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Related article: From: an62794anon.penet.fi Reply-To: an62794anon.penet.fi Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 06:49:02 UTC Subject: Master Chris CollectionSTORY.09 The Lolita Ls Preview Master Chris Collection WATCHING THE MAID ___________________________ You are sitting at your desk working on a lazy Friday afternoon when your phone rings, "Hi", you hear me say, "Are you ready for an adventure?" Your heart skips a beat. Every 'adventure' that you have been invited on has been an experience beyond the ordinary and you are at once nervous and excited about what is about to happen. "Yes", you say in your little-girl voice. You can almost hear me smile at the other end of the phone. Prepare yourself and I'll pick you up at your apartment at 7pm. I hang up the phone and you are left, wondering at what you are preparing yourself for. You notice that you have become almost instantly wet and you squirm at the sensation. The minutes between the call and the end of the working day drag on for ages. As soon as work is over, you rush home. As soon as you arrive, you draw a hot bath and take off your clothes. You soak yourself luxuriously, making sure to wash yourself everywhere. You are so aroused by now that you are dying to masturbate but you know that it is strictly forbidden. You resist the temptation to play with yourself as your washcloth slides over your shaved pussy lips. You take a razor and carefully remove any trace of stubble on Lolita Ls Preview your sensitive pussy. It does not take too long and you are ready. You open your closet and select a pretty white dress. You do not put on either panties or bra as these garments are not permitted when you are preparing yourself. You do your hair and makeup and then you look at yourself in the mirror. The dress is not really see-through but it is flimsy enough that your dark brown nipples are definitely visible through the thin fabric. You are glad that your pussy is shaved as a dark haired pussy would also be instantly visible through the light sun dress. You sit down on the corner of the bed and wait patiently. The wait is not long before the doorbell rings. You meet me downstairs and before entering the car you raise your skirt to show that you are not wearing underwear. This simple act of submission is scary. You are nervous that someone might see you actually exposing yourself. You keep your skirt raised until I give you permission to lower it. By the time you are sitting in the car, you are flushed hot and wet. You are very curious about where we are going but you know better than to ask. The drive is not particularly long and when we arrive it is to the entrance to a huge home, a veritable mansion. We are greeted by a tall, dark butler who is very handsome. He leads us up the stairs, along a corridor and into a darkened room. The door shuts behind us, leaving just the two of us alone. "Take off your dress.", I say. You pull the dress over your head leaving you naked. I guide you over to a leather chair that looks a little like what you might expect at a hair-stylist. You sit in the chair and watch as I pull stirrups out of the arms and fit your feet into them. Straps attach your ankles to the metal stirrups and your feet are adjusted wide apart. Your hands are tied together and attached behind the head rest of the chair. Thin leather straps pull your knees even wider apart thus completely exposing you. You are now completely helpless. The chair is facing a curtained wall and you watch as I move over to the side of the room and lower the lights. The curtain moves to the side and you see that you are now looking at a large window into another room. It is a study of sorts, the walls covered in books. The decor is sparse but tasteful. Black leather chairs and sofas are off to one side and a large forbidding desk is off to the other. A man and a woman, both in their mid-30s, both extremely attractive are sitting on two of the leather chairs in the room. You realize that what you must be looking through is one-way glass. You are about to observe something that the participants will not know you are watching! Your pussy starts to get even wetter as your imagination begins to run wild. You do not have long to wait. The far door to the study opens and a young girl, perhaps 17 or 18 years old enters. She immediately presents herself in front of the older couple. She is wearing a pretty little black and white maids uniform on her petite body. She is blonde, with short curly hair and her legs seem very long in the short uniform skirt. The sound from the room comes through a speaker in the wall. "Denise you have been very displeasing.", says the man. "I am sorry, Sir.", says the maid bowing her head. "I will try to do better." "No Denise, you are going to have to live with the consequences of your behavior.", says the older woman, "You are going to be punished for your poor performance." Denise's eyes open wide. "Oh please don't", she pleads, "Please....?" The pleading falls on deaf ears, however. The older woman stands up and comes over to the maid. "Turn around Denise.", she says. The maid slowly, hesitantly turns to face away from them. You imagine yourself in the room, what it would feel like to be facing away from this couple, not able Lolita Ls Preview to see what they will do to you next. The thought sends a shiver down your spine. The older woman reaches down and grasps the hem of the maids uniform. With one motion, she pulls it up over the head of the young girl and off of her. She is left now, only in her panties and bra. The brassier is next and the older woman quickly unhooks it and pulls it