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Related article: Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 09:09:48 EDT From: INSILVA92aol.com Subject: A Boy Full Filled part three.A BOY FULL FILLED. Part three. As Adam looked up at Rob's face Rob noticed that the teen's face, neck and shoulders were flushed, his body was glistening with a fine coating of sweat, and his eyes were glazing over. The kid's going into a sexual trance Rob thought, good, he's turning into a right cock-slut just like we'd planned. Adam smiled weakly and his voice went up and down when he answered. "Oh yes! I want some more big cocks up my boypussy and down my throat, and I want to shoot more cum too." Rob smiled broadly at him. "Good boy Adam, I just knew you were enjoying yourself like we're enjoying having sex with you. I think Leroy wants to fuck your boypussy next and Frank wants to fuck your throat so let's get started." Tom noticed the spunk that was dripping from the teen's ravaged boypussy onto the floor. He quickly placed a basin strategically underneath the teen' s boypussy to catch the spunk and boy-juices mixture, scooping up what was already pooled on the floor and putting Preteen Model Sites it in the basin. After we've finished with the teen I'll refrigerate that, it will come in handy later, he thought to himself. At the same time Rob dropped the head-rest and the other men immediately resumed their onslaught of the teen's pliant young body; causing Adam to shiver with pleasure from the sensations their hands and mouths were causing. Adam tried to writhe about when Den and Jeff began sucking on his toes and lapping at his sensitive feet. He hadn't realised that foot-play would feel so sexy. Then someone bit his belly and started sucking and Adam realised that he was being given a love bite. Meanwhile Leroy knelt in front of the teen staring at the teen's beautifully rounded arsehole; then he pulled the teen's hairless, lily-white arse-cheeks wide apart, fully exposing the teen's pink pucker. It was puffy and it was almost closed, but there was still a trace of red inner flesh and spunk was still seeping out. Leroy licked his lips, he loved making teenage boys, especially white teenage boys, scream and squeal when he fucked their tight arseholes (he didn't call them boypussies, teenage boys' arseholes were better than pussies!) with his very thick 7 inch cock. Because the teen's mouth was stuffed with Frank's cock he knew he wouldn't get that reaction this time, but Leroy had hopes of luring the teen to his city centre apartment at a later date, then he'd really make him squeal! A few weeks ago Tom had supplied him with a cock-sleeve which made his 7 inch cock 10 inches long and even thicker than it already was. The sleeve's bulbous knob was hollow so Leroy could still shot his spunk into whichever arsehole he was fucking. He'd used it for fucking a couple of guys in their 30s, but he'd only fucked one Preteen Model Sites teenage boy with it so far. Last week, on Friday night in his local city centre Gay bar, Leroy had been introduced to a 16 year old, 5ft 6, dark haired, lily-white skinned, skinny Emo boy called Lance. Lance was shirtless and Leroy could see his ribs through his taut skin. Leroy liked very thin teenage Preteen Model Sites boys, especially white boys. Lance on his part was into being dominated and fucked by older men with big cocks, especially older black men with big thick black cocks. So of course they hit it off. They had a drink and Leroy played with his cock until it was hard and then he let Lance grope it. Lance's eyes had widened with surprise and pleasure when he felt how thick it was. So it was easy for Leroy to arrange for Lance to come to his penthouse apartment on Saturday at midday. Lance had arrived just before noon, and he already had an erection in anticipation of getting fucked by Leroy's very thick cock. They'd quickly stripped and Leroy briefly admired Lance's skinny, hairless, lily-white body, his erect bright red nipples which were small but long, and his shaved, tight, red ballbag which contained average sized balls; Lance's pubes were also shaved. Then Leroy took in Lance's rigid, twitching, pale, thin 4 ½ inch cock which had a bright-red, flared knob that was coated with precum. Lance's cock was standing straight up, hard against his firm, rounded little belly; his short tight foreskin was halfway down his knob. Lance had drooled when he saw Leroy's very thick, very hard, 7 inch cock; Leroy had already taken some Viagra. Leroy took Lance to the bathroom and cleaned the teen out. Then Leroy led Lance to the spare bedroom and generously lubed his arsehole before lying Lance on his back and tying his legs, spread wide apart, and arms to the headboard of the bed. Then he'd stuffed a couple of pillows under the teen's tight, hairless, round buttocks. Leroy attached the cock-sleeve to his Viagra enhanced erection, and without any preliminaries he'd rammed his sleeved cock right up Lance's tight little arsehole. Lance had screamed blue