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Related article: Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 11:09:00 -0800 From: simonne danielle Subject: "A BOY Can Dream ? Can't SHE? - Part 1" - TG/TV"A BOY Can Dream ... Can't SHE? - Part 1"By: Simonne DanielleCopyright 2006All Rights Reservedsimonnedanielle1204hotmail.comFRIDAY AFTERNOON"Dale, you're home just in time. I hope you're not busy tonight?" Mom greeted me as I arrived home from school on a Friday afternoon. "Auntie Evie phoned a few minutes ago. She needs you to baby sit Patti tonight. Laurie has a date and there's nobody else available. I sure hope you won't let them down."'Let them down?' Are you nuts?' I thought. 'Not a chance! I'd sooner cut off my right arm than pass up a chance to baby sit Patti!'Just so you know, Auntie Evie isn't really my aunt and her seventeen year old daughter, Laurie, isn't really my cousin. Auntie Evie and Mom have been best friends since childhood and have always lived near each other. They were inseparable.Auntie Evie and Laurie would be gone until the wee hours if they held true-to-form. Any chance to be alone in their house was the stuff my dreams were made of! I'd have their whole house, and their gorgeous wardrobes, to indulge in my favorite obsession - - an obsession which had both haunted me and given me hours and hours of exquisite pleasure since I was ten years old.I had never turned down the chance to baby sit Patti and indulge myself during the several hours I would have their house to myself."No problem, Mom," I said, "always happy to help out and earn a few extra bucks."Little did any of them know that I'd gladly baby sit for nothing!By the time I was ten years old I was as precocious and curious as could be. My sister, Elizabeth, then age twelve, was just as precocious. She dressed sexy, she acted sexy, she started dating when she was thirteen! I know she's had sex with a lot of guys. I've overheard her and Mom talking about it!Mom did nothing to dampen our spirits. She even gave Sis advice on the best way to seduce and manipulate boys. Heck, they both practiced all their seductive moves on me. Sis was, without doubt, the sexiest girl I knew. Except for Mom! Of course, Mom was only sixteen when Sis was born and had always tried to be more her sister than her mother.Maybe it was the way they went ga-ga over their clothes, or seeing the pleasure they got from doing all the feminine things girls do, or the excitement of watching them trying on one outfit after another, or the hours of fun they had experimenting with their make-up and their hair. I knew one thing for certain - - their sexy clothes and the way they flaunted them turned me on!I was a walking boner just watching them running around the house in their skimpy undies. Maybe, I guess, I sorta felt left out. Whatever! Something sparked my curiosity and made me even more determined to discover what this girly stuff was all about. One day when they were out on yet another shopping spree I was irresistibly drawn to Sis' bedroom. My ten year old mind was determined to see, up close and personal, just what it was about those delicious clothes that excited them so much.The incredible feeling that came over me the first time I slipped on a pair of Sis' nylon and lace panties was indescribable! The way the silky nylon caressed my hips, my butt, and especially my ten-year old cock, made my knees weak and my head swoon. As that first silky full slip floated over my torso and I felt its gentle touch against my skin I knew I was addicted! Since that day fantasies of transforming myself into a mirror image of my sister, and later on my mother, were the basis of each and every one of my dreams.I spent the next six years playing dress-up in private, teaching myself hair style and make-up techniques, and practicing the feminine gestures I scrupulously observed in every girl I came in contact with. I probably could have earned a Ph.D. in Girldom! I devoured the dozen or so fashion magazines which were delivered by the mailman each month. I was consumed! It was all I wanted to do! I avoided my friends and most after-school activities just so I could rush home and take advantage of the two or three hours before Mom and Sis came home from shopping or whatever else girls did.If I had devoted as much time to my studies, I could have gotten into M.I.T. at age thirteen! Without ever giving up the precious secret I held inside, I did everything humanly possible to show Mom and Sis just how much I was interested in everything that interested them, and just how much I wanted to be included. It didn't work. They tolerated my pestering but went about their routine - - seemingly oblivious to the constant hints I dropped. It was truly frustrating!The funny thing is they never