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Lolita Nude Pics

(2011-11-22 11:14:10)






Related article: 90-Minute Story This is a breakthough developement I made up, I wrote for an hour and a half completely from scratch. I had maybe a total of five minutes of planning beforehand and that was it, the rest was made on a whim and improvised. Since there was so planning and thus story arc involved, and also I had to make a beginning and end to a story in 90 minutes, so don't expect it to be so great, I didn't think it was heh, enjoy anyhow. :) 90-Minute Story "Mmm...oh yeah this is so good." I whispered, taking Jack's 7-incher out of my mouth to comment momentarily. I looked up at him and saw him trying to keep from moaning, his eyes closed tight. Picturing either me or some other person giving him a damn good blowjob, I hoped for the former on my account. "Mmm...suck me beautiful. You beautiful gorgeous George. Come on..." My name was Jerry, but I didn't care, I was giving head to the best looking kid in school. That's no understatement or lie either, cuz there were PLENTY of good looking boys in my school, believe me, and he was so perfect, good in every way. I didn't care if he didn't say my name; I didn't know anyone named George in our school. For all I knew he couldn't remember my name from all of the pleasure I was giving him. Sandy, brown hair. Eyes were... well they're closed so I didn't know. Nice thick cock, hard to get cock like that these days, in this school, or at least AVAILABLE cock. God I love saying that word. I smiled and shrugged and opened my big mouth and took another load of precum, hitting my uvula with brute force. It had been only three minutes since we started and we were both naked and I could feel his cock twitching already! "Oh yes...your taste is so magnificent...it smells like heaven..." I moaned out under the heat, having the time of my life and using lips and tongue and throat to work his cock best I could, better than what he had just done to my cock a minute ago, now THAT'S a fast and spectacular bj! "Yeah! And you taste awesome...and you smell like...like shit!" Jack moaned out shit and his cock throbbed again...I wasn't even paying attention to what he was saying...he could say I was a stupid piece of lard for all I cared. "Ick...promise me we won't do it next to the dumpster....AGAAAAIN!" And then he came. Boy did he cum! His hot spunk shot down my throat, not even touching my tongue...I almost choked on it! It was too much to handle and the other half dripped onto the ground. Where's the janitor when I need him anyhow? I was about to take Jack out of my mouth and lick the rest of him up when I heard angry footsteps behind me. I had no time to turn around, but I was fairly Lolita Nude Pics certain who it would end up being. "Jerry, geez! What the fuck are you doing?" The voice screamed. I flipped over, my recently spent cock protruding upwards. Was I now discovering a new fetish in getting caught? I hoped not... "Who are you?" Jack asked, covering himself up with his T-shirt and hiding behind the dumpster. "Oh him? That just my boyfriend, don't worry about it sugar." I said to Jack and smiled, then turned back to `the man'. Stupid haircut, stupid clothes, stupid person! I wondered why I even still considered us together. It was just fun, though. Maybe I took keeping my friends close and my enemies closer a bit too seriously, because I hated Ron's ass more than anything. We were an item one day after dating, that's all, and then it was nothing. NOTHING! I don't know why I even began dating him. Funny ain't it? "Consider me not to be your boyfriend anymore...unless you can give me a good excuse for your actions, a VERY good excuse." He lit up a cigarette, his eyes faking cruelty towards me in his stupid leather jacket. He didn't come out here to catch us; he came out here to smoke, as always. "Ok Ron, I was looking for a cyst on Jack's very inner thigh, ok?" I smirked and started putting my clothes on. "Heh...funny Jerry. A cyst, huh? It did look like a cyst though, as in you were a-sisting Jack here." He tried not to snicker to himself, but a stupid pun he thought was funny was a good pun to him. I often wondered why Ron stayed with me. "Can I say something?" Jack asked, raising his hand shyly. God he was so cute I just had to stand up and kiss him long and hard on the lips right then and there. "No, darling, you can't." I whispered into his ear. "Let's go back to class now." I took Jack's arm as he got back dressed and we walked back to our English class, but not before flipping Ron off and telling him we were through for real this time. We got back to class and of course Jack went off to his fun-loving, high-spirited buddies, and I to my intellectuals. He hated his group because they did all these crazy naked rituals and orgies all the time, and I hated my group because we didn't have ENOUGH sex. It was always math, science, philosophy, books, math, math, and more math! My best friend in the group and in the whole school was Alexander, but he wouldn't put out even if he had ten beers. It wasn't like I didn't try, he was as adorable as