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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.54 The Master Chris Collection TRAINING CAMP FOR SUBMISSIVES ----------------------------- To say that Alexis was nervous was an understatement. Alex had been on edge and excited non-stop for almost a week now. Ever since her boyfriend Chuck had proposed the latest in their series of "adventures". This time was the wildest thing Alex had ever imagined. Last Friday, Chuck had suggested taking her submissive sexual nature to the next level. They had experimented with bondage and other such games for months and Alex had found that there was a side of her that she never knew existed. When Chuck tied her up, she became more passionate than she ever thought she could. Just the idea of being tied up and restrained, turned her on to the point that she couldn't sit still. Each time they played this way, Chuck's fertile imagination served to surprise her with something new, some new limit or game that embarrassed her and teased her but always brought her to new heights. This time, however, Chuck had surprised even her. The adventure, Chuck had explained, would involve Alexis going to a special "camp" where dominant and submissive lovers went. At this camp, Alex would have to be submissive in front of others and would be "trained" at least in part by someone else. Being tied up in front of a stranger wasn't, in itself, new. Several weeks before Chuck had shocked Alex by having her bound and blindfolded at home while a friend of his was there. Alex had gone wild with excitement at the humiliation of being stripped and exposed to a strange man. She had since tried without success to have Chuck tell her who it was. Going to a "camp" though, was an altogether different story. Alex tossed the idea back and forth but what finally convinced her is that every time she thought about it, she got soaking wet. Chuck made the necessary calls and Alex waited nervously all week for her "instructions". They came by courier on Wednesday to her office. The non-descript envelope had no return address just a P.O box but Alex knew right away what it was. The envelope contained a single sheet of instructions. She was to be at the corner of 1st Street and 20th Avenue at precisely 1:00pm on Saturday. She was to bring no personal effects including identification or money. She was to dress as though to go to a casual party. Slacks or pants were not allowed. A Minibus would pick her up at that location exactly on time. If she was even a minute late, she would not be picked up as the bus would not wait. She was told that she would be returned by the same bus in exactly one week to the same location. Finally, she was told that from the time of receipt of this letter until her arrival at the "camp". She was not to pleasure herself sexually in any way including by masturbating. The rest of the week passed in a blur as Alex got ready to take a week off from work. Before she knew it, Saturday morning had arrived and she was trying to get ready. A shower started the day followed by the difficult task of deciding what to wear. Alex studied the letter a hundred times, perhaps hoping that by reading it yet again, it would give some clue as to what she should do or what she would experience. She tried on outfit after outfit. At one point, she was completely naked and caught a look of herself in the mirror. 'Not bad.' she said to her image. Alexis was tall and slender but she knew that her body was in great shape. Her blond hair was short and curly, stopping just before her shoulders. Her breasts were firm 35b's and she knew that Chuck particularly loved her dark and unusually long nipples. But it was her ass that was her best feature. Firm, perfectly curved Pedo Lolita and with buttocks that opened invitingly whenever she bent over. 'I should just go like this.' she laughed to herself. Finally, Alex decided on something simple. She pulled on a white silk blouse and her blue skirt. A lacy bra and matching panty set and her blue heels finished off the outfit. She debated over and over about hose. Her garterbelt and stockings seemed to be too "sluttish" on her and pantyhose didn't seem appropriate at all. Finally, she decided to do without. Her long tanned legs didn't really need hose anyway. Keeping one eye on the clock, Alex downed a quick meal then got ready to go. Just in case it got cooler, she pulled a white cardigan around her shoulders. As the door to her apartment closed, Alex realized that her adventure was underway. As instructed, she had no personal effects with her, not even her keys. Chuck would have to let her into her apartment next week. Alex arrived at the appointed corner a full fifteen minutes early and waited for her bus to arrive. It was right on time. The white minibus had dark tinted windows that Alex couldn't see into but she was sure it was for her. It stopped right in front of her and the door opened. "Alexis Steerling?" asked the driver. "Yes" said Alex. "Get in." Alex climbed into the bus and sat down. To her surprise, there were two other women already in the bus looking as nervous as she felt. They were both about her age, in their late twenties and both very pretty. Pedo Lolita "Hello." said Alex. The bus picked up two more women on its routed before heading out of town. They had been on the freeway for about 20 minutes when the driver pulled off to a rest area. Despite the hundreds of questions that the young girls had, the ride had been remarkably