found out what I was up to. For six years I went undetected. As good as I was at applying cosmetics and styling my hair, I was even better at un-doing my artistry. Cold Cream was my best friend. I learned really quick. It easily removed all traces of my make-up and, as a bonus, it kept my face clean and blemish-free! Nail polish remover and Q-tips got rid of any tell-tale signs of the gallons of nail polish it took to perfect my skill as a manicurist. I could erase cum stains, and there were lots of cum stains, from a pair of panties in minutes. A thorough hand wash in Ivory Snow, throw them in the dryer, and they were back where they belonged in no time!I became more addicted than ever to the luxurious collection of satin, silk, lace, and everything else in their treasured wardrobes! And their shoes! Ohmigawd! Their shoes! The higher the heel, the more addicted I became! Not only was wearing their sexy and silky lingerie, dresses, skirts, and tops the single most sensual experience I could ever imagine, it transported me to that very special place where I was able to find a state of peace and comfort I could never seem to find anywhere else.Because they were constantly out doing their girly thing I had plenty of opportunities to indulge myself. You'd think I would have felt guilty or ashamed, if for no other reason than I was sneaking behind their backs, making use of all their things without permission. But I felt none of those things. After all, Mom and Sis were always borrowing each others things without asking. Why shouldn't I? Sis was always borrowing things from my closet without asking. Fair's fair!~ - ~ -When they were sixteen both Mom and Auntie Evie had married their respective husbands. David Babcock and John Golick came from two of the wealthiest families in the State. Both were much older and were notorious womanizers. They had courted Virginia and Evie with the sole intention of making them their Trophy Wives. Six months later Mom gave birth to my sister, Elizabeth, and I was born two years after that.Likewise, Auntie Evie gave birth to Laurie less than nine months after her marriage. Can you say "Shotgun Weddings"? Mom had dumped the Old Man when Sis and I were seven and five years old. Auntie Evie's marriage had lasted longer. Nevertheless, she had thrown the bum out when she was pregnant with Patti after catching him with another girl. It was only natural for Sis and me to call to her 'Auntie Evie'. And, like our mothers, we four kids were inseparable.Mom and Auntie Evie had done very well in their respective divorce settlements ... very well, indeed! Thanks to a very generous Divorce Court Judge and a prenuptial, Mom had been awarded our opulent home, set on three acres of lush lawn and manicured gardens, and surrounded by twelve foot hedges. Our eight bedroom, eight bathroom house was way too large for the three of us. But, there was no way Mom was ever gonna give that philandering asshole of an ex-husband the satisfaction of seeing her live in anything smaller.In addition, she was awarded half of his internationally renowned cosmetic and pharmaceutical conglomerate. She had more than enough money to last ten lifetimes - - more than enough to insure she'd never have to work.Work? ... Hell, she didn't even have to get out of bed in the morning! She never scheduled her personal trainer before noon!Auntie Evie's divorce settlement was just as huge, if not huger, then Mom's. Our estates were right across the street from each other. Of course, 'across the street' is a relative term. By the time you negotiated our quarter-mile long, gently curving driveway, walked Free Preteen Pics across the wide country road and up Auntie Evie's equally long driveway, it wound up being a five minute hike - - ten minutes in high heels!The town where we live, population 1,100, is one of those off-the-beaten-path places, protected from outsiders by the surrounding forests and the fact that the only way in or out of town is a two-lane road. It was wealthy enough to have its own police department and a public school which combined elementary, junior high, and senior high grades.I had babysat ten-year old Patti for the past few years on numerous occasions when none of the regular sitters in the neighborhood were available. From the get-go I took the liberty of investigating Auntie Evie's and Laurie's closets.In a heartbeat I was just as addicted to their always hip and trendy clothes as I was to my mother's and my sister's. Mom, Sis, Auntie Evie, and Laurie dressed and behaved in ways that enticed and intimidated men and made other women envious. It seemed like it was their whole reason to live!Short skirts, revealing tops, even full skirts with frothy petticoats, were the order of the day for all of them. The lingerie they wore was the finest French silk and lace money could buy. And, they never missed an opportunity to show it off! I sometimes thought they used me as a sounding board to gauge how men in general would react to their outfits and seductive moves. They were all incorrigible! Dressing and Free Preteen Pics undressing in front of me, calling me into their rooms to ask my opinion about an outfit, hairstyle, or make-up, and posing Free Preteen Pics in suggestive ways which always seemed to include unobstructed upskirt views! It was all I could do to keep from blurting out Free Preteen Pics how much I wanted to BE them!Auntie Evie, Laurie and their luscious wardrobes were quickly added to my repertoire of dreams.