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Related article: A Box of Rocks 2 Fic: A Box of Rocks IIA Box of Rocks Author: AphroditeFeedback: Yes, send to nsaphroditeyahoo.com Disclaimer: Inspired by true events, but again, fiction.Rating: R bordering NC-17- let's say NC-17 to play it safe.Summary: Jason is hurt by Kimberly Locke's malicious comments and David saves the day.Author's Notes: This story as well as my other stories are posted at Castrofics. Otherwise, enjoy the story here. For visual aid, please check out Jason Castro's Beautiful Slideshow and watch my new favorite Jason Castro's Vlog. The boy is so beautiful and adorable at the same time. Affiliates: Castrofics --a comprehensive Jason Castro fanfiction archive. I've locked the site to prevent spammers and protect the kiddies from the adult content so you'll have to register to view the stories, but I promise it'll be worth the extra mintue to sign up. Jason Castro's Myspacec -not really mine, but do visit and play his music so the big wigs in the music industry can see the light and realize that Jason Castro can sell albums and tickets.Jason Castro can sell albums and tickets. Jason Castro's YouTube --Jason's beautiful, but does he have a personality to go with the pretty face? Jason Castro's Official Site --pretty boy's official website is just as pretty as its muse. A Box of Rocks IIDavid grabbed the boy by the shoulders and shook him gently to wake him up from his deep slumber. It took David nearly three minutes to finally wake the sleeping beauty up. When Jason finally sat up in the bed, the boy rubbed the sleep from his eyes adoringly. David smiled affectionately, kissing the boy on the bridge of his nose before producing the package from behind his back. Jason smiled warmly as he took the box into his lap. He unwrapped the box, expecting to see some photo albums of his family, but frowned upon discovering the contents of the box. A damn box of fuckin' rocks and a letter addressed to Jason."Jason," From the magazine editor, John Wallace, "You are dumb as a box of rocks for turning down the offer to pose for our magazine. The only reason you are relevant is that you're pretty to look at. Take the beauty away, boy, and you're nothing more than a box of rocks." David could feel Jason trembling. He wrapped his arms around the boy's slimming waist and waited for the boy to crumble over. It didn't take long. "I am stupid as a box of rocks." Kimberly Locke was going to pay for her ignorant remark. David was certain of it. He had spent the last several days, researching her whereabouts, making the necessary contacts with his people and her people to arrange a meeting with the current American Idol and former American Idol so he could beat the living shit out of her for causing so much pain in his Jason's heart. One breezy afternoon, the boy appeared in the doorway while David was online. He leaned against the door frame, his fingers tugging at the belt loops of his jeans as he seduced David with his oceanic blue eyes."Take me." He breathed.David didn't need to know where. He was so whipped. He was panting as he grabbed the boy's hand and whisked him away in his car. They arrived at an office building in the heart of downtown several minutes later. Jason got out of the car, but didn't invite him with him so David figured he should stay in the car and wait. "Shouldn't be too long. `M only taking a few pictures." "Jason, you know you're more-""Than a box of rocks. I know. But John Wallace called, again, and apologized. He said he was going to include an interview where I can talk about my music so I agreed to the photoshoot." "You want me to come?" The boy shook his head. "It'll only be half an hour or so. I did the interview over the phone already." The boy explained and took off for building, the double doors swallowing him in. David sat, waiting patiently for Jason to return. While waiting, Preteen Loli Nude he continued to make his phone calls. Just because Jason was feeling better didn't mean the bitch was off the hook. He needed to teach her a lesson. Several phone calls later, David realized that it had been nearly two hours since Jason strutted his way into the building. He tried calling the boy's cell phone to no avail. He waited for another 5 minutes before barging into the building. He didn't know what floor the magazine was on, but after talking to the receptionist on the first floor, he found his way to the magazine's fifth floor. He threatened his way through the endless number of useless employees to stand before a pair of solid wood doors. He pushed open the door and his heart broke into pieces as his eyes lay upon the scene before him. Jason was stripped to his boxer-briefs, lying on his side, on a platform. His dreads covered part of his face as well as his chest. The assistant was behind him, massaging his genitals to achieve an erection. "He's ready, boss." The assistant announced. "Good. Prop up the guitar." David thought they would place the guitar over Jason's body. Sometimes in rare occasions, provocative photos could be a work of art, which in Jason's case shouldn't be that hard to accomplish because Jason was a work of art from the start. Jason whimpered aloud when the assistant shoved the guitar between his legs, right between his balls. When the guitar slipped out of place, the photographer snapped at his assistant. "What the hell are you doing?" "I did what you told me to do. I shove it between his balls." "I mean, take off his underwear and shove it between his balls. In fact, slide his balls through the strings of the guitar and prop his cock over the guitar." "On it, boss." The assistant was more than eager to perform the next task. He was behind Jason within seconds, tugging at the waistband of the boxers with the boy whimpering