quiet. Almost as though talking between themselves might not be allowed. The driver pulled the bus to a stop and turned around. "You will all be blindfolded from this point on so that the Pedo Lolita location of the camp will be kept a secret." Passing out black silk scarves, he instructed them to cover their eyes and to make sure that they couldn't see. The punishment for disobeying, he told them would be an immediate return for all of them to the city. There was no disagreement and Alex found herself even more exicted by being blindfolded. The balance of the ride took another 20 minutes before Alex felt the bus begin to bump along a gravel road. The driver told them that they could now remove their blindfolds as they were already on the camp property. The bus pulled through several more turns and finally came across a pretty field, with several buildings surrounding it. The area looked like it might once have been a summer camp for kids, which in fact it had years before. Waiting in front of the largest building was a tall man and the bus stopped right in front of him. The girls piled out of the bus and the man directed them right through a door into a waiting room. Once they were all inside he told them to wait patiently and that they would be called one by one and given instructions on entering the facility itself. He closed the door effectively shutting them into the room which was well lit but windowless. There were couches along the walls, and a water fountain as well as a washroom for their convenience. Alex waited nervously with the other wondering what would happen next. Suddenly an intercom clicked and they all heard the voice of a softspoken woman. "Margaret Patterson, please go through the open door at the end of the room." The tall brunette jumped as she heard her name called. All the other girls watched as she moved toward a door which had opened all by itself at the far end of the room. Alex peeked past the open door but all she could see was a short corridor that seemed to turn several feet later. It was about 20 minutes before the next girl was called. The first girl had not returned and Alex wondered what exactly happened beyond the door. She and the two remained women waited for their turn to find out. The wait seemed to last forever but was, in fact only about 25 minutes. "Alexis Steerling please go through the open door at the end of the room." said the voice suddenly. Alex felt her palms become sweaty as she stood and made her way toward the open door. As she walked through the door, it closed behind her closing her off from the waiting room. "Please move forward Miss Steerling." said the voice. Alex walked along the corridor which made a sharp left turn. Ahead of her was a partly open door and beyond it was a small room that was only partly lit. Alex walked slowly into the room and as she did so the door closed behind her. As the door closed, bright lights turned on overhead and the room was suddenly overbright. Alex squinted as she looked around her. Every wall in the small 6' by 6' room was covered in a mirror. Even the ceiling was mirrored. At the side of the room was a low table. "Good afternoon Miss Steerling, your training is about to begin. Please follow all of your instructions completely and without hesitation. We'll start with your shoes. Please remove them and place them on the table. Alex stepped out of the high heels and put the shoes neatly on the table. The floor was hard wood and was cool against her bare feet. "Very good, please also remove your watch and any jewelry and place them on the table also. This will all be returned to you when you leave." Alex pulled off her watch and earings and left them on the table beside her shoes. "Now the blouse please Alexis." said the voice. Alex's hands Pedo Lolita were trembling slightly as she reached down for the buttons on her sild blouse. All the mirrors around her made her feel very exposed as she could see herself from several directions as she undid the buttons and uncovered the lacy bra underneath. Once the blouse was safely folded on the table, Alex waited for the next instruction but there was silence for a moment. Alex had the distinct sensation of being examined and reflexively, she crossed her hands over her chest. "The bra next, if you please." said the voice suddenly. Alex froze. Now she was sure that she was being watched. She had the image of each of these reflexions being a one-way mirror with dozens of people watching her strip. In fact, that was not far from the truth. The mirrors were of the one-way variety and not only were there several people watching Alex from a couple of feet away, but a videocamera was recording her embarrassment in complete detail. Alex's hands moved slowly behind her to reach for the clasp of the bra. In front of her she saw how her movement thrust her breasts out as though on display. With the clasp undone, she quickly pulled the garment from her and put it on the table and then returned her hands protectively across her chest. "Very good Alexis. Now please clasp your hands behind your head with your elbows well back." Alex closed her eyes for a moment as she did as she was asked. The position not only exposed her breasts but lifted them up and out for presentation. Her long nipples betrayed her excitement, quickly becoming hard and long. They even seemed darker in the Pedo Lolita reflextion that stared back at Alexis. Alex was left to stand there for a couple of minutes as her mind ran rampant imagining