~ - ~ -FRIDAY EVENINGI walked across the street at precisely six forty-five pm, fifteen minutes earlier than instructed.`Ol' reliable! That's me. It's always good to build a sense of trust and confidence in one's employer,' I wickedly thought. 'Besides, if I get there a little early maybe I'll catch Auntie Evie getting dressed.'I loved watching her dress for a date as much as she seemed to love dressing in front of me - - innocently asking what I thought of her outfit, hairstyle, or make-up.Laurie had already left. At age seventeen and being just about the prettiest girl in town, she was on a date with one of her teenage studs. Auntie Evie was ready and on her way out.'Too bad! I shoulda got here a little earlier!'"Hi Dale," she greeted me in that sexy way she had, "Patti's had her bath and is sound asleep. There's food in the fridge. Help yourself," she said, as she prepared to head out.She looked hot! Besides being only thirty-four she was drop-dead gorgeous. She was just as precocious as she was good looking and dated several nights a week. To her credit, she never brought any of her dates home. If she was inclined, she went to her date's place and would straggle home well after midnight - - usually finding me sound asleep on the couch in the den with the TV still on. I always made sure to change and shower off my make-up, perfume, and the curls from my hair no later than eleven.Her relationship with Laurie, like Mom and Sis, was more like that of two sisters than mother and daughter. Okay, so maybe I was a little jealous! How could I not be jealous? I was the only boy and was surrounded by five girls!Auntie Evie was wearing a snug royal-blue rayon sheath with a hem that barely reached to the middle of her thighs. It looked like it had been spray-painted on her. I could even see the outline of those sexy, tell-tale ridges which told me she was, as usual, wearing a garter belt! Her oh-so-long and slender legs were encased in off-black silky nylons.Did I say she looked HOT!Her feet were adorned with a pair of her famous four-inch stiletto pumps, custom-covered with excess fabric from her hand-tailored dress. Her make-up and accessories were perfect, as they were at all times. I knew, instinctively, exactly which lingerie she would have selected. After all, she had never been shy about dressing in front of me and I was just as familiar with her wardrobe as she was ... wasn't I? Just looking at her caused me to hyper-ventilate! I hoped she wouldn't notice the bulge which was beginning to tent my running shorts! I couldn't wait for her to leave!I did notice she was wearing a new shade of lipstick - - a gleaming plum she hadn't worn before.'I hope she bought an extra tube ... Sure she did ... She always buys a spare.' I thought hopefully.I couldn't wait to see how that color looked Free Preteen Pics on me. When she kissed me good-bye she left my lips smeared with her Free Preteen Pics new color."Oooh, Dale! That color looks really scrumptious on you!" she teased. "You'd better get a tissue and wipe it off. Someone might get the wrong idea!" she said, giggling and waiving good-night.As soon as she was gone I looked in the mirror above the fireplace. There was enough color on my mouth to get my juices flowing! I was in no particular hurry to wipe it off. Knowing Auntie Evie's taste in cosmetics, her lipsticks were always the long-lasting variety. The color she had transferred to my lips would leave traces which would probably still be there tomorrow.'Good,' I thought, 'Nobody will be suspicious after I explain how she had simply kissed me good-bye. She just gave me carte-blanche to wear as much of her lipstick as I want tonight!'