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Related article: Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 18:40:32 -0400 From: Sleep Memory Subject: 24 Boys, Part 3: Johnny (Summer 1967)This story is the third part of a series called "24 Boys" which recalls the days of the late 1960s through the mid-1970s, when no one talked about homosexuality or about boys experimenting with sex with other boys. But it happened anyway, of course; you just had to figure things out for yourself. The stories are a combination of memory and fiction. All the names have been changed.The usual disclaimer applies. Do not read this story if you are offended by detailed accounts of boys having sex with other boys. Do not read this story if it is illegal for you to do so where you live.Thanks to everyone who has written to say that they enjoyed the first two parts. I really appreciate it, The scene shits back to Chicago for Part 4.Comments are welcome at: sleepmemoryhotmail.com Johnny (Summer, 1967)Johnny Letts was the big brother of my new friend Davey -- we were twelve and Johnny was fifteen. The first time I saw Johnny was in some family pictures that their grandma had in the cabin where she and Davey were staying on Raccoon Lake. My family had a house at the lake where I spent every summer and, this year in particular, it had been really lonely until I met Davey. Ever since Davey and I had sealed our friendship exploring the deserted island in the middle of the lake (see Part 2 of "24 Boys") we'd become inseparable. It had been just eight days since we met, but we'd gone everywhere together and had become best friends. But with Davey's older brother arriving up from Milwaukee on Sunday, we both knew that our activities were going to have to change -- particularly the secret games we played on the island."I don't want to take him there," Davey had said, "I want the island to be just for us." We weren't sure how we were going to get away from Johnny to get to the island, but we also couldn't stand the thought of giving up the daily dick play that we both loved. Davey knew he was going to have to do things with Johnny like swimming and miniature golf and fishing and while I could tag along with the two brothers, it wouldn't be the same as us being alone. If Davey and I could get away from his brother, there were places other than the island where we could do things with each other, but it was only there that we could get hours-and-hours together to suck each others dicks, talk, play cards, explore, and then suck and jack some more. In a week, Davey was going to go back home to Milwaukee along with his brother -- there weren't many kids who stayed at the lake the whole summer the way I did -- and so unless we could figure out something, tomorrow was going to be our last day of full time jacking and sucking. We were planning to make the most of it.But tonight, Davey was in the middle of another endless game of cribbage with his grandma. Davey's grandma was nice, and I'd learned not to mind their nightly games, especially since Davey and I spent all the daylight hours roaming around in each other's company. I sat in a big armchair while they played, occasionally looking up from my book of Sherlock Holmes stories to glance over at Davey, running my eyes along the length of his tanned legs from where his plaid shorts ended down to the flat protrusion of his ankle bone above the high arch of his slender bare feet. Sometimes he'd jiggle his leg up and down or arch them under his chair, with just the balls and toes of his feet making contact with the floor. Then, every once in a while, he's break his concentration on the game and look over at me. He was so great looking that one time I got a boner just from the smile he gave me. Davey had these big lips --- lips I'd felt on my dick every day since we started going to the island --- and thinking of them I got even harder. I positioned the Sherlock Holmes book over my lap just in case his grandma was more aware of what we were up to all day than I thought.After that, I couldn't quite concentrate on "The Red Headed League." I thought about going to the bathroom of the cabin to jack but, on second thought, wanted to wait until Davey and I could do it together; every night, after the cribbage game, we usually went out to look at the stars and we'd found a low spot over near the boat launch where we could at least jack together without anyone noticing. Then I'd walk the path back toward my family's house, where my mother would usually be sketching or reading the newspaper. I went to bed early a lot now, since all I could think of was Davey -- his straight, thin dick with its small, perfectly shaped purple head; his full lips around the shaft of my dick; the feeling of taking one of his balls gently in my mouth and sucking on it, which he loved; the way he'd stroke my dick, almost absent-mindedly, when we'd been laying quietly together in-between bouts of sucking. As much time as we spent at each other's dicks during the day, I still jacked Naked Preteens every night thinking of him before falling asleep.Davey turned his attention back to the cribbage game and, trying to distract myself at least long enough to get my boner down, I put down my book and walked over to the mantle, where his grandma had arranged some family pictures in individual frames. A few of the pictures had Davey and Johnny in them, though most were pretty old. In one, Davey was a toddler and his brother Johnny was kindergarten age, dressed in a striped shirt and holding a stuffed animal by the ears. The most recent one had both boys with bows and arrows wearing identical camp t-shirts and you could see how different they looked --- Davey with his wavy brown hair, big brown eyes, and smile and Johnny with straight blonde hair cut short, thin lips and no smile, staring directly at the camera. Then there was another photo, just of Johnny in a Boy Scout uniform, with a sash of merit badges crossing his chest. From what Davey had said, Johnny sounded a lot more serious than his little brother; he was a star player on his Senior League baseball team and a whiz at math. Davey had also told me that Johnny had gotten really weird about not wanting to be seen naked, even by his brother, ever since he started talking about girls about a year ago; neither Davey nor I were interested in girls yet, and I wasn't so sure I ever wanted to be. Just looking at the photos, Johnny sort of scared me. When I went back to the armchair and picked up my book, my boner was definitely gone.