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Related article: Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 23:00:37 +0000 From: Jorge Grossao Subject: huge-and-thick/tails-of-the-alhambra/a-boy-in-blossomHuge and Thick/ Tails of the Alhambra/ A Boy in Blossom Jorge AlvarezThe last time we heard from Grossao, he was beginning to show Raul, a young aspiring soccer player, some of the tricks that only a 13-inch dick can do (but please don't try any of this at home!).A BOY IN BLOSSOM1 I have to confess that my predecessor in Raul's young anus did a good job. Zulu, the African who's both a gardener at the convent in Granada and the boy's soccer and sex coach, managed to Nonude Preteen Models deflower him with the right mix of buttfucking art and science.Not only does the 17-year old take my much larger dick like a pro, but he also shows a lot of creativity in his vibrant young body. I take a bow to Zulu's talent when Raul, once my whopper is fully lodged in his butt, proceeds to show me the many tricks he's learned from his coach.I lay back on the silk pillows by the fountain, in my personal garden at the Alhambra, to watch him play with Grossao. The big boy's muscular soccer legs and powerful glutes give his little show a special appeal.Raul starts with a sweet anal kiss. He curls his tail up, lifting the hips till Grossao's head pops out -- PLOP!. Then he puckers the fleshy pink ring, rubs it on the wide dick head and SMACK!, gives Grossao a loud, wet kiss.Then, the "bumblebee": blowing gas very gently, he makes a buzzzz sound with his male pussy while it "flies" around the "flower", the tip of Grossao's glistening head. The little "bee" gives tiny pecks to my dick's wide slit, sipping its precum "honey". I applaud his wonderful performance with hard slaps on the kid's big ass.Now the "mouth". The asshole lips stretch out, gaping like a toothless mug, and wrap themselves around the ridge of my dick's wide crown. The animated anal gobbler starts to suck on my dick with strong pumping action, slurping and gurgling while it slowly swallows and devours the whole thick shaft. It's an amazing sensation, to be sucked by a boy's well-trained anus.I feel my pubes scratching the smooth baby flesh on his butt cheeks. As Grossao's head goes past the boy's rectum, breaching the inner sphincter at the colon's door, his whole gut becomes a pump, with powerful suction applied especially to the throbbing head. I'm about to cum but Raul has more tricks up his ass.Impaled on my giant dick, Raul lifts his legs wide open, braces himself on his strong hands and starts to spin around with Grossao as his axis. Slowly at first, he propels himself on his powerful arms, spinning like a top, faster and faster, clockwise and counterclockwise, then adding an up-and-down swing, like a gymnast on a pommel horse.The sensation of his young male pussy twisting around my hard dick, squeezing and turning, yielding and holding, nursing Grossao like a royal staff, a precious godly sceptre and the epitome of virile majesty, brings me close to the brink.As he pulls his legs up by the big toes, I push his buttocks up, lifting him until Grossao's swollen glans is caught on the puckered lips of his asshole. I let him fall back on my lap, then lift him again, faster and faster, using his whole gorgeous body to bring my dick to a full, explosive orgasm.My first cum jet deep inside Raul segues into his own cum spurt, hitting my open mouth with sweet boy juice. He keeps pumping my hot male lava, flooding his sexy volcanic crater. The boy squeezes my big balls to get more cum into his body. Like so many before him, young Raul has become addicted to Grossao.2 Now it's my turn to show him some tricks of the Nonude Preteen Models trade.Grossao is hard as a rock as I stand up holding the muscular boy in my arms. I pull his legs up and show him how to lock the feet behind the head. Raul's body has now the shape of a bullet, a compact bundle of tight muscles converging on the powerful glutes, held aloft by the sheer strength of my treetrunk of a dick stuck up in his fuckhole.I shoot my hips up and his body flies away. But when Grossao's head is about to pull out, I tell Raul to clamp on the assring with all his strength. That's enough to anchor him to the bulging glans. He falls back on my lap, bounces on my strong abs and shoots back up, his tight ring sliding deliciously up my ultrathick shaft, only to suddenly halt again, rolling back down in a vertiginous fall along my tobogan fucker.I keep bouncing the boy up and down like an adorable pussy doll, and by hitting his prostate hard on each shove I make him cum continously, shot after shot of tasty boy cum. But before I get to the point of no return I want to show him some other tricks.I hold his double-bent body by the waist and pull him up, removing my black sword from its tight sheath, turn him upside down and shove my dick back in, this time all the way into his gullet. Tears gush from his eyes from the sudden invasion of the head and throat. Before he has time to adjust, I pull him up again, spin his body around and bang!, thrust Grossao back in his butt.I swing