hell, with nice flashy eyelashes and this reddish-brown hair, smooth silky skin. I assumed his skin felt nice though, I had to. He was a very non-hands person, never dated or anything, I couldn't even put my arm around him. I hadn't come into any physical contact with him since I'd know him until we were doing math homework once and he dropped his pencil. When he leaned over to pick it up his forehead slid across my knee, and he even flinched then when he touched me. I mean, I loved him to death, he was a great friend, obviously will ALWAYS be just a friend, but what are you gonna do about it? I had looks, smarts, talent, ingenuity, and was voluptuous, well, to the classmates I'd slept with. That was about three or four, but still enough to prove something. My next conquest was Jack, and still is. Ahh, the boy in school everyone talked about but couldn't get their hands on. Who knew he had a crush on me? Obviously I did, or I wouldn't have started out my story by talking about giving him fallacio! "Where the hell were you, buddy? You smell like shit..." Alexander said as I situated myself into my seat, giving a lame excuse to the teacher for not being in class for such a long time. "Didn't you hear me when I said I had to get a drink of water? Dirty...dirty...water..." I told him. He looked at the clock, rolling his eyes in the midst. "That was at ten forty!" He screeched at me, geez what was up his butt? Obviously not what he wanted... "Yeah, and now it's a quarter to the hour." I said. "True, but it's a quarter to TWELVE!" His voice was heard almost throughout the entire room. "Will you keep it down? What's the big deal?" "This school has rules, it doesn't ask for much and we're damn lucky to have one like this, don't screw things up." He looked me in the eye. How could I say `no' to them, he knew what was best, he knew what I had been doing and with whom, and deep down I knew he was right, he always was. "Fine, Alexander...I won't do it again..." I began feeling down, but only for a moment, because Lolita Nude Pics I looked over to the opposite corner of the room and found Jack whispering to a couple of his friends, who in turn turned their heads and snuck a peak at me. I winked at them and smiled, to which they blushed and turned back around. Jealousy, how sweet it is! The idiotic bandana, tie-dyed laid back hippies who were filled to the brim with `gay pride' and couldn't get their mouth on one skin cell of Jack. Well I had, and now I had bragging rights, AND a rumor going around! I cheered up immediately. Alexander didn't know what he was missing by being celibate. The glory didn't stop then either, when I went to the locker room for gym class everyone was patting me on the back and shaking my hand and sucking up to me and stuff. Never before had that happened, I was proud of myself. I know how to get in good with these people, and I did. Now to just let it ride. I couldn't lay low, not now, not when all of the guys heard that one of their own, in their own school no less, actually got into Jack Lolita Nude Pics Livingstone's pants, and Jack got into someone's, MINE! Hehehe! I can't brag about it though, not openly, that would make me like a whore of the school. Now I know there weren't any girls that could say those sorts of things, but when you take the girls out of the school, other people will have to take their place. And then I could be called a whore. Grr, I'm getting myself down now! I should be happy, I got to taste a forbidden fruit no one else has, and it was Jack. Who else would I favor other than Jack? Finally the day ended and I planned on going home and calling Jack to see if he could come over to study. I walked with Alexander on my way home as usual. Actually Ron would walk with us, too. Not because any of us wanted to be in each other's presence, but just out of spite. We were a couple and thus we had to walk home together. This was the first time in months where I hadn't seen Ron with us. Finally, the spell had been broken and I could walk home with Alexander in peace. Something was different about him though; there was a strange mood I'd never sensed around him. We'd been best friends ever since I came to our special school five years ago. I could sense his feelings and he knew I could. It couldn't have been over what happened earlier, I did that shit all the time and he never complained. He never complained...why did he complain this time though? I hoped our friendship wasn't seriously hindered over this stupid thing? No, no it wasn't stupid; it was nice, beautiful. It was Jack. Yeah, Jack. We were about halfway to Alexander's house (his house was closer) when he decided to open his trap. "I don't understand you, Jerry." He said softly. "I don't understand you either, Alexander." This was our crude way of avoiding the word love. It was silly now to tell you the truth. We were seventeen and still couldn't use the word, while hundreds of friends in friendships at our school used it every single day. "No, really this time, why Jack?" "Why not Jack? I mean he's available, he's cute and sexy. He had a crush on me, Alexander! How could I not give in? I was in a lame