him and scooted to one side to give my friend room. Jessie snuggled in close, each boy putting his arm across the other's shoulder to make room. Marky smiled at Jessie as both boys took hold of their dicks and began a slow stroke. They each began to pay attention to what was happening in their laps and both boys made no bones about staring at each other's cocks and busy hands."I beat off just before you guys got here," Mark admitted, "so this might take a little longer." He turned his head and looked at Jessie again. Their faces were only inches apart and I watched as Marky slowly closed the gap. Jessie's facial expression softened and I knew that he wasn't going to turn his head. I zoomed my camera lens in and got a close up just as Marky's lips touched Jessie's. It was a short kiss but the next one wasn't. Marky pulled back a little, they both opened their eyes and scanned the other's face then Jessie moved forward and they kissed again. This time their heads tilted in order to get their noses out of the way as well as to give and get a more open mouthed kiss. Marky's hand went up to stroke Jessie's face and as soon as that happened Jessie's hand reached over and took hold of Marky's cock and began feeling it up. Marky pulled his head back and gasped then went back to kissing Jessie with even more ferocity. His hand went down to my friends' rock hard boner and began doing the same to it as was being done to his thick cock."Dude I been wantin to do this to you forever," Marky said after Preteens Preteens Nymphets they broke the kiss. Neither boy seemed in any hurry to take his hand back though. Their hands continued to explore and fondle each other, including balls."Me," Jessie asked, clearly surprised."Yeah you. I think you're about the cutest boy in school." He turned to me and said, "No offense Austin.""That's okay," I said, "Just keep doing stuff cuz I'm getting some great pictures. They continued to jack each other off but as things got closer to their sperming each boy took over on his own dick. Jessie was the first to squirt and fired off a couple of nice little shots onto the side of his belly."Fuck that's so hot to watch," Marky said and stroked himself a little faster. "Fuck here it comes you guys. Make sure you get my cum shot Austin," he said in a deep husky voice. His stroked slowed and I kept snapping away as Marky's dick shot out a thick stream of sperm that landed on the front of Jessie's hip and down the side. He changed the angle of his cock a little bit so the next one landed up on his own ribcage as did the third jet of cum only it was lower. From there on it was mostly just thick globs of gooey white stuff oozing out the piss slit of his reddish colored, swollen cock head. When it was all over he lay there with his eyes closed panting like a race horse."That's a lot of jizz dude," Jessie said as he ran a finger through the mess of white stuff Preteens Preteens Nymphets on his hip. Marky didn't respond and I spose there was no reason for him to. He did finally open his eyes, smile then kissed Jessie again."Are you gonna beat off Austin," our host asked me, "looks like you're pretty boned up in there." Indeed I was hard as a nail and it was easily detected by looking at the front of my swim suit. I Preteens Preteens Nymphets nodded and handed the camera down to Jessie then dropped my swim suit to below my balls. I grabbed hold and began jerking my dick while I pulled on my balls."That's pretty hot to watch," Mark said. "You ever get any pictures of Austin doing stuff?" Jessie shook his head the raised the camera. He knew the basics so focused it and got a couple of pictures of me standing there jacking off. It didn't take long for me to cum and Jessie caught that too although there wasn't all that much sperm. No where close to what Marky shot out. It Preteens Preteens Nymphets was finally over so I flicked my dick causing the residue of cum from my piss slit to fly off into the grass with the other drops then wiped my hand on the grass. Mark had already turned back to Jessie and kissed him again."I wanna do so much stuff with you Jessie," he said quietly. The expression on his face made it clear to me that Mark was just short of being in love with Jessie. That revelation segued to another revelation and that was that Marky was gay. Duh. I figured that was okay. He was a nice boy and wasn't at all twinky like, and besides, I'd already figured out that I was gay too. I guess it was just that I was a little surprised as well as sort of relieved that I knew another boy who was like me and liked boys."What time are you parents getting home Mark?" I asked. He glanced up at the large patio clock on the side of the house."Shit they're gonna be home soon. We gotta clean up but let's go in the house. Last time I jacked off out here I jumped in the pool to clean off and it was still floating in the water and my sister got it on her face. My dad took me aside and told me that masturbation was normal and healthy but I should at least clean up in the bathroom. Talk about embarrassing." Jessie wanted to know what his sister said and Marky