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Related article: 2010 Qualifying 2 Thanks for all the mail and suggestions that I got. I appreciated all of them.Enjoy the next chapter and please let me know what you think at larenzaprinceyahoo.com2010 Qualifying Philipp Lahm was getting undressed after the Finland/Germany match after a great come back from behind draw in Helsinki. He lifted his red shirt over his head, exposing his firm, toned six pack to the dressing room. He knew that he was the envy of thousands of young German girls and maybe even a few men aswell. He walked over to the shower and started the water. He returned back to the bench and started taking his pants and boxers off just as Per Mertesacker walked into the dressing room."Hey Phil, what are you still doing here? Everyone is either in the bar or in the sauna.""Yes, I know but I was kinda budy talking to journalists after the game and now im late. Well at least I have the shower all to myself along with all the hot water."Per nodded and walked over to the loo to relieve himself. Philipp felt a warm feeling near his heart. He and Per have always been close as they had gotten into the German squad at the same time. He looked over to the tall, lanky German and Werder Bremen defender. There was just something about Per Mertesacker that made Philipp weak inside. He was naked as he walked over to the shower and let the warm water fall all over his strong and sexy body. His six pack was clearly seen due to the fact that his hands were above his head in washing his hair. Per finished his business and started walking to where he had last seen Philipp but instead he saw his buddy naked. Ofcourse it wasn't the first time, but still...Over in Croatia, Zagreb there was a party of a different sort as England celebrated loud into the night after their incredible and really unexpected 4 � 0 win over the Croats. It was revenge for them as Croatia was the team that costed them a place at Euro 2008. Theo Walcott was the hero of the hour with his first hattrick of his senior career. He sat on the bench without doing anything for a while to let all this new found fame sink in. He knew that what he did was big for the national team but quite frankly he was shaking in his boots. He wasn't used to all this attention and girls throwing themselves onto him. Preteen Nude Models That scared him in a boyish kind of way. Suddenly he heard screaming in the dressing room and he looked up when he saw Michael Owen standing there, talking to John Terry and David Beckham. Theo couldn't understand it, Michael wasn't in the squad so what was he doing here?In Heksinki, Per was still staring at Philipp's body in the shower to do or think about anything else. Per felt a movement in his pants as his cock was growing by the minute. He didn't know what he was doing. All that Per knew was that he had to be there in that shower...with Philipp. Philipp was dreaming about Per's tall body while he was washing his georgeous muscular arms and stomach that he didn't see Per step into the shower along side him. He felt a hand on his shoulder. Philipp turned around and there was Per...standing there in his simple green t-shirt and blue jeans, his blond hair wetting each second and the water dripping down on him, to emlighten that firm and sexy body that he was always hiding. Philipp has never seen a more beautiful sight than Per at that moment. He had to do something, he couldn't just stand there when faced with such beauty...Per gasped as Philipp's lips grazed his chest and when he pushed his head onto Per's tall shoulder. Per grabbed Philipp and embraced him in a strong hug, his arms going around Preteen Nude Models Philipp's back and softly rubbing him. Philipp kissed Per's neck and moved his face towards Per's face where the two German footballers's lips met in a passionate kiss. Philipp grabbed Per's shirt and pulled it off him, throwing it on the floor and running his hands all over Per's stomach, feeling the ripples of muscles underneath. Per Mertesacker was a serious underrated hottie. (Note from author: Take a second look at Per, he is really fine!) Per never let go of Philipp's lips while they kissed and he took it a step further as he plowed into Philipp's mouth in search of his tongue. The two tongues met, both of the horny boys sucking on eachother. Philipp reached upwards to run his hands through Per's hair as he pulled him closer. He couldn't get enough of the forbidden fruit.Theo was standing infront of the mirror, straightning his tie as he senced a presence behind him. He looked to his left and he saw Michael walking towards him. Theo had never been alone with the famous Michael Owen so he didn't quite know what to expect. Michael walked up to Theo and he stopped infront of him. Then he held out his hand."Congrats, mate. Not even I managed a hattrick on my first full debut. You did well out there."Theo was blushing like crazy when he heard Michael, THE Michael Owen saying that to a boy like him. He smiled, feeling his cheeks being as hot as hell. Michael sat next to him, putting his arm around him and pulling him close. Theo thought that that was a bit weird but he allowed Michael to buddy up to him, as he thought that it would do wonders to his career. Then he felt Michael's arm slipping from his shoulder towards his arm, rubbing it up and down very softly. Theo was in the position where his face was in the crook of Michael's neck and for some reason he rested his head there, feeling the warmth of Michael's body and the strong scent of Michael's aftershave. Theo was getting a bit uncomfortable as he felt Michael's hand caress his arm and moving it down to his leg, placing it on his thigh and rubbing it aswell. Suddenly Theo stood up, unable to carry on with whatever Michael was doing. But Michael stood up aswell and reached out to Theo, touching