* * * 2 * * *The day of Johnny's arrival, Davey had to stay near the cabin. I decided to go to the float and practice some dives -- Davey was a member of the junior swim team at home, and it was a running joke between us that I was such a clumsy diver and slow swimmer. Davey had told me how the relay team, on which he was the anchor, had a secret tradition in which the four boys sucked each other the night before the swim meets for good luck; he'd joked that while I'd never make the squad on my swimming talent, that my skills at doing 69 -- which he'd introduced me to -- would definitely qualify me to be a team manager.I took the motorboat out to the raft and stated practicing backflips, pretending that Davey's hand was on my butt guiding me the way he always did. In between dives, I heard a voice in the distance across the lake and looked toward the shore where I could make out Davey standing near the boat dock at the Pine Cove cabins, where they were staying. Davey waived and indicated I should do another dive. Instead of his swim team speedos or his plaid shorts, he was wearing a pair of my swim trunks, the maroon and black striped ones that were my favorite. The day before, he'd asked me to lend them to him, I didn't know why. I waived back to Davey, then perched myself at the edge of the float, leapt up slightly, and flipped backwards into the water. I thought the dive was pretty good, but when I bobbed back to the surface and wiped the water out of my eyes, I saw that Davey was shaking his head comically -- it was too far to see the expression on his face, but I knew he was smiling.After a few more dives, I decided to take a break and laid down on the beach towel I'd brought with me to the raft. Davey was out of sight; I figured he'd been called inside. I went down into the speedboat and got my book to read and an apple I'd brought for a snack, and then just stretched out in the sun. Occasionally, my thoughts would drift and I'd rub my dick a little, but just a couple times and quietly so nobody passing in a boat could tell. The red swim trunks I was wearing had the advantage of being a bit looser than the maroon and black ones Davey had borrowed or the jeans cut offs that I wore almost every day and I found I could flip my dick up toward my stomach, with the head poking up slightly past my waistband, so that I could rub it against the warm deck of the float. Every once and a while I'd get hot and, rearranging my dick in the swim trunks, I'd jump into the water to cool off. Except for after bedtime, it was the most time I'd spent alone since I met Davey, but I was thinking of him constantly.I'd taken another dip in the lake when I heard my name called. I looked toward the shore and saw a canoe coming toward the float with Davey in front and a bigger, blonder boy at the rear -- his brother Johnny. I pulled myself up onto the float and waved, then watched them approach. Davey was wearing the pair of swim trunks he'd asked me to lend him along with his junior swim team t-shirt. Johnny, I could see was in black speedos and was shirtless. From all the baseball he'd been playing, Johnny had a deep tan on his face, his lower arms, and the V of his neck, but where the uniform jersey had been covering his flesh he was pale white -- like he was wearing a ghost shirt. His legs looked pretty white as well. I felt a strange sense of pride that Davey and I both looked so tan from being outside together day after day, usually just in swim trunks or shorts.When the canoe docked at the float, Davey climbed out first to tie the bow line to the top rung of the ladder, hopping up and down a bit as the planks scorched his bare feet. He introduced me to Johnny and the three of us sat on the edge of the float, with our feet dangling over the side. What I couldn't tell from the family photos in which I'd seen Johnny was what deep blue eyes he had. His hair was even shorter than in the photos, nearly a buzz cut,. His shoulders and chest were muscular in a way that Davey's and mine weren't and he had small blond patches of hair under his arms. After a while it occurred to me that Davey, with his brown eyes and wavy brown hair actually looked more like he was my brother than Johnny's, and I felt a surge of pride again that he and I seemed so alike. Johnny talked a lot about the baseball championships he'd been playing in (his team made it to the semifinals, but got eliminated in a game where Johnny had gone three-for-four) and then the three of us talked about the things we could do the next day.Davey had stood up to follow a hawk with his eyes and then, without warning, Johnny yelled out "king of the raft," jumped up and pushed Davey into the water. I leapt up to see if Davey was okay, felt a push from Johnny's hands on my back, and then I was in the water too. "You're gonna die John John, " Davey called out, half laughing but also half-angry. Davey and I were treading water within a few feet of each other, with Davey in his soaked t-shirt. He made a hand motion and we swam to opposite sides of the raft so that Johnny would be surrounded. Davey tried to climb up first, but Johnny flipped him back into the lake. By then, though, I was up on the float. Rather than try to shove Johnny off, I darted around the sides of the float to give Davey the chance to climb up. Johnny figured out what was happening, but he was so strong that it took a few tries for the two of us to overpower him and send him over the side with a big, satisfying splash. Davey and I yelled in triumph and grabbed each other's shoulders, Davey's wet hand and arm on across the bare flesh of my back and mine across his sopping t-shirt."Okay," Johnny sputtered, "now you guys have to compete to see which of you is the new king of the raft.""We're both kings," Davey said, "co-kings.""That's stupid, Dave-o," said Johnny, "there's no such thing Naked Preteens as co-kings. Hey," he