all the people who she was sure were watching. Soon the anonymous voice returned with more instructions. "Please walk forward until just your nipples are touching the mirror." Alex shuffled forward as requested. The cool glass seemed to make her nipples even harder. She was left like that for another couple of minutes before being told to move back to the center of the small room. "Your skirt now Alexis." said the voice and Alex let the blue skirt fall to her ankles. This left her in only her white lace panties and she was sure they would not stay on long. They were next, leaving her completely naked. Alex looked at the mirror to see her blond triangle uncovered at last and despite knowing it was hopeless, she found her hands moving automatically to cover herself. "Hands back behind your head please and keep your feet spread wide apart." Alex had never felt so exposed and embarrassed in her life. The mirror kept showing her the blush on her face as she bared all. Even though she couldn't see anyone watching her, she felt their presence and, in a way, it was more embarrassing to be watched by someone who you couldn't see. "Bend over and touch your toes now Alexis." said the voice and Alex blushed a deeper red as she bent to expose her pretty bottom to the examiners. Finally it was over. Alex was told to stand up and that in a moment the door would open. She was to follow the corridor along until she was given further instructions. The door opened without further ado and Alex walked out into a large room. In front of her two waist high rails of the sort used to keep people in lines at banks stretched out to form a corridor. Waiting on either side of the rails were a man and a woman both wearing shorts and a T-Shirt. Alex also noticed that they were holding riding crops. She didn't have much time to think about it because a moment later the woman had smacked Alex's bottom with the crop with a wicked sting. "Come on Alexis, move along the corridor, quickly now." The man and woman had Alexis trotting along the rails for the 50 feet or so, encouraging her with stinging slaps of the crops against her buttocks and thighs. At the end of the "corridor" the rails ended and left Alex standing in a clear space of the room. There were a couple of people standing around but she wasn't given an opportunity to wait. The man and woman pulled her forward by her wrists to a low leather vault. She was pulled forward until she was lying over the object with her breasts hanging on the sides. Hands seemed to be holding her all at once as leather straps were attached to her wrists, ankles and a collar around her neck. Her wrists were fastened forward and her ankles pulled to the sides. Her knees were flexed before tying her down to make sure that her buttocks parted to expose her from the rear. Once bound, Alex was left for a moment. She was helpless and a little scared, but more than anything she was excited. She felt the warm leather beneath her and realized that the heat and wetness she was feeling was from the last girl who was tied here only minutes before. The thought turned Alexis on as nothing ever had. Her reverie was suddenly interrupted by the sharp smack of a leather strap right across her bottom. The strap fell again before Alex really felt the sting of the first smack. The spanker let the strap fall over and over until Alex was having trouble catching her breath and felt like her bottom was on fire. Finally it stopped. The intense heat from her bottom seemed to go right through her and she felt her whole body bathed in her own sweat. She heard her tormentor take a step behind her and then felt his hand right between her legs. To her shock she realized that she was dripping wet with excitement. "She's ready" laughed the man who had just finished giving Alexis her first strapping. Someone else walked over behind the young girl's spread legs. Alex stretched her head around to see but only got enough of a glimpse of the person to realize it was a woman. Alex felt the cool touch of the woman's fingers next as they trailed down the small of her back and down her crack. They paused at her rear crinkled opening and Alex held her breath for a moment. Her anus was her most sensitive spot. Pedo Lolita She had never let anyone before Chuck touch her there but Chuck had managed to turn her on to being teased and opened from behind. The tip of one finger pushed gently at her tight anus and then left it. A moment later, the finger returned. Now it was cold and slippery. Lubricant, realized Alex. The tip of the woman's finger slid in easily and Alex let out a gasp despite herself as the finger teased the young girl's rear opening. After a minute or two of teasing the finger suddenly plunged deep all the way into Alex's bottom causing her to gasp again and pull at her leather bonds. The finger was insistent pulling out only to add lubricant and push in again even more deeply, twisting slightly to add to Alex's stimulation. The finger started moving in and out in rhythmic motion and Alex started to rock back and forth, now trying to impale herself even more deeply on the penetrating finger rather than avoid it. The finger pulled out quite suddenly and Alex continued to rock trying desperatedly to press her vulva into the leather but to no avail. The next touch at her anus was something Alex had never experienced before. It felt just like the plastic of her dildo at home and she knew that the object, whatever it was, was destined for her bottom. She moaned