~ - ~ -I spent the next thirty minutes eating a sandwich with a glass of milk and making sure Patti was sleeping soundly. I didn't relish a repeat of the other night when Patti, half asleep, wandered into the den! I was dressed up in one of Laurie's short jumpers with a silky ruffle-front blouse and a pair of three-inch heels."Where's Dale?" She asked as she tried to rub the sleep from her eyes. Obviously she didn't recognize me!"He wasn't feeling well and went home." I answered. Thinking quickly, I added, "I'm Dawn. It's nice to meet you, Patti. You better get back into bed. It's late."She scampered back to her bedroom, seemingly unaware that anything was amiss.I was just killing time to make sure Auntie Evie didn't forget something and return unexpectedly. I had already bathed and shaved my legs and underarms. I did this daily, explaining to Mom and Sis that it helped me swim faster.The truth, of course, is that silky lingerie and nylon stockings feel unbelievably delicious against my freshly shaved body! They teased me about it in a good-natured sort of way and even suggested I moisturize with one of the dozens of sweetly-scented lotions they regularly used.I was used to a little teasing from my family and friends. At five-foot-two-inches tall and a hundred pounds I was 'that little kid' to my friends, the 'Oh, what an adorable little child' to shopkeepers and sales people, and more often than not, mistaken as my sister's identical twin! My voice hadn't even changed! Sis was eighteen years old, two years older than me. We both had our driver's licenses and our own cars. Mom gave us all the freedom in the world since we were both 'A' students.I was now in full girly-mode as I sashayed into Auntie Evie's boudoir, feeling like it was my own. Later I'd do my own little fashion show with Laurie's more hip outfits. But for the moment, I was dying to start with the seductively mature styles I knew I would find in Auntie Evie's closet.Completely naked, and with my cock squeezed tightly between my thighs to prevent an erection, I stood before Auntie Evie's twelve-drawer dresser. I knew precisely what delights each drawer held. I meticulously selected my lingerie.'Pink ... it just has to be pink tonight! Every girly-boy loves pink!' I thought, as my cock began struggling to free itself from the vice-like grip of my thighs.My satin lace-trimmed bra, my matching panties and my garter belt sent shivers up and down my spine as I held them to my face. I say MY because I had come to truly believe that all the wondrous intimates in both homes were MINE! The perfumed sachets that Auntie Evie had scattered throughout her dresser drawers infused all her delicates with the most intoxicating scent.I slipped on my skin-tight nylon bikini-cut panties first, imprisoning my cock-with-a-mind-of-its-own, and insuring that I presented a very smooth and feminine front. I secured my garter belt effortlessly. As experienced as I was there was no need to hook it in front and spin it around. I simply reached Free Preteen Pics behind and clasped the three hooks and eyes. I left my garters dangling on the outside of my panties. I know, I know ... any practical woman wears her garter belt underneath her panties. I simply love the routine of having to unclasp my nylons in order to lower my panties as I sit to pee and then re-clasping them when I've finished my business. Silly me!I donned my sexy C-cup bra, reaching behind my back to clasp the hooks and eyes with well-practiced and effortless movement. I rushed to Laurie's bedroom to retrieve the pair of silicone breast forms I knew she still kept stashed. She had bought them before her own gorgeous tits developed. Their weight, as I fitted them into the cups, made me wish I could have my own real breasts someday.'Did I really just wish for my own tits?'I studied my image in the mirror-covered sliding doors of the walk-in closet which ran the entire length of the thirty foot wall opposite her bed. I loved who I saw in the mirror but knew it was only going to get better. I sensuously stroked my cute satin-covered bubble-butt and almost shot my wad then and there. My bikinis, cutting across my half-exposed butt cheeks, would show a sexy panty line if I chose to wear a tight skirt.Lucky me!I found an unopened packet of ultra-sheer nude seamless nylons among the dozens of unopened packets. Auntie Evie never wore a pair of nylons more than once or twice and always stocked an endless supply. My legs were perfectly tanned from all the sun I soaked up while swimming. Nude hose would add a silky sheen and showcase my deep tan. I sat at Auntie Evie's vanity and carefully opened the cellophane packet. This was truly my favorite routine. I always savored the time it took to don my nylons.Naturally, I kept my nails neatly manicured - - always being sure there were no jagged edges which could cause a snag. Sure, my nails were a bit longer than any other sixteen year old boy's, maybe a quarter-inch beyond my fingertips. I adored the way my nails looked after I applied just the right shade of polish. A nightly manicure was part of my bedtime routine. I was quite expert at it.I gathered the first nylon stocking into a donut before