when David had enough of what he was seeing. He leaped over to the platform and shoved the assistant out of the way. He stripped off his leather jacket and placed it over the boy's nearly nude body. He gathered Jason in his arms and carried him out of the room, out of the building, and into his car. He locked the doors to his car and stormed back into the building. He kicked open the doors to the room and demanded the camera and all of the negatives.John Wallace just smiled, groping himself. David lost it. He charged at the photographer, knocking him to the ground, before kicking the Preteen Loli Nude man in the ribs. He found the camera and smashed the camera, ripping the film out. The assistant cowered at the corner of the room as David yelled at his boss. "You touch him, again, and I swear I'll kill you." "He was asking for it." John hollered out. "Always wearing those damn tight jeans." Now, John was asking for it. David turned around and landed one more kick, this time to the balls. "I don't think you heard me correctly. One more time, if you touch him, again, I will kill you." David threatened and left.When he returned to Jason in the car, the boy was mumbling something to himself. David leaned in closer to listen and his heart broke, again, for the second time that day. "I'm so stupid. She's right. I am dumb as a box of rocks." And that was it. David Cook was going to kill Kimberly Locke. So, David's people finally convinced Kimberly's people to arrange a meeting between her and a couple of current American Idols or to be more accurate a Preteen Loli Nude couple from this current American Idol season. She was already on the red carpet for the movie premiere, giving interviews left and right, when David ambushed the crowd and backhanded the bitch so hard her lips bled. He wanted to take her by her hair and slam that ugly face of hers a couple of times onto the pavement, but with the cameras flashing and the look of horror on her face, David was satisfied enough with his actions. David Cook had never hit a girl before until now, but he made an exception. That Kimberly Locke bitch Preteen Loli Nude hoe deserved what was coming to her. Jason didn't talk to him for the rest of the ride back to their place. In fact, the boy didn't talk to him at all for the next several days and David was starting to think that maybe his actions were too irrational. Like Jason, David acted with his heart. Unlike Jason, David's actions weren't always all peace and love. As he slept alone night after night, his mind would wander back to the most beautiful boy in the world, sleeping in the next room, yet it felt like Jason was a world away. He couldn't handle missing Jason another day. He had to do something to win back the boy's heart and this time it couldn't involve slapping a hoe in the face even if she deserved it. When the first check arrived for the tour, David slipped into Jason's room. He saw the boy sleeping peacefully, tucked underneath a blanket full of daisies and remembered fondly the happy, laid-back, calm, always smiling, always loving life Jason Castro. He wanted that boy back. He needed to get that boy back. He took a stroll down the strip and an idea struck him on his way back home. He smiled, walked into the shop, and returned home with a gift for his precious lover- a box of rocks."Open it up." David urged the boy.Jason, still looking miserable, pouted (not the so cute and adorable pout, but the sad and depressing pout). "If it's another box of rocks, I don't want it." Jason mumbled. "Just open it," David encouraged the boy, edging closer to him. Jason, sighing deeply, reluctantly unwrapped the box to find another box inside. The box inside revealed two more smaller boxes, and when Jason opened the smallest box, his oceanic blue eyes sparkled. They sparkled with diamonds."They are correct. You're like a box of rocks." David said, smiling. "A box of diamonds that is." Jason didn't know what to say. Tears welled up in those stormy blue eyes. "I wanted to wait for a special occasion to give you this gift, but your birthday passed already and Christmas is too far. Then I got to thinking that everyday is a special occasion for me because I get to spend it with you." David professed. "You are just as beautiful as these rocks in this box. I didn't know what to get you...a ring? A bracelet? A necklace? So I got you a box of rocks that reflect who you are. And then we can go to the jeweler and make them into whatever you want. I just wanted you to know that they are right about you being like a box of rocks. A box of diamonds that is. Jason, you are the diamond in the sky. Jason, you are-" Before David could utter another word, he was silenced by a kiss. "Thank you. I like your analogy of a box of rocks more." And the boy smiled, the same smile that took David's breath away the first day he met him. That night, they made love and Jason didn't have to fake an orgasm. Life was good, again, according to David. Author's Notes: Okay. The End. So let's have a discussion, shall we? So, I got an email from a reader who warned me about my representation of Kimberly Locke in this story. Truth be told, I've never heard any of her music before because until this past season I had never seen one episode of AI and after her igorant comment about Jason being a pretty boy who was dumb as a box of rocks, I'd doubt I'll be standing in line to check out any new material by her. Sorry, folks, it ain't going to happen. She should take some notes from this pretty boy. He has never uttered a bad word about anyone. He's all about the music, cute puppies, yellow daisies, and helping those in need. What an amazing and gifted young musician. The fact that he's so fuckin' beautiful is just the cherry on top.
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