said she thought it was snot or something. "She's too young to know about that kinda stuff. I wonder if he told my mom though. That would be even more embarrassing."We followed Mark into the house where he and Jessie cleaned the cooling sperm from their bodies then went back outside and got dressed."You guys wanna come over again tomorrow?" Mark asked. Jessie looked at me and we both nodded our heads. "My cousin Jacob might be here but trust me, he's way cool." I gave Jessie another look and I guess Marky figured it was reluctance. "Seriously you guys. Jake is hot looking and loves to mess around with other boys, trust me I know." Well that settled the issue right there.Mark went into the house and grabbed some Cokes for us and we sat around and talked until his parents got home. Mark told us his cock was about six and a half inches long when he was hard, he'd been jacking off since he was eleven and growing hairs and shooting sperm for almost a year. He said that Jacob was the one who taught him stuff and we'd really like the fourteen year old boy. We talked a little more then heard Marks' parents pull into the driveway. We prepared to leave and he kissed Jessie on the lips again."Dude I'm gonna show you so much stuff tomorrow. Fuck I'll have to jack off again tonight just thinking about it." On the way home Jessie and I talked about what had happened. He wanted to know what I thought about what Mark had said about Jessie being cute and his wanting to do stuff with my friend. I told him I thought it was pretty cool."I have been kind of afraid to tell you Austin but I sorta think I might be gay. I really like posing for you and being with Mark today was so awesome I can't hardly tell you about it. I thought I was gonna melt when he kissed me and I really want to be with him and do stuff." I took the opportunity to confide in Jessie my own boy loving thoughts. He seemed genuinely surprised then gave me a hug and a kiss. I was glad we were walking in an alley that was lined with back yard fences and nobody in sight. That's a pretty hot story Austin," Amol told me, "makes me want to go in the bathroom and pull one off." I looked toward his crotch, we were both dressed only in underwear, and since he hadn't bothered to cover himself I could clearly see that he'd gotten at least partially hard, the bulge in the pouch and leg of his briefs very noticeable."You're more than welcome to do that Amol. Or do it right here, I'll join you." He smiled and rubbed at the tube that was hidden in the white cotton fabric."Later perhaps; go on with your story." Jessie and I went back to Mark's the next morning a little before nine. He met us at the front door wrapped in a bath towel, his hair a totally wet mass of curls. Clearly he'd just gotten out of the shower. Damn that boy was cute and for a moment I felt a little pang of jealousy that he was really into Jessie and not me.We followed him toward his bedroom and since he'd pulled the towel off half way there we got a great view of his butt. Of course I snapped a few pictures and Marky looked over his shoulder and smiled at me. That boy had an ass that was to die for I swear; wonderful globes of muscle and fat that moved out and away from the small of his back. His crack was every so slightly darker where the skin moved inward toward his hole and I felt my dick start to harden at the thought of seeing those glorious cheeks opened up wide to expose his puckered muscle.Once in his room Mark went about finishing off the drying process, giving his cock and balls a good work out then lifting one Preteens Preteens Nymphets leg and reaching around behind himself and giving his butthole a good rubbing. He ended up giving his hair another rubbing then tossed the towel into a corner and walked over to his dresser and grabbed a vent brush to clear the tangles.He talked to us while he worked, totally unselfconscious about his nudity. I all but stared at his groin admiring the flatness of his belly and the V shape that it created at his cock. His dick seemed as though it was about as fully extended as it could be without getting hard and it hung beautifully against his low hanging balls. I snapped some pictures of him as he groomed and as usual he smiled for the camera."So, is your cousin gonna come over," Jessie asked."Naw, he's gotta go out to our grandparents' farm and help them out with wood and stuff.""A farm," I asked. He said yeah that their grandparents had a huge farm over in Adams County. They used to have all kinds of farm animals and stuff but now they only had a few cows and some chickens and stuff. While part of the land was open fields for grazing a lot of it was forest land with huge trees and even a small river that ran through a part of the property."Oh man that's where Jacob first started teaching me stuff about sex. It's totally private so you can run around naked if you want to.""Oh really?" I said then went on to tell Mark about wanting to find some place where we could take some outdoor photos. He smiled and told me it was perfect for that."We could all go out there if you want. Jacobs' mom, my