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Nude Preteen

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Related article: Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 17:33:29 -0700 From: Dream Spinner Subject: "Aaron: 2 Good 2 B" (t/t, celeb)Caution/Welcome. The following is a gay fantasy about fourteen-year-old Aaron Carter while on his 2002 Rock, Rap and Retro tour. This story does not reflect nor imply a real event nor the real sexuality of this hot young singer. It does represent the sexual fantasy of two teenage fans of Aaron Carter and of this author's work who requested a story involving themselves and agreed to appear together in the following fantasy. If you do not like reading gay fantasies about teenage boys or celebrities, this is where you stop and hit the back or delete key. It is the twenty-third of stand alone stories Nude Preteen in a series of Aaron Carter and Friends fanfic gay fantasies and chronologically follows the story "Aaron and Jesse: Disillusion Street". This story is posted at free gay adult story sites for the purpose of adult entertainment. Permission is not given to copy electronically for the purpose of redistribution or posting at sites other than described without the permission of the author. Comments and story suggestions can be sent to the author J.O. Dickingson at authorsixhotmail.com Comments will be forwarded to Levi and Jerry unless requested not to with Email addresses or other identification removed. AARON: 2 GOOD 2 B Gonna make a connection Cuz I know I got take 'em high And I'll show you how to rip up a kicker If that's alright Got the way you're Ridin' the half pipe There's something 'bout The look in your eyes Can you prove why doncha show Me a trick or two And let it fly. Day twenty-four of the tour, concert fourteen, twenty-three days and sixteen more concerts left. Having just taken a three-day break, Nude Preteen Aaron was pumped and ready to go. It had been a great tour so far and he was riding the wave knowing how fickle fans can be and how tenuous life as a teen singing icon is. The recent emotional breakup and bitter fallout of his winter opening act, Dream Street, was close-to-home proof of that. All the more reason to go solo and rely on groups to open for him, especially up-and-coming artists that can get the audience revved up but not shadow him. His current opening groups, Jump 5, No Secrets and Triple Image fit that bill. So there he was that hot Thursday afternoon at the mall in Raleigh, North Carolina, only a few hours before his performance at the Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek. It was an awesome outdoor facility, recently built, with a reserved seating capacity of seven thousand, and lawn capacity for another thirteen thousand. Twenty thousand hot, sweaty, screaming fans hanging on every word that came out of his mouth, squealing with every move he made on the stage. Now that was a rush! At the moment though he was just another typical fourteen-year-old kid hanging loose at the mall, checking out the video store and hot guys at the arcade. Well, okay, perhaps the latter wasn't typical, but it was a pastime of one out of every ten guys according to statistics Nude Preteen he'd read. That one out of every ten guys was Nude Preteen gay didn't surprise Aaron. In fact he figured it was probably higher since everyone doesn't tell the truth, especially about that, and it would be especially higher in the entertainment industry in that there seemed to be more gays and lesbians in the entertainment field than in other jobs. If you added bi's and curious straights besides, it gave a guy like him a good chance to hook up for some hot fun almost wherever he went. That was the theory. In actuality, it had been twenty-six days since he'd had sex with a boy, twenty- six days since his hot weekend with Jesse McCartney. It had been fantastic, the two of them getting it on in Jesse's bedroom an hour after his arrival in New York City, and keeping it up until half an hour before he headed to the airport to go back to Marathon two days later, but twenty-six days of abstinence is a long time when you are fourteen. That hot Thursday afternoon checking out the local eye-candy in Raleigh had gotten him horny as fuck. Come to think of it, that was typical also. Aaron smiled with the thought. Besides being horny, he also had to take one hell of a piss, the result of the three bottles of Coke he'd downed over the past hour to combat the North Carolina August heat. It was a small washroom, half a dozen urinals and three stalls. Normally he would have gone to one of the stalls even just for a leak. The last thing he needed was for some fan to broadcast on all the fan sites that he'd seen Aaron Carter's dick, not that his size was anything to be ashamed of. This time however there was a cute guy at the urinals, a kid about his age, maybe a year younger, five-foot-seven, hundred and twenty-six pounds, black-spiky hair, eyes a dark brown, almost black, and a silver stud in his left ear that looked like some sort of Chinese symbol. He was wearing blue raw denims and a black shirt with a flames print licking up from the bottom and the sleeves and back, and he was just about to take out his dick. Taking a chance and wanting to check him out, Aaron stepped up to the urinals, leaving one urinal between them. He caught the flicker in the kid's eyes when he glanced over at him. He'd been recognized. Well, he'd give the kid something to tell his buddies or maybe his girlfriend that evening. He pulled out his dick and let loose. The kid immediately lowered his eyes, checking him out, and standing to the kid's right, the kid had a good view of his dick in that he was holding it with his right hand. He glanced over at the kid's. Fair was fair. He could not believe what he saw. The kid was hung like a fucking horse! He glanced up at the kid's face again. Shit he was hot and he had to be younger than himself by at least a year, but he had one of the biggest dicks he'd ever seen, and he'd seen plenty of dicks. The kid caught him looking at him. "Sorry for staring," the boy said. "Unh, you? Unh, that's all right." "Bet you get that a lot, people staring at you." "Actually, I do." "You look just like Aaron Carter." Aaron smiled. "Oh, really?" he responded with a grin. "Guess you get that a lot ," the boy began and suddenly stopped. "Oh wow, you are, aren't you?" "Guilty as charged." "Oh fuck! I mean, wow. I ... well, this is awesome. Really! I mean shit, to really meet you." He could not believe it. Aaron Carter! He was such a hunk! By this time they'd finished pissing and he reached out to shake hands. Realizing where he'd just had his hand, he blushed a bright red as he withdrew it and looked at it. "Hey, dick-hand to dick-hand," Aaron smiled as he reached out with his hand. The boy grinned and reached out again and they shook. "Speaking of dicks, you're really hung." "Yeah," the boy admitted with a shrug and a hint of pride. "It gets even bigger when you mess with it," he added with an impish twinkle in his eyes. "Oh yeah? You mess with it often?" asked Aaron, a twinkle in his eyes also. "Whenever I can't find someone else to," the boy replied brashly and Aaron noticed immediately he'd left it at a genderless "someone else" than "a girl." "Nice stud by the way." The boy looked at him blankly. Did Aaron Carter just call him a nice stud? "The earring," Aaron explained, meaning the stud in the boy's left ear. "Oh! Thanks. It's the Chinese symbol for love," he said with a grin. "Cool." God! He had a smile that sent a tingle up Aaron's spine, and up his dick. "So, you live in Raleigh?" "Oh no. We're on vacation. Just passing through, seeing the sights, you know." "You been to see the Harley-Davidson drag racing museum yet?" "No." "It has to be one of the biggest dealerships in the country, and it's the only drag racing museum in the world. It's on the second floor. Pretty wicked." "Yeah? I'll have to be sure we check it out. Thanks." "You got plans for the rest of the day?" "No, not really. It's a shopping day for my folks." "I'm performing at the Alltel Pavilion in two hours. I could probably arrange to get you a ticket if you're interested." "Sure, I think I'll be okay for then." "Maybe we can get together afterward. You staying over in Raleigh tonight?" "Yeah. The Best Western. It's not far from here actually." "Raleigh Inn and Suites on New Bern Avenue?" "Yeah, that's the one." "Sweet. I'm staying there also." "Awesome." "Well, I got to get ready for my performance. What's your name by the way?" "Levi." "Well, Levi, I can't guarantee what sort of seat I can get you for the performance, but I'll tell them to let you in Nude Preteen no charge, and give you the best they can." "That'd be wicked. Thanks. I'll see ya later then babes." After Aaron left, Levi checked himself out in the mirror. An Aaron Carter performance, live, and then getting together that night. He couldn't believe it. He'd been an Aaron Carter fan for well over a year, not just because he was a great singer and performer, but because he was one hot looking hunk. There were many nights he'd drifted off to sleep after a hot jerkoff fantasizing him and Aaron getting it on. Six months ago, while surfing the net for hot gay sites, he'd come across freegaypix and an Aaron Carter fantasy by J.O. Dickingson, and Aaron became his number one fantasy well, one of his more frequent fantasies anyway. There were a couple hot guys at school that were far more likely to join him in some dick fun and so took priority over Aaron. Running his comb through his spiked hair, he gave himself one last look and went off in search of his parents. This was going to be totally wicked! While Levi was off in search of his parents, another Aaron fan had pulled off the freeway and had entered the Raleigh city limits. Jerry could not believe the day had finally arrived, the day he'd been waiting for Nude Preteen and dreaming about for months, ever since the Rock Rap and Retro tour dates had