murder and begged for him to stop, but Leroy didn't care, the apartment was sound-proofed. Leroy gave piano lessons and soundproofing had been a condition of his lease. Stopping only for water and cigarettes, plugging Lance's arsehole with a large buttplug as they smoked or drank, he'd fucked Lance solidly from 1:00 p.m. until midnight; even occasionally punch-fucking him, which caused Lance to beg for more. Leroy couldn't remember how many times he'd cum, but Lance, even with no Viagra, had shot 7 healthy loads of watery boycum from his pale, thin, bright red flared knobbed 4 ½ inch cock. Lance's little cock had stayed hard all night and when he couldn't produce any more boycum his thin body shook with dry orgasms. At midnight an exhausted Leroy decided that he'd had enough. He yanked his cock from the teen's gaping arsehole pulling tortured red inner flesh out with it. After licking up some of his spunk that was seeping from the teen' s battered arsehole Leroy shoved a fairly large buttplug into Preteen Model Sites Lance's gaping arsehole. Leroy had to hold it in place for what seemed like ages until the teen's sphincter had finally clamped Preteen Model Sites down on it. Leroy licked the teen' s buttocks and balls clean and wiped the teen's dry boycum off his well used body with a flannel before he untied the near unconscious teen from the headboard and carried him into his own room. Leroy had woken with a raging hard-on at 9:00 a.m. He scooped the half asleep Lance into his arms and carried him into the bathroom and stood him in the shower. He'd bent Lance over, unceremoniously yanked the butt-plug from his arsehole, rammed his thick cock all the way home and then punch-fucked him, this time without the cock-sleeve. Some of Leroy's thick spunk from the night before had seeped from Lance's well used arsehole as Leroy's thick cock squelched in and out. Lance shot his load of watery boycum first, and his sphincter had spasmed wildly around Leroy's cock-shaft causing him to fill Lance's arsehole with another load of thick spunk. After they had cleaned up he gave Lance a hearty breakfast and Lance had made a date for Leroy to fuck him again in two weeks time, when, as Lance put it, his boypussy should have recovered enough to take another battering! Sorry about that, back to Adam. Leroy leaned in, and after lapping up some of the thick spunk escaping from the teen's arsehole and eating it; another delicacy he enjoyed, men's spunk eaten from a teenage boy's well fucked arsehole, Leroy poked his thick purple tongue into the teen's arsehole to loosen it up Preteen Model Sites again. The feel of Leroy's tongue on Adam's inner flesh caused him to shiver; and when Leroy began to tongue-fuck his boypussy Adam shuddered with pleasure. Meanwhile Frank was standing next to the teen's head slowly working his foreskin back and forth over the big, bulbous, precum slimed knob of his slimmish 9 inch cock. As soon as he saw Leroy start tongue-fucking the teen's boypussy Frank slapped the teen across the face a couple of times with Preteen Model Sites his hard cock and growled. "Open your mouth wide for me you dirty little cocksucker, I'm going to fuck your cum-whore's throat!" Adam gulped when he saw up close just how big Frank's bulbous red knob was, he was sure it would hurt his throat; but he opened his mouth wide anyway and began breathing through his nose. Frank fed the teen his cock until its tip was at the entrance to the teen's throat. Adam gulped again and Frank pushed, Adam half choked as the big knob eased into his throat and he gripped the handlebars tightly trying not to panic. Frank fed the teen his cock until his balls hit the teen's chin then he waited while the teen got used to his cock's size and length. Adam was amazed at how little pain he'd felt when the big bulbous knob first entered his throat and how sexy it was to feel Frank's 9 inch cock throbbing away inside his throat; he was getting into being throat-fucked. Frank's balls hovered over Adam's nostrils and every time he breathed in Adam savoured their sweaty, manly aroma. When Carl, who was busy pinching and squeezing the teen's erect little nipples, saw Frank bury his cock in the teen's throat he hissed at Leroy. "Leroy, Frank's cock's fully down the teen's throat, now you can fuck the little cum-slut's boypussy!" Leroy removed his tongue and gobbed into the teen's arsehole; then he stood up and placed his torpedo shaped knob against the teen's pucker and with one hard jab he fucked his very thick cock all the way up the teen's tight arsehole. Adam's eyes went wide and he tried to scream around Frank's cock. It had really hurt when Leroy's very thick cock had breeched the tender flesh of his sphincter. But as Leroy waited for him to get used to his cock the memory of the pain receded and Adam felt a delicious fullness as Leroy' s thick cock throbbed inside him. Frank started to fuck Adam's throat with long, slow strokes, pulling his cock clear of the teen's throat and then pushing it straight back in. Frank could