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Lolita Pay Sites

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Related article: Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 13:06:48 -0700 (PDT) From: Jase Moore Subject: 90210 - Part 9Disclaimer: 90210 and all of its characters are owned by CBS Paramount Studios. The following story is completely fiction and is not based on real people or real events./\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/90210: Part 9"After School Sex Education"Starring Ethan Ward, Liam Court, Ryan Mathews, and Ty CollinsTy Collins was seating in his English class waiting for the bell to ring. He had to be at the theater right after his last class for rehearsal. Mr. Mathews was returning our test from last Friday. Ty knew he didn't do to good on this test but he was distracted by the clock. Mr. Mathews walked up to Ty's desk and laid his paper face down and walked away. Ty flipped his paper over and saw "SEE ME AFTER CLASS" written in large red letters. "This can't be good," Ty thought to himself.The bell rang and all the students rushed out of class like it was the last day of school. Ty slowly walked up to Mr. Mathew's Desk. "Ah, Mr. Collins, Not your best work. Is there something you would like me to know?" Mr. Mathews asked."Well, It's kind of hard to worry about these tests when your starring in the school musical," Ty answered."Well, this grade is definitely going to put a dent in your class average. That is, unless you would like to try out some extra credit work?" Ryan Mathews said."I don't have time for any lame extra credit work you have for me!" Ty exclaimed. Ryan didn't hear a single thing Ty was saying. Ryan was just staring at Ty's amazing body. Ty was tall and lean and was wearing a snug black shirt which displayed his tight body beautifully. Ryan had always loved watching Ty. He was cocky and had a handsome face. Ty was the only reason Ryan ever went to any Lolita Pay Sites of the schools theater productions. Ryan loved Ty's arrogance; it was a major turn-on for Ryan."Hey, Homo! Keep your eyes up here!" Ty said pointing at his face. Ryan snapped out of his trance and looked Ty in the eyes."Ty, I know you could have any girl you want but no girl can give you what I can," Ryan teased."Well you can keep whatever you got, because I don't want it!" Ty stated."Ty, I'm going to make you a proposition. If you fuck me, I bump your grade to a B," Ryan said hoping Ty would agree."Hell, no! I'm not gay you fucking queer!" Ty snapped back."Look, it's not about being gay. It's about passing the class," Ryan said trying to persuade Ty."I know my dick is worth more than a B. If you want my big dick up your ass your going to have to make it an A," Ty offered."I'll give you an A on one condition. You have to let me fuck you, too!" Ryan countered. Liam had been waiting all day to talk with Mr. Mathews. He wanted to check and see if there were any extra credit assignments he could complete to bring up his grades. Liam's step-dad had made it very clear that if his grades didn't improve than he would be headed off to military school. Liam walked up to the door of his English class and was about to knock on the door when he heard a muffled moaning coming from inside. The blinds on the door were closed, all except one broken blind. Liam kneeled down to look in through the small space. He couldn't believe what he was seeing Ryan Mathews was fucking some guy on his desk, Liam couldn't see the guys face. The guy was bent over the desk and Ryan was drilling big cock into the muscular ass. Liam just watched Ryan's bubble butt bounced as he fucked the tight hole. It was about 5 minutes of fucking when Ryan and his mystery fuck-buddy changed positions. The mystery student stood up and turned over and laid back on the desk. Then Liam saw his face, it was Ty Collins.Ty was lying on his back with his legs in the air as his teacher fucked the shit out of his ass. "Fuck Me harder Mr. Mathews!" Ty said as he was finally getting used to the pain of Ryan's big 10-inch dick. Ryan had waited for those words. Ty was one of the last hot guys of Beverly Hills High that Ryan needed to fuck before the end of the year to keep his perfect record. Ryan sped up and started thrusting his whole body into Ty. Ryan grabbed Ty's cock, which was flopping around, and started jerking him off. Ty cock began to grow to its' full 9-inches in Ryan's hand. Ryan was synchronized jerking and fucking. Ty