off. Now she grasps the waistband of the white cotton panties which are the last defense of the young maid. You can hear the teenager whimpering as the skimpy garment is slowly, gently slid down her long tanned legs. Now naked, Denise is instructed to clasp her hands on top of her head and keep them there. The older couple leaves her there for a couple of minutes letting the anticipation build. Yours is building also. Now the man stands up and takes Denise's hands and ties them behind Lolita Ls Preview her. Her right wrist is tied to her left elbow and her left wrist is tied to her right elbow. It is a position you know well. It leaves your breasts, pussy and ass completely exposed and helpless for whatever your master or mistress wish to do to you. Denise is now turned around and you see her front for the first time. She is beautiful. Her breasts are firm and trim but topped with very long brown nipples almost like your own. Her body is long and lean, like a gymnasts and her pussy is also shaved completely bare. You watch as the older woman approaches the maid holding a couple of nipple clips. As they are attached you feel me reach around to attach two clips to your own nipples. You and Denise moan with one voice as the metal clips fasten onto your sensitive breasts. Denise is now led over to a straight backed chair and the older woman pulls her over her knee. You know that the young submissive is in for a bare-bottomed spanking and you are very hot knowing that you will be able to see it. The woman is not in a hurry to begin the punishment, however. She orders the girl to spread her legs wide apart and you see her begin to caress the teenager from behind. You feel the chair beneath you begin to shift and you are startled by the movement. The seat under you slowly spreads apart into two halves. The now warm leather pulls your buttocks with it thus holding your anus and pussy completely open. You feel something cool and hard touch your ass and my hand moves beneath you to adjust it so it is touching the center of your anus. The hard, lubricated dildo slides slowly but relentlessly up into your bottom. You gasp at the sensation, you are, of course, helpless to do anything about it as the unyielding intruder slides further and further up into your body. You are breathing in short ragged breaths and your whole body is trembling by the time the anal dildo stops moving upward. You are fully impaled by it. Your ass is stretched uncomfortably wide and you are filled totally. You look ahead to see that Denise has suffered much the same fate. Her bottom now has the end of a plastic butt plug sticking from it. Her paddling is about to start and you watch as the leather covered paddle descends on her helpless white buttocks. The sharp crack of it sounds again and again as she is spanked. The anal dildo in your rear now start to move slowly in and out in long full strokes. You gasp at every insertion. Denise's bottom is red before she is allowed to stand and as she does so you see me move to in front of you again. I attach 2 clips to your pussy and you feel them pulling your pussy open to expose the pink interior. Denise is now being placed on her back on the large table in the room. Her nipple clips are being played with by the older man as the woman ties her with her knees wide apart. You feel a thick vibrator being slid into your soaking pussy as Denise suffers the same fate. Your moans and cries are almost identical to those coming from the other room as Denise's vibrator fills her up and then turns on. The humming in your own pussy is bringing you close to an orgasm and I quickly reach down to shut it off. "Not yet.", I whisper. You squirm in frustration, pulling at your bonds desperate to touch yourself. The dildo in your bottom continues to move and you push yourself down on it trying to get it deeper into you. The woman in the other room has now picked up a crop and is stroking the young slave's inner thighs with it. "Please no... Please don't whip my little pussy.", pleads the petite maid. The older woman just smiles. The first stroke of the crop on her pussy is quick and is quickly followed by several more. You watch as the crop strikes all over the sensitive flesh. You know exactly how she is feeling and you moan again in frustration as you feel your own juices trickling down your thighs. The crop is now aimed at Denise's sensitive anus and you see it strike at and around the butt plug there. Denise is straining at her bonds as the crop strikes. You know that vibrator or not you are soon going to come and just then the vibrator starts again. It moves swiftly in and out of you and you feel your toes curl as your feet pull against the stirrups. Denise cries out as her orgasm hits her. The sound of her cries sets you off and you cry out yourself as wave after wave of orgasm wracks your body. You pull at your bonds with the familiar feeling of helplessness as your hands pull into little fists and you squirm back and forth. You let yourself go totally into the orgasm, feeling your stomach and thighs spasm again and again. Finally the vibrator is removed and as though from far away, you feel the anal dildo slide out and my fingers remove the nipple and pussy clips from you. You are almost in a dream state as you feel me lean down until my lips are touching your ear. "Soon you will be punished together.", You hear me say and you drift off to sleep with a contented smile on your face knowing there is more to come. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You may reach Master Chris at the following addresses: Internet: an62794anon.penet.fi Compuserve: 74545,247
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