aunt, is taking him out about noon to spend a couple of days. He likes hanging out there even if he isn't working cuz it's so quiet and peaceful and stuff. If you want I'll call and ask if we can all come out but we'd have to stay for two or three days." I looked at Jessie and he nodded his head vigorously."Okay." Still naked, Mark went out into the living room and we followed. We listened as he talked with his aunt then hung up and called his grandparents and explained what we wanted to do."I love you too gramma, we'll see you in a few hours," and he hung up. "So, it's a go if you guys can go." My mother was no problem. While I couldn't do just anything I wanted I pretty much ran my own life. Jessie called his mother and after using the excuse that we were helping out Marks' aged grandparents she agreed to let him go."How long will it take you guys to get ready," Mark asked after getting off the phone with his aunt who agreed to pick us up."Thirty minutes tops," was the answer we both gave in order to get home, get packed and get back to Marks' house. Marky smiled, told us what we should bring and we headed out. At home I packed the things that Mark had suggested along with my camera case and more than two dozen rolls of film. I also stuffed 60 bucks in a small pouch of the case, just in case. I was back at Mark's before Jessie. He answered the door in his underwear, in this case a pair of dark blue FTL briefs. He looked really good in them. Of course he looked really good out of them too."This is gonna be fun," he said after I deposited my stuff in the entry way and we sat on the living room sofa. "I talked with Jacob and he's pretty excited, thinks the picture taking thing is awesome. Oh, and Jake said he knows you, or at least has seen you around." Then Marky giggled, "And he thinks you're cute." We talked about some other stuff for a moment then Mark got up and peeked out the curtain."I wonder what's taking Jessie so long."I came out of my "Jacob thinks you're cute" reverie and picked up my camera and quickly Preteens Preteens Nymphets popped off a few shots of Mark at the window, one knee slightly bent due to that foot resting only on its toes. The expression on his face was a mix or worry, anticipation and maybe longing. Regardless it was a great pose. He turned his head to me with a quizzical expression on his face so I quickly explained why I had taken the pictures. He nodded his head then said,"You want to take some of me, I dunno, just being around the house. It'll kill a little time." I nodded my head. So that's what we did while we waited for Jessie, took some photos of Mark being natural; sitting standing, lounging on the sofa in that casual relaxed way that boys do. I also got some of him actually posing. In the mix were some great shots of his butt and of his cock and balls as they nestled in the somewhat tight fitting underwear."Fuck its hard not to bone up when we're doing this," he told me and I could see that he was getting a little turned on by it. "Jessie was right, its sexy feeling posing for the camera." He cupped his nuts which in turn highlight his hardening cock so I snapped a few of that was well. Mark returned to the window and was quiet for a moment then turned to me and said softly,"I really like him Austin, a lot. Do think that's gross, a boy liking another boy, me liking your best friend?" I shook my head."No I don't Mark in fact I think it's pretty cool." I related the discussion that Jessie and I'd had on the way home the day before and that put a big smile on Marky's smooth young face. It also caused him to rub on the very defined tube of his cock."So you're saying that all three of us are queer boys?" He asked."Pretty much," I responded."That's pretty cool," he replied. A knock on my front door took Amol and me away from the story. I looked at my watch and realized that it was most likely Kavi. I had been scheduled to meet him at our usual spot, the open market, but time had gotten away from me. I told Amol my suspicion but he was already up and moving toward my bedroom."I prefer that no one know I'm here Austin," he said. I could understand his thinking, along with the fact that we were both still in our underwear. I tugged on a pair of shorts that I kept by the door for such events then opened it to find Kavi standing there."You late this morning Mr. Austin," he said in his stilted English. I explained that I had some other things that needed to get done and that I'd probably meet him after lunch. He nodded his head, tossed me a cheerful smile and retreated back down the walkway."You can come out now," I said, knocking on the bedroom door. Amol came out and thanked me for not giving him up in any way and gave me a little hug. We grabbed some water from the kitchen and returned to the living room and continued with my story. The three nights and four days we spent out on the farm were interesting to say the least. I won't bore you with all the details because things like raking out pig shit or stacking wood just aren't interesting. However we didn't spend a ton of time working since there were three of us to