pointed at me but spoke to Davey, "I'm putting my money on your buddy in the red trunks to whip your swim team ass." I later found out that there was a rivalry where Davey and Johnny lived, between the kids like Johnny who played the big team sports and those who played "wimp" sports like swimming, cross-country, and tennis.For once, my bookishness came in handy. "There is such a thing as co-kings," I said. "In ancient Sparta they'd elect two kings at once, one for times of peace and one for times of war." Then I whispered in Davey's ear "the Spartans also played their athletic games t-o-t-a-l-l-y naked""Yeah," Davey yelled at Johnny, laughing "we're Spartans and you'll need to surrender to both of us to get back on the raft." And suddenly I thought I knew whey Davey had wanted to borrow a pair of my swim trunks -- he wanted us to be like the brothers and Johnny to be the outsider. The thought caused my dick to rise and I put my hand on Davey's back, in-between where he sharp shoulder blades stuck out in the sopping t-shirt he was still wearing."Okay, okay," Johnny said, "I just wanted to make things fun. Besides, me and my friends play by American rules, not like ancient Greeks. I'll surrender now and kick your little Spartan butts later." When Johnny started to climb back up onto the float, Davey whipped off his soaking t-shirt and winged it straight at his brother's face. The wet t-shirt hit Johnny squarely and Davey let out a cheer of "yeah Spartans" and jumped on my back, his wet flesh cool against mine. Johnny started laughing too, and while he pulled himself up onto the raft Davey grabbed both my shoulders from behind and pulled me to him so that, for a brief second, I could feel the boner in his shorts. "We gotta find a way to get away from Johnny and play some Spartan games,'" he whispered in my ear.* * * 3 * * *The next two days, Davey and I spent all our time with Johnny. It was hard for the two of us to get time alone and even our goodnight jacking sessions under the stars had to be cancelled. Johnny was actually pretty okay, though he full of himself and talked constantly about playing baseball, how dumb most of his teachers were, and the girls in his class at school. Whatever the three of us did those two days, Davey and I usually found a way to join forces against Johnny. The first day, the three of us played a marathon badminton tournment, with Davey and I against Johnny. Davey and I played in swim trunks and barefoot with our shirts off -- the closest we could get to being Spartans in public. We probably would have played better in our sneakers, but we were enjoying being nearly naked with each other. Johnny wore his high school gym shorts and sneakers with his baseball jersey. The day was hot, and after a while he unbuttoned the jersey, so that it flapped while he ran. I noticed again how much more muscular he was than us and also, when we were taking a break between sets, that there was a thin trace a hair extending up from his shorts to near his navel. Johnny was such a good athlete that he managed to get under the shuttlecock even when he I tried to drop a shot in front of him -- and I was a pretty good badminton player.After the badminton tournament, when the three of us were laying in the grass, Davey pretended to pick a fight with me and we wrestled around laughing until Johnny pulled us apart. It was great just to roll around with Davey after so long and, when we were walking back toward the cabin, I tripped him and started to run so that he'd have the chance to chase me and retaliate. He caught up with me and we wrestled again. This time Johnny just watched. Davey pinned me, with his bare belly across my chest and one leg crossed over my crotch and made me say "Uncle," which I did, but not until after pretending to try and throw him off by rocking back and forth, grinding my chest against his midsection, both of us so slick and sweaty that our trunks started to slip off our butts. Johnny wasn't paying any attention to us and was just weaving some twigs together absent-mindedly. I kept hoping he'd just walk ahead so Davey and I could duck into the woods and get our dicks out. But Johnny just sat there until we got up. Davey brushed the pine needles, grass and dirt off my back and chest and said that he wouldn't let me off so easy next time.The next day, we all went to the Fun Park in town and Naked Preteens Davey and I competed against Johnny at bumper cars and slot cars racers. Then, that night, we decided to go to the old movie theater in town. It was showing a spy movie with Dean Martin and Johnny was excited to see it because it would be "full of babes." There weren't very many people in the theater, which usually wasn't very crowded except on weekends. Johnny bought a box of Milk Duds and Davey and I bought a big tub of buttered popcorn to share. After the travelogue, cartoon, and coming attractions, the movie started and Johnny's attention was totally focused on the screen, which was full of bikini-clad women. Davey and I were less interested in the movie and started playing a game where whenever one of us ate a hand of popcorn, he would wipe the butter residue on the other guy's shirt or shorts or legs while the other would try to stop him. We did our best to stifle our laughs, but Johnny still shot us nasty looks a couple times. "Stop being such dorks," Johnny said and turned his attention back to the screen, where Dean Martin was pressing a button that caused his big round bed to tilt upward and slide him and his girlfriends into a waiting bubblebath. I took another handful of popcorn and then I felt Davey's ankle press against mine and start rubbing up-and-down. My dick got hard instantly and I started thinking about how I could sneak my hand over to Davey's dick without Johnny, or anyone else seeing us.I got an idea, and said: "hey Davey, let's go up and sit in the balcony." I was gambling that Johnny, his attention fixed on the "babes" on the screen, would be glad to get rid of us and wouldn't follow. I was right. Davey and I got up and headed for the stairs to the balcony and Johnny didn't follow. The balcony was only six rows deep, but there was no one up there at all. I led Davey to the back row and to