clearly see the outline of his big bulbous knob going up and down the teen's throat, which always turned Frank on even more. Adam felt no pain as the bulbous knob continually exited and re-entered his throat and he began to flex his throat muscles around the thinnish shaft of the 9 inch cock. Adam could feel Leroy's very thick cock throbbing and jerking inside his boypussy and he couldn't wait for Leroy to begin fucking his boypussy. Adam jumped, a mouth began to chew on one of his stiff little nipples while a big hand squeezed and pinched the other, it was obviously the same person because they alternated from one nipple to the other. Adam had an inkling from Preteen Model Sites the size of the fingers and the rough way that his tormentor was treating his nipples that it was Jeff. (He was right.) Adam flinched again as Leroy started to fuck his boypussy with long steady strokes. Then Adam tried to moan around Frank's cock, someone had started to suck his rigid, jerking cock while fondling and squeezing his man sized balls. He was in heaven. Frank could tell that the teen had lost it, that he was lost in a sexual frenzy, so he ripped his mask off. He didn't like wearing it and the teen was obviously so into being gang-banged he wouldn't be complaining to anybody. When Carl, Den and Yannick saw Frank remove his mask they did the same; all of them found the masks uncomfortable. It was Rob who was sucking the teen's cock and squeezing and fondling his big balls. And when Tom saw Rob bend over to suck the teen's cock he couldn' t resist ramming his thick 8 inch cock all the way home up Rob's cleaned and lubed arsehole. All the men's arseholes were cleaned and lubed; you never knew what might happen at an orgy. All Rob did was grunt, he was used to it, at orgies like this when they were gang-banging a teen most of the other guys had their cocks up Rob's arsehole at some time or another. Rob loved having the other guys fuck his arsehole, the only thing he missed was having them shoot their spunk inside his arsehole; but all their spunk was fucked into the teen from one end or the other. As was his spunk too, so, if he felt that he was going to cum while one of the guys was fucking him they all knew if he slapped them on the arse they had to stop. It was no good having a control word, he could be sucking the teen's cock or tongue-fucking his boypussy when he needed them to stop fucking his arsehole! Frank and Leroy had been in this situation before and as soon as the teen was taking their cocks with comparative ease they did what they usually did. Frank would remove his cock from the teen's throat and Leroy would push his cock fully home up the teen's arsehole. Then as Frank pushed his cock back down the teen's throat Leroy would pull his cock out of the teen's arsehole until just his knob was left inside, then they'd reverse their actions. Adam loved it, a very thick 7 inch black cock fucking his boypussy while a thinner 9 inch cock fucked his throat. In his sex and drug induced semi-trance he couldn't understand why he'd panicked before, it felt incredible to be fucked from both ends. Rob was getting so turned on by what was unfolding that he slapped Tom's arse to tell him to stop fucking him or else he' d cum. Then Rob swallowed Adam's cock and worked his throat muscles on his knob while squeezing and pulling his big balls quite Preteen Model Sites hard. After a few minutes of this Adam's body stiffened, Rob pulled back and Adam's cock exploded in his mouth, flooding it with sweet boycum which Rob greedily swallowed. All the time he was cumming Adam tried to groan around Frank's cock. The random spasming of the teen's sphincter quickly brought Leroy to the edge. He grabbed the teen's waist and forced his very thick cock as far up his arsehole as he could. Then, humping like a dog, he added his thick spunk to the ever growing pool inside the teen's arsehole. Frank was close too, he pulled back until just his bulbous knob was in the teen's mouth and with a couple of tosses of his cock-shaft he started to shoot his load. Adam began swallowing immediately he felt the first blast of Frank's load hit the roof of his mouth, but Frank shot so much thick spunk so quickly that Adam gagged, and once more spunk shot from his nose and trickled from his mouth. When the three of them finally finished cumming Tom suggested they took another break; the teen looked wanton, spunk was smeared around his mouth and on his lips, his hair was plastered to his head, from his shoulders to his hair his skin was bright red, his whole body was covered in a film of sweat and his half-closed eyes had totally glazed over. Frank removed his hard cock from the teen's mouth and knelt down; as the teen gasped for breath Frank licked the teen's face and lips clean and then he kissed him, quite tenderly, and then he stood up. As Leroy had eased his hard cock from the teen' s gaping arsehole Tom had inserted an anal speculum into the teen's boypussy, opening it until it was keeping the teen's boypussy wide open and