the boy like a pendulum, alternating my dick between the two ends of his fuck tube. His mouth and asshole are both equally open and relaxed, taking Grossao in at a quickening pace. He's so skilled at covering the teeth with his lips that, after a while, when I close my eyes, I can't tell if my cock is in his anus or his gullet. It's the same fuck tunnel, pumping at my dick through both ends, hungry for my manhood to fill him with thick hard meat and hot male juice.I'm about to cum when I remember one last trick from my early days in Brazil. I had burst into the gay scene in Rio as the most sought-after top. At the gym where I worked out, guys lined-up around the block for a chance to offer me their butts. I had to come up with a simple, easy position in which I could fuck a butt in the least amount of time while still working out.So I slightly modified the famous "spit chicken" position (in Brazil, "frango no espeto", which sounds much more suggestive, since "frango" is a male chick), where the bottom lies on his back, knees on the chest, so the top can skewer the exposed asshole.I told my bottoms to slide the legs further back, touching their feet on the floor, so the anus would be on a perfectly vertical line. That way, I could just lie on top in a plank position and do my push-ups. The whole weight of my body, applied through my dick down the bottom's tight hole, added to the powerful hits on his prostate, were enough to guarantee bringing him to a quick orgasm. It became a huge hit.The technique was patented as "the radical chicken" ("frango radical"). I timed my fucks and managed to reach an average of just over one minute with each guy. The long lines were still there, but they flowed much more quickly. Passerbys would ask what all the fuss was about and be told that this was the line for the Radical Chicken. "It's a new kind of spit chicken", guys in the line would inform. "You provide the chicken and Grossao shoves you with his own spit. Huge and thick!"Now Raul discovers the awesome thrill of being on the receiving end of the Radical Chicken position as delivered by my 13-inch dick. I bite his strong, stretched-back feet, as I push up and down on my powerful arms and piledrive Grossao into his welcoming fuck hole. He lifts his head to suck on my hard nipples and embraces my narrow waist in his arms to pull me further in and get more hard meat in his hole.Cum flows from his young dick like a white creamy river, drenching our glued chests. The force of my in-and-out thrusts lifts his body from the floor and slams it back down. I want to fuck this boy though the ground. As I cum deep in Raul's body I feel I'm breeding his luscious Spanish land with my wild African-Brazilian seed.3 As Raul sleeps by the fountain in the Alhambra garden, I gaze at his lovely shaped young body, still a boy but already ripening to give birth to a strong, powerful man. His dream is to become a soccer player. I've seen him playing and I know that with proper training he could become a real star. He's blossoming and I want to help him.So I pick up the phone and call the Duke of A. I'm longing to be fucked again by the Duke's 15-inch dick, but more than that I want to talk to him about Raul. The orphan boy was being raised by the Duke's nephew, Father Luis, to be offered as a virgin to be deflowered by that mammoth cock. But behind Father Luis' back, his own lover, Zulu, the African gardener at the orphanage and Raul's soccer coach, took the boy's cherry. I explained all that mess to the Duke, who is surprised. He didn't know his nephew was preparing Raul as a gift for him."Well, my dear Duke, now the deed is done. Raul's no longer a virgin but I can guarantee he's much better in bed than any boy I've ever had. He's blossomed into an amazing mix of masculinity and boyishness, at the same time submissive and assertive, bold and sweet, with a heavenly butt and one of the best trained male pussies I've ever found. The boy is a gem"."My dear Grossao, I have to thank you for all that. I have to confess that I'm not into virgin boys. With a huge dick like mine I'd rather have experienced guys like you who have been road-tested and can take the load. But now that you've honed this boy to perfection he has become a real gift. I must have him. I'm flying my own plane to Granada where I'll be in less than an hour".The boy is still asleep when the Duke comes in. As I help His Excellency off the exquisitely elegant clothes, I'm again dazzled by his huge, muscular body, the ivory white skin covered by a peach fuzz of soft hair. As he looks at the boy's plump buttocks, his whopper of a dick grows even bigger than I remembered. I lavish on it a good welcome slurp, which gives the giant cock an extra zip.I open the sleeping boy's gorgeous butt cheeks, revealing the red, swollen lips of his well-fucked asshole, and a white glob of my own thick cum plops out of the moist aperture. The Duke kneels between Raul's spread-out thighs and I place the gigantic head of his throbbing cock right on spot, resting its bulk on the tender borders of the boy's loose ring.As Raul breaths deeply in his dreams, his fuckhole contracts