been announced and he'd found out the hot young singer would be performing in Raleigh, only two hours away. He'd immediately gotten tickets, and not just any tickets. Front row. Sure they had cost him a bundle, but what the shit, how often does a guy get to see one of his favourite performers in person? Aaron was one of his personal favourites when it came to singers, and one of his personal favourites when it came to his jerk off fantasies also. After all, the dude had sexy eyes and sexy moves, and a hot body. He'd come across a gay story site a year ago while searching the net for information on Aaron, and had been surprised and delighted to find that there were other guys who had fantasies about the hot blond singer besides himself, and guys who wrote some damn hot stories about him. One of the hottest sets of stories the seventeen-year-old high school senior had read was a series of Aaron stories by J.O. Dickingson. He reached over and took a sip of his soda. It was one fucking hot August afternoon and it was going to be even hotter, his dream come true well, the part that wasn't X-rated anyway. Not only was he going to see Aaron perform, but Aaron was going to be signing autographs after the concert. Jerry reached over once again to be sure he had brought the CD cover he'd hoped to have Aaron sign. It was the third time in the last hour, as if the cover would mysteriously disintegrate or jump up and fly out the window or something. He wished he'd been daring enough to bring a clean pair of boxers for Aaron to sign instead as he'd fantasized. His dick began to swell once again in his tight jeans. He'd better think about something else or he knew what would happen. He knew he should stop, but the thoughts were too pleasant to do so and he let the inevitable happen. His seven inches of cock meat strained in his tight Dockers. He'd seen a picture of Aaron in a pair and had selected them purposefully for the concert. They were even the same oyster colour. He ran his fingers through his thick brown hair. He'd had it cut and highlighted just that morning. Fuck, this was going to be an awesome day! He checked for the CD cover again. Aaron meanwhile had headed off to the pavilion to change into his performing clothes, get his makeup on, and have a quick meeting with his PR agent, Mike Ryan, about a photo shoot Mike wanted to do before his performance at Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, Georgia, on Sunday. His mother was frantic, but he still had an hour before the show began, and besides, his opening acts would take up the first third of the performance. They were three up-and- coming acts, carefully selected to complement his own performance. The three twinks making up the Triple Image reflected the purity and innocence that were the basis of his marketing image, or at least his mother's, three preteen girls giggling and singing about first kisses and love, none of them having yet had such experiences. They reminded Aaron of his first songs only a few short years ago as a cute, baby-faced, long-haired, blond moppet, and he knew his mother hoped his fans would think back to his earlier days also. Then there were the No Secrets with their natural sweetness and exuberant zest for life. The group of five teenage girls had formed a little more than two years ago but as individuals they'd begun performing almost as soon as they'd been able to walk. His mother had first come across them shortly after they'd become a band and had contracted them to appear in the video for his single "Oh Aaron" and to provide the background harmonies on that track a year ago last June. They had later appeared on "Regis and Kelly" with him. The five teenage girls were great singers, and enhanced his image as a teenage heartthrob besides. That was one problem his mother was having difficulty with. She wanted above all else to emphasize his purity and innocence, but at the same time she was no fool. She knew very well that sex sells, and that the teen and preteen girl market was where it was at for pop singers like himself. It was his new PR agent, Mike Ryan, that solved the problem. Mike had worked with a number of other singing groups, mostly older boy bands, which had made his mother hesitant about hiring him, but she could not argue with the success he'd had in promoting them. Anyway, whatever he'd said in the interview had to have impressed her since she'd hired him on as his major publicity agent for this tour. Aaron never did have difficulty talking to the hired help, whether it be the security men that normally accompanied him, the special security staff that each venue hired, or the writers and publicity people his mother hired. The promotion about him being down-to-earth and not taking on airs was a true reflection of who he was. So, he'd approached Mike like he did all other adults, and quickly found out that Mike was not your usual slick Hollywood promoter. Mike was as honest and down-to-earth as he was. He didn't try sucking up to him, and the man was not intimidated by his popularity or wealth either. They also had a number of common interests, one of them being motorbikes. It had been Mike who had pointed out the Harley- Davidson drag racing museum being in Raleigh, and who had accompanied him on the tour. Mike knew his motorbikes, and he also knew his job, and that included being able to satisfy his mother's demand that there be no questionable PR regarding his morals, and yet realize his erotic appeal and satisfy the demands by his adoring public in that regard. Those demands was one reason his mother had contracted his other opening act, the Nashville-based group, Jump Five, three girls and two guys. Like any performers good enough to be sharing billing with himself, they were talented and had been performing since their childhoods. One of their drawing cards was the constant emphasis right from when they'd begun performing as a group, and reflected in their routines, dress, and promos, that they were, unlike many teen groups, not about to mimic the sexuality of older artists. Another was the message that they wanted to not just entertain people, but to help them also. That commitment to positive values made them the toast of Christian focussed magazines, and was just what his mother wanted after the Dream Street debacle. Besides, they, like the others, reinforced the sweet, homey image she was promoting for Aaron. So, there was no fear of provocative clothes, no exposing of midriffs by the girls or chests by the guys, and no sexy moves in their dance routines. That didn't mean that Aaron didn't have an eye for the two and only boys on this tour, Chris Fedun and Brandon Hargest. In fact their purity and wholesomeness gave them a particular attractiveness, even if it was all in his mind and likely would be nothing more than that, the tour already half over and nothing having suggested the two boys would be interested in sex with other guys. In fact there was nothing to suggest they were interested in sex with girls either, and it was not a PR move. They were the pure and innocent boys next door that any mother would want their daughters to date. So, that he'd been so turned on by the young teen stranger at the mall washroom was understandable considering his abstinence. Besides, that Levi struck him as being one hot kid, the type of kid you'd expect to follow the Nude Preteen lead of Satan not Jesus. It was like setting candy before a baby. Actually, Aaron had had that thought earlier regarding Mike and himself. It had begun with some of the poses Mike had him strike for posters prior to the tour, posters that definitely accented his sexual image but stayed just within the boundaries his mother had set up. Of course comments like "now give me a pouting look" or Nude Preteen "look sexy for me" didn't mean anything, but the way Mike had said them made him think that perhaps Mike really meant himself, not "look sexy for the girls who'll be looking at these posters so they'll buy tickets to your concert." Little comments Mike had made once they'd started the tour reinforced that idea. By the end of the third week, just before he'd taken the break, he'd convinced himself that Mike did see him as eye-candy, and even when they were just talking he'd Nude Preteen begun striking seductive poses to see he'd catch Mike's eye. Not only that, but he'd been so convinced that Mike had more than a professional interest in him that he'd begun imagining him and Mike doing things together in his jerk off fantasies. That wasn't difficult in that Mike had a good body and with his red hair and stylish cut and his green-blue eyes, he was an attractive man. That he was having jerk off fantasies about a man twice his age, on the other hand, was a good sign just how horny he was! Smiling at that thought, Aaron made his way to the back of the stage to watch the opening acts and pump himself up. From his vantage point he scanned the audience for Levi, but did not spot him. He did spot someone else though, a boy sitting in the front row. He stood out, not just because he was a guy and a smart dresser, but he was especially good-looking. He appeared to be about the same height and weight as himself, five-foot nine or a bit shorter and around a hundred-and-twenty pounds, and two or three years older. His hair was short, brown with blond highlights, and he had sensuous, deep blue eyes. When he took the stage, Aaron continued to watch for Levi, but he also kept his eye on the fan in the front row, and from the look in the boy's eyes and the way the boy watched him, Aaron was pretty certain that the boy's interest went beyond his singing talent. He realized it could just be wishful thinking, but his impression was reinforced by the fact that the boy did not appear to be attached to the girl on either side of him. At the mid-show break, Aaron could not help checking out his suspicion. Jerry thought at first that the note the security guard gave him during the intermission was some sort of joke. During Aaron's