his sphincter stretched ready for the next cock. Of course this allowed more spunk to drip into the basin below. Yannick bought another milky drink over and Rob raised the headrest and helped the teen drink it while Frank and Jeff massaged his legs again. All of the men had taken the opportunity to have a drink and they chatted about what they wanted do to the teen next. Adam was oblivious, half delirious, he couldn't really make out what they were saying; all he wanted was another cock up his boypussy and another cock down his throat. His boypussy felt funny, stretched wide by the speculum, but he liked the feeling. Then a mobile went off, and it took Adam several seconds to realise that it was his mobile; he stopped sipping to mumble. "My phone, in my bag." Rob ran and got it and showed it to Adam who told him to bring up his texts. "It's a text from my Mom, there's been an emergency at the hospital, she won't be home until late Sunday night. Can you text her OK for me?" Rob texted Adam's Mom then put the phone down after switching it off and continued to feed the teen, who seemed totally unconcerned by the text, the drink. All the men were so pleased to hear the message; they'd have more time to fuck the teen. Tom was especially pleased; the way things were going he was starting to worry what sort of state the teen would be in if he had to get him home for 9:00 a.m. the following morning. Now they could use and abuse the teen for an extra couple of hours and he'd have longer for his body to recover. The break over, Rob lowered the headrest and Leroy presented the teen with his hard cock to clean. While Adam eagerly worked on Leroy' s cock someone blew gently into his gaping boypussy, which was still dripping spunk and his body juices into the basin below. That felt weird but wonderful to Adam, and ripples of pleasure ran through his young body. Then the speculum was loosened and removed and without ceremony a big cock was thrust all the way up his boypussy. From the size of the knob when it passed through his well stretched sphincter and the cock's length Adam knew that it was Frank's cock; which had emptied a big load of thick, tasty spunk into his mouth only 10 minutes or so ago. Frank paused to let the teen get used to his cock and watched as Leroy removed his cock from the teen's mouth to allow Den to take his place. Den fed his very veiny, 7 inch cut cock, which was a little thicker than Rob's and had a large, pale-purple, mushroom shaped knob, into the teen's mouth and straight down his throat in one fluid movement. As the teen's throat was obviously used to cocks Den immediately began to fuck it with slow steady strokes; in till it could go no further and out into the teen's mouth. Den was a little surprised when the teen started milking his cock with his throat muscles. As soon as Frank saw Den start to fuck the teen's throat he started to fuck the teen's boypussy, marvelling at how very tight it still was. Tom watched the two men fucking the pliant young teen from both ends while idly playing with his erection. He looked at the teen's erect little nipples, they were red-raw and obviously sore so he bent over and began to slobber on them with his tongue. Rob had bent over and was chewing on the teen's big balls and Yannick couldn't resist his pert bubble-butt. He gobbed in his hand, smeared the saliva over his thick, 11 inch cock, grabbed Rob's hips and forced his cock straight up Rob's arsehole. He didn't stop until his huge balls banged against Rob's hairless buttocks. Yannick loved to fuck Rob's arsehole, even at 26 it was nice and tight and Rob milked cocks to perfection with his sphincter. Rob groaned loudly with pleasure, and started moaning as Yannick proceeded to steadily fuck him. Adam was on another planet, his mind was elsewhere as he enjoyed the way his body was being dominated and abused by the men. He almost felt like he was having a permanent orgasm, and his cock was dribbling precum like a leaky tap (faucet). After just a few minutes of Yannick ploughing his huge cock up and down his arsehole Rob had to slap his buttock to get him to stop before he orgasmed. When he took Viagra Rob always got worked up very quickly if Yannick fucked his arsehole with his huge cock. Den was so sexed-up and turned on that he'd only been fucking the teen's throat for a few minutes before he felt his orgasm building. He pulled his cock back into the teen's mouth who began to suck avidly on it while lapping at his knob. Den gave a loud groan and bucked his hips as his spunk exploded from his throbbing cock into the teen's mouth. Adam began to swallow the thick, salty spunk immediately and didn't loose a drop of Den's load; and he continued to suck on Den's cock after he finished cumming until Den regretfully pulled it out of his mouth. Frank was worked up too; the teen's sphincter was spasming around his cockshaft bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. As Adam got his breath back from the throat-fucking Frank plunged his 9 inch throbbing cock deep into