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Related article: Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 02:27:19 -0800 (PST) From: niftystoryteller Subject: 38 degrees in the shade, chapter 2Warning: the following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your jurisdiction, then read no further. If you have any feedback or encouragement, or would like links to some of my other stories, feel free to drop me a line at niftystorytelleryahoo.com.---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The kitchen at the back of the house was enormous. The walls gleamed with acres of white tile, the blue-enameled cabinets housed enough cookware and dishes to produce a royal banquet, the iron range looked like its eight burners could channel the fires of hell, and, in the center of it all, a time-scarred oak table stood guard. That was where I was sitting, watching Luc prepare a dessert for us. He seemed completely oblivious to his nakedness, or to mine, as he sliced cake and washed berries. He arranged these elements on an exquisitely hand-painted plate that he had retrieved from the neighboring butler's pantry. "Just one, no two, more things," he said as he set the dessert on the table. Going to the refrigerator, Luc retrieved a bottle of champagne and, from the freezer compartment, a pint of ice cream. He handed me the bottle. "Maybe Preteen Galleries you open this while I get the glasses?" "Maybe I'll cause the second explosion of the night," I remarked wryly. Luc leaned down to kiss me, lingering long enough against my mouth to cause my cock to rise to eager attention. He gently stroked it as his tongue slid over mine. "Maybe even that will not be the last one, si nous avons de la chance," Luc said before he reluctantly pulled back and stood in front of me. Still sitting, I placed my hands on Luc's hips and allowed my fingers to trace the stark line separating his tan torso from the pale skin that was ordinarily hidden from view. My index fingers met just below his belly button, and I followed the trail of dark hair down to where his own cock was lengthening and thickening. Leaning forward, I took it in my mouth and used my lips to roll the foreskin back. Luc exhaled in a slow whistle as he lifted his right foot and placed it on the seat of an adjacent kitchen chair. His crotch was wide-open for me. Several minutes passed as I sucked him very thoroughly, very deliberately. But I was in the mood to tease a little, and I pushed him back. "Weren't you going to get me some champagne?" I said. "I didn't think that this big banana was going to be dessert." "Tout de suite," he replied. "And then..." He left his thought unfinished, but without any mystery. We shared the dessert in complete silence. And yet there was absolutely nothing uncomfortable about that fact. In that moment, conversation would have been uncomfortable, or inappropriate, or at least artificial. Any attempt to have a rational dialogue would only have distracted us from the completely physical plain on which we were operating. We were both acutely aware of the buttery, nutty taste of the almond cake, the tart sweetness of the berries, the coolness of the ice cream, the mineral effervescence of the wine. And we were even more aware of the smell, the heat, the erect excitement of our bodies. Finally, the plate was empty. Watching me with his dark eyes, his eyes that were heavy-lidded with desire, Luc replenished his crystal flute from the cold, sweating bottle. Reaching out, he drizzled the straw-colored liquid across my smooth chest and down over my stomach. The cool stream drenched my pubic hair and coursed down my erection. Instinctively I leaned back in my chair and opened my legs wider as I was bathed in Dom Perignon. Glass exhausted, Luc grabbed the bottle and tilted it first against my lips and then his. I saw stars when he pressed his lips against mine and we shared the sparkling wine. I closed my eyes as he began to nibble his way down my body, pausing to tease my large brown nipples, lingering over the flat plane of my stomach, plumbing the depths of my navel, before finally reaching my erection, which sprouted proudly out of my Preteen Galleries now damp triangle of hair. "I like your smooth body," he said, tracing his index finger between my nipples. He moved his mouth up to suck first one, and then the other, before placing my hand on his chest. My fingers roamed across his hard pectoral muscles, which were covered with a carpet of short, dark hair. "Can you feel my heart? You make it beat very hard." He kissed his way up from my wrist to the crook of my elbow. "I also like the hair on your arms. It is like spun gold." Standing up, Luc pulled me to my feet. We embraced, holding each other tightly, grinding our erections together. There was complete contact between our bodies, from our heads down to our toes. I pressed myself hard against him, wordlessly communicating all that I felt and desired. Luc