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Preteen Lolita Top

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Related article: Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2003 10:06:15 -0800 From: J Ladd Subject: 1975 Part 1 interacialThis is a semi true story that happened in a different time. Please play safe. If you are offened by gay sex stories do not read further. Remember it's just a story...It was July 1975 I had just gotten out of high school the month before and had told my high school girlfriend that I was gay. She in turn took me to my first gay bar, Menjo's on six mile road in Detroit. I'll never forget the first night there, I saw a big black man kiss a slim white guy. I felt I had found my new home, I finally fit in.By the first week of August she was a hag and we had a whole new set of friends. I had a wicked crush on Sam, a hot Arab American. My all white friends gave me grief, but the attraction was there, I think it came from the fact that my Dad was prejudice, and I always did what ever my Dad hated. Once he took my cherry Sam wasn't attracted to me, I was slim about 5'8" and 130lbs with longish light brown hair and hazel eyes, I was what you would call "pretty", he was more into the macho type.We became friends and hung out; we were there every night at 11 p.m. I would always see the older black guy that I saw the first night there, well he was older to me 28 to my barely 18. He would watch me and smile as I would drink like a fish and hang with my clique. I never told my friends about how it made me feel when I would see him with his latest twink on the dance floor. He usually wore a fishnet tank top that showed off his smooth muscled upper torso, big pecs and large bi and triceps, his pants were polyester angel flights that would hug his high round ass. The thick tube in front always hung on the left side, a good 4-5 inches. He was at least 6' and close to 175 lbs. He always wore sunglasses that had a faded mirror effect; his nose was broad, a whisper of a mustache over his full lips, a strong square jaw, small ears and a neat afro.I was in line on a Friday night to get a drink when I felt a body press up against me. No mistaking the lump pressing into my Calvin Klein encased ass, I immediately recognized the thickly muscled arms and big hands of the black man as they circled my waist and pulled me tighter into him."You wanta get fucked?" his hot voice asked an inch from my ear. I was instantly hard and nervous. I didn't want anyone to know how much I wanted this, my head shook up and down. "I want you to meet me outside in the parking lot in fifteen minutes, and don't.. be.. late." His last words made more significant by three quick shoves against my ass with his pants covered cock. He let go and I saw him out of the corner of my eye slowly make his way towards the front of the bar.I got my drink and had two quick more as I went back to my friends and started to make excuses on why I was leaving at such an early hour. Once I got out of the bar I saw him leaning up against the wall, big muscled arms crossed over his chest."Come on kid". He said and turned and walked towards his car, I just followed like a lamb to the slaughter. We got in and he started driving, not a word spoken between us, in a short time we pulled up in front of a house some where in Palmer Park. I got out and followed him into the house and down into the basement where a card game was going on. There were three men there, I wasn't introduced. One red headed white guy, a black guy that looked like the man I was with only older and the biggest Latin man I have ever seen."Dam Bull, this is the prettiest one yet." Hooted the black guy, the other two agreed."Turn around for the men." Bull the man I came with said. I did as I was told, then I was instructed to sit in a chair over in the corner. Bull brought me a drink and told me to sit and be quite, he went and sat and joined the game. I don't know what was in the drink or if my nerves kicked in, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. I got all hot and fuzzy, sort of like I was watching my self from a far; it sorta felt like I was tripping.I'm not sure how much time passed, when I realized the Latin guy was standing in front of me looking down and smiling. I had to crane my neck back to look up into his face; he had to be in his late thirties and was 6'6" if he was an inch and over 190 lbs. His black hair was short and he had a thick gotee over a full mouth, his skin was the color of caramel. My gasp was audible when he took off his shirt and I saw that there wasn't an inch of fat on him, thick muscles bulged and moved under his brown satin skin. His chest and belly covered in a light dusting of black hair. My eyes traveled down and couldn't believe the bulge in his chinos, it ran half way to his knees. He reached out with his humongous Preteen Lolita Top hand and with one thick finger pushed it into my mouth. Out of reflex I started to suck on it, it was almost the size of my first boyfriends dick."Dat's good miho, me and ju gonna