the teen's boypussy and groaned loudly as jet after jet of thick spunk shot from his throbbing cock and splattered against the teen's boypussy walls. Fuck, Yannick's Viagra's good he thought. While Frank was still shooting his big load the teen moaned loudly and his stiff little cock jerked. Leroy noticed and took half the teen's cock in his mouth and was rewarded with a fair-sized load of watery boycum which he eagerly swallowed. The teen's sphincter spasmed uncontrollably around Frank's cock-shaft as he shot his load; and it milked a few more drops of spunk from Frank's still hard cock. Yannick lifted the headrest and fed the teen some more milky fluid; this contained proteins as well as the other ingredients. When the teen had finished drinking Yannick smiled down at him. "Are you OK Adam?" Adam nodded, he didn't speak; he wanted to rest his throat. Yannick stroked his cheek with his very thick 11 inch cock leaving a trial of precum. "Do you want to try and swallow my cock?" Adam's eyes widened like saucers and he gulped, Yannick interrupted him before he could answer. "Don't worry Adam, I'm not going to fuck your throat, I know my cock's too big for that. We just want to see how much of it you can take; we want to see if you can take as much of my cock as the other teens we've played with. Maybe you'll be able to take more; you're such a sexy boy and you learn quickly. You're one of sexiest, cleverest teens we've ever had sex with. Maybe you'll be the best, A STAR!" Rob had stopped chewing on the teen's big balls as he'd orgasmed and was now massaging the teen's quivering belly. He smiled at Adam encouragingly and added his words of encouragement. "Go on Adam please try, see how much of Yannick's cock you can take down your throat. Do it for me?" Adam knew he'd do anything for Rob and when he spoke his voice was a husky whisper. "OK Rob, I'll Preteen Model Sites try for you." "Good boy Adam, as soon as Carl's cock is in your boypussy Yannick will feed you his cock." Frank's stiff cock was still buried deep within the teen's boypussy and he was gently moving Carl's foreskin back and forth over Carl's flared knob as they frenched above the teen's abused body. When they heard Rob Frank yanked his 9 inch cock out of the teen's boypussy and Carl immediately, and easily, rammed his 8 inch cock all the way home and stopped. Adam just grunted when the thicker, central part of Carl's cock-shaft stretched his sphincter further open; and somewhere in the back of his mind he thought Christ I love to be fucked by these big thick cocks! Carl gently fondled the teen's big balls as he relished the feeling of the teen's sphincter spasming uncontrollably around his throbbing cock. God, what a hot tight arsehole the kid 's got he thought to himself. After a few seconds the teen's sphincter stopped spasming and Carl called out. "OK Yannick, Adam's ready!" Yannick dropped the headrest and rubbed his precum leaking, flared knob across the teen's lips. Adam immediately opened his mouth wide, licked his lips, and started breathing through his nose. Yannick pushed his throbbing, veiny cock into the teen's mouth until his wide flared knob touched the entrance to the teen's throat. Yannick was desperate to see how much of his thick 11 inch cock the teen could take. The most any teen had taken so far had been just under 10 inches and Yannick wanted to see the whole of his cock filling a teen's mouth and throat. I hope this kid's the one he thought. Adam gulped and tried to relax, he so wanted to please Rob and take all 11 inches of Yannick's thick cock down his throat. Yannick started to push forwards, everyone was watching and calling out words of encouragement; Rob was still massaging the teen's quivering belly and Tom and Jeff were massaging his buttocks. Adam gagged, Yannick pulled back slightly then pushed back. Adam gagged again, Yannick pulled back. Come on, Adam scolded himself, I can do this, I know I can; I want to show Rob what a good little cock-sucker I am. When Yannick pushed forwards for a third time his flared knob started to slide into the teen's throat. Yannick was ecstatic. "Good boy Adam, now I'm going to go real slow and we'll see how much of my cock you can swallow. If you need me to stop and withdraw my cock wave your hands about." Yannick was trembling with anticipation as he steadily pushed his precum leaking cock further and further into the teen's hot and wonderfully tight throat. The men watched as millimetre by millimetre Yannick's huge cock was disappearing from sight; they could actually see its forward progress as it expanded the teen's throat; what a turn-on. Adam's lithe young body was covered in beads of sweat, and he'd gone bright red all over apart from his knuckles which were deathly white, he was gripping the handlebars so tightly. Adam was determined not to stop Yannick feeding him his cock; it didn't hurt as such, it was just so uncomfortable and he was having trouble breathing. And then it happened! Yannick's big ball's hit his nose! He done it he 'd swallowed