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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.59 The Master Chris Collection KIM'S ADVENTURE ___________________________ She was brought in blindfolded, naked, her hands bound before her. Her clothes had long since been stripped away and removed. When Kim had arrived at the house for her 'training', she had been led to a small room by a pretty woman in a maid's uniform. The woman had instructed Kim to remove all her clothing including any jewelry and had waited until she had done so. She had then left with all of Kim's belongings leaving Kim with instructions to remain in the room. The room had been sparsely furnished with a small couch, two chairs and a corner table. Kim felt very vulnerable sitting there completely naked. Her thoughts wandered back to how she got herself into this predicament. Meeting her current boyfriend Craig had been a dream come true...literally. Kim had long had fantasies of a submissive nature but had never had someone she could trust enough to tell them to. In Craig, Kim found not only someone who understood her secret desires but also someone who was ready to bring them to reality. For the first time, Kim found herself submitting herself to a man sexually. The past few months had been the most exciting of Kim's 26 year old life. She was a very pretty Toplist Lolita girl, standing 5'7" tall with short swept back blond hair. Her athletic 34-24-35 figure stayed in shape thanks to regular trips to aerobics. Craig told her often that he couldn't decide if her firm ass or her breasts and their long dark nipples were her best feature. It had been a week ago that Kim had finally confessed the on submissive fantasy that they had yet to realize. Kim's voice had been trembling with nervousness when she had asked Craig if he would consider peeing on her. He had chuckled as he looked at her with an appraising eye. Bit by bit he had her tell him all about her long-time fantasy of receiving this particular humiliation. Finally he had Toplist Lolita taken both Kim's hands in his own. "Kim if you want this, you shall have it, but I'll have it done my way and I promise you it will be the most erotic experience ever." Craig's instructions had arrived by messenger two days later. They would be going to someone's home on Friday night where Kim's training would expand to include the realization of her submissive watersport fantasy. Kim was also to be put "on display" for the first time. The note both terrified and excited Kim who spent the balance of the week in Toplist Lolita a Toplist Lolita constant state of arousal. Craig had picked her up promptly at 6pm and had driven her out of town to an old victorian house. At the front door he had kissed her and told her to ring the bell and enter. Someone would tell her what to do next. "Don't worry Kim, I'll be seeing you soon enough. All you have to do is obey the instructions they give you." Kim couldn't stop trembling as she reached for the bell. Now, here she was, sitting in a small room, naked as the day she was born. Kim jumped as the sound of the door knob turning reached her ears. A tall man walked in. Kim blushed a deep red and her hands automatically tried to cover both her breasts and pussy at the same time. "Stand up Kim." he said in a firm voice. Kim rose to her feet and stood facing the stranger. "Let's take a look at you. Hands clasped behind your back if you please." Kim hesitated a moment and then followed her instructions. Her blush now covered her whole face and worked its way down toward her upthrust breasts. The man smiled at the sight. "Mmmmm, you're very pretty." he said as his eyes travelled up and down. "The maid will be in here shortly and will be preparing you for tonight's activities. She'll be shaving that pubic hair at the same time. Kim's eyes opened a little wider at this news. "You are to follow all your instructions." With that, the strange man turned and left, leaving Kim standing in the middle of the room completely exposed. She didn't know if she was expected to stay in that position or not and while she was trying to make up her mind the maid returned into the room. The woman smiled as she saw Kim in the same exposing position. She walked right over to the nude girl and before Kim had a chance to think about it, she found her wrists fastened together before her, bound in leather wrist cuffs. There was a short leash attached to the link between the two cuffs and Ellen, the maid took hold of the end of it. "Come with me." she said with a sly smile on her face. Kim gasped as Ellen pulled her along toward and then right out of the room and into the corridor. Kim's blush returned again in spades as she looked around wildly hoping that no one would be there to see. Ellen chuckled at her embarrassment as she pulled her along. Thankfully the hallway was deserted. A few doors down, Ellen pulled Kim into a huge bathroom. Kim looked around in amazement, the bathroom was larger than her bedroom at home and was filled with thing she wouldn't have expected. In the middle of the room was what looked like a massage table covered in black leather. Ellen led the younger girl over to it. "Up here." she said patting the leather table. Kim sat on the table. Ellen handed Kim a large bottle of juice, "You're not going to get a chance to drink anything for awhile, so drink all of this now." Kim drank the apple juice all down. "Good girl." said Ellen, "Now lie back." Ellen guided her to lying on her back then pulled the leash over her head and fastened it to the head of the table stretching Kim out. Ellen moved down the table and attached straps to Kim's thighs just above her knees. Kim strained to see what Ellen was doing as she moved down to the end of the table and then reached under it. Ellen swung a silver bar of some kind from under the end of the table and clicked it into place. It took Kim a moment to recognize it but finally she realized. This table wasn't a massage table, it was a doctor's examining table and that silver bar was one of two stirrups for her feet! Sure enough, Ellen pulled the other stirrup on the left side and fastened it into place. Kim was trembling