was enjoying every Lolita Pay Sites second of it.Ethan was walking down the empty hall after school when he noticed Liam kneeling by Mr. Mathew's classroom door. "Hey, Liam, What's going on?" Ethan said."Shhh, Mr. Mathews is in there fucking Ty Collins," Liam whispered."What?! I tried to kiss him and he freaked out. There is no way he is getting fucked," Ethan said in disbelief."Look for yourself, It looks as though you aren't the only one willing to get fucked for a good grade," Liam joked. "And when did you try and kiss Ty Collins?" Liam asked."Why, Jealous?" Ethan questioned. "Principal Wilson made me help out in the theater department, so I let Ty fuck me, to get out of it. It was no big deal," Ethan explained."Just the thought of you and Ty Collins fucking is making me even hornier," Liam said."I think we should join in!" Ethan proposed.Ethan opened the door and entered the classroom with Liam. Ryan and Ty froze in place. Ryan said "Oh hey boys! Care to join in?""What?! That wasn't the part of any deal. I was letting you fuck me for an A not your whole class," Ty protested."Oh I don't want to fuck you, I just that juicy cock of yours in my mouth," Liam said."And I just want to bury my face in that sweet ass of yours, Mr. Mathews," Ethan stated.Ethan walked over to Ryan and dropped to his knees. Ryan continued fucking Ty in the ass while Ethan buried his face into Ryan's smooth ass. Ethan licked up Ryan's ass crack and slid his tongue into his teacher's hole. "Oh, Ethan your tongue feels so good and warm. Fuck me with your hot cock!" Ryan demanded. Ethan stood up and spit into his hand and rubbed his cock. Ethan then slid the tip of his penis into Ryan's tight ass. Ryan was still fucking Ty while Ethan was fucking Ryan. Ethan and Ryan were pumping their hips together and sliding their cocks deeper and deeper.Liam had walked over to Ty and started kissing Ty's nipples and slowly kissing down Ty's smooth, toned body until he reached the base of Ty's cock. Liam opened his mouth and just blew his hot breath on Ty's cock. Ty's cock twitched as the warm breath hit his skin. Ty begged "Please stick in it in your mouth!" Lolita Pay Sites Liam opened his mouth and slid the entire cock in his mouth. He used his tongue to lick up the entire shaft of Ty's large dick. Ty was receiving pleasure from the front and the back. "I'm about to cum!" Ty yelled.Liam pulled off of Ty's cock and said "Shoot It on my face!" Ty body started twitching as his cock erupted and cum flew over and hit Liam in the face. Liam opened his mouth and caught the next shot, tasting the warm jizz. Ryan was about to blow his load and the image of Ty's erupting cock hitting Liam in the face sent him over the edge and Ryan blew his load in Ty's waiting hole. Ryan pulled out just as his cock began to shoot a second stream of cum and it shot all over Ty's cock. Liam leaned down and licked Ryan's cum off of Ty's cock. Ethan pulled his cock out of Ryan's ass and Ryan kneeled down and started sucking on Ethan's 8-inch hard cock. Ethan loved Ryan's warm mouth on his cock. "I'm cumming!" Ethan yelled as his load shot down his teacher's throat and overflowed out of Ryan's mouth and ran down Ryan's chin. Ryan stood up and Ethan licked his own cum off of Ryan's face. Then Ryan and Ethan kissed, sharing Ethan's load.Ty was laying on the desk in disbelief by how far he would go for an A. Ethan and Liam got dressed and decided to head off. "I'll guess I'll see you in class tomorrow Mr. Mathews!" Liam said as he pulled up his boxer briefs over his now flaccid penis."Yeah I guess we need to get going, too" Ryan said as he grabbed his undershirt and wiped the sweat off his toned body."I don't know if an A was really worth all that," Ty said."Believe me, if that's all you had to do for an A then you got off easy. I've done a lot more for a lot less." Ethan said jokingly. On the series conclusion of 90210. . .Ethan throws an end-of-the-year party and things get out of control, but in a good way. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Thanks to all the people who have emailed me and given compliments and suggestions. I'm really glad that you enjoyed my stories. The next installment will be the last of this series. If you have any suggestions on who you would like to see hook-up at the end of the year party, or suggestions on what TV series I should write about next, just email me at spiceboy97ymail.com.
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