all 11 thick inches of Yannick's cock. Everyone cheered and applauded. Yannick could hardly believe his eyes as he stared down at the teen's face, he'd got no cock! It was buried deep within the teen's mouth and throat. Yannick couldn't quite believe the teen had swallowed all 11 inches, and he almost shot his load it was such a turn on; but he composed himself and shakily spoke. "Well done Adam, you're a real star; no other teenage boy has been able to take my whole cock before. Now relax and I'll withdraw it slowly." Slower than he'd fed his huge cock down the teen's throat Yannick started to withdraw it, watching its progress as the teen's throat closed behind his knob. When his cock finally exited the teen's throat Yannick quickly pulled it from his mouth. Adam coughed and spluttered gasping for breath; his jaws ached and he worked his mouth to relieve the pressure. But he didn't care about anything. He'd done it, he'd taken all 11 thick inches of Yannick 's huge cock in his mouth and down his throat; Rob would be so pleased! When the teen got his breath back Leroy handed Yannick a bottle of the milky fluid and he lifted the teen's head and helped him to drink it. It soothed Adam's throat, taking the soreness away. Adam felt Carl's thick, throbbing 8 inch cock jerking inside his boypussy and his own cock twitched in response and leaked precum; he wanted more sex, he wanted to be fucked again. Adam stopped drinking and looked up at Yannick; Adam seemed to have got a second wind, he seemed more alive, less trance-like, but his eyes were still glazed with lust. "Is Carl going to fuck my boypussy now? I want more spunk fucked into me, lots more; I want to shoot lots more times too!" Everybody laughed and Rob, still chuckling, answered him. "Yes Adam, Carl's going to fuck your boypussy and, if you open your mouth wide, I'm going to wank Yannick's cock so that he cums in your mouth." Adam's eyes widened. "Oooh, yes please, I want to taste Yannick's thick spunk now that I've had his huge cock down my throat. I did do well didn't I Rob?" "You did better than any of us expected Adam, you're a real star." He turned to Carl. "OK Carl you heard our boy, fuck his hot boypussy, hard!" Carl didn't need telling twice he was desperate to fuck the teen's hot, tight boypussy and he was soon fucking the teen at a furious pace. As Carl's cock ploughed up and down the teen's boypussy Rob took hold of Yannick's thick, veiny cock-shaft, squeezed and started to toss it, the copious amount of precum Yannick was producing being the perfect lubricant. Yannick threw his head back; Rob knew how to wank his cock so well. Then Yannick grunted as Jeff pushed one, then two, and finally three thick fingers into his arsehole and began to finger-fuck it. Adam was grunting as Carl's cock pounded against his sphincter while it noisily squelched up and down his boypussy. Tom looked into the basin; it was filling up nicely with spunk and boy juices. Rob had to remind the teen to open his mouth; and his grunts turned to gasps. Adam could hear the men around him talking dirty; egging Carl and Yannick on, it turned Adam on too. Yannick had been so turned on by the teen swallowing his entire cock that Rob's clever wanking and Jeff's hard finger-fucking soon had him near the edge, and he growled. "Get ready you dirty little cum-whore, I'm going to fill your cock swallowing mouth with my spunk!" Rob aimed Yannick's throbbing, 11 inch cock so that the cock-slit was just inside the teen's gaping mouth and wanked it harder. It pulsed in his hand and Rob watched as rope after rope of thick spunk shot into the teen's mouth. Adam started swallowing Yannick's thick spunk immediately, savouring its strong salty taste. He didn't think he'd manage to swallow it all as Yannick kept firing rope Preteen Model Sites after rope into his mouth, but somehow he did. Yannick must have shot about 10 long ropes of thick spunk before the last of his load bubbled from his cock-slit and dribbled over his knob. He pushed his knob back into the teen's mouth who immediately attacked it with his tongue while sucking hard. Jeff yanked his fingers from Yannick's arsehole and offered them to Rob who eagerly took them into his mouth and sucked on them. Carl slowed down and started to punch-fuck the teen's hot boypussy causing the teen to gasp "OH! .... OH!" every time Carl forced his cock back into the teen's boypussy. Adam's prostate was receiving a real pounding from Carl' s thick 8 inch cock and Adam knew he'd be cumming soon; he clutched the handlebars tightly and breathlessly gasped. "I'm gonna shoot!" Frank quickly dropped his mouth over the teen's jerking cock and greedily swallowed the watery boycum as it exploded from the teen's cock. The teen was shooting another big load from his man-sized balls, and if Frank remembered correctly it was his seventh load so far. I just love the taste of boycum, Frank thought to himself, I'd love to get the kid alone and suck his balls dry and keep on sucking until he begs me to stop because his little