softly as the tip of the object was nudged inside her. It was not as large as Alex feared and she could accomodate it quite easily. The tip of the anal intruder pushed in and out each time going just a little bit deeper. At one point, the plastic object was held in Alex and she felt a little more lubricant being added to the stretched ring of her anus. Then the pressure continued and she felt what felt like a bulge in the dildo press against her. Her sphincter muscle tried to keep the bulge out but the woman's finger were unrelenting and Alex finally relaxed herself enough to let the Pedo Lolita bulge pass inside her. Her muscles clamped right down on it and tried to pull the whole object deep into her body but a T-shaped handle at the end of the rectal plug kept that from happening. Alex had never felt such a range of sensations. The rectal plug was deep inside her and she felt so full she dared not take a deep breath. Her bottom was still hot and stinging. Her nipples refused to get soft and were aching from being so hard and her pussy was dripping so much that she could feel a trickle of her juices running down one thigh. As if in a daze, she felt the leather straps being removed and her being pulled to her feet. Each movement, no matter how infinitesimal, transfered directly to the plug penetrating her bottom and to the sensitive nerve endings there. Before she really knew what was happening, the man and the woman with the riding crops were moving here along the room and out the door right into the open. Alex wasn't given time to think about it, she just was moved along. Each step caused the rectal plug to shift deep inside her belly. Alex found that she couldn't concentrate on anything but the sensations there. Still, the stinging smacks of the riding crop moved her along a grass trail for Pedo Lolita about 100 feet to a small building. They led her into the building and told her to stop. The man pulled a black silk blindfold from his pocket and tied it over Alexis eyes. The loss of sight only served to make Alex even more excited. Here she was, completely naked with two strangers holding her arms. Not only that, but the sensations of the rectal plug deep in her body kept reminding her constantly that the control over even her most intimate openings was not her own. Alex was led forward further into the building. She let the trainers maneuver her into position and then followed their instructions to lean backwards and to lie face up on some kind of bench or table that was about the height of her waist. Her hands were pulled to the top of the table and fastened there thanks to the leather straps still around her wrists. Her feet were lifted up and her knees flexed. When her feet were placed in cool metal stirrups, she realized that the table she was on was just like that at her doctor's office. Unlike her visits to the doctor's, this time her ankles were tied to the stirrups so that she could not escape. Even this was not enough as Alex felt her knees being pulled gently but widely apart to be fastened with two more straps, these just above her knees. She had never felt more helpless or vulnerable. Alex was left to lie for a few moments while the people in the room moved about. She strained her ears to hear what was happening but she could only guess at what would come next. Alex sensed rather than heard that there was someone between her legs. The soft touch of fingertips at her knee made a shiver run up her spine. The fingertips slid gently up her leg to the top of her thigh. Alex sighed softly as she felt a gentle tug at her pubic hair. The fingers toyed with her hair and Alex felt another gentle tug and then another. It was the sound of the scissors that finally had her realize what was happening. Her pubic hair was being cut off! The gentle hands were soft but quick and the soft curly blond hair was soon cut off. Alex felt her blindfold being untied and a moment later she blinked in the light as it was removed. The first image to hit her was herself. Above the table was a mirror that was so large that Alex could see all of herself fastened to the table. She stared in fascination at the exposed woman that was herself. Her hands were tied to the head of the examining table and her pert young breasts were stretched tight against her body. Even in the mirror she could see that her nipples were hard and distended. Her gaze travelled down looking at her splayed legs and for a moment she just stared at the leather straps holding her ankles up and wide apart. Alex could just see the tip of the rectal plug that penetrated her bottom. Between her legs was another young woman and right in front of her was Alex's pussy with the now short pubic hair almost invisible. The woman was looking at Alex and Alex had to tear her eyes from the mirror to look back at her. "We're going to remove the rest of your pubic hair now." she said smiling. "This is to protect you from the depilatory." The woman was holding up a jar of vaseline. Alex watched in the mirror, captivated by the view as the woman dipped her fingers into the jar and applied the jelly to Alex's sensitive inner pussy lips. Alex closed her eyes and moaned softly again as the woman pulled at her pink inner lips to apply the vaseline. Next came the depilatory creme and as soon as it was applied, the woman got up to wait for it to take effect. Alex just kept staring at herself getting more and more turned on as she wondered what it would be like to have no pubic hair. She didn't have