the right of the projection booth. I didn't think we could be seen from the projection booth or from below but slid down in my seat just to be safe. Davey did the same and then silently unzipped the zipper of his plaid shorts and pulled out his hard little dick. "Keep an eye on the entrance, " I said, and then leaned over and just got a taste of his dick in my Naked Preteens mouth. It had been so long! I could only get at the head and first inch, it was so awkward leaning over from my seat. Davey arched his back up from the theater seat so that I could get closer. I started moving my lips up and down, first just over his dick head but then as far as I could get down the shaft, I could tell he was stifling his groans. Then I was startled as the movie shifted from a night scene to one set in Naked Preteens broad daylight so that suddenly the theater was bright with light. I got really scared and pulled back, afraid of getting caught, my heart beating like crazy."Okay," Davey whispered when the scene shifted back to an interior, " this time you watch the entrance." He reached over, pulled down the zipper on my cutoffs and undid the button. Then he got on his bare knees in front of his seat and twisted his back so that he could get my hard dick into his mouth. I was so scared that we'd get caught that I only let him do it for a second or two, even though it felt so good. I used my arm to guide him back into his seat and then reached over and started slowly jacking his dick. He reached over and did the same. I still kept looking over at the entrance to the balcony, but was more relaxed as it would be easier for us to hide the jacking Naked Preteens than the sucking. I still longed to have Davey's dick back in my mouth, but soon I felt his hard-on start to throb and, not long after, mine started to throb in his hand as well. Then we both sat back, happy and relieved to have gotten at each other's dicks, and hardly watching the movie at Naked Preteens all."More popcorn?" Davey asked in a whisper. I didn't even realize he'd brought the tub with him. I grabbed a handful. "It's the Breakfast of Spartans" he whispered again, hardly able to stifle a laugh. And as we sat munching the popcorn and watching Dean Martin and his babes, I felt Davey's bare ankle begin to rub up against mine again."That was really dangerous," I said as the end credits rolled."Yeah, crazy . . . and the balcony floor is pretty disgusting, " he laughed quietly and moved my hand to show me where his knees were sticky from the soda residue on the floor. We saw from the balcony that Johnny was getting up, and met him in the lobby.After the movie, the three of us went to the Ice Cream Shop, where my mom had arranged to pick us up. Johnny went over to put money in the jukebox and Naked Preteens as his first song came on -- "Creeque Alley" by the Mamas and the Papas -- Davey leaned over the table and said: "Okay, I figured it out. Johnny sleeps really late. So what we need to do is sneak out right at dawn and get to the island then. I can leave a note for my Grandma just saying that we went out fishing.""Okay, "I said, "but how will we get up so early?""I'll come and get you," he said. "I'll scratch at your bedroom window. Tomorrow. Real early."* * * 4 * * *It was hardly light at all when I heard a scratch at the screen window of my bedroom and heard Davey whisper my name. "Hi. Give me a few seconds, " I whispered back. I'd brought a flashlight into my room and shined it through the screen at Davey; it was a chilly morning, but he'd at least worn a sweatshirt over the maroon and black striped swimming trunks he'd borrowed from me. I got out from under the covers and, hesitating for a second, decided that I'd wear my other swim trunks, the red ones. I pulled off the white briefs I'd worn to bed; my dick was hard, either because of the usual morning wood or because I knew Davey could see me in the beam of the flashlight. Once I had the swim trunks on, I grabbed a sweatshirt, pulled on my addidas without lacing them, then went over to the screen, and whispered to Davey "I'll come around the side." I'd already written a note to leave for my mom saying that Davey and I had gone out early fishing.I closed the door of the house quietly and could see Davey outlined in the near-darkness. He grabbed my shoulder when I came up to him and then reached down to my dick to give it a quick tug -- "nice woody" he whispered. I reached down and felt through his trunks for his dick, which was stiff like mine: "Yeah, you too."When we got in the rowboat the seats were wet with dew and only the faint outline of the island could be made out in the distance. I wasn't supposed to be on the lake at night, but I figured that my mom wouldn't wake-up until the sun was above the horizon and wouldn't know how early we'd gone out. Davey, who had taken the oars, seemed a little worried too, but then we looked at each Naked Preteens other, exchanged a smile, and he said in a hushed tone "this won't get us into anything like the trouble we would have been in if someone had caught us in that balcony last night." We both laughed. "Yeah, I said, "but my mom noticed that my t-shirt was reeking of popcorn butter." We laughed again, and Davey looked over his shoulder to keep us on course to the island.We got to the island, hid the boat, and walked the path to the clearing where the abandoned house and other buildings stood. Davey and I entered the through the loosened boards of the kitchen window. The chilliness of the morning, and sitting on the dew-moistened benches of the rowboat on the way there, had left both of us chilled, much like the first time we went to the island together (see Part 2 of "24-Boys"). Since that first time, we'd explored most of the rooms and storage spaces of the abandoned house and so, on the way upstairs to the big bedroom, we knew where to grab from the hall closet a big wool blanket with broad colored stripes. Like everything in the house, it smelled a little musty, but we'd gotten used to that on our visits. When we got to the big bedroom, under the eaves, we spread the blanket on the floor and then, with hardly a word, both stripped off the swim trunks that were soaked wet through the seat and