put his lips against my ear. "Viens avec moi," he murmured. Taking me by the hand, he led me down a short hall and up a narrow staircase. First one flight, and then a second. At the top was another door, which he pushed open, Preteen Galleries revealing a large room. It was dominated by a mammoth four poster bed. Overhead, a large skylight revealed the night sky. Stark white walls provided a backdrop for a jumble of paintings and prints that blared a cacophany of color After stopping by a small table next to the bed to retrieve a bottle of lube, Luc guided me into a gleaming bathroom. I don't think that I had ever seen that much marble in one place. "Will you join me in the shower?" he asked, already knowing the answer. Was I really in any position to refuse? The sensation of his lathered body sliding against mine was even more delicious than dessert. Jets of warm water coursed over us from above and from the sides, and his lips seemed to find every part of me. When our cocks touched, it felt like an electrical circuit had closed. My lust fed off of his, and his off of mine. And then he turned around, allowing me to nestle myself in the crack of his ass and reach around his body and hold him tightly against me. My hands moved up and down his torso, across his chest and stomach, traveling from his cock to his nipples and then back again. "Fuck me," Luc said softly. I knelt down behind him and opened his furrow wide. His anus looked moist and expectant. Reaching over to the bench at the back of the shower, I grabbed the bottle of lube and smeared some of the slick fluid over his puckered skin. Luc shivered a little when my finger made contact, and I gently traced the fringe of sparse, dark hairs that ringed his hole. A little tentatively at first, I first poked one finger through, and then two. I wanted him to be ready to accept me. There was no doubt that I was ready Preteen Galleries to be inside of him. Sitting down on the bench, water still spraying down over us, I positioned Luc over my glistening cock. He lowered himself just an inch, allowing me to gain entrance. "Ohhh," he groaned as he struggled to accomodate my thickness. I placed my hands under his muscular buttocks, giving him support, silently communicating to him that he would not need to take more than he could handle. He responded by allowing his body to sag a little, transferring some of his weight to me, causing my biceps to flex as I held him suspended, impaled in mid-air. Gradually, his comfort level increased, until I could tell that he was actively pressing down, signaling to me that it was okay to push deeper inside. I relaxed my grip on him, and he did not hesitate to slide down my entire length in one smooth motion. We just sat there like that for a moment, rocking against each other, reveling in the way that we fit together like interlocking pieces of a puzzle. Luc leaned back against me, and I put my arms around him, allowing me to feel his breath rise and fall in jagged gasps. Deep inside of him, I could feel the strong tempo of his pulse. Or was it my pulse? Or had our pulses merged? Slowly at first, and then more insistently, I began to fuck him. Using my cock like a long and thick digit, I probed deep inside, exploring every hidden recess and outcropping of flesh. Hoisting himself up with his strong arms, Luc suspended his very fuckable bottom directly above my groin, and I did my best not to disappoint him. Soon I pushed him up onto his feet and took up a position behind him. He spread himself wide in front of me, braced up against the wall, and every long stroke produced a groan of pleasure Water poured down on both of us. Bending over to kiss him between the shoulder blades, I tasted the sweet rain, and his sweet flesh. Luc turned his face to mine, and our lips met. I wanted him so badly in that moment. And I had him. I had him. I had him in the shower. I had him on the floor of the bathroom. I had him on the bed. I had him with his legs thrown back. I had him spread wide, his ass open to my hard cock. I had him writhing below me as I fucked him. I had him riding on top of me as I explored the geography of his body. I had him leaning down against me as I thrust deep iand hard. And I finally had him once again under me, as I slowly rocked back and forth inside of him, as I gently stroked his cock, as I kissed him, as I felt his body stiffen, as his cum flowed over my fingers, as I reared up and buried myself to the root, as I shuddered and yelled and was more alive than I had ever been. And when it was all over, I was spent. Exhausted in the best possible way. Once again, not a word was spoken as we lay there, as we rinsed off in the shower, as we used the one shared toothbrush, as we each took a final leak, as we curled up against each other under the crisp sheet. Our eyes, our lips, our hands said all that needed to be said. There was simply nothing more to be said.
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