now. She always felt embarrassed when she went for a doctor's visit but this was worse. At least that was a quick, sterile visit. This promised to be much more intimate. Ellen gently took each of Kim's feet and spread her open to fit into the stirrups. A strap over the ankle held the foot firmly in place. The straps on Kim's thighs now came into play as Ellen used them to pull her thighs even further apart. There was no way that Kim could move now and Ellen moved slowly about the room, preparing for Kim knew not what. Finally Ellen pulled a chair between Kim's bent thighs and sat down. Kim strained to see what she was doing but the angle made it virtually impossible. She felt Ellen's gentle hands on her thighs stroking upward toward Kim's pussy and Kim realized that she was soaking wet and that Ellen could obviously see everything. Kim felt a tugging at her pussy and wondered what Ellen was doing. It took her a moment and finally the sound of scissors snipping gave it away. Ellen was trimming Kim's pubic hair! Ellen was slow and gentle and the pretty blond hair quickly disappeared. When it was finally down to a stubble, Kim gasped when Ellen put a warm wet cloth over Kim's pubic area. The cloth stayed there several minutes and then Ellen went back to work. Kim knew what was coming now and as Ellen efficiently shaved away the last of Kim's curly hair, she could do nothing but lie back and blush at the humiliation. Ellen was thorough, catching even the tiny hairs between Kim's spread open buttocks. When she had at last completed the job, she held up a mirror so that Kim could see herself. 'I look just like I did when I was 10 years old.' thought Kim as she looked at the smoothly shaved pubis. She had never felt so naked, so exposed, so vulnerable. Ellen smiled at Kim's expression. "I think it looks wonderful... very submissive." she said. Ellen moved back down between Kim's legs and Kim wondered what might be next. The sensation of Ellen's finger at the opening of her anus was a surprise however. Kim gasped as the finger, completely covered in cool lubricant eased itself into Kim's tiny opening. Ellen was slow but firm as she moved first just the tip then more and more of finger in and out of Kim's rectum. Kim couldn't help squirming and tugging at her bonds as Ellen teased her sensitive opening. Ellen added more lubricant and started to slide her finger all the way in then all the way out of Kim. "We want you to be very slippery." she smiled. Kim's pussy was soaking wet, she felt a trickle of her own juices slide down toward her anus to add themselves to the lubrication she was getting. Kim was getting more and more excited now. 'If Ellen keeps this up,' she thought, 'I'm going to come.' Just when Kim thought she couldn't bear it any more, Ellen's finger slid from her bottom leaving Kim gasping for breath. Ellen let her calm down for a moment then started removing unfastening the bonds from the table. Finally she helped Kim from the table and onto her feet. The straps were left hanging from Kim's wrists, ankles and thighs. "Follow me Kim." she said and again took hold of the leash. Kim was now so hot, she was ready for anything and leaving the room for the corridor was not quite so traumatic. Ellen led her further down the hallway and into another room. This room was quite large with a small raised platform in the middle of it, surrounded by large comfortable chairs. Kim started to tremble again as she looked at it. 'This is where they'll all see me.' she thought. Sure enough, Ellen led her right to the platform. There was a small padded bench on the platform and Ellen directed Kim to lie back on it. The bench was quite small, Kim's head and back were supported but her buttocks were off the end of it. She had to put her feet to the floor to support herself. Ellen busied herself attaching Kim's wrist straps to rings at the head of the bench so that Kim's arms were pulled tightly back, leaving her breasts stretched out and exposed. Ellen moved to the end of the bench, and Kim felt her attaching her ankles to something on the floor. Another strap around her waist held her tightly to the bench. Ellen moved to the side and pressed a switch. Kim heard a whirring sound from the ceiling. Suddenly her ankles began to move upward. Kim had not noticed the ropes hanging from the ceiling, but she now realized that her ankles were attached to them! The ceiling winch pulled her ankles up and wide apart until they were stretched straight up to the ceiling and spread apart in a 90 degree angle. Kim had never felt so exposed in her life. Ellen came back over to the helplessly bound girl and looked down at her handiwork. "Now just stay still and your adventure will continue in a few minutes." she said. Ellen moved from the room leaving Kim with her own thoughts as she lay on the platform. She was trembling with nervousness, wondering what would happen next. Each minute seemed like hours but, in fact, she was there only a few minutes. Kim's hearing seemed a thousand times more sensitive. Her ears strained for sounds of the door opening, or footsteps moving outside the door, but all in vain. When the door to the room finally re-opened, Kim jumped. Her pussy immediately started lubricating copiously. Kim felt a trickle of her own juices start down her pussy and along her anal crack adding themselves to the lubrication at her anus. She strained against her bonds to look toward the door to see who was coming in. Ellen entered the room and Kim breathed a sigh of relief. But her relief was to be short lived as a number of men and women followed her! There were perhaps a dozen people in all. The chairs had been ringed around the sides of the platform and the guests took their seats. Kim spotted Craig in the group and felt a little better knowing he was there. Still a hot flush of embarrassment had Kim's face beet red as the guests looked on at her naked and completely exposed body. Ellen moved up onto the platform once again. As she walked down toward the end of the bench, her fingers trailed along Kim's bare body, dragging across Kim's engorged nipples and down her belly. Kim shivered at the touch. Kim strained to see what Ellen was doing but now that the woman was between her legs, she was unable to. Ellen turned to show the group something in her hand and the patrons nodded and smiled approvingly. One of the women spectators giggled and whispered something to the woman next to her. 