cock 's too sore. As he orgasmed Adam's sphincter was spasming uncontrollably around Carl's cock bringing him closer and closer to orgasm, and making it near impossible for Carl to punch-fuck the teen's boypussy. So Carl buried his throbbing cock as far as he could inside the teen's compliant boypussy. He shuddered and cried out. "There you go you dirty little cock-sucker, I'm gonna fill your boypussy with my big load of spunk!" Adam groaned with pleasure when he felt Carl's cock expand, jerk, and start shooting spunk that splattered against his boypussy walls; his own still hard cock jerking in Frank's still sucking mouth every time Carl's cock shot another rope of spunk. Adam's whole body was so sensitive that any touch anywhere made him shudder with pleasure. And so it continued; in varying partnerships the eight men double-fucked the teen, and someone ate his boycum whenever he orgasmed. However after he shot his eleventh load of watery boycum the teen's balls were finally drained. After that the teen had intense dry-orgasms, but he didn't know he wasn't shooting boycum and vaguely wondered why no one sucked his cock any more when he orgasmed until it dawned on him that he was dry-orgasming. They had several breaks, always massaging the teen's legs and feeding him more of the milky liquid. During the breaks they also kept his arsehole stretched open with the speculum. By the time Tom decided the teen had almost had enough his hair was plastered to his head, his body was drenched with sweat, his eyes were glazed over and half closed. His belly, inner thighs and buttocks were covered in love-bites. The teen was half-comatose and he was moaning incoherently whenever his mouth was empty. Spunk was dribbling continuously from his battered boypussy and the basin beneath held nearly a pint of his body juices and the men's thick spunk. For the teen's last double-fuck of the session they had decided earlier that Yannick would fuck the teen's boypussy and Frank would fuck his throat. Firstly Frank slowly pushed his 9 inch cock into the teen's mouth and straight down his throat; his big bulbous knob easily entering the teen's well used throat. Then Yannick rammed his thick, 11 inch cock straight up the teen's boypussy until Yannick's big balls slapped against the teen's hairless, lily-white, love-bite covered buttocks. This caused the teen to moan loudly around Frank's cock. As they waited for the teen to get used to their cocks they got Tom to release the sling so that it would move. Yannick pushed right into the teen so that his thighs were tight against the teen's rounded buttocks. Frank backed up until just his bulbous knob was in the teen's mouth, then he took hold of the teen's shoulders and started to swing him back and forth on their cocks without his knob ever leaving the teen's mouth. The teen's boypussy was masturbating Yannick's huge cock as he stood immobile. 20 inches of stiff, thick cock was steadily fucking in and out of the teen's abused body. Rob was sucking the teen's big balls and Tom was alternately sucking his toes and licking his feet. Carl was knelt down tonguing Yannick's sweaty arsehole, while Jeff was knelt behind Carl fucking his arsehole. Den was chewing on Frank's nipples while Leroy finger-fucked his arsehole with 4 fingers. Adam was semi-conscious; he was in a world where his body was one big cock. He hadn't truly known who was doing what to him for a couple of hours now, all he knew was that he was having intense orgasms as big cocks fucked him from both ends; filling his belly and boypussy with enormous loads of thick spunk. But this double-fuck was different, he'd quickly realised it was Frank's 9 inch cock down his throat and Yannick's 11 inch monster his boypussy was masturbating. The sensations the 2 huge cocks were giving him were the best yet. Although Yannick and Frank had cum several times already the way the teen's body was masturbating their cocks was bringing them closer and closer to orgasm. Then Adam went into the throes of another intense dry-orgasm, his sphincter spasming uncontrollably around Yannick's huge cock. Yannick swore, pulled the teen's abused boypussy fully back onto his cock, threw his head back and began to shoot another big load of spunk into the teen's boypussy. Frank pulled back until his big bulbous knob was in the teen' s mouth and with a couple of strokes of his cock he started to shoot his own load of thick spunk into the pliant teen's mouth. The teen started swallowing Frank's load immediately and never spilled a drop. When they'd come down from their sexual highs Frank eased his cock from the teen's mouth who spluttered and gasped for air. Yannick slowly pulled his cock from the teen's well used boypussy bringing bright-red inner flesh into view. Immediately afterwards the teen's belly contracted and a large dollop of spunk shot out and splashed into the basin bellow. Tom quickly inserted the speculum into the teen's boypussy, and while Rob massaged the teen' s convulsing belly his ravaged body rejected three more