long to wait to find out. The woman returned after several minutes and with a warm washcloth, removed the creme and with it, the last covering that Alex had. Her puffed out pussy lips came into view and Alex blushed as they were revealed. As soon as the last of the creme was gone, the woman rubbed some pre-warmed oil into the freshly smooth pubis. The sight her own slit now uncovered for viewing made Alex feel like a little girl. She had never felt so submissive and so helpless. Her handlers untied her straps and pulled her to her feet. Alex's hands moved down to cover herself but her wrists were soon refastened behind her back. They pulled her forward to the door but for the first time, Alex felt really naked. She was embarrassed that her smooth pussy would be seen by anyone. It made no sense, but she balked at going outside. The woman chuckled. "It's the same for everyone the first time Alexis, now get moving." With a smack from the riding crop on her already sensitive bottom, Alex jumped forward and was moved to the next building. Once inside the large building, she was blindfolded again before being led into the next room. This time she felt her hands being tied in front of her. A moment later what must have been a rope was pulling her wrists straight up toward the ceiling. The rope stopped when she was stretched up. Now her legs were spread wide apart and fastened to the floor so that she was completely helpless once again. The position had the rectal plug push slightly deeper into her and Alex tried to shift to make it move out a little. Unfortunately, she couldn't really move at all and the rectal plug stayed lodged deep in her body. Now Alex felt fingers at her breasts stroking her and she moaned softly. She was so turned on that she knew that her pussy was soaking. She could not see it but her pussy lips were now glistening with her own juices. The fingers grasped both of her nipples and pulled on them, first gently then harder. Alex jutted her breasts forward trying to relieve the tension on her over-stimulated nipples. The fingers were relentless as they pulled her thick nipples just a little harder. Alex was breathing in short ragged breaths by the time her nipples were released. She knew that if this kept up, she would not be able to help having an orgasm right in front of these strangers. Now the fingers returned to her nipples and Alex felt first one then the other being pinched. She couldn't decifer the feeling at first, then she realized that her nipples were trapped by nipple clips. Alex had never had such devices used on her but she had seen Chuck's pictures of them. The pinching clips were attached to strings that were tied in front of her thus pulling her nipples straight out in front of her. Alex felt someone behind her who now moved up so that their body touched hers. She realized that it was a woman and that they were completely naked too! The warm breasts of the woman pressed into Alex's back and Alex felt her reach around to Alex's pussy. The woman's gentle fingers grasped her pussy lips and pulled them wide apart, opening Alex's inner pussy up to whoever was in front of her. The touch of something at Alex's pussy made her jump. Her whole body was now just a mass of sensations. What seemed to be the tip of a dildo nudged itself into Alex's soaking pussy and started moving slowly in and out. Each stroke brought the artificial phallus deeper and Alex found that she was unable to stop moving back and forth in rhythm to the penetration. The woman behind her reached around and took control of the dildo. Alexis was moaning openly now. She knew that with all of this, she wouldn't be able to hold herself back any longer. The woman pushed the dildo deep into Alexis and suddenly the dildo seemed to come alive. The woman had turned it on and it started humming and vibrating deep inside Alexis. The anal plug was also now turned on and Alexis felt herself start to buck back and forth, helpless to stop herself from thrashing and moaning at the sensations. Her blindfold Pedo Lolita was pulled from her and she looked out to see about fifteen people sitting in easy chairs all watching her as she was about to come. Right in the front of the group was her boyfriend Chuck. The sight of all of them was too much. With a cry Alex felt her orgasm start deep in her belly. She felt her whole body clench up. Her pussy grabbed the vibrating dildo hard and she felt herself thrash backward. As her anus clenched up, she felt the vibrating butt plug holding her open. The woman reached down to rub Alex's hard protruding clitoris and Alex cried out loud. The woman behind her was an expert and Alex's orgasm seemed to last forever. Wave after wave of it washed over her. Just when she was sure that it was all over, the woman would touch her again. She would pull at the anal plug or push hard at the vibrating dildo. Pulling at her hard nipples or sliding a wet finger across her clit would have Alexis start all over again. It no longer mattered to Alexis that she was on display and she kept cumming until she just couldn't anymore. Finally, exhausted, she felt the dildo and the rectal plug being pulled from her. Her nipple clips were removed and she felt her nipples tingle as blood rushed back into them. The woman behind her leaned over and put her mouth right up to Alex's ear. "I hope you enjoyed your first day, there's lots more to come." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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