performance he'd gotten the impression that the hot singer had actually seen him, and was singing some of the songs directly to him, but he'd chalked that up to Aaron's showmanship and his own vivid imagination along with a large helping of wishful thinking. So to get a note from the hot young singer inviting him backstage was a total shock and beyond anything he'd dreamed about. He quickly discovered it was no joke, and the astonished seventeen-year-old fan found himself minutes later in front of the hot celebrity in his own private room backstage. "You enjoying the performance?" "Oh yeah! It is so totally wicked!" "Glad to hear. I spotted you in the audience and you looked like you were enjoying yourself." "Oh yeah!" Jerry did not know what else to say. Aaron really had spotted him! He looked so damn sexy, and sitting there with his flushed face streaked and his blond hair damp with perspiration, he looked even sexier. "See you got one of my CD's." "Oh yeah. Uh, you mind autographing it?" "No problem. What is your name?" "Jerry." Aaron wrote his usual thanks and best wishes. "You live here in Raleigh?" "No. I'm a two-hour drive away." "You have Nude Preteen a car?" "Yeah. A 2002 Mustang, red." "Nice." "Thanks." Jerry smiled. It was his first car, and his prized possession. "Hot day to have driven in today." "Yeah, but it's worth it." "Going to be hot driving back too." "Yeah. But it's worth it." Damn! He'd just said that. At least he thought he had. It was difficult to think standing so close to the hot star he could reach out and touch him. He could smell Aaron's sweat. His dick gave a twitch. 'Oh fuck,' he thought, 'don't let me get a boner!' "You have to drive back right away?" "Ah, well, no, I don't really have to, not right away." "Yeah? Maybe you can join me later, after the autograph session." "Yeah. I mean, yeah! That would be so wicked!" "I'm staying at the Best Western on New Bern Avenue, the Raleigh Inn and Suites." "I'll find it." "I'll leave a note for you at the front desk. Just give them your name and tell them you're expecting a message." "Cool." Jerry wasn't aware of saying goodbye nor getting back to his seat, and for the rest of the performance he sat in a daze as he watched Aaron performing on stage. As for Aaron, he had gotten on his cell phone and made a quick call the moment Jerry had left, his second call to the hotel in the last two hours. He put his full energy into the rest of his performance, as he always did, but this time with something extra for two very special people in the audience. He knew he'd created a problem, but he could not help inviting Jerry to his hotel once he'd gotten to meet him. He was one hot-looking stud! It was going to be a problem, but he'd solve it. Take people home To a hip hop beat Knock me down Knock me off my feet Whip one up Let's get on with the show Oh yeah, the way to go! Levi could not believe it as he sat there watching the hot, sexy singer perform, his mind jumping from the performance to the meeting with Aaron later and back to the performance. Upon arriving at the concert he'd found a ticket reserved for him in the most expensive section of the amphitheatre. Not only that, Aaron had left him a note, telling him when he got back to the hotel to give his name to the front desk and that they'd give him a key to the room Aaron had reserved where Aaron would join him later. That was beyond his wildest dreams! It was too fucking wicked! Little did he know that sitting not that far from him was another fan who was thinking exactly the same thoughts. As Aaron walked down the hallway of the Raleigh Inn and Suites a couple hours later, he was totally pumped up. The performance had been a great success, and as usual he'd been swamped by fans at the signing. Upon arriving at the hotel, his mother had prepared them tea, adding honey to his cup to sooth his throat as was her habit. When she was not watching, Aaron added a couple of her sleeping pills to hers. After showering and changing into casual clothes, a pair of blue, knee-length, nylon shorts and an emerald green polo shirt, he told his mother he had to walk off his extra energy, and besides, had a new song in his head that he wanted to work out. He suppressed a smile when she observed that the heat must have gotten to her and that she was going to lie down for a short nap. As he headed down the hallway, he debated which of his two fans he should see first, deciding finally on Levi. He had, after all, been the first he'd arranged to meet. Levi was pumped up too. Upon arriving back at the hotel, his parents had decided to go to the Golden Corral, a Nude Preteen buffet and steak house three blocks up the street. Saying he wasn't that hungry, and would rather have a dip in the pool and a slice of pizza from the Pizza Hut across the street, knowing that his brother would opt for the steak and buffet, he'd grabbed his swim suit and headed straight for Room 309, the room Aaron had gotten for them. By the time his brother and folks got washed up and went out for their meal and got back, he'd have a good two or three hours with Aaron. "Hi," Aaron greeted as Levi opened the door. "Hi," Levi responded, stepping aside to let Aaron in. "Hope I haven't kept you waiting too long." "No, not that long," Levi responded though each passing minute had seemed more like an hour. "Well, I'll make up for it," Aaron responded, turning and Nude Preteen stepping up to Levi. Wrapping his arms about the surprised boy, he bent his head and gave him a kiss. Aaron knew that they did not have that much time together, and besides, he had another fan anxiously waiting for him. Those were two good reasons for not wasting any time, but the main reason was that he was randy as fuck, and Levi looked so hot he wanted to strip on the spot and have the boy Nude Preteen use him in whatever way he wanted. Of course he couldn't do that, and instead satisfied his lust by attacking him with kisses, which Levi readily returned. Aaron had no idea what experiences the boy had, but from the way Levi returned his kisses, Aaron had to conclude that kissing was not new to him. The smoothness of Levi's lips and the eagerness with which he returned his kisses caused Aaron's dick to immediately begin to swell. The boys cocked their heads to the right and then to the left as they exchanged kiss after kiss, each one more passionate than the previous. As he drew Levi to him and pressed his body against his, Aaron discovered Levi was becoming aroused as quickly as he was. Their breathing became deeper and Nude Preteen faster as the two boys began to caress each other's back, first outside their shirts, and then pulling their shirts out of their pants, running their hands under them and over each other's warm, smooth skin. The two young teens massaged each other's back with increasing intensity as they began to French kiss. Levi's stiff cock throbbed hotly as he felt Aaron's tongue press between his lips and enter his mouth, and as it explored his gums and teeth and ran over his tongue, he felt like he was about to faint. He was so fucking hot he was ready to explode. "Oh, damn," Aaron suddenly sighed as he drew back. "I forgot! Be right back." Before Levi could respond, Aaron was out the door. Quickly tucking his shirt back in his pants, he stepped across the hall to Room 310 and knocked on the door. "Sorry I'm so fucking late," he said as Jerry opened the door. "I just couldn't get away." "Hey, that's okay," Jerry responded. "I know how it is." "You do?" "I mean, I can imagine how busy you are." He could, and he had been surprised to discover when he'd stepped up to the registration desk that Aaron had found time to reserve a room in his name and pay for it in the short time since they'd met. To tell the truth, he'd been beginning to worry that something had come up and that the young singer was not going to be able to show. "Yeah, well, I'll make up for it," Aaron said, stepping up to the older teenager and wrapping his arms about his neck. "You're hot," Jerry observed, referring to the heat radiating from Aaron's body. "Yeah. Hot for you," Aaron responded, pressing his body against the boy and kissing him. Jerry was just slightly shorter than he was, by no more than an inch. Jerry immediately returned the kiss, being just as hot for Aaron as Aaron was for him. Feeling the hard projection in Aaron's shorts press against his groin, Jerry responded as one would expect, his cock quickly rising to the occasion. Aaron really was hot for him! Their kisses were hot, aggressive kisses, kisses driven by teenage hormones and lust, and it was not long before Jerry was just as fully aroused as Aaron, whose cock by then was aching painfully for satisfaction. Aaron again took the lead and slipped his tongue in Jerry's mouth, causing the older boy's cock to throb with even greater desire. With hot, panting breaths, the two boys pulled each other's shirt out of each other's pants, and as Aaron slipped his hand under Jerry's shirt and massaged his solid, muscular back, Jerry reached down and massaged Aaron's firm, compact buttocks, imaging what they'd feel like without the barrier of clothes. His Nude Preteen cock ached with the thought. Their lovemaking was hot and lustful, as one would expect from two horny teenage boys. Their lips met and parted only to meet again more passionately. Aaron worked the tense muscles in Jerry's back and Jerry massaged and kneaded Aaron's warm, firm buns. Their breathing grew even more laboured as their red-hot blood raced through their veins and caused their stiff cocks to throb with desire. "Oh damn," sighed Aaron as Jerry began to edge them toward the bed. "I forgot!" Before Jerry could ask what he'd forgotten, Aaron was out the door. "Sorry I was so long," he panted as he rejoined Levi. "Now where were we?" "Here," said Levi, wrapping his arms about Aaron and giving him a hot, passionate kiss. "Oh yeah," Aaron gasped when their lips parted, his chest rapidly rising and falling in his lust and from dashing between rooms. It