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Related article: A Box of Rocks Fic: A Box of Rocks I A Box of Rocks Author: Aphrodite Feedback: Yes, send to nsaphroditeyahoo.com Disclaimer: Inspired by true events, but again, fiction. Rating: R bordering NC-17- let's say NC-17 to play it safe. Summary: Jason is hurt by Kimberly Locke's malicious comments and David Loli Preteen Porn saves the day. Author's Notes: This story as well as my other stories are posted at Castrofics. Otherwise, enjoy the story here. For visual aid, please check out Jason Castro's Beautiful Slideshow and see Jason in his bathrobe here. Affiliates: Castrofics --a comprehensive Jason Castro fanfiction archive. Castrofics officially has forum, so stop by and check out the forum while you read old favorites and discovery new gems. Jason Castro's Myspacec -not really mine, but do visit and play his music so the big wigs in the music industry can see the light and realize that Jason Castro can sell albums and tickets.Jason Castro can sell albums and tickets. Jason Castro's YouTube --Jason's beautiful, but does he have a personality to go with the pretty face? Jason Castro's Official Site --pretty boy's official website is just as pretty as its muse. A Box of Rocks I David Cook had never hit a girl before until now. If he said he didn't know what possessed him to rush through the crowd to bitch-slap that fuckin' hoe, he would be lying. He knew every reason to justify that backhanded slap and damn it felt good to hear the sound of skin to skin contact. He walked away from the shocked crowd with a smug grin on his face as cameras flashed from every which direction. That Kimberly Locke bitch hoe deserved what was coming to her. As he climbed into the backseat of the black Cadillac, he was met with a pair of stormy blue eyes. It looked like he was staring into a turbulent sea. And as with everything the boy does, the tears flowed effortlessly down well defined cheekbones and disappeared beneath his jaw. "I'm sorry, I thought-" David began to apologize, reaching his hand forward to touch the boy's face. The boy everyone described as angelic turned his face away. "That was unnecessary. That was wrong what you did over there in front of all those people no less." "Jason, I'm sorry. I thought I was defending you. Some people might Loli Preteen Porn even call it chivalrous." "I don't need you to defend me, to always protect me. I can take care of myself just fine." "She deserved it." David mumbled lowly. "She's an arrogant, malicious bitch. She should be glad she's a girl otherwise I'd beat the shit out of her." "You should've just let it be. This is not the first time this has happened and this is certainly not the last time. I've learned a long time ago to just forgive and forget and you should, too." David sighed deeply. Jason was right. He wished he could be more like his boyfriend. The boy was always content with life, enjoying everything life had to offer. His heart was full of so much love; there wasn't an ounce of hate in there. He was always calm and relaxed. Nothing could put a damper in his spirits and Jason was always, always forgiving. He believed there was good in everyone and that everyone included the bitch named Kimberly Locke. As usual with his daily routine, David Loli Preteen Porn was on the internet perusing the various sites, reading up on the news as much as he could about everything that was going on in the world including the never-ending news of everything Idol when the spiteful interview popped up on the screen. His eyes darkened in rage when he read the interview in which the bitch all so kindly responded to the interviewer's bewilderment that Jason got as far as he did in the competition. "He's cute; that's all. He looks good in a pair of jeans--you gotta give it to him. But he was as dumb as a box of rocks." She said. David could picture the dumb broad laughing as she said this and he tightened his fists automatically. A door creaked open and footsteps stopped behind David. Before he could turn off the computer, Jason was behind him. Jason didn't need to say anything. David could tell just by looking at the boy that he was upset. Jason was the type of the person who wore his heart on his sleeve. "Are you okay, baby?" David rubbed the boy's hand comfortingly. "A box of rocks. She doesn't even know me." Jason murmured before turning away to leave the room. The door creaked closed. David had stopped fantasizing strangling Kimberly Locke for a day or two until one day while they were out shopping, Jason stopped by a homeless man and handed him all the loose bills in his wallet. The homeless man with much pride offered Jason a box of rocks in exchange for his money. Jason just stood there for several minutes, unmoved and holding his breath, as he stared at the box of dirty rocks. It wasn't until David had grabbed the boy and pulled him into the alley that the boy breathed, again. "You okay, babe?" David asked, concern evident in his voice. Jason just nodded. "You're lying." David called him out. "You're not okay. Want to talk about it?" "No." The boy whispered. "I'm sorry I ruined our day out. I'm just being too sensitive." And then the boy plastered a wide smile on his face and led David out of the alley. David decided not to press further. The fantasy to smother Kimberly Locke returned with a vengeance. Jason Castro of all people in this vast world should never have a tear in his eyes. The boy beamed of love and joy, loved daisies and cute puppies. Of all people in this world, Jason should not be unhappy. David was researching where the hell this Kimberly Locke bitch was so that he could give her a flogging that she'd never forget when Jason strolled into the room. David turned off the computer quickly before the boy settled on the foot of the bed. David twirled around in his chair to face the boy. "How was the meeting?" David asked. Jason shrugged his shoulders. "Any label talks?" "No." Jason sounded defeated. "There was a magazine editor who happened to be a photographer that wanted to take pictures of me." "Oh. I guess that's good." "I turned him down." Jason said. "He didn't want any interviews, just pictures. How am I going to get people interested in my music if the magazine just has pictures?" "Good point." David sat down next to Jason on the bed, bringing the boy closer to his heart. "I'm glad you turned him down." David tilted Jason's chin so he could kiss the boy's silky lips as their bodies fall onto the bed. Jason simply lay on the bed as David had his way with his body, groping the boy between the legs and sucking on his neck. He feigned an orgasm that night. David knew, but didn't mind. Three days later, a package arrived for Jason. David hurried to the apartment, carrying the heavy box to give to Jason. The boy was missing his family and asked his mother to send him photo albums of the family. "What about emails?" David asked Jason one night while they were interlacing their fingers. "Not the same. Not as sentimental." The boy murmured before dosing off to sleep. David grabbed the boy by the shoulders and shook him gently to wake him up from his deep slumber. It took David nearly three minutes to finally wake the sleeping beauty up. When Jason finally sat up in the bed, the boy rubbed the sleep from his eyes adoringly. David smiled affectionately, kissing the boy on the bridge of his nose before producing the package from behind his back. Jason smiled warmly as he took the box into his lap. He unwrapped the box, expecting to see some photo albums of his family, but frowned upon discovering the contents of the box. A damn box of fuckin' rocks and a letter addressed to Jason. "Jason," From the magazine editor, John Wallace, "You are dumb as a box of rocks for turning down the offer to pose for our magazine. The only reason you are relevant is that you're pretty to look at. Take the beauty away, boy, and you're nothing more than a box of rocks." David could feel Jason trembling. He wrapped his arms around the boy's slimming waist and waited for the boy to crumble over. It didn't take long. "I am stupid as a box of rocks." to be continued...
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