do it. We did get to spend a fair amount of time in the woods and roaming the five hundred acre farm. At least four hundred of those acres were wooded and that lent itself well to the purpose that we'd had in mind which was to do some nude pictures.Jacob turned out to be a really nice kid and was definitely attentive to me. A somewhat big boy, at least compared to me, Jessie and Mark, the fourteen year old had a head of black curly hair. I'd guessed that curls must have run in the family until I found out that he wasn't a blood relative and in fact wasn't even adopted. Mark's aunt had taken him in when he was three or four because a friend of hers wasn't capable of taking care of the boy and he'd never left.In any case at five foot eight or so he was built sort of bulky. I don't mean fat but more like muscles. I guess he helped his "dad" a lot in his business and he liked sports like football and wrestling and weight lifting and stuff but he wasn't a typical jock about it, he was really nice. And he was cute. Big hazel green eyes with lots of eyelash and eyebrow dominated his smooth heart shaped face. He was starting to get a little bit of hair on his upper lip and I'd have bet he was rather proud of it. While Jacob's upper body was well defined and sort of big he had a very narrow waist and a small cute butt. That first day when I saw him working without a shirt on I felt myself swoon and wondered what it would be like to be held in his strong arms and cuddled against his chest. I would find out. In retrospect I would have to say that Jacob was my first case of puppy love.We got there a little before noon and their gramma made us a small lunch right off the bat then we went to work in an attempt to get some stuff done before the day got too hot. After that we headed out to the woods and the river for a swim and of course, a photo session. We didn't even bother to take swim suits for the obvious reason but besides that the boys always went skinny dipping. I got plenty of shots of everyone undressing and laughing and goofing around. I almost got a boner when Jacob first got naked.Where Marky had a nice V at his hips Jacob's v started at his shoulders and went to his hips. The V at his crotch was even more defined, starting at his hips and curving inward then down to where it ended at his boy stuff and oh man what boy stuff he had. Jacob's pubes were a thick black patch of moss that stayed right on his pubic bone and didn't spread out like an older boys` fuzz. His cock, long and thick like my brother's had been, sort of grew out of the hair like a plant's root or something and I felt my heart beat a little faster when I first saw it. His balls were big and heavy looking and were starting to get rather hairy and I just knew by looking at them that he made a gallon of sperm.I got plenty of photos then stripped down while Jacob watched. "I love your body Austin," he said when I finally finished so I told him I thought his was pretty good too. I swear he blushed at the compliment but it was true. Jacob would turn out to have, overall, just about the hottest boy body I would see until I was past my teens.It was getting hot so we all went into river to frolick and splash about in a deep pool that had formed at the end of a little set of rapids. The river wasn't all that warm so when we got out everyone's dick as well as their balls were all shrunk up, even Jacobs'."Hey can we come over?" A voice hailed and we all turned to its source on the other side of the river, about a hundred and fifty feet away, where two boys stood waving at us."Yeah, come on," Jacob yelled back. Turning to me and Jessie he explained that it was a couple of boys from neighboring farms and as the newcomers crossed at the more shallow rapids Jacob explained that they were way cool and would make a nice addition to the group and Marky backed him up. Jessie and I simply shrugged our shoulders. The more the merrier I figured. As they crossed and came closer Marky told us a little bit about them.Lonnie, the tow headed kid was our age, thirteen, and the older boy Curtis was fourteen, maybe fifteen because Marky thought he might have had a birthday that summer. In a lower voice Marky told us that Curtis had been fucking Lonnie for about two years. That really got my interest up.The newcomers dropped a backpack and began undressing as soon as they got to where we were standing and in the process saying their "howdy do's" when Jacob introduced us all around. Both boys were fairly cute with bodies similar to ours, slender and flat, although Curtis was closer to Jacob in body style than we younger boys. Lonnie's cock was similar to mine but he had very little hair which was pretty light in color, almost like the short cropped practically white hair on his head. Curtis' cock was bigger than Marky's but smaller than Jacobs and like Jacob he had a fair amount of bush between his legs. While both boys checked me and Jessie out it was clear that they'd already seen what Marky and Jacob had but other than that it was like they pranced around naked with other boys all the time which I found out