did not take long to bring Levi back to the point of arousal he'd been at when Aaron had left him, and having been in a constant state of erection himself, Aaron strained to stem the leaking that had begun in his underwear. He wanted to get off a load, but not that quickly, nor that way. The hot young singer removed Levi's shirt and immediately buried his nose in one of his damp pits and began to lick and nibble, sending the boy over the edge. Having only recently sprouted, his pit hairs were fine and silky and Aaron trembled with delight at their erotic fragrance and soft touch against his lips. Levi excitedly pulled Aaron's shirt off over his head and similarly sniffed at his pits, his hairs also being long and silky. God, his deodorant and Issey Miyake cologne smelled great! Levi ran his tongue over Aaron's smooth chest, leaving behind a wet trail of spittle. His chest was firm and muscular, the result of his strenuous daily routine, but still had the softness and contour of a boy barely into his teens. Levi licked Aaron's right teat, causing him to squirm with the erotic stimulation. He nibbled on it, and then fastening his lips about it, he sucked on it gently until it was hard. Aaron squirmed and wiggled with the sweet pain Levi's lips were causing, and then with anticipation as Levi left his aroused nipple and began to tease the other. The horny young singer reached down and squeezed Levi's stiff cock straining inside his raw denims. Amazed at the size of the boy's cock he squeezed it tighter and Levi sighed with pleasure as his body tensed. Fuck, Aaron Carter was standing there squeezing his hardon! His laboured breath panted against Aaron's smooth chest as Aaron continued to squeeze his aching cock and he reached around and began to knead Aaron's buttocks. The stronger his desire grew the more forcefully he squeezed Aaron's buns and kissed and sucked on his chest until their foreplay almost reached the point of becoming an assault. "We better slow down or I'm going to shoot in my briefs," Aaron finally gasped. He was not exaggerating. "Go ahead and shoot," Levi said, reaching down and stroking the stiff tube between Aaron's legs. The thought of the hot young star filling his underwear caused a dollop of pre-cum to ooze out of the burning slit of the thirteen-year-old's throbbing cock. That would be so wicked! Aaron laughed with a shudder as he pulled away. "Seriously, I think we'd better stop for a soda or I'm gonna shoot a load." Another couple strokes by Levi and he would have! "Sorry, don't have any." Levi's thin chest rose and fell with desire and exertion. Fuck the soda, he wanted to get off. "I'll go get us some." Before Levi could object or tell him what type of soda he preferred, Aaron was out of the room. "Leave your shirt somewhere?" asked Jerry as he let Aaron back in. "Ah, yeah. . . . Was hot." "It is a warm night." "And going to get a lot warmer," Aaron said with a twinkle in his chocolate brown eyes as he stepped up to Jerry and began to unbutton his shirt. It was nylon and an oyster colour like his Dockers, with a black thread forming a simple pattern of jaggedly joined spirals along the collar and down the front along the buttons on one Nude Preteen side and the button holes on the other and running along the bottom hem to join in the back. Very sexy. He had a shirt very similar. Pressing his body against the older teen, Aaron gave him a long, wet kiss. Aaron's protruding, erect nipples pressed against his now exposed chest and the throbbing erection in his nylon shorts pressed against Jerry's groin, much to Jerry's delight. "Told you I was hot," Aaron responded as Jerry looked at him quizzically. Slipping Jerry's shirt off, Aaron brushed his lips over his nipples and began to nibble on them, causing Jerry to squirm with the sweet pain. He continued to tease his nipples until they were as hard as his own, and then fastening his lips to the right, he sucked on it forcefully, like a babe sucking on his mother's teat. It caused Jerry to squirm with arousal just as a young mother had to feel suckling her first born. Sitting down on the bed, the two teenagers kissed and caressed each other with raw animal lust. Slipping off their shoes, they lay on the burgundy, brown and black patterned bedspread and Jerry reached down and unzipped Aaron's fly. He quickly slipped his hand inside and cupped the warm, damp pocket containing Aaron's genitals. Aaron sighed as he reached over and squeezed the long, thick bulge in Jerry's Dockers. God it was so hot and so long! He was eager to expose it and play with it, to suck it and feel it up his ass, but he knew that Levi would be getting impatient. "We'd better take a break before we pop a load." "Why don't we take a break after we pop?" asked Jerry with a grin. In part he was joking, wanting to make the pleasure of their foreplay last as long as they could, but part of him was also eager to experience what was sure to be his hottest ejaculation yet. "Can do that too," Aaron replied as he squirmed out of Jerry's grasp and stood up. He was feeling exactly the same way. "Where you going?" "To get a soda," Aaron replied, heading for the door. "What kind would you like?" "Doesn't matter." Jerry was disappointed they'd stopped, but Aaron was right. If they'd continued for even less than a minute longer they both would have climaxed. Aaron had raised his hand and was about to knock on the door of room 309 when he remembered why he'd left the room in the first place. He also realized he had forgotten to find out what Levi had wanted. He considered returning empty-handed and using that as a reason, and then after Nude Preteen some more foreplay using the soda idea again for leaving the room, but he figured that might be pushing it. Racing down the hall, he got two cokes and raced back. "You're puffing," Levi observed as Aaron handed him one of the cokes. "Yeah. You take my breath away," panted Aaron. He was in good physical shape but what with it being a warm night, the running, and the heat of the two sets of foreplay, it was all beginning to have its effect. "You know your fly's down?" "You've gotten me so hot I couldn't stop from groping myself on the way to get the sodas," Aaron responded, thinking quickly. Damn! This switching between the two rooms was more difficult than he'd imagined, physically and in having to think besides. "And your shoes?" "Oh, I . . . ah . . . slipped them off so as not to wake my mom when I went to my room to get change for the pop machine. That's what took me so long. Getting change." Damn! This thinking on the spur of the moment was not easy! It Nude Preteen was a logical explanation though, and Levi seemed to accept it without question. The open fly, the missing shoes, the time it had taken to get the sodas, it was suspicious. It had especially taken Aaron a long time to go to the pop machine and back, much longer than he'd expected, but then he supposed in that it was Aaron he was waiting for made it seem all the longer. Taking Aaron's can of pop and putting both on the table, he slipped his arms about Aaron and drew him close. "Well, pulling down your fly and taking off your shoes will save us time getting naked," he said with a grin as he kissed Aaron's neck. Aaron's eyes popped open. Damn, he hadn't considered how he was going to slip from room to room once they'd gotten to that point. Levi sighed as he drew Aaron close and kissed him on the mouth. His lips were so smooth and his breath so fresh, and the combination of Aaron's cologne and his sweat was so intoxicating he was feeling light-headed! Levi excitedly ran his hands over Aaron's smooth, naked back and Aaron similarly caressed his, and once again the two boys kissed and caressed each other with a fierce passion, bringing Levi quickly back to the point of arousal he'd been at. As they lay on the bed facing each other, Levi slipped his hand in Aaron's open fly and squeezed the bulge in his briefs. His cock gave an eager twitch. Fuck, he had his hand in Aaron's fly! Aaron quickly pulled down Levi's zipper and slipped his hand in his levis and cupped his hot, damp crotch. Levi groaned. As he worked his fingers into the opening in Aaron's briefs, Aaron did likewise to him, and the two boys extracted each other's dicks. Levi could not believe it. He was laying there in a hotel room with Aaron Carter's dick in his hands! It was uncut like his but smaller, by close to an inch, but that did not matter. It was wicked just knowing he was holding the dick of the singing idol thousands of girls went crazy over. As for Aaron, he could not get over the humongous size of Levi's young cock. "Just how old are you anyway?" "Thirteen. Thirteen and eight months." A year and a month younger than he was, and a dick at least an inch longer! "You're hung like a horse." "Yeah," Levi responded with a grin. "I'm bigger than anyone else in my class." "We'd better have those sodas and cool Nude Preteen down," Aaron said reluctantly, releasing Levi's stiff dick and reaching for his Coke. "Damn, they've gotten warm. I'll go get us some ice." A cold soda was the last thing Levi wanted at that moment, and he was about to say so, but Aaron had grabbed the ice bucket and was out of the room like it was on fire. "What happened to the sodas?" "Oh. Ah. Would you believe it, the fucking machine was out of order." "I see. So what's with the ice bucket?" "Oh. Ah. Got it from my room. When I went to get change for the machine, before I knew it was out of order. That's why I took my shoes off, to get the change." "What?" asked Jerry, glancing at Aaron's shoes on the floor. "Oh, ah, what I meant was it was a good thing I had taken my shoes off here, so I could slip in my room without waking my mom. Anyway, I thought I'd save us some time getting the ice." Damn, this was getting confusing! "Well, forget the ice," Jerry said, taking the bucket and placing it on the table. Wrapping his arms about Aaron, he drew him close. "Hmmm, I see this has not cooled off," he said, groping Aaron's groin. "Not