slipping it over my daintily pointed toes. Last night, when I gave myself a pedicure, I had playfully applied two coats of high-gloss clear polish. Slowly, and with the greatest of care, I slid the nylon stocking over my foot, then my ankle, over my calf, and finally to my upper thigh. I meticulously insured that there was uniform tautness along the entire length. I delicately secured my garter tabs. I expertly adjusted the tension of the straps, one stretching straight along the front of my thigh and the other neatly aligned in back.As I ran my hands up my leg, smoothing imaginary wrinkles, I couldn't help thinking, 'Is there any more definitively feminine gesture?'I repeated the process with my other stocking and stood to look in the mirror ... again! I just love looking at my feminine image in every available mirror! A chill coursed down my spine as I realized that my garters, unrestrained by my panties, would surely show under a tight skirt.Sooo sexy!I walked across Auntie Evie's massive bedroom suite. The deep pile carpet felt sooo luxurious as my nylon-clad feet sank in. I slid one of the closet doors to the side. Inside the fifteen foot deep walk-in was a veritable treasure of the sexiest, most delectably feminine garments any girly-boy like me could wish for. And shoes! Dozens of pairs of shoes! Naturally, there were several pairs of flats and other styles designed for comfort. I had no interest in any Free Preteen Pics of those. I was drawn to Auntie Evie's famous collection of four, five, and six-inch stilettos. Open-toe pumps, pointy Italian pumps, conservative rounded-toe pumps, strappy sandals, espadrilles, backless slides, even some with platform soles to add height to her five-foot, three-inch frame - - over a hundred pair in every color of the rainbow! All of them at my beck and call!I looked at one pair after another, pretending to decide which to choose. Of course I knew exactly which pair I would choose. I just loved this typically feminine indecisiveness. The emerald-green patent-leather strappy sandals I selected would perfectly compliment the dress I planned to slip into before I put on my face and styled my hair. I gazed at myself, in an almost dream-like state, and was thrilled at the way the four-inch stiletto heels stretched my narrow calves to their limits and raised me to a more respectable height.I walked back to the dresser with the cutest affected wiggle. My heels sank at least an inch into the carpet and left the most adorable pointy depressions. I turned my head to look back over my shoulder into the mirror in that typically feminine manner. My perfectly shaped legs, encased in shimmering nylon stockings, held so tautly by the lace-trimmed elastic of my garters, and my panty-covered bubble butt left me breathless! I couldn't wait to see the finished product!The next decision facing me was whether to wear a full-slip or a half-slip and camisole. I pawed through the endless array of intimate dainties available to me. Everything felt so silky smooth as my hands flitted around, holding up one delectable garment after another. Leaving things exactly as I found them was of no concern to me. Auntie Evie was notoriously disorganized, as was her daughter. Goodness knows I had seen her in the throes of selecting her own lingerie enough times. She could never readily find anything she wanted and never folded her intimates in the precisely neat sort of way most women do.I found the hot-pink silky slip, a chemise actually, I was looking for. The lacey hem would fall to just the right length once the satin shoulder straps were adjusted properly. It would definitely cover the tops of my nylons but was short enough that the two-inches of French lace trim wouldn't show below the hem of my dress. It cascaded over my torso and floated to rest against my thighs. I knew I was right. The outline of my garters and a sexy panty line were clearly visible.Yummy!I returned to the closet to retrieve my dress du jour - - an exquisite emerald-green silk confection. The weightless confection almost floated out of my hand when I removed it from its padded satin hanger. I stepped into the dress and deftly reached behind to zip it up and secure the fabric-covered button at the neckline. It was so silky smooth there wasn't even enough friction to cause my chemise to bunch up. The softly pleated cap sleeves draped delicately over my shoulders. The scalloped sweetheart neckline dipped enticingly to show just a hint of French lace on the bodice of my slip.'Oh how I wish I could do this dress justice with some real cleavage of my own!' I mused.The dress was tight enough to emphasize the faux nipples imbedded into my silicone breast forms and to nip in my already slender twenty-two inch waist.'Damn, my hips look as full as any Free