then our t-shirts and sweatshirts. Wrapping the blanket around us, we curled around each other with hardly a word, our naked bodies pressed against each other for warmth.After a time, Davey unwrapped the blanket and maneuvered his body so that his mouth was near my dick. I started to shift myself into "69" position as I had had so often before in the eleven days I'd known him, but he stopped me. "Not yet," he said, "I really want to concentrate on your dick first." And with that, he started a slow movement with his lips up and down my dick, sometimes stopping for a moment to look up at me. Knowing this might be one of the last times we'd be on the island together, I watched his full lips on my dick, his wavy hair flopping on my belly, and tried to freeze the moment in my memory. After a time, we reversed positions and I moved my mouth to the base of his wonderful, straight and smooth dick, running my tongue around the place where the shaft of his dick met his torso and then around to that perfect ball sac. I felt his dick start to throb and just held the head in my mouth, waiting for that great feeling to subside. Davey fell back and shifted position so that his naked chest was again pressed to my back. Then he flipped the scratchy blanket over us again and quietly but intently jacked my still hard dick in his hand until I started to throb too.We laid together for some time, then Davey went off in search of a game to play -- on our visits to the island, we'd gotten into the habit of breaking up our dick sessions by playing cards or some of the old board games from the chest in the living room. Davey came back up the stairs, laid out a checkerboard on the floor near where a patch of sunlight was lighting up the floor, and set up the pieces. It was gradually getting warmer, and we abandoned the blanket and faced each other naked across the checker board. Lying on his side with his head propped up on one arm, Davey looked so great -- the round knobs of his shoulders, the tanned skin of his chest over his ribs, his deep brown nipples and the oval depression of his navel, the perfect V where his torso tapered down from his hip bones to his penis. I looked again at the place where his dick met his torso and thought how my tongue had licked at it just moments earlier.About midway through the game, Davey made a move with one of his pieces to the back rank of the board. "King me" he said. I placed Naked Preteens a black checker from the dead pile onto the live one to make it a king. After a few more moves, one of my red pieces made its way to his end of the board. "Now you king me, " I said. Davey took a red piece from the dead pile and made my piece a king. "Good, "he said, "that's how its supposed to be, with both of us kings." "Yeah, " I said, "Spartan kings. Though I think it was usually foot races and javelin throws and stuff like that they played naked, not checkers." We both laughed and played on just a move or two further before Davey moved over to my side of the board and pressed his lips to the base of my dick, then traced it with his tongue and started to lick up the shaft until his lips were at the curved flesh along the bottom of my dick head . I shifted myself into the "69" position we were so accustomed to and we started again our mutual and familiar movements of lips, tongues, and mouths.* * * 5 * * *It was nearly noon when we neared the boat dock at the Pine Cove cabins in the rowboat, and it wasn't a good sign that, when we got close, we saw Davey's grandmother and my mom together. It also didn't help that we'd failed to actually bring along any rods or tackle on our morning "fishing" trip, so they knew something was up. When we landed the boat, it was clear that they'd been worried and I felt bad. Davey and I had intended to get back no later than nine or nine thirty -- I'd even worn my watch -- but it was hard for us to leave the island. I'd also stopped to carve Davey's initials -- DL -- lightly (I figured I'd go back and make them deeper when I had more time) into the trunk of the tree next to mine and below those of my brother and sister. It was sort of against the family rules -- that tree was just for the initials of the brothers and sisters -- but I felt like the island was Davey's place too. We landed the rowboat at the Pine Cove dock and walked over to where mom and Davey's grandmother were sitting in some metal lawn chairs. They weren't too angry -- it would have been worse with my dad -- but we had to promise to stay in their sight or at least in Johnny's. So that looked like it for Spartan games, at least for that summer. I was already thinking about -- and hoping -- that Davey's grandma would rent the cabin again next July and was worried she'd be angry about our sneaking off and would take Davey and Johnny elsewhere next summer.My mom went back toward the house and Davey tried to get back into his grandmother's good graces by helping her get lunch ready. I went looking for Johnny, feeling a little bad about our having ditched him -- he was a pretty good guy, really. When we first got back in the rowboat, I thought I'd seen Johnny go into the old Pine Cove boat house, which wasn't used much in the summer when the canoes were left at the dock. As I was walking around the outside of the boathouse, I caught a glimpse of something through a window. I stopped and, peering through the glass, saw Johnny on his back on the floor of the boathouse, his gym shorts down around his ankles, his baseball jersey unbuttoned, and his hand furiously jacking his dick up and down. I could tell he wasn't far from his climax; he'd arched his back, his eyes were clenched shut, and his face was twisted in a grimace. I'd seen the dicks of boys Johnny's age at the Y in town, but never hard and I couldn't believe how long and thick it was -- almost angry looking. At that moment, with the memory of our morning on the island still fresh, I just didn't want to think that Davey's beautiful, perfectly-shaped little dick would look thick and gross like that some day; that the junction of torso and dick-shaft that I loved to look at on Davey's body would some day be covered with a dark patch of hair the way Johnny's was.Johnny's hand continued to pump