see each other latter." He pulled his finger out of my mouth and stuck them in his own and made a "hmmm" sound deep in his throat as he went back to the table.Bull came over and pulled me to my feet and led me up the stairs all the way to what must be the attic. We went into a room with a mattress covered in rumpled sheets on the floor, one lamp on a bed side table and an old club chair sat in the middle of the room. The room smelled of sex and a lot of it."Take dem clothes off." Bull ordered me. In my dazed mood I did what I was told. Bull watched as I took everything off. "Not bad kid, turn around." I spun slowly, when I looked back Bull was smiling and taking off the mesh t-shirt, his chest was pumped up and his stomach tight, he turned around kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants. His ass was two twin globes of full round muscle, when he turned back his cock was a thick tube of semi hard flesh. It was darker than the rest of his body, it hung about 7 inches, he was cut with a blunt purple cock head, the foundation was surrounded by a short bush at its thick base and was growing quickly, his ball sack was full, they were the size of two eggs.He walked over to me and forced me down and fed me his growing cock, fast and deep. I gagged and he laughed, I looked up and could see my reflection in his mirrored glasses, it was hot. Seeing that big dick going in and out of my wide stretched lips, forcing its way into my throat. He would pull all the way out and use his cock as a club, smacking my face and rubbing precum that was oozing out, all over my face, then he would shove the entire thing back down my throat. This continued for 15 to 20 minutes, his hands at the back of my head pumping in and out of me, when he pulled out he was hard as a rock and big, at least 10.5 thick black inches."Get on the bed punk, on your stomach. I like my bitches on their back and my punks on there belly." I lay down and he crawled in-between my legs. He took a big jar of Vaseline out of the bed side table. I felt a big glob of cold gel as he slathered the lube all over my crack and forced two thick lube covered fingers up my tight pink ass hole.I grunted as he sawed his fingers back and forth getting me Preteen Lolita Top ready for the real thing. Once he pulled his fingers out I felt the hot blunt head of his bloated hard cock search for the entrance to my ass. He found his mark and with a hard stab, the flat head and two inches of thick black dick tore through my tight white ring. I screamed, Bull pushed my head into the mattress so the sound was muffled. A couple of more stabs and he was ball deep up inside me. He lay on me totally engulfing me with his hot muscled body."Dat's what I'm taking bout!" he growled in my ear as he rotated his dick in my ass like he was stirring a pot of soup. My hole was stretched like a rubber band, but the more he stirred the better it felt. He worked his arms under and over my shoulders for leverage as he started to pull back and plunge into my hot hole. My ass relaxed as he stuck his tongue in my ear and washed it out, letting him get deeper into me than anyone had ever done. The sound of my grunts and groans was only over shadowed by the smacking of his hips as he drove into me for 20 minutes."Dam boy, you got some good hole, you like dat black dick punching in you don't ya?" I could only grunt my affirmative, as he pulled me up into a doggie style of attack. His steel cock was pushing and pulling over my prostate, getting me close to cumming and no one had touched my dick. As his hips were hitting me it sounded like I was getting spanked. His big hands griped my small waist and pulled me towards him as he shoved back into me, over and over for another Preteen Lolita Top half hour."I'm gonna fill ya up boy, you ready to take my cum?" he asked as he slammed into me 8 or 9 final times and shot so much cum in me my temperature rose. As soon as I felt the first blast it sent me over the edge and I came as this big black man punked me. I had never felt any climax like it before, I'm not sure if it was the domination by the Preteen Lolita Top 10.5 thick black inches working me over or if it was just pure sex, but I'll never forget it. As my ass finished milking the last of his jism out of him, he collapsed on top of me forcing me back on to the sex soaked mattress.His wet mouth at my ear, "You gonna thank me latter for lubing you up like dat, kid." He told me as he pulled out with a pop. Just then the door to the attic opened and the huge shirtless Hispanic man was standing there, wearing nothing but white boxer shorts."Perfect timing Hector, I just finished loosening him up for you." Bull told the man as he stood and picked up his clothes, "Thanks kid you was great" Bull called back to me as he and Hector high fived and then left the room closing the door behind him. A smile/sneer spread over the giants face as he took a step towards me....Let me know what you think, remember it's just a story.seatlebotomcomcast.netJ. Ladd
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