pseudo-relationship and as far as I was concerned no one `liked' me or had a crush on me." I sighed out loud as I made my point. As I said it I realized how dumb my actions really were. Alexander turned his face away from mine; I couldn't see the cold stare of his eyes. "I've never seen you talk to Jack outside of class, or his friends. To you he was just another face in the hallway, and now he's your lover for some odd reason. He doesn't even love you." His words were more powerful than either of us knew. Of course he didn't love me, I knew that all along, I didn't love him either, I didn't need his love. That fact left the painful truth that he didn't want my love either. I'm just sex to him, maybe a conquest just like he was to me. I was nothing to him...nothing. It wasn't like Ron, with Ron is was a game, that's all, just a game, played by two enemies, this was different, we had sex...Jack and I. Before I knew it I was tearing up. Boys do cry in my school, I see it all the time. Nothing else to expect in an all queer school. "You're right..." I sniffled and wiped a tear. "Alexander, I wish I could be more like you, choose not to have sex. That way, you're only focused on love. That's all I really ever wanted out of people, was love." Alexander kept silent for a few moments, hearing what I'd never told anyone before. Heck, I didn't even know, it just came out. He had this way of making me do that though, he was a smart and shifty one. "We're more alike than you think, Jerry." He finally said. "And I'm not celibate, I want the same thing you do, that's all. Just because I don't have sex, I was looking for the right person, for love, and for someone who wants my love, not my...well...you know." Wow, all this time I thought he was celibate. How small-minded I was. Hey, look at that, a gay teen who isn't open-minded. I felt more like shit then. How did Alexander make me feel so bad for what I always did? He sighed and went on. "I'm kinda jealous you know." "Of me?" I asked, wiping another frail tear, my last one. "No...of Jack, and of all the other's you've been with, to an extent. I...I love you Jerry. I know we're friends and all and we're supposed to but...I...I don't feel the same way about the others as I do you. What I'm trying to say is..." He swallowed and then finished. "I've somewhat wished I could be your boyfriend. Of course Lolita Nude Pics you had one, but not really, and... to me you seemed more sex-crazed, but, maybe you're a changed person now, and that you really can love someone and not need sex...or maybe I'm just wasting my time...am I?" He stopped walking, right in front of his house, and looked me in the eye sincerely. I looked back into his, of my best friend's of five years. Yes, I loved him, but he was basically telling me that he was IN love with me. I had to believe what I said before; all I wanted was love. Yes, I do want it, I Lolita Nude Pics want it with Alexander if he feels that way, the person I can connect to the most out of anyone I'd ever known. Of course, it all made sense now. I tried to have sex with him, that was all. And if he let me touch him and that led to sex? We couldn't have been friends anymore, just like everyone else I'd have sex with. I hit myself mentally for being so dumb. This is right, Jerry. This is the right one, right here in front of you, asking for a commitment, trying to get in there before anyone else can. He was waiting for an answer. I searched deep down in my heart, all the way inside of my body. What was it telling me? My mouth opened and I let the beating of my heart choose my words. "Alexander, I...I...I love you, too. I really do. I don't want you for sex or for your body or anything like that. Fuck Jack, fuck Ron! If you want to be with me then I'd be more than happy to be with you!" As soon as he heard my words I saw the brightest smile I'd ever seen light up on his face and he reached his arms out, hugging me tightly. Oh, it felt so good; he had the tender touch I always imagined he had. It gave rise to many new emotions inside of me. The warmth and safety it brought. My love for Alexander tripled and I couldn't hold back my feelings any longer. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him back as hard as I could, never letting go, making up for years of neglect and stupid mistakes. What I always wanted was right here, and giving a blowjob to that boy, whatever his name was, was probably the best thing I could have ever done, now that I think about it. We broke our hug after some minutes, and he looked at me again, with his cherished eyes, and brought his lips to mine in the most tender kiss I ever had. My first real, emotional kiss actually. He loved it, I loved it, and I loved him, with all my heart. There you go, my story that I wrote in 90 minutes flat. I might do more in the future if I get some non-negative feedback for this story. Visit the rest o my website for my other great, award-winning stories and goodies. So IF you enjoyed this story, please contact me: Homepage: http://doom03.tripod.com/index.html Doom03yahoo.com ICQ: 25346408 AOL IM: Doom03
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