furiously at his dick. I wasn't attracted by what I was seeing but I also couldn't stop watching. Finally I could see his hand begin to relax and then, all the sudden, I saw three jets of liquid shoot out of his dick and fly into the air of the boathouse. I'd heard about older kids "cumming" from my friend Billy, but still didn't expect it and let out a loud, involuntary laugh. Johnny looked up scared, then saw me at the window and his expression turned to anger. I took off and started running toward the path to my Naked Preteens house and thought I could get away, but Johnny must have pulled-up his gym shorts in an instant because it seemed like I could hear his footsteps behind me almost immediately. I tried cutting back toward the Pine Cove, but he changed directions with the instinct of a natural athlete and tackled me at the ankles so that I fell to the lawn."I'm going to kill you," he said, his face all red, and I believed him. "What the hell were you laughing at?"It took me a second Naked Preteens to catch my breath. He was still pinning me at the ankles. "I just hadn't seen that before, " I said "A guy shoot stuff like that." I could see he was calming down a bit. "I mean, " I added, "do you shoot like that every time?""Maybe not every time," Johnny said. "But I was horney as hell and it's hard to get privacy in the cabin." He started to look angry again. "Look, if you tell Davey about what you saw I'm going to be mad and, if you're not around, I'm going to take it out on him. I know you guys are pals but I don't want him knowing I still jackoff.""Okay, okay," I said. "But what's such a big deal about jacking? I mean, don't most kids do it?" I asked. But at the same time I felt a secret relief that Johnny didn't jack in front of his brother."Yeah," he said, "all kids do it. "But when you start chasing girls, you're supposed to stop so that you have stuff left for them." He thought for a second, and then added: "but it's hard to stop, especially since girls aren't like guys and don't mess around so easily." He paused again and released his grip on my ankles. "And seeing you two guys goof off, it is so friggin obvious that you're at each others dicks, it was getting me all horny remembering the stuff I used to do at your age."I didn't say anything, not wanting to betray Davey's confidence or admit anyone else into our secrets. Johnny was sort of looking off into the distance. "So you used to do a lot of stuff with other boys? " I asked."Yeah," he said. "It was great when I was your age." Johnny hesitated for a second, then flopped back on the lawn and looked up at the trees; he didn't seem to want to look me in the eyes. "Davey probably told you about the tradition of the guys on the Oakdale junior relay swim squad sucking each other before a meet. I was on the squad that started that. We didn't have many good swimmers that year and one of the kids on the relay squad, Derek, had the worst Naked Preteens freestyle stroke you've even seen. He sort of reminds me of you. He was a scrawny kid and swam third and we'd always lose so much ground by the time we got to our anchor, Matt, that the squad never got even third place. It was pathetic. So Matt got really frustrated one time and told Derek that if he handed him the lead just once, he'd suck his dick. Well, it looked like a safe bet but, like, the next day the head swim coach decided that he was going to make Derek's freestyle a special project of his, and, week-after-week, Derek improved so much that it looked as if Matt was going to have to pay up."Johnny shifted position so that his back was propped up on his arms. "Well, " he continued, "just a week before the end of the season, Derek swam a great stage and handed Matt the lead. Matt swam like hell and we won the relay for the first time. When Matt climbed out of the pool, all of us just looked at him, ready to laugh. The coach took us to Dairy Queen afterwards, and my friend Jim, the fourth kid on the squad, ordered a soft ice cream cone and just kept licking it around-and-around and looking at Matt and Derek and laughing. The coach had no idea what was going on and, when he went over to talk to a friend at another table, Derek told Matt he didn't have to pay up. Jim protested, but Matt was relieved and said thanks and he and Derek shook hands and left it at that. But we all kept talking about it, and after a while the four of us got in the habit of making these insane bets with each other, with dick sucking always the wager. Soon, before every tournament we'd be paying off bets, with our hairless little dicks in each other's mouths. The next year, we were the best relay team around, and we decided that it had to be because of all the sucking we did. So we made it a tradition for as long as we were on the team together.""Did you like it?" I asked. It seemed weird to me that Johnny and his friends had to dare each other and place bets in order to get at the other kids' dicks. With my friends Ted and Billy, and now with Davey, dick play had happened so naturally."Yeah, I loved sucking" Johnny said, "especially with Jim. He became my best friend and we'd suck and jack all the time. When he sucked me, he'd just claw at my ass to get as much of my dick down his throat as possible and even when I started shooting cum, he'd swallow it. We tried out for the baseball team together and both made it, Jim as a pitcher and outfielder and me at second base. But the baseball team was way different. The guys on the team are really into babes and you sort of had to have a girlfriend to fit in. Jim and I would double date and it was cool, but one night after a dance at high school we dropped our dates off at their homes and were both so horny that we fell back into sucking. We just devoured each other and it was great, but I could tell the minute that Jim came he was all weirded-out. He said he didn't want our friendship to go that way anymore. The strange thing is that Matt and Derek got to be even closer friends and they aren't alike at all the way that Jim and I are. Matt is on the b-ball team and has a really cool girlfriend, but I know that he and Derek still do stuff together.""So," Johnny said, tossing an acorn in the air, catching it, and tossing