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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.05 The Master Chris Collection BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL ___________________________ "I have plans for you this evening", I say one afternoon. You are sitting at your desk at work talking to me on the phone. "What are you wearing?", I ask. "A skirt and blouse.", you say. "What else?", I ask. You look around nervously to make sure no one can hear you. Your voice catches in your throat for a moment, then you say in a very quiet voice, "I'm wearing a lace, front closing bra, a pair of white bikini panties, stockings and shoes." "I want you to go to the bathroom and remove your bra, panties and stockings.", I say. "Do this now and call me back." You go directly to the bathroom. The underwear ends up in your purse and the sensation of your nipples rubbing against your blouse is exciting. You hope no one notices that your dark nipples are now almost visible under the blouse. A few minutes later you're speaking to me again. "Tonight", I say, "you're going to be treated to something special. You must do exactly as you are told." "Alright", you whisper. "I'll pick you up at 6pm", I say. At 6 o'clock you are outside the building waiting for me to pick Preteen Art Models you up. There is a slight breeze and it feels strangely exciting to feel it move across your shaven pussy. I pick you up a moment later. "Put your hands behind your head.", I say. You follow my instructions and you feel me attach your wrists to cuffs on the headrest. "Lift yourself up." You do so and I quickly raise your skirt above your hips. You sit down again feeling the seat directly against your ass and pussy. I reach over and undo your blouse almost to your waist. Your breasts are now quite accessible to me. "Open your legs.", I order. You spread your knees wide apart. You have never been so exposed in a public place before and you are getting nervous and excited at the same time. You tell me what your feeling and I say, "You will be exposed totally tonight. You shiver at the thought of what is ahead. I start the car and drive about fifteen minutes to a high school. I unfasten your hands and tell you to button your blouse. We enter the school and I lead you through a maze of corridors. At this time of night, the school seems deserted. Finally, we arrive in a small room. The walls are typical high-school cement and the floor is the standard vinyl tile. In the room is a large black man and two young women. The women are gorgeous. They are tall, blond nordic types with great figures. All three people are wearing tight black leather clothing. "Listen to them.", I say and then leave the room. The man looks at you, "Take those clothes off", he says. Your fingers fumble at your buttons as you obey his commands. You keep looking at the floor as your blush moves from your face down your now naked chest. It takes only a moment and you are completely naked. The women each take an arm and they lead you to a padded massage table. They lie you on your back and fasten leather straps to your wrists and ankles. Then they rub warm oil all over your body. They pay particular attention to your breasts where extra oil is applied and rubbed in. You feel your nipples being pinched by the slippery hands. As soon as your nipples are hard they move their hands lower down. Oil is massaged into your hot, shaved slit and you fell warm slippery fingers penetrating both your Preteen Art Models pussy and ass at the same time. They turn you over and continue the exercise until you are completely covered in the oil. You are lifted from the table and held before the black man for inspection. He reaches out and grasps one slippery nipple in his large fingers. He squeezes it hard and you can't stifle the moan that comes to your lips. He laughs as he takes his hand away, "Yes", he says, "I think you'll do fine." The girls attach long ropes to the Preteen Art Models straps at your wrists and they each take one as they lead you from the room and down the long empty corridor. You can't believe you are actually so exposed in a public place. They lead you through a door and you are suddenly in darkness. It is the back of a stage, you realize. The stage and auditorium are in complete darkness with one chilling exception. About thirty feet ahead of you, in the center of the blacked out stage, is a doctor's examining table. A single spotlight highlights the table. A shiver runs up your spine and your stomach tightens at the sight. It is obvious where you are heading. The girls move forward, pulling you behind them. You are told to lie on the table on your back and you do so. You adjust yourself to the end of the table. Your feet are strapped to the stirrups and your hands are attached so they are stretched above your head. The table back is lifted so that your head and back are tilted to a partially sitting/reclining position looking down between your legs. The stirrups are spread far apart and your knees are fastened apart also. One of the women reaches down to spread your already wet pussy lips and then you are left there. A moment later a, you hear a voice through the sound system of the Auditorium, "This is our subject for today. As you can see, she is a submissive. Her pussy is kept shaved and she is already wet as a result of her bondage. Today, you will see how she responds to nipple and breast stimulation, being sucked and strong stimulation of the genital and anal areas. Volunteers should now make their way to the stage." You are shocked beyond belief! First to hear the voice at all then what is this about volunteers!? The lights in the auditorium go up slowly and you see that it is a packed house. There must be 200-300 people sitting there and you are helplessly exposed. Several people, the 'volunteers' are already moving toward the stage. Soon there are several men and women waiting for their chance to touch you. The black man instructs the first two, a pair of young girls, to begin playing with your breasts. The begin stroking and caressing them. He shows them that pinching your nipples hard turns you on and you feel the fingers of the girls as they pull and pinch the sensitive nipples. You close your eyes for a moment at the pleasure. Then he shows the girls how to attach nipple clips that will pinch you continuously. Through it all, the disembodied voice in the sound system keeps a running commentary. The two girls leave and a young man takes their place. He is shown how wet you become when he grasps your pussy lips and spreads them widely and firmly apart. He is shown exactly where your clitoris is and you feel his tongue slide across it. You let out a loud moan. The black man stops him just before you come. A young couple now approach. She is instructed to lubricate your bottom. She begins tentatively and you feel her thin finger slide slowly into your anus. The man meanwhile, continues to play with your soaking pussy. The double stimulation of your pussy and ass continues until you think you'll scream. You hear a movement to your left and you turn your head to see what it is. One of the women is moving a medical stand on which is hanging a large red enema bag. You think for a moment that you should be concerned but you are so hot that you don't care. The woman between your legs withdraws her finger and begins sliding the long thin enema nozzle into your bottom. The man is still stroking your pussy. A moment later you feel the warm water gushing into you. As soon as it is finished, the girl removes the nozzle and replaces it with a vibrating butt plug. Your stomach is very tight with the water of the enema and the vibrating plug is driving you crazy in a hurry. The man now drops his pants and with one long stroke slides his cock into you. This stimulation is the last straw. Between the pinching of your nipples, the fullness of your belly, the vibrator in your ass and the warm cock in your pussy, you are able to last only a couple of strokes before you begin coming as never before. You ass tightens on the vibrator and your vagina on his cock. You scream out at the sensation. This sets him off too. He joins his cries to yours as you come together. The audience leaps to its feet to applaud an outstanding performance. You hear their clapping continue as you are unfastened from the table and led off the stage. Some time later, after you have been cleaned up and refreshed, you find yourself back in the room where the evening started. You are dressed again in your blouse and skirt. One of the women says, "We have a present for you." She holds up the vibrating butt plug. "We'd like you to wear it on special occasions. Will you wear it now?" You look at the floor as you whisper, "Yes." She smiles, "Please turn around and bend over.", she says. You do so and you feel your skirt raised to your waist. The vibrator is cool from the lubricant coating it but the sensation of it sliding into your bottom is very exciting. You leave the room and are guided to the parking lot. In the car again you feel the fullness of the plug in your behind as you sit down. I reach over to touch you as I demand you tell me everything. Remembering the last couple of hours you come again and again. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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