'What is it?', wondered Kim. She was soon to find out. One of Ellen's hands held Kim's left buttock to the side, further exposing Kim's anus to the group. Kim suddenly felt what she thought was Ellen's lubricated finger again at the center of her anus. A moment later, Kim realized it was something hard, not a finger, that was pushing into her. Ellen pushed the firm unyielding object past the crinkled opening. Kim felt her anus spread open to accommodate it. As Ellen pushed it in further, Kim felt it get wider and wider. Ellen teased Kim with the object, pulling it out a little only to push it in further with the next stroke. At one point, Kim gasped as the object spread her anal ring very wide. With one more push the object got suddenly much narrower and Kim's rectal muscles pulled the intruder even deeper into her to settle into her bottom. A wide base kept the plug from disappearing into the bound girl. The base also kept the narrow neck of the plug holding Kim's anus open. The sensation was incredible. Kim felt no pain, just very, very full and there was no avoiding the feeling. Every breath made her think of the object now spreading her anus. Ellen moved off the platform so everyone could get a good look. Now one of the men walked up toward Kim. He was holding a long narrow paddle and Kim closed her eyes, waiting for what must come. Being spanked had always turned Kim on and now as she was about to have her bottom reddened, she realized that Craig must have told every one of her hot fantasies. 'What else would happen?' she wondered. Kim heard the paddle swinging through the air an instant before it struck her buttocks. The smack took her breath away. A wave of heat washed over her buttocks. Her buttocks clenched and that had the effect of clenching on the anal plug still firmly inserted in her ass. Kim gasped at the sensation. The paddle struck again and then again. In all, perhaps she received 10 spanks. The range of feelings running through Kim had her so aroused that she barely felt them. The man stepped down from the platform leaving Kim's bottom red and hot. Kim's anus could not stop clenching on the anal plug over and over. She stayed at the edge of the most remarkable orgasm she had ever encountered. She was left for a few moments to calm down then Ellen returned to the platform. She leaned down to the pretty bound woman and whispered into her ear, "Do you remember what fantasy you wished for this week?" Kim's eyes opened wide as she remembered what she add admitted to Craig earlier in the week. Now that she remembered her peeing fantasy, Kim realized that she needed to pee herself. "I've got to pee." she whispered back at Ellen. Ellen just smiled at her. The strap around Kim's waist was undone and Ellen moved off to the side of the room. Now the ceiling winch started up again and Kim felt her ankles being drawn even further upward and outward! By the time they finished, Kim was suspended completely upside down with her wrists pulled toward the floor and her legs pulled toward the ceiling and completely spread. Her breasts hung upside down on perfect display for the guests but the most exposing thing about her was now her shaved pussy, pressed forward and opened for all to see. Ellen pulled the bench away from Kim, leaving her suspended in mid-air. The man who had given Kim her spanking now came back up to the platform. "As you know, Kim here has a fantasy regarding being peed on." he said to the group. Kim blushed as her most intimate fantasy was made public. "We discussed how she should be initiated here, and it was decided to accomplish her fantasy in a somewhat unusual manner. Kim was given a fair amount of juice to drink earlier and she now needs to pee herself. We're going to help her do that in the position she's in now. She might wish to resist this submissive humiliation, but we've thought of that too." The man leaned over to look at Kim. He held up what looked like a thin tube of plastic. "Do you know what this is Kim?" he asked. "No, Sir." said the pretty girl "It is called a catheter. In a moment I'm going to slide it into you and you're control over your own bladder will be mine." Kim's eyes opened wide again as she whimpered "Please, no." the man smiled at her and turned toward her smooth and spread pussy. Kim felt him spread open the petals of her pussy to expose her urethra. The end of the lubricated tube touched her there. She had never in her life felt so open. There was a sting for a moment as the tube slid gently into her body. 'I won't pee. I'll hold it' in thought Kim as she willed herself to not pee. The catheter tube slid home and the man stepped back. Kim looked up to see that he was pinching the tube closed. Kim was trembling with the effort of holding back but as soon as the man let go of the tube, the result was inevitable. Control over her bladder was not her own and the urine started spilling down her chest. Kim's face was beet red as she watched the spectators watching her. Ellen stepped up to the platform and a moment later, the plug still deep in Kim's ass started to vibrate. This final sensation was too much and Kim's orgasm started to take over. It came from deep in her belly and seemed to wash over all parts of her. Kim pulled at her bonds and cried out again and again Toplist Lolita as the plug in her rear kept vibrating and her own warm water washed down her belly and face. Craig and Ellen let Kim down gently and led her to the shower where they helped her get cleaned up. It was a clean, but tired Kim that finally entered the large living Toplist Lolita room where she was greeted with applause by the club that she was now a full-fledged member of. "This was the best!", she said to Craig as she hugged him. Craig smiled. "That's just the beginning." he said, "Wait until next week!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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