it again, "seeing you and Davey hang out, I remember how cool it could be to be twelve or thirteen. Once I finally find the right girlfriend it probably won't seem so bad, but right now, I'm kind of jealous of you guys." Johnny laughed and threw the acorn at my chest. I looked at it and thought, for the first time, how much acorns looked like little dick heads. For a second, I even thought about licking it to see what it tasted like. "Hey, don't tell Davey about this stuff, huh," Johnny asked. I nodded. "You guys are in boy heaven this year," Johnny said, "and I don't want Davey to know that his big brother only has his own five fingers to play with."I nodded again, silently changing Johnny's words in my mind to say that Davey and I were in boy kingdom -- boy heaven made it sound like we were angels and just from that great, devilish expression Davey would get on his face when he'd look up at me before putting his lips around my dick, I knew we weren't that. I couldn't imagine angels grabbing each other's dicks and, after listening to Johnny, I hated the idea that at some point I'd feel the need to give up dick play with other guys for the kind of stuff you do with girls. I reached my hand out to Johnny and said "I promise" and didn't quite stop myself before I made the stupid little kid gesture of crossing my heart with other hand. Johnny shook my hand and gave me a grin, but then looked away, sort of like he was embarrassed, and then snagged another acorn off the ground, tossed it high in the air and caught it behind his back.* * * 6 * * *I didn't like the idea of keeping secrets from Davey, but I never did tell him about discovering Johnny jacking in the boathouse or about the story his older brother had told me. Maybe it was because I felt sorry for Johnny -- that his best friend was acting weird and didn't want to jack and suck with him anymore (I mean, Johnny said that their friend Matt had a girlfriend but still did stuff with Derek). But it was also because my friendship with Davey put us in our own world and, with just a couple days left before he had to go back to Milwaukee, I didn't want anything to disturb it.The last two days of Davey's and Johnny's stay at Raccoon Lake went fast. Since the predawn trip to the island, Davey and I had to be pretty careful to stay in sight, but that morning had been so perfect that we didn't feel as anxious about knowing that it was going to be our last visit there, at least for that summer. On the Saturday before the brothers were going to go home, we took some bikes and went into town. Johnny had his baseball spikes tied over the center bar of the bike he was riding and, when we got to town, he rode over to the baseball diamond in the park to see if he could get into a pickup game. One of the town teams was playing -- I recognized a gas station attendant, a bank teller, and the son of the grocery store owner -- and even though they were all adults, they were willing to let Johnny play.Johnny took up a position in left field, and Davey and I sat on the couple rows of stands to the left of the backstop. It was a sunny day and, after an inning or so, Davey and I pulled off our shirts and just enjoyed the warmth. Johnny was such a great, natural ballplayer that the older guys on the team soon switched him to shortstop, where he made two amazing diving catches in a row. Playing out there with guys in their 20s and 30s, Johnny looked like a kid again and I began to see for the first time how neat looking he was. In the fifth inning, Johnny came to bat with a runner on second and hit a scorcher over the head of the other team's first baseman. Neither team was playing with a right fielder and, by the time the ball was chased down, Johnny had slid into home. When Johnny got back to the bench, one of the older guys on the team rustled his hair and Johnny's face broke out in this big grin. Davey and I stood and cheered and laughed. As we sat back down, I looked at Davey -- he was Naked Preteens back in his plaid shorts and he looked great, with his slim legs shiny from their thin layer of sweat. He'd kicked off his canvas slip-ons and his bare feet were propped up on the bench seats below. When Johnny made another nice play, I grabbed Davey's sun warmed shoulder for a moment and couldn't believe that I'd been so lucky to make such a great friend.After the game, Johnny came around from the team bench. His spikes were laced together and hung around his neck and he'd unbuttoned his baseball jersey to reveal his bare chest, which was dusty and sweat-streaked from the game. He looked kind of cool, really, and my eye drifted down almost involuntarily to locate the thin line of light hair that ran up from his waist toward his navel. Johnny looked tired but really, really happy. Davey pulled on his slip-ons and the three of us walked over to the walk-up window of the Ice Cream Shop. We ordered soft ice cream cones and then found a place to sit -- Davey and me, still shirtless, sitting with our backs against the side of the caf� and Johnny sprawled on the ground across from us, his open jersey showing that at leas he'd managed to pick Naked Preteens up some sun on his chest since he came up. We all talked about the game and then, sadly, about what we were going to do that last evening and night before the two brothers had to go home.That evening, the three of us got in one more session swimming and diving from the float on the lake on which I'd met Davey nearly two weeks ago. It was all pretty easy-going, with none of the competition and stuff from when Johnny first arrived. Then, that night after dinner, it was back to the cribbage board for Davey and his grandma. While they played, Johnny and I sat on the porch swing of the cabin and talked about things in general. Occasionally, my gaze would drift toward the cabin window, so that I could see Davey in the living room, as usual jiggling Naked Preteens his legs up and down, crossing and uncrossing his bare feet under his chair, sweeping his floppy brown hair out of his eyes with his hand. One time, I knew Johnny was following my gaze, but he was cool about it. I'd decided he could be a pretty okay big brother.It was hard saying goodbye to Davey that night -- they