Preteen Pics of the girls I know!' I thought, as I wiggled my hips to and fro.The dress was so tight it looked like it had been spray-painted on my body - - just like Auntie Evie's! It did its job well. My garters and panty line were teasingly visible, just as I had envisioned they would be. What an incredible turn-on! As an added bonus, the skirt had a three-inch kick pleat - - enough to allow about an inch of lace on the hem of my chemise to peek out. I just loved the look!I demurely crossed my legs as I sat at the vanity. Make-up was another feminine skill I had honed to perfection. As I said, I constantly practiced at home whenever I was alone and I always seemed to find an excuse to be hanging around whenever Sis and Mom were doing their own make-up or hair. If they found that a curiosity they never said anything and seemingly tolerated my presence. I looked at the clock. Eight-thirty. I'd only been at it for an hour.'I have plenty of time. They won't be home until at least two in the morning ... maybe later.'I draped a silky rayon make-up cape around my neck and over my dress. In very little time I had moisturized, added a silky smooth foundation, and set it with translucent powder. Thank goodness Auntie Evie only used the finest cosmetics - - manufactured by Mom's company of course. So easily applied!I lined my eyelids with jet black, micro-thin liquid liner. I blended emerald-green and light tan shadow on my lids, and curled and coated my long lashes with a thick coat of velvety black mascara. I added a touch of pink blush to highlight my cheekbones and brushed on three thick coats of that delicious plum lipstick Auntie Evie had conveniently supplied. Oh yes! It was even plum flavored! I dabbed Chanel No. 5 perfume behind my ears, in my cleavage, behind my knees, on my wrists, and even the gusset of my panties - - all the right hot spots! I was ready to curl my hair.The curling iron was heated and ready to work its magic. I kept my naturally-straight, rich-brown locks at a respectable shoulder-length. My longish hair did nothing to reduce the teasing I was willing to endure just so I could style it in a variety of feminine ways. I constantly poured through all the fashion magazines Mom and Sis kept in the library - - i.e.: bathroom - - and tried new styles as soon as they appeared in print. I quickly curled my hair into a most feminine froth of soft curls which screamed GIRL! I applied two coats of quick-dry nail polish which matched my lipstick. Thanks again Auntie Evie! I added a diamond barrette to keep my hair off one side of my face. Dangly diamond drop earrings in my pierced ears, several rings, a diamond tennis bracelet on one wrist and a diamond Rolex on the other and I was good to go!~ - ~ -By now, I definitely needed a glass Free Preteen Pics of wine to calm me down from the intense excitement which was causing me to shake uncontrollably! I was gorgeous! If it weren't for my responsibility to care for Patti I would have been sorely tempted to get in my car and cruise some of the higher class lounges in the area. I knew I'd never be asked for I.D. I could pass anywhere as a twenty-four year old babe!I minced down the stairs, swaying my hips in the sexy manner I had worked so hard to cultivate. I headed for the wet bar to get my sedative. I took a generous sip of the ice-cold Chardonnay and marveled at the imprint my lipstick left on the rim of the crystal goblet. It made me feel so perfectly feminine. In fact, my life at the moment was as perfect as any of my dreams.The soft swish of my nylon-clad thighs as they rubbed together and the caress of my silky chemise as it slid seductively against my legs and butt was making me swoon. If my cock wasn't so tightly imprisoned, it would have surely exploded! I really needed to sit down on the couch in the den, watch a little television, and let this delicious wine calm me down. I had plenty of time to relax before I raided Laurie's closet.I slid daintily onto the butter-soft Italian leather couch, smoothing my skirt and simultaneously crossing my legs in one fluid movement. My second sip of wine took effect and I finally started to relax. I held my glass in that feminine way I had learned from Mom, Sis, and all the other girls who had unknowingly coached me. My other hand gently stroked and caressed my thigh and my nylon-clad knee. I loved tracing the outline of my garters under my dress! Now I truly knew what it felt like to be in heaven!I reached for the TV remote, intending to channel surf. Before I could punch the ON button Laurie's voice shook me to the core!