thinking of you," Aaron responded, pressing forward and rubbing his crotch against Jerry's. The two boys kissed and caressed once again, and Jerry having stayed hard in Aaron's absence and of course Aaron having no chance to soften, the cocks of the two boys were aching painfully for satisfaction. Undoing Aaron's belt, Jerry unsnapped the top and eased his nylon shorts down, and Aaron quickly did the same, undoing his belt and top button and drawing down his Dockers. Jerry's boxers were tented out and Aaron could glimpse the humongous tent pole through the fly. "Oh man, your dick is so awesome," Aaron observed as he slipped his hand in the fly of Jerry's boxers and wrapping his fingers about the huge, seven-inches of cock, eased it out through Jerry's fly. He openly admired the long, powerful cock. Jerry similarly slipped his fingers in the fly of Aaron's tight jockey briefs and eased out Aaron's stiff cock. "Nice," he observed. Aaron's foreskin had eased down over his knob and Jerry slowly caressed it before beginning to stroke the young singer. Aaron allowed the pleasure to rip through his cockhead and down the shaft, and was tempted to just stand there and let Jerry jack him off. It would only take a few seconds, and then he'd be able to head over to the other room. It would not be as good as a nice long fuck on the other hand, and the idea of having Jerry's throbbing seven inches up his rectum caused his own dick to ache. "I'm going to have lube you up good to get you up my ass," he observed. "I'm afraid I don't have any," Jerry observed, having frequently imagined shoving his cock up Aaron's ass but never in his wildest dreams he'd actually ever have the chance to do so for real. "I got some in my room," Aaron said, reluctantly extricating himself. "We could use soap, or shampoo," Jerry quickly suggested. "There's both in the bathroom." Now that was a silly thing to have said! Of course there was. He just didn't want Aaron to leave again. "Hey, no prob. Be right back." Pulling his shorts half up, he headed for the door. "Really, soap works ." "Yeah, but I want to be sure I can take your monster all the way," he responded as he reached for the doorknob. Pausing in the hallway to struggle to get his erection back in his briefs, he was fortunate nobody was around to see. He quickly yanked his shorts the rest of the way up and knocked on the door of 309. Levi looked at him curiously when he opened the door. "Oh mannnnn, I'm so fucking hot for you, I can't wait to get out of my pants." He was not lying. Standing there in the dim light of the room with his shirt off and his Love stud in his left ear and his Chinese dragon chain necklace about his neck, he was a hot-looking stud. "Cool," Levi responded, a bit perplexed. One minute Aaron was so hot to get it on he was jumping out of his pants and the next minute he was claiming they had to cool off and racing out of the room as if he was an ugly old ogre. Speaking of cooling off. . . . "What happened with the ice?" "Oh, ah, would you believe it, the fucking pop ah, ice, yeah ice, the fucking ice machine is out of order." "Where'd you put the ice bucket?" "Oh. Ah. I was so fucking angry and so hot for you, I left it there." "Well, babes, forget the ice," Levi said, dragging Aaron over to the bed. Pushing down Aaron's nylon shorts and removing them, Levi once again cupped the hot, damp pocket holding his genitals. God Aaron was hot for him! There was no doubt about that. He slipped his hand under the elastic band and ran his fingers over Aaron's flat stomach and through his hairs. Oh fuck, he had his hand inside Aaron's jockey briefs! His fingers touched his hot, hard cock and immediately wrapped about it. As the horny thirteen-year-old squeezed the hot, throbbing bone, Aaron struggled with his tight levis, pulling them down off his hips, and then with his tight white briefs. That was more difficult with his stiff dick sticking out the fly, but Aaron was experienced, and eager, and he soon had Levi's underwear pulled down mid- thigh. Rolling Aaron over on his back, Levi finished pulling the hot singer's underwear off and started to kiss him, beginning at the lips but quickly heading south. "Oh mannnn, I can't wait to feel this up my ass," Levi sighed as he grasped Aaron's stiff cock. "Condoms," Aaron said suddenly. "We need condoms." "Screw the condoms! Let's do it raw." He didn't have any condoms. Hell, he was only thirteen. More important, he couldn't take another interruption "Lube. I'm going to need lube." Levi was into almost any kind of sex, even some mild bondage, and getting fucked by Aaron would be hot though he was not keen about sticking his cock up someone's ass himself. Nor was he keen about Aaron leaving again. "Forget the lube. I'll rim you and give you a blow job you'll never forget. And as for me ." "That's okay, I got some in my room. I'm going to need lube to take that monster of yours," Aaron interrupted, feeling a sense of deja vu as he pushed Levi off and scrambled to his feet. Grabbing his nylon shorts and scrambling into them, he held them up by the tops as he raced for the door before Levi could stop him. Jerry looked at Aaron curiously as he entered the room, his shorts wide open and no underwear, and no lube. Aaron saw his look and desperately tried to remember why he'd left. Fuck, he had no idea this was going to be so difficult! "Couldn't find my lube." He'd gone back to his room, couldn't find the lube, but had stopped to take off his underwear? Jerry was beginning to suspect something strange was going on. Had he not been so hot for Aaron, he would have pressed the point, but he decided the important thing was that Aaron was there. While Aaron had been gone, Jerry had finished removing his Dockers, and now just in his boxers and socks, he pushed Aaron onto the bed and pulled off his shorts. Pinning him down under him, he began to kiss and caress him once again, starting at the lips and heading south. Aaron, now just in his socks and tube necklace, trembled as he felt the older teen's almost naked body press against him and the horny stud's hot mouth sucking on his left nipple. His cock burned hotly against Jerry's body and he wondered just how much longer he was going to be able to keep this racing from room to room up, and just how he was going to be able to get off a load and explain hopping out of the bed and racing out of the room the next instant. "So, you want me to soap you up?" Jerry asked huskily as he raised himself up off Aaron, his thick cock aching worse than it ever had in his young life. "Yeah, I'm definitely going to need it. And while you're doing that, I'll get us a condom." Squirming out from under Jerry and jumping back into his pants, which he was getting very good at, he raced out of the room and down the hall, leaving Jerry half laying and half sitting there on the bed with his jaw dropped open. While he was doing that? How the hell was he supposed to soap up his ass when he wasn't even in the room? Grabbing a pack of condoms from his toiletry case, Aaron turned and raced back up and knocked on Room 309. Levi looked curiously at the pack of condoms. "Oh. I was getting ." What the hell had he said he'd get anyway? Lube! Fuck, and the tube had been right there too! "Ah, I know you said you didn't want them, but I thought, well ." "Don't matter," Levi said with a shrug, "if that's what you want that's fine with me." Aaron might be a hunk, but he was getting to be very Nude Preteen annoying. He had gone to get lube and had come back with condoms, when he'd told him he didn't need condoms? He could not help wonder if Aaron had changed his mind and was trying to get out of doing anything. "Oh man, you've got such a hot fucking body," Aaron said, stepping up to him. While Aaron had been gone, Levi had taken off his navy blue Reebok's and had finished removing his levis and briefs. He was now standing there in only his socks, his silver Louis Dino wristwatch, and his jewellery. "I love your necklace," Aaron said, picking up the silver Chinese dragon chain and admiring it. "And your ring. That's a Chinese symbol too, isn't it?" "Yeah. It means Eternity." "Fucking hot." Aaron kissed him lustfully, thrusting his tongue in his mouth and drawing his naked body to his. As they French kissed, Levi pushed Aaron's nylon shorts down and was delighted to discover Aaron was still stiff. He immediately reached down and began to stroke his dick, slowly working the skin up and down over his knob. Aaron groaned with delight and readily allowed himself to be pulled over to the bed by his cock. With the eagerness that Aaron resumed kissing and caressing him, Levi soon forgot the suspicion that Aaron was trying to put off having sex with him, and it was not long before the two boys were at the point of explosion once again. "You know, I really perform better on a full stomach." "Yeah, I do too," responded Levi. He had not gone for that slice of pizza and his stomach was beginning to growl. However, they only had half an hour before his folks would be returning, forty-five minutes max, and when it came to choosing between his stomach and his nuts, his nuts won every time. "There's a Pizza Hut across the street. I'll run get us one." "We could order." "Yeah, but it's cheaper to go get it. What do you like?" "I like a regular Margarita, cheese and tomato, and sweetcorn," Levi said automatically instead of telling Aaron to forget about the food and get on with their messing around. "Cool." Grabbing his shorts, Aaron hopped into them and was out the door before Levi could stop him. Now, he could place the order in Jerry's room along with what Jerry wanted, they could get it off, he could run over and get the pizza and tell them to deliver Jerry's to Jerry with a note he had some performing business to take care of and to eat without him, Jerry could eat while he took the order to Levi's and he and Levi could get it on, and then maybe he could go back to Jerry's and have seconds, and he didn't mean pizza. It was