his chin and placing the palm of his right hand on Theo's face, keeping it there for a while and later letting the palm slide down to his neck. Theo was feeling sooo good with Michael doing this but this was wrong. Michael was his teammate, his colleague, and more importantly, he was a guy, a married man, and shit this hand was feeling so good on his soft skin...Per started to grind the lower half of his body into the smaller Philipp, exciting moans of how good it felt. Philipp grabbed Per's trousers and pulled them off, freeing his rock hard 8 inch German cock. Philipp took one look at it and he literally jumped on Per, holding him behind his neck and kissing the life out of him."Fuck me now..." he whispered into Per's ear.Per just nodded with pure lust and he gently placed Philipp back on the ground. He gently turned Philipp around and kissed his shoulderblades, while running his hands all over Philipp's delicious body. He could feel the solid pecs of the Bayern Munchen man aswell as in his chest while he glided his fingers over the strong, warm skin. Per carefully placed the head of his big cock in between Philipp's asscheeks and then he softly pushed."Shit man! Oh Shit it burns! Preteen Nude Models Push in faster, Per! No matter how much it hurts, I want all of you in me! Fuck me you sexy stud, fuck me Per!"Per pushed his cock into Philipp, feeling the oh so good emotion running through his male sex organ. He felt his stiff prick slide in and out of Philipp's ass as he fucked him. Philipp was wanking his own cock in rhytym with Per's thrusts as his balls was creating their sperm. Per grabbed Philipp's golden brown spikes and kissed it as he wanted all of the sexy little man. He could feel his cock inside his good friend...getting stiffer and heavier with each thrust. His balls were slapping against Philipp's hard cheeks and he was getting more hornier by the minute.� The water was running down Per' sexy 8 pack as his bosy moved in harmony with Philipp. His cock swelled up even more and somewhere in his mind he could feel his balls moving up his sperm towards the head of his big dick. "Per, don't you dare pull out! I want your Mertesacker family sperm in me! Shoot in me!""ARRGGGHHHH! Philipp! Philipp! Im gonna fucking cum man!"Per felt his cock explode as his German cum flew out of his cock and into his good friend. Philipp was rocking onto Per, feeling the warmth of Per's sperm running into him and down his legs. There was so much sperm as Per kept om cumming into Philipp over and over. Philipp's own cock opened up and blasted his cum onto the shower floor. It splattered everywhere and the sheer smell of man cum reeked in the shower. Per gently turned Philipp around and they melted into eachother, the one kissing the other deeply."Why are you doing this, Michael?" Theo finally managed to ask. It was just so weird. He looked up to Michael so much growing up and that same Michael was now caressing his cheek."Can't you guess why im doing this, Theo?" Michael asked softly.Theo shuddered underneath his touch. Michael slowly knelt down to his knees and reached out to Theo's trousers. Theo watched as if in a dream as Michael slowly started to unbuckle his belt bit by bit. Finally the belt was loose and Michael rubbed up and down his legs and caressing Theo's strong developing thighs. Theo so desperately wanted to stop Michael but this man was so fucking sexy...slowly he reached out his own hand and ran his fingers through Michael Owen's soft brown hair. How many men and woman hasn't dreamed about doing that before! He reached the back of Michael's head, caressing his soft hair as his cock got stiffer and stiffer...Theo's pants were pulled down to his legs with only his boxers getting in the way of his cock. Michael looked up at Theo and winked at him. Then he moved up to Theo's face and kissed him. He kissed him hard. Theo was exstatic! Michael Owen could have anyone that he wanted, but he was kissing him, Theo Walcott. Theo's 7 incher was getting in the way and Michael lowered his face once more. He gently took the boxers off and covered Theo's pre cummed cock in his strong hands. Theo moaned as he felt Michael's warm hands on his rock hard cock and through his blurred vision he saw Micheal lowering his head once more..."OH MY GOD, MICHAEL!" Theo screamed as Michael enveloped his cock with his warm mouth. Michael couldn't get enough of this young and manly cock and kept sucking over and over, feeling the strong and hard texture underneath his expert tongue. He licked Theo's cockhead, slurping his saliva around the mushroom head and sucking inside the piss slit. Theo's young balls couldn't keep this in any longer as he blasted his cum into Michael's mouth. Oh the slippery and creamy flavour of young teen cum! While Theo was getting his breath back, Michael stood back up, and fished his cock from his pants. He ran his hand over Theo's still hard cock, scooping off the Preteen Nude Models access cum and he started rubbing it over his cock. Michael sighed as he wanked his cock with Theo Walcott's cum as the lube. Michael groaned as he wanked his cock faster and faster and finally feeling that tingly feeling in his famous balls. "Quick, get underneath here!" Michael screamed.Theo fell over his feet in getting under Michael's cock and he started licking the tip of Michael's cock as Michael wanked it infront of him. The combined efforts of Michael's right hand and Theo's innocent tongue was giving Michael Owen's strong cock a massive pleasure as he shot his cum all over Theo's face. Theo screamed Michael's name as the white, thick streams of cum was racing down his face. He surely was going to remember the night that he scored more than just a hattrick.Any comments? Any suggestions on who to use next? Mail me at larenzaprinceyahoo.com
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