~ - ~ -"Mom!" she squealed. "He looks even more adorable than I dreamed possible. If I didn't know better I'd say Elizabeth was sitting on our couch! Are Free Preteen Pics you sure it's really Dale?"'Oh god, they're home! No! No! No! I'm in such deep, deep do-do!' my inner voice screamed.Auntie Evie's voice brought me back to the moment."Oh yes, Laurie, it's definitely Dale! I've waited so long for this moment. I told you it was just a matter of time before we caught him! Our make-up was disappearing so fast! Smudges on our clothing! Those constant erections every time he saw us dressing or putting on make-up! All the classic signs of a boy who's really a wanna-be-girl!"Auntie Evie continued, "The clincher was when Patti said to me the other morning, 'Mommy, there was a girl here last night. She said her name was Dawn. I thought Dale was supposed to baby sit.'"She sounded so innocent. She really believed a girl had been here watching over her. I know Dale would never have allowed anyone into the house without asking me first. When I finally put two-and-two together I realized Dale was the girl Patti was talking about. You know we've always kidded around about how much Dale and Elizabeth look like twins. I told you if we gave him enough rope he'd hang himself ... so to speak. Our plan to catch him just like this worked out perfectly! He looks even better than any of us dreamed he would!""Oh Dale, you're gorgeous! Stand up so I can see all of you!" Laurie squealed. "Your make-up, your hair, your outfit ... everything is perfect! You did this all yourself! God, I'd be proud to be seen anywhere with you! Mom, I think I have a new best girlfriend!"My mouth was wide open in shock at this definitely unwanted and totally unexpected intrusion. I know my face was beet-red! I could see my reflection in the crystal goblet sitting on the coffee table."This can't be happening! ... You guys aren't supposed to be home for hours! ... I'm so sorry! ... I'm so embarrassed! ... You guys planned this whole thing? ... I can't believe it! ... What am I gonna say to Mom and Sis? ... You can't tell them! ... I don't know what else to say! ... Let me just go change and clean up, please! ..." I stammered as my incoherent babble trailed off."No need for that, Dale. Just stay there as you are. Relax! You look adorable! You certainly don't want to spoil such a perfect evening and miss out on all the other surprises we have planned! And, for heaven's sake, stop squealing! You'll wake Patti!" Auntie Evie said, as she began dialing the phone."W ... Who are you calling, Auntie Evie?" I asked with a tremor in my voice."That's not your concern right now, Dale! I guess I should call you Dawn. That is what you told Patti your name was the other night, isn't it? Just sit there and enjoy your wine! Better yet, go pour some for Laurie and me ... please. And while you're at it, pour another glass for yourself. You're gonna need it!"Even though Free Preteen Pics she was smiling warmly, it wasn't really a request.As I rose to do as she asked, I modestly held down the hem of my dress and swayed ... Did I really sway? ... toward the wet bar.It suddenly dawned on me ... 'Other surprises? What other surprises? What have I got myself into?'"Dale, your walk is sooo sexy! Swing those hips, baby!" Laurie teased.I could hear Auntie Evie speaking on the phone."Hi. It's me ... Yes ... Absolutely ... Everything went just as we planned ... He's shaking like a leaf ... He's so embarrassed ... I can't believe it! He's actually begging to change his clothes ... I told him, 'No way!' ... Yes, he looks adorable ... A carbon copy of Elizabeth ... You won't believe it! ... We're just waiting for you, but hurry up ... No, no, I'll give him another glass of wine to keep him calm ... Sure, hold on a sec ..."With that sweet, syrupy tone of voice she likes to use, she called out to me, "Oh Dale, umm ... I mean, Dawn, you're wanted on the phone."I took a huge gulp of wine for courage before I walked back into the den. I handed Auntie Evie and Laurie their wine. Even though the second glass of wine was beginning to calm my frazzled nerves, my hands were still shaking as I took the phone from her and hesitatingly spoke."H ... h ... hello?"It was Mom!"Dale, don't even think of changing your clothes! We're dying to see you! Your sister and I will be right there!"With an ear-shattering click, the phone went dead!I still had a death grip on the receiver as I slumped back onto the couch to await my fate. I did have enough presence of mind to smooth the back of my dress and modestly cross my legs. Even as embarrassed and humiliated as I was at that moment, I could feel my cock straining to become erect in my silky panties! I swear I could feel a squish as my butt settled into the soft Italian leather! Were all my dreams turning into an awful nightmare?To be continued ...Comments are always welcome and very much appreciated.simonnedanielle1204hotmail.com
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