perfect! With a happy, satisfied grin, he knocked on the door. He loved it when everything came together! The doors to both 309 and 310 opened. "Hey, can you bring me back a Doctor Pepper from the pop machine? And don't forget you'll need a shirt to get serv ," began Levi. The two boys, Levi in just his socks and Jerry in just his socks and boxers, stared at each other, and then at Aaron. Aaron looked at one and then the other. "Ah, Jerry, meet Levi, Levi, Jerry. While you two get acquainted, why don't I just slip away and ." Jerry grabbed the trickster by the back of the neck and dragged him into his room, and grabbing his room key, Levi joined them. Knowing the jig was up, Aaron explained what was going on. Standing there in the middle of the room he awaited their judgement. His two victims glanced at each other, and after a moment's thought, Jerry motioned for Levi to join him in the bathroom, warning Aaron first of all that if he dared leave the two of them would show up at his room stark naked and he could explain what was going on all over again but this time in front of his mom. Aaron tried to hear what they were saying, but they spoke too softly. They did not take long. When they came out, they glared at him angrily. He could not blame them. "So, guys . . . ?" "We've decided you need to be punished." "Hey, I'm really sorry, I really am. It's just you are both so fucking hot hey, what are you doing!" Looping his belt about Aaron's right wrist, Jerry drew it tight and then tied it to the head board. Levi had meanwhile found Aaron's belt and did the same with his left with Aaron stretched out on his back. The two boys were rough, and although Aaron objected, he knew he'd best not antagonize them further. As Jerry sat on Aaron's calves, Levi slipped over to his room and quickly returned with his belt. While Jerry continued to hold Aaron down, Levi removed their prankster's socks and drew off his briefs. Looping his belt around Aaron's feet, the two raised their now naked prisoner so his hips were in the air and his knees above his head with his toes almost touching the headboard, to which the other end of the belt was tied. "Now first, we're going to see how ticklish those pits are," Jerry announced. They soon found out as Aaron screamed hysterically with laugher and his body jerked uncontrollably as Levi tickled his exposed right armpit and Jerry his left. As Levi continued to tickle, Jerry reached down and began fiddling with Aaron's now limp cock. Jiggling and bouncing the limp organ and pulling back his foreskin and running the tip of his forefinger along the rim of Aaron's glans, Jerry was delighted to see Aaron's dick begin to swell as he continued to thrash about and laugh. "Oh fuck! Oh shit! Stop! Please!" "Okay," Jerry responded, and the two boys ceased what they were doing. Aaron stared at them in disbelief. That was all it took to stop his torment? "Trade you," Jerry said, looking at Levi, and the two boys grinned as they traded, Jerry beginning to tickle Aaron's pits and Levi wrapping his fist about Aaron's now stiff cock and beginning to slowly stroke it. Once again Aaron thrashed about, unable to control his tortured body for one, and racked by the intense pleasure of having his aroused cock finally getting attention for another. Once again he screamed and giggled like a school girl as Jerry tickled him and his body bucked with the intense combination of pleasure and pain as Levi played with his aroused dick. Both the stimulation of his pits and that of his stiff cock were pleasant, but the incessant stimulation was also painful, causing the fourteen-year-old to tremble and jerk with a combination of pleasure and pain. His tormentors finally stopped and let him recover, but they were not yet finished with him for his trickery. They next checked out his ribs, which they found were even more ticklish than his pits. So the two of them tickled him, one on each side, until he was in hysterics once again, and then as one tickled him the other pumped his fist up and down his irritated cock. Once again his body thrashed about uncontrollably and tears trickled down his cheeks, tears of pain and of laugher. His cock ached to get off a load, and his body ached for the end of his torture, and both were accompanied by an erotic pleasure. They continued until his voice was hoarse and their arms were tired. Once again the two victims of his prank allowed him to rest, and then they turned to his feet, once again tickling him while all the while jerking him off. Once again he wailed with laugher and strained against his bonds, and once again he ached to shoot a load but neither Levi nor Jerry was prepared to bring him off. The two knew how much Aaron loved feet from the erotic fanfic writing they'd read by J.O. Dickingson, and they gave him a break and removed their socks and caressed him with their toes. Levi, now Nude Preteen naked, ran his toes over Aaron's smooth chest and over his nipples until Aaron's nipples were firm while Jerry caressed Aaron's ball sack with the big toe of one foot and stroked his stiff, aching dick with the big toe of the other. The two exchanged places then, and as Jerry ran his big toe along Aaron's butt crack, easily accessible in his inverted position, Levi trapped Aaron's stiff cock between the soles of his feet and began to jack him off once more. "So what do you think we should do next?" asked Jerry as they paused once again before the three of them shot off. "I think he needs a good spanking for what he did," observed Levi. Jerry quickly agreed. It being Levi's idea, he began, giving Aaron's smooth, exposed rump a solid smack with the palm of his hand. After a half dozen slaps, Jerry reached out and began to stroke Aaron's cock as Levi continued to spank his ass. Aaron of course protested, and as Levi's smacks became more forceful, his body jerked with the pain and he protested all the louder, his cock at the same time aching pleasantly as he felt himself approaching his orgasm. The two boys then switched, and as Jerry smacked Aaron's now tender and crimson buttocks, Levi slowly stroked his irritated organ. Aaron cursed them and then pleaded with them to stop as shocks of pain ripped through his butt and as ripples of pleasure pulsated through his dickhead. "What's wrong?" asked Jerry, noticing Levi glancing at the clock. "My folks Nude Preteen are going to be returning any moment now." "They stay up late?" "You kidding? After a full meal, which I'm sure my dad and brother have had, they'll be ready for bed as soon as they hit the room." "They light sleepers?" "You kidding? Once they begin snoring, a hurricane wouldn't wake them." "So, you hungry?" "Starving." "What say I order us some pizza? By the time they deliver, you should probably be able to slip away and be back." Levi grinned, and then glanced over at Aaron. "Be back in half. Don't get him off without me, okay?" "You kidding? I don't think we'll let him get off at all this night," Jerry replied with a twinkle in his eyes. "Guys!" protested Aaron. Taking the lace from his shoe, Jerry wrapped it tightly about Aaron's balls and the base of his cock. "There. That'll keep him stiff til we're ready for him." "Cool. Cya later then babes." Levi was right about his folks and brother. Forty minutes later he was sitting in Jerry's room, the two of them opening up the pizza. "Hey guys, what about me?" asked Aaron as the aroma wafted across the room. "You kidding? After what you did, you're getting nothing." "Nothing but the smell," said Levi, and the two boys laughed. "Guys! Com'on, it was just innocent fun. I said I was sorry. And I can't help it I found you both so fucking hot I couldn't choose." The boys glanced at each other and relented. He was right, and besides, they were fans of his. Taking pity on him, Jerry untied the lace about his swollen genitals and Aaron sighed with relief as his blood circulation resumed. Adjusting the belts and stuffing a pillow under his head to raise it, the boys began to feed him. "Oops," said Levi as a tomato slipped off the slice of pizza he was feeding Aaron and landed on his chest. He was about to pick it up but paused, and then leaned forward and ate it off Aaron's naked body. "Hmm, sorry," said Jerry with a grin as he purposefully let the topping of his cheese pizza slice drop off on Aaron's chest. Following Levi's lead, he leaned over and ate the topping, and then licked the grease from Aaron's smooth skin. As he ran his tongue over Aaron's nipple, Aaron trembled with pleasure and his nipple began to swell. Taking another slice of his Margarita, Levi turned it upside down and smeared it over Aaron's thigh, and Jerry did likewise with another Nude Preteen slice of his cheese pizza. The two lay down on the bed and proceed to nibble on the toppings and to lick Aaron's thighs. His cock, which had barely begun to grow limp, immediately began to swell once again and by the time to two boys were done it was jerking with arousal and aching for attention. The two boys were stiff once again also. "Hey, remember all that fuss about lube?" asked Levi. "Well, I think we got just the thing." So saying he slipped the tip of his greasy index finger into Aaron's pucker, and Aaron immediately pushed out to open up to the probing digit. Levi easily eased his finger up Aaron's rectum as far as he could with the grease from the pizza, causing Aaron to wiggle and his cock to twitch with excitement. "Good idea," Jerry observed, wiping his fingers off on his erect dick as Levi began to slowly finger fuck the hot teenage singer. Jerry looked down at his glistening cock, and then at Aaron. "Instead of slipping it up your ass, how'd you like to eat some pizza-flavoured dick?" he asked with a grin, and from the twinkle in Aaron's eyes and the smile that crossed his lips Jerry knew the answer without Aaron saying anything. The boys untied him and the three of them finished eating, now purposefully dribbling pizza on each other's naked body and wiping their greasy fingers off on each other, especially