and expands, spreading its lips around the swollen glans poised at the entrance. I wish a great erotic artist, like the ancient Greeks, Picasso or Tom of Finland were here to immortalize the scene.Like Jupiter about to ravish Ganymede, the powerful male towers over the slender, voluptuous boy. The awesome phallus in all its glorious fullness is aimed at the youth's most secret alcove, where his innocence is about to be sacrificed to the god's lust.The Duke's colossal penis slides all the way in, as if sucked in by the boy's hungry male pussy. Raul wakes up with a sweet smile on his lips."Oh Grossao, that feels so good! You seem to be much bigger than before! Oh God, how I love to be filled by your giant dick..."The boy turns his head to look at the fucker and his jaw drops. For a moment he is speechless."The Duke! You're the Duke! How...?! Where's Grossao?""I'm here sweetheart. I told the Duke everything and he not only forgives you, but is also very happy to take you as a wonderful gift. Now you have to show him all you've learned about how to treat a really large dick!""Oh my God, Duke, how big is this thing? I can't believe I can take that much cock inside me and still enjoy it!"The Duke pulls out, slowly revealing, inch by inch, the awesome length and girth of his boyfucker. Raul's eyes bulge as more and more hard male meat exits from his stretched ring with no end in sight. Finally, the tremendous head pops out -- PLOP! -- and the Duke's full majesty is exposed, only to plunge back in with a splurge into the boy's shaken, enthralled body.I have seen Raul be fucked by Zulu and by Nonude Preteen Models myself and I marveled at the boy's friskiness and lewdness, the merge of both surrender and possessiveness in his lovemaking. But with the Duke he goes beyond that. Awakened by the big man's humongous male organ, a new Raul arises, like the goddess Aphrodite emerging from the sea.The same passion with which Raul, the soccer player, controls the ball and scores a goal, the fearlessness and gall of unbounded youth, the bottomless strength and indomitable spirit of a born champion, all the higher qualities of a superior athlete and sublime artist are there, in the way he turns his lover's giant penis into the new core of his own powerful body.It's the miracle of buttfucking in all its untrammeled triumph. Against nature, defying God, society and family, two males couple in their dauntless desire for each other, reinventing the human anatomy, rushing beyond shame and pain to reach a sexual bliss reserved only for the happy few.I leave the Duke and Raul to their earth-shattering betrothal in the certainty of having achieved my goal. The Duke owns one of Spains main soccer clubs, so I'm sure that he'll turn his new lover into the star of the team. I'm so happy for them both. But I have one last business to attend to before I can leave Spain with a sense of mission accomplished.4 I meet Zulu in his garden and tell him that the Duke has forgiven everything, that he and Raul have become lovers and that, though he has lost the boy, Zulu still has Father Luis."Go confess yourself to him, ask for forgivance, and everything will be all right".Zulu arranges to meet the priest at the confessional. I follow him from a distance, hidden in the shadows of the empty church. But I can hear every word echoing in the vast temple."Father, I have sinned. I betrayed your trust. You entrusted me with the care of young Raul but I succumbed to my desire for his beautiful body. Grossao saw us. Then he used the boy, too. But finally he told everything to the Duke, who forgave us and took the boy as his lover. All that is needed, now, is that you forgive me, dear Luis..."The narrow door to the confessional creaks out and a large white hand pulls the big African man in."How could you do this to me, my love? You know how crazy I am for your big black dick... How could you dip it in that little slut's ass? Did he give you as much pleasure as I do?""No, Luis, never. Oh God, how good it feels to have my dick back where it belongs! Oh my love your buttocks are truly divine!"The Nonude Preteen Models old wood box heaves and squeaks, shaken by their vigorous lovemaking. I get closer so I can hear better what they're saying in between grunts and moans."I'm so Nonude Preteen Models glad that you forgive me, Luis, I really am. I also forgive you for what you did with Grossao. I know you took his huge dick up your sweet butt, you bitch!""Oh my God, he told you? Yes, it's true. You know what a size queen I am, especially for black cocks. I couldn't let that one pass. Oh my Zulu, I'm so happy that you can forgive me. Now fuck my pussy, I'm making it tighter for you..."As I walk out of the church, the wood walls of the confessional crash down with a huge bang. All that buttfucking was too much for the centuries-old structure. But that doesn't stop Zulu from fucking Father Luis' ass, nor the priest from taking the African gardener's big dick up his hungry hole. I leave before they can see me, to celebrate that all's well that ends well.Jorge Alvarez grossao13hotmail.com
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