later, they did.We all headed back into the water and since Jacob was in front of me I got to spend a moment looking at his butt. Oh man did he had a nice ass. Slender and muscled it was the hottest butt I'd ever seen. I found myself becoming quite enthralled with Jacob and since I knew he thought I was cute I wondered how things were going to turn out.When we got out of the water I grabbed the camera and started taking random pictures and of course Lonnie and Curtis wanted to know what was up with that. Jacob explained my hobby and the fact besides developing my own film, nobody ever saw the pictures except the people who were in them. At that point I hadn't even told Jessie about the magazines. Both boys thought that was pretty cool and began posing in ways that brought attention to their stuff. That drew the rest of the boys into the act and it didn't take Lonnie very long to catch a boner. Jacob and Curtis grabbed the smaller boy and held Preteens Preteens Nymphets him down and told Marky to jack him off."Maybe we should go to the grove if we're gonna do stuff," Marky told them. Everyone agreed and because Jessie and I didn't know what they were talking about Marky explained it as we gathered up our clothes and headed into the woods. The grove was a little clearing on a hill in the woods. Because it got a lot of shade the ground was mostly mossy, very soft and totally private."A great place to roll around naked," Lonnie informed us with a sly grin. We followed a trail for about 300 yards with me snapping pictures of boys' butts along the way since every Preteens Preteens Nymphets boy there had a pretty nice one. We came out of the woods and into a clearing that was just as Lonnie had said it was. About as big as a large house and yard it had some huge apple and cherry Preteens Preteens Nymphets trees in that hadn't been trimmed in years. There was also a humongous willow tree with its limbs touching the ground all around it. Jacob said that a house had stood somewhere on the spot over a hundred years before but had been demolished when their grandfather was a young man.We all set our stuff down in one spot then Lonnie flopped down on the mossy grass. "I'm ready to be jacked off now," the cute young teen said. Lonnie's voice was still sort of high like the rest of us thirteen's and I sort of liked it, it seemed to fit him. Lonnie's cock was already on the rise, the pale blue veined tube about half way hard and of course my shutter went into action."You ever get any suckin and fuckin pictures Austin," Curtis asked. I shook my head, not wanting to give up information about me and Jessie. "Well, do you wanna?" I nodded my head. All the rest of us were sort of just watching as Curtis' cock start to get hard and he knelt on the grass at Lonnie's head. The younger boy didn't need any direction or encouragement but simple rolled onto his side, pulled the older boy's rapidly hardening dick down and began licking all over the helmet shaped head. I got pictures."Fuck," Jessie groaned and I looked to see that his dick was fully hardened as was Marky and Jacob wasn't far behind them. Well shit neither was I."Wanna try that Jessie?" Marky asked and when Jessie nodded his head the curly headed blond boy dropped to his knees in front of my friend and began sucking his cock. I caught the expression on Jessie's face and while I'd sucked his cock before I couldn't imagine that he looked like that when I did it. He looked at me with his jaw hanging open and his eyes half closed at the feelings that were ripping through his body. A few feet away Curtis had moved and was lying alongside Lonnie head to toe and was sucking Lonnie's cock with as much enthusiasm as Lonnie was giving Curtis."Can you take pictures while you get your cock sucked," Jacob asked me. I looked down and almost gasped at the size of his dick which by then was full on rod hard. He really did remind me of my brother in many ways and his dick was certainly one of those ways."I can try," told him. Like Marky had done, Jacob dropped to his knees in front of me. He played with my dick, stroking it a few times, and cupped and fondled my smooth nuts. I loved it. Even though Jessie had done that to me it felt way different with Jacob. I held the camera out of the way and looked down at him. He looked up at me, smiled, and then put his mouth over my entire cock. I knew then why Jessie looked the way he did, in a fog of hotness.I angled the camera down and shot a couple frames which got Jacob to look up and smile which looked pretty cool cuz he kept my dick in his mouth when he did it. I looked across the way and saw that Curtis had moved on top of Lonnie, still in a head to toe position with Lonnie's bottom end pointed at me. I watched as Curtis wrapped his arms around the younger boy's waist and pulled him down. The action opened Lonnie's cheeks up more and I got a brief glimpse and a picture or two of his pink puckered little hole before Curtis put his face in there and began licking it."Fuck," I groaned, as much for what I was seeing as well as what Jacob was doing to my boy stuff. He had taken his