the most intimate of places, armpits, butt cracks, and nut sacks. Then turning to each other, they began to lick each other clean. They slurped up the tomato slices and sucked on each other's smeared teats until they became hard. They ran their tongues over each other's greased chests and nibbled on the cheese and each other's flat stomachs. Levi readily spread apart Aaron's butt cheeks and began to rim him, running his tongue over his sauce-smeared butthole. Aaron trembled with delight as at the same time he eagerly began to lick the pizza sauce from Jerry's humongous dick and Jerry began to lick the tomato paste from Levi's flat stomach. They soon had each other licked clean and to a point of erotic frenzy. Slipping a couple pillows under Levi's butt, Aaron wiped up a bit of the remaining grease from one of the pizza boxes with his index finger and greased up Levi's butthole with it. He eased the tip of his finger in the thirteen-year-old boy's eager pucker, and then slowly sank his finger up his butt. Levi sighed with pleasure as Aaron finger fucked him and the thirteen-year- old boy looked up at him anxiously, eager to be stuffed by the longer and fatter digit between Aaron's legs. Kneeling behind him, Aaron was only too willing to comply. Placing the tip of his stiff cock against the greased pucker, he pushed forward and Levi immediately pushed out. Aaron was randy as fuck and the horny fourteen-year-old grunted with pleasure as he slowly sank his aching cock up Levi's rectum. Levi looked up at the hot young singer lustfully as he felt the hot stud stuff his ass. Aaron Carter was fucking his ass! As Aaron began to slowly ease his hips to and fro, Jerry straddled Levi facing Aaron so his buttocks were directly above Levi's face and his stiff cock wagging in front of the sexy star. The horny thirteen-year-old immediately grasped Jerry's hips and raising his head, he began rimming Jerry's asshole. Aaron similarly needed no encouragement as he leaned forward and slipped his lips over the head of Jerry's monster cock. As Levi rimmed his ass and Aaron began going down on his aching cock, Jerry reached down and wrapping his fingers about Levi's impressively long dick, he began to pump it as Aaron worked his cock in Nude Preteen and out of the young boy's ass. The room was filled with the laboured breathing and grunting of three boys working toward their long-delayed and much anticipated orgasms. The two sweating, snorting fans could not believe it was finally happening. There they were in a hotel room having sex with Aaron Carter, their idol and one of America's hottest teenage singers! Levi grunted and gasped with pleasure as Aaron's stiff, slender cock eased in and out of his body. He excitedly grasped Jerry's hips tighter and wormed his tongue into his asshole. Jerry pushed out, opening up to the probing tongue as he squeezed Levi's dick and stroked it from his balls to the blood-engorged knob. He threw his head back with pleasure and looked down through heavy-lidded eyes at Aaron as the fourteen-year-old worked his mouth up and down his thick sausage. Aaron was in heaven. It had been a long twenty-six days since he'd last had sex, and he was making up for it. He plunged his stiff, aching cock in and out of Levi's hot, moist asshole, delighting in the ripples of stimulation pulsating through his swollen flesh and in the way Levi was squirming and working his asshole open and closed, evidently enjoying it as much as he was. He sucked eagerly on Jerry's stiff cock, easing his lips as far down the seven-inch pole as he could without choking and then easing his lips back up to the knob. He loved the taste of dick, and he loved bringing another boy pleasure even more. That Jerry was enjoying the blow job there was no doubt from the sound of his laboured breathing. The three boys were soon ready to pop, and there was nothing in the world that could stop them this time. They came so close together it would be impossible to say which came first. They trembled as they came and grunted and snorted in ecstasy, Aaron grasping Levi's naked body as he filled the thirteen-year-old's rectum with his hot, thick cum, Jerry's sweat-streaked chest rapidly rising and falling Nude Preteen as he erupted in Aaron's mouth, and Levi's body jerking uncontrollably as he sucked deeply on Jerry's asshole and sprayed Aaron's chest and his own with his hot cum. Aaron rammed his cock in and out of Levi's thrashing body, working it in and out of the copious load of slick cum he'd shot up the boy's rectum. Levi's lips were locked on Jerry's asshole as the thirteen-year-old's cock throbbed out his juice, splattering Aaron and himself and running down Jerry's tightly clenched fist. Jerry pumped his fist furiously as Levi's thick cream oozed over his fingers and he gasped for breath as he shot Nude Preteen load after load into Aaron's mouth. His own cock throbbing out his cum and his body spattered with fresh juice, Aaron eagerly swallowed the tart cream gushing out of the swollen dick in his mouth. The three boys finally separated and sprawled out on the bed, their chests heaving and their faces flushed with their arousal. It had been fucking fantastic! Levi and Jerry still could not believe that they'd had sex with Aaron Carter, that they had actually fulfilled one of their hottest fantasies. Aaron could not believe how hot sex could be with two boys he'd only met. It had been hot, but it did not take the three boys long to recover. Glancing over at the hot hunk laying beside him, Levi wondered how he'd ever be able to thank him for what he'd just done. Reaching over, he ran his fingertips over Aaron's gorgeous body. His muscles were firm and developed but soft and contoured. He followed those contours down along his chest and along the sides over his ribs, Nude Preteen and as Aaron rolled over on his side, Levi continued down over his hips and over the globes of his ass. Jerry was thinking much the same as Levi and when the hot young singer rolled over to face him, the seventeen-year-old reached out and began to caress his chest. Aaron immediately responded by reaching out and running his fingertips over Jerry's broad chest and fingering his nipples. Levi twisted around so he was laying in the opposite direction to the other two and pulling apart Aaron's smooth globes, he ran his tongue along his smooth ass crack, from his balls to his tail bone. Jerry meanwhile shuffled down and began to nibble on Aaron's teats. Sandwiched between the two of them, Aaron ran his fingers through Jerry's thick brown hair and sighed with pleasure as he felt his cock beginning to swell. As Jerry sucked on his now swollen teat and teased it with his tongue as Levi fastened his lips to Aaron's butthole and sucked on it, Aaron sighed with renewed desire and his stiff cock jerked in the air. It was not long before Levi and Jerry were erect once again also. Rolling over, Aaron rolled Levi over on his back and straddling him so he was balanced above him on his knees and elbows, the hot young singer began to suck on his blood-engorged knob. With Aaron's own stiff cock jutting out above his face, the thirteen-year-old immediately reached up and guided it toward his mouth. As Aaron began to ease his lips down Levi's humongous cock and Levi began to slip his lips over Aaron's knob, Jerry knelt behind Aaron and placed the tip of his stiff dick against Aaron's spit slick hole. His seventeen-year-old cock was thick, but Aaron was eager, as was Jerry, and as Aaron grunted and pushed out, Jerry grasped his hips and pushed forward. Ever so slowly he penetrated the hot star who only a short time ago had been sucking on his dick. Aaron was now sucking on Levi's, and as he began to bob his head up and down Levi's long, throbbing sausage, Levi eagerly began to work his lips up and down Aaron's dick, which only a short time ago had been pounding his ass, and Jerry began to work his long, thick cock in and out of Aaron's ass. The room was filled once again with the laboured breathing of three randy boys in rut. Aaron snorted and quivered with delight, the long, thick dick of one fan throbbing in his mouth and the slightly longer dick of the older fan throbbing up his ass, and his own dick eagerly pounding in a hot, moist mouth. The entire room smelled like dick, and like hot, rutting teenage boy, and to the young star's mind, it was the most delightful aroma of all. He would have gotten no argument from his two fans. Levi sucked eagerly on the young singer's cock, bringing him the same pleasure as he was receiving, and Jerry was grunting and panting with exertion and delight as he rammed his cock in and out of Aaron's hot, moist ass. So, once again the three boys reached their orgasms, and although they had only recently shot off, it did not lessen the volume nor force of their ejaculations, nor the pleasure it brought them. Aaron and Levi shot their thick loads into each other's mouth, and each boy eagerly swallowed the warm, tart cream. Jerry at the same time grasped Aaron's smooth hips and rammed his seven inches of cock deep up his rectum as he spurted out his seed. It took them longer to recover after their second orgasms, but they were all young and healthy, and besides, for Levi and Jerry this was an opportunity of a lifelike. Having fucked the hot young singer, Jerry was eager to be done by him, and Aaron was just as eager to plunge his cock up the seventeen-year-old's ass. This time Jerry straddled Levi on his hands and knees and while the two fans began to lick and nibble on each other's nuts, Aaron knelt behind Jerry and began to rim him. Of course the hot tongue action soon had the three randy teenagers erect once again and their stiff, itching cocks wagged in the air eager for attention. As Jerry went down on Levi's bone and Levi began to slip his lips over Jerry's knob, Aaron grasped Jerry's hips and placed the tip of his cock against the seventeen-year-old's pucker. Jerry pushed out as Aaron pushed in, and he trembled as he felt the hot young