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Related article: Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 16:19:39 -0700 (PDT) From: signor schwanz Subject: A Boy's DayThe boy awoke to immobility, Preteen Porn Pics skillfully and comfortably bound with worn, strong rope to the bed he lay on. Cotton sheets, damp beneath him after the warmth of the night, stuck to the skin on his back. Small beads of sweat formed on his forehead, larger drops pooled in the crevice between his smooth pecs and the narrow valleys of his belly. The soft hair under his arms - only a shade darker than the dirty blonde of his head - was slick and shiny from the thin, salty fluid that flowed from the redolent recesses of his tender pits. His dick was hard, the head reaching for and almost touching the slight protrusion of his hip bone. The tight, really too small briefs - simultaneously limiting the movement of his delicate pink cock and providing something for him to throb against - were perfectly white, save for a scattering of yellow stains on the front. Piss and no small amount of his opaque pre-cum - these had provided the spots, the scent of which was plainly obvious to any man attuned to such things, any man who might enter the room and, seeing the boy there on the bed, so beautiful, so helpless, so trusting, would bring his face close to the boy's skin and to the taut fabric of his underwear, inhaling the rich, healthy scent of the boy's incipient manhood.And there was such a man, who just at that moment of the boy's awakening was climbing the stairs to the room where boy was kept. Entering the room, the man was met by the smell of Preteen Porn Pics sweat and the wood of the cabin walls and the still living woods outside the open window above the boy's bed. The man approached the bed and began to speak to the boy, who regarded him with a look of uncertainty, of fear and respect for the man's power over him, of trust in the man who had taken care of him thus far."I bet you need a piss, boy. I see your piss hard-on there in your pants." The man pressed lightly on the fuzzy skin below the boy's belly button, providing a slight pressure on the boy's bladder. The boy winced. Indeed his bladder was full and had woken him that morning. The pleasure of his rigid prick rubbing against the material and the waistband of his briefs had managed to both alleviate yet make more urgent the aching need for release.The man removed the black leather collar from the bed post and buckled it around the boys neck. It was a comfort to the boy, a familiar reminder of the man's attention. The collar fit him perfectly, coaxing the veins out of the flesh of his sinewy neck but still allowing him to breathe unrestricted. Given one tug by the man, though, and the collar could cut off most of his air, forcing his head and neck this way or that, depending on the needs of the man. Once fastened the man attached a three foot metal chain leash to the collar and secured the leather strap around his wrist. Only then and with three quick, skillful tugs did he one by one remove the rope from around the boy's wrists and ankles.Once loosed, the boy immediately threw his arms around the waist of the man, his face pressed into the rough softness of the curly hairs on the man's belly. The boy pressed his slightly open lips against the subtle curve of the man's flesh above the waistline of his well-worn hiking shorts.The boy's head was tugged back by the man. He placed two fingers under the boy's smooth, square chin and tilted the boy's face toward his until their eyes met."You ready, boy?" The boy nodded and climbed off the bed, following the man down the stairs and out the front door to the boy's pissing tree. Facing the bark, the boy pulled down the front of his briefs, exposing his throbbing pink cut prick. He sighed and closed his eyes, trying to relax his pubic muscles. At last a warm, strong, pungent stream started to flow from his waning erection. It hit the bark of the tree and rustled in the leaves below. The boy tried to shake the last drops out of his half-hard dick, then pushed it back into his briefs, where still more piss dribbled from his slit, further scenting and staining the front his briefs."Good boy. Now why don't you fish my dick out of my pants and let me take a leak? Get on your knees!" The man yanked the leash toward the ground where the boy kneeled in front of the man. The boy unfastened the man's shorts, pulled down the zipper and reached through the fly of the man boxers. He grasped the man's flaccid but weighty uncut cock and pulled it through the fly. The boy moved to the man's side and placed hid head on the man's hip and his chest against the man's flank. The man rolled back his foreskin, revealing a crimson head and a musky odor of maleness.Soon the man's cock was issuing a strong yellow stream against the tree. The boy could feel the smallest droplets, bouncing off the bark, hitting his skin as he knelt next to the man. The man's stream subsided and he rolled his foreskin back and forth over the head of his dick, drawing out the last drops. The boy eyed the man's cock, looking for any signs of swelling as the foreskin snaked over the well defined ridge of the man's cock head."You lookin' at my dick, boy? You like watchin' me piss?" The boy looked up at the man and nodded, his mouth open, his red tongue lying dormant between white teeth and equally, full lips. "You want a taste, boy? You want a mouthful of me?" The boy opened his mouth further, it's warm, wet interior open toward to man's crotch."That's it, boy. Open your mouth. Let me lay my dick in there. Stick your tongue out a little." The boy did as he was told, and the man lay his unhooded cock into the slightly rolled form of the boy's tongue. Within 20 seconds, the man's dick was well on it's way to full tumescence, just from the silkiness of the boys tongue against the sensitive underbelly. The first few drops of pre-cum - mixed potently with the urine remaining in his urethra - lay on the back of the boy's tongue. Pushing his erection down against the boy's tongue, he pulled his foreskin swiftly back and forth over the head of his dick. Pre-cum was oozing from his slit in rhythm with his heart beat. A small gurgling rose in the man's throat as he picked up speed and began to loose himself, as he pleasured himself with his hand and the boy's open, waiting mouth.Without permission, the boy closed his mouth around the man's dick and began to suck in earnest. After a stroke and a half between the boy's now-closed lips, the man brought an open palm against the boy's smooth check."I told you to leave your mouth open, boy! I was jackin' off in your mouth! You think you deserve to suck my dick? Huh, boy? Without me telling you to suck me?" The boy's eyes, brimming with tears after the sting of the slap, watched the man's cock bouncing in front of him. The man's words rang in the boy's ears. "I'm ready to cum now boy, and you're gettin' it all over your pretty face."The man began to stroke his dick faster now, his hands still warm from the contact with the boy's face. The thick fingers of his large hands slid the slinky foreskin over his glans with increasing rapidity. He rubbed the leaking precum over the boys lips and cheeks."I'll teach you, boy, to follow directions. You just can't seem to do what I tell you. Sometimes I think you do it on purpose, boy." Veins in the man's neck began to pop out as he worked his thick, rigid cock. His left hand, still holding the leather loop of the leash, tugged his ample, full balls. With a grunt he exploded in pure, thick, white ropes of cum, coating the boys lips and cheeks and even his forehead. A few drops landed on the front of the boy's briefs, mingling with the boy's pre-cum that had begun anew to stain the white material. The man slowed his pace and his hips slowed their thrusting, and he wiped the flaming hot skin of his dick head against the boy's cheeks and chin."Get up, boy. You're staying outside today. And you'll stay outside until you learn your lesson. And keep that tongue in your mouth. I want my load to dry on your face - just to remind you." The man led the boy from the pissing tree to the punishment tree around the corner of the house. He slipped the boy's hands and feet into the fetters that were chained to the trunk of the tree. And outside the boy stayed all day, fed and watered by the man, who though for the remainder of the day did not speak to the boy. The man's cum dried on his face, and the man left he boy alone for hours on end, to wonder and to worry when the man would come again Preteen Porn Pics for him.
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