mouth off my cock and was sucking my balls. Off to the side Marky and Jessie had traded places, the blond boy lying on his back in the grass with my friend draped across his belly and licking and sucking on Marky's fat hard cock. Needless to say I captured the image for eternity. I wanted to participate really bad, with Preteens Preteens Nymphets Jacob that is, but I also didn't want to miss any good photos."Do you know how to use a camera Jacob," I asked. The boy stood up and said that he could probably manage. I showed him the basics, handed him the camera then assumed the position on my knees in front of him. His cock looked even bigger as it loomed large in front of my face. I reached and took hold of him, squeezed and stroked his nail hard flesh and watched his heavy sac of nuts rise and lower slightly as I pulled on him. My other hand cupped those balls and pulled a little bit. God my dick was so fucking hard it was incredible.I licked the oozing precum from his slit then opened as wide as I could put my mouth over the fat swollen head. For just a moment I thought of my brother and figured that this was what it would have been like to suck his cock. Above me Jacob groaned as my tongue swirled across his sensitive cock head and my lips griped at his shaft. I did the best that I could, took as much as I could of him into my mouth but he stretched my lips and the thickness of him toward my throat made me start to gag. Jessie's dick didn't come anywhere near filling me up like Jacob did.As I sucked and swirled and tugged on his balls I heard the camera click then the sound of the auto wind after the last frame on the roll was shot. Reluctantly I let go of Jacob and stood up. He handed me the camera and said,"I hope you get finished with this picture stuff so we can get down to business." He said it with a smile. I was feeling the same way. I wanted photos and I wanted sex and it was difficult to focus, no pun intended, on both. I went about swapping out the film while Jacob watched and absently played with his rock hard dick or his balls. When I was finished I stepped away from him, focused, and shot a few frames of him and his busy hands. I wondered for a brief moment what it would be like to have his fat cock shoved up my ass, to fuck me like girl. I also wondered if Curtis was going to fuck his little lover boy Lonnie and got an answer to that when I glanced their way.On his hands and knees with his butt in the air, Lonnie was holding still while Curtis was rubbing some stuff on Lonnie's butthole and once that was done he smeared it all over the top half of his dick. I shot a few frames and got closer."Are you gonna, umm, fuck him?" I asked Curtis."Yep, I sure am," the older boy answered then got to his knees behind Lonnie. The question got the attention of the Mark and Jessie who stopped what they were doing to come over and watch as Curtis got in close. Jacob leaned down and pulled Lonnie's slender little butt cheeks open, Curtis held his cock down and guided it to Lonnie's tender pink hole. Mark and Jessie stood side by side slowly stroking each other's dick as they watched."Go ahead Curtis shove it in me," Lonnie moaned. It seemed like the cute young teen was sort of getting off on the set up, what I would later learn was called the ritual. The anticipation, the knowing what was going to happen and how it would feel helped make him hotter. Curtis knelt there rubbing his cock head up and down over Lonnie's pucker hole while his free hand roamed over Lonnie's pale butt."Come on Curtis hurry up and fuck me. I really want your cock in my asshole," Lonnie said, all but begging Curtis to get on with it. Which is what Curtis did; he stopped all movement and pushed. His cock head slipped inside of Lonnie like a hot knife through butter and he didn't stop there but put ever bit of his cock into Lonnie's asshole that he could."Fuck that looks so hot," Jessie exclaimed softly. "I could fucking cum just watching it.""Well you better not unless it's in my mouth," Marky told him then got back on his knees in front of Jessie and went back to sucking my friend's cock. Once Curtis was imbedded in Lonnie and started to slowly fuck him Jacob stood next to Curtis' head so that the fucking boy could suck on his cock. Even the magazines that my father had didn't show stuff like this; three and four boys going at it all at the same time. I got pictures of it all, close ups as well as the entire group. I knew what Jessie had meant when he said he could cum just watching what was going on cuz I was right there myself and I think that somehow Jacob sensed that."Come stand over here Austin," he commanded, pointing to a spot on the opposite side of where he was standing and getting his dick sucked off. He reached down and took hold of my stone hard cock and began jacking me off. I would love to say that I lasted forever but the only thing fore in that statement was the seconds. Curtis had barely begun to work me and I came. Even I was surprised because I actually shot out a little stream of sperm than landed on Lonnie's cute little butt and part of Curtis' thumb