dollops of spunk and body juices which plopped into the basin. Leroy looked at the teen's gaping arsehole and licked his lips. He could see that the teen's pink pucker was puffy and distended and a lot of the teen's bright-red inner flesh was exposed and covered with spunk. Christ I'd love to get my tongue in there, he thought. Adam was totally satiated and exhausted and almost asleep as his legs were un-strapped and lowered down and massaged. After a few more minutes they un-strapped his small sweaty body while Tom removed the speculum replacing it with a small buttplug. Even though the teen's boypussy had been fucked so many times his sphincter quickly closed around the buttplug's shaft, but his pink pucker was still puffy and proud. While they'd been releasing the teen from his bonds the men chatted, and they all agreed that he was the best teen they'd ever gang-banged and they couldn't wait to have another orgy with him as the centre-piece. Yannick had worked out that each of them had fucked and cum inside the teen's throat/mouth and boypussy at least twice each, and that the teen had orgasmed eleven times and dry-orgasmed at least seven more times. Tom emptied the basin of the mixture of spunk and the teen's body juices into a plastic container and capped it, there was over a pint, and put it in the fridge. While the other guys started making out with each other, Yannick had supplied them and the teen with very strong Viagra, Tom scooped the teen up and threw him over his shoulder. He and Rob took the teen to the bathroom. While Rob ran a warm bath and added herbal oils Tom gently removed the buttplug and quickly sat the teen on the pan. Nature took over and the teen evacuated his bowels and then pissed for ages. When he'd finished Tom solicitously wiped the teen clean and then gently laid him in the bath; the teen was nearly asleep so Rob supported his head while he soaked. Tom left to go back to the orgy. After a long soak Rob helped Adam under the shower and supported him while they showered. With difficulty Rob dried himself and Adam off; because Adam was almost asleep Rob had to support him. Then Rob sat on the edge of the bath and bent Adam over his lap to check his arsehole; Adam's stiff little cock was poking into his thigh. Adam's pucker was not quite fully closed and still puffy, so Rob gently and lovingly applied a balm prepared by Yannick around, and very carefully, inside his arsehole. Almost asleep Adam moaned softly with pleasure. Then Rob sat Adam on his lap, his Viagra hard cock stiff against Adam's back, and he applied balm to Adam's still erect, sore, bright red nipples. Finally Rob eased Adam's foreskin back to reveal his knob which was also bright red and Preteen Model Sites angry looking, so he applied balm to that too. Adam came around a bit and sleepily murmured. "Are you going to fuck my boypussy again Rob and make me cum? I'd like that." Rob chuckled and ruffled Adam's Preteen Model Sites hair. "No Adam, you've had enough cock for one day, I'm going to put you to bed. " Adam stretched and yawned. "OK, I guess you're right, I am tired and there'll be another time won't there? I've really enjoyed today; I think, no, I know, I want to do it again." "Yes Adam, there'll be another time; we've told you you're the sexiest teenage boy we've ever had an orgy with." Rob gave Adam a sleeping tablet and some more of the milky liquid to take it with. Then he carried him to one of the guest bedrooms and gently laid him on the bed. Adam drowsily asked Rob to sleep with him. When Rob lay down beside him Adam spooned back into Rob and drifted off to sleep. Rob waited until the teen was snoring softly and evenly and then he extricated himself and went to Preteen Model Sites rejoin the others; he wanted Yannick to fuck him and shoot a load inside his arsehole at least. About three hours later Rob slipped back into bed beside Adam who was still dead to the world. Rob was very pleased, he'd been well fucked by Leroy, Frank and finally Yannick and their 3 loads of spunk were sloshing around in his buttplugged arsehole. And he'd fucked a load of spunk into Carl and one into Tom; it had been the strongest Viagra they'd ever taken. Although Adam was fast asleep he spooned back into Rob; Rob put an arm around the teen and felt his cock, it was still stiff. Very carefully Rob pushed the teen onto his back and edged down the bed. He engulfed Adam's beautiful 5 inch cock with his mouth and started to suck him off while gently running his fingers over the teen's puffy pucker. Adam never woke up, but within a few minutes he shot one rope of watery boycum into Rob's mouth which he swallowed, and Rob lapped up the rest of the boycum that dribbled from Adam's cock. Fully satiated Rob moved back up the bed and rolled Adam onto his side, and then he pulled the teen to him and laid his half-hard cock against the teen's sweaty arse-crack. Rob was soon in as deep a sleep as Adam. End of part three. Any comments to INSILVA92aol.com
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