star's cock began to penetrate him. He closed his eyes with delight and concentrated on the unique stimulation of being penetrated. That it was the sexy hunk of his bedtime jerkoff fantasies made it twice as hot. As Aaron began to ease his cock back out, Jerry trembled with the sensation and began to suck on Levi's stiff, throbbing cock as the thirteen-year-old began to suck on his. And so the three horny teenagers went at it for a third time. It's too good to be true Now I'm riding with you Too bad to believe it If you know what I mean Got me spinning around With my feet off the ground And I don't wanna come back down It's too good to be true. Aaron grasped Jerry's ass as he speeded up his tempo, working his hips to and from rhythmically and rapidly. It felt wicked having his hot, swollen organ totally surrounded by hot, moist asshole, and even more so in that the boy he was fucking had only recently had his own cock up his asshole. Jerry was thinking exactly the same as he felt Aaron grasp his hips more tightly and begin to plow him just as he'd imagined dozens of times in his dreams. He began to bob his head up and down the stiff cock in his mouth more rapidly, and in response Levi began to work his lips up and down Jerry's thick cock faster also. The teenager's cock was only half an inch longer than his own and it was a unique pleasure to be sucking dick larger than his. It being their third time, it took the boys longer to reach their orgasms. They panted and snorted as their swollen cocks throbbed numbly and their balls drew up tight between their legs. They delighted in the extended time it took, and delighted in their climaxes even more. With a groan of pure pleasure, Aaron grasped Jerry's hips and filled his ass with his hot, teenage cum, his numb cock throbbing out his juice for the third time that evening. As Aaron shot off his load, Jerry began to fill Levi's mouth with his own, and Levi blasted out a load into Jerry's. The three teenagers groaned with unabashed pleasure as they trembled with their ejaculations and sucked in the cum- scented air. Once again the boys rested and as they rested they talked, about Aaron's singing and what it was like to be a hot celebrity, about motocross, one of Aaron's favourite sports, about basketball, a favourite sport shared by Levi and Aaron, and about hunting and fishing, sports enjoyed by Jerry. Levi talked about the drama school he attended and doing shows in the west end theatres, and his latest performance, The Era of Motown. Levi and Aaron discussed their favourite singers, LeAnn Rimes and Christina Aguilera, and Jerry and Aaron talked about their common interest in cars, Aaron's being a '67 Shelby Mustang GT500 and of course Jerry's being the Mustang he presently owned. Aaron shared his dream of possibly attending university to study marine life, one of his longtime and major interests. And, of course, they talked about what it was like being gay and about sex. As to be expected that resulted in the stirring of their dicks for a fourth time that evening and they did not try to hide the fact, not that any of them could have in that they were all naked. Having Aaron lay on his back, Levi and Jerry raised his backside with pillows and then as Levi began to rim him and lick his balls, Jerry picked up his semierect dick and pulling back the foreskin began to lick it as if it were an ice cream cone. Of course having Levi's wet tongue worming into his recently fucked pucker and washing his once again loose and low-hung balls with his spittle, and having Jerry's hot breath blowing against his groin as the seventeen-year-old swirled his hot, wet tongue around his exposed knob, Aaron was soon erect. With the two boys curled up on either side of him in the opposite direction, it was easy for him to reach out and take their stiff dicks in his hands. Grasping the two long, throbbing poles of flesh by the base, he slowly drew his hands up to their knobs and then back down, slipping his fingers up and down Jerry's throbbing, circumcised tube of cockmeat and working Levi's foreskin up and down over his blood-engorged knob. He paused occasionally, to prolong the pleasure and so he could sniff the unique aroma of the two cocks on his fingers, and Levi and Jerry similarly paused before attacking Aaron's throbbing cock and swelling balls once more. The two boys ran their hot, moist tongues up Aaron's shaft to the tip of his cock and then back down his slopehead, over the rim, and down the pale pink shaft. They ran their tongues over his balls and took turns rimming his hot pucker. Their breaths grew deeper and longer as the three of them approached their climaxes. Their stiff cocks throbbed numbly now and they delighted in the strange, addictive sensation that announced their eminent ejaculations. Aaron panted loudly and unabashedly and when he announced at last that he was going to shoot, his two fans immediately stopped and watched as Jerry held the young star's aching cock straight up in the air. Aaron groaned with pleasure as his stiff, irritated cock fountained. Having shot three times that evening, his cum was thick, but being young and healthy, it was just as copious as his first load, and he shot with just as much force. His thick cream shot into the air and landed back down on his hot, throbbing cock to run down over the knob and on down along his shaft to collect in his thick, curly blond hairs and to run over his tight, swollen balls. Levi and Jerry were ready to squirt also and Aaron pulled them closer to him by their stiff cocks and aimed their swollen hoses at his gushing fountain. The erotic idea triggered both of them and the two boys trembled and groaned with delight as they felt their cum suddenly begin to gush up the core of their aching cocks. Their thick cum squirted out of the burning slits of their dickheads and struck Aaron's exposed knob. Like Aaron, although it was their fourth time that evening, their loads were forceful and copious. Their thick cream oozed down over Aaron's flanged dickhead and on down his shaft, their rivulets crisscrossing Aaron's and each other's. Aaron milked the two hot, throbbing cocks, holding them above his cock so the pendants of cum joined the streamers already lacing his still stiff pole. Squeezing out the last drops, he drew his fingers up to the tips and then brought his sticky fingers to his lips. He eagerly slipped the fingers of first one hand and then the other in his mouth and sucked off the sticky white cream clinging to them as the two boys went down on his cum-streaked fountain. As he savoured their warm, tart cum the two boys ran their tongues through the streamers of cum lacing his stiff cock, lapping up the streamers of his juice along with their own. They dipped their fingers in the puddles of cum in Aaron's curly hairs and offered their sticky fingers to their idol. Aaron readily accepted the creamy gift, none of them knowing if they were feeding him his cum or their own. And so they lapped the cum from his cock and his balls and fed the tart boy cream to him, and then exhausted and contented, the three naked boys snuggled with Aaron in the middle and drifted off to sleep, their breaths smelling of cum and their dicks once again limp. They slept soundly until the morning sun shining in through the window woke them. "Oh man, I better get back to my room," Levi sighed as he stretched and looked at the alarm clock and then over at his two companions. "Yeah, me too," said Aaron as he slowly got up and sleepily began looking for his clothes. "I think you left some in the other room," Levi observed. "Hmm. I was so busy trying to keep you both up and satisfied I don't remember where I left what," Aaron commented and the three laughed. "It was a fucking awesome evening," Aaron observed, looking at Jerry as Levi slipped over to the other room to retrieve their clothes. "Totally." Levi returned and the two boys got dressed. "Give me a moment and I'll walk down the hall with you." "Uh, oh, yeah, sure," Levi responded. Saying goodby to Jerry, he stepped into the hallway. "I can give you my Email address, but you got to promise not to give it to anyone else." "Cool. And don't worry, I'd never give it out." "Thanks again for last night. I had a great time." "Me too. It's gonna be a night I'll never forget." "That makes two of us." Spotting the CD on the dresser that he'd signed, Aaron suddenly had an idea. Taking the hotel pen, he quickly wrote something on Jerry's boxers. Handing it to him with a smile and a twinkle in his eyes, he gave Jerry a parting kiss and quickly left. "So, where you and your folks heading next?" Aaron asked as he and Levi headed down the hall. Levi shrugged. "Who cares?" he replied. "After last night everything else on this holiday will be an anticlimax." "Anticlimax?" asked Aaron, emphasizing the last half of the word, and the two boys laughed. "I had an awesome time too." "Could I maybe, well, you know, write to you sometime, or phone?" "Sure." The two boys exchanged Email addresses and phone numbers. "Well, this is where my folks are," Levi observed. The two boys paused and looked at each other, and gave each other a final embrace and last kiss. "Speak to you soon babes," Nude Preteen Levi said, and turning, he slipped the key in the door. As he carefully closed the door behind him, he sighed with contentment. There were thousands of girls out there that would give anything to be kissed by Aaron, and who dreamed about spending an evening with him. For him, it was now a reality. Glancing at his still sleeping parents and brother, he reached down and groped his swelling flesh as he thought about last night, a smile curling his lips. Back in Room 310, another fan was also groping himself and grinning as he read the message on his shorts. Gonna twist down Gonna take you on a ride Gonna get it along gonna get it along fine I got the skills If you got the style You do it for me. Was a night 2 Good 2B True, Jerry, Love, Aaron
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