were going to check-out early the next morning and start the drive back down to Milwaukee. He gave me his address and we agreed to write each other. We thought that maybe we'd find a way to visit each other, but that seemed unlikely during the Naked Preteens school year. He was about to go to get my maroon and black swim trunks to give back to me, but I lied and told him that I'd gotten to like the red ones better and said he could keep them others. It was nearly ten o'clock, and I said "I guess I better get home." Davey just nodded and held out his hand for me to shake -- as close as we'd been, it still seemed like the right way to say goodbye.When I got home, my mom and dad were working on a jigsaw puzzle -- dad had come up for the weekend, the way he usually did. The puzzle was distracting in a good way and, even after they went to bed, I kept putting together the pieces that formed a painting of the canals of Venice, stopping occasionally to just think about Davey and how much I was going to miss him. It was probably near one o'clock when I got into bed. Thinking of Davey, I started to rub my dick slowly, but then it just didn't seem quite right and I stopped. I just laid back and replayed the last two weeks in my head, occasionally drifting off but never sleeping deeply.I was dozing when I was awakened by the sound of a fingernail scratching at the screen window of my bedroom and by Davey's voice whispering my name. I looked over at the glow-in-the dark dial of the alarm clock -- it was a bit before 4 a.m. "Hey, " he whispered. "I have something for you." I found the flashlight on the nightstand and shined the beam at Davey, then lifted the screen so he could climb through the window. He was in the maroon and black swim trunks, his camp t-shirt, and the canvas slip-ons; I was in the white briefs and t-shirt I'd worn to bed. Davey and I sat together on the edge of my bed and he handed me something wrapped in a brown paper lunch bag. I opened it and found the pair of swim team speedos he'd been wearing when we first met on the float."This makes you an honorary member of the swim team," Davey said, "or of my swim team, anyway." I thanked him and shined the flashlight onto his torso so that the light was reflected on his face without being in his eyes. "But you still need to keep practicing your backflip," he smiled."I will, " I said."Give me the flashlight and try them on, " Davey said. And in the beam of the flashlight, I pulled off my t-shirt and white briefs, showing the boner I'd had since I'd heard Davey at the window. I pulled on the speedos, which did nothing to calm the hard-on. "You look great, " Davey said, but then laughed with his voice rising slightly above a whisper, "but you probably want to tuck that rod under so it goes between your legs." I laughed back and started to rearrange myself in the speedos. Davey shifted the beam of the flashlight so that it was shining on his own crotch. My eyes followed the beam, and I could see his on dick was stiff in the swim trunks I'd given to him.""You need some re-arranging too, " I said and reached into the waistband of the swimtrunks to touch his bare, hard dick. We both knew where this was leading and in a matter of seconds, the flashlight was off and we were naked in my bed in the familiar 69 position. The darkness created its own mood, and our mutual sucking was slow, gentle, and long. There at the lake house, my parents bedroom was just on the other side of the wall, but our movements were so smooth and regular that the bed didn't squeak a bit once we were settled into our positions.After what seemed like the longest 69 ever, I felt Davey's dick pulse in my mouth. I hit my climax just moments after. We separated and shifted positions to fall asleep in each others arms. Once, I woke up and could feel a couple silent tears had fallen onto my shoulder. I didn't say anything, but knew then that Davey was going to miss me as much as I was going to miss him. When dawn came, he stood up and, before pulling the swim trunks and t-shirt back on, stretched with his arms behind his head so that his body was one perfect arc from wavy hair and smooth armpits to his narrow-arched feet, with the pivot at his perfect slender dick. My own dick got hard again. Davey dressed, and ran his hand from my dick up across my chest. "I'll write," he said, "you'll always be my best friend." And, grabbing his slip-ons, he climbed back out the window and disappeared down the path toward the trees.* * * Epilogue (Summer 1967) * * *For two weeks straight, I secretly slept in the speedos Davey had given me. My friends Ted and Billy did visit in August, but I was so afraid of losing the memory of those two perfect weeks with Davey, that I avoided getting into much dick play with either of them. This was good in another way, as while in Chicago I'd played dick games with Ted and did less innocent things with Billy, the three of us never did Naked Preteens naked stuff together and I didn't think Ted was even aware of what Billy and I did when we were alone with each other. Billy, Ted and I joked around in the bedroom at night -- Ted and I sharing the bed and Billy on the floor in a sleeping bag -- but I still thought of Davey all the time. But I never talked to them about Naked Preteens him; one day when they were visiting, I got a letter from Davey, but hid it and waited to read it until I could be alone for a while. Davey wrote that he was going out for track and field to practice for becoming a true Spartan with me next summer, but that his school didn't have any javelins, so that it would be my job to practice for that event.When Billy and Ted went back to Chicago, I spent several days locating long, straight branches to whittle into javelins. Then, when my mom would go out shopping or to see friends and I had the house and yard to myself, I put on the speedo Davey had given me and practiced my javelin throws, running forward barefoot and shirtless and launching the sharpened spear across the lawn, practicing until I could get good enough at it to teach Davey my technique when, as I hoped, he and his brother Johnny came up to Raccoon Lake again next summer.
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