and Curtis took his mouth from Jacob's cock and sucked my sperm off his thumb and went right back to sucking Jacob.Jessie groaned loudly and I looked over to see him holding on to Mark's head and fucking the blond boy's mouth. The expression on Jessie's smooth face was one of rapture. I managed to get a picture of it while thinking that I had not yet shot my sperm into someone's mouth and wondered what that would feel like. I'd find out before our visit was over.I stepped back away from the trio just as Jacob pulled his dick out of Curtis' mouth and began jacking it off fairly rapidly. "I'm gonna cum on his face Austin so get your camera ready." I got into position just as Jacob informed us he was cumming and Curtis turned his head. Jessie and Marky came in close to watch as well. Watching Curtis get his face creamed was incredible but mostly it was because of Jacob's cum shot. Goddamn he made a lot of sperm and it came out with such force that the first shot seemed to splatter onto Curtis' smooth face. Curtis didn't miss a beat but kept right on fucking Lonnie, driving his cock into the younger boy with such a force that Lonnie was rocking to and fro.Jacob shot a good four jets of cum onto Curtis before the boy begged to have Jacob put the rest of it in his mouth. Jacob accommodated Curtis immediately and fucked his mouth much like Jessie had done to Mark. Curtis began ramming harder into Lonnie then groaned out, the sound seeping out around Jacob's cock, and I assumed that he was cumming in Lonnie's ass. He slowed down the held onto the boy's slender hips and ground his own hips sideways and up and down a little bit before going back to sliding his dick in and out. I would learn that doing that seemed to change the feelings somewhat and could even make the cum feelings last longer.Curtis finally took his mouth away from Jacob's mouth then slowly pulled his cock out of Lonnie's butt which was kinda cool cuz for just a second there was a silvery strand of cum stretching from his dick head to Lonnie's now gaping butt hole. It broke before I could get a picture of it. Lonnie must have been paying attention to what was going on because he said,"Mark you haven't cum yet, put your cock in my ass and fuck me. Hurry cuz I'm almost ready to cum." Mark did as he was asked and moved into the spot that Curtis vacated and slipped his fat dick into the boy's asshole. He didn't waste any time but began fucking Lonnie like a mad man."Oh yeah Marky fuck me good and hard, ram your cock into me. Make me cum Marky make me cum." That was the first of many times that I would hear a boy talk like that while he was getting fucked or sucked. I found it sort of sexy feeling just hearing even when I wasn't involved in it."Christ I'm gonna shoot my sperm you guys, shit oh fuck oh dear," Lonnie moaned. I got onto the ground and focused in on his cock and sure as hell his sperm shot out onto the grass and he wasn't even touchin his cock adding that to the list of firsts that I'd experience that day. Lonnie made a fair amount of cum for a thirteen Preteens Preteens Nymphets year old, at least more than Jessie or me so that was cool. Lonnie's sperming must have triggered Mark because before Lonnie was done Marky was moaning and groaning and was looking at where his cock was sliding in and out of Lonnie although I don't how much he could with his eyes barely open.Things slowed down once everybody had cum and everybody's cock had sort of wilted a little bit if not entirely. It was decided that a bath was needed so we all tromped back down to the river for a swim, Lonnie and Curtis holding hands as they walked and providing me with a terrific photograph. As soon as I took it Jacob reached over and took my hand and held it until we dropped our stuff off and went into the water. It felt good, him holding my hand. We all lay around in the hot sun for a while then our guests said they had to get home to finish chores and would see us the next day maybe. "That is a very erotic story Austin," Amol told me. During the telling of it Amol had absently pushed, squeezed, or otherwise paid attention to his cock and of course it didn't escape my attention that the beautiful youth had become aroused."Yeah I can see that Amol, hell a blind man could see it." He chuckled at the comment but it was true. He'd had to do some rearranging inside his briefs but frankly there wasn't really much place available to put the thing. I thought that it must be greatly uncomfortable and voiced that to him."Yeah, it can be sometimes, like right now. I'm thinking it might be better if I was naked, if we were both naked," he added. I had gotten a little firmed up as I told the story, my mind flitting through the images of it as though it were yesterday but just the idea of Amol willingly exposing his hard fourteen year Preteens Preteens Nymphets old spear to me got my dick the rest of the way pretty quickly. I nodded my head and agreed with him. That being said Amol lifted his butt up off the sofa and began sliding his briefs down over those glorious orbs.
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